Ad Vitam (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Épisode 2 - full transcript

This science fiction series is about
a future society and its suicide cult.

It may be unsuitable if you struggle with
these themes. Viewer discretion advised.



[ominous music]

-[man] Evening, sir.
-[Darius] You have space?

-[woman] You regenerated.
-[Darius] How can you tell?

You look more in shape.

[woman] You're firmer.

[colonel] We discovered them this morning.
Three girls, four boys, ages 18 to 23.

Each of the victims were reported missing:
some a few days ago, others months ago.

-[Azuelo] It's started again, huh?
-[man] That's their symbol: two dots.

Beginning and end.

Their enemy? People who regenerate.

[Lesky] I found
an Olympic Stadium survivor,

Christa Novak.

She's in a psychiatric ward
until the legal age of adulthood.

A good old collective suicide,
you know, like you were a part of.

-And why show me this?
-Look, I want your help.

-They're all dead, it's pointless.
-And yet you're not.

[mother] We are so proud of you, Christa.

Christa! Ah!

[Christa] It's exactly
the child you need, I think.

[thumping electronic music]

-[Darius] What did she see?
-No clue.

-[Christa grunts]
-[music stops]

[Lesky] They contacted her.

It worked.

It worked, Darius.


[indistinct chatter]

[boy] It's a cool room.

[Christa] Well, bust your ribs,
and you can have one.

[boy laughs] Yeah.

-[boy] How are your ribs?
-[Christa] OK.

-[boy] They don't hurt?
-[Christa] No.

[Christa] I can almost breathe normal.

They said it wouldn't cause problems.

-That's good.
-[Christa laughs]

Not that it matters at all.

[lights buzzing]

It was bizarre, being in Attenberg.

-You know, that was where--
-I know.

I remember.

You're beautiful.

I saw him.

I think I saw him.

-Saw who?

At the ceremony. I saw him.

That's impossible.

Caron's dead. In the stadium.

I swear it was.

-Maybe you're confused.
-How could I be confused?

We spent hours with him...

listening to him explain
why and how we should do it.

It can't be him.

It was Caron.

I'm not crazy.

[Christa] If he's still alive...

I need to know, Nahel. Understand?

I have to know.

[soft eerie music]


You OK?


[door shuts]

[Christa breathes deeply]

[deep electronic beat]

[electronic theme tune]

[man] You can go in.

[Darius] Hello.

-[parents] Hello.
-[Lesky] Captain.

Uh... I was just telling
Mr. and Mrs. Novak...

the contact their daughter made
is extremely valuable.

And are you sure you want
to continue with this, Christa?

[father] I talked to the Redorn center
and you don't have to.

I'm gonna.

[mother] Christa, I don't understand.

I thought you wanted
to put this behind you.

I'm gonna do it.

Hey, you wanted to spend
more time together.

-[mother] That's true.
-[father] Of course.

[Darius] Good.

Seems we all agree.

[Darius] Would you mind
giving us a minute, please?

We'll be right outside, honey.

[retreating footsteps]

[Darius] I didn't know
which ones you wanted.

[Darius] How do you feel?

[Darius] Tell me...

At the ceremony, I got the impression
that something happened.

Did you see someone?


Just a mistake.

-[door opens]


We located the origin of the message.

A center for troubled minors,
on the West Coast.

The Avenir Foundation.

Oh! You reading New Eyes?


[Lesky] Cool. I used to read that too.


[eerie music]

So, you brought the magazines
to convince me?

They were just a gift.

[music builds]

[music continues]

[insects chirping]

[eerie choir joins in]

[music continues]

[music fades]



-They know we're here?
-Yeah, they know.

[clinking bottles]

[indistinct chatter]

[boy 1] Who's he?

[spray-painting resumes]


-What time was the message sent?
-[Lesky] 11:10 p.m.

-[Lesky] Then we lost the signal.
-[boy 2] Last night was crowded.

We're inaugurating tomorrow
and a lot of people were here.

[Lesky] But no surveillance. I asked.

There aren't cameras.

-[girl] Who's that?
-[boy 2] No one.

[clinking bottles]

[Darius] Mr. Berti.

-Captain Asram, Lieutenant Lesky.
-[Berti] Hello.

There was a call linked
to the suicides that was made from here?

