Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 13 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - full transcript

An explosive Inhuman surfaces and the team are tasked with containing it. Elsewhere: Coulson and Mack encounter Radcliffe's inspiration for Aida.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

I understood that, conceptually,

we were building a world,

but I-I didn't expect you would
build our entire world.

You heard Radcliffe.

He said he had a subject
in the Framework,

someone who was thriving.

He was talking about May.
She's alive.

I believe it is responsible

for all of the alien problems
on this planet.

- What is it?
- A man.

He is always there
in the shadows.

The Russians.
They're here for us.

We have the Inhuman
Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

4x14 - The Man Behind the Shield

- Well, I'll be.
- Ohh!

That hurt.

Yeah, it hurts.

But the fact that I feel
anything at all

is what's blowing my mind.

Think that's the point.

All right, that's enough.

- Well?
- Unbelievable.

It's like the real thing.

I could even smell the sweat.

But I-I felt
strangely cold, though.

Well, I tried to make the
simulation as real as possible,

and since you always leave
the air-con on in the base,

I exaggerated it.
Kind of like a silent protest.

That was so realistic.

I mean, you know,
except for the whole

- stopping in midair thing.
- I don't know.

I think it might play out
a little differently in real life.

So, you can feel in there?

Yeah, well,
it's the Framework.

It's an immersive
sensory experience.

It was designed
as a training exercise...

a way for agents to practice sparring
or jungle insertions and the like.

Yeah, you can still feel pain
while inside.

That's why I stopped
the simulation

- before you hit the wall because...
- Painful. Got it.

So, May's locked up somewhere

but being held
in a virtual reality like this?

What, to keep her placid?

Radcliffe said
she was in the Framework.

Yeah, but this
is a contained prototype.

- It's got limited simulations.
- If Radcliffe said he built a world,

he must have built a separate,
more powerful version.

- But if it's separate, how will we find it?
- Run a search.

Try and locate
traces of the source code.

I might be able to locate
where Radcliffe is running

- his new version, and...
- And that's where we'll find May.

Sir, the GPS signal we're
tracking on The Director's suit?

We've locked in on the location.

- Where?
- Nome, Alaska.


What the hell is this?

It's... you.






Unless your intention is to shred

the most advanced human mind
of this or any century,

I suggest you think twice

before forcefully removing him
from the Framework.

And unless you would like
to lose your arm,

I suggest you let me go.

I need to speak with him.

Dr. Radcliffe has allowed me
to communicate on his behalf.

I need to speak with him.

Aida, what have I told you
about pulling me out of...


You interrupted
a rousing discourse

- on pre- "Weekend" Godard .versus...
- You spend too much

time as of late in your
fantasyland, Doctor.

I need you here.

Well, the marvelous benefit
of an autonomous system

is that things get done
without the need

for constant managing
and meddling.

I do not meddle.
I perfect.

You're a results man.
I appreciate that.

But I've done my part here.
The hardware is in place.

Aida is on hand to ensure
the transition goes smoothly.

I did not make an alliance
with that.

Aida is my proxy.
View her as an extension of myself.

Now, you will get
what you want most.

Please, leave me
to what I want most.

I can assure you,
everything will go according to plan.

For your sake, it had better.

This is why I don't have Facebook.

Not subtle.
This is a message.

He wants me
to find something here.

But it's just a bad episode
of "This is Your life."

- Your life and his.
- Huh?

You see the mining facility
in this picture?

He owns it.

Purchased by Anton Ivanov this year.

It's the only thing here
that ties back to him.

Does it tie back to you, too?














If that guy doesn't have a cat,
he'd be really confused.

May, what the hell
are you doing here?

- I didn't request a specialist.
- I go where I'm assigned.

Yeah, well, I got this handled.

I don't need you
throwing off my game.

- You have game?
- I have what some people refer to

in certain parts of the world
as game.

It's cute that you think that.

- _
- Car.

Earth to Coulson.

Do you know what this means?

It means we're going to Russia.

It's good to see
there's still some fight left in you.

But I should expect as much
from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Inhuman director.

You're the one
they take orders from.


Then I'm placing you under arrest
in the name of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With what power?

Surely, you have used
the last of yours.

You want to find out?


I know you can do
better than that.

