Ad Vitam (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Épisode 4 - full transcript

This science fiction series is about
a future society and its suicide cult.

It may be unsuitable if you struggle with
these themes. Viewer discretion advised.



[ominous music]

[Han] We discovered them this morning.
Three girls, four boys, ages 18 to 23.

Each of the victims were reported missing:
some a few days ago, others months ago.

[Azuelo] It's started again, huh?

[Lesky] Samian Vanghen.

We've found her guardian. An uncle.

[Mr. Vanghen]
What's your problem with minors?

Who gives a shit if they top themselves?

[Mr. Vanghen] The truth,
even if no one dares utter it...

is that we no longer need children.

Hundreds are waiting for the signal.

-The beach was the beginning.
-What signal?

-I won't let you start this again.
-[screams] I talk to the living!


There's nothing after death.
There's nothing but darkness.

[Christa] I need a weapon.

-Who's it for?
-None of your business.

[electronic music]

[Azuelo] That's 277 missing
over the last six months.

[Darius] 277?

She just used to say that there was
this place where we'd be free.


Linn? Tell me you have something.

[Perrik] We've found her.

But they couldn't identify her.
You'll see why.

[easy-listening rock]

[music continues]

[music fades]

-[man] ...neutral mucous membrane.

[man] But at 25,
the hypodermis should be much thicker.

-[ME] Look at the subcutaneous tissues.
-[beeping continues]

[ME] And the state of the sweat glands.

[Perrik] I need some air.

[retreating footsteps]

-Is it her or not?
-[ME] There's no doubt about her identity.

But the same can't be said about her age.

[ME] What you see in front of you
is the body of Linn Gonzales,

a 25-year-old minor.

But it's also Linn Gonzales's body
hundreds of years later.

[ME] Some cellular tissues are a week old,

others are over 300 years old.

-You were saying she'd been regenerated?
-[ME] Yes.

But the process wasn't mastered.

For regeneration to work,
you need cells that are... active.


[ME] The problem with minors
is that the environment is too active.


Too alive, if you prefer.

[ME] The rays trigger
unpredictable reactions,

the cycles are hard to control.

It's to avoid this that our predecessors
set the age of majority at 30--

Yes, I know.

[ME] In my 70-year career,
I've never seen this.

[ME] This body
is a physiological aberration.

[ME] Apart from the DNA,
there's not much left that's human.

[glam rock]

[Christa sighs]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[deep electronic beat]

[electronic theme tune]

[music fades]


Is this about the minors?


[driver] We all received
the photos this morning.

I didn't recognize any.

You know, loads of kids take this bus
because of the beaches.

The Outside World ring any bells?
It could be where they're going.

No, sorry, it doesn't at all.

[engine idling]

Can you cut the engine?
This might take a while.

-[engine stops]
-Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

I need you to concentrate.

[insects chirping]

[approaching footsteps]

Your legs!

[Darius] Where were we?

[Christa] At the end of the chapter,
the "Great Departure," all that.

There were three more iterations.

Uh, I quote...

"Untruth and injustice are inside.

Inside, all is fraud,
lies and destruction.

It's the Outside World
that must lift the veil of hypocrisy.

It is there that He will enable you
to become a man."

Then it goes on more or less the same.
Blah, blah, blah.

"The Outside World will be
your only temple, your only horizon."

Blah, blah, blah.

And finally, "His son died
to save the world from lies.

He sends you today to the Outside World
for you to follow His example.

You too are His sacrificed child,
you too must die

for the truth to triumph."

That's the end of that one.

Do you honestly think
this will get you anywhere?

-We won't know until we've read it all.
-Have you seen how much there is?

Why, do you have
something better to do today?

I'm really sorry about messing up
your schedule, Christa.

[Christa sighs]

What's that?

[Christa] Yeah,
he draws as well as he writes.

What is it?

A penis.

He also drew a smiling sun somewhere.
I can find it for you if you want.

-It's OK.

Yes! Why not fully commit
to investigating his lunacy?

How comfortable it must be.

Sitting in your car
not knowing where we're going?

