3% (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - 3% - full transcript

As the group prepares to raid the RTC, Glória makes a fateful deal, Michele finds herself trapped, and Rafael reconnects with a familiar face.

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[wind blowing]

[metal leg stepping]

What's on your mind?

I know the plan's been established.

But if you could choose
between going to the Offshore

or destroying it…

What would you choose?

I wanted to go the Offshore my whole life.

There's nothing we can do.

-Oh, no?

The Shell is our Offshore now.





[groaning continues]


If my Process isn't done yet, and I pass,

am I going to the Offshore?

That's what you want, right?

It is.

But I'm not going alone. I need two spots.

Sorry, Glória.

I'm already doing a lot

by giving you a second chance
in the Process.

Even if it's a family member?

[chuckles] You have to be kidding me.

I don't think you get it, Marcela.

I demand, and you obey.


I'll be stuck in this hole forever?

Otherwise the Offshore will be destroyed.

And you'll regret this
for the rest of your life.



[upbeat music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

What are we doing here, Rafael?

Soon, the RTC will be broken into.

Forget it, Marco.
We have to stick to the original plan.

We already have what matters the most,
the plasma.

If we manage to break into
the power plant--

-Does this look like the power plant?
-You could help

-instead of just criticizing.

And how am I supposed to help?

You've been tense since we got
to the Offshore. Depressed and annoying.

What's up with you?

I don't know if you noticed,

but we are at my mom's house.

She did that painting.

She painted it while we were going
through shit in the Inland.

That's why we need to stick
to the original plan, Marco.

-Think about your son, damn it!
-I do!

We must put an end to the Process.

And Verônica's plan is better than yours.

Unless there's a replacement
for the turbine here.


That girl.

I met her in the Process
when I got to the Offshore.

-It's a long story,

but she seemed to be into me.

-[chuckles] Congrats, Rafael.
-No, you don't get it.

She works at the power plant.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Is he here?


Glória, think of this
as a gesture of goodwill.

[soft music playing]






You smell like your dad.

You know?

[Glória] Time's up.

Larissa, take him, please.

Take Maurício and flee the Shell.

[Glória] Let's go.

Should we go back upstairs?

[door closes]

I hope you had enough time to say goodbye.

Are you going to let me go?

Are you going to give me what I want?

Two spots?

I did everything you asked, Marcela.

You can have the spots.

I just hope you choose
someone who deserves it.

And I say that as his mom.

Not as Process Leader.

Now, tell me.

What are they doing in the Offshore?

Trying to detonate
an electromagnetic pulse.

[Marcela] You don't have the technology
to do that.

The generator you gave us.

But how are they getting in
without being noticed?


She's in the Process building right now,

sending a part of the generator.

[fan whirring]


[ominous music playing]


What are you doing up?

I was looking for the bathroom.
I have to go.

That sucks.

What sucks?

Having to go to the bathroom.

-It does.
-Yeah, I know.

I just came from there. That way.

Thank you. I didn't know.

-See you.
-See you.


[eerie music playing]









Fuck, Michele!

[chuckles] It's working. I made it here.

I can be eliminated now, right?

No, you have to wait until tomorrow,
so it doesn't raise suspicion.

-Let's go.

Okay, let's go.

[crickets chirping]

[indistinct chatter]

you can't come through here anymore.

Excuse me?

Nair is not allowed to have visitors.
André's orders.

Do you have any idea what you're doing?
Holding a councilor hostage?

[Igor] Nair isn't a councilor anymore.

You're all going insane.


[sharp ring]





Verônica was arrested.
She couldn't deliver your message to Nair.

Are you in?

Without you,
we can't break into the RTC tonight.

I don't know.
We haven't convinced Rafael yet.

But we have to save Verônica.

Where are Rafael and Marco?

[pop music playing]

-[Carla] Hi.

-Do you remember me? [chuckles]
-I do.


were about 85% compatible, right?

-Or was it more?
-It was 87%.

[Rafael] Right.

[chuckles] It was more.


It's been a while, right?

I haven't been out much.

I have a lot of work.

-You know how it is.
-I do.

I actually don't really like
this place. It's…

It's too loud.

How about we go somewhere more private?

What do you think you're doing?

What do you mean?

Everybody here knows who you are, asshole.

Go back to the Shell,

you fucking traitor.

Nice, Rafael.

You convinced me. Your plan is way better.

Let's go. We need to help
with the RTC break-in.

You go, Marco!

You guys don't have any weapons.

It's crazy.

You're gonna get killed.

Stay here then, loser.

[Cássia] We are a little more elegant
here in the Offshore.

Drinking straight from the bottle
isn't appropriate, is it, Rafael?

Hi, Cassia.

Do you want me to call you
Rafael or Tiago?

You here to spy on me?

No, I'm here to offer a drink
to the Offshore's biggest traitor.


You think it's poisoned?


