Acceptable Risk (2017): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Sarah learns that the deaths of both her husbands may be connected.

In the wallet

was an Irish driver's license
for a Lee Manning.

Your husband was found dead
today in Montreal.

What if Lee Manning
had something

on someone at the firm,

someone who had a hand in
Sarah's first husband's death?

The guards have been asking
about Ciaran's death.

They're wondering
if there was a connection.

BYRNE: There's no proof Ciaran's
was anything but an accident.

And if you prove that it wasn't?

There's something very,
very wrong inside that firm.

NUALA: Now you're going to war
with a company worth billions

on a hunch, an idea that Lehane
planted in your head.

What if you heard him wrong?

My car was bugged,
Lee's car was bugged,

somebody searched my house,
Barry Lehane is in hospital.

Those are facts, Nuala.

As she casts around for answers,

she might direct her anger
at my firm.

She's a problem?

BYRNE: You have some
very interesting friends,

one of them in the U.S. embassy
out at Ballsbridge there.

What else has she used you for

that she doesn't want to get
her fingerprints on?

Keep your trap shut.
Open the door.


Do you know why
my sister's husband was killed?

I said maybe
the all-American girl does.

I could lead you to her.

All it's gonna cost you
is money.

BYRNE: They fished Walsh
out of the canal.

He was helped on his way.

Your first husband died

under the same circumstances,
Mrs. Manning.

I didn't have anything
to do with this.

BYRNE: If you're thinking about
getting out of Dublin,

you might want to let me know.

Keep tabs on me?

To make sure you're safe.

Well, at least
we won't have to deal with

that creep Cormac Walsh anymore.

Yeah, but he knew something.

He had something to sell.

It's lying on the slab with him

Back at the starting gate.

We get a half a dozen
of these floaters a year.

Some jump in, some fall in, and
others are helped on their way.

There's constant water movement
in the docks.

He could have been killed
anywhere on the canal,

thrown in, drifted there.

He was carrying a money roll
and his phone.

We found them on him,
so it wasn't robbery.

We have his phone?

You get me the stuff
off that phone,

and I'll buy you a bottle
of wine -- whatever you like.

Call me as soon
as you have something.


I want a guard outside
Mr. Barry Lehane's room

in the intensive care unit,
night and day.

I know they will shout blue
murder about paying overtime,

but it's important.

I need to know what he knows

about what might be a case
of double homicide.

Thank you so much for coming.

One of my colleagues has been
making inquiries in Montreal

on behalf of the consulate.

So he'll tell you
as much as we know so far.

It is the belief of the police
in Montreal

that your husband was killed
at the hotel

and his body deliberately left
in the street.

They would like to know if you
recognize any of these men.

Uh, should I?

Who are they?

DUQUESNE: I'm told they are
Irish organized-crime figures

in Montreal.

It's possible they were involved
in your husband's death.

If he had any dealings with them
in Dublin...

Organized crime?

My husband was in sales
and marketing.

Is that all he was?

He carried a gun, it seems.

If it wasn't his?

It was found in his hotel room.

Why would he take the risk

of taking it through
airport security?

If they found it,
he could have denied it was his.

It wouldn't be the end
of the world.

Not carrying a gun --
That clearly would have been.

It may be that one of these men
killed your husband

for an envelope he was carrying.

That will have been taken...

It's the last time he s-spoke
to, um...

It's a yes.

I love you.

I didn't even know
he'd gone to Montreal.

That was the deal.
That's -- That's how we lived.

The firm insisted on it.

I-I've never seen
any of those men before.

And if Lee ever met them...
I'd have never known about it.

He'd have made sure of that.

He risked a phone call
from the hotel lobby?


It was a personal phone call

on something that mattered
a great deal to us,

about my deci--

our decision for me not to go
back to work for a few years yet

but to have a child.

You detected nothing
in his voice that alarmed you?

There was no hint that --

Somebody was going to kill him
and dump his body on the street?


Had he expressed any concern

about going
on this business trip?

In the last few weeks or days,
had he seemed unusually worried?

Worried enough to get a gun?

Did the Montreal police
ask you to ask me that?

They are interested
in anything you tell me

which could be of help to them.

It makes no sense
that Lee carried a gun.

It makes no sense he'd be
so scared he'd need to carry one

or let alone he could have been
on his way to kill somebody.

