Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - full transcript

Agent Phil Coulson comes to a realization about the importance of July 22, 1955, in the S.H.I.E.L.D. history books.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

I have orders to kill him.

Put the gun down now!

We had the father of
Hydra right in front of us.

Shooting Freddy would've
given the Chronicoms

exactly what they wanted.

Our mission is to stop them.

Is that clear?

In 1955, there was a classified
project called Helius.


DEKE: If that thing goes
off, it could take out...

The entire brain trust of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Arrest that man...

[QUIETLY] Agent Sousa...

... whoever he is.

Wow. Big fan.

They designed this EMP all wrong,

but if I can get it working...

- We can blackout Helius?


SIMMONS: Here we go.


YO-YO: That's what they do when you win.

They self-destruct.

[SIGHS] Damn it.

We need a medic for these two men or...

at least that one.


- _


I don't believe in it.


But I know history.

I know how the story goes.

And when it's playing out
right in front of you,

it feels like you can't escape it.

That fate's gonna catch up to you,

tap you on the shoulder,

whisper in your ear that your time's up.



I thought I shook you.



And then your story ends.

Sometimes the hero has to die,

and there's nothing you can do about it.


That day started in a fog.

My circuits were crossed up.

Color had bled from the world,

and I could hear my thoughts
pinging around my head.

I could break those cuffs easy...

but something told me to hold off.

Right after everyone arrived,

everything went haywire.

The base was infiltrated,
my test was sabotaged.

[NORMAL VOICE] And my contact...

the scientist... he's dead.

Niles Lindmore turned
out to be a hostile.

- July 22, 1955.
- _

My head was ringing like a bell,

but that date rang a louder one.

That was the day that made
Daniel Sousa a legend.

Every recruit learned about it.

His final mission.

He delivered a groundbreaking
S.H.I.E.L.D. device

to Howard Stark,

kept it from falling into Russian hands.

And then he was killed.


- This was the day Daniel Sousa became
- _

the first fallen Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.


He lives.

I heard enough to know that this day

had been knocked off course.

Time for some answers.

Start with your name.

I had to cook up a story
to get things on track.

Fortunately, I'd already read this one

in the history books.

Name's not important.

What's important is I'm your contact.

Remember I kept telling
you what a fan I was?

That was me waving a hand in your face.

First, you're a big shot from the DoD,

now you're a brilliant scientist?

Pardon me if I don't
believe a word you say.

Then why don't you ask the dead guy?

He and I helped develop

the gadget you're supposed to deliver,

but then he turned traitor,

sold it to the Russkies.

I came to the base to track him down.

You saw the moment he
found out I was onto him.

Those weren't your everyday fisticuffs.

That typical for a couple of scientists?

These aren't typical times.

Lindmore would agree,

seeing as he melted like
the Wicked Witch of the East.

You mean West.

And I can't answer for Lindmore.

I didn't see it.

Now, you want to play Twenty Questions,

or should we get this
package to Howard Stark?

Maybe the mention of Stark sold him,

or maybe he heard the clock ticking.


- Where is it?

The package?

I didn't bring it to the base.

Too many variables in play.

Well, time is one of them.

I got to get it on a train.

To Los Angeles. I know.

Tell me what train
and let me make a call.

My contact will bring it to us.


The plan was for me to
chaperone the gadget,

not a scientist.

It seems like you got a new plan now.


I couldn't use a 1950s phone

to dial a 21st-century airplane.

There was only one
number I knew to dial.



- WOMAN: Thank you.
- ♪♪

These recruits today,

they don't know what it means
to be stuck with a bad S.O.

I mean, mine... [SCOFFS]

He was a real, real son of a bitch.

Hey, I hope I'm not boring you, buddy.

You are a paying customer.

I am a bartender.

It is your right to share

and have me listen to your
personal tale of misery.




The Krazy Kanoe.


Agent Coulson.

Such a pleasure to hear your voice

after two decades.

Glad you found a spot to hide out.

As am I.

But it will be a longed-for privilege

to leave behind the
S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house

and rejoin you.

Sorry, Enoch,

we'll have to link up with you later.

Right now, I'm hoping you have a way

to get a message to the Zephyr.

It's urgent.

I can do better than that.

I can transfer you directly

now that I know the
Zephyr is here in 1955.

24 years is plenty of time

for a lonely Chronicom to
build the hardware to...

Fantastic. Put me through.


Stand by.




Your may proceed with
your saga of struggle.

Right, so [CHUCKLES] this hard-ass,

he thought I was gonna
be his whipping boy,

and he also said something
about how my face made him angry.

