24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 11 - 24: Legacy - full transcript

A reinforcement is brought into CTU to oversee operations. Andy uncovers important information about a high-ranking official, leading Donovan and Carter to team up and find out more.

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John Donovan's execution
in front of the world

would make
a powerful statement.

Now, if you're prepared
to answer for your crimes,

you can save
your husband's life.

Are you interested?

Jadalla contacted me.

He said that if I
give myself up to him,
he'll release John.

Rebecca, you're not
seriously considering this?

They want to
stage my execution.

They're gonna want
to kill me themselves.

You wanna use
yourself as bait?

And I want you to
finish them off.
I'm in.

Father, I came
to finish
what you started.

I failed you.
You did not fail.

You came home.

How does it feel
to be married to a monster,

You are the monster.

I guess the only
monsters in this world

are the ones who
kill Americans.

Naseri was talking to
one of his men in Arabic.

But I heard two
words in English.

East July.

East July is
a sub-heading of some folders

in the server at
the office of the DNI.

Director of
National Intelligence?

Senator Donovan's kidnapping
was a blow to this country.

But Rebecca Ingram's capture

has ramifications beyond
your passwords and codes.

We need your help.

Rebecca intends
to surrender herself
to the terrorists

in exchange for
her husband's life.

Rebecca Ingram's in trouble.
I need to help CTU locate her.

We miss the flight,
we lose the job, Tony.

Show me proof that
my husband is free and safe,

and I'll walk into that field.


Tell them to
release Donovan now.

John's okay.
He's free.

Get out of there, Rebecca.

You're gonna
read your confession!

I'm not reading anything.

Your confession!

Carter, what is it?

The terrorists
may have Rebecca.

He's alive!
Bin-Khalid's alive!

If the terrorists
left the stadium
via the west tunnel,

they could be on any one
of the six roads
leading from the area.

pull archive on all six
and run trace backs.

That could take
a lot of manpower,

to review that
amount of footage.

Then grab people off
the comm desk to help!

I'll get on it.


I can't get Rebecca's
voice out of my head.

She was so scared.

What did she mean that
Bin-Khalid is alive?

Maybe she was disoriented.

Maybe one of the terrorists
looked like Bin-Khalid.

Or maybe she really did
see him.

How is that possible?

Bin-Khalid is dead.
Carter's team took him out.

His body was never recovered.

Forensics found
DNA traces,

but they could've
got it wrong.

Okay, look.
Whatever the truth is,

it doesn't change
what we need to do.

We need to locate
their vehicle,

track them,
and recover Rebecca.

Stay on it, Mariana.

Andy? I could really
use your help up here.

I'm working on
something right now.

This is kind of important.

So is this.
Got to go.

Can't you save
any of this?

I'm trying, but they're
remote-erasing everything.

Sir, Director Simms
is on line one.
Says it's urgent.

Yeah, okay.
Put him through.

Hold for
Director Simms.

Sir, if you're calling

for an update on Rebecca,
we're still very much...

I'm actually calling
to give you a heads up.

A heads up?
Daniel Pang is on
his way over there now.

Should be there
any second.

Why is he coming here?

I've given him
provisional status as
co-director of the CTU.

From now on, any planning
or decisions are to be
coordinated through him.

Sir, with respect, um...

I think
that's a huge mistake.

Keith, you allowed
Rebecca Ingram to fall into
the hands of terrorists.

It's obvious that you
need all the help that
you can get now.

Sir, I'm perfectly willing
to take responsibility

for everything
that's gone wrong,

but Daniel's
an administrator.

He has no field
experience and...

Which is why
I'm keeping you there
to fill the gaps.

My decision's final.

You are to give Daniel
everything he asks for.

Is that understood?


Sir, Daniel just got here.

Thank you for
your cooperation, Keith.

anything I can do.


Did Director Simms
reach you?

Yeah. Just got off
the phone with him.

Oh, good.
I just wanna let you know
I didn't lobby for this.

Simms called me
out of the blue
and wanted me to help out.

I appreciate that.

So, uh, I guess
I need an office.

Yes, we have a vacant one
up on the second floor.

Actually, I was thinking
about something
a bit more central.

Do you mind if
I use yours?

Of course not.

Lisa, set Mr. Pang up
with prerogative one login.

In my office.
Yes, sir.

Oh, and I'll need
full admin and oversight
privileges on CTU's network.

