A Discovery of Witches (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Diana's aunts' home gives up all sorts of secrets when Diana and Matthew pay a visit. Danger looms as Juliette breaks free from Gerbert.

Thank you for everything.

I'm sorry to have brought trouble
to your home.

This house has seen worse.

Be careful in Madison.

Baldwin will stall the Congregation
as long as he can

although it will be no more
than a couple of days.

But this isn't his battle, it's yours.

I know, Maman.

Take care, now.

Whatever you need of me, I'm ready.
- I thank you, Maman.

Shall we?


Madison in the fall
is the best Madison there is.

There's nobody here.
I told them when we were arriving.

They wanted to give us a few minutes
alone with the house.

The house has been known
to misbehave with new people.

They're letting it get used to you.
- So it's haunted?

We're witches.
Of course, it's haunted.


What's it capable of?

Slamming doors, flickering lights.

One time, the whole second floor
disappeared for a week.

Well, nice to see you too, Tabitha.


Don't worry. It's not you
I need to interrogate.

We won't be staying long.


Domenico fails to retrieve her.

You fail to retrieve her.

And now what? Are you saying
that we've lost her altogether?

You expect us to believe that?

You seem extraordinarily interested
in Diana Bishop, Agatha.

Is there something
you'd like to tell us?

My interest is in The Book Of Life.

You promised that Diana
would answer our questions.

And she will.

Once we find Satu
and bring her and Diana home.

Satu has Diana?

I'm afraid it looks that way.


Our team repeated the spell work
and got exactly the same result.

There are two distinct
magical signatures.

Satu's with another witch.

Do we think that Diana
is an ally or a prisoner?

Unclear, I'm afraid.

Let us keep the search going
round the clock.

I want her found.

Why isn't Gerbert here?
Do you know where he is?

Pay Miss Durand a visit, find out.

The rest of you can go home. For now,
let us each take care of our own.

I intend to.



Honey! Oh, my God!

Did the house lock you out?

What did I say?
I said the house wouldn't like him.

The house likes him fine.

Tell me the truth.

All this time, did you know
what was wrong with me?

Why don't we just, erm...
just go inside?

No, tell me now.

What's going on?

Did you know that I was spellbound?


I, erm... I guessed
that you might be, yes.

Who was it?

Diana, you have to understand...
- Who? Who was it?

Rebecca and Stephen.

Honey, your parents.

No, Em! No, I don't believe it!

Rebecca? She would never put...
- Just tell me why!

What is wrong with me?
- Oh, sweetie.

Honey, there's nothing wrong with you.

No, you do not do that for no reason.

Not to your child! Not to anyone.

Believe me, Diana,
you did nothing wrong.


The Congregation would have tested
your powers when you came of age

just like with any other kid,
but Knox, he wouldn't wait.

He was obsessed with the idea that
you would inherit your mum's powers.

Rebecca and Stephen
didn't want him to see you.

I mean, that's why they came here,
honey, to get away from him.


Whatever Rebecca's
reasons were, honey

she only meant to protect you.

You were everything to her.
Stephen too.

They loved you, Diana, they loved you.

I was half myself for years

and you didn't say a thing.

I had to trust that she wanted me
to keep this secret for a reason.

I had to trust that what
she thought was best.

And that's it?

That's all you know?
- I promise. I said I promise.

Let her go.

Excuse me?

What the hell?

What's wrong with the house?

It's... It's Peter Knox.
He's found us.

The house is trying to protect us.

We're out of time.

Mum, why are you sad?

I'm not sad, pumpkin.
I'm here for a story.

Your favourite story

The Magic Ribbons
And The Shadow Prince.

You have to stay very still if you
want to hear it, OK, sweetheart?

REBECCA: Once upon a time,
there was a young witch...

a very brave young witch who
was covered in invisible ribbons...

Guardians of the elements, I call you.

..in all the colours of the rainbow.

bind you... Guardians of the elements...

Lie down, sweetheart.
You need to stay very still, remember?

Shield you from your power.
We bind you.

The ribbons that wrapped around
the witch were special ribbons.

We bind you.

Mum, I don't like it.

Guardians of the elements, I call you.

It's OK, baby.

Look at me, look at me.

- The ribbons would protect the girl

from witches who were
jealous of her power.

Then one day,
when she was all grown up

she met the Shadow Prince.
- Mum.

What have we done?

Our magic is who we are.

She's safe, she's alive.
We had no other option.

One day, if she really needs it,
she'll find it again.

Mum, finish the story.