I got through to the
team, filled them in.

COULSON: Even if it wasn't
the way they intended,

the Chronicoms may have altered history.

When they took the body of Dr. Lindmore,

who happened to be working on technology

vital to the future of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Okay, so, just to clarify,

the history books say that tonight,

Sousa delivers that thing
and then he... he dies?

Unfortunately, yes.

[SIGHS] So...

Lindmore's body is somewhere
with his face erased.

And that's where the device would be.

We need to find his address.

Coulson, as soon as we do,

I'll send a team to retrieve this gadget

and bring it to you on the train.

You'll find me in the lounge car

on the 5:10 to Los Angeles.


Yo-Yo and Deke hit the road

to retrieve the S.H.I.E.L.D. gadget

from Dr. Lindmore's home.

You're quiet.

Still don't have very
much driving experience.

I'm great on a scooter, though.

In the '50s,

were women allowed to drive?

Yes, of course. Why would you...

I'm sorry! I don't know.

I mean, we were just in the '30s

and they were really stylish,

but it was... so sexist and racist.

But the '50s, though...

... are still pretty sexist and racist.

It always gets better,
just never fast enough.

And some things never change.

Can't hurt to try, though.

Well, it could...

if we lose control of the timeline

and it goes skidding off the road.

So, that's not the mission now, right?


We're the Agents of Status Quo.

Sounds like you don't agree with it.

Sounds like you do.

I don't know.



















Doesn't look so special.





The good news was the package was now

in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s possession.

[EXHALES SHARPLY] The bad news...

- No.
- ... Deke wasn't.

MAN: Final boarding for
the 5:10 to Los Angeles,

departing track three.




COULSON: Sousa was getting jumpy.

I just hoped I'd see a
familiar face on the train.

Where's your contact?

They'll be here.

Have a seat.

Or... go get yourself
a drink in the bar car,

calm your nerves.

I don't need a drink.

Nothing to worry about.

I was worried.

The team was a no-show.

I felt trapped in an hourglass,
sand up to my neck.

Turns out the person I was looking for

was looking for Deke.

She wasn't gonna find him.

And I wasn't gonna get
the package any time soon.


So, it's day two of training

and I tell this guy, "Hey,
I know you're the S.O.,

but I do things my way".

How interesting.


The Krazy Kanoe.

Enoch, it's Yo-Yo.

ENOCH: Agent Rodriguez.

I am pleased word of my
presence has gotten out.

Perhaps your call indicates it's time

- for me to join the team and...
- No, sorry.

I need you to connect me
to the Zephyr right now.

Happy to connect you.


My attention is, alas...

all yours.

TOM: So, he thinks he's gonna
make an example of me?

I didn't see who took him.

We have to assume Russians.

I'm so sorry, Mack.

If I had my powers, I would've...

It's not your fault.

At least you got the package.

Just give me your location,
and I'll send the Quinjet.

No one could blame Yo-Yo
for putting a person first,

the package second.

But I was left high and dry,

and the train was on the move.


Sousa was squirming on the hook,

threatening to get loose.

I was gonna have to keep winging it.

There's my guy.

I was waiting for the signal.

Hat over his face.




I bought myself some time,

but what I didn't have was the goods.

- The real McCoy was on the Zephyr.

There she is.

That's it?

That's a "gadget"?

This is like

the Rosetta Stone of S.H.I.E.L.D. tech.

Even the Zephyr can be traced
back to this little darling.

DAISY: Hmm, if you say so.



It is incredible, isn't it?

Is it?


MACK: Yeah.

We need to track down Sousa.

It's time we find that train.

The agent's life...

must be exciting.

It fills the days.

Lot of threats out there.

- Russians.
- And others.

Lying low, biding time.

I take it science
doesn't leave much time

for a personal life either.

I don't follow.

No ring on your finger.

There was someone.

I couldn't stick around
long enough to make it last.

How 'bout you?

Similar story.

Don't you think it's
about time you show me

what all this song and dance is for?

Sorry, can't do it.

Stark's eyes only.

Stark's not gonna be
at the drop, you know.

It'll be his man in L.A.

That's too bad.

I was hoping to meet him.

You worked on this for Howard

and you've never met him?

He sent a few encouraging
messages to the lab.

Sounds like him.

What's he like?

A pompous ass.

Big thinkers can come off that way.

Makes for a divide
between those in the lab

and those in the field.

Yeah, I'm feeling it now.


Think I will get that
drink. Want something?

Never touch the stuff.

Doesn't surprise me.


