Ad Vitam (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Épisode 6 - full transcript

This science fiction series is about
a future society and its suicide cult.

It may be unsuitable if you struggle with
these themes. Viewer discretion advised.



[ominous music]

[ME] What you see in front of you
is the body of Linn Gonzales,

a 25-year-old minor.

But it's also Linn Gonzales's body
hundreds of years later.

-This body is a physiological aberration.

Apart from the DNA,
there's not much left that's human.

[music continues]

We got it wrong from the start.
They're not suicides.

The incompatibles were lined up
and shot in the head.

-[Darius] It was them on the beach.
-And the others?

They've gone somewhere else.
Two hundred minors don't go unnoticed.

[Mr. Vanghen]
What's your problem with minors?

Who gives a shit if they top themselves?

[Mr. Vanghen] The truth is,
even if no one dares utter it...

is that we no longer need children.

Our goal... Avenir's goal...

is to give them hope.

[man] We believe in a true synergy
between Avenir and this very museum.

Who have you told about the data
collected by my company?

[panting] No one!
We haven't told anyone! Stop it, please!

[Virgil] Tell me
what's going on with Avenir.

Answer me!

[Odessa] Do you really think
they want to know that their savior

encouraged dozens of them
to commit suicide?

-[gunshot resonates]
-[music fades]

-[rumbling thunder]
-[distant sirens]

[indistinct radio comms]


[siren blasts]

[drone whirring gets louder]

[indistinct talking]

[drone whirring and beeping]

[drone stops beeping]

[thunder continues]

[Darius sighs]

-[sirens blaring]

[drone whirring gets louder]

[drone beeping echoes]

[man] At what point
did she take your weapon?

Probably at the end of the day
when backup arrived at the site.

According to procedure,
shouldn't she have been in the back?

I trusted her.

What was the nature
of your relationship with Christa Novak?

You spent a lot of time together.

A serious investigation takes time.

And it was for the case that on the 26th,
the eve of her disappearance,

you spent the night together in a hotel?

We had separate rooms.

[man] You were seen entering
her room in the night.

"In an advanced state of inebriation,"
according to the witness.

It wasn't the first time, right?

[woman] A week earlier,
she'd spent the night at your home.

She couldn't stay with her parents.

-Uh, and my wife--
-[man] Béat Lang?

-Who no longer lives with you.
-[low rumbling]

What happened, Darius?

Was she fed up of having breakfast
with your young conquests?

You've got it all wrong.

Did you have an intimate relationship
with Ms. Novak?

[Darius scoffs]

[Darius chortles]


And after that?

[Han] Huh?

Why didn't she turn the gun on herself?

If all she was living for was that murder.

It doesn't make sense.

I reckon we'll find her dead
in a few days.

She couldn't quite do it this time,
that's all.

I know what you're thinking.
But nothing could have saved her.

It's over.

You have to forget her.

[Han sighs]

[deep electronic beat]

[electronic theme tune]

[theme tune fades into ominous music]

[female newscaster] After four weeks
of an intensive search,

the police have still found no trace
of the 173 missing minors,

and concern is growing daily.

The investigating authorities did not
wish to respond to any of our questions,

but a press conference is still planned
for the end of the week

to review all new developments

in an investigation that seems
to be getting bogged down.

[seagulls crying]

[labored breathing]

[waves crashing]

[waves fade]

-[seagulls crying]
-[Darius] The sea?

[waves rolling in]

[Darius] To cool down.


[Darius] A forest, trees...

-[Darius] A big tree.
-[man] Is that all?

-[man] What story does this picture tell?
-[birdsong continues]

[Darius] Um...

It reminds me of a story
I used to tell my son.

The story of a little boy
who planted a bean.

Do you know it?

-[Darius] The bean grows and grows--
-[man] Right, let's stop there.


I'm sorry, it just came out.

I won't be able do this
by myself, you know.

It's already our third session:
I need you...

to give me more,
so we can move forward together.

I'm giving you all I can.

What I'm trying to tell you
is that what you're feeling is natural.

You feel like you've reached
the end of something.

You're unable to look to the future,
but that's what I'm here for.

To help you look to the future.

To look to the future.

It may seem inconceivable but...

at the end of this process,

you may even forget
that you were a policeman.

You'll be... different.

A brand-new man, Mr. Asram.

Shall we continue?

[insects chirping]

The stars.

[Perrik] So, did you get
all the psych tests?

[Azuelo] Dice, dominoes?

-Just landscapes.
-[Azuelo] No playing cards?

At one point, I even thought
I was with a travel agent!

That's exactly it, buddy.

-A career transition...
-[background music] a journey to your future.

Ah, before we forget! Sir?

We got you a little something.

[Darius chuckles]

-[Perrik] Yeah...

