3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - 3% - full transcript

Desperate to protect Glória, Fernando realizes there's another way to stop the Process. Michele and Rafael separately try to contact the Cause.

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[radio static]

[Glória over radio]
Fernando, are you there? Over.

Fernando, answer me.

What is it? What time is it?

Time to wake up. I found the treasure.

Come on.

Slow down, Glória.
Where are you going?

Hurry up, we're almost there.

What do you think is inside?

[radio static]


What is this?




Chapter 03: Static



[radio beeping]

[radio static]


I can't believe it.

You fixed it.

Birthday surprise.

Happy birthday, Glória.

Thank you.

But tell me,

where did you find the parts to fix it?

If I told you the truth,
you'd have me arrested.



With such a great antenna,

we'll be able to keep in touch
when I'm on the Other Side.

So, are you ready?

For what?

To update my registration. Did you forget?
We're five days away from the Process.

I want to leave soon,
so I'll be the first in line. Let's go.

Where are you taking me?


[Ezequiel] To talk to an old friend.


Get in.

[man] Michele?

Easy. He can't do you any harm.

Why did you bring me here?

To show me that you won?

Say whatever you want to him.

Go on.

I shouldn't have lied to you

about your brother.

But you must understand
that I needed to light that fire in you.

The Cause needed that.

Do you...

Do you forgive me?

Just as I forgive you for betraying me?

Now that you remember
what the Cause did to you,

I want to review your orders:

contact the Cause leaders,
pretend you're still an infiltrator

and discover their exact plan
with the bomb.

I know my orders.

I can cover you here,
but you're on your own out there.

-Who else knows what you're doing?
-What we are doing.

No one.

No one can know. Is that clear?

Is that clear?

I'll need a transmitter.
I'll get in touch with them.


[radio static]






Estella, Alice.

[Rafael] Michele?

Were you talking to someone?

No, I was here by myself.

I didn't know you had access
to the detention ward.

I saw you and Ezequiel
entering the restricted area.

I don't.

I was just studying the place.

One of the tests might take place there,
so, I checked out the cells

where they hold traitors.

Well, I gotta go.


Watch yourself out there.

It's dangerous.

You do the same.



There's something I need to tell you.

What's going on?


Our children are now Offshore children.

Let's give a round of applause to those
approved in the 104th year of the Process.

[crowd applauding]

I know what you might be thinking.

"What if I can't pass?"


I'd like you to meet Camila.

Camila not only failed it,

but also accepted the money

and gave up.

[soft muttering]

That's right, she quit.

But what really matters
is what she did afterwards.

I donated half of the money to the church.

The other half will help me
dedicate the rest of my life

to honoring the Founding Couple

and having children
who can go to the Other Side.

[crowd applauding]

Thanks, Camila. That was a great donation.
Look, I even got goosebumps.

Too bad the Founding Couple
couldn't be here today to see it.


we have another quitter here,

Fernando, my son.

Fernando made it pretty far,
but chose This Side,

so he could help those in need.

Tell them what you learned, son.

What I learned?

I learned the Process is a lie.

I was there! I saw it.

It's a lie created by the Other Side,

just to convince us
that we deserve this shitty life,

that it's normal for some to have so much
and others to have so little.

As long as the Process exists,
nothing will change.

That's about it.

Fuck the Process
and everyone who works for it!

Okay? Amen, church!

Fuck. Out of my way.

[man 1] Fernando!

Fernando, wait up.

Where are you going?

Beautiful speech.

But you should watch your mouth.



[man] Keep still.

Piece of shit!

-Son of a bitch!
-You lost your chance.

-The Process belongs to us.
-Who do you think you are?

The Process belongs to us!
Do you wanna ruin our chance?

Stop, stop!

Stop. Stop, stop!

Cowards! Out of here, all of you.

Go away. Out of here, all of you.



Fernando. Are you okay?

Talk to me.



Fernando, are you okay?

What's going on, Fernando?

I think I know.

I will miss you, too, silly.

Yeah, I know.

I'll miss you, too.

-[woman] Who's next?

How are you? Welcome.
I'm Elisa. I'll do your registration.

-All right.
-Have a seat.

Did you skip any vaccines or supplements
in the past few years?

No, never.

And-- Is he your boyfriend, husband?

-No, I'm not.
-We're just friends.

Wait, something's wrong
with your registration.

What do you mean, wrong?

I'm not able to confirm your identity.
Just a minute.


Fernando, I did everything right!
You're proof of that!

If something's wrong, it's not my fault.
Talk to Elisa, please.

Relax, Glória.

-Let me see it.

Does it mean she can't be part of it?

Just a second.

Let me see it.

[device beeps]



It's all good now.

Uh, are you sure?

It happens sometimes. The data stored
in the Process is what matters.

We can't do anything without it.

[Glória chuckles]

Did you see my face when she said that?

I didn't even know what to say.

-If I couldn't be part of the Process--

Listen to me.

You must promise me something.

Sure, go ahead.

That you won't be part of the Process.


-[chuckles] You gotta be kidding.
-I'm serious.

