Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - full transcript

While investigating a problem at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, Coulson and May turn up unexpected information about Skye's parents.

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COULSON: Previously on Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

You were dead for days.

- I wanted to die.
-And we should have let you.

We gave you a pleasant memory
of a beautiful island.

You spent no time at the Academy.

I didn't go to your S.H.I.E.L.D.
Hogwarts, or whatever.

And an 084 is?

An object of unknown origin.
Kind of like you.

Skye's trying to ID the agent
that dropped her off at the orphanage.

We agreed to protect her from the truth.

You have to decide why you're here.

If you can't put aside
your personal attachments,

then you shouldn't be here.

CALLIE: I completely blew the question
on von Neumann's entropy,

freaking thermodynamics.

The test is over, Callie. Just let it go.

Yeah, it's easy for you to say.
You probably aced it.

What you need a little distraction.

This'll distract me just fine.

Yeah, well, suit yourself.


Come on, Callie. Live a little.

What are you waiting for?

SETH: Callie, relax.

Yes, we've earned this.

SETH: Come on,
time to have some fun, Callie.

Come on, take it off!



Guys, get out.

They can't bust us for coming in here.

Get out, now!


Come on, get it off me!


CALLIE: Seth, pull! Come on!
SETH: I'm trying!

-My leg!

Get it off, man!

SIMMONS: There is
nothing more unsettling.

Being a part of something so horrible.
Completely unaware.

The cadet could've died.

We drew up those concepts years ago.

We didn't know
they'd be applied in that way.

SKYE: Is this the device
they found in the frozen pool?

Correction, the instantly frozen
indoor pool?

WARD: Seems like it was
planted in the filter days before.

Like someone was waiting
for those specific cadets.

Well, as far as they can tell,

the device uses a crystalline
nucleation process she designed.

And a delivery mechanism he invented.

That's why we're being asked to
consult on the investigation.

- So, we're going to the Academy?
-Science and Technology Division.

Cadets are pretty shaken up
over what happened.

Agent Weaver asked if you two

could speak to the student body
about "potentiality."

- Calm them down.
-Of course.

The talk. We've all heard the talk.

- I haven't.
-WARD: I guess you will.

Well, I've heard a lot
about the Academy.

I'm excited to finally see it.

Me too.
Never been to Sci-Tech before.

SKYE: Never?

Huh. The different S.H.I.E.L.D.
Academies don't interact?

WARD: Not much.
Academy of Communications does.

But they're the biggest,
and focused on data analysis.

- Boring.
-By far the easiest to get into.

- That's where you'd be, Skye.

WARD: Operations is
the most aggressive program.

More people wash out of
Operations than the other Academies.

So, which one is the hardest to get into?

I'm picking up on the rivalry
between Sciences and Operations.

You and Coulson past all that,

or are you going to help Ward
steal their mascot?

We're not going.
After we drop you off,

Coulson and I have
other matters to attend to.

Coulson hasn't come out
of his office in a while.

- Do you think he's all right?
-We saw him at a low.

That's not easy for anybody.
Coulson's tough as they come.

He'll be good.
Just give him time.

While he takes that time,

it's on us to figure out
what's going on at the Academy.

SIMMONS: This was the SSR facility
before S.H.I.E.L.D. was even founded.

SSR stands for...

Strategic Scientific Reserve.
Yeah, I know.

Is this where you got all your PhD's?

Oh, no, you need at least one
to get through the door.

Science and Technology
what you imagined, Agent Ward?

Yep. No uniforms.
No rope course.

No defined muscularity on anyone.

FITZ: No marching in place.
No IQs in double digits.

There they are.
So good to see you.

- You look as lovely as ever.
- I concur.

Thank you.

Agent Ward,
a pleasure to have you, sir.

Agent Weaver.
There's a list of suspects?

Based on the level of
intelligence it would take

to put a device together
like the one we found,

we've narrowed it down
to the top 10% of our cadets.

