A Discovery of Witches (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Tensions between the creatures grow as the witches find out the vampires are studying DNA. Matthew crosses a line when he returns to Oxford. Diana discovers his dark past, before something unexpected tears them apart.

Once the world was full of wonders

but it belongs to humans now.

We creatures
have all but disappeared -

demons, vampires and witches...

hiding in plain sight

fearful of discovery,
ill at ease, even with each other.

But, as my father used to say...

in every ending...

there is a new beginning.

Witch water.

Power like that
is rarely seen nowadays.

What you did I've not seen
for many centuries.

I didn't mean for it to happen.

Witch water, witch wind...

it's just more magic
that my body can't control.

Give it time.

I should go to Madison.

See if my aunts can help me.

You're not going anywhere for now.

And I made my son a promise.

Get dressed, we're going hunting.

The lab's secured.
We've accounted for everything.

It was witches.
Their scent was everywhere.

They tried hacking into the computers.

They failed, of course.
Our servers are impenetrable.

I need to see it for myself.

This is Peter Knox's doing.

It's because of you, Matthew.

We've run this lab for years
without being noticed.

Flown under the radar
of humans and creatures.

Then suddenly, it's all jeopardised

because you decide
to mate with a witch.

That is enough, Miriam.

Don't even begin to deny it.

I'm the only one of us
who's mated before. I know the signs.

Domenico knows, too.
Ysabeau phoned me.

Domenico can go to hell.

You're absolutely positive
nothing was stolen?

Diana's DNA samples, her bloods?
They're secure.

You think this was about Diana?
Of course this is about Diana.

I know that scent.

Where are you going?

Matthew, don't go there!

Call Baldwin.
It's time we told him the truth.

What do you mean, they're mating?

He's fighting it.

He's gone back to Oxford
and she's at Sept-Tours.

Ysabeau says
he will respect the Covenant.

He just needs to get his head straight.

I thought this was about
The Book Of Life.

It was.

It still is.

But there's more to it than that.

Someone broke into the lab - witches.

Matthew thinks they were looking
for information about Diana.

I was just thinking, with you being
a member of the Congregation

and the head of our family that...
That I can save him?

Matthew never destroys only himself,

He always drags the rest of us
down with him.

Well, I can't help him this time.

If he breaks the rules...

he pays the price.

I thought I'd take you hunting.

Have you ever seen a vampire, hunt?

It's not as romantic
as humans believe.

It's relentless and it's brutal.

Do not come anywhere near me
when I'm hunting, do you understand?


If the animal scent
gets confused with yours

I can't promise
I won't attack you instead.

What do you want?

Still marking undergraduate essays.

Is that why you're jealous of Diana?
I'm not jealous of her.

Or is this about preferment?

Has Knox told you
you're going to rise in the ranks?

Why did you break into my lab?

I smelt your scent.

What were you looking for, I wonder?

Tell me.

Makes me sick
that she'd debase herself with a vampire.

He was right.

The sooner your kind are wiped
from the face of the Earth the better.

This is the nature of vampires.

Could you be with my son
knowing that he kills?

That hunting like this
is the only way for him to survive?

If you're trying to frighten me
away from your son...

you've failed.

Marthe said this wouldn't be enough
to make you reconsider.

Well, she was right.

Can we go home now?




Sylvia reports that
Miss Chamberlain took photos

when she was inside the laboratory,
but De Clermont took her phone.

Can Sylvia tell us
anything that Gillian saw?

It appears the vampires
are studying witches' DNA.

What's Clermont up to?

Testing witches?

It's good
Miss Chamberlain discovered it.

But why did she break into a vampire
laboratory in the first place?

She could have been killed.

Matthew de Clermont
abducted her friend.

She must have been acting
out of concern for Diana.

Will one of us need to go to Oxford?

Sylvia will handle Oxford
and Gillian Chamberlain.

We'll be needed here.

Hey, Sarah.

I'm sorry I haven't called.
Oh, no matter.

Just talk to us now.
Honey, is everything OK?

This Venetian vampire came.

He's on the Congregation.

He told me about the Covenant.

How come I didn't know about this?

You... You turned your back
on being a witch.

You... You refused
to talk about magic.

We didn't tell you because...

it wasn't relevant to your life.

Well, it is now.

I love Matthew.

I can't help myself.

That's impossible.

Witches and vampires
can't be together.

Yeah, everyone keeps telling me that.

But for me, there... there is no choice.

You cannot put yourself
in that danger.

I thought you two might understand.

Honey, it's just the Congregation

is going to do everything
in their power to stop

a mixed species relationship.

They don't get to choose who I love

no matter the consequences.

Honey, what does Matthew
have to say about all this?

He... He hasn't told me
how he feels yet.

You've left her with Ysabeau?

A twisted idea of culture.
She loves me.

Or she says she does.
And you love her?

- Oh, Christ, Matthew.
- I know.

I've been fooling myself that
the Congregation would no longer care.

And somehow, she didn't even know
about the Covenant.

Why should they tell us who to love?

They haven't stopped me.

A relationship between a demon
and a human doesn't threaten them

but a vampire and a witch.