I just brought the glass.
You were already drinking.


May I?

You had a basil leaf in your hair.


A few years ago,
I would have actually tried to poison you.

When I was head of security,

the only thing on my mind
was killing people like you.

But now…

But now what?

Now it's not.

[ominous music playing]





Are you okay?

Yes, I'm just a little bit tired.

The first day was intense.

You have to get used to it.

Especially if you want
to take my place one day.

The candidate's pain is part of the game.

Remember what I told you?

Courage. Conviction.

-[clicks] Hi.
-[Glória] There's a mole from the Shell

in the Process building.

-[Glória] Michele.

Who is this?

You have to find her now.
I don't have time to explain.



[fan whirling]



The place is almost empty.

It's okay.

I'm used to being one
of the last ones to leave.

When I was your age,
I never really came to these parties.

-It's not your scene.
-It's not?


What is it then?

You look like you pull all-nighters
to study the Cause's structure.


I wasn't always like that.

I was one of the best candidates.

Ezequiel told me.

I was the most focused,

the most productive. I was really fast.

But when I got here…

my levels of acceptance got worse.

No one knew what to do with me.

So, they sent me to the rehab center.

I couldn't get out of bed.

I didn't know what to do, you know?


-Turned you into…

an exterminator of the Cause.


No. I like "Offshore heroine" better.

-[both chuckle]

-I like this title better.
-It's way more elegant.

Yeah, but the title doesn't matter.

Before Ezequiel promoted me
to head of the Division,

I had to take a test

to see if I was brave enough
to defend the Offshore.

So I had to press a button

to kill a person.

What about you?

What about me?

Would you pass that test?

I couldn't kill someone
by pressing a button.

But I've shot people.

[Cássia] You have, right?

It's not easy.

And all of that only to find out

Ezequiel was from the Cause.

But it's okay.

Because, deep down…

it gave my life meaning for a long time.

[Rafael's mother echoes] Stop dreaming
about the Process and help me

-bring food home!
-[Rafael] This isn't my family!

[mother] That doesn't make
any sense! You're the oldest!

-They are your siblings!
-[Rafael] Stop!

You had a ton of children.
You only think about yourself!

You're no help! You're useless!

-[Rafael] I'm useless?
-You will beg to come back,

and I won't let you in!

I'm gonna pass the Process,

so I never have to look
at your fucking face again!

[indistinct chatter]

[thumps] Fuck!




[distant dog barking]


How old are you?

None of your business.

You don't even look 20 yet.

I'm turning 20 today.

Today is my birthday.

Happy birthday.

Did you have a party?


You're going to the Process
this year, right?

-Are you excited?
-Fuck the Process.

[Ivana] Turning 20 is very special.

For whom? Not for me.

[Ivana] What's your name?

-Give it back.
-What's your name?

No, no, no, no, no!
Give it back! Give me that!


Tiago! Tiago, damn it!

[Ivana] Tiago.


-Why did you do that?
-Have you heard of the Cause, Tiago?

[sniffs] Is that what you want?

[panting] You want me to ruin my life
even further by supporting this shit?

Don't you want a reason to be proud?

Your life to be meaningful?

[echoing] Your life to be meaningful?

For you it was the Division,

and for me it was the Cause.

At least I was on the right side.

[soft music playing]

Everything is so clear at your age.

But at my age,

I can see how stupid I was at your age.

Are you leaving?

We are leaving.

-[drums playing]



-[Ariel] Candidates…

[Ariel] Please head to the main lobby.

Attention, all candidates.

Please head to the main lobby.

Attention, all candidates.

Please head to the main lobby.

[scattered murmuring]

The next test is her.

The goal is to catch
the mole from the Shell.


We have intel that she's inside
the building trying to escape.

She wants to destroy all of your dreams.

Split up in groups,

and bring her to me.

Do whatever it takes.

Let's catch this rat!


[distant cheering]

[indistinct chatter]

[eerie music playing]


[eerie music intensifies]


[gun cocks]


[Cássia] Open your hand.

Now you can be the Offshore heroine again.

Why do you want the ring?

I'm not telling you.

Are you negotiating with the losers
who want to take down André?


No. They have nothing to do with this.

I planned this all by myself. I…

[ethereal music playing]

Take it.

[Rafael] Why?

Whatever you do,
you won't be able to change anything.

You'll understand that one day.

But go ahead.

Do something while you still believe.

[crickets chirping]

We can't go any further.

Now it's all you.

You have to turn off the devices
in the control room.

-Good luck.
-Are you ready?

[eerie music playing]

The prisoners are over there,
and the control room is up the ramp.

Okay. Natália and Elisa will turn
the devices off.

-Marco and I will release the prisoners.
-Okay. Let's go.


[eerie music continues]

[breaks open]

Come on!




[both chuckle]

Let's go.

Someone's coming. Hide.


We can't go any further.

