Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - full transcript

Agent Daisy Johnson must call upon the Secret Warriors for an inaugural mission that will leave no member unscathed, and S.H.I.E.L.D. learns more about Hive's powers, forcing them to question everyone they trust.

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Previously on "Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

It was snatched up by this ancient.

They called him Alveus.

Designed by the Kree to command the Inhuman army for them.

Well, this priceless artifact is yours.

Just give me the damn crystal.

I saw a vision of the future.

What did you see?

My death.

My killer... it was him.

Gideon, your daughter impresses me.

She's a true believer.


Giyera's taken control of the plane.

We need --

Everyone from our team is on that plane.

You put together the Secret Warriors Initiative for a reason.

We both know we got to do something.

Let's call them in.

If there's some sort of secret afterburner

you haven't kicked in yet, now would be the time.

They're going as fast as they can.

We'll get there.

Coulson's team vanished halfway around the world,

and we still have two pickups to make.

Fly faster.

You have to come up and see the roof.

The city glows off the bay.

I would really like that.


It's good to see you again.

You look well.



Only...maybe not tonight.



I'm sorry. Something's come up.

Satellite scans show massive hidden doors --

a hangar buried under the oil fields about 300 feet.

What is, uh, Hydra?

Kidnapping Inhumans, global terrorism --

all-around bad dudes.

How'd they take the plane?

Don't know.

What's the base's layout?

Don't know.

How many soldiers?

- We don't... - We don't...

- You don't know. - You don't know.

We don't have much, but these are friends

who've put their lives on the lines for each of us, right?

But we do have a way in --

service wells that can get us within 50 feet of the base.

And what about the other 50 feet?

I'll take care of that.

Okay. Uh, when do we land?

For one reason or another,

each of us has been given a gift.

Let's put 'em to good use.

I'm glad you've arrived.

They had our location, so I took the plane.

What about the agents?

Did any survive?

I was outnumbered,

so I got off as quickly as I could --

sent in a team.

Lucio will have them under control soon.

Go, go, go!

Go, go, go! Go!

Come on!


Go, go, go!

Look for anything in here that will mess with those guys.

May's bleeding pretty badly.

- We need to stop it now. - The hatch won't hold for long.


Find me something that will keep these guys at bay.

Well, I guess we can call this area clear.

Split up.

Lincoln and I go solo.

You guys take the elevator.

Find our team, and report back.

I got eyes on the Zephyr.

Entrance is on the north side, sub-level five.

Crash on that location.

I've got Malick.

Catalyst. Careful.

Is there cloth? May needs compression.

On it. The door.


This seal gonna hold?

Hope so. It's chlorine gas.

And if not, we'll all go blind.


Guys...I'm coming to you.


I said I'd come to you.

- You okay? - Yeah. Go, go, go.



Shoot anything that comes through that door.


What the hell?


It's good to see you again.

You look well.

I'm doing real good now.

What took you so long?


Had to get the band back together.

Got anyone who can fly this thing?

May! You can't even walk.

But I can still fly.

We lost them again... and achieved nothing.

Not true.

Now we have one on the inside.

Elevator door open. He comes out.

Bullets. Boom, boom, boom!

And soldiers -- "Aaah!"

This man!

Hey, I stopped the bullets, but you dropped 'em down.

No, you guys all did so good.

We were asked for a miracle, and we came through.

You're a hell of a team.

You okay?

I didn't feel it.

You run fast, things happen, huh?

Yeah. You sure you're all right?


Thanks for having my back when I went down.

You saved me.

Daisy's right. It was a good day.

No, when you grab the head of Hydra, it's a great day.

You think he'll give us anything?

Well, Coulson's questioning him now.

Soon, you'll get cleared to go home,

but if he talks, we might be on another mission.

You had Rosalind Price killed.

I haven't decided

what to do about that in the long run,

but right now, I need to know --

what is that thing parading around as Grant Ward?

You ever ride Arabians?

I'm not really the equestrian type.

Magnificent horses, hard to control.

Stephanie rode Arabians -- my daughter.

We were riding once in the Tetons,

and there was this rockslide up ahead,

and her horse bucked -- threw her right off.

And my heart stopped.

But she got up and... calmed that horse

in a way that made me more proud than anything I'd ever done.

That was the day I told her about Hydra.

Brought her into the fold.

Where's Stephanie now, Gideon?

I was foolish.

