bwoy (2016) - full transcript

Following the death of his young son, Brad O'Connor becomes obsessed with a young Jamaican man online, eventually leading to a confrontation he and his wife can no longer avoid.

(glass breaking)

(reflective piano)

(birds chirping)

- [Brad Voiceover] By now, you probably know what I'm up to.

I'm sorry I couldn't tell you about what was going on,

face to face.

(tempered piano)

(people talking)

(birds chirping)

(waves splashing on shore)

(exotic bells)

(reggae song with man singing)

- Yeah, I can see that you're over a week past due

on the account, so we were wondering when we could expect

the minimum payment.


No, yes, yes, yes, no, I understand.


Yeah, so,

when can we expect the minimum payment?

Is it any sooner than that?

Can I put you down for tomorrow instead of Wednesday?

Okay, how about tomorrow instead of Wednesday?

Okay, then, Tuesday it is.

Thank you for being a valued customer.

(people talking)

Hi, is this Mr. David Bizona.

(acoustic guitar)

We can see that you are over two weeks past due

on your account, and so, we were wondering

when we could expect the minimum payment.

Uh-huh, uh-huh, any sooner?

Can I put you down for tomorrow instead of Friday?


No, so that's tomorrow instead of Friday, so then,

can I put you down for tomorrow then?

Is that correct?

Okay, Wednesday it is then.

Thank you for being a valued customer.

(phone ringing)

- How are the taxes coming along?

- Fine.

(wind blowing outside)

- Goodness fine handsome Brad.

- And you must be the fine sexy Yenny.

- I am, indeed.

- Wow.

It's really, it's really great to see you, for real.

I mean, after I didn't hear from you all day, I thought.

- What'd you think?

- I don't know.

- My cell phone is past due, so I can't text again

until I pay all.

- You're so pretty.

- Like a girl?

- No. No, just...

You're beautiful.

How old are you again?

- 23. You?

- I'm 42.

- Not 39 like in your profile?

- Yeah, no, I guess I'm a little nervous about my age.

- I like that you're older.

- Really? It doesn't bother you?

- No, no, no, I like, I like.

Do they call you Bradley, like Bradley Cooper?

You're very handsome.

Do you like him?

- I mean, he's okay, I guess.

- So, what are you doing tonight in New York City,

Mr. Bradley Cooper?

It must be very fun there.

Jamaica is so boring.

- Really?

It seemed pretty nice to me.

- Well, not if you're homosexual.

- Oh, right.

And, are you homosexual?

- Yes, Daddy Brad. Aren't you?

It's okay, you don't have to answer.

- No, I'm sorry.

I'm just doing a little work while I'm talking to you.

- Do you come to Jamaica often?

- Yeah.

- Great, then we'll hook up next time.

- Sure.

So, where are you now?

- I'm in the bedroom.

I live with me uncle.

For how long, I don't know.

- Why is that?

- I think he's starting to suspect that I'm, you know.

- Oh. Oh, you're not out?

- Hell no.

This is Jamaica, man.

Ain't nobody out that don't want to get beat up or worse.

- And you're uncle thinks you're gay,

but how would he know?

- He in everybody business, and I don't have a girlfriend.

- But what about the rest of your family?

- Well, that's the thing.

My mother is dead, and my father won't have me either.

- Oh.

I'm sorry.

- Yes, me too.

She got cancer when I was eight, and died.

I went to go live with my father,

until he got a new wife.

She don't like it when he paid me more attention,

so when I turned 16, she made up some bullshit

about me stealing, and demanded that I leave.

What are you going to do?

He is now with his new wife, and he choose pussy over blood.

He said it was better if I came and lived here,

with his sister.

At first, he had paid for me, but,

once I got to be 21, he said it was time

for me to be on my own.

- So, do you have a job?

- Not anymore.

I never finished high school proper,

and I never went to university.

- What are you gonna do?

- I don't know.

- I'm sorry, Yenny.