As well as passwords
and firewall access
to everyone's stations.

We'll get you sorted out.

- Great. Thanks.
- Sure.

What's Pang doing here?

Well, I report to him now.

He's here on
Director Simms' orders.

One setback too many.

No. That's not
why he's here.

Something's going on
and Director Simms
is involved.

- What are you talking about?
- I just hacked into his server.

You what?

Pang is here because
of what I found on
Director Simms.

I'd like to talk to
you in private. Now.

Yeah, come on.


Look, I don't know
if you found anything,
but just...

Have CTU check, anyway.
Roger that, sir.


talked about you.

Talked about you a lot,
about your missions together.

So I feel like
I almost know you.

She, uh, admired you.
You should know that.

She considered you
a friend.

I feel the same way...

Well, then, you should've
said something to her
about all of this.

Should've stopped her!

Sir, I thought
this was a good plan.

You thought
it was a good plan

to help her turn herself
over to these monsters?

No. Listen, that wasn't
supposed to happen.

She was gonna get them
to release you

and then draw Naseri out
so that I could take him down.

Well, what the hell
happened with that?

The fire, Senator.

They were trying to
burn her alive, okay?
Oh, God!

And they got to her
before I could,
and I just...

I am sorry.

I am sorry, but I still think
there's time to save Rebecca.

Well, I wish
I could believe that.

But like you,

I came face to face
with this Naseri
and Bin-Khalid.

They want the world
to see her die, Senator.

Okay? They want to
put her on trial,

make her confess
her so-called crimes.

Okay? That's what they
were trying to do here
and we stopped them,

but I think they're
gonna do it again.
Just someplace else.

Am I supposed to take
some kind of comfort
in that?

I'm told
we have no leads.

We don't know where
the hell they are.

All I'm hearing is that
my wife is gonna die
a terrible death

and everyone's
gonna see it.

We're gonna find her!

We've got a medic here.
Needs to see you.

- Senator!
- Please.

Hey, it's Keith.
Andy's on the line, too.

Is there anything
new on Rebecca?

No, not from the search,
but there may be
another way to find her.

- What?
- Are you alone?

I am now.

What's going on?

Remember, you had me
do the debrief for
Jennifer Marshall,

the woman you saved
from that bomb vest?


it might have paid off.

She overheard something
while being held
by the terrorists.

Two words, East July.

It's a covert op

run by the Director of
National Intelligence,
Donald Simms.

He kidnapped Naseri's
10-year-old daughter.

Threatened to kill her
unless he gave up Bin-Khalid.


Naseri never
gave up Bin-Khalid.

Yeah. And it looks like
they carried out their threat.

We can't find any trace
of Naseri's daughter.

Son of a bitch!

- They killed her.
- Carter, listen!

The only reason why we know
this is because I hacked
into Simms' server.

They kicked me out
before I could
download anything,

but Simms has amassed
a substantial
dossier on Asim Naseri.

The files only exist
on Simms' computer

and there might be
something in there

that'll lead us to
Naseri and Rebecca.

The only way into that dossier
now is directly from
Simms' station in his office.

So I need to get
in front of Simms' computer.

All right.
Where's his office?

The Pentagon.

Oh, my God.

I'm a soldier.

I'm an ex-soldier.

I can't just stroll
into the Pentagon,

into the office of
the Director of
National Intelligence.

We're still
trying to work it out,
but we'll find a way.

I may have a way.

Give me a few minutes,
I'll call you back.

Can we talk?

I think we've said
everything that we needed
to say to each other.

We can save Rebecca.

Excuse us, please.


I need to move fast.

But I need your help.

My son should be with us.

I waited years, Naseri.

Years for him to come back.

And she took him from me.

All the more reason
to kill her now.

And start making
our way back home.

No. She does not get
to die quietly, Naseri.

We do what we've planned.

Recite her crimes,
one by one.

Then execute her
while the world watches.

It's the justice
she deserves.

And it'll strike a blow
against this godless country,

for everyone to see.

Pull over.


You can get back
on the road.

Continue for two miles.

NSA traffic analyzers
are hunting for chatter
on Sheik Bin-Khalid.

But there's been
a spike since
the attack in New York.

So they're having
a hard time cutting
through the chaff.

Is there anything
we can do to
lighten their load?

Maybe Langley can
spare us some bandwidth.

But that's getting
into dicey territory.

Well, we're already
in dicey territory.