Your attitude.

Thinking everything
is absurd and pointless.

Because what we're doing
isn't pointless?

[Christa] Why are you showing me that?


is Linn Gonzales.

[Darius] She was roughly your age.

A month ago, she got on a bus
along this road we've been following.

What happened to her?

That's what we're trying to find out.

[ominous music]

[Darius] Carry on.

[electronic beat]

[insects chirping]

[beat continues]

[girl] No.

[beat turns into ominous music]

[boy] No.

[indistinct chatter]

-[girl] Something about a disappearance?
-[indistinct chatter]

[Christa] "Let me guide you
along the path to redemption.

The Outside World is open to us.

He has opened His doors
and named His guides.

I am one of them.

Then, the horizon will open up

and the rains will pour down
and cleanse the desert.

We will have no more limits."

Your legs!

[Christa] "We will see further,
further than anyone before us.

You will become infinite.
Only your gesture matters.

If the world persists in its error,
if man persists in going against nature,

then we must know how to bear witness,
which means dying as martyrs.

Leave nothing behind.

No letters, no pictures,
no words, no messages.

I know only the path,
not the destination."

[music continues]

[music fades into silence]

[water continues to run]

Don't look at me like that.

[water stops]

I haven't given up, Nahel.

[Christa] You think I enjoy being here?

I never asked for this.

What do you want me to do?
Jump out of his car?

[toilet flushes]


[retreating footsteps]

[door opens]

[door shuts]

That's enough. You're annoying me.

[retreating footsteps]

[door opens]

[indistinct chatter]


[Darius] That one?

-None of them?
-No, sorry, I'd remember.

You know,
most customers here are regulars.

Oh, hello, Mrs. Brenna.

Yes to these, no to those.

[Darius] Thank you.

Excuse me, it's none of my business but...

if you're looking for more occasional
visitors, you should head to the plateau.

-The plateau?
-It's quiet there too.

Not at weekends.

For a few months, stuff's been going on.

[Mrs. Brenna]
At the weekend, after dark...

What sort of stuff?

[Mrs. Brenna] People gathering.

I mean, not locals.

How old?

I don't know.
They come at night, they're discreet.

Can you tell us where it is?

It's a farmhouse.

Some guy bought it a year ago.

I don't know what he does, but he's blown
the electricity several times.

You've heard about that, right?


[ominous music]

[music continues]

[barking continues]

[man shouts] Twenty-one, shut up!

-[music fades]
-[barking continues]

[man tuts]

Shut up, Twenty-one!

[dog growls]

What do you want?

Do you live here?

I'd like to have a look inside.


I'd like to have my dog regenerated.

We don't always get
what we want in life, right?

We've been told
you get a lot of visitors here.

People arriving at night, leaving at dawn.

Who told you that?

I have a lot of friends.
That's not illegal, is it?



No, no, no.
I have nothing to do with minors.

Are you going to be a problem, sir?

[bird screeches]

What do you want to see?

-[dog barks]
-[man] Twenty-one...

-[barking continues]
-[man] Shut up!

[Darius] What happens here?

[man] Fights.

Regenerated city types.

They come here to fight.

Nothing too nasty.

Nothing too nasty?

[man] It's a gentlemen's club.


[man] Only people with jobs,
managers, civil servants.

Centenarians, mostly.

They're all regenerated, all adults.

All are club members and have signed
a discharge form, it's all legal.

[man] No one is under duress.

Some just come to watch.

But you know...
sooner or later, they all join in.


-[man] Tss, tss-tss, tss!
-Did you design the logo?


By the way, the next meeting is tomorrow.

[man] If you fancy it.

Ever felt the thrill of a knockout?


And this?

Just in case.

[man] They have
to go to work the next day.

[whirring intensifies]

I have a license for that too.

[Darius sighs]

Tss, tss-tss, tss-tss!

Tss-tss-tss, tss, tss-tss!

[dog pants]

[Christa whispers]
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve,

Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen,

Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty...

[dog barks]


-[insects chirping]
-[waves rolling in]

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

I'd like two rooms, please.

