Ad Vitam (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Épisode 3 - full transcript

This science fiction series is about
a future society and its suicide cult.

It may be unsuitable if you struggle with
these themes. Viewer discretion advised.



Last night, your son died.

[Mana Ritt] Enoch?

My Enoch?

[Han] We discovered them this morning.
Three girls, four boys, ages 18 to 23.

The victims were reported missing:
some a few days ago, others months ago.

[Azuelo] It's started again, huh?

[insects chirping]

[Berti] A call linked to the suicides
was made here?

-Could you give a list of names?
-Putting them on file, controlling them...

If that worked, those seven kids
wouldn't be dead, right?

-[intruder] I'm waiting.

He's the only one who survived
the suicide at the stadium.

It hurts to feel alive, yeah?

[Christa] How are you alive?

Is Caron with you?

-[Christa] I saw him.
-Saw who?

-[Christa] Caron.
-Did Linus mention the suicides?

Hundreds are waiting for the signal.

What signal? Who's giving this signal?

[thumping electronic music]

It's their fucking code.
You understand this?

-[boy] Our day is coming, Nahel.
-I'm ready.

[Darius] Do you know her? Samian Vanghen.

-She was a regular at your foundation.
-[music fades]

-I told you before, we get--
-Thousands, I know.

Virgil, they're evacuating the hall!
They're closing down the center!

Actions speak! Actions don't lie!

[whispers] Actions speak...

[Christa whispers] Actions don't lie...


[labored breathing]

[waves rolling in]

[eerie music]

[deep electronic beat]

[electronic theme tune]


[distant clatter]

[water running]

[water stops]

[approaching footsteps]

[Darius] Christa?

Get your stuff, you're going back
to the center tonight.

Don't forget anything,
we're leaving in ten.

[door slams]

[footsteps approach]

[Béat] Is that all you could think of?

She spends the day at the police station,
then back to prison. That's good for her.

A good balance.

It's not a prison, it's a medical center.

Do you know those centers? I do.


A judge signed the permission
for her release.

Maître, you haven't been
a lawyer for over 20 years.

She has rights.
You can't just use her like that.

[door shuts]

Christa, you have the right to contest it.

-[retreating footsteps]
-[door opens]

I'm glad to have met you.

Don't worry about me.

[retreating footsteps]


I focused on the most fragile profiles:
out-of-school minors, runaways,

drug takers, psychiatric cases
and incompatibles.

All those at risk of radicalization.

That's 277 missing
over the last six months.

-[Darius] 277?
-It fits with what Linus said.


[Darius sighs]
-Captain, can I talk to you?

-Madam Ritt--
-No one will tell me anything!

[Mana Ritt] Why do they want to die?

Enoch isn't like that.
He wasn't like that.

You have to explain.

-[Darius] Lesky...
-You can't stay here, ma'am.

-I'll see you out.

Get back in touch with the families.
Some minors might have reappeared.

Look into the circumstances
of disappearance.

-[Azuelo] We have to whittle them down.
-[Darius] Take two officers.


Darius, there are 300 of them! Two agents?

Two hundred and seventy-seven.
And the priority remains Linus.

Darius, Samian Vanghen.
We've found her guardian.

An uncle.


[Darius sighs]

All handwritten code?

[man] No, there are several
hard drives of data too.

What are you hoping to find in all that?

Names, dates, places...

Anything that might give us a lead.

I've set you up with a transcriber.

-Is there a connection?
-[Darius] No.

-[Christa] I want one.
-Your shrinks have forbidden it.


I'll see what I can do.

If you find anything interesting,
tell Barbeau.

-Lesky, let's go.
-[Lesky] Coming.

[Lesky] Look, you even have a desk.

[sarcastic] How cool.

-[Darius] Lesky!
-[Lesky] Yes, all right, I'm coming!

[door closes]

Do you ever get itchy toes
but resist scratching them?

[copier whirs]



[eerie electronic music]

[woman] The Turinapsis Idraecula
was first described

almost 80 years ago
by Augustus and Paula Stern,

two biologists specializing
in the biotopes of the Miocene.

