É o Amor (2013) - full transcript

THAT'S LOVE (women's work)

Well, don't you know it?

Oh, dear, this part...
I'm tired...

To be able one day

To exchange

Your fate

For any other fate

But everyone

Has their fate marked out

And none more unforgiving

Than that of being a woman

Here, Paula! Here!

It's for bait...
They use every bit for bait these days.

They make use of everything for bait.

Get the lighter trolley over there.

Do you want another one?
- No. Leave it here.

If we need this one,
we'll come back for it.

Pull, Anabela!

Now we put the fish crossways.

It's heavy!

Put it there, on top of the octopus.

Hold it, Anabela. Here.

Just this one and one more.

Shall I hand you over...?

Pull it forwards....

Look at this...
There are pots in the van.

Shall I bring the van here, now?
Are you unloading it on the other side?


Wheel it.
- Wheel it slowly.

Never turn it round like that!

It's ok there!
It's ok there, Mr Sidónio!


Can you move this from here, Mr. Sidónio?
Because it's in the way.

Shall I unload it, Sónia?
- Pout to one side, flounder to the other.

Then we does the octopus on this side.
- Hold this, Anabela. Pout here.

You take that end.

Here's the other...

Put it on top of those ones.

Cassilda, start doing the octopus
with her. Put that to the side...

Not like that!

Not like that!

The pout goes at the bottom,
because it's not so good.

We need to put a little bit on each side
these on top, the others underneath.

This one?
- Yes, Anabela.

Do you see?

We need to...

The one right at the bottom?
- It's not that one.

You can put that one on top.


Like this...

You need to have a strategy...
Neatly. That's good.


Careful with those, Anabela.
Not any old way.

If they are very small like these,
put them on that side.

Do you always put the catch
in the same place?


We'll see at the end.



I think there must be
a box with ice there.

Somewhere over there.

Do you want me to go and get you ice?
- Will you? A small crate of ice.

So that we takes our lil' pout later
in good shape.

See if there is any. There must be.
If not ask the fish auction clerk.

Oliveiros, the ice? Where is it?

It's over there, at the far end.

Look at those wet boxes.

Are there no more trays?

bring me half a dozen trays.

I'll go and get them, shall I?
- You take the boxes, Anabela.

But, look, this has to be washed.
- Put that to the side. Keep going.


On top.

Those ones on top too.

Mr. Vicente?

Mr. Vicente?

Hey, Mr. Vicente!?

Put it here on the side,
Anabela, please.

Leave them on top of the trolley.


Nice, eh?
- It's good, yes.

Put it here, Anabela,
Let Mr.Vicente see.

It's really pitiful.
Look at the catch for 2 days fishing!

Put it here, Anabela.

Can you see?

These two trays
go on top of the pout.

Just those. Yes, yes.

Just as it is, you know?

Now the cuttlefish.
Put the cuttlefish first.

Hold on.
Put it there on top.

Bring those John-Dory. Anabela?

Put the John-Dory here.

This side over there.

The other way around. This way.

Put it on top of that, to disguise it.

The box isn't that weight.
Press it and input 2.600.


Is someone coming to do...?
Is someone coming to do the...


I'll go and ask.

You're really tanned.

Look at that,
your chest all tanned.

Shall we begin then?
- Let's go!


These here are small ones.

Put two or three
of the large ones, after.

Take that one! Put it in!

All the small ones.
- Small ones here.

Lay it there.

Put this one on top.
Like this...

Take it away. That's it.


Here is the book.
- Yes, yes.

Paula? The catch record book?
Here, is it for him?

Look, in the first place
while he gives us... This one stays.


Go on.

Weigh the catch then you can go.
I'll wait here for you.

Look at me now.

Get up here so you don't get your
feet wet. You wash and I'll turn.

Two at a time.
- Yes...

Turn it that way now.

Go over to that side.

Paula? Can you take those for me...
Are we going to need a trolley?

We are.
To take the boxes to the boat.

Turn it round that way!
- We'll get out of here in a minute...

Look what you've done to me.
- Give it to me now. Are you all there?

Get out of there!

Careful there! Careful.

Could've let her wash it,
she wanted to.

Anabela? Hose it from that side.

Anabela, do it on that side.
Hold the hose, it's twisted.

Hose it on that side.

Yes, that's it!
I'm going to try turning it off.

The meat is a killer!
- My man loves these stews.

This bit here is good, but the rest...
- It's lard.

It's good, the soup.

If the smell is anything to go by...

Your glass.

Anabela, your glass.

I wonder why you got the largest glass.
It must mean something.


I don't want any more.

Are you putting seven-up in it?




Not a very good catch, but what matters
is that us is in good health.

All together.
- There will be better days.

Your health!

Nice and cool...!

After the drink, I won't sell any fish.
I'll have to go to bed and sleep it off.

You won't sell anything now.
- That's true.

I really enjoyed that.

Then I ask myself
why am I putting on weight.

Those bones are for sucking on.

I don't like it.

Not the stewed pork.
- Are you having a chocolate mousse?

Chocolate is good for the skin.
- My man loves chocolate mousse.

Him and Sofia. When they order a dessert
it's always chocolate mousse.

It's good for emotional needs.

For emotional needs. It's good.
- He didn't mention the note at all...

Did you see?
- He hasn't seen it yet...

He hasn't tried the cherries yet.

You're anxious! He hasn't seen it yet!
He has not had time to open it, has he?

He will call me later...

And then, you know, he is the kind
of guy who would see and not let on.

And I feel like saying:
''So, didn't you see the little note?''

But I won't.

You won't?
How can you stop yourself?

And then come the weekend, he'll say:
''Yes I saw it, the little note...''

Did you leave him a little note?
- Yes.

Among the cherries.

But very neatly folded, very small.
If he is distracted he won't spot it!

Well no.

And you Cassilda,
don't you write notes to your man?

I have once.

- I sent him a postcard.

And it said?

''You're the most special one
in my life.''

Oh my God!

I was really ashamed
of being a boat master's daughter,

because my mother wore an apron
the few times she came to our school.

And my friends made fun of me.

They'd say:
''Eh, your mum is a fish wife?''

And I felt kind of...

And I often said to my mother:

''Don't come to school... If you come to
speak to the teacher, don't wear an apron''

and my mum would say: ''Why?
Are you ashamed of your mum's apron?!''

''Thanks to it I can provide for you!''
My mum told me this many times.

It's like with my man.
My man also says...

He can't do anything else but fishing.

He likes it! He even says:

''I like my profession,
I like being a fisherman,''

''I like the work I do.''

''It's a hard job, sometimes difficult,''

''the sleepless nights we sometimes spend,
it's difficult. But I love my work.''

Remind him,
when you call him, today.

To scrub the whole cooker and the kitchen,
because my man will check it again.

My man was furious
at the week end on account of that.

He said: ''This week I'm going to see.''

''If I'm not happy with the kitchen,
I'll have him out of there.''

He was furious about it.

Tell him: ''Mingos, see to that kitchen
because Zé is going to look at it again.''

Maybe, he... as it's going to the yard,
... would leave it for the boat yard.

But Zé did go into the kitchen,

My man should inspect it
every now and then, to see if...