We're not busy at the moment so...

if you want, I can give you
the panoramic suite for the same price.

I'd like two standard,
separate rooms, two keys.


As you wish. I...


Two rooms...

-Two keys.
-Thank you.

No, nothing much so far.

A few passengers recognized some faces,
for what it's worth.

[Lesky] And Christa Novak? No issues?

No, no, everything's fine,
she's cooperating.

[TV in background]

-[Darius] Anything new with you?
-[Lesky] Yes and no. Something strange.

I'm listening.

[Lesky] The seven from the beach.
We tested them. All incompatible.

[Lesky] Darius?

Yes, I'm here.

Anything else?

[Lesky] We're looking
into the kids' families.

It's painstaking work.

-OK, tell Han I'll call her tomorrow.
-[Lesky] OK.

See you tomorrow.


-[Béat] You're through to Béat.

-[insects chirping]
-[waves rolling in]

Yes, it's me.

I'd like you to call me back.

Please call me back.


-[man 1] Barely any older than her.
-[man 2] Don't lie.

-[man 1] Really!
-[man 3] She's too old.

[men taunt and laugh]

-[man 1] Yeah...
-[men laugh]

-[man 1] Yeah, she's...
-[man 3] Wow!

[Darius] Do you like calamari?

It's the house specialty.

-There's nothing else, anyway.
-[man 1] Her grandfather...

[men continue to taunt and laugh]

-[Darius] Not very busy, eh?
-[man 2] Younger than him...

[Darius] The owner says
it's because of the jellyfish.

When the rains start,
they congregate by the coast.

But at your age,
it didn't stop me from swimming.

Are we really going to do this?
Talk about jellyfish?

[men talk]

[man 2] Are they here to fuck or to fight?

[men laugh]

What's your problem?


[Christa] It's easy to see
what their problem is.

And the guys who meet
in the middle of nowhere to fight.

Not to mention the guy
who numbers his dogs.

But what's your problem?

[Christa] Yeah, I know, you're a cop.

-Is being a cop a problem?
-[Christa] Well, I don't know.

They say we have
"thousands of lives to live,"

"an infinite horizon of possibilities."

But you haven't moved, you've been
doing the same thing for 100 years.

-I'll change soon.
-[Christa] Yeah, because you have to.

You're going to tell me
how quickly a century passes.

You don't even notice it and pff!

Being lectured on eternity by a kid

who didn't have the strength
to live until she was 15...

is quite unexpected, I have to say.

And for your information,
I've done a lot of other stuff too.

Such as?

I speak Arabic and Japanese.

I have a diploma in Oriental cuisine.

I can do 14 ballroom dances.

[Christa snorts]

Quickstep, foxtrot,

samba, paso doble...

-[Darius] Tango?
-No, I'm OK.

So, that's your problem.

Being a cop and doing pointless stuff.

Married how many times?

[Darius] Four times.

The national average.

You see, some things
I had no problem changing.

Do you think about your son a lot?

You know a lot.

[Christa] I guess not.

It's been such a long time.

I think about him every day.

My turn to ask questions.

-[Darius] How did you fall into it?
-Into what?


OK... You're 14 years old.

You're angry.

You're rebelling against your parents,
those who regenerate

and this disgusting system

which won't let you be a free adult
for another 16 years.

And you don't like what you see
16 years down the line either.

You'll just end up looking
like all those identical faces

that you despise.

But there's something new.

You've made new friends.

Minors like you,
but not those from school.

These are four or five years older.

With them, you feel different.

You feel noticed, you feel like you exist.

[men continue to talk]

With them, you can express your anger.

They listen to you.

For the first time, you feel alive.

[Darius] That, I get.

But there's something I still don't get.

I've been observing you for two weeks.

You're intelligent.

[Darius] You criticize everything.
You're skeptical about everything.

So, how could you fall for their bullshit?

I mean, to the point
of following them to the stadium.

[Darius] Did you wake up one morning
and feel you'd been called?

Did you hear a voice?

