A Discovery of Witches (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript

The epic conclusion of the acclaimed saga finds Matthew (Matthew Goode) and Diana (Teresa Palmer) returning from 1590 to present day and combating what they left behind.

To be a husband and a father again...
that's all I've ever wanted.

There must be no question
that Diana is a de Clermont.

And with this mark, you're forever
a member of our family.

Madam de Clermont,
such a recent blood vow is deafening.

A vampire is murdering warmbloods.

Whoever is doing this
is infected with blood rage.

Our priority has to be the missing
pages from the Book of Life.

It's possible that Diana Bishop's
aunts already have it.

I have reason to believe
they're being sheltered.

A witch born to daemons.

If you ever go near
my grandchild again,

I'll kill you
with my bare hands.

Sleep now.

Diana will unite all creatures
and she will avenge me!

Oh, she's gone.

I don't know what to do.

I can't believe Em's gone.

I can't imagine the baby
not knowing her.

Two heartbeats.

Two babies?


These children
are our future.

The Congregation will never harm
our family again.

I promise.

Welcome home,
old friend.

It's been far too long.

Gallowglass, welcome.

It looks like
we have another guest.

It's so good to see you.

Hey, it's only been a few days
for you, Diana.

Some of us have been
waiting centuries.

This is the darkest of days.

When Peter Knox murdered
Emily Mather,

he killed a woman that was like
a mother to my wife.

He killed a woman that was truly
beloved by Sarah.

He killed a woman who was under
the protection

of the de Clermont family.

And, therefore, Peter Knox
has brought about, his own end.

Knox has powerful allies.

Let's consider the consequences
before we take action.

None as powerful
as the de Clermonts.

Killing him will be too easy.
It'll make him a martyr.

People need to know what he did
and not just to Em.

That's why Mum's
on her way to Venice.

She's told Baldwin to hold an immediate
meeting of the Congregation,

so she'll have a chance to tell the
truth about what really happened here

before Knox and Gerbert
can twist it.

And they will.
They'll portray us as the aggressors.

I'm afraid they'll use what's been
happening in Oxford for the same ends.

What has been happening
in Oxford?

There's been
a series of killings.

They've rather captured
the imagination of the press.

They're calling them
"The Vampire Murders".

And for once,
the newspapers are right.

The victims were killed
by a vampire with blood rage.

A lot has been happening while you
were in the 16th century, Matthew.

Gerbert will use this
against you.

I thought I should
introduce myself.

There hasn't really been
the right moment until now.

I'm Phoebe Taylor.
Marcus and I...

I know what you are
to each other, Miss Taylor.

Right, well, I only wish we were
meeting under better circumstances.


Now there is a great deal
to be done

and Marcus has many important
responsibilities, so...

I am well aware
of my responsibilities.


As Grand Master of the Knights
of Lazarus, your primary task

is to, at all costs, uphold the
sanctity of Sept-Tours.

And you think I failed?

Knox shouldn't have been allowed to get
within ten miles of this place.

You make it sound like
he went unchallenged!

-Marcus could have been killed.
-Emily was killed!

Matthew, enough!

You know, I always used to take
your disappointment personally.

But I'm finally beginning to understand
that nobody's beyond reproach.

Not even you.

Blood rage?

It seems the rumors of its defeat
are somewhat exaggerated.

After all, there are two blood-raged
vampires just in this room.

You're not
a blood-raged vampire.

You're not.

You... carry the disease.

So you thought it was okay to lie
to me for centuries?

There was no need
for you to know.

That wasn't
your decision to make.


Why was Em
at the temple?

She'd been having dreams.

Nightmares about the page.

Em thought they were
some sort of premonition.

She needed someone
to help her with them.

She needed...




No, Em was against
higher magic.

She told me that any witch who was fool
enough to think they could handle it...

...deserved to find out
they couldn't. The hard way.

You do realize she was speaking
from experience?

Yeah. She didn't
want you to know.

What was she thinking?

I don't know.
I wish I could ask her.

We could.

We could ask her.


You know we can't do that.

I can't use my power to change things
in the past.

Not deliberately.

Why not?

Do you think it was Em's destiny to be
murdered by Knox? Her fate?

You think this was
all meant to happen?

No, of course not.

None of this is how
it was supposed to be.

She's meant to be here
with you.

So, I can tell you
both together.

I know these babies
won't fix our problems...



Twice blessed.

What are they?
Witch? Vampire?

I don't know.

Or something else?

I'll love them
no matter what.

But how will you
keep them safe?

