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Minato Control to Minato Five.

Minato Five, please respond.

Hey, Oshita.

-Minato Control to Minato Five.


Minato Five, please respond.

This is Minato Five, over.

Kazuo Iwata's fingerprints
were matched to those

of Hisashi Yoshino,
a prime suspect in a series

of bombings that occurred
in Tokyo around eight years ago.

Requesting immediate arrest
and dispatch of backup.

Please stand down and wait, over.

Copy that.

Minato Control, over and out.

This is gonna be quite the big catch.

Hey, we gotta wait for backup!

Let's just get this over with in one go.

Didn't you hear the radio!?

C'mon, we can't just stand here

and let him escape.


Mr. Kazuo Iwata, is it?

I'm Shibano, Prefectural Police.

And I'm Oshita, Minato PD.

Mind coming with us to the station?

What's this about? I gotta go to work.

Dog cleaning, right?

We'll contact you from there.

All right.

Hey, Yoshino!

Stop this absurdity!

Hey, just what are you doing!?

I was quite the bad boy
before I became a cop.

Well, I'll be...

He's got a radio bomb!

Not to mention, a gun.


Make way!


Turn left at the next traffic light,
then straight for five kilometers.

You got that?

Just five kilometers to go.

Your goal's Minato Station. Fight!

Fight! Fight!

That's quite the gaze.

Screw you!

I've always done things my way!

And you have no right to mock me!

You're quite the unique specimen,
aren't you?

I was looking for you!

I'm all done here.

Good work.

Taxi's waiting.

I wonder what he was up to
all those eight years.

All of his old buddies
have settled into office jobs.

He was the only stubborn one
who didn't get the memo.

Still, a dude like him
would make a fine cop.

Hold on, was that a dig at me?


What's wrong?

The bomb was just here...


No way, keep checking!

We didn't get the wrong place, did we?

What will we do about the bomb now?

I mean, that one turned out like that.

I just want advice.

Well, the thing about that...

This isn't a matter for the police,
you need a lawyer.

A lawyer? I don't get it.

Listen, our granny, you know,
she has a license for naginata.

You'll be able to find it, won't you!?

I can't head back to the hospital
without that scooter!

You need to report it as a theft.

-Here are the papers.
-Right, thank you.

Please don't hang out with those kids!

Stop crying, it's gross.

You're too young to smoke!

Fine, you can go home.

Maybe you and your husband
can visit tonight.

My husband's too busy!

Please, help me!

Help? This isn't a family court,
you know!

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

Good morning.


Good morning!

Yeah, and?

My point is... this won't do.

I almost had the gang leader.

And I've told you,

this is a matter for Prefecture Police.

It's out of my hands.

I don't buy that.

Wait for the right time, I tell you.

Our priority now is to find
the missing gun and bomb.

So just sit tight, all right?

The man who was called The Devil,

is now the tycoon of Prefectural Police.

How sad.

Good grief, he just won't let up.


It's all such a hassle,
with Takayama, too.

Still, if only Oshita had his tenacity.

Then, he woulda stuck it out
till backup arrived.

The guy's incredibly impatient.

Will the undercover
investigation proceed?

I wonder what to report to the Captain.

Oh, dear.

Chief, what'll you have for lunch?

-Yes, sir.

It's cold.

Cold tanuki!

It's hot.

Good morning, Chief!

Takayama! Good morning!

Tanaka here's hustling me again.

Dude's a real meanie.

Just fess up already.

No can do.

I'm totally clean this time.

The expert...

says he's clean.

I'll make him talk.

Oh, excuse me.

Don't you work here, Tanaka?

All right!? You got it!?

I really appreciate all of your help.

-Come on, let's go!
-Hands off!

You better not cause trouble.

Not cute, in the slightest.

She's in her first year of middle school.

She looks like a high school
senior to me.

-She's taller than me.

-Cool as can be.
-A baby's heart.


How'd I look, Mr. Taka?

Like a police officer
in every sense of the word.

I got it for 58,000 yen.

Quite the bargain, eh?

-It's the Enemies of Citizens!

The Beloved Kanagawa Officer.

Morning, everyone from investigations.


Where's Chief Kondo?


You there.

Hey, Takeda!

The Captain's not around.


"Yeah"? You should've told me so!


Still no Tanuki?

That had nothing to do with me.

Chief Matsumura, you received
this call the other night.

Thank you!

Takeda, you handling everything right?