It makes no sense that somebody
took the trouble here in Dublin

to track him and me
24 hours of the day.

And you know what really makes
no sense?

That he's never coming home

Uh, excuse me.

Um, I was just in
with Mr. Duquesne.

I had an appointment.

I forgot to write down his, um,
extension number

to get back to him.


In the consular section.

I'll look it up for you.

Oh, gosh.
Sorry. Sorry.

-Oh, no. No worries.

I'll -- I'll clean it up.

Have you two minutes?

If it's official business,
Mr. O'Hanlon, there's my office.

This won't wait.

It's something that needs
careful handling.

I need someone who knows
his way around Kildare Street

as well as that office of yours
in Harcourt Street.

We've had our fallings-out
in the past, I know,

but your advice on this
would be very welcome --

before it turns into the kind of
headlines that none of us want,

in politics or the police.

Fingers crossed.

Isn't science marvelous?

How was school?

It was school.

How about you, Rose?

The Dublin-based sales rep

who got himself into a jam
in Montreal --

Who was it broke the news
to his wife?

And that thing in Dublin Airport
connected to it --

Who's got the file on that?

His address book is intact.

So is the call log --
calls made, missed, received.

And all the photos are there,

Zoom in.

That was the car
that went to the U.S. embassy

after meeting Walsh.

Emer Byrne.

I'm tied up.
Can it wait?

We might have a breakthrough
into who Walsh was working for.

I should take the file to who?

-WOMAN: Sarah Manning?


Alisa Bell.

I was Lee's first wife.

How did you and Lee meet?

A friend of mine in New York
suggested that I might like him.

He was working
for a Wall Street firm.

I was in finance, too.

We hit it off right away.

He was funny and smart.

And he'd been a military brat,
just like me.

His dad had been a Marine.
Mine was Army.

There were real problems there
between him and his dad.

His mom separated
but lost custody

for reasons
he didn't want to talk about

but must have been pretty bad.

After a while, I realized

it was always gonna be hard
to get close to him.

Perhaps if we'd had children,

things might have been

How did you find out
he was dead?

How do you find out anything
these days?

Somebody I work with
came across it on the Internet.

She knew I'd been married
to him.

His firm didn't contact you?

I had no idea who Lee worked for
after we split.

I had no idea he was in Ireland.

Gumbiner-Fischer didn't get
in touch with you, then,

suggest you come and see me?



There's a bit of a mystery
about Lee's death.

How do you mean?

I'm not sure
I'm being told everything.

From them.

From anyone.

I wish I could help.

I just wanted to say...

...I liked Lee very much.

Very, very much.

It just didn't work out
between us.

It seems to me
he might have found

what he was looking for
with you.

He had.

I thought the same until...

I'd better go.

Until what?

It doesn't matter now.


There was someone else,
all the time.

He covered his tracks well,
but I had to accept

that there'd been three people
in that relationship.

Oh, I can make excuses
for him --

the way he was brought up,

never being able to trust

not being able to share
what he did at work.

But he cheated.

Some people have to.
Can we just leave it there?

Did you ever see Lee with a gun?

A gun?

He had a gun.

He flew to Montreal with it.

No, I never saw him with a gun.

You're big on guns over there,
of course.

Was it Chicago you said
you met him?

I said Wall Street.
New York.

Was your dad a Marine
or was his?

Have I got that mixed up?

My dad was Army.
His was in the Marines.

Somebody you know

just happened to spot his name
on the Internet in Paris?

Is that where you said you were?

I didn't.

It was actually Berlin.

And it was my closest friend.

She knows everything about me.

Do you have a photo?

A photo?

Something that connects you
to him.

For real.

Something that showed
you really did know Lee,

that you weren't just sent here
to keep me quiet.

I don't understand.


It's all a bit too neat, you
coming here like this just now.

See, if you really knew Lee,

wouldn't you want to know
about the investigation?

I know how upsetting
this all must be for you

without adding to it.

But here you are at my doorstep,
having found my address.

What exactly
are you accusing me of?

-If I'm crazy --
-Upset. Let's just say that.

Let's use the right word.

-If I'm wrong --
-Something like this?

Is that what you mean?

Lee and me.
Central Park.

The only one I kept.