This meeting is at the request
of Agatha Wilson of the daemons.

We relinquish the floor to her.

I'm sure whatever she wants
to discuss is fascinating.

I have the floor,

However, there is an issue that needs
our immediate attention.

The murders in Oxford.

It's a human matter.
Not for discussion here.

Even when the murders are the work
of a blood-raged vampire?

There hasn't been a case of blood rage
since the 12th century.

I've been tracking the killer's
movements for the last few months.

He's killed six people
in that time.

Humans are quite capable
of violence.

Not like this, Baldwin.
The victims were torn apart.

No human I've ever known
has the strength

to inflict wounds of that nature.
Only vampires.

Do we know who this vampire
is supposed to be?

I tracked and confronted him
after his last kill.

Who is he?

I was fighting for my life.
I didn't see his face.

I didn't recognize his scent.
He's not a vampire I'd met before.

And he's still at large.

This puts all creatures at risk.

We only live safely amongst humans
by not drawing attention to ourselves.

-The vampires must deal with this.
-And we will. I will.

Your family assured us that blood
rage had been consigned to history.

I can remember Philippe sitting in that
chair declaring the scourge defeated!

I can only imagine his disappointment
at the current state of affairs.

Vampires, witches, daemons mixing,
marrying and even mating.

I understand there are people here
today who are complicit in it.


Agatha Wilson's family are breaking
the Covenant even as we speak.

They are at Sept-Tours along
with other daemons, witches,

vampires, and even humans.

Is this true?

Perhaps, Baldwin,
you should see for yourself.

I'm sure you're looking forward
to reuniting with your brother...

and his wife.

Matthew and Diana
are at Sept-Tours?


And they arrived home to find that
Diana's aunt, the witch Emily Mather,

had been murdered
by Peter Knox!

That is not true.

Emily was practicing higher magic
and, sadly, it overwhelmed her.

And how did Marcus Whitmore
come by his injuries?

I was forced to defend myself.
He attacked me.

-What were you doing there?
-How dare you question my work?

We daemons know only too well
how you all see us.

How you question our position
on this council.

Let's see what we can do with the
power that you so kindly afford us.

I move that Peter Knox

be removed from the Congregation
for his crimes!

You can demand
whatever you please,

but without a witch or a vampire
to second your motion...

It is an act of war for a witch to
enter Sept-Tours without invitation.

-I second the motion.
-You still need a majority.

I'm well aware of that Knox.

I have served this council
unstintingly for years.

I have ensured the safety of not only
my fellow witches, but all creatures...

All those opposed to Peter Knox's
expulsion from this council?

And those in favor?

What do you think
you are doing?

Peter, you killed a witch.

-Justice must be served.
-With my vote, the motion's passed.


Peter Knox, you are no longer
a member of the Congregation.

You will no longer hold a key
to the chamber.

You will have no power,
no privilege,

and you must remove yourself
and your possessions

from this island
and never return here.

You think that this keeps
your family safe?

Or those at Sept-Tours?

You are wrong.

I'm proud of you.


You, Sophie, and Margaret
should leave tonight.

You need to get
on a plane and go.

Knox is dangerous and he's got
nothing to lose now.

I don't want you to call me
or get in touch.

Not until all this is over.

If I know where you are,
then Peter Knox

can use me to get to you
and our family.

I love you, Mum.

I love you, too.

I don't think I can.



we offer your spirit light
in every direction.

We offer you protection
along the way.

We release you
from your earthly ties.

And with the path lit
and free from danger...


We send you
on your next journey.

It didn't feel quite right to attend
a witch's ceremony,

considering my history.

They'll be cold
when they get back.

Let's relight the fires and say our own
prayers for Emily.

What I said
about the babies...

I was lashing out.

Your children are gonna be
very special.

She would never let it fall
into Knox's hands.

I will make Knox pay
for all of it.

For everything
he took from us.

From our family.

Where the hell have you been
for the last few months?

-London, mainly.
-Don't lie to me.

I've had people looking for you
and the witch.

I'm not lying, Baldwin.
We were in London.

Just... a few centuries away.

Is there no end
to the witch's talents?

Not so far, and that witch
is now my wife.

I can only imagine what Philippe
would say.

He was there at the wedding.

I don't believe you.

Well, his blood vow was his wedding
present to Diana.

Now no one can question
her position...

in the family.

The same cannot be said for everyone
you've assembled here.

If you think you're offering them a
place of safety you are sadly mistaken.

Peter Knox made sure
of that.

And what he did
demands justice, Baldwin.