This vampire, a De Clermont no less,
and this witch.

Honestly, Hamish, she...

she is astonishingly powerful.

And she's clever and funny.

She's full of courage.

Then don't fall in the trap
of thinking for her.

This isn't just about
the Congregation, is it?

She's a historian.

I am her latest research subject.

And you fear
she'll come to know your past?

I know about it...

and I love you.

There are many things in this life
one can control.

Love is not one of them.

If you love her, then don't let
anything get in your way.

Matthew has been living
for 1,500 years.

You've been with him a few days.

You know nothing about him.

It's time you began to understand.

Matthew was born in the village.

He'd drive his father mad

following him around,
picking up his work tools.

He became a craftsman,
just like his father.

This is what I wanted you to see.

Matthew built it.


Perfect peace.

"Blanca and Lucas."

Who were Blanca and Lucas?

When Matthew was human...

he had a wife and son.

What happened to them?

Fever spread through the village.

Lucas was just a small boy.
He'd not long turned five.

He and Blanca were both struck
with the sickness

and died.

He laid this stone in their memory.

Matthew's true love

will always be Blanca.

She gave him a son.

You'll never be able
to bear a child by him.

In 1,500 years,
Matthew has never mated.

And I don't think he ever will.

It's forever.
I will never leave him.

Of course you will.

Your life is fleeting
compared with a vampire's.

When you are long gone...

Matthew will have to carry on
living without you...

just as he did with Blanca.

Madame De Clermont.


Bonjour, madame.

Comment allez-vous?

I sired Matthew in the church.

No one knew whether he slipped
or if he jumped.

His body lay here on the ground.

His legs and back broken.

Dying man.

I told him I could
take his suffering away

and make him live forever.

He was so out of his mind with pain.

I don't think he completely
understood what he'd agreed to.

If I could use my blood to save him,
I would.

I felt the gods were giving me
an opportunity to make a child.

And afterwards?

How did he adapt?

Matthew was in a rage at being sired.

His need to feed was... endless.

I can't imagine him like that.
He's always...

so controlled.

He would go away for periods of time.

Philippe forbade me asking
where he'd been.

Matthew was in a dark place

doing things Philippe
didn't want my eyes to see.

I demand that Diana be removed
from the clutches of the De Clermont family

and be brought back to the witches.

Last night, the equilibrium between
the species was further threatened

when Matthew de Clermont
brutally attacked a witch.

Gillian Chamberlain was attacked
because she was trespassing

on vampire territory.

Rules are rules.

We won't survive
if the vampires continue

to abuse their power
in the Congregation.

- Careful, Agatha.
- We must question Diana Bishop.

And bring Matthew de Clermont
to account.

I offer my services
to retrieve the witch.

Be assured, I can be
a little more persuasive

than Domenico.

We can't leave the responsibility
of her retrieval

in the hands of just one creature.

A representative from each species
should go to Sept-Tours.

Sept-Tours is my property.

I will not have a swarm of creatures
invading my home.

I will go and get Diana Bishop myself.

We must find a way to look inside
Diana, see how she's hiding her power.

An opening spell.

You can't put a living witch
through that.

They rarely survive the trauma.

That sort of dark magic's unreliable
and highly dangerous.

It's almost impossible to master,

It affects the spell-caster greatly.

What if Baldwin wants her for himself?

She's on his land.

We have no choice
but to let him go.

Have you ever considered working
with other vampires against him?

Have you been talking with them?

No, of course not.

Domenico's a sneak.

And Gerbert... Gerbert is unspeakable.

It's long been rumoured that he's
kept a witch captive for centuries

in his thrall.

You keep away from them both.

Humans, they should be given the choice

to either accept us or not.

A couple of witches at uni
know what I am.

Well, there's a big difference between
a couple of witches knowing what you are

and all humans knowing.

The Congregation are running scared.

The vampires and witches
want to shut us up

keep us on the outside.

They're afraid of us.

They're afraid of what we might do
if we come together

which is only natural,
it's how we're supposed to be.

And the thing is, not all humans
are ignorant when it comes to us.

What humans are we talking about?

I've got mates at uni and they're fine...
Hold on a sec.

Alright. Cool, nice one.

Hey. Where have you been?
Sorry, I, erm... I...

I fell asleep and I had this
really weird dream.

Agatha and the witch
were in it and my dad

saying over and over
I have to tell the truth.

Can we talk about this later?

I mean, people are actually here, Soph.
They came.

Look, the forum actually worked.

I know, Nat, but I figured it out.

The dream. I, erm...
I need to speak to your mum.

I have to tell her about my family
and what I am.

Soph, you can't. I know, but...

She's a Congregation member, OK?
Think of the baby.

It's not safe.
But she'll understand.

And I can't pass the statue on
without her.

The witch needs it.


Let's do it.


"The Knights..."

of Lazarus...

of Bethany...

"M, D, CI".

Matthew de Clermont.

How are you?

Ysabeau has been
keeping me entertained.

Telling me stories about you.

Yes, I was afraid of that.

According to her

you're a mix between Superman

and Lancelot.