I'm worried there's a bad seed.

Ops and Sciences have differences,

but both have to be careful
about what we call "bad seeds."

People want to use
the tools we give them...

"Bad seed" isn't
a S.H.I.E.L.D. term, Ward.

Just a term.

I know you've already
questioned the victim,

but I have a few questions
I'd like to ask him myself.

I'll arrange for you to talk to
Seth Dormer when he's out of class.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'd like to get Agents Fitz and Simmons

settled into the lecture hall.

Come on.

WOMAN: There he is.
MAN: Wow.

Look at them.

The popular kids. Who knew?

I did.

Come on. While we have a minute,

I think there's
something you'll wanna see.

SKYE: The Wall of Valor.
WARD: So you've read about it?

Every S.H.I.E.L.D. facility
has a memorial

to the agents lost in the line of duty.

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s history
can be traced on walls like this. Huh.

"Bucky" Barnes.

WARD: Puts it in perspective,
what we do.

Must make you guys proud.

All this history.
Just wish I was a part of it.

It's not self-pity, really.

I'm just saying,
everyone here has earned this.

They deserve it.

I hacked my way in.

Feels like I cheated.

All you need to join is a
dedication to the greater good.

Coulson saw that in you
the moment he met you.


You have got to put that away.

How can I? You read it.

And you haven't stopped reading it.

(SIGHING) I just can't get
my head around it.

I remember what happened,
the pain,

but I also remember Tahiti.

What's in that file,
it's the truth.

Says who?

Director Fury.

If I hadn't asked,
he'd have kept it from me,

kept me from knowing.

And now that you know,
do you feel better?

Put it away.

(SIGHING) You wanna tell me
why we're flying to Mexico City?

To get your head working
on something else.

I've been looking into
Skye's past like you asked,

into the agent who
dropped her off at the orphanage.

Agent Avery.
She was killed.

But her partner wasn't.
He disappeared.

- COULSON: Richard Lumley.
-Went off-grid 23 years ago.

Day after Avery was crossed off.

He's resurfaced?

A few days ago,
a Mexican teenager

posted a selfie
on his Facebook page

and managed to capture our guy

leaving a grocery store
in the background.

If he's good enough to avoid
S.H.I.E.L.D. all these years, he'll know.

And he'll be on the move.

We have a short window to intercept.

He may have killed Agent Avery.

Or wanted to avoid the same fate.

We find him, we find out.
How long till we touchdown?

Forty minutes. I'll gas the car.

Today, we're proud to welcome back
two of S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy's finest.

Our youngest graduates to date.

You know their names.
Please join me in welcoming

Agent Leopold Fitz
and Agent Jemma Simmons.

Thank you, Agent Weaver.
It's nice to be back.

Unfortunately, it has to be
under these circumstances.

FITZ: If you don't know the history
of S.H.I.E.L.D. by now,

there's no excuse.

Unless you fell asleep
in Professor Vaughn's class,

-that's a perfectly acceptable excuse.

Our instinct, as scientists,
is to move forward,

advance quickly,
push the envelope.

But given recent events,

it makes sense
to reflect back on our history.

WARD: You can't think of any reason

a top student
would want to go after you?

No. The top students are my friends.

It's competitive here, but we usually
don't resort to knocking each other off.

This isn't Operations.
No offense.

None taken.

All these names
you would consider friendly?


Not Donnie Gill.
I barely know the kid.

He doesn't talk to anyone.

- And he was at the pool.

But I don't think he's the guy.

He just has trouble communicating
with anyone below a 170 IQ.

S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded after
the SSR was able to defeat

the nearly indomitable force
known as HYDRA.

We tend to forget
that these organizations,

HYDRA, Centipede, AIM,

were also made up of
extremely brilliant scientists.

Men and women who started with
the same unlimited potential as you or I.

Potential can sometimes be dangerous.

Plutonium has the potential
to power a city,

or to be a nuclear bomb.