Put him back in.

I like my video games
as much as you, Turbo,

but this...
this is too much.

Yeah, well,
it's not a bloody Oculus Rift.

It's a training exercise.

Yeah, well, I doubt it's
helping May run a triathlon.

- Mack.
- That's not how I meant it.

You built a "Matrix" prison,

and now May's stuck in it
like "Brainscan."

The Framework is a tool.
That's all that it is... a tool.

Like Aida was a tool?

What are you trying to say?
That all this is my fault?

What I'm saying is,
if you didn't build

a killer robot or a virtual world,

this year would've been
much easier for us.

Now, whether you like it or not,
that's the reality.

I'm trying to help people, Mack.

I know you're not a bad
person, Fitz, but this...

gear has been used
for some really bad things.

You've got to think about the
implications of what you create.

Electricity is used
to execute criminals.

Does that mean we also shouldn't
use it to power our hospitals?

Not the same thing,
and you know it.

There's always risks
involved in science.

That doesn't mean that
we don't pursue it anyway.

Okay, you know,

the line between scientist
and mad scientist is paper thin.

And right now,
you're starting to sound

- an awful lot like...
- Don't.

Don't you even say his name.

We've cloaked and entered
Russian airspace.

T-minus five minutes
to the drop zone.

You're one of the smartest
people I know.

I really hope
you figure this one out.


What was the mission
you were on here?

May and I were sent
to retrieve an 084.

Years and years ago.

With May?
That can't be a coincidence.

So, your plan was to ask
the guard to let you in?

You know how persuasive
I can be.

Can you even say, "Please open
the door for me," in Russian?


But I do know a few choice words
I have for you right now.

You can't bluff, Phil.
You've got nine different tells...

- eyes darting all over the place.
- That's not true.

I maintain eye contact
at all times.

You should try sunglasses.


You did this.
You jinxed us.

You literally willed this
into existence.

They don't cover safe-cracking

- at the Communications Academy?
- Don't worry.

I have got this 100% under...

Shut up.

Don't worry.
I'm good with my hands.

- Not how I remember it.
- Okay, here it comes.

It's never long
before you bring that up.

Well, I remember you fumbling
quite a bit.

I didn't know you that well
back then.

I didn't want to be presumptuous.

You were undercover
as my husband.

Right, and I knew we were
on camera, so I had to sell

- that we were, you know...
- Oh, yeah, you sold it.

Took over two minutes
to unhook my bra.

That was an act for the camera.

You know, I was...
I was being a gentleman.

What, they don't cover foreplay
at the Operations Academy?

They teach us to commit
to the mission... all the way.

Well, I'm sorry you took it
so personally.

Spy life can be confusing
sometimes, I know.

Can I please have some light here?

That's why I only date civilians.

You know, makes things simpler.

Agreed. Till they start
asking questions.

Agreed. I seem to go through
men like paper towels.

Or so I've heard.

We've got company.


Looks like SVR agents.
Four of them.

- You do this?
- Not me. May.

What do you think's in there?

Well, we already have the suit.

Let's hope it's not
the Director's body this time.

My father worked an oil drill.

He was a son of a bitch,

but he worked hard for not much,
so I admire him.

The richest man in my town,
on the other hand,

inherited his money from
his father who built airplanes.

He wore furs, was entitled.

When I saw my father
with this man,

complimenting him,
licking his boots...

my admiration for my father

You see, there is something
lower than scum.

That which strives to be it.

Like you.

You allow S.H.I.E.L.D. to fill
your veins with poison

and parade you around
as an example.

Of what?

S.H.I.E.L.D. claims
to be a beacon for humanity.

What it really is
is a safe haven for Inhumanity.

They... will come for me.

That is the plan.

Preparations here
are nearly completed.

That is nearly a satisfying report.

If you're done playing
with your food,

there is still work to be done.

Well done.

Do my methods disturb you?

Do you feel sympathy for the
thing you attempt to emulate?

I was programmed to observe
human behavior.

Yours is... different than
most I have experienced.

I have no opinion
on you or your methods.

That is because
you cannot have opinions.

You are... fake.
Just like that man in there.

And when will you be done
with the Director?

Once he serves his purpose.

Even filth has a purpose.

What the hell is this?

