3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - 3% - full transcript

Michele and the others discover another side to Ezequiel as he retraces his turbulent journey from Process No. 80 to the present.

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Michele, do you realize what you've done?

You almost gave everything away.

-Where are we going?
-To the hideout in Block 8.

Michele? From now on,
you'll do exactly as I say.

What kind of place is that?

I don't know. Joana went away.
She left me alone here.

Where did she go?

I think she went to see somebody
from the Cause, her superior.

She left me here by myself.

When she comes back,
ask her to take you to the bomb.

-Yes, Ezequiel.

Do you still have the flask I gave you?


Is the bomb there?

I don't know.

I think we should wait and see.


[silently] Fuck!


-[softly] What do we do now?
-What was that noise, Michele?

Noise? I didn't hear anything. What noise?

Rewind sound.


-[Joana softly] What do we do now?

Play it slower.

What do we do now?


[softly] Bitch.

[man 1] Every Cause member
should be shot in the head.

Did you search that room?

[Marcella] Is everything okay?

I've informed Elisa.

-She was worried.
-Thank you.

She was one of the Cause leaders.

She recruited many people on our list.

-What will we do with the body?
-It's none of our business.

Rafael, they will ask you for a testimony,

but tell me, just between us.

Have you ever noticed
any suspicious activity

from Official Michele?

She is very close to Ezequiel.

Do you think she was involved in this?

-I don't know. I heard many voices.
-Any detail in particular?

-He's the traitor.
-[Rafael] Shut up.


Now that you mention it, commander,
one of the voices sounded a lot like hers.



[metal creaking nearby]

-Where are they?

-The infiltrators.
-Calm down, Silas.

-They killed Ivana.
-Rafael did. He betrayed the Cause,

-and Ivana trusted him.
-You betrayed the Cause.

You shouldn't have gotten near them.
Ivana died because of you.

-Where are they?
-Back at the Process.


They'll tell them everything.

-We're doomed.
-No. Rafael doesn't know anything,

-and Michele is on our side.
-You can't trust moles.

You must learn that lesson.

-Did you tell them about the plan?

-Tell me the truth.
-It is the truth.

Michele knows nothing yet.


When were you planning to tell her?

Tell me the truth.

-[Joana] Calm down.
-Ezequiel, can you hear me?

[Joana] You're not thinking, Silas.

We won't solve anything like that.

If we kill her, we can still undo
this big blunder of yours!

-[Joana] Wait.
-He's coming to kill me.

Ezequiel. Where are you?

Easy. Easy.

Easy. Easy.

-You're the traitor.
-I'm on your side.

-Calm down. Don't shoot.
-Let me explain, Silas. Calm down.

[gun cocks]

[Ezequiel] Hand it over.

Unload it.

Unload it!

[bullets clatter]

In case this scrap still works...

To that side, all three of you.

All three of you. I'm not joking.

Why are you here?
For old time's sake, or to kill us?


I'm here to save the Cause.



[Mário] Ezequiel.

Your turn.

Good afternoon.


-I asked to speak because I have an idea.
-We're all ears.

I'll go through the Process this year.
I will infiltrate the Offshore

and destroy the system from within.


I've been thinking a lot about this
and all we do to convince people.

No one-- No one cares about justice.

-Everyone only cares about the Process.

And so you decided
to join the Process as well.

-Is that your logic?
-I'll pass, learn about their society,

their weaknesses,
and then destroy the Process from within.

I am 20.
This is the only chance for the Cause.

I will get the Cause
out of this filthy orphanage.

"I", "I", "I."

There are too many "I"s in your speech.
Here, we think as a collective body.

The Committee will discuss your idea.

You may join the others.

Frankly, I expected a bit more excitement.

Come with me.

The Committee liked your idea.

It will be dawn soon.

Is everything okay?

You look more nervous than me.

What is it?

The Committee approved your proposal,
but you won't be our infiltrator.

Do you think I can't pass?

You can. You're very capable of it.

That's why we need you here,

-working with us in the Inland.
-Yeah, right.

Fuck, I was practically born here.

Is there a Cause orphan better than me?

You would probably pass that shit.

And so? Then what?

The Offshore is a land of temptation.

Any ideology is lost on that beach.

Do you think I'm a traitor?

I'm going. You won't stop me.

You know our faces.

You know everything about us.

If they mess with your head...

We can't take that chance.

So, that's it,
I'm not worthy of this mission.

I'm just one more.

Everyone in the orphanage is my child.

Everyone is equal.

You're not special.

[Mário screaming]

I'll give each of you one card.

There are three blue cards and a red one.

You'll have three minutes to talk.

Blue-card holders must point
at the red-card holder.

The red-card holder will only pass
if no one points at them.

