Ad Vitam (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Épisode 1 - full transcript

This science fiction series is about
a future society and its suicide cult.

It may be unsuitable if you struggle with
these themes. Viewer discretion advised.


[woman in Japanese] At 169, Setsuko
Kashiwara is the oldest human ever...

[man in Chinese]
A birthday cake with 169 layers...

[woman in Italian] This year, once again,
it's the biggest media event...

[man in French] This afternoon, Setsuko
Kashiwara blew out her 169 candles

and movingly expressed her wishes
for the coming year.

[man in Portuguese] The event has been
celebrated all around the world...

[woman in French] The birthday
of humanity's oldest person was watched

by more than four billion people
across the world.

That's three times more people
than the World Cup Final.

[man in Russian] Setsuko Kashiwara
revealed her annual check-up results

earlier this afternoon...

[man in French]
A clean bill of health at the age of 169,

no sign of decline, not a single anomaly.

[man in Arabic] This special night
reminds us that we have conquered death.

[thumping electronic music]

[fireworks continue]


[thumping electronic music continues]

Check it out! Jellyfish! Come here!

[cheering and laughter]

Wow, I love it!

You're so beautiful.
Stay and float with us.

[woman] I'll guess 70.

[man] Not even close.


[woman] OK, 90?

A hundred?

-No, 119.
-[woman scoffs]

You're shitting me.

It's the honest truth.

And you're only on your first
career transition now?


Well, I'm 63 and on my third.

So, what job are you getting?

You know...

We're going to sleep together.

[woman giggles]


You know, I've been thinking
and it's inevitable.

[woman] Mm.

Well, let me reassure you that it isn't.

[man] So, maybe for tonight.

But for two infinite beings
in a finite world...

The long-term probability that you and I
will have no sexual contact is zero.

[clears his throat] It's a fact.

So, I guess we'll have to just
get it over with right away, tonight?

Cut out all that endless waiting bullshit.

I'm telling you, it's inevitable.

[woman giggles]


[in Japanese] I'm thinking...

of previous generations who didn't have
the chance to live so long.

And I'd like to pass on a message
of hope to youngsters.

You have a thousand lives before you!

[moaning and labored breathing]

[thumping music in background]

[distant cheering]

[distant shouting]

[men laughing drunkenly]

[man 1 shouts and laughs]

[man 2] Zzz!


[thumping electronic music]


-[ethereal music]
-[boy] I need space to be complete.

[girl] I need space to discover myself.

I need space to succeed in life.

I need space so I can love more.

[all] I need more space!




-[music stops]


[door slams shut]

-[man 1] Evening.
-[man 2] Evening, sir.

-[man 2] You have space?
-[man 1] Yes, of course.

[man 1] This way.

[radio in background]



OK, thanks.


[man 1] Oh! It's about time!

You need to do this regularly.

There's no magic in regeneration.

If you do it irregularly,
it can't work miracles.

-[man 1] Well, just saying...

-[man 1] You drunk?
-[man 2] Huh?


-You drink alcohol?
-One or two.

It's the elder's birthday.

[man 1 sighs]

Don't worry, I'm used to it.
It's the only way to stop the headaches.

It's too dangerous, OK?
I don't want problems.

[man 1] I need you to leave.




[whirring intensifies]




[whirring fades]

[indistinct chatter]

[waves rolling]

[undoes zipper]


[deep electronic beat]

[electronic theme tune]



[assistant] The epidermis cells
are regenerating well.

You got good pores.


[assistant] Oh, keeps beeping.


[voicemail] You have 12 new messages.


-You got aspirin?
-[assistant] Uh-huh.

And a shirt?


[indistinct radio comms]

-[man 1] Oh, yeah.
-[man 2] We copy.

[indistinct chatter]

[man 3] So, what's your name?

[man 4] It's started again, huh?

[woman] We discovered them
this morning at 5:40 a.m.

The cause of death, all the same.

Shot point-blank in the right temple.

Three girls, four boys, ages 18 to 23.