SIMMONS: Today we'd like to share
a few stories from the field

in which we learned this lesson,
up close.

And faced the consequences when
untested technology or biology

lands in the wrong hands.

And don't worry,
we brought pictures.


Oh, God. Oh, God.

What is this? What's happening to me?
Help me! Help me! Get it off.

Make it stop!

Help me! Get it off! No!
Make it stop!



SIMMONS: Find exposed skin.

He needs glucose to lower his
body's natural freezing point.

Simmons, I need
something to break the ice.


- Ready?

WARD: Fitz, talk to me.

Something's doing this to him.
Find it.

SKYE: Ward, there it is.
Fitz, what now?

Smash the damned thing!



FITZ: It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay. It's over.


I don't want to hear excuses
why it didn't work.

I have people
who do that for me.

I just want you to
take care of it before I arrive.

Just keep in mind how much
this will benefit us both, yeah?

MAN: Mr. Quinn,
plane's waiting for you, sir.

And you can't think of anyone here
who'd want to hurt you?

I don't know anyone.

Donnie, I'm going to have you
escorted back to your room.

You get some rest. Stay warm.

Sorry I ruined your lecture.
I was really looking forward to it.

It's not your fault, Donnie.

No genetic materials or prints
found on the device.

The components
are rare and expensive.

Freshman pranks are tradition,
but these are something else.

Attempted murder.

So, Donnie was
the intended target all along.

Did he have anything in common
with the cadets at the pool?

These kids were popular.
Donnie was...


Donnie hadn't made any enemies here,
but he hadn't made any friends either.

He had a hard time adjusting?
How old is he?

Youngest since you guys.

190 IQ and failing out of
high school when we met him.

Probably bored out of his mind.

If things went well, we were
considering graduating him early

and assigning him to the Sandbox.

Wow! Well, he would love it there.

He doesn't like it here.

So, I'm afraid he'll wash out.

WARD: Maybe that was the idea.

Agent Weaver,
keep working with investigations.

Interviewing cadets, instructors.

Of course.

- And us?
-Their interviews won't bear fruit.

We teach cadets to keep secrets.

Where did you guys hang out

when you wanted to
get away from the faculty?

Can we tell someone
from Operations?

Yes. Because we need to
conduct our own investigation.

Dario Marquez's dress shop.

Marquez doesn't do
the best papers in town,

but he also doesn't use a computer.

So, if Lumley's
going to make a run for it,

your guess is
he might pass through that door?

It's worth a shot. So we wait.

SIMMONS: And when we get there?

WARD: We mingle, low key.

You and Skye get comfortable
with the students,

see if you can
get them gossiping.

Skye looks young enough to blend in.

SKYE: You're not exactly OI' Man River,
and Fitz looks younger than us.

The time will come when
you won't make fun of me for that.

You'll be jealous.
You'll be jealous, wrinkly old hags.

I want Fitz to go talk to Donnie.

- Sorry?
-Donnie's withdrawn.

Might know more than he's letting on.

You're a hero here, Fitz.
He looks up to you.

Go hang out with him.

Even if he has no clue
who might be after him,

-he could use a friend.
-That is a wonderful idea.

Ward has them from time to time.
I'll meet you later.

WARD: What?

- It's strategic.
-it's adorable.

The Tin Man has a heart after all.

So, where are we going?


SIMMONS: S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps careful
watch of everything within their walls.

So, in the late '60s,

to escape the cameras
and the prying eyes of the faculty,

a few cadets started sneaking
down to The Boiler Room.

To play cards, exchange ideas...

SKYE: My kind of people.

Some amazing breakthroughs
have come out of here.

So the tradition lives on.

Of cramming into The Boiler Room?


SIMMONS: Well, over the years,
we've made a few improvements.


SIMMONS: Do you have
one of these at Operations?


Did not think so.

Drinks are on me.


- Donnie.
-Agent Fitz, sir.