-Could you give a list of names?
-[boy 2] No.

We can't. We don't have a list.
We don't keep stuff on file.

It's very open here,
and we want it to stay that way.

[Berti] Few places remain
where nothing is expected of minors.

They come when they want, they eat
what they want, kiss whoever they want.

How many are there?

[sighs] Spread out across
all our locations?

[Berti] 30,000? 40,000?

Some come only once,
others visit more regularly.

This is unbelievable.

You run an association
with over 30,000 minors

and have no idea who's part of it.

Putting them on file, controlling them...

If that worked, those seven kids
wouldn't be dead, right?

[Berti] After the Great Waves,
it was supposed to change.

You were going to try to figure out
why so many chose death.


And yet, you somehow overlooked

how regeneration corrupts
their place in society.

[Berti] You talked a lot
about overpopulation.

So much talk.

Then you monitored, controlled and banned.

Deprived them of their rights.

You raised the majority age to 30.


[Berti] You turned adulthood
into a waiting room!

[crowd] Yes!

-I did that?
-[crowd] Yes!

[crowd jeers]

We don't check their gamma-GT here

and take samples to improve
their chance of regeneration.

-We encourage them.
-[crowd] True!

Celebrate them. We live!
Young lives matter!

-[crowd cheers]

What a great speech. Bravo.
I almost made a donation.

[crowd mutters] Pff!

Ian, give them whatever we have.

You'll be disappointed.

-Our offices are upstairs.

No one hides from anyone,
we can do it down here.

[crowd] Yeah!

Ah, you're absolutely welcome.

This is not a place for you.

[crowd cheers] Yeah! Get out of here!






[distant bang]

[distant bang]

[distant bang]

[power up]

[distant bang]

[distant bang]

[distant banging continues]


[Christa sighs]





[approaching footsteps]

[father] You OK, honey?

We're having dinner
at eight o'clock, all right?

[father gasps]

[father sighs]

[retreating footsteps]


[modified voice] Leave your phone here.

[intruder] I'm waiting.

-Who are you?
-[intruder] Do you want my help?

[intruder] This is your chance.

[labored breathing]

[intruder] Hurry up.

[loud buzzing]

[buzzing fades into ominous music]

[heavy door opens]

[intruder] Move it.

[door slams shut and echoes]

[intruder] Move it.

-[Christa gasps]
-[door shuts]

[retreating footsteps]

[rolling waves]


Let's eat some food.


It's real meat.

We don't eat insects.

We are what we eat: flesh and blood.

[Linus] Don't forget that.

Linus, do you know me?

-[door bangs]

[girl whispers] Hey, I need to talk to you
right now. It's really important.

Finish. I'll be back.

[girl] He's called three times.
I don't know what to do.

[Linus] What did he say?

[door bangs]

[Christa sighs]

[insects chirping]

[ominous music]

-[door bangs]
-[Christa gasps]

-It's good, yeah?
-[Christa] Mm.

Who was that, back there?

[Christa heaves]

[Linus snorts]

That's the meat. You're not used to it.

It hurts to feel alive, yeah?

-[music turns upbeat]
-Finish it up. We're leaving.


[beat gets louder]

[Christa] What are we doing?

[Linus] We're looking,
observing and contemplating.

[Christa] But who?

All of them! Do you get it?

They make these places for minors.
You know what they expect?

[thumping music]

Exactly this!

[Linus] We're supposed
to bounce around for a few years,

then obediently get regenerated.

Everyone will tell you:

if you drink, do drugs or smoke,
or even have morbid thoughts,

you might not be able to regenerate.

So, you got to stay pure...
and "carefree."


No excess thoughts.

It's what they want,
but we're not them, right?

We're not like them.

And we have to open our eyes!

Linus, what happened
ten years ago at the stadium?

[Christa] How are you alive?

Is Caron with you?

Linus, this is important.

Is Caron alive, too?

[music continues]

The stadium's a minor detail.

This time, we'll flood everything.
For the world.

I've led many
on the path to the Outside World.

"He who does not follow
will take refuge in hell!"

And I'm not alone.

Hundreds are waiting for the signal.

-The beach was the beginning.
-What signal? Who's giving this signal?

You'll see. I'll be the one
who leads the way.

