Action Pack (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Fright at the Museum / Catching Cold - full transcript

Watts, Wren, Clay and Treena search for sneaky dinosaur bone burglars. The Action Pack shakes off snowballs when Cold Snap arrives and freezes the city.

Action Pack

Here we go

We always shine so bright
We'll help you make it right

Heart, smarts and mega might

Ready for action


Bring on adventure


Yeah, we've got your back


Nothing stands in our way


We are the Action Pack!

Looking good, Action Pack!

- Yeah!
- Come here, stick.

Heads up, Watts!

Got it! Yeah!

Coming your way, Wren!

Cheetah chomp!

- All right! Think fast, Treena!
- Got it!

Another one down!

Building a stick llama
takes superpower,

super control and
super teamwork.

Especially when
it's 70 feet tall.

Can you do it all
in record time?

Good luck, Action Pack!

Just a few more left.

Come on. Time's
ticking, Action Pack!

Almost done!

Gotta hurry!

You're 20 seconds away from setting
the Action Academy all-time record.

Just one stick to go,
and the record is yours.

Who has the last stick?

I've got it right
here, Clay. Catch!

Thanks, Treena! Clay to
Wren for the big finish!


Watts! Hey!

Lightning Legs for the mega win!

Oh yeah!

Oh no!

This doesn't look good.

Oh no! Watts!

Time's up, Action Pack!

Supercharged fail.

I'm sorry, everyone.

I rushed in and
destroyed the llama.

What do I always say
about being a hero?

I know! Underpants
go under your pants.

Even if you are a superhero.

That one's important too,
Wren. But I meant this one.

"When we work together as a team,
things will be easier than they seem."

- Yes! Next time we'll do it all together.
- Teamwork!

Looks like an incoming mission.
Let's see what's going on.

That's the Hope Springs
Natural History Museum.

They have all the
best dinos there.

Velociraptors, allosaurus
and diplodocus.

Uh-oh, Action Pack.
There's been a break-in.

Not the museum! We've
got to do something!

Action Pack, here
is the mission plan.

You'll head to the museum, look
for clues and track the burglar.

When you find them, we can return
everything stolen back to the museum.

And while you're there,

I'll be mission control
here at the Action Academy.

Action Pack, are you
ready for today's mission?


Circle up, hoodies up, and…

Take action!

Action Pack

Here we go

Treena! Mighty flowers
and plant power!

Clay! Plasma power
and Invinci-ball!

Wren! Changing up
with animal powers!

Watts! Supercharged
electric zaps!

As you go out, remember the
Action Academy mission motto,

coined by my great-great-uncle
Action when he founded this school.

"Be smart, be safe,
be superheroes."

- Action on!
- To the museum!

Did you know this is a
sauroposeidon, the tallest dinosaur?

And inside the museum, you can
meet Jeff, the T-Rex fossil.

Jeff? I can't wait to meet him!

Gotta look for clues.

The robber must have
gone through there.

Watts! Wren! Come on!

Look at all these
dinosaur bones!

- Let me introduce you to Jeff!
- Hi, Jeff!

He's so big!

Action Pack, let's spread
out and look for clues.

I'll be sure to see
some clues from up high.

I think looking for clues
could be faster if… I know!

Action on! Plasma vision!

Nope. I haven't
found anything yet.

Foxy-socksies to sniff
out cluesie-woozies.

Mr Ernesto, did you find any
more info on the break-in?


Plunky's sensors detect
movement in the storage room,

where they keep the fossils.

I'll be here if you need me.

And Plunky too.

Sounds good, Mr
Ernesto. Stand by.

- I think the storage room is that way.
- Come on. Let's go.

Hear that? The burglars are
still in there. Come on!

Ready, Action Pack?

On three. One, two...


Watts! You were
supposed to wait for us.

The burglar must
have gotten out,

but judging by this mess, they
were looking for something here.

Plasma vision!

It looks like

there was a dinosaur in here?

A dinosaur?

And it's still here.

Okay, team. Get ready.


Hot sparks! A
real-life baby T-Rex!

Hey, come back!

Where'd it go?

There you are!

What? Gone again?


Cheetah pounce!


- Are you okay?
- Never better.

Up here!

So cool.

- There it is.
- No, there!

Not that drawer, this drawer!

I have you now! Wait. What?

I think the dino's in that one.

- No, here!
- Over here!

Bouncing begonias!

Three dinos?

Plasma Putty hide!

Maybe they saw the burglar.
Wren, can you talk to them?

I only speak cat, dog, bird,
and duck-billed platypus.

And I'm learning chicken, and
chickens are kinda like dinosaurs.

Wren, you're scaring them.

I think that means they don't
know anything about the burglars.

