Acceptable Risk (2017): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Sarah buries her husband and attends the funeral of the drug company's security head, where she confronts Dr. Hoffman, whom she believes is behind the string of deaths.

I want the name of the man
in the file Lee carried.

The man who was gonna
be destroyed

because of the information
in it.

He had the most to gain
by Lee being killed

before he could hand it over.

It's not longer vague threats

She's got something in writing
that could destroy this firm

and send a lot of people
to prison.

Sarah Manning is coming
straight at Hoffman,

and you're a little too close
to him for comfort.

I want to find the man
who killed my husband

and see him punished.

Is that what you want?

BYRNE: The death
of Sarah Manning's first husband

is now a murder inquiry.

I have a witness.

This inquiry involves issues
that are way out of your league.

All I tried to do was follow
the case to where it led.

Your career is over.

Lee's got all these details
about how you financed

the properties
you and Patrick got into.

There's also a lot of things
about Patrick's legal problems.

PATRICK: I don't have anything
to say about Lee,

and I resent
being cross-examined.

I need to know.

How much do you think she knows
about that deal with Ciaran?

She has no idea of it.
I hope she never does.

He's taken back complete control
of the operation.

Emer Byrne is out the door.

After this, I want to have
nothing to do with any deals

with you or anyone in your firm.

DEIRDRE: There's stuff
you need to be made aware of

sooner rather than later.

I'm on my way.


Over here!

She's dead.

Did you get a look at that car?



Was it Hoffman's?
Did you see?

It's...No, I --

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!

She'd been phoning someone.

She needs help.
Phone for help.

She's gone, man.

She's gone.

I'll report it.
Put that away.

We have to do this right.

If she was on the phone,
if she talked to someone,

if she told someone that you
were angling for a bribe --

-Take that back.
-You never said no.

Take that back!

Did you say no?
Did you walk out?

I don't think so.

She'd be a witness.

You weren't here.

As long as you don't make
that call, you can deny it.

You can say you weren't here,
and nobody can prove you wrong.

I'm a senior Garda officer.

If she told what she heard,
if she blurted it out,

how long do you think
you're gonna be a guard?

I did nothing wrong.

I was just sounding the two of
you out to see how far you'd go.

Yeah. Try that in court.
See how far you get.

You never said no.

That's enough to hang you.

I'll -- I'll take care of this.


I have to report a hit-and-run.


Look at the time.

We'll be late for school.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Let's get breakfast sorted.

I did it.


SARAH: Aidan. I wonder
if Deirdre is in the office yet.

She called me last night.

I've been trying her phone,
and I'm not getting anything.

Is she what?

She's not here.

Do -- Do you not know?

You didn't see the news
this morning?

...head of human resources

at the pharma giant

Gardaí have named the woman
as Deirdre Kilbride.

The driver failed to remain
at the scene.

A Garda spokesperson
has appealed for witnesses

or anyone with any information
on the incident

to contact the...

What happened last night
after you left the cottage?

You didn't answer the phone.

I called you a dozen times.

I told you.
I failed to find her.

I drove home.

I had some business I had to
attend to the rest of the night.

That isn't the car you came in.

For security reasons,

I am required to change cars
every few weeks.

That's the car I took
possession of this morning.

Where is the car
you came to my place in?

Don't you have an official car
and driver?

Where were they last night?

That wasn't official business.

Or was it to make sure you had
no witness as to who you met?

For the love of --

I cared for her.
I really did.

If it wasn't an accident --

You know how dangerous
those country roads are.

She was in shock when she left
at what she had heard you say.

Don't try to pin this on me.

Maybe she simply failed to see
the car that hit her

or saw it too late --

or perhaps deliberately stepped
in front of it.

If it wasn't like that...

Then you should go to the police
with your suspicions.

I have spoken to Chief
Superintendent Nulty already.

He agrees that the meeting
between the three of us

did not take place.

It would be impossible
to explain his being there

and also preserve
his reputation.

That is what he values most
in the world.