I can't imagine
what you're going through.

I can't imagine...

why whoever sent you
to tell me all these lies

thought I would believe them
for one minute,

even backed up with a photo

that would take an 8-year-old
five minutes to fake

on a computer.

You and Lee?

-Central Park?

Only one you kept?

Get out of my house.

Tell whoever sent you,
whoever you're working for,

if they want war...

...they'll get it.

BYRNE: The man involved
at the airport, Cormac Walsh,

ended up in the canal.

We recovered his phone records.

Most of his contacts
are known drug dealers,

criminals, and their associates.

But there's one number
that he called

the day before he was killed.

This may be linked
to this woman.

This is the last photo
on Walsh's phone.

The vehicle in the shot is one
she got into after meeting him,

just after he was caught trying
to remove a tracking device

from Lee Manning's car.

The vehicle is registered to
the general services department

of the United States embassy
at Ballsbridge.

You're suggesting
that an employee

of the United States embassy
is involved?

I intend to call the number
and see who picks up.

And two minutes
after you do that,

I'd get a phone call
from Iveagh House.

The minister for foreign affairs
and trade would be on the line,

shouting blue murder
about the Vienna Convention.

If she had diplomatic immunity,

we couldn't even give her
a parking ticket,

let alone rope her in
for questioning.

Cormac Walsh was a threat
to her, and he died last night.

Maybe she holds the key as to
why Lee Manning was killed.

It's not our case.

It's a job for Montreal.

Remember that.

We'll give what help we can, but
it's out of our jurisdiction.

Well, there's also an employee

of the German
Federal Intelligence Service

working the case here.

Manning may have been part of
the Gumbiner-Fischer sales team,

but he used to work for the CIA.

It's a possibility he was still
working for them undercover.

Any other goodies?

He carried a concealed weapon
to Montreal.

A handgun designed
to be virtually undetectable

to airport scanners

and modified
for close-quarter use.

The question is whether
that was a one-off

or whether he did he it

Which gives us another headache.

You will not make that call.

You will, in fact,
remove yourself

from anything to do
with any aspect of this case.

Everything is now in my hands.

I'll assume
full operational control.

I'm off the case?

That's what I just said.

Do you have anything else?

That's all I have.

Any other notes?


Your daybook.
Let me see that.

This is a complete record
of the contacts, phone numbers,

and conversations you've had
on the case?


Anything on computer?


I'll hold on to this one.

You can start a new one.

There won't be any reference
to this case in it

because it's nothing to do
with you now.

Have I done something wrong,

On the contrary.

Rank has its privileges.

You conducted
the preliminary investigations

into a highly complex case
in an exemplary fashion.

It's not a black mark.

It's a vote of confidence.

Thanks to your hard work,

we can't have anyone lower
than chief superintendent

handling the case.

It's my baby now.

I have to justify the big office
and the car.

You won't be in Dublin for
the foreseeable future anyway.

You'll be in London.


We're sending you on a course

to the Metropolitan
Police College in Hendon.

Eight weeks.

Reserved for officers
from all over Europe

tipped to rise
to the highest ranks.

We had another candidate
in mind,

but I always had my doubts
about him,

whether he could go all the way,
right to the top.

I think you could do that.

You're going in his place.



Mrs. Manning.

I had a visitor today.
I need to tell you about her.

It's not really the best timing
for me.

It's important --
really important.

Either they've just shown their
hand about how worried they are

or I really am losing
my marbles.


Detective Byrne.


Not now, love.
All right?

-No. I said not now.


Thanks for coming
straight 'round.

I was gonna have to see you

She was an American.

She said
she was Lee's first wife.

She pulled the rabbit
out of the hat

when she showed me this photo --
or she thought she did.

She was trying too hard.

She was sent by somebody

who doesn't want me to dig
any further,

who wants me to bury
whatever questions I have

about who Lee was, how
and why he died when I bury him.

If that sounds mental, try this.

I was at the Canadian consulate

I was given a very polite
third degree by a Canadian cop.

I worked in criminal defense

before I went into
the corporate world.

I can tell a flatfoot
a mile away.

I met him.


Montreal homicide.

You met him?

Before he asked for
a formal interview with you,

he wanted to --

To weigh me up?
See where the land lay?

Figure out how deep I was
in this?