Oh, please, call me Fitz.

- Mind if I come in?
-Yeah. I mean no, I don't.

Okay. My room was just
like this, except...

there was a lot more
laundry on the floor.


You feeling better?

You know,
you shouldn't be afraid to tell me

if you think someone
could be targeting you.

No. it was probably just a prank.
Freshmen get pranked.

I remember, vividly.

But that doesn't mean that
every freshman needs to be thawed.

Is that a design for
organic light-emitting diodes?

- For active camouflage, I'm thinking.

An ionized air cannon?

It's so small.

Well, I was able to double
the pressurization by making...

By making it compact. Clever.

I must say,

these ideas are way beyond what
I was toying with in my first few months.

You shouldn't keep
these big ideas to yourself.

You should run them
by your instructors.

These aren't my big ideas.

So, say you're going to do
what this guy did.

Leave S.H.I.E.L.D. Go off the grid.
What's your move?

I'd hide in the wheel well

of a 747 flight
from Newark to Singapore.

Oxygen. A chute.

The back half of the trip passes
over 3,000 miles of land,

a dozen countries.

Could drop anywhere.

You'd probably head to South America.
You speak Spanish.

Vacation Spanish.

Lima, most likely.

- What with the growing food scene...
-All right. What's up?

- You tell me.
-You're talking.

- More than ever.
-'Cause you're not.

You suddenly became active
on the Skye investigation?

She's proved herself.

Stepped up in a big way.
For our team. For you.

Is that it?
Or is it just to distract me?


I know you're having
a hard time believing what...

They changed my memories.

Who's to say they didn't change more?


I say.

I know you, Phil.
And I knew you before.

You know I'd be the first
to go down that road

if I thought it led somewhere.

Do you believe me, at least?

- Do you?


But I'm tired of secrets.

So, I'm glad we're here.

We need to root out all the secrets.

Agent Ward and I
have been having sex...

I got him.

He's headed your way.

Looks like he's heading down the alley.





I'm Agent Coulson.
With S.H.I.E.L.D.

Oh, thank God.

This is about the baby girl, isn't it?

COULSON: Cyanide?

What did you think
we were gonna do to you?

What they did to her.

- COULSON: Agent Linda Avery?
-She wasn't the first one to die.

We were headed into
the Hunan Province of China.

A senior agent called in an 084.

An object of unknown origin.

We've dealt with those before.

He said the entire village
had died trying to protect this one.

Avery and I were just
fresh out of the Academy.

There were five of us
running the back-end.

Until we lost communication
with the first team.

We went searching.

Found the senior agent
under a bridge.

He managed to escape
with a gunshot wound to the neck,

but he bled out.

He was still holding on to the 084.


Poor thing was covered in blood.

We thought she was dead, too.

But she was just asleep
in the dead agent's arms.

The baby?

The girl was the 084?

If she had powers or something,
we never witnessed it.

The five of us
helicoptered the kid out.

Headed home.

After we landed,
we started getting crossed off.

- Executed?
-Tortured. Heads bashed in.

When it came down to Avery and I,

we realized the only way
to keep our people and the kid

from being hunted...

Was to erase her from existence.

Avery was smart.

She used the lead agent's credentials

to fake a Level 8 clearance.

She'd set up a nearly invisible protocol.

The foster system

was ordered to move the child
around every few months.

But they still got to Avery.

She died protecting that secret.

- And you left town.
-Oh, I left everything.

I mean, whoever killed that kid's family,
and all those agents,

was a force to be reckoned with.

- That girl...
-Don't tell me a damn thing about her.

I don't wanna know.
You understand?

Just tell me...

Is she okay?

She's safe.

Then maybe it was all worth it.

You taking me in?

- Yeah.

I'm not sure S.H.I.E.L.D.
is the safest place for you right now.

We'll get in the air and drop you
somewhere along the route.

Thank you.

Bit of advice.

Stop digging.
And stay the hell away from that girl.