I thought that I could bring back the Hydra and guide it

the same way Stephanie commanded that horse.

I taught her to have faith in it as a god.

And she did.

If you ever want to see her again...

He killed her.

It cares nothing for us.

Doesn't sound like a god.

Oh, no, Mr. Coulson.

It is a god -- it's just not ours.

What are you doing?

Just checking it out.

You really think it belonged to that Alveus guy?

It's so old.

I don't know, but we better check it in

along with the Terrigen.

You're still upset I took that crystal to James' shack.

Yes, I am. You should have told me.

I thought, if you didn't know, you couldn't be blamed.

And if something went wrong?

I know.

I'm sorry.

Can't be easy having your boyfriend on the team.

Not when you take advantage of that relationship.

I thought you'd understand the move.

It was a good play.

Just tell me next time.

You should check in on Joey.

I think killing Lucio has him pretty shaken.

I completely missed it.

They did good today,

but there's a lot to get used to at S.H.I.E.L.D.

I have a new name, too.

They all call me "Yo-Yo." Your fault.

I will get my revenge.

And your Spanish is much better, not just "Pescado."

It's a new S.H.I.E.L.D. requirement.

I know you think S.H.I.E.L.D. is dangerous,

but, really, our mission is to protect.

And these?

Those kill.

You do your best, but...

some days are tougher than others.

It's okay, Mack. I trust you.

What on earth are you doing?

Well, you're the doctor. Is he dead or not?

His body temperature is 98 degrees.


There's some sort of metabolic activity.


No, not fascinating. Quarantine.


Excuse us. Nothing to worry about.

There is a reckoning coming.

You put your faith in the Inhumans like I did.

It is a deadly mistake.

They will all worship him.

He's not a god.

As far as we know, he was a slave to the Kree.

What better beginning for a god?

They called him "Alveus." Do you know that word?

It's Latin.

It means "Hive,"

which is fitting, because he's a parasite --

swarms, eats, moves from corpse to corpse.

Well, that's one way to see it.

You're not really a religious man, are you?

I have faith in my team.

That's what he'll destroy first.

You said they'll worship him.

What did you mean?

I'm saying that those that were loyal to me now serve him.

He infected them, became a part of them,

and they instantly joined the hive.

Mind control?

You're the head of Hydra.

Why would I ever believe you?

You don't have to believe.

You'll see soon enough.

You sent four Inhumans into his lair,

and now they're in your base.

How many of them do you think he turned?

If you trust any of them, stop now.

Is everything okay?

I need you to quietly lock down the base.

- Malick has no proof. - I have to take this threat seriously.

Well, then, let's get ahead of it.

We to them, scan them.

We have no way to test for this.

If any of them are sick, they could be very dangerous.

They need to be in containment now.

And then what? Simmons said it -- there's no test.

Are we gonna question them?

What do we ask -- "Are you infected?

No? Great. Thanks."

None of this works if they know we know.

I need more.

Lucio's body had some abnormal readings.

Maybe we could start there.

It could help us confirm whether Malick's full of it.

Get me proof.

If this is real,

any one of them could have been turned or all of them.

I need a test and then a cure.

That's a hell of a gamble.

It's our best shot.

We keep everyone contained to the base.

If anyone's infected, they came for a reason.

We monitor them, let them show their hand.

They saved our lives,

and now we can't trust the lot of them.


I came when I saw the base was on lockdown.

What's up?

It's a security precaution while Malick's in custody.


Did we get any info on Zombie-Ward?

Not yet, but I'm confident we will.


If we get intel, let me know.

I'd like my team to get another shot at him.

Um, but, you should know Joey crossed off Lucio.

I'm not sure he was ready for that already --

to be back in the field after it.

That's hard. I'll check in on him.


Get me answers.

What do you mean? I'm not leave?

This is common.

It's just a security thing since Malick's here.


I want to do something, or I go home.

Have they cracked him yet?

He's cooperating, but we have to be patient.

We'll get our chance.

Have you talked to Joey yet?

I've tried. I can't find him anywhere.

Time for your pain meds.

I don't want that.

Trust me -- in an hour, you will.

Those knock me out.

May, he's trying to help you.

Just give me a minute with her.

Meet me in my room?


How are you doing, really?

I'm in a lot of pain, and I hate this hospital gown.

You think?

You did good today.

You led them well.

Does it ever get any easier?