If I knew that Lee
was on the hook to gangsters

or was even one himself.

Mum, we have to leave.

Just give me a minute, Eamonn.

Mum, we have to leave now,
and Rose is really upset.

Wait in the car.
I'll be two minutes.

I'm on first.
I can't be late.

Okay. Okay.
Go on. Wait in the car.

I'm taking
the organized-crime aspect

of your husband's death
in Montreal seriously --

so seriously that I've ordered a
round-the-clock watch on Lehane.

There are other aspects
of the case

that I'm not free to talk about
which indicate

that it needs to be handled
at the highest possible level.

This is now happening.

It's getting the attention
that it needs

and the resources that it needs.

That means I'm off the case.

It's going to be handled at
the chief-superintendent level

from now on.

You should be happy about that.

You're not dealing with it?

From now on, if you need to call
someone, it can't be me.

This is good news for the case.
Believe me.

It's the best you could hear.

Call me Sarah
and say that again.

Is it good news?


-I don't know.

I don't know, Sarah.

Then why are you going along
with it?

I don't have a choice.

But I want us both to get
to the truth.

There are things that I can do
and can't,

and now it's gone to this level.

-You broke the news to me.
-I know.

-That means something.
-I know.

And now you're dumping it?

-My hands are tied.
-And you're happy with that?


Oh, because --
because Nuala upset you?

You don't want any part of it
because of her?

Believe it or not,
I actually like your sister.

She's sticking up for you.

I wish I had someone
in my family

-who stuck up for me like --
-You found out something

that somebody didn't want you
to know.

You got close to something

that they don't want you or me
to find,

so they closed you down,
and you're going along with it.

I'm scared
that I'm losing my mind

and even more scared
that I'm not.

How can you be more scared
than me?

I don't have a choice.

We all have a choice.

That's unfair.

Well, I don't time to be fair.

I have to take Eamonn!

Look, Nuala should be here
any minute!

Will you be all right?

Look, I believe everything
that you told me

about whoever it was
who came to see you today.

I have also to believe
that passing the case upstairs

to people with real power
and connections

is the best way
of getting the truth.

They'll get a result.

I know hot air when I hear it.


MAN: I got someone on the line
for you.

Who's asking for me?

Nuala Mulvaney.

Put her through.

Thank you for coming.

You know I wouldn't have asked
unless I had to.

I do.

-Do you mind if I...
-No. Go ahead.

I was at that one.


That's you?

I was a bit wild then.

Did you know him well?

He never let anybody get close
but her.

I was just happy
she found somebody after Ciaran.

And he really did seem to love
those kids.

Is this about Lee?

It's about both of them.

The last time I spoke
to a guard,

I was in handcuffs
at one of those.

They shook me up.

I'm clean now.

This is about Ciaran and Lee?

Three weeks ago, I got a call
about one of my flats.

I went 'round to show it,
but he didn't turn up.

I walked back.

A car pulled up.

It was Lee.

He said did I want to go
for a coffee.

I said sure.

On the way,
we drove past the canal lock

that Ciaran was pulled out of.

He parked.

Started talking --

what a terrible thing
it had been,

did I think it was too soon,
him moving in with Sarah,

getting married --
things like that.

He seemed serious,
like he really wanted to know.

Then he started asking
about the night it happened,

the days leading up to it,
Ciaran's state of mind,

what were the details,

who were his friends
at the firm,

how he did he get on with
the people he worked with --

things I had no idea about.

He was digging into
Ciaran's death?

Wanted to know what people said
about it, knew about it --

people who had any connection
at all with it, even secondhand.

We drove on, had coffee.

But it bothered me.

When I got back to the office,

I checked on the call setting up
the showing of the flat.

You're the guard.
You can guess what I found.

A fake phone number
and fake name.


Lee Manning set it all up
to ask those questions.

Did you not go back to him
and ask about it?

He wasn't the kind of person
you asked that kind of question.

He he was quiet,
kept himself to himself.

But you got the message
somehow --

Don't mess with him.

Have you shared any of this
with your sister?

No, and I'd appreciate it
if you didn't tell her.

I won't be doing that.

I won't be on the case
from now on.

It's been kicked upstairs.

It's better for Sarah.
Believe me.

Oh, no.


I said I would help look after
the kids tonight.

Hey, Emer.