I agree and I've already
dealt with him.

-He's dead?

He's been expelled
from the Congregation.

He's lost his job?
He killed someone here at Sept-Tours!

-He killed a witch.
-A member of my wife's family!

You can't have it
both ways!

If she is your mate
and Philippe's blood-sworn daughter,

then she answers
to this family and me!

And I am ordering you and every other
de Clermont to leave Peter Knox alone.

There are more pressing matters
that need to be dealt with.

The blood rage murders.
Fingers are already being pointed.

I want the infected vampire found,
killed, and the outbreak contained.

And you're expecting me
to do it?

At a time of crisis, we should
all play to our strengths.

We can discuss how to undo the rest
of the damage over dinner.

Family only.

But do bring
the witch.

I'll be the judge of whether she is
a de Clermont.

I can't help but feel that we've got
the better end of the deal tonight.

I know where
I'd rather be.

I would like to think that there
will never be a time

that we cannot sit down
together as a family.

Even if it means our guests aren't
welcome to join us at the table?

I'll not apologize
for observing the Covenant.

It has been keeping us safe
for centuries.

Do you still believe that?

Of course I do.

Do you believe that this is what
your father imagined

when he established
the Congregation?

I believe that my father always had
the best intentions.

No one questions that,
but the world has changed.

Indeed. There is
a witch at the table,

who bears my father's
blood vow.

There was a time
when that was unthinkable.

Philippe's mark is an honor,
but it is also a privilege.

My concern is for the creatures
who are not afforded that.

For them, the Covenant
has outlived its usefulness.

Speaking against the Covenant

in the house that Philippe de Clermont
built is inexcusable.

We should have been dining in honor
of a lost friend this evening.

We are.

To Emily.

Perhaps we should look
to brighter things.

To my brother's mate

and their unborn children.

Whatever they are.

I seem to remember
that this isn't the first time

a vampire had a child
with a witch.

Matthew may recall
better than I.

What happened
to the child?

It's not relevant.

The witches banished it
along with the mother.

I believe they died
in the desert.

-Why would they do that?
-Superstition and ignorance.

Wasn't that around the time
that you sired Benjamin?

Enough, Baldwin.

I hadn't thought about him
in a long time, but then,

with all the talk of blood rage
at The Congregation

and Gerbert reminding us of
the de Clermonts' involvement,

it did set me thinking about
our family's past exploits.

Well, thank you very much
for supper, Baldwin.

Excuse me, maman. I'm sure I'm not
the only one who has had their fill.

One more thing.

Anyone who is not a de Clermont should
leave this house by morning.

The Congregation is watching
and as de Clermonts,

we will uphold Philippe's covenant.

Look, it's clear.
We can't stay here.

We'll leave for London
first thing. All of us.

Who is Benjamin?
Another de Clermont?

Not exactly.

At the end
of the first crusade,

I was in Jerusalem.

Philippe dreamt of establishing
a homeland for creatures,

but in order to do so, it was necessary
for us to reveal ourselves

to some humans that we thought
we could trust.

And, Benjamin
was one of them.

So when Benjamin threatened
to expose us all,

it crushed
Philippe's dream.

I lost control.

-Matthew, I think I met him.
-No, no, that's not possible.

In Bohemia.

He said he could hear
Philippe's blood vow.

But he called himself Fuchs.
Not de Clermont.

He certainly didn't say
he was your son.

He's not my son.

Not in any true sense.

By God, I wanted
to punish him.

Death would be
too quick.

I made him a vampire,

so that he couldn't reveal our true
nature without revealing his own.

And then...

I abandoned him.

A new blood-raged vampire.

I thought it would kill him
eventually or get him killed.

It was the most
terrible miscalculation...

So, this place is as welcoming
as I always remember.

Especially with Baldwin
in residence.

Yeah. Just like his father.
A right bastard when he wants to be.

I know.

We're not meant to say a word
against the great man on this...

hallowed ground.

Philippe wasn't always
the easiest man to get along with.

Why do you think
my father and Fernando

struck out on their own
and formed a scion?

Maybe history needs
to repeat itself?

Any male with full-blooded children
can establish a scion,

which will be a branch of the original
family, but with autonomy.

And think of who
we can take with us.

Everyone you've sired, Matthew.
Everyone they've sired.

Our children.

Baldwin will never see the problems
that the Covenant cause us

or stand up
to the Congregation.

But if we establish a scion,
we can chart our own path.

Marcus, you are asking me
to disregard the history

and the family
who made me who I am.

You ask too much.

My answer is no.