Only harder.


I think Coulson's having me lie to them

about the base lockdown.

They can feel it.

Sometimes, that's the job.

Doesn't feel right.

If he's withholding,

I'm sure it's for the right reasons.

I got to ask -- you wanted all of this.

What did you think would happen?

You don't understand what it's like to be brought up in faith.

We were "C and E" Catholics.

Sure, it's no death cult.

Then you know we all have our sins.

I believed that I could resurrect a god.

But instead, I freed the Devil.

Only technically.

I mean, all the ancient Satanic creation myths --

they were based on him, which you knew.

The Devil promises everything

and then lets you destroy your own world.

I sacrificed my brother to him.

Still, he took my daughter.

And that image...

of her body lying on that floor...

I failed her.

What else matters?

What you do next matters.

Are you trying to sell me on the idea

that I can set everything right?

I'm trying to sell you on revenge.

I have an image, too,

of a body on the floor --

Rosalind Price.

Love turned to rage in that moment.

So I hunted down and murdered Grant Ward.

Not to serve any good.

Not to serve any belief.

I wanted revenge.

I wanted to feel him die.

That's the sin that gave your Devil new life.

To come and take everything we love.

Let it turn into rage. Tell me how to stop him.

This god has outlived --

I've met gods.

Gods bleed.

I never saw my last rodeo being with S.H.I.E.L.D.

What would you like to know?

Start with everything.

No. You can't ask me to do that again.

Trust me, Joey. We'll figure this out.

Now I'm just seeing things.

Whatever the hell is going on,

the Inhumans are wondering about it.

Also...what the hell is going on, Mack?

Too damned much.

Subject was 36, male, Colombian.

Cause of death -- exsanguination due to stab wound.

Toxicology and blood work have shown normal levels.

Though the body maintained a temperature of 98 degrees,

which is very bizarre.

Simmons will try and make this sound science-y,

but for the record,

we're about to split open this guy's head.

Fitz doesn't approve of voice notes.

So, um, you seen any movies lately?

You're asking me to one?

What's wrong?

I just want an hour

without imagining that half our teammates are gonna kill us.

Joey offed this guy.

Picture the hell Yo-Yo could raise...or Daisy.

Lincoln could electrocute us in our sleep.

Or any time, really.

I see your point.

How do we land in these situations?

We're S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Today could be worse.

We're in hazmat suits.

Yeah. To help our friends.

They're lucky to have you.


Why are you calling me out of an interrogation?

And what the hell are you doing out of bed?

Fitz-Simmons are on their way.

They confirmed Lucio's infection.

Malick wasn't lying.

I so badly hoped he was.

The parasites infest deep in the brain,

but the good news is

it doesn't seem to cause permanent damage.

But they don't have a test -- not yet.

Surveillance isn't working.

They're all over the base. It's a threat.

We need to quarantine them.

I don't know how to convince them, but --

Telling them is too dangerous.

We have to ice them.

I'll explain when they're safe.

Anything suspicious on the cameras?

Everyone looks suspicious if you stare at them long enough.

I mean, Joey's a ghost, arguing with Lincoln.

And I think Yo-Yo scoped out every angle of this base.

Lincoln tried to pump me full of meds before I talked to Daisy.

Yeah, but he is a doctor.

What did Daisy say?

She felt like you were lying to her.

What game are we playing?

I think we're about to find out.


Why sabotage the power? Good luck escaping.

The perimeter security is on the emergency generator.


Look, the security camera's on...

Is that Malick's interrogation room?

Are you all right?

What happened?

You okay?

Malick's door was open.

He was already dead.

Then a bloody grenade went off right in front of us.

Covering up the cause of death.

- Can you walk? - Yeah.

Okay. Come with me.


Mack and May are gathering teams to quarantine the Inhumans.

Get yourselves patched up,

and find a place to lay low for a while.

What happened? Are you okay?

We're fine.

She said she's fine.

- I'm trying to help. - What was that blast?

Go into the common area.

I'll brief everyone there in a few moments.

Are we in danger?

What the hell?

Go into the common area. That's an order.

You've kept us in the dark all day.

There's a situation, Daisy.

I need you to get your team to cooperate.

Were we attacked?

Everything will be all right.

I just need you to stay right where you are. cool.

Where's Joey?

I don't know.

Coulson, you need to level with me right now.

We need to get you checked out.