I might take it to the guards.

I might just do that.

Then tell them everything.
Be fearless.

Destroy your marriage
and your career.

It's your choice.

Look me in the eye

and tell me you didn't drive
the car into her.

I could ask the same of you.

You had a very personal reason
for wanting her out of the way.

Not dead.

Or perhaps it was
the chief superintendent

who drove after her.

You'd just left.

We heard the bang moments after.

I cannot say what happened
one way or the other.

That would be for the police
to decide.

All I know
is that I wasn't there.

Go home to your wife
and children, Mr. O'Hanlon.

You have seen what it requires
to play for the biggest stakes.

It is not for you.

Are you mad, Sarah,
coming to me now?

It wasn't an accident.

You've been away from the law
for a few years.

Maybe you need
a refresher course.

We still deal in facts,

There's no proof Deirdre's death

wasn't exactly
what it looks like --

a hit-and-run by a drunk
on a country road.

I came to you for some
of those facts a day ago.

Like who Lee was gonna meet
in Montreal

and what you knew about it.

I know about the file
he was carrying.

It was gonna be used to threaten
to blackmail somebody

into handing Gumbiner-Fischer
a contract

they couldn't win
on a level playing field.

I have no responsibility
for that.

-I'm just a middle--
-Middle-ranking employee.


But those are the ones
who get sacrificed first, Aidan.

Remember that I can put you

smack dab in the sights
of the FBI.

You talked about all us having
blood on our hands.

What about you?

Do you have any part
in Deirdre Kilbride's death?

This crusade you're on,
this obsession you have --

Isn't she a victim of it?

If I did somehow cause
her death,

I'll have to live with it.

Well, that's easy to say.

Nothing about any of this,
believe me, is easy.

You taught me it's our job
to defend the firm at all costs.

You wore down anybody
who attacked it

with motion after motion,
dragged out the depositions,

countersued, refused to settle
until they had no money left.

And you made no apology for it.

So how dare you --
you of all people --

come to me
and make demands of me,

tell me to put my career
on the line?

Your life is on the line, Aidan.

Don't you realize that?

Nobody's safe,
not even in there.

Somebody who knew
Lehane was on digoxin

gave him quinidine, knowing
it was only a matter of time

before it triggered
a heart attack.

Who's next?

You want me to help you
pull the company down?

After everything
I've given to it?

I want you to help me save it.

The company.

Not Hoffman or whoever else
is pulling the strings.

I believe in what we do
in there --

the -- the end result,

the drugs we manufacture
that make people's lives better.

I know.
And that's what makes this hard.

But I'm on my way to see the man
I loved for the last time,

the man I'll be burying
next week.

They're gonna be burying
Deirdre Kilbride too.

How many more?

We need to end this, Aidan,

and we need to end it now before
there are any more funerals.

Niklas Esser.

That's the name you want.

He's the German
health minister's chief rival.

There's even a suggestion

he had an affair
with the minister's wife.

That makes it personal
as well as political.

-He was --
-I don't know this officially.

And -- And I'll deny it
if I'm ever asked.

He was the subject of that file?
He was Lee's target?

I'm not going there, Sarah.

As far as legal is concerned,
everything done

by our sales and marketing team
is completely aboveboard.

Did you not do that sometimes --
turn a blind eye to something

it was better not to see
for the good of the firm?

Not with something like this.

Maybe you'd have done the same

if you were still behind
that desk.

I wouldn't.

Well, you'll never know that,
will you?

Thanks for the health warning,
but I can take care of myself.

I need Lehane's
annual personal details

and details of his compensation,

including any
performance bonuses,

who signed off on those bonuses,
and the reasons given for them.

You want me to investigate
our head of security?

Your very ex head of security,

who a witness says threw Ciaran
into the canal lock

the night he died.

I can't just walk into human
resources and grab the files.

That's exactly
what you have to do.

They do random searches.
If I get caught --

There are fire alarms
all over that building.

They won't search a thousand
people rushing to the exits.

