A Discovery of Witches (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Episode #2.9 - full transcript

As Diana and Matthew return to London, Diana learns news that could change everything. The Queen holds Matthew to account.

You are truly a weaver.

I didn't finish.

In time, you will
complete your forespell

and your familiar will be revealed.

I am no charlatan.

My kind are loyal to the crown,
Lord Burghley,

Then why keep this marriage
secret from Her Majesty?

I've sent ambassadors to Bohemia
to retrieve Kelley.

- The Emperor rebuffed them.
- Very well, Your Majesty.

I will bring you Kelley.

Then I may forgive
your recent mistakes.

This is what mating is.
An unspeakable urge to possess you,

body and soul.
The rage that feeds on it.


I am nothing without Diana!

I have done all that I can do
to help you.

Stay away from her.

- Kit?
- Louisa!

- I came to see my brother.
- We have much to discuss.

Your heart's broken,
and yet it still beats for him.

The Book of Life
was in this possession.

He tore three of its pages out.

Kelley claims to have
bequeathed a single page

to each of the three species.

Is everything all right?

I don't think so.

You know, there's a part of me
that can imagine staying here,

building a life together,
you, me and Jack.

Hmm. If only
it were that simple.

But we don't belong in this time.

Perhaps we've already
been here too long.

Why can't I come with you today?

The Queen can be unpredictable
at the best of times.

But when someone has failed her,
she can be especially vengeful.

You're being overprotective.

This is not about me
protecting you, Diana.

This is about your presence
making matters even worse.

Find the way with your magic so
we can return to the present.

I'll escort you to Goody Allsop's.

Oh, Diana, we've missed you.

She has been unwell.

We feared she would
not survive the winter.


I told you I'd come back.


Perhaps you are the tonic I require.

Much has happened for us
since you've been away.

Agnes Sampson was tortured.

And Scotland
is aflame with witch hunts.

The persecutions are spreading
south like wildfire.

We are the last of the weavers now.

I'll see what I can do to quell
any anxiety at Whitehall.

Master Roydon.

Your countenance has changed
since we last met.

The dark clouds that circled you

have lifted somewhat.

Kind of you to say.

But there is something else.

I'm pregnant.

That's impossible.

Apparently not.

Vampires reproduce
through resurrection.

This child would be overturning

thousands of years,
millennia, of biology.

It's funny, I...

I felt different.

But I didn't dare
to entertain the thought.

This is uncharted territory, Diana.

We have to get back to our
own time as soon as we can.

What about Jack?

I hate the idea of leaving him
as much as you do.

I'll ensure that
he's well looked after.

First, I must placate the Queen.

Then I'll make
arrangements for Jack.

We can't go back yet, Matthew.
Not until I perfect my magic.

I still have
the final knots to master.

I will meet with the Queen

And I will buy you
the time that you need.

Goody, are you sure
you're well enough?

I'm not dead yet, Diana.

To return to your own time,
you need to complete your training.

Shall I fetch the others?

With haste please, Susanna.

Matthew, going to court.

I thought you'd gone forever.

What of the witch?
Are you free of her?

Kit, why can't you understand?

As long as Diana and I are
alive, we will never be parted.


You have mastered knot three, Diana,

but there are 10 knots.
Still much to do.

I see them.
The threads of the universe.

You are humming
with a new and powerful energy.

I can feel it.

You know what to do.

With knot of one,
the spell is begun.

With knot of two, the spell is true.

With knot of three,
the spell is free.

With knot of four,
the power is stored.

With knot of five,
the spell will thrive.

With knot of six, this spell I fix.

With knot of seven,
the spell will waken.

It is a firedrake!

Focus, Diana.

What do I call you?


Your familiar will return
when she is needed.

For now, you must focus
on the knots.

Her Majesty is keen to hear
why you failed your mission.

Perhaps your appearance will distract
her from a crippling toothache.

- Your Majesty.
- Silence.

I wanted Kelley.