- That's okay.

At least I met you.

- Are you sure you don't have a Jamaican boyfriend?

A guy like you?

- A guy like me.

I'm not special.

I'm one among millions.

I wish I was special.

My mother made me feel special.

My mother.

She would take me everywhere.

We lived up near her parent's farm, up in the mountains,

and he brewed coffee, there, and then,

I would help him bake the beans sometimes.

It's much cooler up in the mountains,

not so hot and sticky as it is down here,

and the farm was close with a manner of James Bond.

My grandfather remembers me to him.


I was debased when I was younger too,

when she was alive.

It was still pretty good in high school,

up until I had to drop out.

- Because of your stepmother?

- Yes, yes.

Because of her, I had to move out,

but by the time I moved in with me aunts,

I had no interest in finishing school.

- You've been through so much, Yenny.

I wish I could do something.

- Well, you are my daddy, right?

- Is that what you want me to be?

- And I'm your boy.

- Yeah.

- I want to be your little Jamaican pussy boy.

- Then, then that's what you are.

- Yeah.

- Do you like...

Do you like calling me your daddy?

- I love calling you that.

That's because you are my daddy, right?

- Yeah.

- And what am I?

It's okay, Daddy.

You can say it to me.

I want you to.

It's just between you and me.

- You're my...

You're my Jamaican pussy boy.

- Hell, yeah.

Daddy, can I show you something?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, what?

- Yes, boy.

- See what you do to me?

Do you see?

- Oh, God.

- Do you like?

- Yes.

- Do you like, Daddy?

- Yeah. Yeah.

- Can I show you something else?

Do you like this too, Daddy?

Is my daddy getting hard?

- Yes.

- Can I see?

- Really?

- Yes.

Daddy's got a big white dick.

I can't wait to suck on it.

Feel it inside this tight Jamaican boy pussy.

- Yes, I want that too.

- Next time you come to Jamaica,

can we go someplace special?

- Sure.

- Yes, so I want to spend time with you, and be free.

- Is there a place like that?

- There's a place near me father's holy farm.

We can go there.

It's very cool.

We'd be very comfortable there.

There are waterfalls, and pools,

and we can swim naked there together.

Have you ever done that?

- No.

- Do you want to?

- Yes.

- Great.

Then we do that.

- I like you, Yenny.

- I like you too, Daddy Brad.

I like.

- So, I should probably get going.

It's getting late.

- Ah, really?

- Yeah, I have to work early in the morning, so...

- Okay.

Can I show you something before you go?

- Sure, but, I mean, you just showed me a lot.

- You're stupid.

- Wow.

- It's you.

- Yeah, I see that.

That's very sweet.

- Well, you are my daddy.

- Well, I guess I am, if I'm on your phone.


- Well, goodnight for now, me sexy daddy.


- Bye.

- Night night.

(people talking)

- Who's this?

- [Man on Phone] Is this Dr. Bradley O'Connor?

Yes, what is this in reference to?

- [Man on Phone] And how are you today?

- I'm hunky dory.

- [Man on Phone] Oh, well that's wonderful.

So, I'm calling today about your Scotia Bank credit card.

I believe you have the silver platinum.

We've noticed that you're over two weeks past due

on the account, and so, we're wondering

when we could expect the minimum payment.

Dr. Connor.

- [Brad] So, have you ever thought about coming here,

to the United States?

- [Yenny] Are you inviting me, Daddy?

- [Brad] Well...

- I've always wanted to visit New York City.

It must be so much fun there.

- So, why haven't you yet?

- Well, first you need a passport.

Then, you need a visa.

- Are you, really?

'Cause Americans don't need visas to visit Jamaica.

- That's right, you don't need a visa

to visit Jamaica, but we need a visa to visit you.

- Are you sure?

- I'm most definitely sure, Daddy Brad.

Jamaica needs your tourists, you don't need ours.

And so, between the money for everything,

and the flight, well, I just can't afford it.