-Shall I open it?
-[Azuelo] Go ahead.


Yes. And that's not all.

Look, there's a little switch down there.

[funky jingle]

-[male voice] Game over.
-Honestly, I don't know what to say.

-I do!
-[background music continues]

-To Captain Asram!
-[background chatter]

Who has now officially become
a police legend.

-[Perrik] Captain, it's been an honor.
-[Azuelo] Captain.

-[soft electronic music]
-[insects chirping]

[Perrik] Bye, Darius.

See you soon.

-[Perrik] See you tomorrow.
-[Azuelo] See you, Leyla.

-[Darius sighs]
-[glass clinks]

You got what I asked for?

[Darius] Thank you.

Three agents worked on it for a month.
You won't find anything.

[waves rolling in]

-Where is she, Élias?
-[music turns ominous]

You must have an idea,
a theory, something?

No, I have no clue.

You should let it go, Darius.

[laughter and chatter]

When I was looking
for their meeting place in the desert...

we came across this place
where guys get together to fight.


to feel alive.

they quickly regenerate and go home.

I know, I've tried it.

Me too...

in a way.

What's the next step?

You see, 25 years ago...

It was Christmas night.

I was still working in family affairs.

We got an urgent call from a guy
who'd heard screams from next door.

When we got there,
we saw this young woman, barely 40.

Regenerated for 10 years.

She was waiting for us calmly,
next to her family.

Her father and her mother.

Not only had she killed them...

she'd used a utility knife
to cut "wrinkles" all over their faces.

All over their bodies.

"I wanted to see their real faces."

That's what she told me.

"See their real faces."

[music continues]

-[funky jingle]

-[male voice] Game over.
-[jingle stops]



-[Béat] Hello?
-[Darius] Béat...


I just wanted to know...

how you were doing.

I miss you.

[Béat] It's a bit late, don't you think?

It depends.

If you miss me too,
then it's not too late.

[Béat] No, I mean it's late right now.

-[Béat] You're calling late.

If you want to come over one day,
for lunch, for a drink, to talk...

-I'm sorry, I didn't see the time.
-[Béat] Yeah. Goodnight, Darius.

[Darius sighs]




[eerie electronic music]


[power-up chime]




[music intensifies]






[music continues]

[music fades]


[clock ticking]

[Darius inhales deeply and moans]

-[waves rolling in]
-[birds chirping]


[female voice] You have missed your
recommended regeneration date by ten days.

Don't forget to make arrangements.

[approaching footsteps]


-[clock ticking]


[white noise]

[white noise intensifies]

[ominous music]

[Darius whispers] Charles Vanghen...


[music continues]

-[distant laughter]
-[door opens]

[indistinct chatter]

[music continues]

[Darius sighs]

[door opens]

[music continues]

[car door closes]

[tires screech]

[tires screech]

[music continues and builds]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[door closes]

[music fades]

[faint background music]

[music becomes clearer]

[melancholy down-tempo rock]

[music continues]

I didn't know they still served
that sort of thing in town.

That's because they only serve it here.

It's delicious. You should try it.

[waiter] Everything OK, miss?


[waiter] Would you like a drink, sir?

A vodka.

[music fades]

[indistinct chatter]


[same track starts over]

I didn't know this place.

Did it open a long time ago?

A hundred and thirty-one years ago.

The bar was closed for decades.

I bought it and restored it
to how it was when I was a patron.

[Odessa] I was a customer
when it first opened.

A great party.

Over there, look.

[music continues]

[woman] ♪ You put a price on my head... ♪



♪ Someone who never cries... ♪

[Odessa sighs]

All the others...

all those framed faces...

I knew most of them.

They're all dead.

That's cheerful.

[Odessa] More so than you think.

Those faces, this lighting...

the flavor of this steak...

Every sensation here
recalls the world from before.

Even that cigarette smell lingers...

when no one has smoked
in here for decades.

[music continues]

Can you smell it?

You knew all that too, am I right?

-[Odessa] I could tell right away.
-[Darius scoffs] How?

What's so funny?

Nothing, forgive me.
I'm not really into... nostalgia.

[Odessa] Me neither.

I'm talking about survival.

[Odessa] I was 27 in that photo.

I remember catching a train that year
for an important appointment.

A meeting...

that could have shaped my whole life.

You could still say that back then:
"a whole life."

Anyway, I fell asleep and missed my stop.

I spent the next hour stuck on that train
hurtling along at top speed.

All I could do
was watch the countryside fly by.

I was missing a great opportunity.

But the only thing I remember...

is the pleasure I felt during that hour.

The value of that time,
irremediably wasted.


[music continues]

What we're offered today are little loops.

A career transition.

Moving from one life to another.

Living one moment after another,
always the same one.

[Odessa] Tomorrow,
you'll be something else.