Did you feel God breathing down your neck?

-[Christa snorts]
-[Darius] His grace?

When did you decide that killing yourself
was the right thing to do?

That it would teach the world a lesson?

My psychological weaknesses
are fertile ground for radicalization.

-It's in my medical report.
-I don't buy it.

-I was like them.
-Try again.

[Christa snorts]

You sound just like
the shrinks at the center.

You don't get any of it.



[Darius] I saw the tree
at your parents' place.

Was he your friend?

More than that?

[Darius] Did he die that night
at the stadium?

Who saw?

-My parents? Who? Who knows?
-No one knows.

But to be completely honest with you,
I'm not sure that's helping you.

Talking about it with your shrinks...

-[Darius] It might help you--

Move on. Look ahead.

Look ahead to what?

[men continue to taunt and laugh]

[man 2] It doesn't seem to bother her.

-[man 3] She won't give it up that easily.
-[man 1] Playing hard to get!

-[Christa] I'm tired.

[Christa] I'll leave you men to it.

[man 2] Oh, don't go!

[men laugh]

[man 1] She's fragile.

[men taunt and laugh]

[man 1] Daddy's pissed off!

Thank you.

[men continue to taunt and laugh]

Can I have a vodka, please?

[background music]

It's from the table over there.

[men talk]

Me and my friends,
we were wondering about the girl.

-Did you enjoy the show?

I'll be outside.

-[insects chirping]
-[waves rolling in]

[approaching footsteps]

[grunting and groaning]

[Darius grunts]

[men laugh]

[white noise]

[Darius sighs]

[Darius sighs]

[white noise continues]

[white noise stops]

[TV in background]

[Darius sighs]

[Darius sighs]

[TV in background continues]

[Christa] Are you going to be OK?

[female newscaster]
Still no official word

about this creature from the abyss.

A silence that is stoking
the craziest of rumors.

We saw lights,
the night before the creature was caught.

Lights floating above the water,
but no one is telling us anything.

[newscaster] The discovery
of a new species? Genetic mutation?

A collateral effect of water pollution
or global warming...

[white noise]

[white noise continues]

[Darius sighs]

[Darius sighs]

[white noise fades]

[Darius sighs]

[medic 1] Mr. Asram, can you hear me?


You spent 17 hours in the plasma.

Your body reacted very well.

[medic 1] All your vitals are stable.

The infectious agent
has left your tissues.

And remission is already visible.

Welcome to your new life.

[Darius whispers] My son?

-[melancholy music]
-[Darius whispers] My son?

[medic 2] His body didn't
withstand the treatment.

[medic 2] We've just lost him.

-[Darius sighs]
-[medic 2] Sam has left us, I'm sorry.

[Darius sighs]

[Darius sighs]

[medic 1] We warned you that the effects
were unpredictable on subjects under 30.

We're still in the experimental phase.

[medic 1] You mustn't
blame yourself, Darius.

We had to give it a try.

-[Darius sighs]
-[medic 1] Please don't get up.

[medic 1] Mr. Asram...

[music swells]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music fades]

[Darius sighs]

[high-pitched ringing]

[ringing fades]

[Darius sighs]

You slept.

In theory, that's not what it's for.

[assistant] I should even report you.
But I suppose you know that.

Do you have any aspirin?


Thank you.

[assistant] I reckon today's the day.

For the rain.

Can you smell it?

There's something weird in the air.


-[birds chirping]
-[waves rolling in]

[waves get louder]

[insects chirping]

How far does this bus go?

There are four stops left.

[engine idling]


Are you sure?


[ominous music]



[music continues]

[music fades]

[insects chirping]

There's someone out there.

Do you have a license?

[man] Uh, I'm doing no harm.

It's for personal use.

I mean, I sometimes sell them
to a couple of restaurants but...

that's all.

Tenebrio molitor.


-Has The Cocoon been closed long?
-Since before I was born.

Burnt down.

They produced their own so you find
species here you can't find elsewhere.

They've adapted.

Have you ever seen this young woman?


No, but, uh...

the other day, two guys were sitting
where your colleague is.