Kelley is a charlatan,

but Emperor Rudolf
will not part with him.

Falsehoods and lies
ooze from your mouth

like drool from a dog!

The Emperor's odious ambassador

informed me that you preferred
to liberate a book!

The clove oil!

Your Majesty.

It is the book I spoke of,
Your Majesty.

The book of greatness
to all creatures.

But not to me.

I beg forgiveness, Your Majesty.

You are a changed man, Shadow.

I tire of your false deference.

You will hand over the book forthwith,
so I may return it to the Ambassador.

I'm sorry.

It was stolen en route from Bohemia.

Is that so?

Lord Burghley,

you will oversee an immediate search
of Master Roydon's home.

It would be my pleasure,
Your Majesty.

- I will gladly accompany...
- You will remain here

until he returns.

Should you be caught in a lie,

your punishment
shall be grave indeed.


and I will treat your wife
like the witch that she is.

- This has nothing to do...
- One more word

and your severed head
will adorn the palace gates.

I want every book
inside this building.

Tear it apart if you must.

Diana. Diana,
Matthew is in grave danger.

I need you to come with me.

Kit, what happened to him?

My sources at Whitehall say the
Queen has cast him into a dungeon.

We should fetch Gallowglass.

It would take hours
to scour all the taverns!

Look, I know that we've
had our differences,

but surely we are united in our
desire for Matthew's safety.

Let's go to him, now.

I will not ask you again.

Hand it over, boy.

- Master Roydon will not be...
- Roydon's feelings are irrelevant.

Our orders come directly
from the Queen.

And I advise you not to interfere.

Why on God's earth
did you steal the book?

I had to.
Rudolf wasn't going to surrender it.

Had I known you were returning,
I would have advised you against it.

The persecution
of witches is escalating.

The Queen's paranoia
will be the death of us all.

I would vouch for you, but I am
not in the Queen's good grace.

I could summon Hal? Or Mary?
She has the Queen's ear.

I need to solve this myself,
old friend.

Before Cecil returns.


With the truth.

There's nothing else here, sir.

Check every room again.

Our work here is done.

I hope Master Roydon's books
will be returned.

I doubt he will have
need of books for much longer.

You will stand aside.

I am loyal to Master Roydon.

And I'm afraid I've sworn
to protect his interests.

Your misplaced loyalties
will not end well.

I suggest you
stand aside immediately.



Your Majesty.

Your blood could make me immortal.

Altering the English succession by
placing a creature on the throne,

as I told your father before you,
would lead to chaos.

My death will lead to chaos.

My enemies snap at my heels.

What will happen when I am gone?

There will be no Spanish invasion.

And, as for the witches,
they need not concern you.

How can you possibly know
your Queen's future?

Because I have seen it.

You are no astrologer.

Diana is a time-spinner.

We arrived here in 1590
from centuries in the future.

Many would think
you were delusional.

If these claims came
from anyone but you, Shadow,

I would not believe a word.

And yet, in your heart,

you know it to be true.

You are a future, Matthew.

Your true Shadow
could not have disappointed you so.

And my realm...

It is secure.

And 500 years hence,

every man, woman
and child knows your name.

Queen Elizabeth I.


the greatest monarch
in English history.


Thank you.

You're welcome.



Pierre and Gallowglass have gone
to fetch her from Goody Alsop's.

Master Roydon!

He took every book in the house.

Damn it!

Except this one.

I stole it back when
Gallowglass stopped them.

They had no idea.

Jack, that was incredibly dangerous.

Well done.

Well done, my boy.

Matthew, is Diana here?

I thought you were fetching her.

The witches said
she left them hours ago.

And we can't find her.


Matthew? Kit, where is he?

Are you sure
this is the right place?

I'm certain of it.


So this is the creature
who bewitched my brother.


Christopher took some
persuading to lure you here.

I like that.

I did not bewitch Matthew.

What do you want from me?


We should bind her,
take her to the ship.

Oh, poor sweet Christopher.

There is no ship.

But we agreed.