Accountant? Mourner?

Even a cop, who knows?

More little loops.

But deep down, you know as well as I do...

that feeling the passing of time
is the only way to bear eternity.

[music continues]

"Feeling the passing of time..."

How do we do that?

By eating steak?

If only that were enough.

No one's forcing you to regenerate.

Let yourself die.

You and I both know that it's too late.

We're on that train hurtling along
at top speed I was telling you about.

Except that this one won't stop anywhere.

[music fades]

[approaching footsteps]


[same track starts over]

[music continues]


Odessa, come on...

[Darius whispers] Odessa,
Odessa, Odessa...


[music continues]

[man] ♪ Like... ♪

♪ Like a little boy ♪

♪ Moving like a snake ♪

♪ Howling like a wolf... ♪

Élias... I found something.

It's all linked.
Avenir, the disappearances, Christa...

I don't know how but it's all linked.
Call me back, it's important.

[music fades into silence]


[door opens]

[door shuts]

-[retreating footsteps]

[waves rolling in]

I didn't know you were coming.

I was in the area.

As you'd suggested...

It's not true, I wasn't in the area.
I just wanted to see you.

Do you want a drink?

[Béat] No, thanks.

Have you started?

I've had a few sessions.

[Béat] Is it going well?

It's all right.

And you?

I'm OK.

I can feel myself changing.

[Béat] I mean I can feel it physically.

My body...

my senses...

my feelings, everything.

It reminds me of my teenage years.

[Béat] When I was 14,
I was going out with this guy.

[Béat] Dan.

A tall redhead with green eyes.

At first, I had to stand on tiptoes,
but six months later,

I was a head taller than him.

I actually think that's why he dumped me.

-That Dan was an idiot.

[heavy breathing]

[Béat gasps]

[Béat sighs]


-[door creaks open]

[clock ticking]


[Béat sighs]

[Darius] She's alive.

[Béat gasps]

[low rumbling]

I'm going to find her, Béat.

[Darius] Then, everything will go back
to the way it was, promise.

[rumbling intensifies]

-[approaching footsteps]

I can't do it anymore.

I don't want to anymore.

[Béat] Let me through. [sniffs]

[Béat whispers] Come on.

[eerie intro]

[door opens]

-[door shuts]
-[Darius sighs]

-[ominous electronic music]
-[Darius sighs]

[Darius sighs]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues and builds]

[music fades]

[phone rings]

-[Darius inhales deeply]
-[phone continues to ring]

-[Darius sighs]
-[phone continues to ring]

-[hoarsely] Azuelo?

[Azuelo] I'm listening.
What do you want, Darius?

[car approaching]

That's 15 minutes after the murder.

All I see is a guy smoking.
What does that prove?

He lives across town.

What the fuck was he doing in that hole
at 3 a.m. in the pouring rain?

[Darius] And that...

Vanghen talking to Lazlo
the day before yesterday.

She chairs Avenir's board!

You're saying she used Avenir
to abduct minors?

To select them.

Can you think of a better cover?

[Darius] If a few go missing, who cares?
It happens every day!

It's a concentration of fragile profiles.

-Out-of-school minors, delinquents...

They don't care.
They just have to sort them.

Hence the tests we found
at the sanatorium.

[insects chirping]

And can you tell me
how we trace it back to them?

The foundation doesn't keep any records,
it's in their articles of association.

And Vanghen?

I don't know. A middleman.

[Darius] Élias...

Believe me, if we watch those two,
we'll find something sooner or later.

What more do you fucking need?


Let's do it.

-[Azuelo] Everything is on here?
-And at home.

Wait here, I have to call Han.

[grunting and groaning]

[car alarm is set off]

[grunting and groaning continue]

[Darius screams]

[car alarm continues]

[Azuelo] Argh!

[Darius screams]

[car alarm continues]

[labored breathing]

[Darius screams] Élias!

[car alarm continues]


-[male voice] 93-EA. Base to Azuelo.

Base to Azuelo. Over.

-[low rumbling]

[male voice] Azuelo, respond.
Respond, Azuelo.

[Darius whispers] Fuck...

[Darius sighs]

[low rumbling continues]

[rumbling turns into ominous music]

[insects chirping]

[Darius sighs]

[music intensifies]


[music continues]

[whirring and beeping]


[music turns into electronic beat]


-[beat turns into electronic music]

[music fades]

[Darius parks car]

[echoing footsteps]

[distant clang]

[echoing footsteps]

[low rumbling]

[ominous music]

-[music continues]
-[indistinct chatter]

[laughter and chatter]

[glasses clink]

[woman 1] Thanks. Thank you.