- That's not fair.

- No, sir, it is not fair.

- So, I was thinking, how much do you owe

on your cell phone bill?

- I owe about 2,500 Jamaican.

- Wow, how much is that US?

- About 25 US dollars.

- Oh.

Well, 'cause I was thinking that maybe, um,

maybe I would help you pay for your cell phone bill.

- Really, Daddy?

You would do that?

- Sure, why not?

I mean, it's only 25 bucks.

- Oh, my God, Daddy.

That would be amazing.

Then I can text you during the day.

- Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

- So you know how to do it?

- No.

- You can send the money online.

Then, I can pick it up, and go pay me bill.

- Okay, can I do that tomorrow morning?

- That would be great.

I'm so happy me daddy really does love me.

Don't you?

- Yes.

- Yes...


- Yes, my Jamaican pussy boy.

- I love when you call me that.

- I think I love saying it.

- So, I was thinking...

If you could I put in a few extra dollars,

I could do some special for you.

- Like...

- I want it to be a surprise for me daddy.

- Well, how much are you talking about?

- Can you lend me 50 US?

- Sure.

- I'm so lucky I met you.

Is my daddy okay?

Did I do something wrong?

- No, no, no.

It's fine. I just...

It's nothing.

- You don't have to give me the money if that's it.

I still like you.

- No, it's okay.

- You sure?

- Yes. Absolutely.

- Okay, Daddy Brad.

I know that you don't feel the same way about me, yet,

but I hope that you do someday.

I just want to say that I love you so much.

You're the hottest man I've ever met,

and you treat me so nicely.

You respect me, you talk to me about things,

and I know that we play talk a lot, but, seriously,

anyone who ever get to be your son,

will be the luckiest person in the world,

and I hope that I can be yours someday, all yours.

- You're very sweet, Yenny.

I hope so too, I really do.

- Well, then get a big fuck daddy dick down here,

so you can break this tight Jamaican boy pussy.

- You really like to talk dirty, don't you?

- Don't you?

- Well, um.

I'm kinda new at this, so...

- Yeah, I thought so.

- It's that easy to tell, huh?

- That's what makes my daddy so adorable.

I know that you would wrap your arms around me,

and hold me all night.

- You do know the perfect thing to say.

So, um...

I should probably go get dinner.

- Ah, Daddy, always has something, when I get so horny.

I guess we can wait another night.

- Bye, my sweet Jamaican boy.

- Pussy boy, but you're learning.

- Goodnight, Yenny.

Okay, Saturday it is then.

Thank you for being a valued customer.

(people talking)

(phone ringing)

Yeah, hi, is this Mr. Roger Morgan?

So, when can we expect the minimum payment?

Any sooner?

Yeah, so can we expect the minimum payment,

can you send them, can you send us something today?

I'm sorry, yes, you did say that.

I'm sorry.

Can, so I'll put you down for tomorrow, is that correct?

Uh, yes.


So, did you say Thursday?

Yeah, you did, right?

Yeah, okay.

Okay, sorry, Monday.

Monday it is, then.

Thank you for being a valued customer.

(phone ringing)

(people talking)

(phone vibrating)

(Jamaican music)

- [Yenny] Hi, Daddy Brad.

- Hi, beautiful boy.

You know, all I could do today was think about seeing you,


- Me, too.

And thank you for the money.

Especially the extra amount.

- Of course.

I wish it could be more.

- I don't want your money, Daddy.

I want to come live with you.

I want to get out of here and live in New York City.

And go to clubs, and go down the street,

and hold your hand, and not be called batty boy,

or get me face punched in.

You have gay marriage now, right?

I want to get married.

Would you marry me?

- Yes, I would.

I would marry you.


- I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you.

- Oh, you'd be fine.

You made it this far.

- Did I tell you I tried to kill meself last year?

- No, you didn't.

- Yes, well, I did.

I was in the hospital for two months.

- What happened?