Agent Coulson, I presume.

Do you know who I am?

The sick son of a bitch
who kidnapped my people

and seems to have more than
a few skeletons in his closet?

Do you not recognize these men?

- Should I?
- Yes, you should.

Because you had them killed.

Four guys at once.
Should be fun.

What? No.

No guns-blazing tactics, Rambo.
We're spies, not soldiers.

We're agents.
We do what has to be done.

The mission comes before the man.

What are your orders, anyway?

You here to back me up
or to retrieve the 084?

My orders don't include
telling you.

What's your clearance level now,

- Three. Why, what level are you?
- Mine's classified.

Tell you what.
I'll stall Stalin and the gang.

- You stay here, get the 084.
- You sure?

What are you gonna say to them,

There's a...
biohazard contamination.

Bio always works.

Not inspiring confidence.

Hey. Hi!

Oh, boy. Please tell me
one of you speaks English.


Well, that's not really...

I'm with the U.N. taskforce here.

Some biohazardous materials
were unearthed on this site.

Really dangerous stuff.

- You have paper?
- I do, indeed, yes.

Come on, May.

I didn't kill these men.

They were
interrogated, tortured, and executed,

all to cover up for you.

They were my comrades.
They were my brothers.

I had to dig up their bodies
just to pay my respects.

- Never forget the fallen.
- Where are my people?

Your people will suffer
the exact same fate as my unit.

Only this time,
there will be no one left

to find their bodies.

You see?
Yours is not the only life

Agent Coulson has so easily
tossed aside or hidden behind.

This is what he does.
Everything is his S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Government,
behind you, Director,

behind Nick Fury, Stark, all of it,

stands Agent Coulson,
quietly pursuing his alien agenda.

Conspiracy theories...

from the man
who literally mounted

a conspiracy to have
men in masks kill Inhumans.

I'm closing the door he opened...

allowing alien races
to infect our world

and convincing men like you
to protect them.

And I will make you admit,

to me and yourself,
that this is true.

- You have a match?
- I'm searching fragments of code

across all lines of communication.

Now, it was going slow at first,

but once I found the right

Ah, there it is.
We're going to find them.

Let's not run before we can walk.

But all I need to do
is trace the source, and...

- Server farm in China.
- China? Makes perfect sense.

Hold on a minute.

- That's not right.
- What's going on?

It appears to be pinging
from multiple sources.

Cellphones in Atlanta,
a military base in Norfolk...

Does this mean...?


What the hell is this?

It's the Framework code,
and it's worse than I feared.

We traced where the data is
being processed. It's everywhere.

What do you mean "everywhere"?

The code is piggybacking

on the processors of devices
from all over the world.

- It's like SETI, only you don't opt in.
- My God.

If Radcliffe is using
this much processing power,

- the Framework reality could be...
- Massive.

- So you can't track its origin?
- Not yet.

Doesn't stay on any one device
long enough.

How is all this even possible?

'Cause Radcliffe has the Darkhold.
Anything's possible.

Well, find it.
Find something.

We don't leave our people behind.

We all good here, fellas?

What else do you need?
Birth certificate?

I think I got a membership card
to Gold's Gym.

You have backup?

I think that's the only copy
I have on me,

but there might be
another one in the van.

Do you have partner?

Oh! Eh.
She's not really a partner.

More of a friend...
a co-worker, really.

Though, to be honest,

I'm starting to feel some
tension, sexual and otherwise,

so I was actually thinking
about taking a shot,

but I'm afraid it could go south.

- You Americans, you talk too much.
- It's our greatest flaw.

Our unit has been made aware

that an item was found
on the premises.

We have been sent to retrieve it.

- Okay.
- At any cost.




Looks like your partner was asked

to retrieve the item
at any cost, as well.

And the cost... was you.

Okay, so we think we found the
next clue in this fun, little game.

Ivanov mentioned his SVR unit
being tortured and executed

and that he was gonna do
the exact same thing to us.

So I looked up
SVR detention centers

connected to the unit number
found on the dead agents' uniforms.

And this one right here
was a front during the Cold War

for a submarine base.

And since we know
Ivanov has a submarine,

like all good Bond villains...

We're already en route
to the base in Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Let's assume the enemy knows
we're coming.