Hive can sway Inhumans.

Your team may have been exposed in the rescue.

Wait. Sway -- like mind control?

One of you killed Malick.

I'm trying to keep everyone safe, including you.

- Where's Joey? - My team wouldn't do that.

They wouldn't have a choice.

It's like an infection.

I swear that's what I'm doing, Yo-Yo.

- We saved your asses, and you come at us? - Lincoln.

Why didn't you tell us?

Daisy, stand down.

First, we get everyone in quarantine,

and then we can talk.

Not everyone.

Anybody in here could have killed Malick,

but you singled us out right away.

Lincoln, stop it!

What's happening?

Where the hell have you been?

If we don't get these doors blocked,

nobody's questions get answered!

Got it!

Someone explain what's going on.

Malick's dead. They suspect us.

Well, why would they think that?

They think Hive infected one of us while we were in that base.

- Messed with our heads. - Where were you?

- What? - Where were you, Joey?

The base went dark. I was looking for you.


That glass not gonna keep them out.

Right. How do we fix this?

We stay calm, and we stick together.

Why are they sure it's one of us?

Malick -- whatever he said to Coulson has him spooked.

But he could be wrong.

I mean, they're taking his word for it?

- What? - What?

Screw S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jiaying was terrified of Hive returning.

Now I can see why.

You know Fitz-Simmons quarantined Lucio's body?

Why didn't they tell us sooner?

If that's true, this is exactly why Coulson didn't say anything.

- Anybody has -- - And if that is true,

I don't want you telling me what to think --

any of you.

We were all alone in that base.

Any of you could be infected.

Any one of us. That includes you.

They're ready to go.

Or we can pump in sleeping gas if you give me 10.

Contain for now.

If they're arguing,

that means they're not all turned.

Search their bunks and lockers.

Figure out what we're missing here.

Hopefully, someone in there is doing the same thing.

I saw it, Yo-Yo.

That's not a bullet wound, so how'd you get it?

I fight 10 people. Accident.

What are you saying?

Could you please speak English right now?

Hey, look. It's not important, okay?

I don't care which one of you did this.

I just want to leave, one way or another.

Are you saying you'll fight S.H.I.E.L.D. to get out of here?

Because that means me, too.

They're about to break in.

I am not going back into isolation.

Why not? Alone all day, no?

I just needed some time, okay?

Joey, you were completely AWOL when Malick was killed.

- That's not okay. - I don't care about Malick.

You were the one gunning for him, and now he's dead.

That's not on me.

Gunning for intel, not to kill him.

- He's the head of Hydra. - But it's a fair point.

Excuse me?

I wanted to get to Malick to finish off Ward

or -- or Hive or whatever.

Friends died. You know that.

Where were you when the lights went out?

I was in my room where I told you to meet me.

Where were you, sparky, during the electrical failure?


We're supposed to be a team.

This team is sick.

How do we know whoever turned can't infect the rest?

There's no evidence of that.

I just want out, with or without your help.

Suddenly, you're willing to fight your way out?

Me, too. I don't trust anyone.

No one leaves.

We need to get out of here.

Stop! He's right! He's right.

We should get somewhere safe --

figure this out on our own terms.


We can't leave and let an infected person escape!

It's better than someone in here or out there getting killed.


Coulson has a hidden elevator.

It used to be an old underground exit.

Maybe I can break through to get out.

It's the only way we all live today.

Okay. Let's go.

Do we even know what we're supposed to be looking for?

We do now.

No, no. This way.

It's not much farther.

The original passage is hidden through here.

I hope you're sure about this.

You sold us out!

I'm sorry.

If someone's infected, I had to make this call.

I mean no harm.

We're all a part of the same team,

but one of us is sick.

I didn't say anything earlier

because we didn't know who it was, but now we do.

Let me guess --

when you decided to leave,

Lincoln didn't want to go.

Not without his prize.

This was taken from the Assets room

and hidden in your locker.

I didn't do that.

Daisy, you have to believe me.

You know how to get in there.

You've stolen from that room before.

Yeah. That was different.


That was exactly the same.

From the moment Hive popped up on our radar,

you suddenly knew where to find this

and had your hands on it

until our distress call diverted you to Malick's base.


That was before any of us could have been exposed to Hive!

Was it?


The rooftop.

Daisy fought Malick. I found the bodies.

But you said you caught a glimpse of Ward, didn't you?