I can't do that.

Oh, you'd be surprised
what you can do.

You really would.

I've learned that
in the past week or so.

What are you gonna do
with Esser's name?

Give it to somebody
who can do something about it.

Niklas Esser.

WOMAN: Gumbiner-Fischer.

How may I help you?

Yes. I'll just check
if he's there for you.

Rebecca, I hate to ask you
at a time like this.

I know what you must be feeling.

But I need
some of Deirdre's files.

Anything that's on the record
about Mr. Lehane.

Let me check if Mr. Lehane's
files are still here.

Why are you so interested
in those files, Mr. O'Sullivan?

I need his personnel

At a time like this?

When the entire Gumbiner-Fischer
family is in mourning

for another loss?

T-There's, uh,
an insurance question on my desk

as to whether his death happened
on company business

or private business.

I need background.

You may leave, my dear.

Take a few days away
from the office.

Thank you.

These are difficult times
for us, Mr. O'Sullivan.

Even more difficult than events
some years ago.

To survive, we need
our best people to go beyond

their usual professionalism
and thoroughness.

I always give 150%.

Our ultimate loyalty in the end

must be to the people
we work for and alongside.

Don't you agree?

I appreciate that.

Sarah Manning, for example,

has no loyalty to this company
or anyone who works here.

Why should she?
She is an ex-employee.

That's true, Dr. Hoffman,

but if there are problems in our
international sales division,

if those dates
and travel details in the file

-she brought to our attention --
-File? What file?

Who saw it?


Ms. Kilbride, who, alas,
is no longer here?

Perhaps there was no file.

Uh, Sarah Manning says there is,
that she has it.

It is what you know about it
that concerns me at this moment.

I'm a legal officer
of this corporation.

If anything is wrong here
and I fail to take action,

I stand not only to lose my job.

I could get struck off.

If it's true that
Lee Manning carried a gun...

...that Ciaran Boyle's death

and now Lehane's
and Deirdre's are connected --

Then this company is under
attack from one of our rivals.

Isn't that the most likely

Our new head of security --

once we have decided
who that is to be --

will provide the answers.

In the meantime...

I worry about your safety.

My safety?

You are a valuable member
of the Gumbiner-Fischer family.

It may be the moment, uh,
to send you further afield

in your own interest
as well as ours.

Do you like to travel?

To travel?

You have done well
here in Dublin.

it can be fatal to a career

to spend too long
in the same position.

We are an international

We're expanding our operations
in Singapore.

I've spoken on your behalf
to the international division.


The greatest rewards of all

come to those
who put the company first.

Dublin today.
Singapore next month.

After that, who knows?

There is always room at the top
for an ambitious executive.

And if this is also a matter
of your own personal safety...

Do you still need to see
those files?

I don't know.
I don't think so.

I need you to be sure.

I'm sure.

Why not leave Dublin right away?

After Mr. Lehane's funeral, say.

I think that -- that would be
a good idea, yes.

Ms. Kilbride --
her personal life,

relationships she may have had,

things she might have shared
with you...

Uh, we were colleagues.

That's all.

I don't know anything else
about her.

If the Gardaí asked?

I'll be leaving Dublin
later today anyway.

I predict a long
and successful career

for you in this company,
Mr. O'Sullivan.


Thank you.

Now I want every detail

of the conversations you've had
with Sarah Manning.

Who has she been talking to?

Who else is asking questions?
Who's helping her?

Where does she get
her information from?

She's not working alone.

She can't be.


There should be music, you know?

To give you your cue?

Like in the films.

"You should cry now.
It's okay."

I can't.

Not yet.

I'm hanging on by my fingertips

to the idea
that he only lied to me

because he thought it was best
for me and the kids,

that his job wasn't him --
it was just what he did,

that maybe he was gonna blow
the whistle on that firm

because he was sick of the lies,

especially the ones
he had to tell me,

and everything was gonna change.

Mostly I keep thinking about...