They were the first to notice
its infinite faculty for regeneration.

The jellyfish they observed were able
to block the ageing process...

It's like being back at school.
We came here every year.

-[approaching footsteps]
-[Lesky] It's still the same film.

[assistant] Charles Vanghen
is expecting you.

[assistant] It's on the first floor.
If you'll follow me.

Very well.

[video continues in background]

I lost my virginity
in one of the projection rooms.

Concentrate, Lesky!

[ominous electronic music]




[Mr. Vanghen] I was told
you wanted to see me?

-[Darius] Are you Samian Vanghen's uncle?

[Darius] Our condolences.

Our psychological support agent
is on his way.

[Lesky] How did you hear about her death?
Our team couldn't--

-[Mr. Vanghen] On the news last night.

Why didn't you contact us?
You were her guardian.

Work. I was snowed under.

I hadn't seen Samian
for at least two years.

I believe in independent education.

-Mr. Vanghen...
-Listen, I never asked for that kid.

The judge foisted her on me
when her parents died.

-Do you recognize him?


Yet he has a rather memorable face.

I told you,
I hadn't seen Samian for two years.

-[phone rings]
-Excuse me.


[Darius] Wait here. Yes?

[Darius] Yes, it's me.

Careful how you talk to him.
He's pretty tense at the moment.

[Darius] A scar on the right side.

Can I ask you a question?

What's your problem with minors?

Who gives a shit if they top themselves?

-It's true.

On one hand, we have overpopulation.

On the other, we're stopping kids
from killing themselves.

Is that not absurd?

[Darius] At the hospital? Which hospital?

The truth,
even if no one dares utter it...

is that we no longer need children.


[Darius] Lesky, let's go.
We may have something.



[man] He slipped into the building
through the ER.

[banging continues]

[screaming continues]

[Lesky] It's him.

It's Linus.

How long has he been in there?

He came in at 12:12.

And he's been banging on the walls
for exactly 50 minutes.

-[banging continues]
-Want to see something really weird?

-[security agent] This was an hour ago.

[ominous music]



[Linus whispers] Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.

[music intensifies]

[Linus whispers]
It's going to be OK, Samian.

[Linus whispers] You're eternal now.





[banging and screaming]

[Linus screams] Help!

[Christa reads] "She went to her death
without trembling.

She didn't balk at the sacrifice
which she was offered.

She didn't give in
to the temptation of lies.

Our death will transfigure the world
and will return it to...

He opened his door and named his...

Don't be afraid to take the path...

...will transfigure the world
and will return it to...

There is no greater love
than taking your life for those you love.

You are the martyrs of this age.

Your sacrifice is safe...
Don't be afraid... Actions speak.

-[electronic music]
-[indistinct reading]

...martyr... wish to bear witness...
Actions speak.

The only solution is action,
the only way is the ultimate sacrifice.

Our only mission is to save humanity.

But don't afraid:

the Lord will be your shield,

girding you against the ten thousand."


[Barbeau] How old are you?

-Twenty-four. Why?
-[Barbeau] Want a scoop?

There's no shield, you're all alone.
All that awaits is oblivion.

If you need to talk,
I can recommend someone.

-[copier whirs]

You've got your connection.

[copier continues to whir]




[copier continues to whir]





[ominous music]




[music intensifies]

Hey, where are you going?

Hey, to the toilet! I need, hey, a piss!

-[music fades]
-I'll take you.


[whizzing and beeping]

[Barbeau] Everything OK?



-[Barbeau] Is there a problem?
-No, I'm OK.


[whizzing and beeping]

Hurry up, the boss is waiting for you.

-[Christa] Which boss?
-Your boss.

[whizzing and beeping]

[officer] We're a little short-staffed.

[Azuelo] Two hundred
and eighty minors, Linus.

We know you're not smart enough
to organize that by yourself, right?

[Perrik] Did you pick them up
at the Avenir Foundation?

-[Azuelo] Tell me how you do it. Now.

You pick the most fragile?

[Azuelo] Hoodwink them with your spiel?

-[whizzing and beeping]
-[Perrik] Tell them they're unique?