Gary? I need a favor fast.

I'm being followed.

Why are you following me?
What is this?

Get back here now.


I'm here.

Sorry it took me so long.
I had things to finish off.




You were great.
Really great.

It was so amazing.
I'm so proud of you.

Come on.
Let's get home to Rose.

You went to see her,

having been told
you were off the case?

I went to see her
to tell her that.

I met her sister.
She has some new information.

Lee Manning was investigating
Ciaran's death

just before he was killed

Is this personal for you?
Is she a pal of yours?

Do you have a relationship
or something?

Anything I should know?

It's nothing like that.

You sure of that?

It's a professional relationship
with somebody

who I once considered a suspect
but I don't anymore.

All the evidence is --

All the guesswork is.

Isn't that what you mean?

I'm not asking to be put back
on the case, sir,

but there's something very wrong
inside that firm.

Sarah Manning was asked to sign
a confidentiality agreement

to stop asking questions.

She refuses
and asks them anyway.

Then someone shows up
out of the blue to answer them.

Whoever killed Cormac Walsh
could be the key.

And we have a solid lead to them
thanks to his phone.

You're as keen as mustard, Emer.

You want to wrap this case up
all by yourself.

But from now on,
it's going to be my way.

I'll say this one last time,
and note it well --

I'm handling this.

If it all goes south,
I'll take the fall.

All you have to do is pack
your bags and go to London.

Don't get in your own way.


How are things going

with that bit of a favor
I asked you, Jimmy?

It's Chief Superintendent Nulty
to you.

I don't like you, O'Hanlon.

I've never liked you.

I don't like your politics
or your manner...

or your face.

This is the last and only time
I want to see you except on TV.

And even then,
I might put my foot through it.

Fair enough.

I hope you kept nothing back.

I'm a great fan of the Gardaí

They provide
many a job opportunity

for those who couldn't
hold one down elsewhere.

At your level, Jimmy,
you're not a cop.

You're a politician, too.

We're both whores for votes

and other people's good opinion
of us, so don't give me that.

You want to be
chief commissioner

in the next couple of years,
and I can help you get there.

You know that, or you wouldn't
be standing here.

Now cut the bollocks
and give me a straight answer.

Are you going to sit
on this case or not?

I am not sitting on this case.

I've called it in
for special handling.

That's all.

There are policy questions
that I need to get straight,

decisions that I'm not going to
allow the force

to be rushed into making.

I'm fully aware
of the political implications,

maybe even more than you.

That's why I'll be keeping tabs
on everything,

including what mischief
the widow is trying to make.

That detective -- the one
who's been running the case.

Emer Byrne
is a very fine officer

who needed reminding
of the chain of command.

She's had that reminder
in no uncertain terms

because I keep my house in order
and my staff in line.

Detective Byrne won't be
a problem from now on.

She's been put back in her box.


I can't find her, and she's not
answering her phone.


Come on, Eamonn.

-I'm sorry.
-What happened?

I trusted you to be here.

Something more important
come up?

It wasn't like that.

What was it like?

It'll keep.

I have an idea where she is.


The late Cormac Walsh
gave me this number

just before he went for a dip
in the canal.

Cormac who?
Never heard of him.

I have a photograph of you
alongside him.

I don't have your name yet,
but I know where you work.

I want to know how it all ties
in with a death in Montreal.

So you meet me and talk

or I'll come to the door
of the U.S. embassy

first thing tomorrow.

You decide.

I'm sorry you're so angry
with me.

I'm trying to give you
and Eamonn all the time

and everything else
you should have from me, but...

But it's hard.

Rose, darling, it's so hard.

Listen. Listen.

I'm gonna be here for you.

I promise,
that's never gonna change.

I won't get it right every time.

But I'll try.

I really will.

It's you, Mrs. Manning?

Uh, me and Rose.

Uh, sorry if I startled you.

There's been a few break-ins

There's a bit
of a rodent problem

with the human dock rats,
if you get my meaning.

Uh, I was sorry to hear about,
you know...


Why don't you wait for me
in the car a minute?

Keep warm, yeah?

You saw quite a bit of Lee
when he came here?

I did, yes.

He always had time for a word.
A gentleman.

Funny thing to say about a Yank,
but that's what he was.