Yeah, well...

Stop lying, virgin.

Mr. Soft, over here.

Hey, softie.

Investigation Division. What?



-Good work, sir.
-Who got hit?

-Instant deaths for two kids inside.
-The owner?

Still can't reach him.

What do we got, Yasu?

Looked like a time bomb,
but we couldn't find a timer.

It could have a radio transceiver.

Wasn't the one stolen
this morning a radio bomb?

Mr. Takayama, there's a witness
waiting for you there.

What did they saw?

The suspect, sir.


Excuse me, miss.

They told me you saw the bomber.

You seem like a fine man.

I bet you had men wooing
all over you in your day, huh?

You're gonna make me cry by saying that.

Is that your way
of making young girls cry?

Could you tell how old was this man?

A little younger than him, I'd say.

19 or 20?

Yeah, roundabouts.

Was he in a vehicle, or on foot?

I believe he was in a motorcycle.

You kids!

Stop with this
recklessness at this hour!

The hell, man!?

You wanna go, man!?

This isn't a raid. Slow down.

What is it, Toru? You scared me.

Hiroshi, you guys were
going at it with Papillon.

What about that?

Things went boom this morning.

Wasn't it you guys?

Hell naw, wasn't us!

The owner and our bro
came to an agreement

and now they're best buds.

Barkeep, wake up.

Even butterflies hibernate in autumn.


You following him, too?

Who's he?

Wait, you're just taking a break, then?

You're one to talk,
I thought you were busy.

Who am I getting busy for?

He was entrusted
with the store that blew up.

Maybe he's related to the bomb

that caused all your fuss.

Figured as much.

I'm charging up!

-Relax, man.
-No way.

Once I'm through, it's go time.

Just when I finally started
to catch some Z's,

I end up staking out for Yoshino.

I haven't slept at all in four days.

Tomorrow's Sunday.


To everyone else.

That's my ride there.

I'm too dehydrated,

and sweating bullets.


Where's the radio?


Where's his vantage point?

Nope. I've never seen him.

Right. So could you tell me

if the owner's linked
to any political extremists?

No way. He's a yakuza.
Just a mere loan shark.

You gotta lemme go,
and tell the owner how much

it's gonna cost to fix this.

If I lose my job, I won't be able
to provide my granny in the boonies.

Your granny in the boonies?

Now I gotta buy you a drink.

Well then, by all means.

Fool, I was talking about coffee.


-Two coffees.
-Yes, sir.

How can you guys
really afford to do all that?

Well, does it really matter either way?

If Yuji here just wrote a letter
of resignation or apology,

that'd be the end of it.

You're a cold man at heart, you know.

Well, sir, you like your Taniku hot, so...


-We got a composite. It's perfect.
-Is that so?


Thanks for the help, ma'am.

Send her home, Hitomi.

-Yes, sir.
-Thanks for your kindness.

My pleasure, thank you.


Chief Matsumura.

Yes, sir.

We think this might be our man.

This guy? Well?

I don't remember ever arresting him.

Do you think we could show
his face on TV?

Difficult to say.

We might get in trouble if he's underage.

The Chief will write an apology
if it was the case.

Or a resignation letter, right?

Let's go ahead with this already, sir!

Well, if Papillon's barkeep
recognizes him, we got this.

Where's the barkeep?

I sent him to the bathroom.


I know you.

You're the guy who was just a virgin.

What's wrong?

We meet again, granny.

Wasn't that amusing to you?

There's still plenty of fun to come.

Be on the lookout for it.

Right this way, sir.

The witness is over there.

Guess I'll send your bones...

to your granny in the boonies.

Was it him?

The guy in the composite photo?

Which way did he go?

He went off that way,

then turned this way.

And then... Ugh...

This time it's not the bomb,
but your modified gun!

I'm gonna make you fess up, you punk!

Violence won't solve this!

Yoshino will be send off to Prefectural!

He said he'll strike again later today!

Hands off!
You gotta do this by the book!

People will die if I can't get
this guy to talk!

That's right!

There's one bomb left.

And eight rounds left
in the modified gun.

What's the target?

Unless you let me go,

more people will die.

So you have accomplices.


And just who are...

these "comrades" of yours!?

I didn't just hide out for eight years.

You lightweight people
can't hope to match up.

Do anything you want to me,

I ain't talking.

You think you're better than us!?

My bad, 60 kilometers!

Knock it off!