I keep thinking about how lonely
he must have been,

having no one to share with,
not even me.

'Cause when you love someone... want to give them

Don't you?


If he had just said to me,
"Sarah, listen."

But that would have put you
in danger.

Even so.

What would you have done?

What could you have done?

I don't know.

And that's the worst thing
about it.

'Cause I'm never gonna know
the answer to that.

Get Detective Byrne.

Tell her to come to my office --

I can't do it.

I'm sorry.

If you want to know more
about Lehane,

you're gonna have to go about it
another way.

What do you suggest?

That I go up to his widow
after the funeral

and ask her if she knew
that the man she's burying

killed somebody for his boss to
prove his loyalty to the firm?

You asked me if I wasn't afraid
for my health, Sarah.

Well, I am.

And you're asking me
to keep going

until maybe I get myself killed

Did he make a threat?

Or did he make you an offer?

I have to do what's best for me
and my career.

Offer or threat?

I'm going to Singapore.

First class all the way?

-You can laugh.
-I'm not laughing.

If I said no to this offer,
I'd be yesterday's man.

You're that already, Aidan.

Don't you get it?

Hoffman gave you a shove,
and you fell over.

He won't forget that.

Easy touches are no use to him
or the firm.

He'll give you six months, then
he'll find a reason to fire you.

You're finished.

The only danger you are
is to yourself.

DR. HOFFMAN: This is a painful
time for Mr. Lehane's family

and for all of us
in Gumbiner-Fischer.

Though our company operates
all over the world,

with tens of thousands
of employees,

we never forget that our success
is based on the hard work,

dedication, and professionalism

of each individual
who works for us.

I would like every one here who
worked alongside Barry Lehane

to remember the real meaning
of his work --

our work, the purpose we
dedicate ourselves to every day,

making the world a better,

disease- and pain-free place
for all of us.


I need some answers.

Dr. Hoffman.

Detective Charles Duquesne,
Montreal Police homicide.

I need some answers, too.

I've been trying to speak to you
in connection with my inquiries

into the death of one
of your employees in my city.

I'm afraid I can't help you.

You should speak
to our security advisers.


They're just about to lay
Mr. Lehane to rest --

something of which you spoke
so eloquently.

Is it possible
that you could talk to me,

confirm that Lee Manning
was carrying a file

to a Herr Niklas Esser?

I'm not sure where your, uh,
information comes from.

We will be appointing a new
chief of security here in Dublin

as soon as possible.

I'm sure they will be happy
to answer all your questions.

Could it be possible
that Mr. Lehane

is somehow connected
to that death in Montreal?

It seems unlikely,

but that is why you must wait
to speak to the experts.

I'm sure Mrs. Manning here,
more than anyone,

would like to, uh,
get these matters cleared up

once and for all.

Aidan O'Sullivan told you that I
know what Lee did for you.

That's why you're sending him
out of reach of the Gardaí.

Mrs. Manning prefers to believe

in conspiracies
rather than fact.

What was Deirdre Kilbride's

A way to keep her quiet?

As you can see, in her grief,

I have become the focus
of her anger.

Ciaran was a good man.
He struggled with some things.

Lehane and you used one of them
against him --

his drinking.

It made the way he died

It made me not dig too deep.

Now you've gotten rid
of Lehane too.

There was a witness there
that night.

While her logic may seem

it is deeply paranoid.

With all respect, uh,

you should be aware of
Mrs. Manning and her fantasies.

I hope for the sake
of our past friendship

that you seek expert help
as soon as possible.

Medical help.

I cannot allow a sick woman
to defame this company.

Please do not allow her
to put your investigation

on the wrong track.

Hold on.
Hold on.

Let him go.

My wife is unwell.

I've been thinking of taking
some time off to care for her.

It may be months
rather than weeks.

Maybe longer.

I'm the third generation
to work in the force.

We have no children,
so I'll be the last.

You never know what you'll find
in yourself

until the time comes.

Then you'd better hope
you've got a backbone.

You have that.

