Altered Carbon (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Altered Carbon - full transcript

Tortured by his captor, Kovacs taps into his Envoy training to survive. Ortega springs a surprise on her family for Día de los Muertos.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This kitchen is a mess!

How can you cook anything here?

I never cook, Mom.

Your uncle is telling me
I got the wrong cheese.

I swore your grandmother,
God rest her soul...

used pepper jack in her chiles rellenos,

but now your uncle is insisting
it's Oaxaca...

Mom, hang on one sec.


Don't worry.

I'll not pick up some Oaxaca
on my way there.

I adore you.

-I'll wait for you here.
-I love you too.

Thank you.

Your mom's not gonna believe this.

Nope, she's not gonna believe this.

Finally, the cheese is here.

What the hell?

Oh, calm down, Alazne.

It's Grandma.

Happy Day of the Dead.

How did you do it

Kids! Leave those boxes alone!

She renounced her coding
after Grandfather died.

God rest his soul.

And that sleeve you gave her, my God.

It was the only one on special...

Mama, stop. Relax and enjoy.

This is what everybody does.
-Oh, well--

Yes. Rent a sleeve for special occasions,
spin up your loved ones.

Especially on Día de los Muertos.

Family together, having fun.

Look how happy she is...

Again, Grandma, again!

Grandma is tired. Come on, come on.

May God forgive you, daughter.

Ay, Samir, buena noches.

Please. Your father,
he was the true believer.

I only went to church for a little blood
of Christ, if you know what I mean.

Mom, there are traditions here!

You're a bad example to the kids.

Excuse me...


Will you say goodbye to her?

It's okay. It's okay.

Sometimes we must realize
that faith evolves as we do.

Are we even God's creatures any longer?

Why am I asking you?

We don't even believe in the same god.

But we both believe in the soul.

And so does your daughter.
Cut her some slack.

When did the world get so complicated?

When God placed people in it.

-Divide and Conquer-

That it is. That it is.

Ah, but I'm telling you,
this is it for me.

I'm serious.

No more.

I don't want to be spun up
into another sleeve next year.


I think it's time for me to go,
my darling.

No matter how long you live,
you never finish.

You have to learn
to let the world continue.

Accept that death is part of life.

Please, my love.

Don't bring me back again. Okay? Please.