Let's reach out.
Yes, sir.

Sir, Senator Donovan

is on the phone.

I need the room.

Hello, Don.

I can't tell you
how relieved I am to
know that you're safe.

I appreciate that.

I wish we had
better news on Rebecca.

I assure you, we're
doing everything we
can to bring her back.

Well, I'm going
to want to know
what that is, exactly.

I can be over there
in about 10 minutes.

You're coming here?

Is there a problem with that?

Not at all.

I was just thinking,
I can fill you in,
uh, over the phone.

Don, you know Rebecca just
gave herself up for me.

I think I need to
look you in the eye

when you tell me
what her chances are.

Of course, Senator.
I'll be waiting.

nothing really, uh, changed
when I said I was coming.

He wasn't really acting
like a man who had
something to hide.

All that means is that
he's really good at it.


Donald Simms.

To think he would do
something like this
to a 10-year-old girl.

You're absolutely
sure about all of this?

Andy Shalowitz is.

And I trust him.

So does Rebecca.

All right.

Well, we're gonna have to
get you to start looking
like a Secret Service agent.

I'm gonna tell one of
my aides to have a change
of clothes for us

before we get there.

Copy that.

Hold my calls.
Yes, sir.

Who is it?


Are you in town?

But what's going on
with Rebecca Ingram?

Was she really taken?

Yeah, unfortunately.

I got every agency
looking for her.

It's our highest priority.

But I'm calling you
about something else.

I have a job for you.

What is it?

I have an operation
that may be compromised.

It needs to be cleaned up.


Three items.
I want it done fast.

All right. Look,
I want standard plus 50%.

Nothing happens
till you wire me
the money.

Once you do that,
I can be there
in 20, 25 minutes.

I'll send the funds
along with the details.

Call me when it's done.
Copy that.


it won't make up
for the Belgian job,
but it's a start.


I'm not gonna
tell you again.

Lights out.

When we get inside,
you'll set up the camera.

The sheik wants
the execution online
while it's happening.

Can we do that
without being traced?

I can use a VPN linked
to a server in Yemen.

Everything will
stream from there.

How long
will that take?
Not long at all.

Oh, my God!

Come here, grab this.
Put pressure on it.

Keep pressing.

I was wrong, Eric.

I shouldn't have
come down on you
like that before.

You weren't wrong.

No, no. You were
just following
Rebecca's lead.

Or maybe it's Rebecca
who I'm angry with.

You see, I wanted her
to stay out of all of this.

And I guess
I should've known
that she couldn't.

But she was trying
to save your life.

Oh, believe me, I...
I know that. I know that.

But even before.

I guess it wasn't easy
for her to give up CTU.

Her work's in her blood,
you know?

She can't live without it.


My wife, she...

She said
the same thing about me.

Well, maybe you should
listen to her.

Yeah, maybe...
Maybe I should.

I remember
my mother
telling me once,

"You know, very often,
the people
who love us the most,

"they know us
better than
we know ourselves."

Your mother sounds
like a smart woman.

Yeah, she was.

We're at the Pentagon.

We're done working up
your credentials.

Well, mostly.
Andy, what the hell
does that mean?

Mariana's on it.
She's been looped in.

Uh, Mariana?

Yeah, we based your
credentials around an agent
who's on leave,

but we haven't had time
to backstop everything.

Will it get me
through security
or not?

We think so, but
I'd feel better if we
had a little more time.

Yeah, well,
we don't. Okay?

Neither does Rebecca,
so please just get
those credentials.

Copy that.

Here comes Pang.

Hope y'all know
what you're doing.

About to find out.

Senator John Donovan.

Yes, Senator,
you've been expected.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, sir.
Could you try that
again, please?

all right?

All set.

Here you go, sir.

Thank you.

I'm monitoring all
active work stations.

So far, no signs of
unauthorized activity.

Are you sure?

Well, I could be more sure
if you told me exactly what
it is I'm looking for.

As in, what files
were accessed.

Daniel, you're not read-in,
that's the way it has to be.

And I'm not in
no way complaining.

I just wanna do
the best job I can.

Just keep everyone
on task.

And if you locate
any of the stolen files,
I want them quarantined.

I'm on it, sir.
I'm sure you are.

I don't know what
your thinking is on
Keith Mullins' long term,

but I can already see
I can make
a big difference here.

Get this done and
we'll talk about it.