-All have been identified.
-Hey, nice shirt!

Each of the victims were reported missing:

some a few days ago,
others several months ago.

Though no one has claimed
responsibility yet,

one of the victims, Enoch Ritt,
had this tattoo on his shoulder.


You may recognize it.

For those who have joined
our ranks more recently,

this is a symbol of membership
in a pro-suicide cult.

This one is the signature for Saül,

named after the prophet
from the Old Testament.

This group was responsible
for the Olympic Stadium attack.

Twenty-three dead.

The first mass suicide of that period,
which launched a movement.

Saül attracted volunteers
who were 15, 14, even 12 years old.

Minors recruited among
Christian communities in Attenberg.

We thought it was over ten years ago.
And now it's happening again.

Asram, Lesky, take care of Enoch Ritt.

I want to know who revived Saül,
how many there are,

and if they're planning
more attacks of this type.

Perrik, Devoise, Azuelo,
please focus on the other victims.

Mourners have been sent out.

Get to work.

[birds chirping]

[Lesky] The mother's name is Mana.
She lived alone with her son.

-[Darius] How old is she?
- [Lesky] Eighty-seven.

[Darius] Angus.

[Angus] Captain.

You're both late.

Just stay behind me.

Don't do or say anything, OK?

Oh, that's it. Look like that.



[TV in background]

[Angus] Mana Ritt?


I'm Angus Singh. I work with the police.

I have to tell you something important.

[TV in background continues]

Madam Ritt...

last night, your son died.


Please give me your hand.

[Angus] Hold this sphere.

[sphere beeps and whirs]

[Angus] Do you feel its heat?

The vibrations?

Enoch has left us.

[whirring continues]

Do you understand this?


[Angus sighs]

I will explain it.

I've never seen a Mourner in person.

Announcing death is very difficult.

Most people don't come in contact with it.

[Darius] Sometimes,
they don't know what you mean.

But... does that ball device
actually work?

[Darius] It's not the worst method.

There's one who works with dogs.

[Darius] For emotional transference.

[Lesky] Amphetamines?

[Angus] Gentlemen?

She'll speak.

Take it easy, OK?

Speak in the past tense,
avoid the word "son" -

she's very fragile -
and respect the protocol.


[Mana Ritt] Saül? I don't know him.

He never hung out
with people in Attenberg.

At least, not that I know of.

And his tattoo?

He called it aesthetic.

-When did you see him last?
-[Mana Ritt] Five days ago.

Well, he often disappears for a few days,
he's very independent.

But he always comes back here.

[Angus] Came back, Madam Ritt.

Came back.

Any new friends?


I mean...

For a few months,
he'd been calling a guy every night.

[Mana Ritt] Kenny, I think his name was.

I could often hear him talking
in his bedroom.

-[Lesky] Do you know Kenny?
-[Mana Ritt] No.

How well did you get along with your son?

-[Angus coughs]
-[Lesky] I mean, with Enoch?

Well, since his father left,
I have to work a lot,

so we see each other less,
but we're still close.

How about God?

[whirring continues]

What I mean is did he ever talk
about spiritual or religious things?

No, we never speak about things like that.

[Angus] Spoke.


You never spoke
about things like that, Madam Ritt.

-Pardon me, but why--
-[Angus] Because Enoch has passed.

Madam Ritt, I told you earlier.

[ominous music]


-My Enoch?
-Madam Ritt...

[Mana Ritt] But when he was 14,
he left for a few days.

And when I got home, he was here.

This time it's different,
Madam Ritt. This time...

[agitated] But I've read that there are
some people who return!

[upset] Huh? Is it true?

They died first but then...

they returned.

My apologies, Mana.

[Angus] I'm going to stay with you.
Put your hand on the sphere.

[ominous electronic music]

[woman via radio] Darius, we identified
the number Enoch Ritt called.

Kenji Manderlay.

[Darius] Bring him in.

-[Lesky] You know him?
-[Darius] A junkie.

