White Lies (1998) - full transcript

Jeanne is a young weirdo girl who flies to Paris, and is hired by an old lady called Madeleine as an au pair. Jeanne lies to Madeleine, she says she comes from a very rich family. Young Madeleine's admirer Antoine and another thug, Marcel, kidnap Jeanne when they hear she's a millionaire. But the problem is that Jeanne's parents are poor and Antoine soon falls for her.

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'Morning, Jeanne.

- You OK?
- Yes, I'm fine.

You're looking great.
Can I have a word?

Of course you can.

No, leave it... let me.

What IS your qualification?


Well... I invited Dandrieux
to the wedding...

You should have discussed it with me.

He said you were his patient,
not his assistant!

What's it matter?!!

You lied to me!

He explained everything to me.
He knew everything!

He was madly in love.
He tried to kill himself twice.

He doesn't accept me getting married...

...to an arsehole who doesn't trust me!

Let me go!

You lied to me...
I'll teach you!

You miserable jerk!

Jeanne, where are you going?

Jeanne! Jeanne!

You hurt me!

Much? It's good for doctors to suffer
now and then.

Flight 751 from Bordeaux.

Arriving Gate 1
on the ground floor.

Good morning.
I'm Franck, the new driver.

Have a good flight?

Yes. Let's go.

Aren't we waiting for
Mr Martinez?

He had to postpone his flight.

He'll be here day after tomorrow.
Let's go.



Did you have a bad trip?

I didn't notice.

I'm not feeling at all well.

Do you want to stop?

No... I need to get to Paris.


At least there's always
a bistro open.

There's nothing in Bordeaux...
the place is dead.


I felt I was suffocating there.

As a result, I almost got married.

Are you married?

Yes, ma'am.

What does your wife do?

She's an in-home nurse.

What if someone told you
she'd been in jail?


Because she'd stolen change from
the old people in her care.

How would you react?

How would I...

Is this a job aptitude test?

I've already passed them all...
graphology, astrology...

Well then, Franck?

I'd ask her why...

You wouldn't wonder
why he told you?


The jerk who insulted her!

Oh I see... sorry ma'am.

Why he said it?

I wasn't concentrating.

You'd believe a stranger?

You have to be trust people.
Don't you?

Yes, you really do, ma'am.

Pull over. I need cigarettes.

So I'm fired for the wrong answer.

Not at all.
And you're a very good driver.

- It's pouring.
- I won't be a sec.


- Have you been working here for long?
- I've worked here 6 months.

You wouldn't know Jean-François.

I met him in Italy.
He needed help.

I have to fix some bills.
My shift's over.

Can I have one last drink...

and some peanuts, thanks.

You look tired.

Yes I'm tired.

Have a drink. Relax.

Isn't that what cafés are for?

You're right.
Can I offer you one?

Why yes, thanks.

I have to go.

No croissants?

No... I can't be late.

I understand. Sorry.

Thank you. 'Bye, Jean.

'Bye, Irène.

Good evening.

What is it?

Mrs Martin? Your pizza.

I had a snack and
I forgot about you.

I'll pay you.

Martin... We have the same name.
Maybe we're related?

You think so?

One and a half hours for a delivery?
You've beaten your record.

Are you crazy or what?

This girl needed someone
to talk to.

If you listened to everybody,
you'd never get finished!

One of the boys can do
24 deliveries in a night.

For you it's three or so!

You've been talking for a week

and you've been telling the customers
our recipes!

Yes! Samir told me!

You called a guy.

And you spend an hour
acting like a shrink.

She needed someone
to listen to her.

Maybe I saved her.
She won't forget me.

Me neither. You can see this won't do.
Just go home.

Hey! The jacket!

Hey! The jacket!

They had dug this well.

Before that, water
was a long way away.

But there, thanks to us,
it was all changed.

At first they thought the well
might run dry.

And then, gradually...

Excuse me.

Jeanne, you're supposed
to be serving, not chatting.

I'm sorry...
yes, you're right.

Her husband lived in Sudan...

I quite understand, but...

This can't go on.
It has to stop.

Maybe. I don't know.

Maybe just a little longer?

Do you want some milk?
I'll go get you some...

The people in your area
expect to be served...

...not to be ignored.

Very well, bring me a tea please.

So what's your background?

I don't really want to talk about it.
It takes a bit long to explain.

You've plenty of time.

My parents are very well-off.

My father was just an ordinary doctor...

...and one day he invented Synthol.

Synthol! How wonderful!

