A Discovery of Witches (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Episode #3.6 - full transcript

I'm trying to piece back together
the pages of an ancient manuscript.

You're the one who would
learn how it all began.

We witches, we need to know
how to protect ourselves.

Give me the page!

Diana will avenge me!

Knox will be brought to justice.

It is evident that the Congregation
no longer has the discipline

to counter their campaign.

The vampires have to take this
matter into their own hands.

Let me be free.

I'm here to warn you
about Benjamin.

He talks about a witch with
the power of life and death.

But you need to know,
he talks about you too.

Promise me that you will never
go anywhere near him.

I want everyone to be clear
on what happens next.

As far as I'm concerned,

everybody stays here
until Matthew's returned

and Benjamin's
out of the picture.

I'm going to Oxford
to retrieve the book.

Maybe the Book of Life can wait?

-It has for four hundred years.
-Matthew and I agreed.

It's not up for discussion.

-Where's Matthew?
-He's gone to find Benjamin.

-He's gone alone?
-Yes. That was his choice.

You should all know I have no intention
of pacing the halls until he gets back.

We each have a role to play.
Mine is to go to Oxford.

I have the pages and now
it's time to get the Book.

-Hamish you can make the arrangements.
-Consider it done.

Sarah and Fernando,
you'll be coming with me.

And the rest of us?

I need you to stay here
to watch Rebecca and Philip.

Knox knows that I am
his last chance to get the book

and he will do
whatever it takes.

Clear a path
and allow her entry.

Congratulations. You are now
the library's newest reader.

Now, I should probably make you swear
not to bring in fire or flame to the Bod.

You know I can't
make any promises.

We'll attract
a lot of attention.

Are you ready for this?

Let them come.

I think we've reached
an understanding.

I didn't think you'd consider
daemons worthy of your time.

In normal circumstances, no,
but we need their support,

albeit begrudging, if we are to reform
the Congregation.

You seem to be assuming
that we are...

The Covenant is broken
beyond repair.

Unless we vampires provide leadership,
only chaos will follow.

As evidenced by the events at
Sept-Tours. A hard line must be drawn.

To that end the daemons
have agreed that Agatha must go.

Her vocal support of Diana Bishop
makes her a liability.

Membership reform will ensure
that the balance of power

will rest with the vampires,
as it should.

That is not how The Congregation
was designed.

My father...

Philippe created the Congregation
to serve the Covenant.

He expected the wisdom of it
to be self-evident.

Sadly, that is no longer true.

Your brother's flagrant disregard
for our laws has endangered us all.

My plan will ensure our collective
survival and protect your father's legacy.

But we must seize the moment
and act now.

And I would hope that his only
remaining full-blooded son

would back me in that.

You have my support.

I need you to do
something for me.

I know what you're going to ask.

Then you should know
I'm asking you as Grandmaster.

Hey. The car's here.

I have the pages.
Is Fernando ready?

He left already,
he said he'll meet us in Oxford?

-That wasn't part of the plan.

Phoebe, we need to talk
about what happens next.

If Diana can't find the Book
and if Matthew can't stop Benjamin.

Then things could go very wrong,
very quickly.

And we'll need to be ready
to leave.

I understand.

I'll go to New Orleans
and I'll take the twins with me.

And I'll follow?

Marcus? I'm coming with you.

There are places I can go
where they won't think to look.

And I'm gonna need to hide there,
until it's safe to be a de Clermont again.

Why are you saying all this?

Because this might not be
just for weeks,

this could be decades, this could be
centuries, I don't know.

And where does this
leave me being sired?

No. Don't, don't do this.
We, we decided...

If you don't make the change,

then you still have the choice.

-You can go back to your life...
-You are my life, Marcus!

-You say that, but...
-No! No, I mean it.

I just have to be sure
that you know what's coming.

I do.

Don't usually see fading
like this on a bloke your age.

Spend a lot of time in the sun?

Not as much as I'd like.

-Nice dragon.
-She's a firedrake.

Give me a minute.

Why are you here, Fernando?

Diana's going to Oxford
to complete The Book of Life.

She needs you, Menino.