What do you want!?

Come on, Mr. Tanaka, talk to me.

Let's have a nice Saturday.

Let's lighten up the mood a bit.

-Spit it.

Here we go again...

What were you doing
in Yokohama for eight years?

The food is delicious,
the women are beautiful.

Quite the fashionable place.

But that town's got a dry,

detached quality to it.

Your former comrades

have all turned common citizens.

The revolution and assassinations

are all fading into the distance.

That's when...

you encountered a similarly lonely

young chap on the streets.

You saw him as a comrade,

and took him under your wing.

He was to become your successor.

And you told him that...

if anything ever happened to you,

to use your gun and bomb.

Bingo, eh?

Here are the copies.

Many thanks.

-Thank you.
-Excuse me, sir.

This is your latest comrade.

This is 110.

What's your emergency?

Anyone there?

I know a dude who's wanted by the cops.

He's at 205 Toyo Heights
on Minato Avenue.

The guy's always harping on
about his beliefs.

He's a dick.

He called the police yesterday...

and told them all about you.

All that ruckus out there?

It wasn't about bailing you out.

All he wanted was to get you locked up

and play around
with your radio bomb and gun.

How could he betray me like that!?



Yes, sir.

-I'm off.
-Good luck.

Good luck.

Good luck.


You're suspended.

Make that for tomorrow.

This has to be a mistake.

We'd prefer it if it was,
but sadly, it isn't.

He didn't do it. Akihiko,

has never been angry, resentful,

or angry since he was little.

So that means he's been sober?

Yes. Akihiko Imamura.

She has one child.

He dropped out of Kanagawa
Seinan University after a year.

Tomorrow he'll be 20, meaning

he's a minor until
the clock hits midnight.

The only thing his mother had in mind

regarding him was...

Do you know him?


You boys seen this guy?

Lemme try this.

You're good.


Say, has this guy come in here?

Are you scouting?

Did he drop by today?

He was a bore.

You ever talk to him?

Nobody talks to anyone here.

We keep to ourselves.

Hey miss.

You work at Papillon, right?

Did this guy ever drop by there?

You some kinda freak?

I'm Mr. Policeman.

Ain't got nothing to do with me.

Not quite, hold up right there!



That's the worst way to treat a woman.

Can I buy you a drink?

Oh, perfect.

I already ordered you one.

I'm not like those other girls, you know.

I tend to always be on the mark
when it comes to women.

You drinking oshiruko through a straw?

You wanna be pampered?

What a beauty.

-What was that?
-Didn't you hear me?

Seen this guy around?

Yeah, I remember him.

-Remi knows more about him.
-Remi, huh?

Your silko a la cappe.

What did you whisper to her?

Detectives need to have
a sense of humor, y'know.

What's with that "Mr. Policeman" crap?

I nearly forgot
you're a fashionable man.

You're lucky you were raised here.
It's giving me a sour stomach.

Mr. Takayama!

Papillon and Akihiko Imamura are linked.

Really? Then, let's roll!

No, you get outta here.

We'll take it from here.

Oh, okay.

-I'll go look around, then.

No way.

If it were just up to you two,

the boy who did this'd get away with it.

-What do you mean?
-What do you mean?

"Dangerous Detectives."

-What do you mean?
-What do you mean?

Forget it, let's get moving.

That a fact? The barkeep got iced?

Well you see, I don't watch TV,
nor read the paper.

What kind of customer was he?

Huh? What shirt?

What kind of customer was Imamura?

Oh, I understand now. My bad!

I got rubella last year,
so I can't hear too well.

What about Imamura?

He came to the shop about a week ago.

He suddenly asked me
if he wanted to screw.

Me and the barkeep just laughed.

So we then left the place,
went to a hotel, and...

Okay, stop right there.

No need to get into
further details on that.

That'd be considered prostitution.

But you didn't come here
for that, did you?

Go on. How was Imamura at the hotel?

He was normal.

He seemed to be new to it,
if you catch my lingo.

Don't worry. This phone is special.

Hello? Remi speaking.

Do you remember who this is?

Huh? Who?

The man of the hour, Akihiko Imamura.

Oh... I heard you caused
quite a mess of things.

The barkeep made fun of me.

Even though I'm so cool,

I couldn't sleep that night.

Oh? That's why you harassed

and killed people in his shop?

I have a distaste for you, too.

Is that so? How come?

You said the other night
that I was able to "do it right"

in spite of being my first time.