It made him a lot of money
as you can imagine.

Oh, for sure!

He bought up
factories and buildings, land.

He became a fabulously
wealthy industrialist.

My mother's quite different.

Thank you.

So about your mother?

She comes from a noble
Austrian family.

I'm descended from
Empress Elizabeth.

I was very happy...

...until one day, for no particular reason,
I stopped being happy.

I decided to live my life alone.

Jeremy was 6 months old
when his mother died.

My son, he works abroad.

Jeremy spends his holidays there.

He'll be back on Monday.
He's a very quiet boy.

You'd get on very well.

You could teach him about history
and fine manners.

I'm lucky to have
come across you.

Who could that be at this hour?

A burglar.

Good evening, Madeleine.
Are you ready?

I'd completely forgotten
your dinner invitation!

That's no problem.
You look perfect. Let's go.

No. Not today... no.

I've already invited the young woman
who'll take care of my grandson.

But I've made reservations!



Perhaps you'd like to come?

Quick, Madeleine, the dish! The dish!

Leave it, Madeleine.
I'll do it.


Oh no! I'm really, really sorry.

Forgive me.

It's very hard to eat this.

But it IS delicious!

I was sure you'd like it.

So you got it especially?

How long have you known her?

Since yesterday.

And you trust her with Jeremy?
You don't know anything about her.

I have confidence in her.

You have to be wary of everyone.

Pardon me.

Barnaby here.
I'm at your oldie's place.

How are you?

Fine... but I can't find
the jewels.

In my office,
when your back is to the window,

in front of you,
there's a big...

A big...


Right. The shelves
I got from Mum....

To the left there's a...

Of me?...A mirror!

To the left, Jean-Patrick.

A thingamabob with drawers.

The contracts are in there.

How do you open it?

Well... the usual way.

Fine!... I've got them.



No... nothing.

Excuse me... Sorry about this.

What about the crappy painting?

No, not worth anything.
Listen, you'd better leave.

I'll take my friends back.

You leave now!
See you.

Who do you think
you're talking to?!

No, it's just that...

Just shut up!



'Bye, Bar... Jean-Patrick.

What were we talking about?

You were saying
not to trust anybody.

Are you quite sure she's honest?

- Oh yes.
- Just keep an eye on your money.

That's the last thing
she'd be interested in.

I'll tell you why later.

I must have forgotten
to set the alarm.

I don't dare go in.

Courage, Madeleine!

We best go in and
check the damage.

Oh, what a relief!

They've taken the things
of no value.

Antoine, don't look so glum!

This is funny!

I guess it could have
been worse.

But didn't they get
any of your... jewellery?

But they're all fake!

The real stuff is
somewhere else.

They've even taken the pasta
out of the bin.

It was very nice though.

Jeanne! Heavens, Jeanne!

Hi, Mum.

Come in, darling. Have you eaten?

We've just finished.

You should get used to....

Look... it's quite okay!

Just relax... relax!

I was so worried! I thought
she was dead, or hurt somewhere.

Well, stop talking to her
as though she was sick.

You're right.
So are you OK?

Yes I'm fine.

She smells of alcohol.

Do you want a drink?

No, I'm alright.
Just calm down.

Just be yourself with her.
Act normally.

But I'm all worked up!

You're always worked up.

You're emotion personified.

I've nothing for you.

I couldn't get anything
for the jewellery.

Come on now!
There was cash there!

I don't work for free.

I spent an hour there for nothing.

Are you kidding me?
You're throwing money around!

And you take stuff
that’s worth nothing!

Listen, you obviously
don't know me.

Nobody talks to me like that.
So shut up!

I didn't say anything.

We should have done it my way.

If we gave the old girl a hiding,
she'd be coughing up dough.

End of conversation.
Want something to put on the horses?

I don't have the time. Cheers.

What happened?

I got nothing out of
that stupid arsehole!

It's all your fault.
You put me onto him.

I hardly know him.
And you were desperate.

I'll smash his face in!

I wouldn't mess with that guy
he's dangerous.

You should have warned me.

Listen, I've got this 500.
I'll give it to you for 200.


Come on!

The ink's running...
Look at your fingers.

Stash them away for a couple of months
and you'll see nothing.

I'll make it 100...
feel the texture!

It's like blotting paper!

I use them every day.

To blow your nose.

Thanks for nothing.


Bloody hell!...

You got my 200?


You're not serious?!

I haven't got time!

Wait... don't go.

Can you change 500?

Oh yes!

