A Discovery of Witches (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Matthew and Baldwin race to save Diana from Satu's dangerous dark magic. In Oxford, Sophie shocks Agatha with a confession.

Once the world was full of wonders

but it belongs to humans now.

We creatures
have all but disappeared

demons, vampires and witches...

hiding in plain sight

fearful of discovery

ill at ease, even with each other.

But, as my father used to say

in every ending...

there is a new beginning.



A witch in flight!

I haven't seen that for many

many years.

It's difficult to know when she's
been with De Clermont, where...

her scents begin and his...


Is it lust...

as well as the book that attracted...

Matthew to you.

Women, after all...

are his weakness.

Take your hands off her.

I want to examine her.

Stick to what we agreed, Gerbert.

I got her out from Sept-Tours.

You couldn't. You'll have your time
with her after I've had mine.

She's all yours.

What do you want from me?


We are both witches, Diana.

I'm not your enemy.



Now, no one can listen in
and there is no way out.

I want to know
how powerful you really are.

Would you show me?
I don't have any power.

Why didn't you fly
when I dropped you, I wonder?

Because I can't fly.

Can't or won't?

Your family never teached you
how to use your magic?

It was their duty as your guardians.

Not every witch
shows magical aptitude.

You're not just any witch, Diana.

You're a Bishop.

It did not escape their notice
that you were powerful.

They've done you
a great disservice, Diana.

My mummo taught me
how to fly when I was a girl.

She was the one who helped me
understand my magic

and embrace my power.

Let me be the one to help you.

Show me the power inside you...

and I can teach you how to control it.

You don't need to go
through this alone.

I am not alone.

The vampire.

It's vital that I help you
control your power

so you can protect yourself
from Clairmont.

We don't have much time.

Gerbert will be back for you soon.

And if you want to make it
out of here alive...

then you need to start
co-operating with me.

Matthew isn't the one
I need protecting from.

He isn't the one holding me
against my will.

I'm not going to tell you anything.

So there is something you're hiding?

Matthew deceived you.

He only ever wanted
the lost manuscript.

That's not true.

He'll take what he wants
and he'll dispose of you

just like he did with Gillian.

She broke into Clairmont's lab.

She's just like you.

Working for Knox.

Doing anything he says
just to please him.

Everyone follows him blindly.
Gillian's dead.

Clairmont killed her.

The Oxford coven leader
found her dead body.


No, Matthew wouldn't do that.

Bite marks all over her neck.

The body drained of blood.

Such a brutal attack.

Stop fighting your true nature.



Let's see what other power you have

besides the ability
to protect your mind.

There are two powerful witches here.
One light...

the other dark.

Beware of the witch with the blood
of the lion and the wolf.

Tell me...

which one is it?

You're a traitor, Diana.

A traitor and a disgrace.

You betrayed your own kind
for a vampire.

Think of your parents.

What that would do to them.

How dare you talk about my parents!
You didn't know them!

I was the one that was betrayed!

I grew up believing that humans
in their ignorance killed my parents.

But it was witches!

This pathetic witch wind
doesn't work on me.

You're a liar, Diana.

Don't you think I did research?

I know what happened.

Witches murdered my parents
and they covered it up.

Ask Knox.

Ask him!

But then it must be because
they were keeping secrets.

Like you are doing now.

What are you going to do?

Are you going to kill me?
Like the witches did to them.

I'm going to do whatever it takes.


I call upon the elements.


I call upon the dark and the light
to illuminate what is hidden.

Power, power, I open thy.

Power, power,
let thy power tie with I.

Tell me your secrets.

I don't have any secrets!









What is it? What did you see?


She's in pain.

Please! No!

Show me your secrets.


I call upon the dark and the light
to reveal your powers, Diana.

Oh, please!

Show me what you're
hiding inside of you.


No! Please!

Stop fighting me and show me
what you're hiding inside of you.

What's the Congregation done with her?
Where is she?

I'll kill you if you've harmed her.
Where is she?

If I knew where she was, I'd have
taken her back to Venice already!

It's Diana.
I caught her scent in the garden.

Mixed with another.
Someone else was here.

She's gone.



It's no victory, Diana.

This is where the scent ends.

How can that be?

That would take a rare witch.

It's possible.

They flew.

No witch has ever violated
De Clermont territory before.

They wouldn't dare.
This will start a war between species.

Vampires and witches.

I should never have let Gillian go.
Just must be involved in it.

Knox was eager for the witch to be
interrogated by the Congregation.

But he couldn't have taken her,
not directly.

How can you be so sure?

Peter Knox doesn't have
that kind of power.