- Me sister was murdered.

- Oh, my God.

- She was murdered by a drug lord down here.

He tried to burn her body.

- I'm...

I'm so sorry.

I don't...

I don't know what to say.

- It's enough that you're here for me, Daddy.

I have a reason to live now.

I feel reborn.

What about you?

Have you ever lost someone?

- Lost someone?

- Are your parents still alive?

- Yes, they are.

- Oo, you're very lucky, Daddy.

- Yeah.

- You seem sad, Daddy.

- No, I'm good.

- I wish I could reach through and give you

a big hug and kiss.

- Yeah, me too.

- Like those old shows where a person could blink

or wiggle their nose, and magically appear,

and poof, I'd be right there,

with my arms around you, holding you,

kissing your handsome face.

- I'd like that.

- Would you let me sit on your lap?

- Of course.

- I like that.

Sitting on your lap.

My arms around you, kissing your lips.

Would you let me cook for you, Daddy?

- Cook for me?

- I just want to make you happy.

I'd be waiting for you when you got home.

Give you a massage, have dinner ready for you,

kiss you, oh, not so fast.

- What?

- My surprise for you.

When you got home, I'd be waiting for you like this.

- Oh, my God.

Oh, God.

Oh, fuck.

- I got these for you today.

You like?

- Yes, I like a lot.

- Daddy getting hard?


It's just me, remember?

- Yes.

- Good.

So, does Daddy's little Jamaican pussy boy wag your tail?

- Yes.

- Can you show me?

It's so delicious looking.

I can't wait to gobble it all up right now.

- I want you to.

Show me, show me your...

- Si, Daddy Brad.

- Show me your Jamaican boy pussy.

- Hell, yeah.

- Oh, God.

- Do you like, Daddy?

- Mm-Hmm.

- Yes.

Do you want to see more, Daddy?

- Yeah, yeah. Oh, God.

- Daddy's so hard right now.

- Oh, God.


(strange tone)

- Are you okay, Daddy?

- Uh-Huh, I just have to clean up.

- That was hot, Daddy.

Can we do it again, tomorrow?

- Maybe. I don't know.

We'll have to see, okay?

- What's wrong?

Do you still want me?

- Yeah, of course I do.

I just, I've never...

We'll talk tomorrow, okay?

- No, no, no, Daddy, I just got here.

I have something important now, to ask you.

- No, I have to go, Yenny.

- No, no, no, no, no, just wait, Daddy, please, please.

- I have to go, I'm sorry.

(dark tones)

(phone ringing)

- Do you need to get that?

- I wouldn't blame you, if you wanted to leave me.

- We could just move.

You know, we could just get away, and disappear.

We could adopt.

We could find someone who really needs us.




- I hope that I've not upset you,

with anything I've done, or said to you.

You mean so much to me.

You're the first white man to ever tell me

that you love me.

You're so generous and handsome, and,

I want nothing more than to come to New York City,

and live with you.

And be your little Jamaican pussy boy.

I need a daddy to take care of me.

I need you.

Please, Daddy Brad.

Please, come take me away from this place.

Please, Daddy Brad, save me.

- I forgot to tell you, I may be going on a trip.

- Really? Where?

- I may be gone for several weeks.

- Yay! Daddy Brad.

- Hi, Yenny.

- Hold on, I want to show you something.

You like?

- Sure.

- I knew you would.

You okay?

You seem tired.

- I do?

- You need to get sleep.

- Okay.

- Okay, then.

Did you get my message last night?

- Yes, I did.

It was very sweet.

- I meant every word.


- So...

- I need to ask you for something.

I have business opportunity that I think would have me

get, man, so I can get me visa,

and come live with you.

I want to raise rabbits for their fur.

I used to do this, and I know that I can quickly get

the money I need, but I need some help to get started.

- How much do you need?

- I need about 200 US.

- 200.

- Yeah.

- For rabbits.