Takes 15 minutes to clear away
30 years of memories.

Thirty years of doing
the right thing --

or trying your best to.

How many decisions do you take
in the job that we do every day?



How many in a career?

It only takes one wrong one

Remember that
when you're sitting here.

Because one day you will.

I've reassigned most of the work
that I've left undone.

It wasn't much.

I always ran a tidy desk.

There's this one file, though.

You know which one it is.

You opened it.

I made you hand it over.

Do you want it back?

It depends
on what the conditions are, sir.

Forget the "sir."

You can have it if you want it.
No conditions.

Follow it where it goes,
to whoever it goes to.

I'll give you what help I can,

although I won't be
behind the desk.

I'm recommending
we officially reopen

an accidental drowning case
as a murder inquiry.

Then do it.

I have a witness
who can identify the killer

as an ex-guard, one of our own.

As I said, to wherever it goes.

But you'd better be sure
of your facts.

I am, and I know where it goes.

To one of Ireland's most
important companies.

Well, if anyone tries to put
pressure on you to stop it,

I'll back you as far as I can.

I'll also be investigating
a hit-and-run,

which could also point back
to the company

and the man who runs it.

Well, if that is material
to your inquiry.

It is if I can place him
at the scene.

Can you do that?

Not at the moment,
but I'm hoping to do so.

But he's very good
at covering his tracks.

Well, you can't even
interview him unless he agrees.

The dead woman worked
for the firm.

Can you tell me anything
about her or the night she died?

As I said, I'll help you as far
as I can as a fellow guard.

Not as a witness.

That is my offer, my commitment.

The accident was reported by
a TD who had a cottage nearby.

There were questions asked
a few years back

as to how close he was
to decisions made in the siting

of a pharmaceutical plant
in his constituency.

If the facts lead you to him --

What if it leads
to someone else, too,

given his connections,

some of them in very important
jobs in high positions?

Well, then you must do your job.
Isn't that clear?

The job comes first.

You do what you have to do,

and I'll help you...
as far as I can.

Do you understand?
As far as I can.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

I do, but I will take this
as far as I have to.

That's your last word?

Doesn't it have to be?

I need to spend some time
with my wife.

I would like to spend
as much time as I can get.

That might be out of your hands,
sir, if I do my duty.

That's all you can do,
Detective Byrne.


You do your duty to the force,

and I'll do my duty
to the people who love me

and look up to me and need me
to be there for them.

Aren't you supposed to be
working on that file?

I tackled Hoffman head on
after the funeral.

It just came out.

He didn't even blink.

Took it on the chin.

He told me how worried he is
about how I'm doing upstairs.

And for a minute there,
I catch myself thinking,

"Could he be right?

Am I out of my tree?

What am I thinking of,
taking on a man like that

and a firm that big?"

It's the lunatics
that get things done, Sarah.

The rest of us are at home
watching the telly,

doing the scratchers.

Please find out for me
who to call

in regard to a concern for
the mental health of a mother.

I'm concerned for her young
and vulnerable children.

BYRNE: There was just you here
last night, Mr. O'Hanlon?

After you heard the bang,
you went outside to look,

you found her there, but you
didn't see the car that hit her?

That's right.

You're a bit out of the way
up here.

Any idea why she was in
the neighborhood

or what business she had
this way?

I don't, no.

You didn't know her, then?

I might have been in the same
room with her the one time.

Uh, a week or so ago, maybe.

Just the one?

Yeah, at a press thing,
uh, at the place she worked.


It's possible she was there at
the go-ahead for the new plant.

I meet a lot of people.

She wouldn't have been here
last night at the cottage

for any reason?

I'd have put it in my statement.

Of course.

You come here
for a bit of peace,

work on your paperwork
and your speeches.

So you were here all night?

Then that's it.

That's all I have for you.

Thanks for your time.

You've got a lovely
little place, you have, here.

Oh, if you ignore
the leaky roof.

Why aren't local guards
handling this?

Why a serious-crimes detective?