I'll check with you later.

Senator Donovan is here.

Thank you.
This way.


This must be such
a, uh, difficult time.

Please, come in.

I've notified
all the heads
of the NSA, FBI...

Cavalry's not
coming. Stop.


Back away. Now.


What the hell's
going on here, John?

We know what you did to
Asim Naseri's daughter.


John, I honestly don't
know what the hell
you're talking about.

Don't give me that.
You have information

that could potentially
save Rebecca's life,

and you're holding on to it
so you could cover your ass?

She was your friend!

Where's the hardware key?

Sit down.

Fingerprint, now.


Cover him.


Simms is secure,
I'm logging in to
the terminal now.

Go to the IP address
I gave you.

It'll give me access
to its screen once you
override the firewall.

All right,
data mining the dossier.

Got it.

Here is where
they intercepted Naseri's
messages to his daughter.

Determined she was
a vulnerability,

ran the abduction.

Okay. This...
This is good.

What, Andy?

Simms' people collected
a list of contact
numbers for Naseri.

One of them is
still active.

Okay, Andy, is there
any way to trace it and

find a location
for Naseri?

No, the GPS is encrypted.


Hold on.


Oh, my God.

We were wrong about
Naseri's daughter.

She's alive.

According to this,

she's been held
at a safe house
a few miles from here

for the last year.

doesn't know that.

I just saw a call
that was intercepted
a year ago

where he said,
"The Americans
killed my daughter."

Andy, this number
you found, for Naseri,

I know we can't track
his location,

but is there any way
that we can contact him?

I'd have to verify it,
but it is still active.

Okay, if
we can get the girl
from the safe house,

prove to Naseri
that his daughter's
still alive,

I might be able
to negotiate.

He already refused once.

Andy, that was
about turning
over Bin-Khalid,

this is about Rebecca.

You're wasting your time.

You're not gonna find anyone
at the safe house.

Then where is the girl?

There is no girl.

Son of a bitch!
No, no, no!

I'll hold him down here.

You go to the farmhouse,
get the girl.

Just tell the staff
that we don't
wanna be disturbed.


Good luck.

So we take the girl,
everyone else we scrub.

What happens
with the girl?

She's being renditioned
to an agency black site
in Xalapa.

People don't come
back from that place.

Our job is to
get her there.

The rest is none
of our concern.

It's the truth.

He's not gonna find anything
at the farmhouse, John.

You wanna help Rebecca,
you drop this.

Let me get back to work.

We haven't
crossed any lines.

Kidnapping little
innocent girls...

Oh, I... I think
I would consider
that crossing a line.

It is very often
that it is the enemy

who determines
how you fight a war,

how best to save
American lives.

Well, why don't we
just bomb them all,
then, Don? Hmm?

I mean, they can't kill us
if they're all dead, right?

That'd save some
American lives.

I should have thought
that being married to

would have opened
your eyes by now.

Why would you say
something like that?

Because your wife
understands how
the world operates.

I think I've learned
enough about
Rebecca to know

that, yes, she's willing
to push some boundaries,

but she would never
do what you've done.

Even if she'd been
hunting Bin-Khalid
for a year?

With no leads?

Pressure from the agency,
the president?

Are you suggesting
that she had a part
in all of this?

What if I told you

that it was her idea?

You're supposed to
call me a liar, John.

You are a liar.

Pulse is stabilizing.

Will she recover?

Enough for our purposes.

As soon as
she's strong enough,
we will begin.

Praise to God for
this small miracle.

Come on.

Wake up.

Wake up.

That's right,
you're still alive.

You can't escape justice.

We should've known
you'd try something
like that.

It's what a coward would do.

Someone who'd take
the life of
a 10-year-old girl.

I can't imagine
it was too difficult

for you to order
the death of my daughter.

After all,
you don't have any kids.

You don't know
what family is,

what a child means
to a father,


I suppose that's why
it was so easy

for you to try
and take your own life.

You had nothing to lose.

But I promise you this.

Even if your life
was a godless waste,

your death will stand
for something.

Andy, I need eyes on 'em, man,
I'm running out of road.

Okay, SAT one's
almost in position.

It took a little
bit longer than usual

because I had to mask
the bandwidth by spreading it
through different sockets.

Come on, man.

It's up.

One second.

I have infrared.

Tell me what you see.

Three heat signatures,
one of them very small.

That must be
Naseri's daughter.