- To build a hot old bath for 'em,

to buy food for several months, till they're grown,

and then, to bye the babies.

- 200.

- Yes, Daddy Brad.

I know that it's a lot, but, it'll help me achieve

what I need to.

- No, I understand.

- So, can you help me?

- Yenny, baby boy, um.

I'm a little...

Concerned that you're only talking to me,

because you think I can give you money.

No. No, no.

- No, no, here me out.

I think you're amazing.

I think you're so sweet, and, you seem so honest,

but I just don't, I don't want there to be a pattern,

where you only come to me for money.

Does that make sense?

- Can you help me with anything, then?

- Well, Yenny, I want to help you, but I,

I just can't right now.

- So, you don't really love me, then.

- Yenny.

- Because I know that $200 can't be so much money

for you.

You are a rich financier and you live in New York City.

- Yenny, baby boy.

- I will pay you back, every penny.

- And I believe you, Yenny.

It's just that...

Oh, Yenny, baby.

Please don't cry.

- I'm not your baby.

I'm your fucking toy.

- Yenny, please.

- Please, what? What?

Please, what?

I know my feelings are crazy, but look at where I am?

Do you understand how hard every minute

of every day is for me, here?

Do you?

I bet you I'd save four grand to everything

you ever owned in your whole life.

Here, I have nothing.

I have no one, I have no job, I have no family.

And the only person I thought I truly had is you.

- You still have me.

- And to think I wanted you to bring me raw.

I would let any man do that.

- I'll still come and visit you.

- Sure, you will.

I thought you were different.



Goodbye, Daddy, that's what you want.

And don't call me, or text me,

or hit me up online ever again.

- Fuck! No!

Goddammit! Fuck!

(tense aura)

- Everything okay? - What?

- I heard you-- - What did you hear?

What the fuck did you hear?

- What's going on, Brad?

Hey, I'm...

I'm gonna start dinner, okay?


- No, ma'am, I'm afraid you're not getting it.

If we don't get your payment now, like right now,

if we don't get your minimum payment that's been due,

right now, we will have to send your account

to a collection agency.

I'm afraid, I'm sorry that I don't understand.

Yeah, I'm aware that you have a lot of things

going on in your life, that you have a lot of problems.

Well, guess what, ma'am?

We all have a lot of shit in our lives.

We all have problems, and shit that piles up,

and that makes us not want to do anything,

but we still have to all pay our fucking bills!

(people talking)

I'm sorry, ma'am, yes, you were saying.

Yes, tomorrow will be fine.

Thank you very much for being a valued customer.

(phone ringing)

You gonna cum?

You gonna cum?


- That was so hot, Daddy Brad.

Thank you for the help.

I knew you would.

- You promise you're gonna use the money the way

you said you would?

- I already have.

Hold on.

Daddy Brad, meet Buddy Brad.


- Oh, I was afraid that you were only talking to me

for the money.

- Oh, please, don't ever think that.

- Well, you didn't text me all day.

- I couldn't, honest.

I was mad at you yesterday, not today.

People get mad, it happens.

I'm sorry.

Now, I feel horrible, Daddy Brad.

I would never hurt my man.

I love you.

- I want to believe that.

- I do.

You've helped me out so much.

No one here ever does anything for me.

No one ever talks to me the way you do.

- Well, I like you, Yenny.

I want to be there for you.

- You are here for me.

- Would you really come here to live with me?

- In a second, if I could.

Daddy Brad.

- Yeah.

- I've been wondering this for a while, now.

- Wondering what?

- Who is that in the picture behind you?

- You can see that?

(tempered piano)

Benjamin, that's Benjamin.

- Who is he?

- That's my son.

- You really are a daddy.

- Yes.

- Where is he?

Does he live with his mother?

- He doesn't live with anyone anymore.


Benjamin's dead.

He... there was an accident.

He was swimming, and...

Something happened, and he drowned, and he died.

- You were there?

- No, I was not there, but I should have been.