We wouldn't be sending a guard
on a rusty old bike

to talk to a member of the Dáil,

somebody in the government
like you.

Then again,
they've had a run of bad luck

at the firm she worked for.

Gumbiner-Fischer has landed
on my desk again.

I'm just looking at anything
that has any connection to them.

I'm sure you'll do a great job.

I'll see you out.

Chief Superintendent Nulty
passed the file on to me.

Good man, Nulty.

He'll be missed.

He'll be what?

He's out.

You didn't know?

Hasn't made the papers,
but I'd have thought someone

with their ear to the ground
like you might have heard.

He cleared out his desk
this morning.

Do you know him?

I know everybody --
everybody that matters.

And I know the people
they answer to.

Everybody answers to somebody,
don't you find?

You heard a bang
and you came straight out here,

but you didn't see the car?


I'll take a walk up the road.
Thank you again.

And yes, I do find that
everybody answers to somebody.

In the end, though,
we all answer to the law,

however high up the pole we are.

That's the theory.

In practice?

BYRNE: Those tire tracks --
You had company last night?

Might have slipped your mind?

The press were here,
the TV people,

when it got out that I was
the one who made the call.

A lonely way to die.

Why was she even out of her car
in the first place?

Why was she even within 20 miles
of here?

If you have any questions
you'd like me to answer,

I'll be glad to hear them.

As it is,
I have to get back to my desk.

I have a pile of papers
this high I have to get through.

You're an important man,
Mr. O'Hanlon.

A very busy man.

I won't get in your way
any more than I have to.

Thank you, Detective.

My lunch with Patrick.

How did that go?

Did he tell you
what you needed to know?

The last thing
he wanted to talk about

was that property stuff
Lee was digging into.

He made a song and dance
about me even asking.

Left so fast,
he nearly knocked a waiter over.

I don't know how right
in the head he is these days.

The coke. The booze.
Everything he's been through.

Hadn't you better be picking up
the kids?

-Do you want me to do it?
-When you set the meeting up,

did you tell him
what I wanted to ask?

He knew it wasn't
just for old times' sake.

But can you remember
what you said --

exactly how you put it,
the words you used?

Now, here's the thing, Sarah.

I know you are going through

what nobody should have to
go through,

but I am not giving a deposition

What I said, what I didn't say,
the exact words --

He made the same complaint --

that I was talking
like a lawyer.

I'll go get them.

You're off, too, now?

So you don't have to give me
any answers?

They're my kids.
I'll pick them up.

And when I come back, I'll ask
you like a sister, not a lawyer.

What is it in that file

that Patrick doesn't want me
to get the answers to,

that, God help the pair of us,

you're trying to keep from me,

Would you pop into my office
for five minutes, Mrs. Manning?

One of the teaching assistants
will look after Rose and Eamonn.

We won't be long.

We just need to have
a quick chat.

Is everything okay?
Are either of them in trouble?

Before we start,
I just want to assure you

that everything discussed here
is completely confidential.

We received a call concerning
you and your children.

Who from?

I'm afraid
that's also confidential.

We're a mandated reporting body.

We're obliged
to take any concerns

that are brought to our
attention -- even anonymously --

seriously and pass them on
to the duty social worker

at the Child and Family agency.


That's what we've done.

We have an obligation
to tell you that.

Concerns about what?

While there were no allegations
of physical abuse,

there were concerns
about your children's welfare.

Does that mean
I'm going to be investigated?

This is a difficult situation
all 'round.

We have done
what the law says we --

Does that mean
I'm going to be investigated?

A report has been made.

It's out of our hands now.

That's all we can say.
That's all we are allowed --

I get it.

You don't have to give me
a name.

I know.

I'm not losing my kids
because of you.

You know who I am?

You know I've been working
with the police in Dublin?

You have many family connections
in Canada, especially Montreal.

One of your relatives

is currently in the Bordeaux
prison there, awaiting trial.

It's a tough place.

Someone was recently beaten to
death there by another prisoner.