Why would you say such a thing?

I couldn't stop the tears from falling

each passing day due to it.

Really, now?

That's why I'm gonna kill you, too.

You're kidding! Really?

I know the cops are there with you.

Put them on.

Is that you, Imamura?

No, it's Boy A to you.

Hey, tell us where you're at.

You should be able to see me
right out the window.

Evening. And don't move!

I planted a bomb!

So don't even think
of going out the balcony.

If anyone...

moves an inch...

I'm pressing the remote
detonation immediately.

Why are you doing something so foolish?

I just felt like trying
something foolish.

But this could nab you
the death penalty.

No worries.

I'm Boy A till midnight tonight.

I said, don't move!

Hey, tell me how you guys
are feeling right now!?

Is your heart pounding?

Please, don't torment us.

Keep talking like that.

Start pleading for your life,
or something.

The hell's your angle, man!?

Let's see here...

I hope you enjoy the teasing.

When it's almost midnight,
we'll enjoy the last fireworks

of the high-teens season.

I can't wait to flip this switch.

I'm so excited!

Oh, no, he really means it!

I don't wanna die!

Yes, keep talking like that!

More frightness!

Stop moving!

Keep it down.
We can't risk provoking him.

How did this kid turn out like this?


What time is it?

Did my clock get stuck?

It's 10:03.


Is it really still?


There's two hours left.

You should be plenty scared,

so I'll be handing out a freebie.

Takayama and the rest are so careless.

They should've called in
if they had a lead.

Even Kaoru tagged along,
I wonder what's up.

It's so late already.

This is gonna bite me later.

What happened?

What about?

Weren't you with Taka and the others?

They had me going around town,

but I didn't find anything,
so I'm going home.

You're going home!?

My girl's been waiting
since eight o'clock.

I can't let her dump me, sir.

I'll be leaving now.

I don't get it...

I'm totally dumbfounded by all of this.

Things are changing quite rapidly.

I don't think...

I can wait...

another 90 minutes.

I think it's time for the fireworks.

My heart's pounding hard!


Look behind you.

A patrol car's coming.

Cheating bastard...

Get lost!

Hey, I'm coming with!

Hold up! What about me!?



Hold it, Imamura!

It's almost midnight!


Back off!

I'll shoot!

Don't shoot...

It's nearly midnight...

Lemme catch you as a minor.

You okay?

It's still before midnight.

Don't do it, Taka.

You can't pick on kids these days.

I'm gonna teach this punk...

how business is handled.



Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

Stay cool, just getting a smoke.

Let's drop this. Lower your gun.


That's the only thing
keeping you safe now!

Hold your fire!

Don't, Imamura! Don't shoot!

Taka, don't!

You shouldn't torments kids.

Not quite, you're no longer Boy A.

You're now murderer, Akihiko Imamura!

It's not midnight yet, though!

Your clock's stuck.

Give the guy a break.

Forcing him to act as an adult.

There'll be more adults
like this from now on.

Move it.

I'll escort him
to Prefectural Police HQ.

Good work.

Let's go.

I'd better get going.

-Yes, sir?

Thank you.

-You've done good, too.
-Yes, sir!

The written apology, sir.

And the investigation report.

What a pickle.

I heard you forced the kid
to open fire after midnight!

You've crossed the line this time.

Mr. Taka!

It's not like you to let a kid
provoke you.

Taka, you'd better reconsider.

You're very inflexible in nature.


Who cares about a minute
or two of difference?

It's just a change of a few numbers.


Chief! This calls for the Captain!

Time of incident was a minute
before midnight.

That's a bit much, Chief.


Made him fess up.

That a fact? Great work!

Get the report out tomorrow, okay?

I'll be going now.


Mr. Yoshi, papers, please.

Yes, sir.

Good work, everyone.

Goodnight, sir!

Hey, Yuji! Wake up and drink.

You may fit in Yokohama,

but not as a cop.

Even you have a soft spot.

Where you going?

Stake out the gang leader.

I'll nail him, regardless of what
the Chief or Prefectural tell me.

You really are a detective machine,
you know that?

It's Sunday, remember?

Sunday is a day for working.

How foolish.

Forget about work and join me

for some drinks this fine evening.

Hey, you heard that?
Go join her on that drink.

Hold up, Taka! I'm coming with you!

Their lost, I'll enjoy it all by myself.

Subtitle translation by: GEO9875