Wait, those dinos
are the thieves!

I'm not gonna let these burgling
baddies steal from the museum.

I'll stop 'em by blasting
them with a mega...

Dino stampede!

Watch out!

Get away!

Oh no! Clay!

Clay, watch out!

Got it!

I have to stop them before
they steal more bones!

Hey, Watts!

Get your jaws off my Jeff!
Come here, you bad dino!

Hey, why are you guys
so hard to catch?

Stop moving! Hey!

Come back here!

Super charge!


Oh no!

Oh no! Jeff! What did I do?

- Watts!
- Dino skeleton got destroyed!

Watts, how did this happen?

I rushed in without my
team, and I hurt Jeff.

I thought I could
catch them on my own.

Why does this have
to be so hard?

There, there, Watts.

We know you were trying
to do the right thing,

but sometimes you need help.

And that's okay. Every
great team works together.

Oh yeah!

Like the way that
triceratops pack

works together to herd
up those velociraptors.

That's it!

When we work together as a team,

things will be easier
than they seem.

Action Pack, I think I
have a teamwork plan.


Let's go, Action Pack.
This mission is too hard.


Yes, we'd better head back
to the Action Academy.

I think we are going? Goodbye?

Not so fast!

Action on, Action Pack!

Time to bolt!

We're just bear-ly
getting started!

Nice job, Wren!

Coming your way, Clay!


Sorry! You can't go this way.

- Petal Power Shield!
- They're heading to the statue!

All of you dinos
are stickety-stuck.

This burglary is busted!

Sweet sparks!

I get to see a real
dinosaur up close!

Wait. These aren't
real. They're robots.

But why would a robot
wanna steal dino bones?

Dino bones are awesome.
Even robots know that.

Now that we've got them,

nothing else will be
stolen by these bad bots.

I think robots aren't good or
bad. It's just their programming.

Hey! Mr Ernesto knows
all about robots.

Maybe he can reprogram
them to be good.

That's a great idea, Clay!

Mr Ernesto. Come in, Mr Ernesto.

It's time to bring out the
good in these dino-bots.

Aren't you the sweetest?

You're sweet too, Plunky.

All together now, Action Pack!

All right!

Jeff is back!

You know what that means.
Mission accomplished!

- Nice teamwork, Action Pack.
- Great job, Action Pack.

You're such a cute
little dinosaur now.

But I wonder, why were they
trying to steal that bone?

- These dinosaurs are so cute.
- Look at his little arms.

What's his eye doing?

That's right. It's time
for Action Pack fun facts!

Thank you, Plunky!

Hi there. My name's Clay.

Did you know I can make
bouncy Invinci-balls

that shield me and my team from
anything that comes our way?

My Plasma Putty powers mean I can
transform into different things

and stretch really far.

I've gotta roll!

Plunky! The Action Pack alert.
It's time for the next mission.

Come on, little bud.

Oh my greenness!

- What is it?
- What you doing, Treena?

Hi! Isn't this the
nicest spring day?

A warm day like this means this
flower should bloom right about now.

That was lightning fast.

In this warm weather, my
plant powers are so strong

that I can even
help flowers bloom.

I'm feeling the best ever.

My flower! It's frozen!

Hey! Spring is gone,
winter is back on!

Look out! Who's that?

My garden!

I didn't plant
frozen vegetables.

But now you've got them.

Everybody loves winter.

Hey, Freezy Kid! Plants
don't like it when it's cold.

Plants might not like it,
but people love winter.

That's why I'm gonna make
it a winter wonderland.

Action on! Invinci-ball!

Now the Action Pack
can make a snow fort

and I can spread
winter fun to the park.

So cold!

Action Pack?

It's freezing. What happened?

Some ice-cold baddie zoomed
through blasting cold all around.

And he froze my flower.

If all the plants in town freeze,
Hope Springs will be in big trouble.

This sounds like a job
for the Action Pack.

Circle up, hoodies up, and…

Take action!

Action Pack

Here we go

Treena! Mighty flowers
and plant power!

Clay! Plasma power
and Invinci-ball!

Wren! Changing up
with animal powers!

Watts! Supercharged
electric zaps!

Plunky! Here, girl!

This super kid who did
this is named Cold Snap,

and his Freezy Glove gives him
the power to make winter weather.

Your mission is
to find Cold Snap.

To save Hope Springs you
need to get the Freezy Glove

that's causing this
winter weather.

Then spring will return.

Plunky and I will head up
mission control from here.

Putting Cold Snap
on ice will be easy.

Be smart, be safe,
be superheroes!

Action on!

A little powder over here,
a little ice over there.

Time to bring in more
winter wonderland fun.

Who's that?

Hope Springs will love
having a snow day.