So you're saying he wasn't turned last night?


He's been turned this whole time.

I wasn't anywhere close to Hive!

We can fix this, Lincoln. Let us help you.

Leave me alone!


We were good together.

And yet, it took so little to split our team apart.

I failed them.

This is being a leader.

You want to protect everyone, but you can't.

People get hurt.

Today wasn't your fault.

Doesn't feel that way.

We were attacked by something very smart

and very dangerous.

Hive destroyed the most sacred thing for a team...


My name is Elena.

When will the results come in?



Because I think I don't want to be here anymore.

I know you want to destroy Hive for what he's done to you.

We all do, and we will.

I know you want revenge, but we have to be better.

We have to do what's best for the team.

It's times like this when there's no clear path

that I understand why people pray.

We don't know if any of the rest of you are infected,

but we will soon.

Even so, the Inhumans cannot encounter Hive.

For the time being,

I have to keep you in quarantine.

I have to disband your team, Daisy.

I'm sorry.

We'll be stronger next time.

You'll see.

Temperature differential?

Too similar.

Brain biopsy?

Too lethal. Dopamine levels?

You think it drugs them?

I have no idea how to help them.

We should be in the lab.

Well, we're running every test that we can.

One of these days, we'll find something out in space

that's magnificent, right?

Not trying to infect us or kill us like Hive.

What's Hive?

Couldn't even get off a desert planet without us, so...

...we'll sort him out.

I just want to help our friends.

I know.

Sorry. Uh...sorry.

I know everything with Will and...starting over.

I didn't mean to push too fast.

Too fast?

Fitz, it's been 10 years.

We can't waste any more time.


- 'Cause I thought that - Really.

And since we're cursed or whatever nonsense --

- Oh, I said that one time. - Well,

and you and your fourth-dimension idea...

And for the record, actually...

...that we can't change fate. is more evidence that the cosmos is against us.

I'm tired of seeing our friends ripped apart from each other.

That can't happen to us again.

I won't let it.

Then we won't let it.

Who needs space?

Because I've got something magnificent right here.

A picture of space.

One of my prized possessions, that is.

- I don't know why it makes any significance to - Okay.

I had to see you.

Daisy... I didn't do anything.

I-I promise.

I did not betray the team.

I believe you. I believe you.

That's why I came -- I came to get you out of here.


Are you serious?

We could just walk right out of here.

They wouldn't understand.

I don't care.

We can be together.

We can't just throw S.H.I.E.L.D. away.

They'll find a test and see that I'm innocent.

How did you get out of your cell?

I'm the one who programmed the security features.

Lincoln, S.H.I.E.L.D. can't hold us.

But we want them to, right?


what did you do?

I've got Malick.

I have to get back to the base.

They have something we need.

Do it.

Guys, I'm coming to you.


this is what Hive's sway looks like.

Daisy, he's using you!

You're -- You're sick.


I'm happier than I've ever been.

You get it.

You've felt an emptiness your entire life, like me.

We've tried to fill it, but it never works.

I found the answer... and it's beautiful.

It's -- It's -- It's a bond.


Daisy, people are dying!


So it's you.

I was curious who Hive would send.

I know what you're gonna do.

We can't let you keep talking.

And I won't be kept from my daughter.

If I'm honest, I might enjoy this.

Malick doesn't matter.

He could only hurt us.

What we are trying to build --

Do I matter that little to you?!

No, I care about you! I --

The Daisy I know wouldn't betray S.H.I.E.L.D.,

wouldn't throw away what we have!

Y-You framed me.

I'm sorry.

But Coulson had to find his rat

so S.H.I.E.L.D. could stand down.

And you have trouble keeping your temper.


But I'm not throwing you away.

You -- You -- You used that against me?!

I'm here for you now.

We care about you.

We could have all of it... together.


I don't want any part of this.

You'll understand someday.


We'll return in a moment.

Preparations have been made to leave.

We need somewhere safe.

With what we did to his daughter,

I worry Malick will turn on Hydra.

That won't be a problem.

Gideon is dead.

Hydra's evolved.

In that case,

there is the issue of his estate.

I'm aware of his wealth and not concerned.

We find Skye next.

I believe I know where she's headed.

Of course.

But there is a considerable portion available to move now.

How much?

Roughly $960...million.

Malick built something very impressive with his life.

Let's spend it.

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