He was an informer once.

Frankly, I'm surprised he's still alive.

[ominous music fades]

[door beeps and buzzes]

-[door opens]

[door shuts and beeps]

-You didn't change.
-I can't say the same for you.

A new look.

-[Darius] New hair color.
-[Kenji laughs]

New teeth?

[Kenji] You look tired.

Still have regeneration headaches?

Hm? You know, you're not a unique case.

Many of my patients have the same problem.

-[Darius] Your "patients"?

That's why I'm here.

Are we on the same page?

-It's natural.
-And you're an honest tradesman!

-Consider me like a therapist.

The memories are painful.

Before, death cleared up the mind,

but today...

people have to endure
the extra weight of all their memories.

The clutter of decades
upon decades of memories.

And yet, there is always
something we want to forget.


But what I'm interested in...

[beep] him.

So, what did he come to you to forget?

You've got the wrong guy, Captain.

My patients are mainly comprised
of people of legal--

Let's not waste time.

Tell me what you know about Enoch Ritt.

Or I'll kick you out
of the protection squad.

Go ahead.

Why did Ritt come to you?

He was incompatible with regeneration.

And how long had he known?

For just a few months.

[Kenji] He was obsessed
with the idea of death.

And that was what he came
to get relief from.

Enoch Ritt was incompatible
with regeneration.

His mother didn't know,
he took the test a year ago.

[Lesky] You think
he joined Saül because of that?

It's possible.

He may have been depressed
or possibly fell in with the wrong crowd.

You find anything?

[Lesky] I found
an Olympic Stadium survivor,

Christa Novak.

Her parents intercepted her
before she got there.

She's in a psychiatric ward
until the legal age of adulthood.

According to her file, she used
to go to the Church of Glorification,

a Christian cult in Attenberg.

[Darius] OK, send me her file.

[woman] Have you heard
about the Great Waves?

Do you remember them?

I remember the curfew
and the state of emergency.

My older sister wasn't allowed to leave.

[woman] Do you feel affected
by those suicides?

No, not really.

Those people were lost or stupid.

Not at all.

They didn't get it.

We all know how lucky we are
to live with regeneration.

Before, people were always dying.

It's like saying:

"There's too many supermarkets,
yet I'm gonna go hungry!"

To regenerate feels like a power.

A gift.

Now, I'm turning to you, Mr. Larcher,

a specialist in regards
to issues with youth.

Ten years ago,
you said that the Great Waves

were "a cry for help
from our forgotten youth."

You see, if we don't age anymore
and don't die anymore,

then how do we plan to make way
and provide hope for future generations?

[Mr. Larcher] They are the ones
who paid the price for our dreams.

The acclaimed Block of a Generation,
the title of your book ten years ago.

Absolutely, yeah.

These movements grew ten years ago
out of a lack of a future.

[TV in background]

Yes, that's true,
you will own five acres of land

that you will never set foot on.

Five completely useless acres
that will never be exploited.

No minerals,
no fossil fuels, no agriculture.

We won't plant anything in the ground.

[man on TV] What color was their skin?
Exactly how old were they?

I can promise we will touch nothing.

It may seem absurd
but it's the only way to save that area.

-It's one of the last natural forests.
-[man on TV] That's exactly the problem.

Yes, in the world.

The land is a utopia you can hand down.

[TV in background continues]

[woman] The best way is to send you
all of the documentation.

In the hopes of adding your name
to the list of all of our sponsors.

Talk to you soon.


-[man] It just wasn't possible.
-[woman] Yes.

[woman] You mentioned
the referendum on birth restrictions.

Yes, I often talk to minors
about the referendum

and many of them feel
personally targeted by it.

And they really have the feeling
that we're trying to eradicate them all.

[Mr. Larcher]
What I'm trying to tell you...

-[Darius] You're back!
-Yeah, I got an earlier plane.

So, how did it go?

The ministry said it was OK.

[Mr. Larcher] Don't think
for a moment I'm trying to justify

the violence of what they did...