-Not anymore.
-Matthew's gone after Benjamin.

Marcus wants you with her.

You were the one who told me
I should walk away.

And you know how hard
it was for me to do it.

I do.

My days of being at the de Clermonts'
beck and call are over.

Then don't do this
because you're a de Clermont.

Do it because you're the man
I know you to be.

You've been missed.

Glad to hear it, Auntie.

Right, come on,
let's finish what we started.

Diana, we'll stay here
and keep watch.

Good luck.

How does it feel to be back?

It feels right.

Ashmole 782 please.

Thank you.

I'll let you know
when it's arrived.

-It's that simple?
-Well, let's hope so.

Sorry, the book you
requested isn't here.

It has to be.

It's listed as missing.

I'll check the system for you.

Check the lift.

-I just did.

All right.

Thank you.

Masking spell.

You've already come so far.


It's the story of us.

Here lies, the lineage of an ancient
tribe known as the Bright Born.

Their power,
boundless as the night.

Their love began
with absence and desire,

two hearts becoming one...

When fear overcame them.

We need to get out of here.

-We've got it.
-Where is it?

Disguising spell.


It's all right here,

Gallowglass, we've got to move.

It's completely empty.
There's not a word. Nothing.

Hey, we've got to go.

It's all in you, isn't it?

We're still a bit too exposed
here for my liking.

The sooner we get you to the helipad
and back to France, the better.

-Time to go. Vamos.

-They're leaving now.

Come, join the celebrations.

I'm not sure what
there is to celebrate.

-What you set in motion this afternoon...
-Glorious, isn't it?

If you enjoy the prospect
of internecine war.

What I will enjoy is bringing
an end to the de Clermonts

and their cloying
sense of superiority.

Philippe has been
dead for decades

and yet his disease-riddled family
still wears him like a shield

against their hypocrisy.

Baldwin has capitulated.
The family's authority is compromised.

So, forgive my jubilant mood,

but it has taken centuries to position
my pieces on the board.

-Ever since I met Benjamin Fuchs.

Philippe thought Matthew'd killed him,
when he'd actually weaponized him.

Imagine the sheer poetry of Benjamin
being the last thing Philippe saw

before he lost his mind.

Never let it be said I didn't capitalize
on opportunities

as they presented themselves.

You've played your part well,

I couldn't have done it
without you.

It still keeps perfect time.


You're finally here.

Lena turned out to be
an excellent messenger.

You didn't concoct this pathetic
charade just to get me here.

This is everything to do with your
addiction to cruelty and obscenity.

-That you would choose this place.
-Poor Philippe.

You know, they could hear his screams
in every room of this hospital.

Some of my best work.

If it's any consolation,

I was well rewarded with the information
I got from him.

Even though it was worthless?

You got nothing of value
from Philippe.

He saw to that.

All this time
you've been living a lie,

a narrative that you've invented
for yourself, Benjamin.

-And what might that be?
-The wronged son!

Abandoned, damaged,

paying back
his father's sins in pain.

I see what you did here.
I see what you did to those women.

I am exactly what you made me.

It's too late
to regret that now.

My only regret, my son,

is that I didn't end you.

No, you didn't have the courage
to kill me outright.

Instead, you destroyed me,

one day, one drop
of blood at a time.

Made me into a vampire and abandoned
me in a city crowded with warmbloods.

Do you remember what it feels like,
that new hunger for blood?

How it cuts you in two?

How strong the blood rage is
when you're first changed?


And did you know
you'd pass on your affliction?

I prayed for it. I wanted you to be cursed
for your betrayal of my family.

Blood rage isn't
a curse, Father.

It's a gift.

The only thing of worth
you gave me.

Tell me, I'm intrigued. Why now?

-I had to wait.
-For what?

For you to be happy.

What would be the point
in ending a miserable life?

Then Diana gave birth.

To know that it was still possible
for a witch to bear the children

of a blood-raged vampire

such as myself.

I look forward to my next meeting
with Diana very much.

Oh, Father,

in my experience,
witches are so fragile.

I do hope Diana is more robust.

I guess you'll never know.