Our kitchen on the boat
is all lined in stainless steel.

If it splatters when he cooks,
if he is careful, he can keep it all clean,

with that stainless steel cleaning stuff.
- Never mind...

Zé went there, saw it covered in grease...
Look, he wanted to kill him.

The boat is going into the boat yard now,
isn't it?

Still 15 days to go, you know?

As there are 15 days to go
I'll do a general clean at the end.

But Zé doesn't like that.
Zé likes the kitchen to be kept all clean.

He likes to eat without worrying.

And not be thinking it's all covered
in grease, you see?

A kitchen that is cleaned a bit everyday,
is never...

He might even have just seen
a single day's mess...

Exactly, he happened to go there,
saw it all dirty...

He was beside himself with your man.

She is not usually
as wonderful as that.

We went to do the photo session.
- How was it?

It was so good...

It was really nice...

Good morning, girls.
- Good morning.

Have you ordered already?
- Yes.

I would like a milky coffee
with sweetener.


Leopard buns... Is that right?
- Tiger.

No butter, with cheese.

Drink the juice, darling.
We don't fit at the table.

Sit there, next to your daughters.

Fatinha, it's better you stay on that side.
- Do you think she'll fit?

I told the girl to go over there.

It's the same, Fatinha, the same, love.
You can, you can.

Ah, I'm not going to damage it.

Mum, how is dad?

You are one of the closest families I know.
You're always thinking about each other...

Because I, when I got married,
I really wanted boys.

God moves in obscure ways,
his wonders to perform, did you know?

It's ''God moves in mysterious ways''.

Here in Caxinas
it's ''obscure ways'' for sure.

Never mind.
Anyway it's all the same.

So, I really wanted sons.
- My mother loves boys.

The same with her grandchildren!
- I loved boys, babies...

Even her grand daughters.
My mother ignores my daughter.

And the Lord gave me three girls!
It must have been for a reason.

All three are very confident.
- They take after their mother.

That's the way we are.

Your dad is also all...

He's a little fatter.

But you can still see.

But he was hot.

Wasn't he, mum?

And now, is he still hot, dad?
- I think so.

Tell me more.
- He is up for it.

Look, just today
he was making me tear my hair out.

After his chemotherapy!
- How come, mum?

With his stent?! Still wants to play?
- Yes! The thing is I escape, I get away...

That's men for you!
- Wanting to play...

It's just that I run away, my friend!
- Mum, tell me? Well hung?

Eh yes...

Respect, girl.

But Deolinda...

It is Deolinda, isn't it?
As in: ''Go if you come''?

''It will come if it does''.

But she recognises it.

She was like this,
she turned to me like this:

''You know, Sónia always makes
lots of money for the crew, always.''

''Do you know why?''
and she pointed to your door like this:

''Because she had a mother
to teach her''.

Sónia was born into it.

And it was a vocation for her,
but not for us.

My mother suffered from bronchitis
because of having Vânia,

so I went into the fish trade at 14.

People used baby wipes.
nappies and such things,

And to save up
in the first ten years of marriage,

I used a wet cloth to clean
my children's bottoms. Know what I mean?

At the bakers I would just window shop.
I wouldn't have a cake.

Just to save money.

People might say:
''She has this and that''. I have. I do!

But my first ten years were hard,
I didn't go out for lunch or for dinner,

wouldn't buy new clothes,
wouldn't buy trademark labels.

That's the problem with this country...
- My sisters used to criticise me.

''You make good money
buy some nice trousers''.

And I wouldn't buy any.
Believe me I wouldn't.

My dream was to own ''Marta Sofia'',

and till I succeeded,
I couldn't rest.

Like the song:

Steady on, steady on,

Steady, steady

Steady, steady

Steady on, steady
Nice and steady

That's the way.
- That's the way to do it.

You see? And you go along with that!
- I go along with all that.

Do we have to go that fast?

We need to tighten up our buttocks.

You need to exercise, Sónia.

I think we need to value them,

when they return without fish,
when the boat breaks down,

when the equipment fails...

They get back home totally... down.

- Exactly.

And they say: ''This week
it feels like a month has gone by,''

''it felt as though
this week would never end.''

And you give him a hug: ''Love...''

''Who knows, baby, you'll see,
next week it will be better''.

We have to have the capacity
to do this.

And I feel sad when my man says
he lost some equipment,

or that the boat has broken down,
or that...

... those little things.

Or that his mates are not behaving
as he would like them to.

We talk at the week end...

And I also feel sad.

But I cannot express those fears,
I need to hug him: ''Baby, don't worry'',

I cuddle him: ''Next week will be better,
you will see, everything will be ok''.

And eventually things get better.
That's what being a wife is all about.

And they can't sleep at night,

like he says, sleeping at home
is not the same as sleeping at sea.

Sometimes he is at home sleeping
and jumps up in bed

''Ah! I thought that the boat
had got stranded up on the beach!''

''What a fright,
what a relief it wasn't''.

Or a trawler...
Do you understand? He gets a fright.

And I say: ''Be calm, love.
You are home, be calm...''

Look how nice! Isn't it pleasant?
- Shall we stop for an orange juice?

No! I don't think so?!


Not that I care
about what people say, no.

It's just that it looks bad...

My husband is at sea
and I am out relaxing, having a juice?

Feet up...
- No, no.

But are people like that?
- No, but I just don't feel right.

He is at sea, working,
and it's not fitting...

''Her husband, at sea, suffering,
and there she sits with her feet up?''

It doesn't look right for me.

My in-laws pass by on their little walks,
they would see me sitting here and say:

''My son at sea...!''

No, it doesn't look right.

I would have to feel good about it myself,
and I don't feel good.

They go to sea,
and we remain ashore thinking:

''May God keep you safe.''

But the thing is,
the sea gives us everything we have.

I look at the sea, with respect,
I won't stop loving the sea.

For the time being,
the sea is my livelihood.

Don't your legs hurt?
- They hurt! But that's the idea.

I'm sweating...!

Let's go and look at the sea?

Did you like it?

So sweet!

Let's get up there.

This way, see!


Let yourself fly, Anabela!

Look I already feel a bit achy.
I should have used these muscles more.

But we sat still for a long time,
we did not push ourselves much.

I'll tell you, when I met him,
everything went beautifully.

But, after a while,
that's when the problems started.

He started having new girlfriends,
and I would see him with other people.

In the summer, he would insist on coming
to the beach right in front of my house.

He didn't want me, but wouldn't let go.

So, he left me several times,

then afterwards we would make up.

I would be happy.

But that romance would only last
another two, three months.

Then it would come
to an end again.


He had certain fears.

But it's like that.
The fears men have, you see?

But I felt that he really loved me,

But... It wasn't working.

At some point he would say:
''It's no good, it's no good.''

It was no good, it wasn't working.

Meanwhile, it went on,
till the last row, the last of many.

he stayed in the army 8 months.

I would be driving the car,

pass by him, Anabela,
and my legs shook like this.

I was unable to press the accelerator,
or to break. Nothing!

Such was the love that I felt for him,
you know?

After so much hardship,
one day he asked me to marry him.

He returned from the army
and said he had had his fun.

