A Discovery of Witches (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

With danger at every turn, Diana and Matthew are forced to run. But will they escape in time?

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Now I've got you.

You must be Diana?


Hello, Matthew.

Is Gerbert here, with you?

I've left him.

You abandoned me.

And now you're mating with her!

- If you hurt her...
- I have to know how she did it.

Kiss her.

Or I'll make her bleed.

It's going to be all right.

It's going to be alright.

You like how she responds to you.

Gerbert sired me,

groomed me to be
the object of your desire.

I had no value.

I'm sorry.

Your magic can't save him!


I've searched for you my whole life.

You're not gonna die.
Do you hear me?

I won't let you.

Maiden mother, crone, I call you.
Goddess, help me.

I will do anything to save him.

If I help you, there will be a price.

I will give anything,

anything that you want.

Anything, just save him.

Give him life.




Diana, you need to let me help him!

Get away from him!




Your blood can't heal both
of his wounds. He's dying.


Diana, you need to let him go.

I will pay your price!
Whatever it is!

Very well.

- What would I taste like?
- Don't ever say that to me.

It would take but a moment.
You wouldn't be able to stop me

if I struck and I wouldn't be able
to stop myself.

I'm safe with you.

I love you.

- What took you so long?
- I had to go to Oneida.

Use the left arm, it's already open.

It's useless. The tissue's full of your
saliva so it won't absorb anything.

Right, there's gonna be a line
going into your right arm, Diana.

You may feel a sharp scratch.

- Any news of Juliette?
- Afraid not.

Unlike her to run away.

Have you heard anything
more about Matthew?

- He's not at Sept-Tours.
- He's hiding with Diana Bishop.

We must find them.

Well. What?

I have other news.
If I shared it with you,

I'd be taking a certain risk which,
I hope you agree, deserves some


You've had enough handouts,
you greedy little shit.

Tell me what you know.

The stench of a frightened witch...

How I love it.

What did you do with Meridiana?

I let her go.

She'd been in thrall to you
for long enough.

No-one should have to suffer
centuries of slavery.

Is Diana Bishop as powerful as her?

She may be more powerful.

And you held me back from her.

You let Matthew get his hands on her.

I didn't want that to happen.

She really did defeat you.

Your power

still hasn't returned.

Baldwin's kept me here,

because I'm dangerous to him.

Don't you want to know why?

What she did was
unspeakably courageous.

- You might not have been able to stop.
- I know.

She's certainly full of surprises.

Witch fire.

It wasn't in her DNA markers.

- I'd like to do more tests on her.
- No. She's been through enough.

Matthew, she's the most powerful witch
we've ever encountered.

And she doesn't descend
from the ancient clans.

If we were to trace
her genetic lineage,

understand how powers we thought
were extinct have survived?

Alright, alright, yes, I'll ask her.

You craved me,

all this time

and you resisted.

- Did you love her?
- Once.

She was Gerbert's creature.

He trained her

to infiltrate my heart and my family.

And I took her life.

- You saved me.
- I don't regret it.

We can't yet protect ourselves,

and if Juliette could find us,
then Knox can, The Congregation can.

We can't just sit here,
waiting for that to happen.


what if we

Time Walked?

What if we hide somewhere, in time?

Send out the order.

The Congregation will convene to decide
the fate of Satu Jarvinen.

In the divine name of the Goddess,
help to...


Knox knows Satu Jarvinen is in Venice
and is demanding we convene.

If the Congregation gets back together
it may be impossible

to stop further investigation.

You must stop them.

Your time is running out!

- What's this?
- It's a poppet.

Witches use these to cast spells.
I've never seen one so old before.

Didn't your ancestor, Bridget Bishop,
have a problem with one of those?

Yeah, they used it as evidence
to convict her at Salem.

What is this? An earring?

It's Ysabeau's.

My father, Philippe, gave that to her.
But she lost it hundreds of years ago.

How on earth...

What is this house trying to tell us?

- Matthew will need this too.
- I'll be sure he gets it.

Send him and Diana

all our love.

You could land in the middle of a war,
or an epidemic, or...