[music gets louder]


[Linus] Don't resist.

Do it, please!

But why?

If I take you, you can't ask questions.

[boy 1] Excuse me.

I saw you got some stuff there.

-I was wondering if I--
-Don't touch me, man!

[boy 1] Cool it!

[boy 1] Chill!

[boy 1] Are you OK, miss?

[music continues]

Linus, what did you give me?

[Linus] You're all dead!
You're all gonna die!

[boy 2] Whoa! Hey, chill out, man.

[boy 1] Whoa! Whoa!

-[Linus] Hey, get off!
-[boy 1] Whoa! What's your problem?

[beat gets heavier]

[labored breathing]

[echoing silence]

[labored breathing]

-[Christa gasps]

-[low rumbling]
-[Christa gasps]

[labored breathing continues]

[ominous music]

[high-pitched ringing]



[labored breathing continues]

[breathing accelerates]

[breathing slows down]

[eerie music]

[music builds]

[music turns melancholy]

[Christa gasps]

[phone ringing]

[Christa] That's him.

[Christa] That's Linus.

-[Lesky] Léonard Ader, 22.
-We all had nicknames.

Yeah, we're aware.

No known address, he's the only one
who survived the suicide at the stadium.

He "missed."

[Lesky] The medical report
indicated he had a partial lobotomy.

No damage to the nervous system
but he has problems

with mental and cognitive functions.

He was saved
when a neighbor heard the gunshots.


As for infractions,
he's a small-time criminal:

mostly misdemeanors,
illegal occupation of property,

breaking and entering pharmacies,
and drug possession.

-[Darius] And his parents?
-[Lesky] Abandoned him.

After the stadium attack, they split.


Léonard Ader...

He didn't recognize me.

He seemed out of it.

-And the other?
-She was younger.

Seventeen or eighteen. I'd never seen her.

-Did Linus mention the suicides?
-That's all he talked about.

He said what happened
ten years ago was just the beginning.

That there were other recruiters
and he'd send even more on their way.

Waiting for a signal.

A signal?

-What? From whom?
-I don't know what he meant.

From God, the angels, his mother?
I didn't understand what he was saying.

OK, OK, let's go through it again.
He came to get you at 1 a.m.

And you went with him without asking
questions? You couldn't contact us?

-I didn't have a choice in the moment.
-[Darius] Where did you go?

Don't know, I had a bag over my head.

We rode for 30 or 40 minutes,
to an abandoned area.

[Christa] A hotel
or a hospital or something,

and it wasn't near anything.

[Darius] Can you remember any details?

[Christa sighs]

It smelt like water, the sea.

-Then what?
-[Christa] We ate some food.

Then he took me to a bar
where some minors were dancing.

Hm. Sounds like a good time.

And at the bar?

He told me about his recruiting.

Then he gave me a small pill
and I blacked out.

I got the lab tests.

It's a type of meth

that is meant to briefly imitate
a near-death experience.

-The tunnel, white light...

Some even visit the dead.

[Lesky] Did that happen?


the gynecology report indicates
that he didn't take advantage of you.

[background chatter]

[phone ringing]

[Lesky] Darius?


I have something.

[eerie music]

A retirement home?

[Lesky] One of the last existing ones.
Abandoned 60 years ago.

Apparently, people squat
in the building a lot.

East suburb, right by the coast.

I need you to call the SWAT team.

[music builds]

[eerie choir joins in]

[music continues]

[drone whirring]

[music fades]

[distant seagulls]


[Lesky] Darius.

[Lesky] It's tonight.

[Lesky] I'll set up a stakeout.

[flies buzzing]

[Lesky scoffs]

Was this dinner?


[Lesky] What is this?

[Darius] It's their fucking code.

[Lesky] Huh.

You understand this?

[Darius sighs]


[flies buzzing]

[Lesky] Darius.


Don't move.

-[Lesky squeals]

[Lesky] Ugh!

[Lesky] Gah...

[squeaking continues]

[Lesky sniffs and sighs]

Well, now we know what it is you ate.


Huh. Nice scream, bro.

-[squeaking continues]
-[Lesky whimpers]

[Christa] You can't win.

All they think about is dying
and you're all obsessed with living.

All it takes is three or four morons

to risk everything that's sacred
to a hundred million other idiots.