First on the day
of my brother's wedding.

He saw me in the distance...

He was sitting at the guests table.
I was at the presiding table.

I kept looking at him,
pecking at him, from afar.

Of course I also felt his eyes on me,
he wasn't indifferent.

I felt him looking at me.

Then that night,
we went to a disco,

he came to me and said:

''Soon I'll be at your door. If you don't
open it, I'll keep ringing the bell.''

And I said: ''Oh Lord!''
- How embarrassing!

But deep down, I was very happy.

Meantime he came,
it was about 6 in the morning, imagine!

I was waiting for him at the door of the
store room, afraid he would ring the bell.

He came to fetch me,
that was it, we started going out.

Heads down, without my dad seeing.

We would go out around midnight,
I would go down,

my father was already in bed asleep
with my mother.

At 6 in the morning the two of us would
be feeling happy, having made up.

But I felt that this time
love was different.

I felt this time it was for real.

I felt this time he was sure.

I would tell him:
''I don't believe it any more,''

''I'll only believe that you really want me
if you marry me. Shall we set a date?''

Then, one day,
he turned to me and said: ''Let's''.

So, on that day,
we went to our Lady of Good Health,

up there,
at our Lady of Good Health.

We stopped the car,
we put on that music...

Zezé di Camargo, always!

Nice romantic music, a few kisses...

Meanwhile he stops,
gets out of the car,

opens the boot and takes such a bouquet,
really huge, with a little card.

I just said: ''I'm not into this stuff,
for God's sake...''

He gave it to me.

And I was just kind of ''Gosh!'',

I went to read the little card
which said:

''Will you marry me?''

And I was like ''Uuuuuuuh!''

I couldn't believe it!
I cried so much...

Hey! What's up with him?

Go on!

A man who is a man takes the plunge!
- No two ways about it!

Get on with it! What's the matter!?

Did you notice that his size is S
but he is wearing some XL shorts?

He's going to lose his pants!
- Yep...

Francisquinho, my love...

Is that so? Are you sure?

I think it's not...
- Francisquinho my stinker...


You are a real stinker, sometimes.

My stinker...

Like this?
- No.

No? I think it is.

Potato, potato.
- Tato tato.

I thought Fernanda was cooking potatoes!
- It's children's language. Let's see...

I keep forgetting
that I have to turn up the volume.

Who is it?
- It's me.

It's you!? No it isn't...
- Yes!

Anabela says that I am not me...

You are, you are...

That gorgeous one!?

It's me, it's me.

When I was a little baby.

You have such a beautiful smile
More beautiful than anything

Francisquinho, my love

Your little pink mouth
has the tenderness of linen

Framed in a face
So very adorable

Look, mummy...
- So sweet...

Look all naked... you mustn't look.
- But I want to.

Now I'm not naked.

Francisquinho, my love...

Who is it?
- Zé and Zé Pedro.

Well... He looks like gentleman!

With a suit and tie
bigger than he is...

You are exactly
What I prayed so hard to God for


Francisco, go to Fernanda, go on.

Now, you can't play football...

Are you crying?
- No.

I have seen this lots of times.

It's very sweet, isn't it? This music?

The song goes: ''When you see me
as I am'', but then...

As she is, but getting her to pose.

She is a sweetie...

My little girl.

That's not a swimming pool, is it?
- It's a little lake.

Did she want to go in?
She doesn't have a swimsuit.

It was a really hot day,
in the afternoon the kids began to go in.

She wanted to go for a swim,
but I didn't let her.

I told her: ''After the cake is cut...''
that was already at the end of the party.

''At the end, mummy will take you there
and you can swim all you want''.

And she was really happy!

She waited for the time to come,
she cried and all...

... to go swimming.

She was really happy.

These are the moments which vanish,

Into thin air.

In an instant.

My husband often says:
''I don't want my children to get married,''

''I don't want them to grow up''.

But that's life.
We grew up as well, we also ran away...

I'm still pretending
I haven't grown up...

While I can.

Are you afraid?
- I am.

My pride and joy.

No room in your ring for anyone else?
- No. I have no more space.

Do you see the way
we look at each other?

I feel there is love.

Yes, yes...

I love you with all my heart.

Lovely, wasn't it?

Very sweet.

When I am in the fish market,
they already say I look like one of them.

That I can do the work.

All that, it's very easy.

What's more complicated is...

for me to believe...

that I can be interesting
as a person

and to believe...

that I can contribute
to the narrative of a film.

I think Sónia
is much more interesting than I am.

Can I blow the candle now?
Let everyone go in...

Some are singing this,
others are singing that...

I am like a mirror to Sónia

where she can...

where she can see herself
and she can see that..

... that she is happy,
that I am anguished,

that she knows how to love,
that I don't know how to love...


I have to be near her
with my deepest being.

Be true
so she can be true,

so she is able to show her innermost self,
able to show who she is.

I need to reflect to her
the image of what she represents,

so that she may represent
with truthfulness.

Hello, Dona Carolina!
Do you want help?

Good morning!
- We have to work a bit!

You have to check the net better.

Remember, this time last year,
it was a shame the boat went to the yard.

And thank God!
- And thank God...

We haven't done badly,
for the love of God.

Thank God and thank baby Jesus' willy,
which is holy!

And it's true, we have done well,
thank God, we have earned good money.

I hope we never make less than this.

Isn't that right?

Only we are always making comparisons.

Now another two week's work
and then ''vacaciones''.

I want another week's holiday.
- Ok, son. Whatever you want.

At least one month...

Only if you say
that you love me in public.

I love you.
- Lots?

But a month!
- A month! We're witnesses. It's a deal!

But do you really love me?
- I do!

Wow! I can hardly believe
he told me that!

But he gets rights
to a month's holiday.

22nd June till 22nd July.

Ok, darling.

The needles, Anabela.

Leaving home

Going to his job

He goes to sea
To seek his livelihood

Leaving behind

That which he holds dear

That which he loves

And is never forgotten

But the sea is cruel

It's false and treacherous

One day it brings you bread

Another it brings you pain...

That is why I say

That the seafaring man
Is always screwed!

That is why I say
That the seafaring man...

Is always screwed!

It's not Freedom day, today?

My father in law also knows this one.

We learnt these little songs from him.
- And your husband doesn't let you sing.

While you declare your love to him...
You see?

That's how he is, he does let me,

but only in situations
where he knows the people.

When it's in certain places...

Look I spoke with him...

But you were invited
to sing in a Fado club.

It could have been the start...
- Ah I wouldn't, I was embarrassed...

Thinking about it

We all have our own fate

Those who are born ill fated

Will find no better fate...

Fate is luck

From the cradle to the grave

How beautiful, Cassilda!

No one, not even the strongest
Will escape

The fate God gives them

She sings really well, she does.

Hang on, darling, there is no signal.


Hello, love?

Hello, Zé?

There was no signal in the store room.

Yes, half past two?

Ok, ok.

How's the catch?
I need to plan, love...



Black or spotted, the sole?

Ok, ok.

Ok, love, ok.

Ciao, kisses!
Safe journey. Kisses.

So? What's the catch like?
Judging by your face...

It's... good.