Doesn't have the ability to fly.

Who does?

- Baldwin.
- Where are you?

Sat here in the archives
waiting for you.

Don't fuck with me, Peter!

A witch has taken Diana from
Sept-Tours. Now where is she?

I assure you, this has
nothing to do with me.

You're the most powerful witch
on the Congregation.

You are clearly involved in this. Now,
where is Sigismund and the new witch?

Sigismund is stood in front of me
and Satu...

Satu's here too.

God help you
if you're lying to me, Peter.

Where is Satu?

You don't have to do this, Satu!

Beware the witch with the blood
of the lion and the wolf.

We need to start
thinking like witches.

How they would have...

taken her outside
of vampire territory.

We need to split up.

Widen our search area.



She's nearby, Matthew.

A thousand years ago

even the most powerful witches

were only capable
of flying short distances.

This witch would have been slowed down
by having to carry Diana.

She most still be in the Auvergne.

If that's true, then one of our
neighbours could be harbouring them.

Is this witch really worth going
to war against our own for?


Now help me!

What happened?

Where's the witch?

Down the hole.

Get her out.

I need more time.

You had your time.
She belongs to me now.

Get her out!

I can't.

My powers have gone.

What has she done to you?

Couldn't have taken her south,
it's too mountainous, too barren.

That's exactly why
they've taken her there.

It's difficult to get to,
they wouldn't be disturbed.

South. That's Gerbert's territory.

It's possible Gerbert aligned himself
with whoever took your witch.

He's tried to bring
the De Clermonts down for centuries.

If Gerbert took her, then
I know what he's capable of.

He will destroy her
so he can destroy me.



Matthew, where have you been?

What's happened to Diana?

Em sees her in darkness.

She's been taken... by a witch.

She what?
Emily, tell me anything...

everything that you may have seen
that could possibly help us find her.

I saw a... I think it was a castle
or used to be a castle.

And I saw two figures with her.

That's all I can make out.

Thank you. We'll phone
when we have more news.

Matthew, wait! Matthew!


He had a castle hidden
high in the mountains.

It's in ruins now.

Centuries ago...

he kept a witch enthralled there.

La Pierre.

Quickest by helicopter.

How long till we get there?

ETA's 16 minutes, sir.

It's time to wake up.

You said you'd tell me a story.

But no bad parts.

It doesn't work that way, Diana.

I can't skip the bad parts
of the story.

You have to face them.


Diana was locked in the dark room,
all alone.

A witch trapped me inside.

She wondered how she would ever get out.

But then, she heard
a knocking at the door.

It was the Prince.

He used all of his strength
to open the locked door

but he still couldn't get to her.

Then how did she get out?

Diana spied a hole in the roof

just big enough for her
to squeeze through.

So she called up to him.

Fly down and lift me out.

But the Prince couldn't fly

so Diana had to help herself.


We're over the castle, sir.

There's nowhere nearby to land.

We'll have to jump.
Land the helicopter as near as you can.

Why don't you try to the right
of those trees down there?

Once you've landed,
don't move till we come back.

Copy that, sir.

What did you find out
about Diana Bishop's powers?

Nothing that I would share with you.

What have you done to her?

This is what happens to witches
who don't co-operate.

On my mark.



This way.

I can feel your power.

Whoever you are,
help me help both of us.


Oh, no! Diana!


I can't get out!
I'm coming down.

No, Matthew! You'll get down
but you won't be able to get her back out.

It's time.

Remember the story.



Magic is in the heart. Don't forget.

We will always be one.

Magic's in the heart.

I can't get down to you, Diana!


You can do it!
You're doing it, Diana. That's it!

Gently, gently.

- Matthew.
- That's it.

I've got you.

Let's get her out of here.

I'm glad you're safe.

I should call Sarah and Em.

Ysabeau will call them
and let them know you're safe.

I'll never let you go again.

Come on.

My face hit the floor.

Is the bone broken?
No, no, it's just badly bruised.

I'll examine you properly
when we get you cleaned up a little.

You showed such strength.

Ma lionne.

How did this actually happen?

Oh, Satu wanted to see my power.

She tried to rip me apart.


I think you'd be more comfortable
in bed. Shall we?

Put your arm round me.

- What is it, your back?
- Yeah.

It's tender.

Satu used her magic on me.

Would it be all right
if I take a quick look?

- OK.
- We need to take this off.


I'm going to have to
cut your top off, Diana.

What is it?

Marie, Dieu mère!

It's my insignia.

She's branded you.

Do you want to see
what she did to you?

Yes, show me.