Hey, pal. Go play in the snow.

Hi, Cold Snap.

Since it's spring
and not winter,

would you give us
your Freezy Glove?

No way!

I need my Freezy Glove so
everyone can have a wintery blast.

Like this flurry of fun.


If he won't give us the
glove, we'll have to take it.

Time to bring back spring.

Who wants to play
snowball fight?

Hey! Cut it out!

Missed me! Isn't this great?

Nice shot!

Double the snowballs,
double the fun!

Watch out!

You're pretty good at
freezy hide-and-go-seek.

But you can't hide all day.

I can get that Freezy
Glove with my vine.

I just have to get closer.

Action Pack, come play!

Vine time!


This kind of tickles, but
I don't like plant games.

Is that all you've got?

I won't let you freeze
any more plants.

Snowball fight!

There's nothing like
a snowball fight!

My Petal Power Shield!
I'm wilting in this cold!

Double dodge snowballs!


What happened?

Are you hurt?

Not cool, Cold Snap!

Missed! This has
been a lot of fun,

but we can have even
more fun at my snow fort.

Follow me!

Are you okay?

It must be the cold. It's
freezing my plant powers.

Action Pack, Cold Snap has
been detected downtown.

Thanks, Mr Ernesto. Time
to bring back spring.

Come on, Action Pack.

Cold Snap's up there.

Are you sure you're
okay, Treena?

Yeah, I just need
to warm up a bit.

Then let's get
that chilly villy!

Action on! Butterfly
wings! Grab on, Clay!

Got you, Wren!

Lightning Legs behind you!

Come on, plant
powers. Time to bloom.

This cold has me feeling
under the weather.

But I'll be fine as pine
once we bring back spring.

Vine time!

Clay, can you see
through the snowy snow?

Let me try. Action
on! Plasma vision!

I see something. But
I can't make it out.

And it doesn't look good.

We've got this!

My vines! They're freezing!


- I've got ya!
- Thanks, Watts.

No problem, Treena.

- Well done!
- Well done!

That's what I call a snow fort.

Hot sparks!

Hooray! My play-pals!

Welcome to my Fortress
of Wintertude!


I mean, not cool.

We're not playing anymore.
Give us your Freezy Glove.

Freezy Glove?

But without this, I can't
have more wintery fun.

Like all the fun we're going to have
when we get back to our snowball fight,

super-snowy style!

He's not getting it.

A snowstorm in spring!

In my day, we only had
snowball storms in winter.


I have a leaf to prune
with you, Cold Snap.

I should have worn a jacket!

You are so good at
playing snowball dodge.

This way, Treena!

He's not listening. He
still thinks it's a game.

- Then we need to be louder.
- Treena, wait!

Cold Snap!

Cold Snap! All this snow
is freezing Hope Springs!

People love it when it snows!

They can play games
like Super Freeze Tag!

Tag! You're it!


That's it! I'm
melting this mess.

Hey! What are you
doing to my snow fort?

Not cool! Since you ruined my fort,
I'll have to play somewhere else.

Oh no, he's getting away!

Watts, we need to
warm Treena up.

- Bear hug!
- Electro heat waves!

I think I can trap the
heat with my Invinci-ball!

Everyone loves ice skating!

Wait, what happened
to my play-pals?

Hey, my Freezy Glove!

Vine time!

Why'd you take my Freezy
Glove and stop the fun?

Nobody's having
fun but you. Look!

I can't reach my tea.


See, Cold Snap? Everyone's sad.

But how can anyone be sad

when they have a winter
wonderland to play in?

Not everyone has fun
doing the same thing.

Yeah, I have fun
being a butterfly,

but not everyone would
have fun being a butterfly.

I thought everyone was having
fun because I was having fun,

but they weren't.

I'm sorry I made people sad.

Cold Snap, if you're really sorry,
you can help make things right.

I know how.

I can reverse the cold
with my Freezy Glove.


My tea!

Thanks, Action Pack!

I'm sorry I froze your garden.

And you.

It's okay, Freezy
Kid. I forgive you.

Now just let spring be spring, and
real winter will be back soon enough.

You did it, Treena.

We did. No matter
what season it is,

I know I can count on my
team to brighten my day.

And that makes me
feel the best ever.

Mission accomplished!

How can I make it up to
the people of Hope Springs?

I have an idea for how you
can use your powers for good.

Free ice cream for Hope Springs!


Any superpower can make someone's
day when you use it the hero way.

You really brought out the good and
helped Cold Snap find his inner cool.

That's one of the robo-dinos that
we reprogrammed at the museum.

To thank the Action Pack
for saving the museum,

you're invited to join
a dinosaur dig tomorrow.

Yeah! Action on!

All right!