'Cause wherever she goes,
death follows.

It's best no one knows about this.
For Skye's safety and for ours.

You can never tell her.


Bartender seemed chatty.

He's in Computer Sciences.

Didn't take long to convince him
I was a Level 7 CS operative.

And guess where I'm stationed?

The Sandbox.

Good thinking.

I asked if any of the cadets
had hopes on getting assigned there.

Behind me. Curls.

Callie Hannigan. Ambitious.

Gunned hard for getting assigned
to the Sandbox.

And apparently, word's gotten around
she's lost the top spot.

- She was at the pool.
-But didn't wanna go in.

FITZ: A battery that carries
a terawatt of energy?

This is amazing.

Would be. If it worked.

I'm close.
I've built some quarter scale.

They work at that size,

but the heat increases
at a 4:1 ratio with scale.

And it melts down.

Why not use oxygen?
Breathe it in from the outside?

Sure, it's not gonna react
as well with the lithium ion,

but the cooling effect would
surely make up for that discrepancy.


Holy crap.

- I mean, it's just an idea.
-That's insane.

But you should show it to Agent Weaver
before you test it.

You have no idea
how powerful this thing could be.

Of course.


I'm sorry, that was awesome.

It's true what the other guys say,

you are the smartest person
to come through here.

Is that what they say?

Yeah. Well, Simmons is
probably smarter, technically,

but that's because she likes
homework more than life itself.

Nice to have someone
to talk shop with all the time.

Or to just plain talk to.

You know... I didn't like it here
at the Academy, at first.

- You didn't?

I was shy. A bit of a loner.

My mum did her best at home.

But I might as well have been speaking
Japanese when I talked electronics.

So, I kept things to myself.

Me too.

Kids in my hometown
wouldn't talk to me.

And when S.H.I.E.L.D.
told my dad I was gifted,

he said, "At what?"


Well, hang in there.
You'll find a friend here.

Actually, I'm off to
meet the team right now

at The Boiler Room,

if you'd like to join.

Uh, maybe later. I'm gonna try
to draw up some of those changes.

Later it is.

And thanks.

No problem.

Not a bad shot.

You mean for a girl.

WARD: For anybody.

Elastic collision equations,
contact point geometry,

and practice.


So, why's a guy from Operations

hanging out in
The Boiler Room anyway?

Looking for the smartest mind
you have here.

To duck out,
join my top Shadow Unit.

- Is that you?
-Could be.

Shadow Unit doing what?

I've said too much already.
But that tech in the lecture hall...

It was impressive.

Whoever built that tech,

I could see them moving to
Level 6 within the year.

Even though
Donnie and Seth were hurt?

The boys survived.

Yeah. Probably the best thing
that's happened to them all year.

Why don't you tell me
what you meant by that,

and I'll not tell Agent Weaver
how eager you were

to jump rank over at Operations.

I'm just saying,
they got to meet Agent Fitz.

They've been
talking about it for weeks.

Weeks? We just came here.

Talking about it to whom?

Each other.

Jemma, please don't tell me
you've left The Boiler Room already.

Fitz, they staged the attacks.

Well, that's nonsense. Why?

To lure us to the Academy,

and to take them off our radar
as suspects.

You need to get out of there,
he's after you!

Relax, I'm out. You're overreacting.

He's just a lonely kid.

We had a nice little hang session.
I actually helped him solve his...

...power problem.

Oh, no.

That's what you're trying to power.
A bigger version of the ice machine.

You weren't supposed to see this.

This is very, very dangerous, okay?

You can't have this here.
We have to turn it in to Agent Weaver.

You weren't supposed to see this.

We need to go.

Come on.

How could I have been so stupid?

Fitz, will you stop?

I'm sorry, sir. It's my fault.

Any word on the missing cadets?

Ward's coordinating the search effort
with Agent Weaver.

They've set up a perimeter and
are going building-to-building.

Where'd you guys go?