They've been baiting us
this whole time.

We may face strong opposition...

trap doors,
sharks with lasers... who knows?

It doesn't matter.

What matters is getting
our people back,

so let's get ready.

We found where they're keeping
The Director and May.

Already en route to the location.

- We're going to save them.
- What if we can't?

What if May suffers
from permanent cognitive

dysfunction or cerebral atrophy?

- Or she dies?
- Fitz...

We don't know the adverse effects
this could have on her brain.

I did it to her.
Aida, the Framework...

my fingerprints are all over
these murder weapons.

- Mack was right.
- Mack was right.

You do need to think
about the implications

of the things you create.

But just because someone uses
your ideas for evil

does not make it your fault
for creating it in the first place.

You make things
from the genius of your mind

and the goodness
of your heart to help people.

Don't let Radcliffe's actions
corrupt that.

You are not responsible
for the twisted things he's done.

Wrongs have been committed.

Now we make them right...

You know, if Radcliffe is operating
out of this facility,

there may be some
Framework hardware there.

If I could tap into that
directly, then...

maybe I could find the key
to shutting it down for good.

There he is.
Let's get to it already.

This is
your last chance, Director,

to denounce S.H.I.E.L.D.
and all that it has done.

Now I ask you...
one last time.

Do you have any regrets?

I believe in Agent Coulson.

I believe in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Because for all its imperfections,

it strives to do the right
thing... to protect people.

You claim to fight
for others, for humanity.

I think you lost yours
a long time ago.

And to answer your question,
I do have one regret.

That I don't have
any superpowers of my own

that I could use
to kick your ass.

I can respect a man who stands
behind his true beliefs...

...misguided though they may be.

You know... is a shame we find ourselves

on opposite sides of the board
in this game.

But you are a pawn.

The pawn can only move forward.

Personally, I can overlook your sins.

But my comrades...
well, let's just say

they are less forgiving than I am.

Communications room
at sub-basement... Fitz-Simmons.

- On it.
- Davis, you're with them.

The rest of us will fan
out, search this place

top to bottom for Director
Mace and Agent May.

Stay on comms.
Be sharp.

Morales, you're with me.

Special Agent
Phillip J. Coulson.

I have waited a long time
for a face-to-face.

You know, most people would've
brought something nice.


Ah, humor is the last line
of defense you have left.

There is no one to stand behind,

no one left to protect you.

I don't know. I'm pretty
capable of protecting myself.

You have enhanced yourself,
I'm sure.

I'd be a fool to expect
anything else.

Enhanced humans,
aliens and their technology...

The deeper I dug,

I found there was one man
at the center of it all.


I thought the mission came
before the man.

Did you really think
I was gonna leave

- your defenseless ass behind?
- Yes. Yes, I 100% did.

I let you sweat a little. But...

I didn't want to make you
wait around forever.

Let's get the hell out of here.

You were one of the SVR agents
at the mining facility.

- That was your unit.
- Da.

And they were killed for not retrieving
the object stolen from our soil.

When I looked for who did,
I found S.H.I.E.L.D.

And after years of looking
behind S.H.I.E.L.D.,

I found you.
That... face.

The man there
at the very beginning.

- What a coincidence.
- I'm sorry.

I don't really have time for all
this conspiracy-theorist crap.

I'm done playing games.
Where are May and Mace?

But play my games you will.

Did you really think
I would let you have

what it is you seek at the end?

They're not even here, are they?

Well, your pretend
Inhuman director

is in the compound, but...

he may be dead
by the time you find him.

All of these things you've done,

all of the energy spent, the hatred.

And you know what
the funny thing about it is?

I have no idea
who the hell you are.

I've been on hundreds
of missions in my time.

This one you're so upset about,
I was sent to retrieve an object.

If I'm being honest, I don't
even remember what it was.

As far as I'm concerned,

you're just another red shirt
like so many others

who tried unsuccessfully
to stop me from saving the world.

'Cause that's what I do. So...

cool origin story, bro,
but this means nothing to me.

She, on the other hand...

The top Watchdog himself.

I've been waiting a long time
for a face-to-face.

I chased the Watchdogs,
the funding,

the weapons, the EMP,
the Senator...

it all leads back to you.