You can relax, Mr. Coulson.

I come alone.

With a proposition.

Cutting a deal?

Doesn't seem like the Chronicom style.

Chronicoms adapt.

Consider this an opportunity.

Then you should pitch it to
the man who runs S.H.I.E.L.D.

You are not a man,
which is why I have come to you.

Lucky me.

Indeed you are lucky.

Not subject to the
limitations of human life,

to the drama of mortality.

You must see the absurdity of them.

Humans make life on Earth worth living,

worth saving.

Even if we left this planet alone,

the humans you care about

will slowly die out around you.

I wonder how you'll feel in 1,000 years.

Cut to the chase.

What's the offer?

Give us what we want... Earth...

and your humans will have our charity.

Wanna buy a drink for a lonesome gal?

Same for the lady.

You're too kind.

My pleasure.

Traveling alone is so tedious.

It's nice to talk to someone.

Could use some good company myself.

Leave the bottle.

So, what takes you to Los Angeles?

Business, but not show business.

I'm betting I can't
say the same for you.

[CHUCKLES] How did you guess?

You see a few people with their
faces wiped off their heads,

makes it hard to believe
your promise of benevolence.

Sorry, no deal.

So far, we've kept this fight neat.

Refuse this and it becomes messy.

You're only making this offer

because you found out
we were on your heels.

You time traveled,
S.H.I.E.L.D. time traveled.

If you escalate, we will escalate.

You will never be able
to see what we can see.

For instance, we knew you
would be on this train.

We even know

that is not the item
Daniel Sousa delivers.

Oh, yes.

We know this is the day that he dies...

killed later tonight at
a hotel in Los Angeles.

But all we had to do was make one call,

and he dies right now.




Mister, the lounge needs
to close for a little while.


A lovely lady like you

would light up the
silver screen, no doubt.

You think so?

I do.

- Just one little piece of advice.
- Okay.

You need to work on your acting.

You thought you'd be fetching
enough that I wouldn't notice

your friends clearing this car out.

Here I was, convinced my
charms were working on you.

This doesn't have to
be a big production.

Just come along quiet.




DAISY: May I cut in?

- [PANTING] You again.
- Told you we were the good guys.


Too late for that drink?

Stark's eyes only, huh?

Who the hell are you people?

I'm Mack, this is Johnson,
and that's Coulson.

We're Friendlies.

We have the package.

Alright, then.

Let's have it.

Well, first, we need to
take a little walk outside.

Seeing my team was a relief...

... but one of them was still MIA.



Rise and shine, big brain.


We were at the mercy of history.

We had to keep Sousa safe on the Zephyr

until he could make his drop.


We didn't tell him where we were from,

but he knew something wasn't right.

Miss Carter.

Real name... Jemma Simmons.


Welcome aboard?

You've given me names. How about
telling me what group you're with?

Nobody has aeronautics like this.

Not Langley. Definitely not S.H.I.E.L.D.

Our outfit's off the books.
You've never heard of it.

Best we keep it that way.

Must be way off the books.

You have no idea.

That's May, doing the flying.

Pretty slick.

Never seen a plane on
top of a train before.

Or a plane on top of a
plane, for that matter.

You okay?


- Who?
- May?


Simmons. [SIGHS]


I-I-I-I'm fine.

I think you should come with me.

Y-You're not yourself.

I think I know how she feels.

You say you have the package?

I think it's time you hand it over.

Really? This thing?

I think Stark would be more impressed

by your flying headquarters.

Our budget's also off the books.

MACK: Now that you have this,

maybe you can give us something

to help us find our missing team member.

Could be he was taken by whoever
ordered the hit on the train.


Normally, I'd say yes,

but I don't think it's the
Russians who are after this.

I think it's someone else.



Here's your scientist, boss.

Was that in the report you sent the CIA?


There's a bucket of reasons I
shouldn't trust you all, but...

you did save my life.

I think S.H.I.E.L.D.
has been infiltrated.

By Hydra.

- Yep.
- Yep.

Wait, what? How do you know that?


but we're familiar with Hydra.

That's when it hit me.

Sousa wasn't killed by the Russians.

He was going to expose Hydra's presence

within S.H.I.E.L.D.,

so they took him out.

Who else knew about your
meeting with Dr. Lindmore?

Only my superior, also classified.

Name wouldn't happen
to be Malick, would it?

Sorry to break it to you.

The kid we let live in 1931

had come back to haunt us in 1955.


The name's Wilfred.

Now, why don't you tell me who you are

because you damn sure
don't look like a scientist.