But what's the alternative? When she
found the Book, she became a target.

- What do you think, Diana?
- Well, it depends on where we go.

Wherever it is, or whenever it is, I
should be able to learn about my magic.

Agreed. Em, you explained
that to Time Walk,

you need three objects
from a particular time and place.

- That's what Stephen told me.
- I have items coming my past lives.

But, the thing that really concerns me
right now, is once we arrive there,

how do we return from the past?

If it's a short way,
it's not that difficult.

Stephen said the further you go back
into time, the harder it is to return.

You're gonna need some powerful spells
for that.

And that'll require proper training.

Open your mind.

Think about The Still Room.

You have to want to be there
more than here.

- Where will you be?
- Depends when you arrive.

If it's before you left,
we'll be there. If not, we'll be here.

It's time we take a big step
into the mysterious.

Pick up one foot, we travel.

Focus, Diana, focus!

Why didn't it work?

Honey, you're focusing way too much on
the details of the room.

Honey, you need to think about Matthew.

You want to be with him.

Magic's in the heart not the mind.
Try again.


- Matthew, relax.
- Relax...

She could be stuck somewhere in time.
Then how would we get her back?

- I did it!
- I knew you could.

Beware the witch with the blood
of the lion and the wolf

for with it, she shall destroy
the children of the night.

I've been trying to decipher
that prophecy

for longer than you can imagine.

I thought it might be Satu but,

the state of her,

it must be Diana Bishop.

What have you done with Satu?

Domenico has her with Baldwin's
approval. It's a delaying tactic.

Baldwin is protecting his brother
and the Bishop witch.

- He's gone too far!
- I agree.

And if we can prove it, we could remove
him from The Congregation.

It would throw the de Clermonts
into chaos

and give us the...

...opportunity to find...


- Hamish.
- Hello, Matthew. Marcus, Miriam.

- And you must be Diana.
- I've heard so much about you.


- I see you brought everything?
- Yes. And some added extras.

They're daemons. I can vouch for them.
And they have something for Diana.

I wanted to get to you earlier

but we didn't know where you were
until Agatha told us.

Agatha Wilson.
She's a daemon on The Congregation.

- You have links to The Congregation?
- Agatha's trustworthy.

- And we know that, how?
- Because she's my mother!

This has been passed down
through the Norman family.

My father told me, when the time comes,

to give this
to the one who has need of it.

- What is it?
- Diana. The Goddess of the hunt.

It's a chess piece. The white queen.

I lost that in a wager,
on All Souls Night,

- a very long time ago.
- But how did it end up in my family?

I have no idea.

Soph, let's go.

No. Nathaniel. Look at these people!
Vampires, witches and daemons,

all together, under the same roof. If
we can't tell them, who can we tell?

Tell them what?

Soph, stop.

My parents were witches.

Cross species?

But that's impossible.

Just to let you know, the house has
a mind of its own, so don't be scared.

You're gonna try it up here.

If The Congregation finds out about
Sophie's family history,

she'll be in trouble.

All I know for sure is that

that chess piece was in the same place
as this, on the same night.

Witches always say there's not much
keeping the living from the dead

between Halloween and All Souls.

I don't know, maybe,
maybe it might help us to Time Walk.

All Hallows Eve is in six days.
Will you be ready?

We'll have to be.

- How many do we need?
- Usually, two, for the porch.

But this is great.
We can put them up the driveway.

The problem is, those rules haven't
changed since their establishment.

- During the Crusades...
- That's what I mean.

The Congregation are using ancient
texts to corroborate modern prejudices.

- Well, they're getting along.
- It's good he has someone to talk to.

He wants to change the world,
but it's hard to do that on your own.

And you, honey?
Who do you have to talk to?

Me? Oh, I'm fine.

I couldn't sleep last night. And
I heard you crying in the bathroom.

Bad dreams?

I don't want to worry Nat.

Tell us.

I'm in a room with my baby.

There are footsteps outside.

I know The Congregation are coming
for me. I don't care about that,

but I'm scared,
because they're coming for my baby too.

Oh, honey.

You're among witches now,
we'll do everything we possibly can.