15 trays of octopus, 3 of plaice,

and 4 or 5 of gurnet.

That's good, that's good...

I adore you!
- At what time?

At two thirty, in Aveiro.

We've got to go as well,
we have to get things ready.

Poor him...

He must think: ''My wife only loves me
when I bring lots of fish!''

Not at all! You think so? I adore him.
- I know...

What's that?
I think it's to keep.

Can I shut the door?
- Shut it. Let's go.

So? Are you leaving it open?
- No, I thought that...

My mother used to tell me,
when we got married:

''Sónia, the secret of a marriage
is to get angry one at a time''.

''If you get angry at the same time,
there will be a row, for sure.''

''So that's how it is, you let Zé get angry,
you don't get angry.''

''Or else you get angry
when he is not angry.''

''But get angry one at a time,
because if it's both of you...''

''Shouting at each other.
One at a time, that's how it has to be.''

And that's what I actually do.

When I see that he is really fed up, and
even if I have good reason to be annoyed,

I try not to make too much of it.

Then, look...

There are times when I am angry as well
and he tries to talk to me.

That's how it has to be.
There has to be a secret to marriage.

We have been married for 17 years.

There has to be mutual respect,

no doubt that respect
plays a fundamental part in marriage,

Then, as my mother
and father told me:

''Get angry one at a time, my daughter.
Don't ever both get angry at the same time.''

If I see that my husband is sad,
God knows, I also feel sad, of course.

I can't bear to see him sad and I say:
''Love, what's wrong? Are you sad?''

I get sad if he is feeling sad,
I'll feel down. My children...

Although I don't want
it to be apparent to him,

although I want to come across
as a strong woman, hug him and say:

''So? For God's sake!''

But no... When he is sad, I am sad.

When my children feel sad,
I feel sad.

My mother, my father...
Now my father's illness has shaken me.

I felt really sad.

My sister... I felt really sad.

My closest family,
I get really sad.

What others think
is not as important to me.

I don't let myself get down,
I don't care if people say: ''Uuuugh''.

I don't want to know!
- But it hurts a little bit...

It hurts, it hurts a little bit.
Nobody can be indifferent to that.

But, I don't let it get me down.
It gives me more strength.

It helps me keep my spirits up.

That's the way life is...

That's why we need to thank God


When we hear these stories
it makes us value our life.

Sometimes we think we have a problem
and we think that it's very serious,

compared with some other people's,
it isn't!

A simple problem
and sometimes people make...

If we thinks there are others
even worse off than us

the problem becomes minimal,
and in the end we can solve it.

But when you have a problem
you can't think like that.

You can! You can!

My husband often tells me this:

''Sónia, when you think
we are having a run of poor catches,''

''or a bad period of boat breakdowns''

''there are good times and bad times.''

''When you're going through a rough patch
think about the little kids in Angola.''

''How can you say:
'Oh my God, help me!?''

''You shouldn't be asking for help!''

''Think about those people, and say:
''Lord, there are people much worse off',''

'''How can I be taking up your time
asking you for help'?''

And it's true, Anabela!

Isn't it?

It's true.

Be quiet, Zé is calling.


Hello, Zé?

No, I am almost there.
I am just passing the football stadium.

And you, have you got far to go?

Ok, don't rush, then.



See you soon then.

What is it?

I am on my way to Aveiro now.

I am already on my way.
I am just at the outskirts.

You saw me,
But now I'm in Aveiro.

Ok. Yeh.


Sr. Vicente, good morning,
in Aveiro yet?

I have red bream in the store room.

Ok, ciao.

Now, look, how much is sole?

Ok, spotted, that's all I've got.
No more.

It's not much, how measly,
it's a real pittance.

Not much.


How much?

Ok, ok, ok.

Ciao then. See you soon.

It seems everyone
has their own special music.

Yesterday I felt all mixed up.

I started the day with one here...

On Sunday, I had already ended the day
with ''I need to talk with you...''

Can I ask you something?

Cassilda, do you have a song which
reminds you of your family, your husband...

You must have a song.
What is your song?

My song is...

Zezé di Camargo and Luciano's,
the one that has...

That one, yes...

Paula, have you a song that reminds you
of your husband, your children and family?

Everyone does!
What is your song, Paula?

Mine is also Zezé di Camargo.

Well then, put it on. Let's sing.
- I don't know if she has got it there.

Sonia's is number 15.
- Mine?

Now let's listen to mine, ok?

Do you want to sing, Anabela?
- Let's go!

I won't deny
That I'm wild about you

I'm crazy about seeing you

I won't deny

I won't deny
Without you all is heartache

You bring happiness

I won't deny

I won't deny
That you are my sweet honey

My little piece of heaven

I won't deny

You are my sweet love
My joy

My fairy tale
My fantasy

The peace that I need
To survive

I am in love with you
And my soul is clear

I am a delirious madman
Half incoherent

A complicated case
Hard to comprehend

It's love

That messes with my head
And leaves me like this

That makes me think of you
And forget about myself

That makes me forget
That life is made for living

It's love

That came like a shot straight
To my heart

You are the only one who can't clap...

That disturbed the underpinning
Of my emotions

That made me understand that life
Is nothing without you


Very beautiful.

I think mine is the ninth.
- Now let's listen to Cassilda's?

I think it's the ninth.
I'm not sure.

There is the boat...

Good morning. ''Marta Sofia''.

''Marta Sofia'' is arriving, everyone.

A small trolley?
- Yes.

Right on time.
Well done, Anabela.

Let's take out the bread.
From the back.

Sónia, do you want some gloves?

Put the smallest one,
that one, here on top.

The other way around.

The other one on top.

This one first.

This fish, is it the same?
- No.

How many of the big ones?

I only have this, here, with big ones.

The rest are the cheaper ones,
just these two here.

See you tomorrow.

Is this medium sized?

Is this small?
- Yes.

These are all small.

This one is large.
This is small.

Stop. Four.
- These ones are not well stacked.

Now put one here.

Like this, Sónia.

It doesn't stack.

You can put it here.


What's that, mate?

It really looks like shit coming down.


Goldfinches? What's this shit?
- You are all covered in muck.

Damn, I am not a budgerigar, mate!


We don't want to block your route.

Do you want us to get up
and you start again?

Do you want us to get up
so you can carry on going?

Will you get up?
- Of course, so you can pass!

Go on, don't stop.
You could fall over...


See you later!

It's always the same with that guy...
- The old codger wants a bit of a chat.

He looks like he's about to die!

He'll die on his feet.

Let the clogs breathe a bit.

Poor guy... he's on his own.

Where can I turn the water on?

Where do you what?
- A little bit of water for washing.

No, first you put water. Only add bleach
at the end, otherwise it foams up.

No, it needs washing over there...
- No!

There's only a small amount left.
And it's needed for the van.

Open the doors.

Look inside that bench
full of foil, throw it away.

Clean inside there. It's all grubby.

Can you put those pillows on top there,
so that later when I take Zé's stuff...

There's another one, Cassilda!
Are doing it by instalments?!

There are two pillows there.

Open the seat,
it's full of stuff.

That's it!
Put it there with those things.

The cloths?

Keep going!
It's already been done there.