-[interview continues]
-[whizzing and beeping get louder]

-[Linus groans]
-[Azuelo] Ooh...

-[Christa] How did you find him?
-[Darius] In the morgue.

-He wanted to sneak out his pal's body.
-[Perrik] Don't get him worked up.

To bury it.

-[interview continues]
-[Lesky snorts]

[Lesky] Getting picked up
for that, it's absurd!

[Darius] Let's not complain, OK?

-Your decoding give any results?
-It's been sent to you.

-[interview continues]

"The road ends here,
but true existence awaits

in the Outside World.

Don't be afraid.
Everything there will be made right."

[Barbeau] Pff!

[whizzing and beeping]

All of it in the same vein?

No, it gets even more inspired,
if you're into mystical crazy shit.

[Lesky] Apparently,
it's still convincing people.

Those who decide to go
don't need much convincing.

Lesky, take her back.

You can carry on tomorrow.

[labored breathing]

[eerie music]

[music continues]

What's the cage for?

[Christa] Are you scared I'll attack you?

[Lesky] New procedure.

[eerie choir joins in]

[Lesky] Don't look so glum.

With Linus spilling the beans,
our collaboration will soon be over.

You sound happy about that.

[Lesky] Aren't you?

It might surprise you but I'm starting
to find you less dumb than I expected.

-[Lesky] Nothing.

[music continues]

We'll talk about what happened
with your parents another day.

There's no rush.

Don't blame yourself.

You weren't ready to face all that.

Not yet.

And, in a way,
you were sending us a message--

All right, I get the idea.

And your hallucinations?

-They're fine.
-[door slams]

[distant sirens]

[Darius] You know, I've spent
almost 100 years in this police station.

These walls, I know them by heart.

I remember, years ago,
I spent the night questioning a dealer.

I'd had an awful migraine for weeks
because of the chemo.

They'd tried everything against that shit.

No treatment worked.

The epidemic started in North America...

and spread really quickly.

In a few months,
millions of people had died of it.

It was carnage.

In the terminal stage...

red blotches appeared on the skin.

I'd got to that stage, you see.

That night, I'd puked blood.

That night, I'd thought about quitting.

Using the time I had left
to make the most of...

the sunshine, my family, my son.

But I kept thinking of the two kids
who'd overdosed that morning.

They'd choked on their own tongues.

So, I carried on with the interrogation.

I forgot about the sunshine
and the red blotches.

And a week later...

I was one of the pioneers.

A priority case
among the first regenerations.

[Darius sighs]

It was miraculous.

In a few weeks, there was nothing left.
The blotches were gone.

I started feeling better,
stronger, younger.

And the world opened up once again.

It became vast.

You think you've thought
this through, right?

When I read what you've written...

I don't think you know anything.

[melancholy music]

For you, death remains an abstraction.

"The Other World," "the Beyond,"

"Paradise," "the Heavenly Realm..."

They're just images.

[Linus growls]

When you've lived
with the stench of disease...

when you've felt your own skin rotting...

when you've cried
every time you take a piss...

then, obviously,
you see things very differently.

That rotting...

That feeling that the world
is shrinking inexorably

has only one equivalent outside disease.

[labored breathing]

[Darius] It's this cell.

It's here. This.

These walls.

This stench.

[music turns ominous]

I won't let you start this again.

All your spiel
to justify these pointless deaths,

this whole anachronistic performance.

[screams] I talk to the living!

Not to the dead!

You're just a ghost.

A ghost!

[music continues]

[female newscaster] An unknown creature
was discovered late today

in the nets of a shrimper
operating in the bay.

The health services, port authorities,
scientists and fishermen

haven't yet been able to identify
this creature from the abyss.

[TV continues] A silence that is
already fueling the craziest rumors.

The crew that made the discovery
are in good health.

The five men have however
been placed in quarantine

and the boat placed in dry dock
for preventive disinfection.

The health services claim
to have taken all necessary measures...

[doorbell] avoid any risk
from this unidentified organism.

-Food delivery! Hi, I'm Violette.
-[phone rings]

[Béat] Oh, sorry.