- I am so sorry, Brad.

- Yeah, me too.

- Do you want me to stop calling you "daddy?"

I will if you want.

- No, please don't.

- I swear on me mother's grave,

I won't ask you for any more money.

I just want you, Daddy Brad.

I want to be all yours.

I think we both have pain, and we can both

help each other.

I know it.

- You're so sweet.

- No, you are.

Can I ask you something else?

- Sure.

- And you don't have to answer this.

- No, it's fine.

- Are you still married?

- No.

- Because it would be okay, if you were.

I don't think I would mind.

Most gay men in Jamaica are married.

- I bet that causes a lot of problems.

- It solves a lot of them.

♪ We'll get our breakfast from the trees

♪ We'll get our honey from the bees

♪ We'll take around on the water park

♪ And all the glory will find them all

♪ And we'll live together, in our dreamland, and be

♪ Forever one

- Yeah, so...

What kind of an increase can I get?

I see, well...

Could that be more like 5,000?

No, um, you see, I've been a good customer

for about ten years now, and...

I would hate to transfer my balance to another card,

you know?

Sure, I'll hold.

Uh, yes, ma'am.

I completely understand.

Yes, that's totally understandable,

but we were wondering when we could expect

the minimum payment from you.

No, you see, because you are delinquent on your account,

it would be in your best interest,

if you could get it sooner, rather than later.



No, that's great, so could it possibly be Tuesday,

rather than Wednesday?

Tuesday would be ideal for us, yeah.


Uh-huh. No, no.

Uh-huh. Great, okay.


I, okay, great, so I'm going to put you down, here,

in my notes, for this coming Tuesday,

for your minimum payment.

Great, thank you so much for being a valued customer.

(phone ringing)

(people talking)

- Oh my God, Daddy Brad.

- Hi, baby boy.

- I feel bad about what you did.

You didn't need to do that.

- Well--

- How can I ever thank you?

- You didn't seem so excited to see me, so...

- No, no, no, I am.

So, when were you planning on coming down?

- In two weeks.

I haven't bought my airfare yet, though.

- Where will you be staying?

- Well, I don't know, yet.

I was thinking about renting a place, maybe.

- Sweet, so I could come stay with you.

- That's the idea.

- I got something new for you today.

Wanna see?

- You know I do.

- I'll show you.

- Yeah.

- You like?

- Yeah.

- May I ask you something?

- Yeah.

- Will you fuck me every day?

- Every day, all day.

- May I see that big fat white daddy dick?

- It's your daddy dick.

Can I see your tight Jamaican boy pussy?

- Any time you want, Daddy.

It's your Jamaican boy pussy.

- What the fuck?


- What the fuck?


- Listen to me, you white American cocksucker.

If I ever hear you talk to my nephew again,

if I ever see you on this island,

I will cut your balls out with me own fucking hands,

shove them down into you,

and pull them out of your butt, you hear me?

If you ever so much as text him again,

I'll beat the Jesus out of him, so you hear me?

You filthy piece of fuck, you.

He wants you.

- Yenny!

Oh, my God.

What the fuck? What the fuck?

What the fuck? Oh, my God.

Oh, no.

Come on.

Come on.

Hi, I'd like to report a crime.

I need for someone to, uh, I don't know.

Schenectady, New York. Hello.

(tense aura)

- Bradley.

- Huh? He's fine.

- Who's fine?

- What?

I'm fine.

- You don't look fine.

- I think I'm a little nauseous.

So, I'll put you for tomorrow, then,

instead of Tuesday?

Tomorrow, instead of Tuesday.

Tomorrow, or Tuesday?

Tuesday, Tuesday.

Hi, is this Mr. Robert Burowski?

How are you today?

Oh, that's wonderful. Yes.

Well, I'm calling about your World Bank credit card.

I believe you have the platinum premium.

Yes, well, see, our records indicate

that you are over a week late on your account,

and we were wondering when we could expect

the minimum payment.