She is to be exiled for
Matthew to be freed of her.

No, Kit.

The witch must die.

There are eyes
everywhere in this city.

Aye. Especially
amongst creatures.

She can't have passed through the
streets without drawing the attention

of Hubbard's flock.

I'll interrogate
every last one of them.

Find out.

Where are you?

If any harm comes to me,
Matthew will despise you forever.

And Philippe will seek vengeance.

You dare make assumptions
of my father?

Matthew and I are married.

I am Philippe's
blood-sworn daughter.

I'm surprised you didn't notice.

Let me go, Louisa.

You must be powerful indeed
to bewitch Philippe.

But I will free him
from your thrall.

You are making a grave mistake.

The first shot can be yours.

Maybe we should just
leave her down here.

The only way to win back Matthew's
regard is to free him of the witch.

Kit, your gift is your mind,
your words.

Oh, the words have eluded him.

Your presence has robbed him
of all that he holds dear.

You're not a murderer.

Matthew is a fool to favor her.

But when she is dead,

you will be there to comfort him.

We do this for Matthew.
For love.

"It lies not
in our power to love or hate

"For will in us is overruled by fate

"When two are stripped,
long ere the course begin,

"We wish that one shall lose,
the other win.

"Where both deliberate,
the love is slight

"Whoever loved, that loved
not at first sight?"

What mischief is this?

They're from your poem, Kit.
Hero and Leander.

I have never spoken
these words to anyone.

You want to know your future?
I'll tell you everything.


Christopher is weak.
I am not.


You struck me down!

She had you in her thrall.

And yet you missed.

I shall not miss this time.

Louisa, no!

Your familiar will return
when she is needed.



God save us!

Shall I tell you your futures?

You have none.

Soon, you will die.

And your deaths will not be gentle.

I promise you that.

- What the hell is that?
- What in God's name...

Diana, stop this.
I'll deal with them now.

They are tortured souls, spare them.

Their continued existence
is punishment enough.

Fucking warned you, Kit.

- Matthew, stop.
- Matthew.

Take them to Bedlam.
I'll deal with them there.

- Come on.
- Matthew.

- No.
- Matthew.

Successful endeavor, Your Majesty.

We retrieved every last book
from Matthew Roydon's residence.

Matthew is forgiven.


Leave me in peace.



Mistress Roydon?

Matthew should be back by now.

We should check on him.

You don't want to go
to Bedlam, aunty. Trust me.

You'll take me.
Or I'll find it myself.

Down there.


You should not have come here.

Open your eyes.

This is the witch of the prophecy.

She will destroy you...

and all our kind.

- Matthew, stop.
- Diana, stay back.

Yes, brother.

Let her see the wolf.

Matthew, you're not this man.
Not anymore.

Yes, brother.

Tear out my throat.

You can resist it.

Redefine who you are.

Let them live.

They will not die well.
Don't let it be like this.

Not by your hand.

Think of our future.

Our baby.


Diana, be careful.

Come home.



Every day of my life
is a battle for control.

A war with myself

over the need to possess you
in ways that

no warmblood could possibly fathom.

The blood rage is all consuming.

All I have ever wanted is to cleanse
myself of its burden and shame.


From here,

the heart vein.

They say it tastes sweeter.

To drink from one's mate is to
know that nothing is hidden.

And all that is left
is complete belonging.

And honesty.

Drink, then.

But I'll know your secrets
and you won't know mine.

I could.

The witch's kiss

allows me to see inside your soul.

You might not like what you find.

You first.

You always smell like honey.

Are you ready?

I trust you.

It's okay.

What did you find?


Only you.

Time walker, Diana.

- Who are you?
- Whatever's coming, I'm ready.

There's a whole world out there
and I want to see it all.

Our priority has to be the
missing pages from the Book of Life.

It's possible that Diana
Bishop's aunts already have it.

I have reason to believe
they're being sheltered

at Sept-Tours.

There's someone else close by.
A powerful creature.

Protect the baby.