The second one's built
like a linebacker.

The third one, not so much,
probably female.

Can you send me
an image of
the satellite feed?

I can do better
than that.

I'll mirror it real-time
to your phone.




Don't move. Hands.

On the floor. Now.

Who the hell are you?


What's your name?


It's a beautiful name.

My name is Eric.

And I'm here to help you.


What these people did
to you is wrong.


I'm here to take you home.

But you're American.

Ara, I promise you.

You're safe with me.

Come on.


Stand right here.
Stand right here.

Okay. Don't move,
okay? Okay?

Carter, there's a van
driving up to the house.

Four targets. They're armed.

Get down.

I see them.

Andy, why didn't
you warn me earlier?

Because I wasn't
framing for it.

I had the satellite
zeroed in on the house.

All right.
Four corner formation.

Nobody in, nobody out.

Let's move.

What is it?

It's okay.
Okay? It's okay.

Just get down.

What happened?

Someone hit me
from behind.

How many?
Just one, I think.

He went
in the house.


Andy, it's a clean-up crew.

These are Simms' people,
and they're here to kill us.

Okay, Carter, I just
notified the state police

and they're sending
a SWAT team to the house,

but they're 20 minutes away.


We won't last that long.

Okay, wait a minute.
Hold on a minute.


Senator Donovan, this is
Andy Shalowitz at CTU.

Carter found
Naseri's daughter,

but there are four
armed individuals
surrounding the house.

Simms sent these people
to the house, sir.

You have gotta get him
to call them off.

I understand.

Don, you need
to tell your people
to stand down.

Don, you need to
take out your phone
and call them right now.

That's not going to happen.

Damn it.

Unlock your phone, Don.


Unlock the phone, Don.

I've gained access
to Simms' phone.

I pulled out the list
of his most recent calls.

One of those might
be from their team,
if I could talk to them,

tell them that Simms
has been found out,

maybe they might abort
their mission.

Can't Simms talk to them?

Simms was never gonna
cooperate, Andy.

I'm worried about
that past tense.
Look, just listen to me.

Now, this phone is asking me
for a four-digit code.

Oh, it must be
an encryption lock.

All right,
so what can we
do about that?

I could try to bypass it.

How long is that
gonna take, Andy?

I don't even know if I can.

Simms' phone
is encrypted,

but if I manage
to unlock it,

Senator Donovan can
call the clean-up team

and try to get them
to back off Carter.

Shoot me an update as
soon as you hear from
the field team, okay?

- Keith?
- Yeah.

I was running a system
allocations scan and found
something I can't explain.

See that?
Intermittent spikes in
data-using bandwidth.

I tried to pinpoint
the source,

but, uh, the signal's
been spread around.

Do you have
any operations underway
that I don't know about?

No, you're up to
speed on everything.

You sure about that?

Of course, yeah.

Okay, well,

I'll do a rescan,
try to pinpoint
the source,

but I need more memory,
all you can spare.

I'll see
what I can free up.

Do it fast.

Can you block him?

I can shortchange him
on the memory,

but anything beyond that
would only alert him.

She's right.
Pang knows his stuff.

Look, I'm going
as fast as I can.

I need more time.

Yeah, well,
doesn't look like
you're gonna get it.

If he cuts us off,

Carter's never gonna
make it out of
that farmhouse alive.

I'll take care of it.

Keith, what's going on?

It takes two seconds
to allocate memory.

Uh, Mariana says
they're having an issue
with the pipeline.

Why doesn't she just tweak
the parameters of the SQL?

I'm sure she's doing
what she can.

You really need to sit
on your people, Keith.

I mean, do I have
to do this myself?

No wonder this place
is in the crapper.


Inside the house!

We only want the girl.

Just send her out,

and then we're done.

Listen to me.

The man that
hired you, Simms,

he's been taken down.

Okay? You don't need
to do this anymore.


I've already been paid.

I always finish a job
once I've been paid.

I got a reputation
to keep.

I won't let you
take the girl.

Then we got a problem.

Listen to me.
Do yourself a favor,

put your weapon down
and give yourself up.

We can hash this out
like adults.

You hear me?

This is your only chance
of living through all of this.

I'm scared.

It's okay.

All right? It's okay.

I'm not gonna
let anything
happen to you.


I need an answer!

Whoever this guy is,
he can't cover both doors.

We're taking him down.

Let's move.

You come in, you die!