Yryn kyn (2014) - full transcript

On a frozen dark night in remote Siberia, a group of strangers travel home together in a van. When the driver refuses to stop for an elder, a darkening shadow looms over what could possibly be the most tragic night of their lives.

-Hello! Where is Sergelyakhskaya 13?

-Third house from here.
-Thank you.

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You seem like a good kid.
What's your name, son?


Sariyal? A good name.

I put you in front for a reason.
You're part of the cabin crew now.

You keep talking like a radio
so that I won't fall asleep.

If something happens
it's all on you. Got it?


Checking out the hottie back there?

That's my boy!

The mirror is indispensible, huh?

Sariyal, you went to your grandma?

Yes. I came the day before yesterday.

So you're not a local.

He might be citified, but still ours.
Often pays a visit.

Do you know his parents?

The mother is a poet.
The father is a musician.

I don't know them.

And you, girl.
Also a local?



Yes. I've got an internship.

Where do you study?


What is that?

The Institute of
Mathematics and Information.

There is such an institute?

Where are you from?

From Vilyuy.

Vilyuy. Seems you're far from home.

Vilyuy. It's a beautiful place...

How do you like our village?

It's all right.

Cheer up! Say something.
Why are you so silent.

Who is that?

We should've picked her up!

There isn't any space.
Are you blind or what?

We could've squeezed up.
It was an elderly woman.

You want to offer her your seat?

I can stop. Relax!

Someone will get her.
She won't die from cold.

Am I right?

What happened?

Looks like it died.
Help me carry it away.

Yegor, wake up.

What happened?

No signal.

Where are we?

In the middle of the road.

Look, he can't even open the hood.

What? It won't open?

No way.

Thank you.

Isn't this your car?

I borrowed it from a friend.

It's impossible to drive
this piece of shit.

I have a Toyota.

Why did you borrow it
if you can't drive it?

Can you fix it up?

Don't freak out.
Roads here are terrible.

It's dangerous to get stuck in
this cold. We have to fix it.

I know. It's not really May...

So get to it. Faster.

All right, all right.

Can I have your hat?
You've got your capuche.

Give it to me, please.

What kind of person are you?!

Here, take it.

He's very strange.

Hey. Turn it down.

Sariyal, give me your jacket.

Give me the jacket!

Are you good with cars like these?
Come take a look.

Maybe we ran out of gas?

Gas, you say?

Ah, here it is.
Let's try to get it started now.

Maybe we should kick-start it?


There it is, under the seat.
Should I give it a push?

Let's try.

Come on, push! It's coming!

What happened?

The battery died.

Calm down the baby!

Don't drag her into this.

Get moving.
Go fix the car.

And give me back my hat!

Take it. Why are you blaming me for?

I didn't invent stupid cars like these!

You're the driver. We gave you money!

You're responsible for us all!
Think of something.

Do you want us to freeze to death?

If something happens
to the baby we'll sue you!

It's scary here.
What are we going to do?

The tracks are right here!
Many cars will drive by.

Just like you did. Drove by!

Give back the jacket.


Will you teach me?

I also want to play on the accordion.

Go ahead. Try.

A little more.

Push here, then here.

I have to repair it.

I wanted to set this accordion on fire.

Up to this moment
I still don't like it.


I liked your voice when you sang
your romantic songs...

How it sounded with the accordion.

It was so beautiful.
It used to blow my mind.

But then I started to get jealous.

Do you know of whom?

The accordion.

You spent more time
with it than with me.

You travelled with it in many places.
Thousands of people saw you together.

But they haven't seen me close to you.

Sasha, you came home only to sleep.
You fell asleep without embracing me.

I will burn it anyway. Because of it,
I am brokenhearted.

What do you mean "brokenhearted"?!

Burn it, if you want to.

I really don't care.
It won't change anything.

Sariyal will finish school this year.

He doesn't know
what he will do after that.

When you ask, he answers with a joke
that he will become a dancer.

I don't like it, but I understand.
Mother is a poet, the father a musician.

Only shows on TV. And in the schools
they don't have a single science group.

Young people are always under the
influence: be like this, do like that.

I understand. There is no bigger egoist
than an artistic person.

Sariyal. He has such a name that
makes people brighten up.

Sorry, I won't drink.
Wait for our son, I'm going to bed.