- We were trying to reach you.
-Not now.

- How dangerous are they?
-Extremely dangerous.

This device turns
any moisture around it to ice,

very rapidly, at a great range.

But Donnie's a good kid.

Just felt isolated.

Seth must have befriended him
to manipulate him,

using him to finish the product.



Okay, I think they have a backer.

The device, the components are
incredibly rare and expensive.

Nothing either of them could
find on the open market themselves.

If the parts are that rare,
we can trace the purchases.

Sometimes it's not a bad seed.
Just a bad influence.

Let's go.

No, no.
No, that's not the issue.

Look, Donnie and I
have the device ready to sell.

And we solved the power problem.

But... Look, we ran into some trouble.

- S.H.I.E.L.D.'s looking for us now.

What did I say was the most
important aspect of this deal?

- That nobody know about it.

Well, now the deal's
gonna have to change.

SKYE: We were worried
about bad influences,

he's the worst there is.

Ian Quinn. You've got to be kidding.

FITZ: Thermopower radiation sensors.

Shipped to Seth's father,
who's a lawyer for Quinn Worldwide.

Quinn's buying their technology.

What a sleaze.

The cadets have no idea
he's a criminal.

To them, he's just a venture capitalist.

This is Quinn's MO.

He finds young talent,
and he takes advantage.

Right? Hello?

Contact Ward and Agent Weaver.

Have them widen their search
to include Ian Quinn.

Hey, can I talk to you for a second?

I have to brief May.

Just two seconds.
That's all.


This is an unfortunate situation
you've gotten us into, Seth.

Where are you?

We're hiding at a parking garage,
near the Academy.

There's checkpoints set up all around.
We're boxed in.

It looks like I'll be turning around.

Sorry we couldn't do business.

No, wait, Mr. Quinn, please.

Can you send a chopper
or something to come and get us?

Look, believe me, it's worth it.

Prove it, Seth.

- What do you mean?
-A demonstration.

I want to see
what I'm paying for, in action.

Right there at S.H.I.E.L.D.

Then you'll come and get us?

- I wouldn't be able to resist.


The deal's a no-go.

Let's turn around,
go back to the Seychelles.

- PILOT: Copy that, sir.
-Darling, can you freshen this up?

You ready for this, Donnie?

Hey, we've come this far.

Maybe it's too far.


We're in this together.

You and me
against the world, right?

How many times have we said

we want a chance
to do something incredible?

Well, this is it.

And it comes with a ton of money.

Come on, say something.

I'm nervous.

The prototypes are harmless,
burn out in minutes.

But this?

We haven't run virtual simulations.

At this size,
with the new power source,

it's not safe.

Donnie, you need to grow a pair.

You can't bail on me now.

We have one chance
to impress Mr. Quinn.

And now, he's our only way out.

We can't turn back
after what we did back there.

What you did.

You knocked Agent Fitz unconscious!

He found us out.

And it was your idea to draw him here
to fix your damn power source.

Our plan has worked so far, Donnie.

And so will this.


What happened?
Is it a dud?

I don't...
I don't know.

Ever since you got back
from who-knows-where,

you won't even look at me.

I know things have been
heavy right now,

but did I do something wrong?


I did.

Ian Quinn's not the only one
who manipulates people, Skye.

We do it all the time.

Actually teach it at the Academy.

- It's our trade.
-What are you talking about?

I've been keeping something from you.

But recently, I realized
I had no right to do that.

You lied to me.

Agent May and I went down to
Mexico City to talk to somebody.

Somebody who knows
where you came from.

Tell me.

When we started this,
I warned you

that you might not like
what you learn.

And I told you

that it can't be worse than
what I've imagined.

It is.

The agent who dropped you
at St. Agnes was not your mother.

But she was killed
trying to protect you.

Twenty-four years ago,
an entire S.H.I.E.L.D. team

and a small village were massacred.






I'll be damned. We did it.

It worked!