Just one is enough. Linus or whoever.

[Christa] It's a waste of time.

You can't win.

[sarcastic] Aren't you really positive?

Can you translate those messages?

[Darius] It would save us a lot of time.


[insects chirping]

[Christa sighs]

[door opens]

-[mother] You have everything, honey?

-[mother] Good night.
-[door shuts]

[power up]

[boy] OK, look at the camera.

[boy] Close your eyes.

[boy] Why the smile?

[Nahel] It's weird to keep them shut.

[boy] I didn't ask you to open them.

[boy] Are you with your brothers?


[footsteps approaching]

[Christa gasps]

[boy] I know you're lying, Nahel.

Are you with us or them? It's simple.

Look at the camera.

[Nahel sighs]

[boy] Why didn't you come last night?

[Nahel] Uh...

-[Nahel] I was at home, I was...

[boy] We're at war, Nahel.

We have to count on everyone.

But I don't know if I can count on you.

I'm sorry, I swear.

[boy sighs]

I don't give a shit about excuses, Nahel.

Actions speak.

Actions don't lie.

Get it?

-[Christa gasps and whimpers]
-[Nahel groans]

-[slapping and groaning continue]
-[boy] All right, Stop it!

[boy, firmly] Look at the camera.

Our day is coming, Nahel.

We have to have faith
to be ready to die without fear.

[Nahel] I'm ready.

-[Christa sniffs]
-[boy] Not everyone is.

[boy] Some of our brothers
will miss the call.

[ominous music]

-But not me.
-[Christa sniffs]

I'm there.

[boy] We have chosen a hard path.

-[boy] But actions speak, Nahel.
-Actions speak.

-[boy] Actions don't lie.
-Actions don't lie.

Actions speak.

Actions don't lie.

Actions speak.

Actions don't lie.

[Nahel shouts] Actions speak!

[Nahel, upset] Actions don't lie...

[Nahel sobs]

[music continues]

[boy] I'm proud.

Go on, join the others.

[Christa sobs]

[Christa sighs]

[ominous music intensifies]

[music continues]

[sprinklers accelerate]

[sprinklers continue]

[ominous beat added]

[mother] Christa.


Hand it here.


Give me it.

[Christa cocks gun]

[music fades]

[Christa whimpers] I can't do this.

[shouts] Restrict access to two doors,
it needs to be manageable.

-How many people are coming?
-[Lesky] I don't know, a thousand?

-Or more? Impossible to know.
-But start, this begins in two hours.

[thumping music]

And ask them to turn off the music,
it's too damn loud.

Is that really important?

An attack to prove you're right
about everything, is that all you want?

You think this is pleasant?

It is not pleasant.

We'll only step in
if it becomes absolutely necessary.

Other than that, please leave.

[thumping music continues]

[Darius] Yeah, it's me.

Wait, what's going on?


[gun uncocked]

[Darius] Is this the gun?

[mother] It was hidden there
for ten years. We... [sighs]

We didn't know.
We feel completely helpless.

[father] We can't take it.

[father sighs] I know
I shouldn't say this...

-[father] The center was better for her.
-[mother sighs]

[father] We can't do it anymore,
it's not possible.

-[Darius] It was in the garden?
-[mother] Yes.

[mother sighs]

[sliding doors open]

[insects chirping]

[door slams]

-[Darius sighs]
-I got it.


Got to go.

[retreating footsteps]

I'm going to go to sleep.

My name's Béat.

[retreating footsteps]

[Christa sighs]

[door shuts]



[Christa sighs]


[background music]

[door opens]

If you're hungry, help yourself.

[Christa] Do I scare you?

No, why?

Didn't your husband tell you?

I'm unstable, psychotic,
prone to violence.

I'll be fine.

I hear voices.

Well, maybe listen to some music.

[background music continues]

[tap runs]

Is he done being a cop?

Why do you think that?

His career questionnaire.

He's actually not allowed to continue.

Three counts of 33
is the maximum for police.

Three counts of 33?

That sure explains a lot.

[Béat laughs]

[Christa] What will he do?

He's not sure.

Not surprising with those answers.

Who will believe he still "loves teamwork"
or "loves challenging himself"?

-[Christa] Is that the same person?
-Same thing I've said for 25 years.