Is that clear?

-[all] Mm-hm.

Check your cards.

Here's the thing...

I got a blue card.

Now everyone says their color,
and we spot the liars.

What if you're lying?

What about you? What is your card?
Tell me, looking me in the eye.

A blue one.

-What is its shade?
-[Tamires] What?

Take my shirt, for example.

If you really got a blue card, you know
if it is darker or lighter than this one.

It's lighter.


-What about you?

[Pedro] Right.

I swear, I got blue. I'm not lying.


And you?

Fuck it. Vote for whoever you want.

-I think you got red.
-[Róger] Yeah.

No advantage in saying it.

-[Tamires] Then it's you.
-It's him. I vote for him.

-I vote for him.
-Me, too.

Ezequiel, won't you defend yourself?

I don't need to. I know I didn't get red.

And who do you think got it?

-Róger didn't eat any grapes.
-[Tamires] What?

-Why is that relevant?
-[Róger] So what?

[Ezequiel] They're pretty good.

Nobody from the Inland
would miss the chance to eat them.

But you're not from the Inland.

He has the same ring mark
as the officials.

He got red
because he is not even a candidate.

For one to stand out in the Process,

everyone needs to be on equal footing.

Any candidate who got the red card
would have a much harder test.

It would be competition inequality.

That is why you have an inside man
get the red card.

[Nair] Bravo.

Many have guessed the red-card holder...

but no one discovered
that we use our officials.

I got lucky.

I call it merit.

No other candidate
could predict the test's functionality.

Come see me when you pass.
My name is Nair.

If I pass.

I usually know when I see someone special.


Rafael thinks
he heard Michele's voice in there.

Do you have access?

I do.

What if Ezequiel finds out
we broke into his station?

-He could...
-[Marcella] Cássia.

Ezequiel is hiding something.

Only we can find out what it is.

[Ezequiel] I need you to trust me.

I'm on your side.

So, you were with the Cause.

I grew up in the orphanage
where the Cause was founded.

I've washed many sheets
from little kids afraid of the dark.

Remember that, Silas?

Don't listen to him. He's manipulative.

If I were to end the Cause, would you all
still be alive? No, you wouldn't.

Do you think I'd risk coming
to the Inland just to fool you?

Last time we met, you called me...

a sorry man?

And an asshole, too.

I'm here to come clean to all of you.

To tell you what happened,
why I've changed.

Here, I was just another brat
forgotten in a dirty orphanage.

But when the Process chooses you...

it messes a lot with your head.

You start thinking:

"Is the Process really that bad?"

I was chosen,
but I don't believe in that shit.

Everything is shit.

The Cause is far from being perfect.

And you, Michele,

you should understand me the most.

Back then,
the Offshore gave me everything I needed.

It asked me only one thing in return,

that I forget everything
the Cause hammered into me.

I kept their ideology hidden
in a little box

and I shoved it away
in the back of a closet.

-You create your own merit.
-[Ezequiel] You create your own merit.

I convinced myself
that the world was right.

Three percent selected
on the Other Side...

and the rest of the world
abandoned in the Inland.

She didn't wanna talk about the past.

Neither did I.

So, we both went on,

leaving it all behind.

Who wouldn't want that?

Go on with the one they love?

Reinvent themselves?

[glass shatters]

But the past keeps hammering at it.

[alarm wailing]


I want to see my son.

We switched places.
Now you're the one who's locked up.

Don't worry.

I won't burn your face with that lamp.

Michele turned you in.

It wasn't hard to make her switch sides.

What can I do?
Even you have switched sides.

They saw in me something you didn't.

It's easy to be seduced
by the stronger side.

I'm there to arrest people like you.

Who's imprisoned, huh?
I am, but so are you.

Just look at your state.

You're not a special person, Ezequiel.

You're just another lonely man
surrounded by a little luxury.

You don't know what you're saying,
Old Man.

Deep inside,
you know this is a big mistake

and the Cause is right.

[breathing heavily]

[footsteps approaching]


[indistinct chatter]

[whispering] I have important news.

They found your wife's body.

Are you sure it's her?

DNA and dental records match Júlia's.

Her body was stuck between the rocks.
They found her this morning.

The sea brought her back.

I don't think you should.



[Nair] Ezequiel, I was instructed
to dispose of the body.

I can't believe this, Nair.

It's not me.

The Council sent me to inform you.

Júlia dedicated years to the Process
and that's her reward?

Suicide is the utmost defiance
of the Offshore philosophy.

-She can't be buried next--
-She passed the Process.

And by doing so,
she deserves to be buried here, Nair.

She gave up that right
by abandoning the Offshore.

It was her decision.

What am I supposed to do with her body,

Burn it.