-[bottle clinks]
-[Darius] Want one?

[woman] Yeah.

...has been neutralized and turned into
just another piece of news.

-Did you go out last night?

But without you, it's boring.

I was afraid she wouldn't be able
to blow out all the candles.


You regenerated.

How can you tell?

You look more in shape.

[eerie music]

You're firmer.

[Mr. Larcher] is how we have
chosen to value our civilization.

Well, these collective suicides
force our society to face...

Is this your new case?

-...the possibility of death...
-[Darius grunts]

...and the desire for death.

Nothing is eternal.

[sniffs and sighs]



[eerie music builds]

[Darius sighs]




[eerie music continues]

[footsteps approach]

[man] Do you want to join us
for relaxation?

[music fades]

Listen, it's free time.
Do what you want, Christa.

But aren't you sick of being alone?

I wasn't alone.

-[video game in background]
-[girl 1] No way! [gasps]

[girl 1 squeals and laughs]

[girl 1] What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?

[girl 1 gasps] I just knew it!

[squeals] Ah, great!

[gasps] Hello?

-[video game continues]

OK, ladies, what's going on?

Who stole my minutes?

I'm fucking talking to you.
Answer me right now!

[girl 1] You, playing your dumb game,
you the one who took my minutes?

Idiot. Look at me when I talk.

-Did you take my minutes?
-[girl 2] What's up?

[girl 1] Am I talking to a wall?

[girl 2] No, Lana, you're not.

Are you sure?

Here's 300 gigs.

Well, now. That's nice of you.

I just wanted you to shut the hell up.

[door buzzes and opens]

[woman] Christa? A visitor.

We OK?

-[all girls] Yes.
-[woman] Good.

[girl 1] What are you looking at?

This is her.

I'll leave you to speak.

I'll be here.

Your name is Christa Novak, age 24.

Do you recognize me?

You're the same as everyone.

I don't recognize you.
There were just so many.

You were only 14 then. You've changed.

I would hope since that's why you're here.

I suppose.


Let's take a look at these.

And why show me this?

Found them yesterday.

A good old collective suicide,
you know, like you were a part of.

Each individual shot in the head
and the party begins.

He had the exact same tattoo as you.

We think Saül is active again.

Look, I want your help,
no need to beat around the bush.

You'll go to Attenberg.

-And try to reestablish contact.
-[approaching footsteps]

Christa, you don't have to.

Christa is a fragile patient,

she is the victim
of severe psychotic episodes.

I'm talking to her.
Take any complaints you have to the judge.

[retreating footsteps]

I'm asking you to return to Attenberg.

In exchange, I'll tell the judge...

about all of your "exemplary efforts
to assimilate."

Get three years off your sentence.

-They're all dead, it's pointless.
-And yet you're not.

Three years.

That's all I can offer.

No, I don't want the three years.

I just want my own cell.

[eerie electronic music]

[eerie choir joins in]

-[Lesky] Here's a napkin.
-[woman] Thanks.


-[man] Thanks so much. Bye.
-[woman] Thanks.

Drink this.

Breathe to vascularize.

[door opens]

It's an undetectable chemical tracer.

It permits us to locate you and see
and hear you within a ten-foot radius.

You get close, we identify.


Really move them around to vascularize.

Like this? Does that vascularize?

We got you a phone. The number is here.

We ready?



-[Azuelo] Yep.

Don't get into danger.

[Darius] Walk around,
see if you recognize anything or anyone.

That's it.

All right.

[door shuts]

[Darius sighs]


[echoing footsteps]

[muffled conversations]

[indistinct chatter]

[muffled chatter]



[loud buzzing]

[buzzing falters and stops]


[echoing footsteps]

[door creaks]

[birds chirping]

[woman] Can I help you?

[Christa] I don't know.

Do you know where you are?

I think so.

Would you like some coffee?

[birds chirping and water trickling]

[woman] How old are you?


[woman] Six more years.

Then they'll offer you
your very first regeneration.