I did it.

SETH: The ice stopped.
So it's ending?

It's just beginning.

We're in the eye of the storm.


The crystalline nucleation
should only create ice...

It did.

Up there.

SETH: We seeded the clouds.

In the most effective way
in history, Seth.

We created a super storm.

He said he wanted a demonstration.

SETH: What are you doing?

I have to try to reverse the process.

Look, Quinn specifically said he needed

a working apparatus
to come and pick us up.

All the money in the world
won't matter if we're dead.

Please. Just please help me.

COULSON: How do we stop it?

We can't stop it.
They're in real trouble.

Where is the device?

Most likely, right there.
Dead center of the storm.

FITZ: We've got to get
Donnie out of there.

Ward, how are things on the ground?

We got almost everyone safe
in The Boiler Room.

Everybody, move back.
Make some space.

How bad is this going to get?

Bad. Can you reach the
North Campus parking garage?

We think Donnie Gill and his device

may be trapped
in the center of the storm.

That's not far from where I am.

I can get there.


Yeah, I can't get there.

Is there another way to get to Donnie?

Think fast, people.

I know one way.

Hold on tight.

Seth, hold the barium hydroxide
chamber in place.

- Okay.
-Hold on.

Okay. That should do it.

- Now take...



We're gonna have to
try to get underground,

ride it out till the storm passes.

Hey, Seth? Seth?

Hey, Seth?
Seth, can you hear me? Seth?

DONNIE: He's been hurt.
Please, you need to help him.

SIMMONS: He's in cardiac arrest.
Skye, get a blanket for his head.

Lay him down here.

Sir, I need a AED.

Fitz, oxygen.
0.4 milliliters of epinephrine.

FITZ: Got it.

Get ready to clear. Charging.

- COULSON: Get back.

And clear.

COULSON: Nothing.

SIMMONS: Charging.


- Pulse?


He's gone.

No. Seth.

Seth! Seth!

Come on! No!



Donnie, I wanted to wish you good luck.

- And I'm very sorry.
-Don't say you're sorry.

My only friend is dead
because of me.

FITZ: I don't know what else to say.

Then don't say anything.

MAY: What will happen to him?

They're moving him to the Sandbox.

But not as a researcher.
They want to keep an eye on him.

Did you hear what I said in Mexico?

What specifically?

About Ward and me...

Yeah, I heard.

I trust you know what you're doing.

If it's a problem...

I'll end it.

Skye requested a moment alone
on campus.

- You told her, didn't you?
-I had to.

Must have destroyed her
to hear all that.

That's the thing about Skye.

What I told her shattered her world.

Her lifelong search
led to stories of murder,

and now it's too difficult to continue.

Her search is over.

Her story ends here.

- But you know what she said?
-Tell me.

She said, no.

Her story started here.

Her whole life,
she thought she wasn't wanted,

that she didn't belong.

That every family that took her in
didn't want her to stay.

Didn't care.

But all that time,
it was S.H.I.E.L.D. protecting her,

looking after her.

That's what she took away
from the story.

Not the family she'll never have,
but the one she's always had.

Here I am, telling her something
that could destroy her faith in humanity.

And somehow, she manages to
repair a little piece of mine.

The world is full of evil and lies
and pain and death,

and you can't hide from it.

You can only face it.

The question is, "When you do,

"how do you respond?

"Who do you become?"



Seth, I've gotta say,
you have exceeded my expectations.

COULSON: We're on to you.

- Who is this?
-A gent Phil Coulson, with S.H.I.E.L.D.

We've never actually met,
but I'm familiar with your work.

All Of it.

So, this is a
getting-to-know-you call?

No. Just a message.

That the first time
your aircraft drifts over

any country allied with S.H.I.E.L.D.,

we'll shoot you out of the sky.

So, this is a courtesy call.

Well, thank you, Agent Coulson.

And I have a message for you.

The Clairvoyant told me to say, "Hello."