What do you want, Francisco?
-Paula, just put my coat there, please.

All the clothes need to come out.

I can still see
loads of stuff in the van.

The seats are full of stuff.

Sónia and Paula and Cassilda are...

They are such sincere,
extraordinary people...

Not self-conscious.

They are simply true to themselves
just as they are...

I am almost envious
of being in such a state of mind.

Sónia, she knows exactly whether
she is being a good boss or not,

even if Zé
tells her that everything went wrong,

she knows if she sold the octopus,
at what price, or if she didn't sell it...

Whereas for me as an actress
I don't really have a yardstick,

there is no one on the other side
who can tell me if it went well, or badly,

whether I did well, or badly,

It's not tangible,
there is no yardstick.

And I'll never be able
to please everybody...

But I am counting on them
to be able to do that for me...

But I would like to have the confidence
that they have in themselves.

Well, let's begin.

3000, 600 and 50 and 3...

Sit here.
- I don't want to.

There's an error in the calculation.
It's the other way around.

1, 2, 3...

Now for this week's lost shifts,
they were 2 men short on the last trip.

Let's see...
- This is Zé's, the other is Zézinho's.

They are over there and they'll know.
- Ask the men.

One of these trips, half of this trip.

Is it?
- One day he overslept. He didn't work.

Zé, call the men and ask them.
To clarify things.

Come on guys, come and get your money
if you want, because if you don't...

Ah, it's you, Zézinho.

So, it's like this, the men say
that you should be paid for half this trip.

and half should be docked.

You lose some of the 305, minus...

''Zézinho, 122''... minus 120.

I need to give you 185, Zézinho.

Zé's godson is this one.

100, 1, 2, 3, 4...

100, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 5.

It's 185 because of the absences.

That's it.

Have a good weekend.
- Thanks, you too.

1,2,3,4,5, 200.

1,2,3,4,5, 300.

It's 305.

Have a good week-end, Sónia.
- Thank you, the same to you too.

Can you turn off the music?



Francisco? I adore you.

- I adore you!

It's your turn!
- You're dead!

How did I do? What's my score?

You got nine thousand points.
- Nine?!

If I had a 5 euro note
for every time he said no...

You would be a millionaire.

Can you see that thing to shoot with?

Parallel bars.
- The parallel bars...

Go and get laid.
- No...

That's would be the ruin of me.
- To get rich, you'll have to get laid.

540 Euros minus 533... equals...
I've got too much money.

You need to give me 7 Euros.
Take this and keep the rest.

I only put down those Euros to ask for 10.
But you didn't have it.

305. 305.

Next, it is Zé Pedro,
I'll settle up with him...

But in his case, you don't pay him weekly,
you pay at the end of the month?

In his case?
- You pay every 4 weeks?

I deposit the money in his account,
in his bank book.

He has an little account
Every week I put 100 in it.

When is he allowed to use it?
- Only when he is 18.

Won't he blow the lot?
- No, no because I'll go with him.

He won't be able to take it out
without me.

If Zé Pedro decides to go to sea
I want to get him a better equipped boat.

Then I say: ''Zé, let's not get a boat,
that's enough''.

He says: ''It depends...
If the boy likes it...''

Then your husband
will want to come back ashore...

To get bad habits?!

I don't want that. Let him be...
- Let him stay at sea... where he's fine.

An easy life leads to bad habits,

I'm not going to say
that I wouldn't like it, I would.

it's hard to see him go to sea.


That's how life is...

It'd also be hard to go to work and leave
him at home, thinking what he was up to...

But can you see how it is for him?

I don't trust...
- But can you see how it is for him?

Well, when he is at sea
and you are here all week...

Ah yes... But he trusts me...
And I don't trust him.

But you always live under such scrutiny.
- I like to play it safe...

The mother, the friend...
- That's right...

They must be paying the guy in the café
to see at what time you come and go.

You trust me, don't you love?
- What do you do in order to trust her?

You pay a few guys here to check up
on her during the week, don't you?

To check up on what?

Keep an eye on what she does all week.
- No... She's a responsible adult.

I'm telling her if you stay ashore you'll
get bad habits, I don't want you ashore.

But she is saying:
''But look at his position,''

''he also sees you all week
ashore and has to trust you''.

My bad habit is you. Therefore...

Ah, he is nothing but charming
this weekend...

When I want to be fierce,

it's the natural, the Babyliss way.

If I want to be a respectable woman...
- She is a lioness, sometimes.

- Straightened.

For tonight, straightened.
- Today it will be respectable.

I was born with curly hair,
I am not a respectable woman naturally.

Mine is also curly.
- You were born a rebel.

Can you see?

This is really nice.

This is what you call a good life, eh?

There it is...

Those who deserve...

We work all week
to be pampered like this...

To be able to get these treats.

But she is also
every man's dream.

Ah I think the best looking men
are the beaky ones.

I adore beaky men.

Like that, for God's sake,
I look like a mad woman.

No, but the man
I love the best is a little beaky.

Your husband is also a little beaky.
- He is!

That's just what I was saying,
and this one has a nose like Zé's.

No... Not quite as big.

Tell me, isn't my man handsome?
- He is.

As it happens he is.

He was hard to win over,
but I won.

Did you hear
what he came up with today?

I think it wasn't hard to conquer him.
Only he likes to play hard to get...

Indeed! Indeed!

Did you hear? He wants another son?

Did you hear him at lunchtime?
You should have been there.

He's always contrary.

And he likes to be provocative.

But that's his way...

Do you know what?
I am a bit fed up with men like that.

I also had a boyfriend not long ago
who was like that.

It was just to unsettle people.
Everything he said was to stir people up.

But I like men that are a challenge.

Men who are not a challenge, for me...

Oh Anabela! Am I hearing properly?

Am I hearing right, eh?
- What?

You are getting highlights, are you?
- I want to be blonde like you.

You really like me, Anabela.

I love you!


It's love...

She even wants to copy my hairstyle!

Hey, what are you doing to your hair,

Tying it back.

Why? You've just been to the hairdressers,
why do you want to tie it back?

Then your hair will be ugly.
Leave it as it is.

You said...
- No, no.

I won't tie my hair back now.

Not on a Saturday, no.
- Saturdays you have to look great.

To the side like this.

On a Saturday!?
Do you think I am going to ruin my hair?

Ah my dad is fantastic.
My mum has more of an air of...

She is more serious.
''Ah my girl'' that kind of thing.

You know how my mother is.
It's part of her character.

Yesterday she was praying the rosary,
with your grandmother.

She prays every day during May.
The month of Mary.

''Children, it's time to pray the rosary!''

Once she told me
''Take it, take the rosary.''

It was my turn. But I was very young
so I held the rosary all wrong, remember?

I held it all wrong!

Isn't a rosary to count the mysteries?

And I took the rosary and did this.

My mother said: ''You don't even know how
to hold the rosary''. She wanted to hit her.

This is really bad, a daughter who
doesn't know how to pray the rosary!

She taught me to pray the rosary.
-Was she? You didn't know?

You are silly, Anabela, really...
- I don't know the Grace.

Not a day goes by when we go to bed without...
- ''Grace to the Father, to the Son...'' No.