It had been two decades,

so Malick didn't recognize Deke.

Maybe that would help Deke stay alive.

I don't look like a scientist
because I'm a salesman.

The door at that house
was open, I went in, I-I...

Next thing I know, I woke up
here with a screaming headache.

- Where's the gadget?

Unless you're talking about toasters,

which is what I sell,
I couldn't tell ya.

I-I'm telling you,
you got the wrong guy.

THUG #1: You said to
grab the guy and the case.

There wasn't no one else there.

Well, it sounds like you
didn't look hard enough.

Listen, fellas, there's
no hard feelings.

I-I wish I could help, but it...

it seems like your man
here screwed up pretty bad,

which is surprising

considering the square
jaw, broad shoulders,

lack of any... smile...

you wouldn't think
he'd be so incompetent.

Looks like the boss is a
little unhappy with you,

- but that's okay. I'm s...



Thanks for helping me
root out a bum employee.

Nobody's gonna miss
a third-rate hoodlum.


Just like nobody's gonna
miss a toaster salesman.

We have an address for Malick.

Maybe Deke's been taken there.

And Agent Sousa?

He still has a delivery to make.

I don't want it to happen, either,

but we kept Malick on course

despite the temptation to do otherwise.

Look, I'm not taking a
side. I'm just saying...

Well, it's easier to let a bad man live

than to let a good man die.

That's catchy, and I wish I'd said it,

but Agent Sousa's sacrifice

was an inspiration to
others in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Like yours was for the Avengers.

Well, let's not oversell it.

No, it's a fact.

And it's also a fact you got
a chance to fight another day.

I did, but if Sousa lives,

we don't know what impact
that will have on history.

I suspected they burrowed
into S.H.I.E.L.D.,

but I thought it was the fringes.

If someone like Malick is Hydra...

They're dug in deep.

I'm not sure what's more frustrating...

that you won't tell me how
you know what you know

or you're telling me I can't act on it.

Malick is just a piece of it.

If you expose him right now,

they'll just go deeper underground.

Then I'll follow them there.

Hydra took a lot of good people from me.

This is a fight I'll
wage alone if I have to.

I'd give my life for it.

A great writer once said,

"The past is never dead.
It's not even past".

Deke could now attest to that.

You don't have to do this, Freddy.


Nobody calls me that.

I did.

In 1931.

That was the year my life began.

You delivered a serum.

I helped you do it.

This is Deke. Hello? Is anyone there?


I get that a lot. Kept my looks.

I go hard on the vegetables.

I recall you held a gun on me once.

And I didn't shoot you.

I shot someone who was coming after you.


You'll have to forgive my memory.

When you reach my position,

it's easy to forget the
people that helped you

on your way to the top.


I guess I owe you a
debt of gratitude, Deke.


I'm glad life worked out for you.

Well, it looks like it has for you, too.

You get to walk out of here
instead of being carried out.

Consider my debt paid.

Although, if I see you again,

you won't be so lucky.

Oh, uh...

What were you doing
in that house anyway?

You're no salesman.

Just looking out for my future.

Aren't we all?



I'm not seeing anything
unusual in your vitals.

Do you have any idea why you
may have seemed so disoriented?

[SIGHS] I don't know. It just happened.

Like what happened at the base.

What happened at the base?

Can't hurt to talk about it, May.

Be my guest.

May had a panic attack.

Why wasn't I told?

Because that's not me.

All the more reason, and I agree.

For you, that is severely abnormal.

You've always held tight your emotions.

To a fault, some might say.

Have you been feeling...

I've been feeling nothing.

Just blank.

And then...

my emotions wash over me.

Out of control.

TOM: I made it to the end,

and then they assigned me to a desk job.

They said that that was
the best fit for my skills.


The Krazy Kanoe.

Enoch! Buddy! It's... It's Deke!

- How the hell...
- I'll connect you.



You know...

you might be the
best friend that I have.

Your overture of friendship

is the ill-considered product

of your forlorn disposition

and the nine drinks in your system.

I must decline the offer

and accept that I am
alone in this world,

as I have always been.

Hey, guys.

Deke, it's Mack and
Coulson. Where are you?

- I'm in L.A.
- Are you safe?

Yes, but you are never
gonna guess who I just saw.

Wilfred Malick.

Okay, or you will guess correctly.

Deke, sit tight for a little while.

I'm changing the mission.

We've landed. What's the holdup?

Johnson, will you join me?


It's time to let me out of this plane.

- My drop's at 9:00.
- Give us a minute.

Right after we set
off the gas canisters,

I-I-I felt trapped.