He used to slip me a few quid

for keeping an extra eye
on the boat on the QT.

"Where's the harm?"
I says to myself.

He gets to rest easy.

I get a couple of quid
in my back pocket.

Did anyone ever try to get on
our boat?

No, but they hit the bar
and the ATM once.

There was ructions about that.

Uh, one more question.

When did Lee last come here?

He took her out
about three weeks ago.

There was a bit of a gale

but that didn't deter him.

That's not quite what I asked.

When did you last see him here?

Just before it was on
the telly --

Montreal, what happened to him.

-The day before.
-He came here the day before?

You're certain of that?

I keep a log.
I have to.

Can I see it?

I'm lying to you?

He said nothing at all
about coming here to me, could be important.

Well...that wouldn't be
any of my business, and I...

I might have said
more than I should already.

I have to get back.
Duty calls.

So are those cameras turned on?

Be no point if they weren't.

How long do you keep
the information on them?


Go forward.


Zoom in.

I'm gonna try to change

...about how I've been handling
all this.

Make more time for you
and Eamonn.

Be fairer to the pair of you.

I'm sorry you thought
you had to do this.

I understand, though.

Do you believe me?

I get it.

She was at the boat?




You did really great tonight.

I'm so proud of you.


Can you stay a little longer?

Can I trust you with that?

There's something else
I have to do.

I'm sorry, Lee.

I know how much you loved
this boat.

I'm not crazy.

I'm not off my rocker.
I'm not imagining things.

-Your hand.
-It's all true.

And I know where he hid the gun.

It was in the last place
you'd think to look.

Where you'd be staring straight
at it but right through it, too.

My God.

I never quite believed the bit
about the gun.

I was still holding on to the
idea that they'd got it wrong,

but there it is.

He went there the night before
he flew to Montreal to get it hide this.

It's what Cormac Walsh
was sent here to look for.

It's got hotel bills,
receipts, ticket stubs,

uh, photocopies
of travel itineraries,

a record of everywhere he'd been
for the firm,

all the places they sent him.

There's this, too.


Newspaper reports
about the inquest.

Even the in-memoriam.

There's an address here
in Dublin.

Do you know it?

I've been there --
in that house.

It's where Barry Lehane lives.

Why would Lee be interested
in him?

Maybe he was worried that Lehane
was onto him.

Onto him?

Sarah, come on.

I just about scraped by
with a leaving certificate.

You're the brains of the family.

When did Lee join

A few months before Ciaran took
a header off a canal bank.

Six months before.

When did he get in touch again?

He phoned a few months
after Ciaran died

to see how I was,
did I remember him,

would I like to go for dinner
with him sometime.

I said it was too soon

but that, you know,
we could go for a walk.

That's how it started.

So you bury Ciaran.

He's out of the way,
and then Lee --

and I admit I was never
his biggest fan --

shows up in your life again
because he's been watching you.

He was sweet.
He said if --

He -- He -- He said if I wasn't
ready that he would back off.

I wasn't gonna tell you this, goes.

You might need this
by the time I'm through.

Three weeks ago,

Lee grilled me on what I knew
about Ciaran's death.

He did what?

It's the only word for it.

A cross-examination.

He went to a great deal
of trouble

to make it look as if he'd
bumped into me by accident.

Now we know he was staking out
Lehane as well.

Why else would Lee do that
unless he was scared

that the head of security
at the firm was onto him,

thought he was involved somehow?

Put his mask down here.
We're gonna have to start resus.

One, two, three, four...

...five, six, seven...

Why would Lee do all of that

unless he thought Lehane
was a threat?

A threat because he had reason
to believe Lehane suspected him

of being there
the night Ciaran died?

At the canal lock?

Are you getting what I'm saying?

Lee wanted you.

Every time he was with you,
he was mad about you.

Ciaran was in his way,
and Ciaran had to go.

Yeah. You're making this up,
so just --

Now, Lee Manning --
whoever the hell he was --

made sure he got what he wanted,

even if that meant
bringing a gun to do it.

So giving a drunk a helping hand
into the canal --


Get out of here.

Leave here now, 'cause I'm not
listening to this.

I am not listening to this

You have to -- for your own sake
and for your kids.

That is what Lehane
was trying to warn you about.

He was telling you
to open your own eyes

because he was putting together
the proof.