Anabela!? I taught you already.

Hail Mary, Saint Mary.

When you get to 10: ''Glory to the
Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit...''

It's Glory! Not Grace, it's Glory!

''As it was in the beginning,
is now and forever. Amen.''

''Oh Mary conceived without sin,
pray for us who have recourse to thee...''

But we already know that by heart.
In church it comes out naturally.

Don't you go to church?
- I go. Every now and then.

Now I don't go any more,
I used to when I was a kid.

On Sundays we always had to go.

We were brought up
not to miss a Sunday mass.

Do you know that on Sundays
I really feel the need to go to mass

and to thank God
for the week he has given me?

Whether things are going well or badly,
I feel the need to go and give thanks.

Because it is not just the good things
in life that we give thanks for.

We learn with the bad.

Listen, there are people who tell you:
''In church, I switch off and don't hear.''

You always take something with you.

Even if it is just a chant,
even if it's just...

You take something with you.

Zé asks me: ''What was the gospel
reading?'' Sometimes I don't even know!

But there will be a chant that
will give me shivers. I think this is faith.

I think that's what
motivates us to go to mass.

Sometimes I think: ''Oh Lord, strengthen
my faith as I feel I don't have much''

and I end up crying in mass.

I think that's faith.

For example, a very beautiful chant...

It's like the songs you hear on the radio.

The day I left home
My mother told me

Come here, son

She ran her fingers through my hair

She looked into my eyes
And started to say

Wherever you go
I follow with my thoughts

Wherever you are

In my prayers I will ask God

To illuminate your steps

Because I...

am crazy...

and always searching
for the absolute and...

It seems that everything has to be...

... all or nothing,

that there cannot be a middle way,
that either they love me or don't love me...

What I see now,

when I compare myself with Sónia,

is that I have always been abusive
in my way of loving.

She has that capacity to give herself
... that I don't have.

I have never done that.

She doesn't question herself,

she don't need another
to constantly validate herself.

It is not the other
who has to see in her...

... that wonderful person.

She wants to be that,
because she loves him.

And I would like to learn from her

to be like that.

He's escaped! He's escaped!

Quico! Quiquinho!

Did you behave yourself?

No problem!
- These are the flowers.

Hold on because I have to go and get
all the rices out.

Ah Quico! Quico!
You can't, darling! You can't!

Nearly there.
You are undoing everything.

You can only take it off when you arrive.
Not now.

Sofia, he is undoing everything!
Look it's here.

Don't do that, son!
- I don't want it!

You have to go with Paulinha now.

You have to, love...

Mum, hold it!
- Go on.


You have to put this on, love.
- I don't want to!

''In the old days
that's when women had stature!''

''Nowadays they go to the café
for breakfast, they are jetsetters!''

''Have they any experience of poverty?
Poverty existed, but in the old days!''

Just imagine!
Do you think it's normal?

It's normal.
- Who has been saying that?

The gossipmongers in Caxinas.
The older women have not had it...

But their time is now over.
- Exactly.

But they think that...

In their days that was the real thing!

That other women
have to suffer like they did.

The thing is:
''Would you film them?''

''Caxinas will seem like...''

''... there is no hardship.''

They want to prove that in their days
there was real hardship,

people had only stale bread and snot,
people did not wash their clothes...

Things have moved on,
and now things are not like that.

But in the past women worked harder than
the men here in this fishing community.

Because the men... boats were smaller
and that meant fewer fishing trips.

Women worked really hard,
mended their nets, prepared the fish,

looked after the children,
washed the nappies by hand...

You do nothing these days.
- What is it we don't do, love?

Compared with the women in the past.
- Compared to them.

But the men in the old days,
they worked a lot harder than you!

A lot less!
- A lot more!

Men did not have machines for anything,
they didn't have GPS.

All you have to do is to press a button,
the boat follows the GPS.

You still have to use your head...
- Yes, that's true,

but machines do away
with half your work.

And do you know
how they hauled the nets?

By hand! And you?
- And our men haul them!

Our men don't haul them!
-They have machines to haul the nets?

No, love! Back then fishermen
didn't have machines to haul the nets.

They did it by hand!
- Darling, you are being filmed,

It looks like you want to beat me up!
- But it's the truth!

You are speaking ill of me!
- It looks like you want to beat me up...

You are putting me down...

I think we work hard.
- Don't keep that in! Are you filming?

I won't say another word...
- Why?

I'm dying to eat something...
- Well, me too.

Keep still!

Keep still.

Look at her, she likes me, see?

From 1 to 5, where do you rate me?

I give you 4...

Why don't you give me 5, Sofia?

When she is annoyed,
no-one can stand her. No one!

But then all mothers are like that.

But then nobody will get 5...

Nobody will get 5.

Nobody will get 5?

One day, when you have a son,
you will get annoyed with him, for sure.

I don't think so.

I'm not going to have children.

She doesn't want to be a mother...

You know why?
She can see the work she gives her mum.


I work harder than you, if you look at it,
taking care of Francisco.

With that ''uuuugh'' face?
- True!

Let us give a heartfelt welcome,

a warm applause,
to the bride and groom...

... Paula and Bruno!

I don't want it!

Listen, give your hand to mum.

And... up!

Look what a lovely bed, so lovely!
There is a dummy and blankets!


Show me your finger, please.
Show me!

Is that your husband's surname?
- No, it my father's.

I was full of madness

Full of tenderness

And fell asleep crying

But when I finally woke up

I looked at myself
I was deflowered

I started to look at you

Before you tricked me

If only you had sworn to me

That you would marry me

But now the harm is done

You don't respect me

You run far away

But now the harm is done

She can sing fado, can't she?

And with the deepest sorrow

I found myself in this world

With my unhappy fate

But however much I suffer

You want nothing to do with me

Still I'll loves you till I die

Still I'll loves you till I die!

You see? You see?

Is it straight now, my stocking?

Is it, now?
- No.

I can't...

I can't give myself like that,
as Sónia does.

Because for that to happen
I would have...

to believe...

that a man, or a woman,

has the capacity
to truly love the other.

Like when someone is in love,
or you are in love yourself,

you need someone else.

You desperately need that person.

And suddenly they're leaving you...

It's as if it was impossible that they
would not to come to you one day

and say they don't need you any more...

I don't know how to live like that.

For me to be able
to have a relationship

and to be happy, and give myself,

and to be completely close to
someone, without doubting anything,

I would need to be sure
that they will not...

... that they will not abandon me.

I am always waiting
for that moment.

I am always expecting...
to be abandoned.

And for this reason I have become
someone who is unable to love.

I won a life! Hurray!


What's for lunch, love?
- Fish.

Who caught it?
- It was Zé.

And who prepared it?
- Mummy.



Zé is going to sea.

Look, son...

Do you want Zé to go to sea?

Do you want Zé to go to sea, do you?
- No!

Let go him!
- No, no I won't.

Let him, son, earn ''money'',
earn lovely money for chewing gum...

- Why not?!

Your plate, please.

Here it is, love.
Mum will give you Zé's lovely fish in a sec.

I want sole!
- Sole?

Love, I'll give you sea bass.
Is that ok?

Bon appetit!