I wondered what they were doing.
They stayed there for three hours.

Then a van came for them
from the back road.

Probably to go camping in the hills.

[insects chirping]

-When was this?
-Two weeks ago.

What was this van like?

It was big.

White, no windows.

The driver?

I... He didn't get out.

Are you going to arrest me?

Where does this back road go?

To the sanatorium.

But it's been closed for 30 years.
No one goes there.

-Is it far?
-About an hour.

Are you going to arrest me?


[man sighs]

[trunk beeps]

Lock the doors.

[Darius] The windows
are armored glass, you're safe.

[Darius] For the radio, press here.

Give the car number: 140-DA. My initials.

It's that simple.

And as a last resort...

You're really going
to leave me alone with a gun?

I'm not staying in the car.

-[door beeps]
-[Christa sighs]

I don't know what's there, Christa.

[Christa shouts]
I said I'm not staying on my own!

[door beeps]

[Darius] Stay behind me. Understood?

Always behind me.

-Lesky, got the info?
-[Lesky] Yes.

[Lesky] It was called The Spring,
it used to be a sanatorium.

It closed 50 years ago.

[Lesky] The complex has been for sale
for several years. It all seems legit.



[echoing clatter]

[Darius sighs]

[crunching footsteps]



[approaching footsteps]

[low ominous rumbling]

[eerie electronic music]

[Christa sighs]

[distant clatter]

[Lesky] Darius? I lost the signal.
Is everything OK?

What do you see?

We got it wrong from the start.

They're not suicides.

[music intensifies]

[barking and shouting]

[camera flashes]

[indistinct radio comms]

-[music continues]

[distant barking]

[music continues]

[music fades]

[insects chirping]


We found more than 200 pieces of luggage.

Identification is in process.

All these minors were tested
when they got here.

The incompatibles were lined up
and shot in the head.

They were the bodies on the beach.

And the others?

They've gone somewhere else.

[Darius] This is a place of transit.

[Han] So, what's it all about?

Organ trafficking? Eugenics?


If so, why get rid of the incompatibles?

[Lesky] All we know is that they wanted
minors compatible with regeneration.

-Like Linn Gonzales.
-[Han] And the others?

Where are they?

Two hundred minors don't go unnoticed.

[approaching footsteps]

[Darius] Grab your stuff.
Lesky will take you back to the center.

[Christa] Don't forget about my cell.

Now that Saül,
the translations and all that is over...

I guess there's no reason
for us to see each other again.

[door beeps]

Did you think about what I suggested?

-The reduced sentence?
-It's up to you.


-I just wanted to say--

We were doing so well.

You're going to talk to me
about my future, the life ahead of me,

my wasted youth, all those clichés.



Why not?

Because you'd answer
that the future doesn't exist,

that the past catches up with us,
that we die at birth

and that life isn't worth the effort.

-I wouldn't say anything so dumb.
-I've heard worse.

[Christa snorts]

You make me laugh.

-You don't understand a thing.
-That's mean.

So, what did you want to say?

I wanted to thank you, that's all.

I'm glad to have known you too.

[Christa] Let's go.

[rumbling thunder]


[thunder continues]


[phone rings]

[phone continues to ring]


-[Lesky] Darius?
-Yes, Lesky.

[Lesky] I fucked up. You have to help me.

Please do something. I fucked up.

Calm down. What are you talking about?
I don't understand.

-[Lesky] It's Christa.
-What about Christa? What's going on?

[Lesky] You have to help me.
I'm begging you.

You have to help me.

[ominous music]

[thunder continues]

[music becomes fast-paced]

-When was she supposed to be back?
-[Lesky] Just over three hours ago.

-What the fuck got into you?
-[Lesky] I don't know, I'm sorry.

-[Darius sighs]
-[Lesky sobs]

[Lesky whimpers] I'm sorry.
I don't know what got into me.

-[music and thunder continue]
-[Lesky sniffs]

[Lesky whispers] I don't know.


[deep electronic beat]

Subtitle translation by Julia Knapp