Your relative
would like to make bail.

I have connections
that could help with that

if in return you'd be willing
to give me one name --

the name of the man who was
hired to kill a Mr. Lee Manning

on behalf of a man
named Niklas Esser.

KROLL: The photographs
were all taken in studio.

I didn't want to get caught
in the Irish weather.

-MAN: Really?

Well, I'm pretty happy
with that one. Yeah.


We met before,
at a reception at the embassy.

I remember, of course,
Dr. Hoffman.

Thank you so much
for coming today.

These are all yours?

A hobby.

A little more than that, surely.

These are excellent.

Three years
isn't really long enough

to get under a country's skin,
but, um, photography helps.

This is your first year
as legal attaché, I believe.

That's right.

And afterwards,
provided nothing goes wrong --



Provided nothing goes wrong?

I can't see that anything
is likely to.

I have just attended the funeral
of my head of security.

He tried to intervene in an
illegal surveillance operation

carried out by an employee
of your embassy

acting in the name of the FBI.

I can't have this conversation.

Your employee installed
tracking devices

on vehicles belonging to
one of my workers and his wife.

This man was later murdered
in Montreal.

His wife is being persuaded
to work with your employee

in attacking my company.

I can't even listen to this.

That's unfortunate.

I came to you seeking a way
to resolve this matter quietly.

I have a very efficient press
and media operation.

You leave me no option
but to raise this in public.

I'm listening.

Your agent seems obsessed with
making a case against my firm.

I know nothing about this.

But you should have.

Isn't that what Washington
will say?

We have very good connections
in Washington,

lobbyists at the highest levels.

If somebody is trying to develop
a legal case here,

I can't derail it.

FBI personnel are required
to check in with me

when they arrive.

They're free to follow
their own leads after that.

It's our, uh, company policy

to spend a certain percentage
each year on art.

I would be honored
if you would allow us

to purchase
some of these photographs

to hang on our conference room

Are you trying to bribe me?

I am trying to resolve
a situation

that will embarrass you
more than me.

And embarrass the FBI even more.

I am not for sale.

My legal department tells me
you have ultimate responsibility

for agents of the FBI in Dublin.

If your firm has nothing
to hide --

We are the most regulated
industry in the world.

Every single decision we make is
scrutinized over and over again.

I'm prepared to stand by
the decisions

I have made in the years

I have directed Gumbiner-
Fischer's operations here.

Are you prepared
to stand by yours?

Yes, I am.

And the ones
which have been made by others,

for which you will be blamed?

And what are you offering

We can talk of that later --

if we can come
to some agreement,

if our interests can be aligned.

If that's not possible, then...

Excellent work.

I mean that.

The work, perhaps,
of a gifted amateur --

forgive me --
rather than a professional.

But, uh, if you make
the wrong decision now,

you will have much time
ahead of you to practice.

All the time in the world.

BYRNE: You bugged Lee's car.
You bugged Sarah's car.

Your real target was Hoffman.
Did you bug his car?

Off the record?

I'm back on the case officially.

I can get you everything
you need,

off the record or on.

Were you tracking his car?


You can tell me where he was
last night?

If I get the file
from Mrs. Manning.

If we can make a trade.

You tell me where he was
last night,

help me place him
at the scene of the murder,

help me nail him

for the sad and violent death
of Deirdre Kilbride,

and you can get what you need
to bring that firm down.

How's that for a trade?


I thought you said we'd have
no more to talk about --

about Lee or anything.

This wouldn't exactly be
a social thing, Sarah.

Is this about that list
of Lee's?

The list, yeah.

What do you say, Sarah?

For old times' sake,
for Ciaran's sake, say --

if you can stretch to it.

Let's put a bottle of champagne
on the table.

This is gonna be tough
on both of us.

What a complicated life
you're leading these days,


I thought I'd managed to tie
my affairs in knots,

but yours currently sound,
you'd have to admit,

less fact than fiction.

What's your story been, Patrick?