Just help him take the lid off.
Sit down on the floor to play, ok?

You can't, Francisco,
on the chair then.

Do you want to sit in the high chair?

No! I don't want the chair!
- Do you want to come here?

Son, do you want a little sea bream?

Normally brats don't like it.

Zé Pedro likes it,
but do brats like fish?

Not you, son.

You like fish.

Am I?
- You are, daughter.

Well, then?
You are an adult? At 10 years old?

Twelve, already.

Aren't you thirteen?
- I am teasing her.

She hates me to say she is younger.
She wants me to say she is older, see?

Let her be, there will come a time
when it will be the opposite.

It will come quickly.
- You won't even admit your age.

How old were you when you began dating?

In front of my children? About 20...

Do you know what I loved about him,

He would come to the quayside,
his sleeves rolled up till here.

If it was December, rain, wind,

he would come to meet me at the fish auction
where I did the work for my father.

He would come and meet me at the fish auction,
his sleeves rolled up, like this up to here

and I'd say: ''Here comes my Rambo''.
- You couldn't bear it!

But it was the whole crew, Anabela.
- All the women around him, as well, no?

It must have been that...
- I don't like it so much any more.

Let's not go there.

You were the one to get him.

You were the one to get him.

Didn't I tell you
that I like men who are hard to get?

If they're not hard to get,
it's no good.

Isn't that right, love?
- You should know.

He puts on a shell with a rough
appearance, but he isn't really.

He is soppy!

Yes, you are!
- Let's talk later...

No, but you are...


When it came to me,
I would win him over.

When I went to the shopping centre,
he said no right up to the last minute.

All my friends were asking,
then he said: ''Yes, ok, you go''.

He only gives in at the last minute.

That's how it is, he wants to play the part
of a traditional father, and he is not.

He is a pretend father.
Who ends up saying yes to everything.

Look, Francisco, how old were you?

How many is that? Is it two?
- ''Thee''.


Look, what present did you get,
what was the best one?

It was the iPad, wasn't it?

Who gave it to you?

It was mum and dad.
- Very good. And do you love us?

And sis!
- I love you.

Not sis, sis didn't give anything
to my little boy. Isn't that so, son?

Look, Francisco,
who do you love the best in the world?

- Mother and Zé!

What a fright!
- And everybody!


Is that all, guys? Have you finished?

This man is too much...

Good afternoon!

Sit down.

So, Anabela?

She is all dolled up, this one!

They must be thinking
that we are exaggerating.

Sit down here, daughter.

Move over.

Do you want a coffee?


She says she doesn't want children and
when she grows up she'll go to Lisbon.

Your dad wants another son,
and you already want to leave home?

Don't you, Zé?
- Another one?

Another girl.

A little Sónia.

The thing is I had a Francisco
and now he wants to give me a little Sónia,

but I don't want one.

I don't want to give it to you,
I would give it to you now, right away.

Ah! Ok...

Look, Aunt Libinha, look!

Who is this?

She is mad!

We're sorry.
I got a mountain she-goat.


My mother used to say,

Liba was naughty,
I was the slow one.

But why?

When I was young I was slow, but now
I am a feisty woman. What do you think?

Liba was really bad.
To this day my uncles see me and say...

I saw the photos.
She scratched your eyes.

I don't know
if I want to continue to be an actress.

I am always feeling this shit dilemma
with myself. Always...

I am supposed
to be talking to myself,

but I never manage
to talk to myself,

because I don't like what I see...!

I don't know...
I think I'll stop being an actress.

Come with me, come on, come on.

Sofia, give your dad a kiss.

Ciao, daughter!

Lock everything up.

What's that, there?
- It's mine. It belongs here.

I don't want to!

What don't you want?

I don't want go at the back...

Pedro? Get out of there! Come here.

Is there anything there?

I don't want to!

I want to go!

I want to go!

I want to go!

What is this?
- I don't know.

Francisco, you can't, love.
- I want to!

You can't, love.

I want to!
- Ok, ok, ok...


Like that you'll never say bye to dad,

and dad will be unhappy.
- Look, there's a boat leaving, see?

Dad is also going to sea, isn't he?
- I don't want!

Dad will be sad then.
Do you want dad to be unhappy?

I don't want!
- Look, look who is here.

You can't go. You can't go!
- It's too high, son.

I don't want to!

One day, when you are grown up...

I don't want him to go!
- Why don't you want him to, why?

Because I want
him to stay with me!

Oh poor darling...
- Kiss me then.

Hug him so he'll stay with you, go on.

I don't want you to be sad. I can't...

Give a cuddle to dad, go on.

Ciao, lovey.

Ciao, then.

Say goodbye to dad...

I don't want to!

Look at dad there at the window, look.

Look over there.

Ok, stop.
Don't cry any more, Francisco.

I don't want to!

He can't take Quico.

Dad is gonna catch lil' fish for us to eat.
- He likes to catch fish.

But he is not catching fish.
- He will! Catch them on the high seas.

Come here!

But I want it to be now!

Tomorrow you will see Zé, ok?

No, I don't want to.

Dad, come here, Zé!

Love, don't cry...

Dad is coming soon.
- No, he is not coming...

Don't go away now.
Come home, dad...

We can't go with you!

And I don't want to go to sea.
I don't want to go to sea.

I don't want to go on the water.

I don't want to go on the water.

I want to be there.

But that crane
can take us directly to...

... directly to the boat.

So I'll go to catch dad. I will.

Are you sleepy, Francisco?
- Yes.


Are you going to sleep?
- Yes...

He is a man.

He slept on the way here,
didn't you, Francisco?

He is more awake than we are.
- Look at the wind!

Don't do that.

I'm doing the same thing as Firinho.
- Are you?


What are you doing,

You are doing what?
- Playing like Firinho.

- Firinho! My brother's son.

Ah Firinho!
- Head butting.

Are you head butting her?
- Firinho doesn't do that sort of thing!

Francisco! Control yourself!
- You'll kill Bela! Give us a kiss...

Will you behave yourself?

If not you won't take dad again.

Do you enjoy going to take dad?
- I like it but...

You like it and you promised to behave,
didn't you?

Did you enjoy taking Zé?

I enjoyed it.

You cried a lot....

Mummy was sad, Francisco.

Look, it's Zé, now.

Look, it's dad.

Do you want to send him a kiss?
- Hello?

Listen, your son cried a lot.

He says he's grown-up and is a big man,
who would like to go to sea.

''I am going to grab that car
and drive it back to go with Zé!''

''I don't want him to go...''

Be careful, love.

That's it.

In a little while...

... he will be going to sea.

Is that so, Francisquinho?
- Yes.

Are you going to sea?
- Yes.

Are you going to kill fish?
- You are not, son. Mum won't allow you.

You are not going to kill fish, are you?
- No, it's because...

What I wanted was to go inside.
To the bridge.

To the bridge...

But you don't have your iPod there...
- iPad!

But, but, but...

But... but... but...

And Sofia?
- Sofia has my dad.

And Zé Pedro?
- Has my mother.

Take out the dummy
so we understands what you says.

They would be sad...

Ok, go on then, to sleep.