Always nice to meet an admirer.

This isn't about
admiration or forgiveness.

The butcher does not seek

from the animals he slaughters.

- Have you ever read "Animal Farm"?
- Enough talk.

Not a fair fight, but...

I will fight it, regardless.

This can't be Radcliffe's
Framework setup.

It's too low-tech.

Maybe we can still find
something useful anyway.

I'll copy any data
I find in the system.

We should take
some of this equipment

back to the base for further
examination, as well.

Anything could
be the key we're searching for.

We have an Aida sighting

on the lower levels of the base.

Aida's here?

You do this.
I'll find Aida.

What, you're gonna go take on
a killer android?

- I'll take Davis.
- Concern only slightly lessened.

- Thanks.
- We can't let her escape.

She could be the lead
we're looking for.

All right.
Just... be careful.

Davis, with me.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

But I don't know about him.

He's breathing, but barely.

Jeffrey, where's May?
Where are they keeping her?

Come on.
We got to get him out of here.

I've been looking
forward to facing one of you,

readying myself.
I strive for perfection.

- You are a genetic cheater.
- I'm not a cheater.

You're just playing
by the old rules.

The game has changed.

Ivanov's down.
Where is everybody?

- Anything?
- No luck.

We've been running
all over this place.

It's a bloody labyrinth.

Pray we don't run
into the Goblin King.

Can anyone hear me?
Has anyone spotted Aida?

Still no response.

Oh, no, no, no.
The submarine.

She's escaping.

We're too late.

Well, I gathered what I could
from the communications room.

Who knows what the others
have found.

Have you heard
anything from them?

- I've been trying to reach them.
- Yeah, me too.

Comms have been wonky,
going in and out.


Director Mace!

We've been trying to reach you.

He needs medical attention.

We have to get him out of here.

Finally. I've been looking
for you guys everywhere.

- Where's May?
- She's not here.

They must have had her
on the submarine.

Well, then we have
to keep searching.

- We...
- We're pulling out.

- But, sir.
- We'll tend to our injured,

live to fight another day.

Storm front coming in.

You and I can just hunker down,
pull all this apart

until we find something that
can help us get Agent May back,


- Jemma?
- How long were we in that base?


The timetable of this mission
is bothering me.

Coulson says he came straight
down to the submarine dock

after rescuing the Director.

And we heard the blast
from Daisy's battle with Ivanov

long before she met up
with us again.

- What are you saying?
- I'm saying... something doesn't feel right.

There's a stretch of time in there

that's unaccounted for
when no one was in contact.

Now you mention it... was pitch-dark when we left.

It's the blast-door
scanner system.

- LMD detection?
- Yeah.

What about it?

- It was disabled.
- Disabled?


And the system report
was deleted from the record.

Why would someone do that?
By who?

Not sure. Luckily, my level on
the spectrum of security means

a copy of each report is sent
directly to my inbox.

The system was accessed by...


Coulson? What would he
want to keep from us?


this has to be a mistake.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Look, you said it yourself...
we were in there for a while.

We were separated from them
the whole time.

Aida was seen at the base, and...

tanks of gas.
What kind of gas?

They left a trail of clues.
They wanted to find Coulson.

- And while we were downstairs...
- They switched people out.

How many?


All of them.

Scans indicate
low levels of life function.

The plan worked.

We have replaced the top
operatives at S.H.I.E.L.D.

Now the next phase begins.

And you will be integral to that.

You have not yet served
your purpose.

"Even filth has a purpose."

We'll return in a moment.

Say it.

- No.
- Say it.

- I already did.
- Yeah, but I'm not tired of hearing it yet.

Thank you for saving
my ass back there.

You're welcome.

All in all, I guess I could've
asked for a worse assignment.


So you asked
for this mission, huh?

Didn't want the weekend free

for quality time
with random civilian number 14?


Wow. You must really like this guy.

Maybe I'm tired
of dating civilians.


maybe if it doesn't work out
with this one,

you and I can talk about that...
over a drink.

Chances are high.
This guy is really not my type.

Already start asking questions?

Oh, yeah.
He's a shrink.


Well, let me know
if it goes horribly.

Here's hoping.

Keep your eyes on the road.


We've waited around forever.
I think that's long enough.