Fact or fiction?

A bit of both.

Maybe a touch of true-life crime
thrown in there, too.

Now they've got me cold.

I walked into Doheny
and Nesbitt's the other day,

and somebody
who used to be my closest friend

looked right through me
and walked out.

I'd turned into a ghost.

What do you have to tell me?

Or are you just gonna keep
dancing around it?

Three years back --
the date's important --

it was just before Ciaran died.

Go on.

I'd lost the lot by then.

Me and Nuala were divorced.

I was still kidding myself
I had a comeback in me.

Then Nuala turns up
out of the blue one day

and said she might have found a
way out of the mess we were in.

She takes me to see
this piece of property.

I mean, talk about a location.

Next to the motorway.
Next to the airport.

A greenfield site

once you cleared the buildings
away that were on it.

We tried not to get too excited
about it,

but if we could get it financed,
we'd be back in the game again,

use the property deal
to get back on top.

First stop,
we had to clear the title.

And it came up as belonging
to a little firm

called Gumbiner-Fischer.

Well, they'd bought the property
years back

and were still sitting on it,
even though they'd done

a lot of development
on other sites,

not one of which was as good
as that.

They owned it?

with commercial zoning rights.

And anybody
with a nose for property

would know there was a bit
of a mystery there.

If you weren't gonna build
on it, why not flip it,

make a killing?

There was what you might call
an echoing silence

from their property department
when we approached them.

And then a flat "no."

They weren't interested
in selling at any price.

Me and Nuala were thinking maybe
it was a negotiating tactic.

We'd need a bit
of inside information,

maybe a word on the QT

with somebody who could get
the goods.

The obvious person to go to
was Ciaran, right?

He was head of PR then.

The obvious person to go to
would have been me.

You were the legal officer
of the firm.

You wouldn't have touched it
with a barge pole.

There would've been all sorts of
conflict-of-interest issues --

a concept, by the way, that has
always driven me up the wall.

I mean, isn't life and death
a conflict of interest?

Ciaran worked for you
on this deal?

There wasn't a deal.

Not until we could find out

why the company were sitting
on the land.

I mean,
you had to be kept out of it,

at least until it was
a done deal.

But why?
We -- We didn't need the money.

We had good jobs.

This was wealth, not a salary.

And you were earning three,
four times what he was,

and that bothered him.

I mean, if he could make
that killing --

bad choice of words, but...

Well, he'd get some
of his self-respect back.

He never lost it.

The drinking.

You never asked
what was really behind that?

What did he agree to do for you?

Ask around inside the firm,
keep his eyes and ears open,

take some of the people from the
property department for drinks,

pump them for information.

He was good at that.
It's what he specialized in.

Spy for you?

Research it.

Look, the deal never came off.

The fraud squad were starting
to take a closer look

at how I'd been keeping my head
above water.

And I legged it.

Nuala started her lettings firm,

and neither of us gave
that piece of property

or the company who owned it
another thought.

Not until you found those things
in Lee's file.

Hm. At one point, I'd buy that
by the crate.

That's the sound that greets you
in heaven.

It's o-- It's okay.
I'll -- I'll pour.

Thank you.

Using Ciaran seemed like
a good idea at the time.

I'll admit I was doing
a fair old bit of coke then.

But if what Nuala says is right,

if you really believe
you have proof

that the security chief
had him bumped him off,

well, then it points straight
back at the pill pushers.

Somebody didn't want him
poking his nose any further

into their business.

If Ciaran died because of me --

and maybe somehow Lee did too,

...that's just another on the
list of things I'm guilty of.

And as a judge pointed out
yesterday --

as many of them have pointed out
over the weary years --

I have brought nothing
but trouble down on everybody

and everything that I have
involved myself with.

And I can't make amends
for that,

but I can show that I'm sorry.

Ghosts have to do that to find
the peace they're looking for.

It's been a great story, yeah?

I mean, I lived it, and I can
barely believe it myself.

All that's missing
is the big finish.