-[Christa] Yeah.
-[music fades]

Some of us hear voices,
some fake being deaf.

[Béat laughs]

[Christa] What does your son think?


That's him in the photo, right?

[Béat] Oh, no.

Darius's son.

[rolling waves]

He passed away.

A while ago.

[Béat] Long before we got together.

I didn't know him.

It was over 60 years ago.

There was an epidemic.

This might not make sense.

A lot of people were still dying
at the time.

How old are you exactly?

Take a guess.

Maybe 85?

Not bad, 81.

[Christa laughs]

[Béat laughs]

[thumping electronic music]


♪ Bring it back, bring it,
that's hot... ♪



[muffled music and cheering]


Lesky's inside.

[Azuelo] I haven't seen so many minors
in one place in a long time.

Never, really.

It's bizarre.

The bar. Show me camera 12.


[muffled music]

♪ Bring it back, bring it,
that's hot, that's hot ♪

♪ That's hot, bring it back,
bring it, that's hot ♪

♪ That's hot, that's hot... ♪

Right there.

♪ That's hot, that's hot,
bring it back, bring it, that's hot... ♪

[Azuelo] That's not Linus.

You have that sketch of his friend?

[thumping electronic music]

♪ Bring it back, bring it,
that's hot, that's hot ♪

♪ That's hot ♪

♪ Bring it back, bring it, that's hot ♪

♪ That's hot, that's hot ♪

♪ Bring it back, bring it,
that's hot, that's hot... ♪

[boy] Dude!

[indistinct chatter]


[siren blasts]


[whirring and beeping continue]

[whirring and beeping get louder]

[whirring and beeping continue]

[beeping gets louder]

[waves crashing]

[beeping fades]

[whirring fades]

[owl hooting]

[Christa groans]

[Béat] I'm going to sleep.

[Béat] There are more in the cabinet.
Help yourself.

[Christa] Thanks.

[Béat] You can rest here if you prefer.

It's up to you.

[Christa sighs] Yeah.

I think it's best if I avoid spending
the night with your husband's diplomas.

For my mental health.

[Béat laughs] Goodnight, Christa.

[Christa sighs]

[owl continues to hoot]

[Béat sighs]


[fast beeping]

[beeping continues]

[Béat laughs]

-[distant sirens]
-[radio comms]

We identified her.

[sirens blare]

Do you know her?

Samian Vanghen. Twenty-two years old.

She was a regular at your foundation.

I've never seen her.
I told you before, we get--

Thousands, I know.

Virgil, Virgil,
they're evacuating the hall!

They're closing down the center!

Why the hell are you closing us down?

[Berti] You know the sacrifices.

[Berti shouts] Look at me!

Don't you get it? Ten years ago,
you were just as blind to it!

[Berti shouts] How many deaths
will it take this time, 500? A thousand?

-Please calm down, Mr. Berti.
-Or what? You'll arrest me?

Yes, lock us up, solve your problems!

-Goddammit, look at me!
-[Ian] Virgil, Virgil, stop.

[Ian] Let it go.

[Darius] Lesky.

Mr. Berti, Mr. Berti, explain to us
what's happening here.

There was a suicide tonight,
outside of the event.

[woman on TV] We've just learned
police headquarters

has ordered the complete shutdown
of the site this evening.

This new suicide unfortunately comes
right when the Avenir Foundation

was celebrating its ten-year anniversary.

And that was Virgil Berti,
director and founder of Avenir,

at the scene of this tragic event.

We'll head to the scene now
to hear his reaction.

[Berti] There was a suicide tonight,
outside the event.

It was an absurd act,
unbearable and inexplicable.

But look at how the authorities
have reacted to it.

[woman] You're referring to the shutdown
of your new center for minors?

[Berti] It's nothing less
than absolutely criminal!

They stigmatize a whole section of society

with their unacceptable actions.

It's no surprise some kids act radically.

It's time to open our eyes.

What's left?

If they close us tonight,
what will be next?

[deep electronic beat]

Don't promise change
while stifling what little they have!

[Berti] No promises, actions!

Actions speak. Actions don't lie.

Actions speak! Actions don't lie!

[Christa breathes heavily]

[whispers] Actions speak...

Actions don't lie...

[electronic theme tune]