I couldn't breathe.

And that was the first
time you felt afraid?

It was the first time
I felt anything since...

The healing chamber?

Since the temple.


I went to a world where they don't feel.

don't have emotions.

And now, I-I...

I've lost control of mine.

Anything from that world ruins us.

You also felt this... swell

when you saw the
technology in the briefcase.

I was excited about it.

You were giddy.

Only Simmons cares that
much about stuff like that.

This last episode of disorientation,

was there any panic attached to that?

No. No, it... I-I-I felt confused

and everything felt foreign

and you felt like strangers,

but it was just for an instant.

And... And then there
was nothing to, um...

You shook Sousa's hand.


The confusion came on right after that.

May, do you feel anything now?


And uh... concerned.

And now?




You're not being overwhelmed
by your own emotions.

- You're feeling...
- Everyone else's.

The people you touch.

On the base, running around you...

Yeah, bumping into me, feeling trapped,

and... and then Simmons and...

then Sousa.

Oh, wait. And now you're
feeling my concern.

- Oh, God.
- May, this is extraordinary.

No, no, listen.

When I felt Sousa's confusion,

I felt something else, too.

We're gonna save him.

We won't let him get near that place.

We'll find a way to
make the drop for him

and figure out the rest after.

Cool. Writing some new history.

Copy that.

It's the Director's call.

Let's make some waves.

What else did you feel?
What was it, May?

An overwhelming urge.

I felt the need to...

To what?

... to run.





COULSON: Like I said,

sometimes the hero has to die,

and there's nothing you can do about it.



Maybe we could save Sousa.

Question was,

could we get to him
before his killer did?











JOE: I see him.

Get it done.

The organization depends on it.











Say hello to Howard.

Will do.


I thought I shook you.






Job is done.

No more prying eyes.

He didn't have the package, though.

Sousa completed his
mission. Died a hero.

Just like what's in the history book.

But not everything's in the book.

Obviously, the answer to the question,

"Could we get to him
before his killer..."

- I thought I shook you.
- ... was yes.

This'll make sense later. Maybe.



Don't forget this.




Turns out being an LMD has its perks,

like taking two in the
back without a fuss.


And being able to spend
some time underwater.


You got here fast.

SIMMONS: We flew here
as soon as we heard.

Where are the usual guys?

Day off.


Just get the body out of
there before we're all soaked.

- How's Sousa?

Still sleeping it off.

It's gonna be quite a hangover.

It felt good to dry out.

It felt good to be back on the plane.

It was going to feel even better

- when my system was restored to...

- How's that?



And you're not still hearing it?

Internal monologue's gone.

Everything's back to normal.


that is.

I get nothing off of him.

Time to buckle up.


You left this behind.


You okay?

Yeah, just got a good
look at the status quo.

Not a fan.

Well, maybe next time we
have the chance to change it,

we do.

I'm in.

- Here we go.

Wish we didn't have to leave Enoch.

Me, too, but he's 3,000 miles away.

He's a Chronicom, though.

So he'll be wherever
we're headed to next,

which I hope is home. [SIGHS]






What did you shoot me with?


It hasn't been invented yet.


Future S.H.I.E.L.D.

We're in a fight against body-snatching
robots from another planet

who want to wipe us
out and take the Earth.

The melting man you saw was one of them.


Why didn't you lead with that?

Do I really have to answer?

You'd be surprised what I've seen.

I sort of doubt that.


We weren't sure how to
handle your situation.

What's my situation?

You're dead.

I don't feel so hot,
but I know I'm not dead.

Well, history says you are.

You were shot after
delivering that gadget.

I can show you the files.

You're a hero.

So, congrats, and...


I'm not dead.

We didn't change history,
we just took you out of it,

faked your death.

You're alive, literally,

but to anyone not on this plane,

you were killed at that hotel.

I'm sorry.

Welcome to life after death.

I'll tell you all about it.

This plane, it's how you time travel?


So the bump that woke me up...

Let me guess, we're not in 1955 anymore.



Then... when are we?

- We're trying to figure that out.


♪ No more mister nice guy,
no more mister clean ♪


We'll return in a moment.

What the hell?


LUKE: Oh, not necessary, Mr. Malick.

I have been left behind to help you.

You're the man who called,

told me Sousa was on the train.

You and I share an enemy, Mr. Malick.

The only difference

is that mine is from the future.

I think I might've met one of them.

You certainly did.

As it is certain

S.H.I.E.L.D. will destroy
all you have built.

It is time to prevent that.


By doing exactly...

what I say.