- How do you do that?
- Couple hundreds years' practice.

- Do you want a go?
- I'll stick to computers.

Hey. Mum.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah. Everyone's good.

There's three vampires here and three
witches, along with the three of us.

- No one's killed anyone.
- Yet.

Well, be careful.

I'm heading back to Venice.
The Congregation's reconvening.

Tell Diana to be careful. I love you.

Am I really ready to take us back
twenty-five days?

Well, we have to practice.

If we can't do this, we don't stand
a chance crossing the centuries.

And you're sure we're not going to bump
into our past selves?

I think it's a different kind of past.

You haven't bumped into your past self
whilst you've been Time Walking here.


I guess we'll soon find out.

Don't let go.

Close your eyes.

Now pick up your foot...

When I tell you...


How do we know it's the right night?

We don't.

Well, don't you look lovely tonight,

No better than I did this morning.

Shall we eat?

Why not?

Would you like to dance with me?

I love you.

I was present when Philippe set up
The Congregation.

He weighed the scales in his favor.

A de Clermont must be one of the nine
creatures who sit in the chamber.

It's a problem
but it's not insurmountable.

- Who would take the seat?
- After Baldwin and Matthew?

Marcus, but we wouldn't have
any trouble with him.

- Baldwin won't go easily.
- He'll put up a fight. But...

We can match him.

- He doesn't find it funny.
- So you said goodbye to Ysabeau?

We did, yes.

And we made it back
just in time for supper.

Your last one, with us,
for a while anyway.

Come on, Nat!

No, I'm not letting you two anywhere
near my baby's DNA.

Don't you want to know
if your child's a witch or a daemon?

- I do!
- I think it's a great idea.

I'd like to propose a toast:

to unusual friendships.

Unusual friendships!

I presume you still want me
to be a Knight?

Of course. It's because of you
the order runs so smoothly.

But I am going to give up my post
as Grand Master.

Matt, no!

The brotherhood could do with
new energy.

There was more than enough of it
around that table tonight.

Almost a shadow Congregation.

And if Sophie's claim to being
a cross species is true,

then there'll be more like her
in need of protection.

It might just be that the Knights
have to take on The Congregation.

- Which is why you must lead us.
- I might not be able to.

If Diana doesn't master the spells that
are required to leave the past, then

we may never come back.

Matthew's playing his cards
close to his chest.

Don't you want to know
where you're going?



I just,

I want to be here,

for the time that we have left.

Traveling back in time,
you'll be totally reliant on him.

You do realize where you are going,
he won't be the same man?

Baldwin has ordered Satu
to be put on trial.

No matter what she's done,
we must stand united.

- How are you?
- My power is coming back.

Good. We may need it today.


If you become at all concerned,
when you're home,

take Sophie here.

- France?
- My mother's expecting you.

Sarah and Em will be there. I don't
want them here when Congregation calls.

You do understand we have
a hell of a fight ahead of us?

I've been fighting all my life.

Good luck.

Thank you for bringing me the statue.

I'm glad that I did and that I met you.

- It feels like it'll be important.
- Yeah.

What about the Book of Life?

When you're away, the witches could
get their hands on it.

Well, in the present, the book
isn't whole. Pages are missing.

But, where we're going,
we might find it in its entirety.

- Think of that.
- Come back and bring it with you.

- Goodbye, my friend.
- Bye.

You abducted Diana Bishop against
the permission of this chamber.

- Do you deny this?
- No.

You will therefore be stripped of your
status as a Congregation member.

The witches will decide the punishment
you deserve.

They will also need to
nominate a new member.

Until then, this Chamber is adjourned.

I believed you were working with your
brother to keep Diana from us.

And I was proven right.

- Keep her under control, Peter.
- I'd like to hear what she has to say.

How were you proven right?

I took the witch somewhere
we'd be safe,

but Matthew Clairmont followed us there
with his brother.

He's helping them.

Working against The Congregation
is a treasonous offense.

One that I deny!
Your witch has no proof.

And my brother has always been a thorn
in my side. Why would I help him?