Matthew, no,
she's been through enough.

She survived the doing of it.

The seeing of it
can't possibly be worse.

I've got you.

Are you ready?


Satu said she was
going to open me up.

But she didn't.

Thank you.

You should really
try and eat something.

Did you kill Gillian?

No, I didn't.

But I should have killed her,
for betraying you.

I spared her life.

And I will not...

make the same mistake again.

And I will hunt down anyone
who wishes to harm you

and I will kill them.

I told you.

I know you told me.

Promise me one thing.

Name it.

You won't go after Satu.

I want to deal with her myself.

How's the witch?

Her name is Diana, and she's resting.

Thank you.
No need to thank me, Matthew.

I'll be taking her back
to the Congregation with me.

You would have her face Gerbert
and the other witches

knowing full well
what they would do to her?

I've made my decision.

I won't discuss it further.

Diana is staying here.
I'm the head of this family!

To protect the De Clermonts,
I will disown you.

This is no longer a family matter.

The Knights of Lazarus will
see to Diana Bishop's protection.

After all these years defunct

you're going to rally the Knights of
Lazarus to protect a fucking witch?

You are a Knight and you are my brother.

We fought at the Battle of Acre.

Helped the Albigensian heretics
resist the Northerners.

We do not come to the aid
of our master

to protect a forbidden love affair!

Diana is in need of our protection
from her own people

and I will see to it that she gets it.

Philippe should never have passed
the order on to you when he died.

Baldwin de Clermont

I call upon you to fulfil your sworn
oath and enter the battlefield

where you will obey my commands
until I release you.

As for the Congregation
pursuing Diana?

I'll try and make punishment
for Knox's new witch their priority.

Thank you.

You've both shown that
you have some fight in you.

Hold on to that because
you're going to need it.

Do whatever it is you must to survive.

You can't hold the Congregation
off forever.

It's imperative that you make your
next move before they make theirs.

Do you understand?


Till we meet again.

Who are you?

What did he do to you?

I know that you're old.

Very old.

I felt that in your magic.


Are you the Meridiana?


He kept you all of this time.

Help me.

Release me.

You'll join the mothers
on the other side, as you.

Only you.

None of him.

Beware the witch with the blood
of the lion and the wolf.

For with it she shall destroy
the children of the night.

The lion and the wolf?

Is it the baby? Are you taking
care of yourself, eating right?

No, no. I'm fine and so is the baby.

Just listen, Mum.

Would you like some tea?

No, no, no.
I want to know what's going on.


You said you might know
who the witch is

that I need to give my statue to...

I shouldn't have told you anything.
I'm sorry if I got you excited.

She's not someone for you
to be getting involved with.

She's trouble.
She's in trouble, Agatha.

I... I see her in my dreams.

And I think that our connection
is so strong because...

she's a witch and...


I was born of witches.

You're a witch?

No. No. I'm...

I'm a demon, but...
but my parents witches

and my grandparents
and theirs before them and...

It can't be possible.

Does that mean the baby
could be a witch?

I've got a pretty strong feeling
that she is.

And you didn't think to tell me?

If our baby is a witch
born of demons

she'll be everything the Congregation
fears and wants to destroy.

You didn't trust me.

My God, Nathaniel!

We didn't want to put you
in a difficult position.

I'm your mother.

You come first.

Both of you do.

I'm this child's grandmother.

My loyalty and love are to you.

We... didn't mean to upset you.

Everything's more complicated now.

The witch is important, Agatha,
for me and the baby.

I just know she is.

Her name is Diana Bishop.

Thank you, weaver.


I feel so different.

The air in my lungs.
It's no wonder.

You've been liberated,
inside and out.


Trop tôt.

I think we've established
she doesn't need coddling.

I'm... I'm sorry. Am I...

Am I missing something?

We believe that you may
have been spellbound.

Do you know what that is?

Yes, but...

And what happened to you
at La Pierre...

freed your magic.


Do you know who could
have done such a thing to you?

No, but I don't understand.

Only witches who were mad
were ever spellbound.

Witches who hurt people.

What am I?

- Home.
- Tell me the truth.

All this time, did you know
what was wrong with me?

What's going on?
Did you know that I was spellbound?

You killed Rebecca Bishop
and Stephen Proctor.

The power was never theirs.

It was Diana's.

No! I tested her!

There's a prophesy about
the end of the vampires.

I think it has to do with Diana.

Where are the spells for self-defence?

Those spells haven't worked
in generations.

She needs to learn control.

And you can teach me
how to defend myself, Matthew.

Is that what I think it is?
Ashmole 782.

You said, do not...