[crying] Promise me
you will help me see my son.

If he passes, you will meet again.

If he doesn't?

Then he doesn't deserve it.

Can't you see this is all a big mistake?

Júlia couldn't take it.

She killed herself
because of the world's division.

The Process was a dream that sunk...

a dead dream.

Now I want to set it all on fire.

I'm here to end the Process,
to help the Cause, for her,

for Júlia.

"My fellow comrades,
I beg your forgiveness for my flaws.

If you're reading these words,
it means I'm no longer with you.

And it's time for a change of strategy
in our organization.

From now on,
the Cause must take extreme measures,

even if that means

hurting innocent people."

You wouldn't accept my help,

but would accept the Old Man's.

I had to switch the letters
the Old Man left you.

You would want to believe the letter.

Just like me, you'd want blood.

I told you.
The fucking bomb is Ezequiel's idea.

The bomb will have a double effect.

It will make future generations
afraid to join the Process,

and it will solve another issue...

the Council.

I would like to apologize to the Council,
especially to you, Nair,

and extend an invitation.

It would be an honor for me
if you went to the Process opening.

What do you get blowing up the Council?

They will declare war against the Cause.

Marcella will be punished
for the security breach.

After a tragedy of such proportions,

I will convince the Offshore

that the only way
is re-engaging with the Inland,

ending the barriers between both worlds.

To help me with this mission,
I've been training a successor for months,

and someone in the Inland
in direct contact with the Cause.

We'll be the New World Founders.

Dream on.

-[Michele] Why did you send me then?
-Joana's fault.

Everything was working just fine
until she got caught

stealing fertilizer by the cameras.

Marcella became head of the Division
and increased the security measures.

They will easily detect the bomb.

That's why I had to risk myself
coming here.

I grew up hearing stories about you,

the orphanage's little king,
the fucking traitor.

Give him the flask.

Give him the flask.

He told me this would stop the bomb.

It won't. It will continue working.

But this reactant makes it invisible
to the scanners.

It will help you access the building.

It opens all doors,

a magic ring.

You are all mad,
speaking of justice by killing innocents.

Ezequiel doesn't care who is screwed,
how many die,

as long as he's in power.

He's the same shitty little king,
desperate for attention.

Deep down, your fixation with purity
is cowardice, isn't it?

What about you, Michele?

How many did you kill for revenge,

and now you won't get dirty
to do what's right?

In order to change the status quo,
we need extreme measures.

The plan will be carried out
whether you like it or not.

For the Cause.

-For the Cause.

He's right, Joana.

-Didn't you want a mole there?
-[Ezequiel chuckles]

-He's the best we could ask for.
-That's right.

He's our only chance.

We need to go back before dawn.

Michele, there's no use
in pointing that gun at me.

You must come back to the Process.

Or you won't accomplish your mission
and see your brother again.

Let's go.

Come on.

Close off the entire perimeter.

[dogs barking]

Ezequiel, wasn't it that way?

Attention East Unit, proceed to Block 3.

Suspects from the Cause in the vicinity.

Come, let's follow this shortcut. Come on.

I captured her near the hideout.

Summon your agents!

Don't worry. It's not her I'm after.

What are you--?

-[Marcella shouts]
-[grunts, then yells]

Everything will be all right.
You create your own merit.



We were intercepted. Come.


[woman] The Cause killed him.

The Cause killed him.

The Cause killed the Process leader.

What do we do now?

[Michele] Shit, I can't go back.

Marcella thinks I'm an accomplice.

[Silas sobbing softly]

[crowd applauding]

I would like to say a few words.

It won't be anything too long,
as I am still shocked with what happened.


our Process leader
was murdered by the Cause...

during an operation
to fight those terrorists.

It is shocking to learn
that our enemies could be so low...

and I am sorry to say
that they are capable of much worse.

A Division agent killed Ivana...

not just any agent,

a traitor of the Cause,

someone she recruited herself.

[Marcella] There are only four days left
until the Process.

I've heard rumors that some
Council members suggested aborting it.

And now I ask you:

Aborting it?

What would the Founding Couple
think about that?

What would Ezequiel think about that?

The fight goes on.

The Process is about to happen

and our plan is closer and closer
to becoming reality.

[Marcella] Ezequiel served the Offshore

and now it's time to repay him,
not time to retreat.

We must carry out
the 105th Process for him,

exactly as planned, without incidents,

without bowing to our enemies.

I am at the Council's disposal,
willing to dedicate my life

to lead this mission.

[crowd applauding]

[Silas] For the Cause.

[all] For the Cause.

[Marcella] We are the Offshore.

We are the chosen ones

and we shall behave
as the superior beings that we are.

Let the war begin.