We have enough problems
without splitting our family.

They're all leaving.
Matthew and Marcus as well.

It would appear so.

I'm surprised you're
not going with them.

Another hollow victory.

If Matthew crosses the line,
I won't protect him.

-Goodbye, Baldwin.
-This will not end well.

Bem-vindo, Matthew.
Welcome home.


I knew I could
rely on you.

You were there for me
when we lost Hugh.

Thank you.

Who's that?

He was mated
to Matthew's brother Hugh.

So you think the page itself
can give us some answers?

Miriam, the pages are made
from the skin of creatures.

I want to see if it's even possible
to extract the DNA.

It might tell us more about
the evolution of creatures.

Our possible extinction.

Maybe even the underlying cause
of blood rage.

If we can trace it back
to its origins then...

perhaps we can begin to understand
what activates it.

Why does it lie dormant in some
vampires and not others?

The Book of Life,
species decline, blood rage.

Somehow this is all connected.

We need a lab.
Somewhere discreet.

I think I know someone
who could help with that.

Okay. He said
he'd meet us here.


Hello, stranger.

-Where the hell have you been?
-It's a long story.

It better be a good one. You don't
call. You don't write. You don't email?

I know. Uh, things got
a little complicated.

Dr. Christopher Roberts.
Dr. Matthew Clairmont.

Really? Your paper on cell cycle
regulation was interesting.

You finally got yourself out the
library and got yourself a boyfriend.


-Married to a Brit?

Any more surprises?

We're expecting twins.

It really has been
a long time.

So where's this lab?

-And you are?
-Dr. Shepherd.

Perhaps we can do the formal
introductions on the way.

Shall we?

So, this is my place.

What do you think?

-Is the equipment well-maintained?
-It's state-of-the-art.

Miriam runs my research.

And what is that exactly?

I mean, Diana was pretty vague
about your current interests.

I could do with a little more detail
before I take this project on.

-What am I looking at here?
-Why don't you tell me?

There's some damage
to the blood cells.


No, genetic.

But it's not anything
I've seen before, is it?


I thought you might
need a coffee.

No one talks about Em.

It's blood rage
and scions.

You vampires always
look after your own.

Do you know who
Hugh de Clermont was?

He was Philippe's
eldest son.

Hugh and I were mated.

For six centuries.

But Philippe refused
to recognize our union.

And when Hugh died,

neither my loss, nor my grief
were acknowledged.

When did he die?

Seven hundred years ago.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Grief never...
really goes away.

It gets quieter, slower...

and sometimes it comes rushing back
like the sea.

The de Clermonts
accepted you and Emily.

More than that they...
embraced you.

And they recognize your loss.

They should recognize yours.

I live in hope.

You're asking me to believe in witches
and blood-raged vampires?

I mean,
you realize how this sounds?

I mean, sure,
as a scientist,

I'm trained to suspend disbelief until
something is disproven,

but without any evidence, you're asking
a hell of a lot from me.

I know.

Are you working on a molecular level
when you do that?


What do you need?

What these groups
have in common

is that they're all, in some way,
suffering decline.

Vampires can no longer sire.
Witches' powers are waning...

And daemons seem to be slipping
into actual mental illness.

And there is a killer
on the loose.

We need a cure
for blood rage.

Do you think you might be able
to help with that?

I can give it
my best shot.

What do you have to say that couldn't
be said in front of the Congregation?

This blood-raged vampire.

All the murders in Oxford were close
to where Matthew and Diana had been.

Photos from the crime scenes.
All the victims.

Why would he be following
Matthew and Diana?

This is just another attempt
to smear the de Clermonts.

The killer stole
their portraits.

Miniatures painted in the 16th century.
Nothing else was taken.

You denounce me,
now you're helping me. Why?

No, I denounced the blood-raged killer.
Not you.

-Gerbert used it to attack me.
-Gerbert, not me.

I don't have to be
your enemy.

When did they get back?

I'm leaving now.

-Auf Wiedersehen.
-Auf Wiedersehen, mein Herr.

This is my DNA.

I'm a vampire.

Philippe charged me
to look after Diana.

I've spent her whole life
keeping her safe.

And Diana is
with Matthew now.

-He is not here.
-I'm sure he'll turn up.

And when he does,
you'll let me know, won't you?

You can't control me anymore.
Your time is over.

Even the de Clermonts' secrets
come out eventually.

It's about time Matthew de Clermont
learns who he's dealing with.

Diana Bishop.

-Father Hubbard, why are you here?
-You left something in my keeping.