Has anyone in this chamber heard of
The Knights of Lazarus?

The Knights run a parallel organization
since the covenant was signed.

They were established by
Philippe de Clermont

and his sons.

The aim of the order is to further...

- The vampire cause.
- The brotherhood is philanthropic.

We protect those
who can't protect themselves.

Like Diana Bishop?

You are a Knight of Lazarus and your
brother is its Grand Master, right?

He's ordered you to protect her,
hasn't he?

- No.
- Your heart is beating

at double its usual speed, Baldwin,
your pupils are dilated.

You're lying.

- What's your brother done with her?
- Does she have the Book of Life?

You want the Book and Diana Bishop for
yourself. This is a vampire conspiracy.

I am as shocked as you, Peter,

and to prove that I have no allegiance
with Baldwin,

I demand that he step down from
The Congregation,

with immediate effect.

I have no intention of stepping down!

- Then we must make you.
- We don't use force in this chamber!

Baldwin de Clermont, you have committed
treason against The Congregation.

Your punishment is death by beheading
and fire.

That is a punishment suited for the
14th century, not the twenty-first!

It comes from our ancient Testimony and
there is no newer one to replace it.

There is one Congregation rule
we mustn't overlook!

Each of us has one vote
on every decision in this chamber.

- Does that include me?
- You're still on The Congregation.

As am I.

I also have a vote.

- All those who accuse Baldwin of...
- Wait!

Unlike the vampires,
daemons give everyone a voice.

We will recess
and discuss this further.

Make it quick.

All those who accuse Baldwin of
treason, raise their left hands.


All those against...

The motion is dismissed.

You kept your head on your shoulders
for now. But you will tell us.

Where are Matthew Clairmont
and Diana Bishop?

You'll be hearing from me.

Thank you.

I had my reasons to want to protect
Diana Bishop. But you owe us a debt.

Oh, before I forget.

There's a card with the numbers to get
in contact with my mother.

I never thought I'd be staying under
Ysabeau de Clermont's roof.

A diet of nuts and berries,
at least we'll lose weight, right?


I love you.

- Goodbye, Em.
- Goodbye my darling.

- Take care, you.
- Yeah, you too.

Yes, I will.

Listen to your teachers.
Absorb all the knowledge you can.


You have more talent than any witch
could ever dream of possessing.

And I am so glad
you're not going to waste it.

Thank you. I won't let you down.

Stay safe.

Good luck.

Right. All done.

We'll continue our research
while Matthew's away.

Thank you.

You're leaving now?
Not staying for Halloween?

We thought you two should
have some time here alone.

And as you know, I hate goodbyes.

I'll see you outside, Marcus.


I have something for you.

Open it.

Grand Master
of The Knights of Lazarus?

I can't do this.

- I don't want to.
- You think I did?

But Philippe wanted to keep The
Congregation and the Knights separate.

So he made me promise him

that the brotherhood would never be run
by Baldwin.

And I'm asking you to do the same.

- I can't follow in your footsteps.
- My son...

You are the only one
that I trust to do the job.

I am at your command, Lord.

It's time...

In the suitcase of clothes
your mother added this.

It's engraved.
"A ma vie de coeur entier".

My whole heart for my whole life.

Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you...

Your time's run out Matthew. Go now.

They know where you are. Gerbert has
the witches so be prepared for magic.

Be prepared for anything.

I just hope I'm not too late!

This should help us find our way.

'Settle thy studies and begin,

To sound the depth of that
thou wilt profess.'

Doctor Faustus.

- Christopher Marlowe?
- I remember the night he inscribed it.

Kit was a close friend of mine,

in a dangerous time when there were
very few creatures one could trust.

It was to him I lost that chess piece
to, on a wager on All Souls Night.

Every year, a group of us would meet
at the Old Lodge,

for the Catholic holy days of
All Saints and All Souls.

So, we're going to London?

To 1590.

Top room of the house. They're alone.
Matthew's slipping.

There's some kind of spell on it.

Now remember,

do not let go, no matter what.


Lift up your foot.

And now, put it down when I tell you.

It's time.

Subtitles by explosiveskull