Get out. I see a fire there.

There are people.
Look, over there!

What could that be?
I don't see anything.

How can't you see that?
Are you blind?

Maybe you'll spot it.
Right there, there's someone!

No. There is no one there.

Don't lose your brain.
There is no one there.

It's a joke! Don't you get it?
I was kidding with you all!

I'm sick of you already.
Why are you so irresponsible?

Seems to me you're not
even a real driver.

We shouldn't have come with you.

What are you saying?

What kind of person are you?

Come to your senses!

Let's make a fire.

That's enough. Calm down.
Let us better make a fire.

If you say so.

Little girl, do you have matches?

I don't smoke.

You don't smoke?
And you?

Neither do you? And you?

Of course not.

Then what will we do?
Just sit around?

Look for matches!
Or are we going to freeze to death?

Don't just sit there.
Look in the glovebox. Look around!

You think there are some matches here?

Of course! Look!
They have to be there somewhere.

Found them? No?

Go look in the trunk! Go!

I found matches! Me!

I found them! I! Not you, but me!

Calm down!

We have to find something
to get a fire going.

Find something!

Go look! Go!

Why should we get out of the car?
Especially with a baby. We got it.

Found something?

What kind of driver are you if you don't
even have a tire jack or a monkey wrench.

We can't even jerk
the wheel for the fire.


Jesus christ. Fuck!

The driver is so strange.
And he's drunk.

Are you a student?

I'm still going to school.

But I graduate this year.

Someone has already walked here.

Probably horses.

That hurts!

What happened?

You have to warm your hands.

He doesn't even have
a monkey wrench...

What are you doing?!
Why are you burning money?

I know what I'm doing.

But it's money!

Don't! There's plenty
of junk in the trunk to burn.

There's nothing in the trunk.

There is. I'll get it!

We can burn the sweater. A baseball bat!
Here's a book that will burn!

Just not the money!
See! It's burning!

Give it back please, it's mine!

It's better if you give me the money.

What have you done?!
Did you burn it all? Why?

It's money! You idiot!

Bastard! You think
you're the boss around here?

I'm the boss here!

Hey you! Come here!

Take him. We'll put him in the car.

I'm bored. Tell me something.

Attendant, you're up.

Want a sip?

Have a sip. It'll keep you warm.

You're weak!

Tell me something.

Go on.

Once another car broke down
on the road like ours.

They couldn't fix it.

People started to freeze.
No one picked them up.

The next day they were all found dead.

The licence plates of by-passing
cars were found written in the snow.

It's not true!

I'd rather stand on the road.
Better be run over than freeze to death.

Silly girl.

They would've stopped anyway.

My baby isn't breathing.
He isn't breathing!

Shut up or I put you down.
Like I did with your husband.

No one will be left alive.
We'll all die here.

Who will die?

I personally don't plan on dying.

Do you want to survive?

Here. Have a sip.

Drink. Drink.

Or should I warm you myself?

Well, stay then!

You can all rot! Stay then.

Bunch of simpletons!
A bunch of sheep you are!

They don't know who
I am or where I'm headed.

They follow me like cattle.

They're not even interested...

Everyone is the same!

They don't understand what to do,
what to choose or where to go.

They just came for their own stuff.

Forgive me... I'm sorry.

Calm down.

Sariyal isn't back yet.

I remember when he was still a kid.
You went to the sea with your sisters.

We stayed together.

He changed. It surprised me
how he became like a little girl.

I get it. I was never around.
He was always surrounded by women.

Once we went swimming. He went to pee
in the bushes. I waited nearby.

I saw how he peed like a girl. Sitting.

I was angry and brought him to the
other boys who were around.

I said: "I'll give anyone who fights
with this kid a bubble gum."

They were screaming "Me! Me"
and began to beat him.

He didn't fight. He just
stood there with a staggered look.

I felt sorry for him. I stopped
the guys and gave them the gum.

All bruised up I took
him home in my arms.

Pull over! Pull over!


Sariyal! Run for help. But hurry.

We will wait for you.


May the spirits help you find the way.

There you are.

People... They need help. Save...

The nature decides herself.

Don't run from your enemies.
Don't let the blow make you fall.

Don't fear malicious tongues
and grinning mouths.

Be a real man.



Our baby girl woke up.

Is your brother back?

The baby is alive.

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