I'll tell Zé: ''Zé, you have to wait
till Francisco grows up to go to sea.''

If you were a little girl,

you'd come to work with us tomorrow,

to sort the fish.

Would you like to?

Would you like to?!

To do the women's work (obrigação)?

You no longer
like sleeping on your own?

- No?

Then what will you do when dad comes?

You will have to sleep on your own!

Mummy will be giving kisses to dad,
won't she?

Won't she, Francisco?

I stay with sis because...

Stay with sis.

Then I sleep with sis.
- Of course!

That's it! That's it!
- Don't touch.

Lay down on Anabela's lap, lay down.

Go to beddy byes on Anabela's lap,
ok? That's it...

What a darling with his eyes closed...

Zé keeps saying that Zé Pedro
is the one who will determine our life.

If Zé Pedro decides to go to sea,

we'll still consider
having a better boat.

Better not bigger,

better equipped.
- More modern.

Yes, more modern.

If Zé Pedro decides not to go sea,
that boat will do perfectly well.

Sometimes we have to go through
that kind of thing to appreciate.

I think...

I can see that. You know why?
Because now I feel fulfilled.


Now, because I feel loved,

I feel fulfilled in life and I can see
things differently when I look back.

You are still unable to,

maybe because at this point in time
you don't feel fulfilled.

You don't have someone who truly loves you.
- I don't have anyone.

Ok. That's why.
- Not all stories...

Have a happy ending...
-... end like yours.

But mine ended because...

I have so much faith
in Our Lady of Fátima.

And I promised Our Lady of Fátima,

if she would grant me the grace
of marrying my husband,

I would go to Fátima on foot.

And Our Lady granted it to me
and I went there on foot.

It was the best experience of my life.

It was so beautiful, so beautiful...

Very beautiful, really.
- Was that after you were married?


I had been...

When I married,
I was carrying Zé Pedro.

Two months pregnant.

But it wasn't because of that
that the wedding date was set...

No, no.
We had already set the wedding date.

I married when I was 2 months pregnant.

And I waited for Zé Pedro to be born

and then in the first year
I walked to Our Lady of Fátima.

It was a beautiful experience.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

To arrive there, after 5 or 6 days
of sacrifice, walking...

We were all singing...

We come to you
Dear mother

To devote our love to you

It's very beautiful, really.

I thought I didn't have faith.

People told me:
''Once you get there, you will be crying.''


You arrive there and have goosebumps
from head to toe.

You find faith, there,

the sacrifice
of all those days of walking

blisters on the feet,

a gash on the knee
I had to walk dragging my knee...

After those days of sacrifice and after
seeing the person you love in front of you,

there in Fátima coming to fetch you, you...

He went to fetch you?
- When I arrived he wasn't there.

But then I was sad,
and my mother called him at home

and I think she told him that I was sad,
then he came straight away.

It was 6 in the morning
he came to get me in the hut.

I was there... Wow it was wonderful.
Really good.

Believe me...

But with Zé it was totally different,

with him it was love at first sight,
as I normally say.

I don't tell him that.

But did he know that you had gone
to keep the promise because of him?

Yes, yes.

I told him it was for him.

I think Dona Carolina is here!

Is she down there?
- She is downstairs.

Good morning.

You can come up.

You can come up!

If you want to make breakfast,
or warm something up...

I think I chose the world's worst job
because in the end it resembles...

... love.

There isn't a single role
that I can fit into.

I look at Cassilda,
Paula, Sónia,

they wake up every morning, they go
and do the women's work (obrigação)...

They found a role for themselves in life
and succeed in it and feel good about it.

I haven't got that.

I don't feel at ease either with one
role or another. I can't do it!

I can't express this feeling...

I feel like a strange creature, it's...

That's it.

''To my love: though not always beside me,
you are always in my heart. I love you.''

And it will go in with the cherries,
to make them more tasty.

When he picks it up,
he'll say: ''What's this?''

But I will have to hide it like this
to... spice it up.

Let's see...

Once upon a time...
Mind you don't squash the cherry.

How sweet...

But he's going to find it
straight away.

Of course he'll think: ''What is
this here?'' It's sweet, isn't it?

You really want him to find it,
not to miss it.

You'll see his reaction
at the market:

did you send me a little note?''

If he doesn't, I'll kill him.

It depends on the catch. If it's good,
he'll react well, if it's bad... God forbid!

''You are so full of joy...!''

There she is,
staring at the quayside,

looking at the boat...
- Who?

Cassilda is a romantic,

when she looks at the boat
she imagines her Mingos inside...

And he will be looking at the dock
and thinking the same thing.

Only you, Anabela!

Only you... don't agree
that love is beautiful.

But I think love is beautiful.

Love's beautiful,
if you know how to love, how to live.

A day at a time. Life's beautiful,
if you know how to live.

If you don't know, you learn.
- I get panicky that it will end shortly.

You get panicky?
- And then it will be me...

Yes, as has already happened to me.

You can't think
that this will always happen to you.

Yesterday I was telling my sister in law
about something like this

that I had suffered when I was single,
and my sister in law told me:

''But now you have a happy ending''.
And she started to cry.

It's like that,
if you are not fulfilled of course you cry.

But if you find fulfilment,
you learn from all your suffering.

And one day when you are fulfilled,
you will see that's how it is.

You will look back and say:
''What happened was an education''.

You'll see.

You will tell your daughter and your son,
some day in the future:

''Mum suffered so much!''

''She loved someone,
then someone else, it didn't work out''.

You will have some stories
to tell your children.

Otherwise life has no meaning.

When people told me so,
I did not understand at the time.

Now that I feel fulfilled,
I feel happy, I feel loved,

I can appreciate those things.
I can say that it's true.

Now I have a lovely story
to tell my children.

Do you know, princess?

Are you going into the dock?

Say again?

Are you going into the dock?
- I am.

Zé must be about to arrive.

Are you crying? Why, Anabela?

Are you sad?
- Did I hurt you?

My heart is dead!

My heart is dead,
it has become cold...

What happened?

Don't cry, Anabela...

Laugh, woman of God!
- Oh my God!

You will have to take a CD of Zezé...

So that she can cry everyday,
I will send it by email.

She is not crying because of the music,
she is crying for love...

Isn't it, love?

Of course it is.
-Is it for love or is it for us?

Do you think she likes us so much
that she is crying?

I think so...

Do you want me to kiss you?
Kiss me, Anabela!

You are teasing me.
Your man would kill me.

Yes, madam. There are people there...

Look at him.
- There are two trip's worth here!

No need to.
I'll go up there to pick it up.

Thank you.
- They are already there waiting for you.

Ok. Ciao-ciao.

Move your car.
- I can see!

Our car?! You also leave your car in
the middle of the road... Move your car!

We speak without thinking
And say anything we want

Only do not tell a woman

That she is history

We speak without thinking
The heart knows how to lie

Us listening to these songs when they
arrive, we will make them all dewy eyed!

Kiss me! Kiss me!

Let's go!
Pick up the catch, fetch a trolley...

Small, Boss?
- Yes, a small trolley, like the catch.

Oh Lord!

The catch record book, shall we bring it?
- The catch record book. Careful!

Paula, can you put it there?

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