He'll put his hand on your head
for a few minutes, that's all.

You don't have to do anything
and it won't hurt, I promise.

We'll be right out here,
sweetheart, OK?

Hello, Diana. I'm Peter.
Come here.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

We just need to take a little look
at what's inside.

Here we go on an adventure!
- This bag is so heavy!

Rebecca, you have every book
known to man in this suitcase!

Come here, give me a hug.

We'll be back in a couple of weeks,
OK? You be a good girl.

If Peter comes back, it's us
he'll be looking for, not Diana.

Look after your Aunt Sarah.

Rebecca, what is going on?

Please don't ask me that.
- OK.

Ah, here we go!


Hey, sweetie, can I have my bag?
Can I have a hug?

We'll be back before you know it,

Be good.



- Bye!


SARAH: Come on!
Hot chocolate and marshmallows.




There's nothing wrong with you, Diana.
There never was.

Normally, when you're spellbound...

that's it.

You're bound for life.

Until that person sets you free.

But not you.
- No, I think they tied it to need.

If I was ever in trouble, I could...

still call upon my magic

and I wouldn't be alone.

Matthew, you were in their stories.

The spell was somehow tied to me too.

To my need for you.

They knew I'd fall in love with you.

Coffee, Sarah?

You know, I thought she'd come home
and tell you herself.

But then, you know...

we buried them...

and it just didn't seem to matter.

We were only holding
ourselves together.

I suspected that Diana's magic
just wasn't right.

I mean, you saw it.
Honey, it came and went.

And it's not like those old stories
about spellbound witches

that are left with nothing.

The thought of saying
those words out loud

to you, telling you that I thought

Rebecca spellbound her daughter.

I just didn't want to
break your heart again.

She didn't trust me, Em.


Darling, it wasn't like that.

It was. It was and it's OK.
- No... no...

She knew us too well...

She knew you'd be careful...

and patient.

And I'd just rant and rage and...

go after Knox with a carving knife.

Well, maybe you should have.

Well, there's still time.

Sarah, look at me, please.

Please, please, please, look at me.

She trusted you, she did.
Honey, she trusted you

to be the carer, the warrior.

To keep her safe while she was gone.

And that is exactly
what you did, my love.

Oh, honey, don't cry, please!


Who is it?

Who is there?

Who is it?

Who's there?

You killed Rebecca Bishop
and Stephen Proctor.

Where's Diana?

You told me...

opening someone up
would affect the spell caster too.

And you knew it because
you cast a spell yourself.


You opened them up to get to the power
you couldn't find in their daughter.

Am I right?
- No.

Did you find what
you were looking for?

That's because the power
was never theirs.

It was Diana's.


I tested her!
- Yes, you did.

And you couldn't find it
because she was spellbound.

She must be.

Diana doesn't even know
her own power, what she is.

You should have seen it, Peter.

It could only have been them.

They did it.

The parents? Are you sure?

Rebecca could have
led the Congregation.

That's where she was headed.

And then we could have really,
finally challenged the De Clermonts.

But Stephen...

I've never met a witch

so secretive, so selfish.

He got into her ear and that was it.

Our great hope...


You loved her.

I never intended to kill him,
if that's what you mean.

You loved her.

But the power you sensed...

you loved that more.

I wanted it too.

That's why I betrayed you.

That's why I had to open up Diana,
even though it drained my power.

It will come back.

Won't it?

Give it time.

And rest.


There's a prophesy about
the end of the vampires.

I think it has to do with Diana.

Which means that creature...

We need to get her away from him

whatever the cost.

Curing a fever.

How to fix a leaky roof.

This is child's play. Where are
the spells for self-defence?

For setting up a shield
around a property?

That's just not possible. Those spells
haven't worked in generations. Look...

I know you're worried
about Knox finding you.

I'm worried about Diana's power.
She needs to learn control.

Now you may think these spells are
quaint, but that's what they teach.

With respect, Sarah...
- They teach control!

That witch came to kill her.

When she comes back,
she will not be alone.

This is not enough by a tenth
let alone by a half!

I know you're trying to scare me,
but I'm already scared.

And I am doing the very best
that I can.

You're right, Sarah,
I do need control.

I'll go back to the basics.
Start my magical training over again.

And you can teach me
how to defend myself, Matthew

so I can use my magic
against our enemies.


Stay away the dark.

Stay away the dark.

Look, you don't just
say the words, OK?

You have to concentrate
on what you desire.

You feel it. Set your power alight.