Well, I try.

- Is everything okay?
- Yes.

Yes, it doesn't look like
anything's been taken.

Was it witches? Peter Knox?

I don't want you to worry about that.


It's late. I'm gonna go to bed.

Goodnight, Matthew.

Goodnight, Diana.

♪ And when the door shuts, bolted ♪

♪ I'm thrown out of the way ♪

♪ I'm the girl who borrowed someone ♪

♪ I'm the night without the day ♪

♪ And when the week moves onwards ♪

♪ It's ruthless and it's grey ♪

♪ Like this girl who once held someone ♪

♪ And was caught along the way... ♪

♪ Ooh-aie-ee, oh, ee-aie-oh ♪

♪ Ooh-aie-ee, oh, ee-aie-oh ♪

♪ Ooh-aie-ee, oh, ee-aie-oh ♪

♪ Ooh-ee... ♪

♪ Ooh-aie-ee, oh, ee-aie-oh ♪

♪ Ooh-aie-ee, oh, ee-aie-oh... ♪


What are you doing?

Comparing Diana's DNA
to pre-11th-century witches.

I already did that.

The programme didn't recognise
her markers.

Genetic mutations over the centuries
made an exact match impossible, but...

I compared the actual physical data.

The similarities were unmistakable.
Take a look.

Go on.

How is this possible?

Everything before
pointed to species decline.

This changes everything. Everything.

Help me run them again.

I need to get back and tell Diana
what we've discovered.

Good morning, Diana.
Matthew called for you.

He's on his way.

Tell me.

If I do...

there's no turning back.
You have to understand what that means.

Ysabeau made me understand.

Tell me.

From this moment...

we will always be one.


I love you.

Do you know what you have just done?

If we're not welcome here,
Diana and I will leave.

Have I ever deserted you?

No, Maman. Then why would I now?

You are my beloved son.

And you are now my daughter.

Your fight is now my fight.

If you have the courage
to love my son...

you have no need to fear your power.

The women of the De Clermont family
defend themselves.

And you will be no different.

In nomine Patris

et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

In nomine Patris et Filii
et Spiritus Sancti.

What is it? What can you see?

Is Diana Bishop
the witch from the prophesy?

Beware of the witch
with the blood of the lion and the wolf

for with it she shall destroy
the children of the night.

I know that. I know.

Speak to me
or you'll get no more of this.


Light, dark.

There are two witches?

One... close.

Who is she?

Where can I find her?

Beware the witch with the blood...

of the lion and the wolf

for with it she shall destroy
the children of the night.

Beware the witch with the blood
of the lion and the wolf

for with it she...

Buonasera, signorina. Prego.


You think that lighting a fire
and pouring some wine will help them?

He loves her, Ysabeau.

They'll need more than love.

The witches will think that Diana
has turned her back on her own kind

and they will come.

And when they come,
her weakness will put us all at risk.

She will find a way to use
her magic to protect herself.

Then she'd better stop
behaving like some human

and find a way fast.

I need to show you something.

What is this?

When I was in Oxford
I worked on your DNA samples.

These are the results. You ready?

We don't understand everything yet

but so far we've discovered
that you have...

every genetic marker
we've ever seen in a witch.

You have the elemental markers
of air and water.

Witch wind and witch water. Mmm.

You also have earth

which means you're likely,
more than likely

to be able to cast spells.

It's bizarre.

I've never felt connected to magic

like Sarah or Em.

Or... even Gillian.


Does this test tell us
why this is happening now?

Well, your magic's behaving as though
it's waking up from a long sleep.

It's restless.

It wants to get out.

My parents were persecuted
because of their powers.


We will face this together.

Otherwise, you'll always be running.

I need to talk to you
about Oxford, Diana.

I don't want to hear
about Oxford, Matthew.


what does the distinguished historian
know about...


- Bundling?
- Mmm.

Well, I'm familiar with the custom,
but it is 2018.


You may not like what you see.


Oh, Matthew.

That one was made by
the tip of a broadsword

during the 100 Years War.

Think of them as, er...

a map of my life.

I want to hunt down
everyone who hurt you.

My love.

With you my life has a beginning,
a middle and an end.

When you're gone my life will be over.

I don't think that's bundling.


it is in France.

I wouldn't bother going home.

Gerbert's very disappointed in you.
Matthew wasn't even in Oxford.

It wasn't my fault.

I know where he is.

You see, unlike you

he's been able to move on.

He has a new woman.

A witch.

Diana Bishop.

He only wants her for her powers.

That's all.

Matthew hates witches.
Not this one.

He's in love with her.
He's in love with me!

Matthew's mine.

He belongs to me.

What are you waiting for?

She's at Sept-Tours.

I can't go without
Gerbert's permission.



She's in pain. What did you see?

I'll kill you if you've harmed her!
Where is she?

I caught her scent in the garden,
but mixed with another.

You've clearly involved in this.

I assure you
this has nothing to do with me.

Gerbert took her then.
I know what he's capable of.

Is this witch really worth
going to war against our own for?


This is what happens to witches
who don't co-operate.