-[Béat] Goodbye.
-[phone rings]

-[TV in background]
-[phone rings]

-Hi, just a second.
-[TV goes quiet]

-Yes, I'm listening.
-[Darius] We've arrested the suspect.

I'll probably be
questioning him all night.

I'm pregnant, Darius.


It's yours, in case you weren't sure.


-[ominous music]

[music continues]

[Christa sighs]

I borrowed a few things
while you were away.

You don't mind, right?

[Lana] I don't suppose
you wanted for anything.

[video game in background]

Good money selling your ass to the cops?

I need you to help me.

[male voice] Game over.

That's new.

Are you serious?

Absolutely serious.

-[Christa] I need a weapon.
-[ominous music fades]

It's good to have a plan but you can't
afford what you're asking for.

[Christa] NDE, latest formula.

I have an address.
I can contact someone but it's outside.

Contact him. Tell him
I'll be there in the next few days.

-Who's it for?
-None of your business.

Your dad?

Your mom?

[ominous music]

It's not easy, you know.

You can plan it as much as you like,

do a practice run,
rehearse what you're going to say.

But once you're facing them,
it's a different story.

A word of advice.

Avoid eye contact.

Or you won't be able to do it.

Hand it over.

Don't fuck me over.

It hurts that you still don't trust me
after all this time.


[woman] Christa, your lawyer is here.

-My lawyer?
-[woman] You can refuse.

[Christa sighs]

[retreating footsteps]

[heavy door opens]

[footsteps approach]

[Béat] I didn't wait, I was starving.

[Béat] Sit down.

I'm sorry you had to come back here.

It's OK.

Thanks, anyway.
My real lawyer never brought me food.

So, what do you do for a living now?

At the moment, I'm fighting
to protect a biodiversity reserve.

It's an island.

An archipelago
a few kilometers north of the bay.

An ecosystem
that's never known a human footstep.

It's beautiful.

A true paradise.

-Listen to this, I recorded it--
-[Christa] What's the point?

All you hear is that we won't have
enough habitable land.

Can I ask you a question, Christa?

-[Christa] Uh...
-What happened with your parents?

-How did we fall so low?

I don't think we fell at all, actually.

It was always more or less like that.

What do you mean?

And, in a way, I understand them.

When they had me,
their combined age was 173.

Three career transitions each.

I think they'd come
to the end of something

and were looking for something new,
an experience or...

something to keep them busy.

I reckon they could have found
something easier.

More reversible, at least.

Drugs or a world trip
in alphabetical order.

A kid for eternity, obviously,
it's going to feel long.

The other night,
we were having dinner and it was obvious.

[eerie melancholy music]

They're afraid of me.

They've always been afraid of me.

As if we weren't the same species.

Maybe they don't know
how to show you they love you.

In my cell, there's this girl, Lana.

She killed both her parents,
yet she keeps saying she loved them.

Parricide has become
the first cause of death, you know.

I've heard that, yes.

But it can be different.

Different how?

I don't know.

Having a child is also
an act of self-sacrifice.

[Christa snorts]

My parents replaced me with a jellyfish.

I'm not kidding.


[power-up chime]


[cacophony of wildlife]

[wildlife continues]


[phone rings]

-[Perrik] Darius.

The juvenile squad got a call
from a kid about one of the missing:

Linn Gonzales.

I think it's worth meeting him.


-[whizzing and beeping]


[eerie melancholy music]

[boy] That's her.

That's Linn.

We're listening, Maxime.

She wanted us to go together.

[Maxime] I said yes, I wanted to...

I didn't dare.

At the last moment, I couldn't do it.

Had she met anyone recently?

Someone she was in touch with,
who may have...

gotten her mixed up in this.

A man or a woman.

I don't know.

Where were you supposed to go, Maxime?

We were supposed to join other people.


Yeah, other minors.

Did you have a destination?

Or a meeting place?

She said to meet
in front of the bus station.

[Maxime] It was April 26th.

Very early.

At 5:40 a.m.

I thought of it as a trip.

I never thought it was...

to prepare for suicide.

She never mentioned it?

-Killing herself?
-[Darius] Mm-hm.

Never, I swear.