It'll come, honey.

Try it again.
- OK.

I could have sworn this box
was from the 17th century

but for the condition.

Lovely, isn't it?

It was a present from Diana's father.

He was a timewalker.


Look at you.

Stephen might have been a little bit
more discreet with his souvenirs

had he known a vampire
was gonna come a-calling.

Did he go to the past often?

Mm, far less after Diana was born

but he would still take Rebecca
someone special for her birthday.

It's that easy to do?

I don't know about "easy". I mean...

You know, jumping a few minutes
forward and back, that's one thing

but going further back in the past,
you know.

He said he had to find
three objects from the right time.


Stay away the dark.

Stay away the...
- That's it! That's it!

SARAH: Once more.
- Stay away the dark.

Stay away the dark!

So much for my control.

Don't worry, I'll deal with it.

No air for fire, extinguish
the light of the fire.


One more time.


You need to go.
- Why? He's not here.

Why do you never run?

He's out of the city,
you have the keys.

Is it really just the promise
of Matthew keeping you here?

You don't understand me or Matthew.

Gerbert does, does he?

You know Baldwin's telling people
Satu has Diana.

I think he's lying.

Why would he do that?
- That's a good question.

You think Diana's still with Matthew.

I once got my hands
on Diana's personal file.

I could again if you'd like to
explore your options.

Why would you do that?

What's in it for you?

I was born here, in Venice,
did you know that?

It's the only home I know,
so I keep Baldwin happy.

Or Gerbert, or whoever's pulling
the strings that day, but you...

you could go anywhere.


don't remember my home.

When did you last see Matthew?

It's been decades, hasn't it?

Gerbert doesn't control you.

He does.

I'll get you the file.
The way I see it

you either go after Matthew
or you burn it

prove I'm wrong,
walk away from all this.

Either way...

you'd be free.

Diana, this one's easy. Trust me!

Easy for you, easy for Em, not for me!


we're both just too worked up.
We just...

Your magic works differently
from my magic, Sarah.

You can't help me with this.

We'll take a break, I think.

Oh, come on! I'm sorry.
- No. No!





What if it was Satu?

We don't know how powerful she is.
- Quiet.

I can hear her.

She's all right.

What just happened?

I don't know. I...

I needed to step outside to get
some air and then, bam, I was...


Do you think that you might
have just timewalked?

I mean it, I mean it.

You weren't there.
You certainly weren't here.

Otherwise I'd have heard
your heart beating.

But timewalking? I mean, even if
I could, I wouldn't know how I did it.

Well, you do realise that your father
was a timewalker, don't you?

Hamish, thanks for agreeing to see me.

You said this was about Sophie.

She wants to speak to the witch,
Matthew's witch, Diana Bishop.

Sophie was born to witches.

I know it sounds mad, but it's true.

You know what I'm risking
even by telling you this.

Right now, Nathaniel and Sophie
are safe. They're anonymous.

You really think that Diana's...


Saviour of the demons?
- Sophie does.

There's so much
that we don't understand.

If demons can be born to witches

if cross-species families
are possible, then...

everything that we know
about our kind is...

Well, it's all up for grabs.

Think what this could mean for us.

Demons can finally have the status
and understanding that we deserve.


Come to make confession, Gerbert?

My conscience is clear.

I trust your family are well?

No. Why would you speak of France?

I assumed that topic
would be a zero-sum game.

Far from it.

It was Juliette here who
offered Satu the use of... La Pierre.

I found out about the outrage...

far too late to intervene.

Miss Durand does very little
without you telling her to.

Not when it comes to your brother.

My dear, tell him
of your meeting with Satu.

You told me you...

offered Satu the castle. You wanted
Diana dealt with. Don't you recall?


I don't.
- Juliette!



MATTHEW: You need to sense
where the danger is more quickly.


MATTHEW: What's the one
constant when your powers worked, mm?

Need, simple, instinctive need.

You weren't thinking,
you were feeling.


Agh! Shit!

I'm sorry. Are you all right?
- No!

You're bleeding.

I'm fine.
- I won't harm you.

Look at you!

Don't, Diana!

No, look, I've had an idea.

Do you remember that night
at the riverbank?

When you said to me,
"Move past me slowly."

You said, "Do not...





I guess I just need
a little more danger.


That was your first time in trouble.