Something bad will happen there.
Stay far from that place.

I don't even know
how to begin to talk to you.

Promise me that you won't.

Do you even know what you're asking?

What could be so important
for you to ask me that?

Cause agents are planning an attack.

-That happens every year.
-I know. It's real.

Are you in the Cause?

Of course not! You know me.

-I'm not in the Cause.
-Then what?


The church guys warned me
that you would lose it

and try to stop me,
that I should be careful.

-They do nothing but lie.
-Don't say that.

-After all the church did for you?
-After all you did for me.

My father wouldn't have helped me
if it weren't for you.

I've never said anything,
but everything he says are lies.

Or do you believe the story
of the Founding Couple's return

and their light being within us?

It doesn't matter what I believe
or what you believe.

That helps people, that's what matters.

Your dad helps people.

The church helps people, Fernando.

Great help, isn't it? Spreading a promise
almost no one will achieve.

-If you wanted to hurt me, good job.
-I just want the best for you.

If you go, you'll die.
That's what matters.


If that's really true,

I'd rather die...

than be a quitter like you.

[Michele over radio] Ângelo, Eliana, Eva,

Alberto, Eduardo,

Ana, Felipe, Elizabeth...

[radio static]

Fernando, Estella, Alice, Augusto.

Holy shit!



-Álvaro, Eliana, Eva, Alberto.
-Are you recording that?

-Eduardo, Ana, Felipe, Elizabeth.

Do you recognize this code?

Fernando. Estella.

[Ivana] We must figure it out soon.
We only have five days.

[Silas] Natália.


You've been chosen
to infiltrate the Process with the bomb

and give it the final blow.

You are a hero.

-For the Cause.
-[all] For the Cause!

I'm against it.

And apparently, she is too.
Just look at her.

Did anyone force you to volunteer?


Why are you crying then?

My sister...

She couldn't pass the Process.

As soon as I heard, I ran home,

so I could be the first to give her a hug.

But when I got there...

all I felt was the stench of death.

They made her believe she was a failure.

I'm crying because it will be an honor
to put an end to all this.

Are you convinced yet?

Silas, here it is.

Here it is.

This transmission came in
through the infiltrators' frequency.

[Silas] Let me see.

[Michele on recording] Eliana, Eva,

Alberto, Eduardo.

This doesn't mean anything.

It's codified.
We just need to figure out--


It's been a year.

-After almost a year, this must be a trap.
-[Ivana] We must at least listen to it.

Our infiltrators betrayed the Cause.

They gave in to the illusions
of the Offshore.

She's right, Silas.

An infiltrator is more valuable
than a bomb.

I didn't join the Cause to murder people.

There must be another way
to end the Process.

Where's your brilliant plan?

Did you do it? I'll return it.

I just need to run a test.

Thank you.



Fuck, yes.

[Joana] Ivana!

You're right. We have to do something.

-What do you suggest?
-Let's find the mole.

Fuck Silas! Just us two.
Fuck everyone else.

The Cause doesn't work like that.
Besides, that can't be fixed.

I know someone who can help us,
an outsider.

An outsider?
You're playing with fire, Joana.

Come on! I know how hard it was
to make a mole of Rafael.

We can't throw this away. You can't.

If they really want to,

they will find a way to contact us.



You got the Building of the Process, huh?
You're lucky.

I got the ARU post.

Marcela. I'm sorry. Commander.

Could we change my patrol to the ARU post?

Hmm. Your girlfriend is there.

No, it's not that.

What are you thinking, Rafael?
That you're here on vacation?

No way, commander, I just--

Do we get paid vacation?


Are you a masochist?
Why would you wanna go there?

That place stinks.

Watching those filthy people all day.

So shitty.

Real shitty.


Glória, can you hear me?

I'm sorry.

I know I acted like an animal earlier.

I'm sorry if I offended or hurt you.

You're right.

I won't change anything
attacking people's beliefs.

If you'd like to talk to me later,
I'll be here.

Fuck, Joana.

-Can you please never do that again?

New girlfriend?

No, we've known each other for years.

Too bad.

You look like you need one.

Joana, I came up with a plan.

-That's what the ARU woman said?

That's crucial,
the Achilles' heel of the Process.

-The data?
-See? Everybody has one of these.

It is how they control us, know who is 20,
who has failed the Process.

Without the data stored at the Process,
they can't do anything.

How are you gonna do that?
Remove everyone's registration?

You will see.

I've tested it, Joana.

I got a chip
and when I blocked the signal,

all the information was gone.

The data is stored at the Process.

The registration
is only a piece of plastic.

Got it?

If we wipe all that data...

The Process can't happen.

Exactly. And we save everyone.

I did my part. How you guys will
get in there to erase all the data...

I don't know.

We might have a way.

Can you fix this?

What's in here?

You can't tell anyone.



Do you know her?

I heard she was
in the same Process as you.

If true, I don't remember that.

[Antonio] When the Process is over,

I want you in the Market Mission.


Because it's important for the people
who saw you make a scene last year.

What if I say no?

What if I don't want
to play the puppet in front of everyone?

Why are you talking like that?