[music continues]

-[music stops]
-[chatter continues]

-[woman 2] Wait, wait.
-[hushed chatter]

[otherworldly chime]

[crowd gasps and mutters]

[chatter and laughter resume]

[crowd oohs and aahs]

[ominous rumbling]

-[man] It's about to start.
-[crowd quiets down]

[rumbling intensifies]


[whirring continues]

[whirring becomes more high-pitched]

[whirring continues]


[whirring resumes]






[low rumbling]

[hushed chatter]

[rumbling fades into silence]

[water draining away]

[labored breathing]

[labored breathing continues]


[labored breathing turns
into hoarse heaving]

[hoarse heaving continues]


[screaming continues]

[screaming becomes weaker]

[man heaves]

[ominous rumbling]

[screaming resumes]

[rumbling intensifies]

[faint creaking]

[rumbling continues]

[creaking continues]

-[rumbling stops]
-[power off]

[crowd sighs and mutters]

[relieved chatter]

[man laughs]

[Darius sighs]

[otherworldly chime]

[crowd gasps]

[low rumbling]

[high-pitched chime]


-[man] Careful, he has a weapon!
-[crowd screams]

[whirring intensifies]

[resonating gunshots]

[whirring continues]


[glass shatters]


[Darius gasps]

[Darius groans]

[labored breathing]

[eerie music]

[labored breathing continues]

[music builds]

[Darius whispers] Christa...

[Darius whispers] Christa...

Christa, can you hear me?
Christa, I'm here.

[music continues]

-[Christa groans]
-[Darius whispers] Christa...

-[Darius whispers] I'm here. I'm here!
-[Christa screams]

[Darius screams] I'm here, Christa!

[Christa gasps and struggles]

-[Darius whispers] It's me. It's me.
-[Christa's breathing calms down]

[Christa] Darius?

-[Christa sobs]
-[Darius whispers] I'm here, don't worry.

[Christa whimpers]

[music continues]

[Christa gasps]

[Darius whispers]
I'll get you out of here.

-[music fades]
-[labored breathing]

[reverberating clang]

[eerie music resumes]

[reverberating clanging]

[Christa] Darius...

[Christa groans]

-[music continues]
-[insects chirping]

-[labored breathing]
-[Darius] Argh!

[Darius sighs]

[Darius] Argh!

-[labored breathing]
-[music fades]

[insects chirping]

[Christa screams] Darius!

[Christa sighs]

[Darius exhales sharply]

[Christa whispers]
Darius... come, let's go.

[Christa groans]

[Christa whispers] Come on, Darius.

[Christa] Darius...

-[Darius] Go.
-[Christa] No.

You mustn't be found here.

[Christa] Darius, please.

-[Darius sighs]
-[Christa] Please.

-Come on, one last effort.
-[labored breathing]

[Darius whispers]
I'm going to have a child.

[Christa laughs]

[Darius whispers] Another child.

[distant sirens]

[Darius whispers] You have to go.

-[Darius] Listen to me.

[Darius] Go!

Come on!

[Darius whispers] Go...

[ominous electronic music]

[Christa sobs]

[retreating footsteps]

[sirens get closer]

[music continues]

[Darius sighs]

[Darius stops breathing]

[music builds]

[music builds further]

[deep electronic beat]


[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]


Mrs. Lang?

-I'm Angus Singh.
-[music starts to fade]

-[Angus] Give me your hand.



[waves rolling in]

[Béat sighs]

[Béat whispers] Christa...

I didn't mean to scare you.

[Béat] Are you all right?

-[Béat] Where have you been?
-I'm OK.

The other night,
at the museum, I was with him.

It's thanks to him I'm alive.

I thought you'd want to know.

You have to hand yourself in, Christa.

They'll understand.

I swear they'll understand what you did.

You have to talk
so that it never happens again.

[Christa] It will continue, Béat.

It's only the beginning.

Darius had understood that, too.

Understood what?

That all those people
can't bear what they've become.

Darius had thrown in the towel.

He'd given up.

He told me about your child.

Just before he died, he told me.

[Béat whimpers]

He was lost, he was tired,
but he hadn't given up.

[Béat whimpers]

[Béat whimpers]

[Béat sniffles]

[Christa] Take care of yourself.

And of the baby.

You're lucky to have each other.

[door opens]

-[door shuts]
-[Béat whimpers]

[seagulls crying]

-[man 1] It went through!
-[man 2] It's a yes!

-[man 1] The "yes" wins!
-[man 2] You know what?

[female newscaster] Polling stations
have just closed and it's official.

It's a huge win for the "yes" side.

The first estimates suggest
a figure around 88%.

This is a historical moment.

Birth restriction will,
for the first time, become law

in a country that included the right
to regeneration in its constitution.






[waves rolling in]

[paper rustling]

Where's that?

It's somewhere else.

[engine starts up]

[faint electronic beat]

[ominous electronic music]

Subtitle translation by Julia Knapp