I wouldn't have let her do it.

She just used to say that there was
this place where we'd be free.

That we'd have a place.

The Outside World, she called it.

The Outside World?

[Maxime] Yeah.

I don't know any more than that,
I don't know where it is. I'm sorry.

You have to find her.

Before she ends up
like those on the beach.

Don't worry.

-[Darius] Thanks, Maxime.
-[electronic beat]



She's barely translated a quarter
and the expression has come up 23 times.

[Darius] "The way to the Outside World."

"The Outside World opens up to us."
"On the way to the Outside World."

-Twenty-three times?

It's not a metaphor.

[Darius] Leyla, I want you
to check out the bus station.

Track down Linn Gonzales.

What on earth was she doing
on April 26th at 5:40 a.m.?

Where did she go? With whom?
If she bought her ticket, how?

Bring Linus back.
I need to resume the interview.

-He's just been taken to the judge.

Five minutes ago.
If you hurry, you might catch him.

[beat stops]

[ominous music]

-[Darius shouts] Azuelo!
-[door shuts]

[Darius] I need to question him.

He's a minor,
we can't keep him any longer.

-I'm taking him to the judge.
-Two hours. Something's come up.

-Who's the judge?
-[Azuelo] Müller.



[ominous rumbling]

Look away.

-[Lesky] What's going on?
-[Azuelo] I'm taking him to the judge.

[rumbling intensifies]

-[Lesky] I said look away.
-[woman] This is Judge Müller's office.

-[Azuelo] Hey, look at me!
-[Linus gasps]


-Don't do it. Don't do it!
-[Mana Ritt] Open your mouth.

[Darius] Mana...

[Darius] Mana, listen to me.

[Mana Ritt whimpers]

[screams] Get the fucking defibrillator!

-[running footsteps]
-[labored breathing]

[white noise]

[soft whirring]


[Darius sighs]



18,000 JOBS AT RISK!

[indistinct chatter]

He's out of danger.

[medic] You can see him soon.

Thank you.

[beeping and whirring]

There's been no death.


[whirring continues]


[indistinct chatter]

[phone ringing]

[Christa sighs]

[Lesky] You know, you don't have
to get right back to it.

I know.


If you need to talk to someone...

they've set up
a psychological support unit upstairs.

I think I've seen enough shrinks
to last me a century.


[Christa] "The Eternal
is not of this world.

It awaits you... the Outside World.
It is our quest and our path.

I am sure of the way.

I'll show you the way
and my actions are the truth..."


Are you OK?

[Lesky whimpers] Yeah, I'm OK.

I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on.

Is it your first time?

[Christa] Seeing someone die?

-[Lesky exhales deeply]
-Were you afraid?


And you?

[Christa] Thanks for earlier, by the way.

For shielding me.

You're going to be a great cop.

[Lesky laughs]

[Lesky sniffs]

Ah, right, they're fake.

I was wondering why you kept wearing them.

You're regenerated,
you must have 20/20 vision.

Super cop eyes!

[Lesky laughs]

[Christa] How old are you?


It will disappear soon...

but for now, it's still there.

[Lesky whispers] What will disappear?

[Christa whispers] What will disappear?


-[clinking belt buckle]




[kissing and labored breathing]

Don't feel guilty.
I wanted it, you wanted it. It was good.


[Christa] That's why it bothers me
to ask you this.

To ask me what?

I need three hours in town tonight,
without anyone knowing.

-Is that why you--
-I told you I wanted it.

It wasn't a lie.

I'm sorry.

[eerie music]

[distant sirens]

[music continues]

[eerie choir joins in]

You can stop here.

[door lock disabled]

You have three hours.

[door shuts]

-[music fades]
-[Darius] It went well.

They're figuring out
your regeneration program.

You'll be out in two days.

That was close.


And Linus?

He's dead.

Do we know what happened?

The mother of one of the beach suicides.

You saw her yesterday morning.

She couldn't take it,
despite the Mourners.

No wonder!

Have you ever heard those guys' spiel?

With their gadgets
and soundbites about the beyond.

Some talk about the dead
as if they were alive.

As if they were waiting for us somewhere.