Uh-huh, okay.

Yeah, that's fine.

Yes, thank you very much, for being a valued customer.

And, what's the cost?

There's nothing cheaper?

And, this is nine o'clock, tomorrow morning?

And, what time does it get into Kingston?



My card number is...

- So, today's it?

- Yes, I'm afraid that today is it.

See, I got offered this amazing job.

Did I ever tell you that I was a physician?

Yeah, I was a doctor.

Still am, really, and,

there is this place that wants me to come down,

and work for them.

It's a clinic.

- You'll have to fill these out.

- Of course.

- And make sure your desk is cleaned out,

before you leave.

- They rescue them.

- What?

- The clinic, they rescue the kids.

- I thought you said your trip was in a few weeks.

- It changed.

- Tomorrow.

- Yeah.

- It just, it seems so sudden.


- Brad.

Come here.

Come here.

I just wanted to say this before you left.

Before you leave on your trip.

Wherever you go, wherever you're going, or,

whatever you have to do, like, I'm okay with it.

I am.

(Jamaican music)

- [Brad Voiceover] My dearest Marsha,

you were responsible

for the two happiest days of my life.

The day we got married, and the day you gave birth

to our son.

(tender piano)

Conversely, I am the one responsible for everything else bad

that has happened to us.

For that, I'm truly sorry.

And I'm sorry for blaming you.

(birds chirping)

By now, you probably know what I'm up to.

I'm sorry I couldn't tell you about what was going on,

face to face.

I sort of knew before the accident what was going on,

in me.

I couldn't figure out how to tell you, and then,

after what happened to Benjamin, I couldn't tell you.

Trying to start over, to remake my past,

to show someone love, and give them a chance at a new life.

I know I can do that.

Love, Brad.

(Jamaican music)

(orchestra music)


- One second, man. Hey.

- That's right.

Where is he?

- Don't shoot, man. Don't shoot.

We don't mean no harm.

- Where is Yenny?


- You're the guy from (mumbling) ain't you?

- Where is Yenny?

If you have laid a finger on him, I swear to God,

I will fucking kill you.

Do you hear me?

I will fucking kill you.


- What are you doing here?

- I came here, like I said I would,

to take you away from all this shit,

so get your things, pack up your things.

I have a place, you'll be safe there.

- Bradley, you need to put down that gun, right now.

- Who's that child?

What is she doing here?

- That's me daughter, Shelia.

That is our daughter.

- Please put the gun down now.

Please. - What?

Your child? What?

Who is this man?

- This is Demetri.

He's my husband.

- What?

But I saw him, I saw him kick you in the face!

- You thought you saw those things, Bradley.

- Your fucking husband?

- Love Yenny.

I'd never hurt him.

I love him like how I love Sheliana.

- The fuck?

You're making him say those things, aren't you?

He's making you say those things, right?

- Bradley, stop!

You need to take a breath.

Please. For me.

- So...

Everything you said to me was a lie.

- No, Bradley.

No, I told you many true things about me.

Even about how I was feeling.

- How you were feeling?

- Me sister really was murdered.

I really was kicked out of me house.

All of that happened.

- But what about?

What about the money I gave you?

What'd you do with that?

- It was not much money to you, Bradley.

Not to a rich, white American, living in New York City,

who travels back and forth to Jamaica.

- I gave you a fucking thousand dollars.

- I never ask you for that.

You know that?

Bradley, look at me.

Look at me, Bradley.

Please, put the gun down, okay?

- [Demetri] I'll show you what we do with the money.

- You grow pot with him?

You sell pot?

Is that what you do?

- No, formulas, for the baby.

- I'm sorry I lied to you, Bradley,

but me daughter needs to live.

She needs food, and medication.

- You helped us out greatly, Brad.

Thank you.

- Bradley, we not spend a thousand dollars.

You can have that back.

(tender piano)

- Benjamin!

(birds chirping)

(acoustic guitar)