MUSIC: "I Found" by Amber Run
♪ I'll use you as a warning sign ♪

♪ That if you talk enough sense
then you'll lose your mind ♪

♪ And I'll use you as a focal point ♪

♪ So I don't lose sight of what I want ♪

♪ And I found love
where it wasn't supposed to be ♪

♪ Right in front of me ♪

♪ Talk some sense to me ♪

♪ And I found love
where it wasn't supposed to be ♪

♪ Right in front of me ♪

♪ Talk some sense to me ♪

What's wrong?

There were two women,
two human women.

Not like...

this, not like us.

But I did love them.

And I told...

each of them that they were...

safe with me.

I even believed it.

If I ever harmed you...


you will never harm me.

I'm not human.

I'm powerful.

And you won't hurt me
because you don't want to.

You can't.

I won't let you.

Be nice, Miriam.

Surely, if we're here
to just guard the place

it's not essential we go inside?

Yeah, but it's not
very sociable, is it?


You must be our Miriam and Marcus.

I'm Emily. This is Sarah.

And we're delighted to have you.

Please, come on in. Come on.

After you.

Mi casa, su casa.

How on earth could anyone think
that you're... that you're human?

Sarah, you're hardly inconspicuous

The smell of henbane
is coming off you in waves.

You got a problem, Junior?

Oh, no. No, no. It's just, erm...
You look so much like your namesake.

Sarah Bishop, your ancestor.

She taught me how to set a broken leg
at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

That is so fascinating, Marcus.
Did you know her well?

Em, enough already!

Can we please not pretend
this is a social call?

Vampires protecting Bishop land?
It isn't gonna work.

What the hell?

Look at you. People will talk.

We might as well send a flare
up for the Congregation.

With respect, Sarah...
- With respect, Matthew...

I've had about enough of you
saying "with respect"

and then doing or saying
whatever you damn please.

What is going on?
- Magic house.

The house doesn't like it
when we argue.

It smells strange.
I can't quite place it.

Do you want to be alone?
- No.

- Is that what I think it is?

Ashmole 782.

This is one of the missing pages.

Someone just posted it
to your parents?

What does it mean?

She's wearing Matthew's insignia.

Here, let me...
- May I?

Didn't you say that the pages
in Oxford had a hidden text?

The words were moving so fast
I couldn't read it.

If it was torn from the book, it's no
wonder that the magic was damaged.

We need to get it to a lab.
- No need.

I have a still room
and I know just the spell.


Oh, dear.

Technical difficulties?

Why don't you come with me?

Venice is no place
for a witch without magic.

My God!

I know this writing.

He wrote in the manuscript.

Who, your father? In The Book Of Life?

There were two inscriptions
on the first page.

One in ink by Ashmole
and another in pencil.

"In two parts, the first Anatomical,
the second Psychological."

Well, there was no such thing
as psychology in Ashmole's day.

No, I know. I wrote it down
as a late addition at the time.

What an earth is my dad doing
writing in The Book Of Life?

Well, you did see him
outside the Bodleian.

Perhaps he meant for you
to recognise his hand.

That would explain
the anachronistic language.

What if...

he's the reason that you and only you

can summon the manuscript?

I still can't believe
he's a timewalker.

Maybe he meant
for all of this to happen.

I think that he wants you
to have The Book Of Life.

Every last page of it.

Well done, Domenico.

Where is she?
What have you done with Satu?

What happens now?

Will you recall the Congregation?

Not just yet.

Let's have some wine.

And bring her to the back
of the palazzo, would you?

It's funny. I always thought
you hated Matthew.

But it actually suits him, doesn't it?

Having everyone focus on
our errant witch instead of his one.

Satu trespassed on my land

my ancestral home.

I want to see her suffer before
the Congregation decide her fate.

You know, I think I'll hold on to her.

Just for now.

What do you want, Domenico?


Today, but tomorrow, the day after...

who knows?

I'll be in touch.

That's it, Diana. Open your mind.

Don't think, just let
your powers sense me.



Wouldn't this be more fun if you
just came out here and kissed me?



I sense a vampiric presence.

No cheating, OK?

Stay exactly...

where you are.

You must be Diana.

MIRIUM: She's the most powerful witch
we've ever encountered

and her powers we thought
were extinct have survived.

Oh, please, get to me.

He's gone too far.

He'll put up a fight,
but we can match him.

The Knights will have to take on
the Congregation.

Then we'll throw the De Clermonts
into chaos.

What if we timewalked?

There has to be somewhere
I can learn about my magic.

You do understand we have
a hell of a fight ahead of us.

Been fighting all my life.

Where are Matthew Clairmont
and Diana Bishop?

He's dying.