It's about time they realized.

There is no beyond, Darius.

There's nothing after death.

The doctors said
I was gone for four minutes.

Four minutes
during which I was clinically dead.

So, you know,
all that stuff about a tunnel...

angels, your life
flashing before your eyes...

It's all bullshit.

There's nothing but darkness.

[Azuelo] It's here.

The only light is here.

[dance music]

- ♪ Death ♪
- ♪ La muerte ♪

♪ Death ♪

- ♪ Death ♪
- ♪ La muerte ♪

♪ Death ♪

- ♪ Death ♪
- ♪ La muerte ♪

♪ Death ♪

- ♪ Death ♪
- ♪ La muerte ♪

♪ Death ♪

- ♪ Death ♪
- ♪ La muerte ♪

♪ Death ♪

- ♪ Death ♪
- ♪ La muerte ♪

♪ Death ♪

- ♪ Death ♪
- ♪ La muerte... ♪


[muffled music]

The feeling is somewhere between
an electric shock and a hornet sting.

-[assistant] It's really unique.
-[customer] And is the venom deadly?

[assistant] They're all potentially deadly
but it depends on the dose.

With this one,
after a certain number of stings,

you'll feel a sort of fullness.

Abandon, as the body lets go.


-[customer] Interesting.
-[assistant] It's really extraordinary.


There's no risk, obviously,
as we also supply the antidote.

[assistant] You'll get a few bruises
but they fade after two regenerations.


-[customer] Thanks, I'll think about it.
-[assistant] At your service.

-[rattling continues]
-[door opens]

-[assistant] Is it for you or a gift?
-[approaching footsteps]

A gift.

-Can't you read?
-[door shuts]

No minors in here. Clear off.

Lana sent me.

You're Christa?

[rattling continues]


[assistant] No, no, no,
there's no way you can afford that.

-But Lana said--
-Lana doesn't know the prices.

Know what I risk for selling
a gun to a minor? Thirty years in jail.

You'd get 15 if you were arrested with it.

This is your section.

-[Christa] What's that?
-[assistant] That?

It's a garrote.

Automatic locking,
remote control from up to 15 meters away.

Using this.

I sell these in the shop,
to couples mainly.

It allows them to dice with asphyxiation.

[assistant] The dying sensation
is very realistic.

It's a toy.

This one is unbridled, no safety device.
Keep pressing and death is guaranteed.

[assistant shouts] Joseph!


[approaching footsteps]



[high-pitched whirring and clicking]

-[labored breathing]
-[whirring and clicking continue]

-[Joseph gasps for air]
-No, no, no. Don't hide the product.

[Joseph chokes]


I'll take it.

[loud humming]

[distant traffic]

[distant sirens]

[ominous music]

[music intensifies]

[music continues]

[female newscaster] I'm here
tonight at the police station,

which was the scene, early this morning...


[TV continues in background]

[newscaster] ...a potential suspect
in the return of the Great Waves.

One dead and one seriously injured,
that's the outcome of this act...

-[music fades]

[Berti gasps]

[male newscaster] Léonard Ader, 22,
known to the police for ten years

for having been part
of the pro-suicide group...

[door opens]

-[Berti] Evening.
-[man] She wants to talk to you.

-[Berti] Now?
-[man] Follow me.

[door shuts]

[melancholy music]

[music continues]

-[phone rings]

I'm coming.

Is that all?

-What more can I do?
-[music stops]

[Nahel] You tell me.


[melancholy music resumes and swells]

-[distant sirens]
-[Béat] You're through to Béat.


[music fades]


[phone rings]


-[Perrik] Yeah. Are you OK?
-Yes, Leyla?

-[Perrik] And Azuelo?
-Yeah, Elias is OK.

Any luck with the bus station?
Linn Gonzales?

-Tell me you have something.
-[Perrik] That's why I'm calling.

[Perrik] Get over here, Darius.

-[Perrik] We've found her.
-I'm coming.

She's been here for 36 hours,
but they couldn't identify her.

[Perrik] You'll see why.

[low rumbling]

[electronic theme tune]

Subtitle translation by Julia Knapp