Did you forget?

During my Process,
you said I'd be on my own if I gave up.

Why did you take me back, then?

I did because you're my son.

That's a lie.

[chuckles softly]

You thought
you could still turn me into a convert.

Someday, you will understand.

No, Dad.
You are the one who will understand.

Trying to change people's minds
is a waste of time.

So, this is your office.

Recently renovated.

I guess it's time for me to go.

Are you nervous?

Of course I am. If they find it out...

They won't.

I'm making modifications to this.



I'll hear everything happening around you.

I'll talk to you
through your registration.

You need to take this with you.

So I can use it to deactivate the bomb.

And I will release your brother.

This is something Júlia taught me.

You put your head in the water...

and the water puts your head in place.

Do you hear me, Michele?

Don't worry.

I'll be with you the entire time.

[indistinct chatter]

I thought they were sending in Márcio,
not you.

Good to see you, too.

Márcio had a supplement enzyme issue.

He used some extra drops
and is in deep shit. Literally.

Rafa, you didn't screw him up
to see me, right?

[chuckles] Of course not.
Just a stroke of luck to be here together.

Right. Just don't push it.
I hate clingy people.

We'd better not chitchat.
I was told we're not on vacation.

-No? No one told me.
-That's that.

Hurry, he'll be here any minute now.

Easy there.

I must be careful.

[Michele on recording]
Eduardo... Ana... Felipe...

Fernando, Estella, Alice...

-Did she say, "Fernando"?
-Augusto, Emilia...

-It's Michele's voice.
-Are you sure?

What's wrong?

Nothing. I just have to take a leak.

Can you cover for me?

Be careful.

-Alberto, Eduardo, Ana.
-It's some Cause code.

-Nothing I was taught.
-Elizabeth. 2:00 p.m.

Fernando, Estella, Alice...

-She started over.

"2:00 p.m." is the meeting time.
Could the names be supposed participants?

I don't know.

Ágata, Fernando, Alice.

-Was there an Alice in our Process?
-That's not it.

-Then what?
-Initials. A, I, F. No, wait.


[Rafael grunts] Help!

Six names with A, seven with E,
two with F. Letters, numbers...

[Joana] Come on, he'll be back soon.

Letters, numbers.

It's a coordinate.

That must be it.

It's here. The older maps of the Inland
are all split into quadrants.

Letters and numbers.

Quadrants. Right.

Six names with A. A6?



and F2.

You said one coordinate, not three.

It's a triangulation.
The point in between is the one.

That's where you'll find Michele,
here in the old sewer system.

It's in half an hour, Joana.
You have to hurry up.

I can't. My photo is everywhere,
and there are patrols all the time.

I'll go.

-I can't--
-I'll go, Joana.

-If it's for Michele--
-It's not. It's for me!

If our plan has a chance, I will help.

[Glória] Fernando?

I was right!

Easy, Glória. It's not that.

I saw it.

She is on those wanted posters.
She's with the Cause.

And you, too, all this time.

[Joana] You have to go.

-Trust me, Glória. I'm not with them.
-[Glória] Okay.

-But I must help Joana.
-Right. Then come with me.

Come to the righteous path...

the Founders' path.

We don't have time for sermons.




Come with me. Do it for me.

You may never understand...

but I'm doing it for you.

[Glória] If you go with her, Fernando,

this is where we say goodbye.

I'm sorry.

Can you hear me?

Yes. I'm almost there.

Watch out for police and the militia.

[Marta] Hey, kid.


What happened, Fernando?

Can I check you?



What is that for?

To listen to the church sermon.

-[Marta] Hmm, you go to church?
-[Fernando] My father is the pastor.

This area is not safe.
Shouldn't you go back to the church?

After my deliveries. I have a lot of them.


for those who have a harder time
going up and down the hills.


-So, you have food in that bag?

[man whistles]

Be careful. There are rough guys
from the Cause around here.

I will.

[Joana] Do you see anyone?

[metal clanging nearby]

[both panting]

We have a little problem.

Silas decided to go after the infiltrator.

[Joana] What?

How did he find out?

He's been monitoring the frequency.

But he isn't going there to talk.

I thought I'd never see you again.

Me, too.

What are you doing here?

I decoded your message.

You're with the Cause?



Who would have thought?

Take me to one of your leaders.

-I can't explain--
-[Joana] Can you hear me?

Get out of there right now.

Get out now, Fernando. Answer me.

[Fernando] Fuck.

Son of a bitch.

Fuck. Michele!

Go. Shit. Go.

Come on, Michele!

Fuck, fuck!

-Go, go, go.
-Fuck. Help me, Michele!


Fuck, Fernando, answer me.

Where are you guys?


What the fuck?

-Why is she here, Ivana?
-Why is he here?

Why are you wearing that?


I'm risking my life to tell you this.

Michele is on Ezequiel's side.

She will contact you,
but you can't trust her.

She will only tell you lies.

What the hell? Put that shit down!

I'm telling you the truth.

Trust me!

It isn't what it looks like.

-Holy fuck.
-Trust me, get away from her.

She's a traitor.