Have you taken the aptitude test?


They'll tell you it will all be OK.

That it's reversible.

But know that it's a crucial choice...

for the rest of your life.

Here, we say regeneration is
an ontological horror.

Do you understand what I mean?

Well, yeah.

Death can only be vanquished
if we confront it.

All they've done is invent
a strategy to create fear.

And you've never been regenerated?


I was lucky.

I knew it right away.

And we're actually seeing
more and more people decide

to say no to regeneration.

[woman] Some even
after 50 years of treatment.

They want their natural body

so they can return
to their own sensations.

If you could see...

their expression...

when they return
to their real face again...

Oh, it's truly...


-[glass shatters]


-[glass shatters]

There are always those who have
a hard time comprehending what we do here.

But can you blame them?

After all the crimes
committed in our name?

And then, there was yesterday's tragedy.

-[glass shatters]
-[shouting and cursing]

If you'll excuse me.

[shouting continues]

[eerie intro]

[melancholy music]

[music continues]


[echoing footsteps]

[music turns rousing]


[Christa gasps]

[woman] We're preparing
for the passing of one of our members.

The ceremony takes place tomorrow night.

You're welcome to come.

How many people?

The whole community will be here.

Please leave your contact info
with the register.

Maybe, I don't know.

[woman] I'm not trying to recruit you.

[woman] I just wanted to tell you
that what I see in your eyes...

[woman] Don't let them destroy that.

It's magnificent.

[melancholy music]

[Christa sighs]

[melancholy music continues]

Maybe we'll have better luck tomorrow,
during the get-together.

[music fades]

This isn't the right way.

You parents got approval
for you to spend the night.

You're lucky, they make it an exception.

That wasn't the deal.
I wanna to talk to the center.

-They know about it and it's OK.
-It wasn't the deal.

-Wait, stop.
-What for?

-Stop the car!
-[tires screech]

Cemetery's gone.

There used to be one here.

That's possible.

They moved them to ossuaries
outside the city.

No one visited anymore.

-It doesn't matter.
-[classical music]

[Christa] Let's go.

[door slams]

[music swells]

[classical music continues]

[music fades]

You like it?

It's a Hungarian work.

He began 83 years ago,
before the first regeneration.

He wants to count the infinite.

Did he work on anything after that?

Can I walk you out?

-Good night.
-Oh, thank you.

You OK?

-Did you have a good day?

This was unexpected.

But we are so happy that you'll be
staying here with us tonight.


[whirring gets louder]

[eerie music]

[eerie music continues]

-[approaching footsteps]
-[music fades]

So, where's my bed?

Ah, yeah. I made one up
in the living room.

[father] Because we didn't have time.

If we'd just known earlier...

Uh, it's all right.

[father sighs]

Now, this...

is the latest model.

I have to say I'm pretty happy.

[father chuckles]

[insects chirping]

[mother] It's a ginger meringue!

I thought it would please you.


[Christa sniffs]

And this is for you.

-[father chuckles]
-[mother titters]

[mother] Open it.

[mother] We wanted it to be a surprise!

We asked the center
to run the lab tests and...

you're compatible!

[both parents] Congratulations, honey!

[mother whimpers]

[mother whimpers]


Uh, the psychologist told us
you're doing better.

[father] She's confident
that when you reach legal age,

you can leave the center.

Lead a normal life.

[resonating pop]

[father] Find your place.

Get a job.

-[mother titters]

All this time away from us
must have felt so long for you.

-[mother] To us, too. Huh, sweetie?
-[father] Yeah.

You'll understand.

On the grand scale
of everything, it's a blip.

Nothing at all.

We are so proud of you, Christa.

You adopted a jellyfish?

Uh... yes.

[all titter]

You're smiling!



[Christa] It's perfect.

[Christa] Silent, docile...

-[father] What are you doing?
-[mother] Christa?

-[father] Stop it, Christa.
-[mother] Wait!

-No, wait.
-No, uh...