...not worthy of his respect,
his love...

You, me, Jack, Diana...


Stand up and face me.

It's not your fault.

I wasn't a good father

I trust you had a pleasant journey?

What's been going on in here?

Nothing that need concern you.

I can feel it.

You hurt witches in here.

They were barely witches
in comparison to you.

Certainly none of them could've brought
Matthew de Clermont to his knees.

My only regret is that Diana
wasn't here to see it.

In time...

-You should kill Matthew.
-We need him.

Diana will come and look for him
whether he's dead or alive.

Better he's dead.

I'll do it, if you cannot.

We agreed.

I get Matthew and you get Diana.

I have no interest in my father's witch.
She's all yours.

Diana will not come alone.
We should be prepared.

He found us.

-I've got this.

This is witch business.

I know you have
the Book of Life!

Every witch in Oxford
knows that.

Give it to me.
Don't think I won't take it.

Oh, Diana, what have you done?

You conceited little fool,
it has no place with you!

But it has a place
with a murderer?

No. It wasn't murder. It wasn't even
self-defense, it was pest control.

Emily died because
she simply got in the way,

like all your family...

Always an inconvenience,
never a threat.

Not even Stephen and Rebecca.

Come the wind.

At least they had some higher magic,
they weren't just kitchen witches.

Give me the fucking book!

Come the wind,
capture the dark.

Are you really gonna let her
embarrass herself like this?

You don't have the power!

I have a spell. Come the wind!

Capture the dark!

Bring the darkness to an end.

-Scatter him to the corners of the Earth!

For Stephen, for Rebecca!

For Em.

What is it?

Oh, my God, you've got it.
You've got the Book of Life.

It's a little more
complicated than that.

I don't fully understand it yet.

But I think we have the missing piece
of the puzzle.

My father designed this chamber so that
no one species could dominate.

Perhaps Gerbert is right.

And reform is long overdue.

You and I
have never been close.

I know you don't trust me,
I've given you little reason to do so.

But for decades I've sat in that chamber
and done, for the most part,

what I believed to be right.

I genuinely believed creatures
were well-served by us.

And even by you,

our inflexible, arrogant head.

However, that will not be the same
under Gerbert's leadership.

Once he's re-engineered the Congregation,
there'll be no one to stop him.

There's nothing I can do
about that, Domenico.

My position, the standing of the De
Clermonts has been fatally undermined.

-Who do you think is to blame for that?

Because that's what Gerbert
wants you to believe.

What does that mean?

Benjamin's re-emergence,

the blood rage killing,
they're all his doing.

He's been in league
with Benjamin for centuries.

Oh, come on, we both know
he's no stranger to hubris.

He has no idea
what he has unleashed.

I'm not sure he cares.

It's up to you what you do
with that information.

But I've played my part.

What do you want in return?

To my horror,
absolutely nothing.

Oh, I know.

I barely recognize myself.

These births, deaths, family trees,
but it's more than that.

Our history keeps
revealing itself.

Miriam, this has to be shared
so that we can figure out.

-If it means what I think it does.
-Diana, this...

It's extraordinary.

It really is extraordinary.

-Diana, this could unlock everything.
-Yes, it's saying we're all connected.

I just don't know how.

I should really check on Sarah.

Yeah. Come on, D, you gotta give us
a chance to catch up.

-All right? We'll try and reach Matthew.
-Thank you.


I thought I'd be glad Knox is dead.
It's what I wanted.

It's what he deserved.

I know.

I also know

I never want that kind
of power again.

What you did today,
it wasn't just for Em,

it was for all of us.

Diana, you need to see this.

Hello, Diana.

I'm afraid Matthew
isn't doing very well.

Now, I'm draining him,
whilst keeping him alive.

A drug of my own design.

I'm afraid he doesn't
have very long left.

I thought you might
want to say goodbye.

Time is running out.

When Matthew is found guilty,
he'll be executed along with his wife.

There will be a De Clermont
left untouched.

-What do you want?
-I asked him to come.

We need Baldwin's help
to find Matthew.

Benjamin's playing with you.
He's practically told you where he is.

I know what
I'm walking into.