-Relax, they'll turn it off.
-I'll release the others.


[suspenseful music playing]


We have to turn this off.




They did it. Let's go.

[action music playing]



[both gasp]

[gun firing]

Hurry up!

Come on.

[Joana] Open up!

[Verônica] It's locked!

[gun firing continues]

[soldiers clamoring]




[footsteps in slow motion]

[Rafael] Hi.


I came to see how you're holding up
without me.

Why did you decide to save us?


I'm just doing something
while I still believe.

[indistinct chatter]


[footsteps approaching]

[Pedro] It's her! Grab her!

I got you! Come here, you traitor.


-Calm down!
-Grab her!

-Grab her, damn it!
-Calm down!

-Shut up, traitor!

-[Neira] Let's take her to André.
-What? Are you dumb?

Just like that? She's a traitor, a mole.
Let's end her.

-I'm not against you.
-[Pedro] Shut up.

-Let her talk.
-[Pedro] No way.

-Let her talk!
-Let's break her leg.

-No, please.
-I know who she is.

I know her. She's André's sister.

-How do you know?
-She's the Shell's founder.

My brother told me.

-One more reason to end her!
-Pedro, put yourself in André's shoes.

If she was my sister,
I would want to end her myself.

It's time.

-I thought you had given up.
-I don’t go back on a decision.

Come on. Come on.

[whispering] That way. Glória…

I always knew you were different
from the others.


And now…

you will prove to me that you deserve it.

You're gonna do
what I should've done a long time ago.

This is your final test.

[dramatic music playing]

Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm getting the weapons
to take to the Division building.

-You can leave this one with me.
-It's better if we take it.

I was the one who got you the weapons.

Things changed around here, right?

-You can trust me.
-It's not about trust.

The weapons belong to the Offshore.

Are we gonna have an issue?

The ring too.

Thank you.

Bring Nair and the councilors
as soon as possible.



Do you have a minute?
I need to talk to you.


It won't take long.

I've been meaning to ask you.

Before you passed the Process,

did you have children?

[chuckling softly]

No, Joana.

I never had children.

But I figured you were going
to ask me that.

When people get here,

they always search for family,
a relative, a friend.

I did that.

Nair did that.

I saw the way you looked at me
when you got here.


It was this same exact look.

I knew that, at some point,

you would think I was family.

Your mother, maybe.

Why didn't you say anything?

Because I like you, Joana.



Let's go, Glória.

We have to get out of here.

Let's go.

Will you give me the two spots?

To you and Marco.

It's not for Marco.

It's for me and my son.

-But if that's a problem--

No problem at all.

You have to think
of a better future for you.

And your son.

And not look back.


Come on, Glória.

[eerie music playing]

[eerie music intensifies]

[glass shatters]




Welcome to the 3%.

[fire crackling]

Come on.

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Wake up!








Hurry! This way!


Wake up!

Fire! Let's go!

Come on! Hurry up!

Guys, fire!

Fire! Let's go!



Come on!


[soft music playing]






[somber music playing]

I thought you were going
to run away without me.

I don’t go back on a decision either.

Let's go.




Here to see me, Michele?

Great test, André.

Using your candidates
to do your dirty work.

So they really are siblings, huh, Toledo?

Nice, man!


André, what are you gonna do to her?


-It's not a good time, Ariel.
-Commander Marcela.

She's here.

I'll deal with you later.

[gate rattling]

I know I shouldn't worry about you.

I should ask what is happening here,

but we have more pressing matters.

Did you get Michele?

Of course.

Did she send the turbine?

What are you talking about?

The generator part that will generate
a pulse, André.


You didn't warn me in time.

You didn't stop it in time.

The Offshore is in great danger.

Where are you going?

I'm going to the Offshore to fix
the mess you made when I wasn't there.

In the meantime, you can be in charge
of the Process on my behalf.


I'll continue to be in charge
of the Process.

You'll go get the five people
from the Shell on my behalf.

We are gonna figure this out
when I get back, okay?

Now I have to deal
with something more important.

After I leave, take her to a room.
She's one of us now.

[Glória] But I'm going with you, right?

I did my part.

And I'll do mine.

You'll go right after you have your baby.

And then your baby will go too.

In 20 years.


look at what I did to the Shell.

That's how it was for me.

First I had my baby, and then I left.

Why would it be different for you?

But don't worry.

You will go soon.

And he'll pass, too, when the time comes.

I'm sure.

He's my grandson.

Our orders were clear.

You have to stop your Process immediately
and go back to the Offshore.

-I'm not going to stop--
-You'll get on the first submarine.

You allied with a traitor from the Shell
to take me down.

-People from the Cause.
-We allied with whom was necessary.

They used you.

They went there to explode
an electromagnetic pulse.

Their part of the bomb will arrive
to the Offshore soon.

[dramatic music playing]

You're either with me,

or against me.

What will it be?