It's exactly the child you need, I think.


[mother shrieks]

[whirring and bang]





-[insects chirping]
-[distant bang]

[distant bang]

[distant bang]

[distant bang]

[distant banging continues]

[ominous music]

[music builds]

[music fades]

[Darius groans]

What time is it?

We have time.

[Darius grunts]

We don't have time.


Get on top of me.


[Darius moans]

[woman] We can't stay like this
the whole time.

[woman gasps]

Gravity, my love.

You know they recommend
leaving the sperm inside.

Wait a minute.

I got to go.

If you don't want one, I get it.

I promise, I will.

[woman] I understand what it means to you.

I've respected that.

I just want your honesty.

If the "yes" vote passes in two months...

then it's too late.

Do not do that to me.

[melancholy acoustic guitar]

[woman sings] ♪ You're holding back ♪

♪ From falling down ♪

♪ By pretending to be ♪

♪ By pretending to live ♪

♪ The shock is fine ♪

♪ The treatments right ♪

♪ And now last letter ♪

♪ From the saddest loner ♪

♪ You've waited this long ♪

♪ But now you're tired
of this inner war ♪

♪ Think of all the life that you lived ♪

♪ Cause your memories,
they will fade for good ♪

-♪ That demon drink ♪
-[drums kick in]

♪ Your eyes won't blink ♪

♪ A halo above your head ♪

♪ But you'll look terribly dead ♪

♪ A wake-up call ♪

♪ Aimed at your soul ♪

♪ Your heartbeat, the minute hands ♪

♪ Will sound the death knell ♪

♪ You've waited this long ♪

♪ But now you're tired
of this inner war ♪

♪ Think of all the life that you lived ♪

♪ Cause your own memories,
they will fade one by one ♪

♪ I know this feeling hurts ♪

♪ I know this feeling hurts ♪

♪ I know this feeling hurts
when it's the start of the end ♪

[music continues]

[congregation gasps]

[music turns softer]

He has reached attainment.

[congregation gasps]

[indistinct chatter]

[soft music continues]

[music builds]

[music turns electronic]

[thumping electronic music]

[muffled music]


[thumping electronic music]

What did she see?

No clue.

[distant music]

[Christa pants]


-[woman] Yes, it's her.

Do you have any idea...

what we've been through these ten years...

because of you and your suicidal friends?

[woman] How they see us.

How long it's taken
to be left the fuck alone.

[Christa] Alicia, I... I don't get it.

[Alicia] You don't get it?

[Alicia sighs]

Then there's just no help for you.

[ominous silence]

[eerie music]

-[Lesky] Do you read me?
-[Christa grunts]

-[Christa grunts]
-Now go to your left.

[grunting and groaning]

-[Lesky] Keep going, keep going.
-Please move. Out of the way!

-Do I go left or right?
-[Lesky] Right.

[ominous music]

Go straight.

[Lesky] There's a square.

[Lesky] Is she there?

[Lesky] Darius?

[music builds]

Call an ambulance.

Lesky, call an ambulance!

[deep electronic beat]

[sirens blare]



[man on radio] And anyway,
this group, these so-called "suicidals,"

are looking to send some sort of message.

What said message is is a mystery
we're all still looking through.


[man] Hey, bravo.

Heard you made a splash in Attenberg.

[radio continues in background]

Asram's been around
for almost a century, way too long.

Regeneration or not,
this job wears you out.

[man] You want my opinion?

Look here.

[man] That's their symbol: two dots.

Beginning and end, birth and death.

-[man] And their enemy?
-I don't know.

Their enemy? People who regenerate.

Now what is it?

I don't know, eyes?


They're eyes.


[Lesky] Thank you.

The cell phone is missing, 78XP.

[power up]


A message.



[man] Lesky, hey!

[door slams]

[distant sirens]

[insects chirping]

[phone rings]

-What is it, Lesky?
-[Lesky] Saül! They contacted her.

[Lesky] It worked.

It worked, Darius.

[electronic theme tune]