Alright then.


The thanks are all mine.

Hey... wait!

What are you doing?

I'm leaving.

You were going to leave
without saying anything?

You wouldn't have noticed.

Don't say that...
it's not true!

I'll say what I like.

I'm fed up with you!

Your scams...
your old women you chat up...

It's pathetic, Antoine!

You're drunk every night.

You didn't even notice
I was out all night.

OK, OK... so where were you?

And you're stingy.
I've stopped liking you.

I'm only stingy when I'm broke!
But I've got money coming!

It's not enough just to be a bastard
to succeed in this business!

You also need a bit of class.
You understand that?

You'll never amount to anything.
You're a born loser.

That's not right.
I've just had a difficult period!

Right! You're a loser who's having
a difficult period!

Piss off! Get fucked!

I've got someone anyway...
who isn't so stuck-up!

Follow me guys!

This is Antoine,
from that fuck-up job.

He's got something
better to offer.



Could be worth 100 times more.

100 x 0 = 0

So what is it?

A young woman.
Her parents are mega rich.

Nobody is aware she's worth
so much dough.

She lives in a room
the old lady lets her have.

She's rich.
The old girl told me.

So what?


We get hold of her and get a million
out of her oldies.

You mean we grab her?


Kidnap her?


That needs a lot of thought.
Needs a lot of money.

What do you mean?

Car, camera, walkie-talkie,

a hideout...
you'd need 50,000.

OK. I can get it.

I know how.

I'm listening.


- Please... waiter?
- I'm coming.


How are you?

May I?

I do this once or twice a week.

Have you done it long?

Since I got my certificate.

It's silly, but I'd never have imagined
you doing such a thing.

Giving some of your time
to other people...

I find that rather heroic.

Hardly heroic.

I really like to feel useful.
I need to.

But I hardly ever talk about it,
you understand.

I did something like that in Africa.
Did Madeleine tell you?

I don't think so.

I was a nurse in Benin...


...during the evacuation.

There's a Red Cross guy
over there!

Great to have met...
It's getting hot.

Called the ambulance.
A guy's been hit.

There's been an accident!
Come on!

Hurry up!

This man's from the Red Cross.

Do something.

How are you?
Are you conscious?

I'm in pain!

Very well. Whereabouts?

My leg and my arm!
Shit it hurts!

Jeanne, what do you think?

He should be turned on his side.

Yes, of course.

My leg! My leg!!

You can feel it... that's good!

Put me back the other way!

He's bleeding a lot.

We need a tourniquet!

A pressure point.

I don't have my gear.

No, a pressure point
with your hand.

Of course.

No. It'd be better with a tourniquet.
A belt!


The ambulance is here.

It's okay.
There's no fracture.


No major fracture.

And his femur?
What idiot put a tourniquet on?

I don't know.

Give me your contact number...

Yes! I'll be back in a sec.

He'll be OK.
You were very cool.

I'm used to it.
What did they say?

Oh, nothing.
The tourniquet saved his life.

It was you who saved his life.

I just happened to be here.
I'm worried about his femur.

Me too.
I'm going to look for Jeremy.

Antoine, who saved somebody.

I'm very proud of you.



You left these at the café.

I was so scared.
I'd lost him...

I was bringing them back to you
when I came across Jeremy.

So I rushed over here.

Thank you... thank you.

I was afraid I wouldn't dare go back.

Antoine, you saved my life.

No, not at all...

Yes... you were heaven-sent!

Stop crying, please.

It'll be all right.
Gotta go now.

That's enough thanking...
Off you go now.

Don't say anything to Madeleine.
She's fired people for less.

Your sunglasses...

- Who got you?
- Antoine...


Oh yes! Antoine...

There's a shack, a long way
from Paris.

- And the car?
- That's nearly fixed.

I need the dough for the house
and everything else.

Where are you, with that?

Getting there. Getting there.

What does that mean?
These are expenses. Get a move on.

It's coming.

I gotta go.
You got 2 days to get the dough.

What the fuck are you doing?

There was an alarm.

Really? No kidding?!

I took over the family printing company

on the death of my father.

2 months ago, I filed for bankruptcy.


I had four employees under 50.

It's been hard...

My father had to file for bankruptcy
for a company.

83 people unemployed. Terrible.

83? That's huge!

He was able to find jobs for a few,

but basically he didn't care.

That's the first time I've been
ashamed of my family.

So, do you get on better
with them now?

We see less of each other.

I don't like them much.
I don't tell them anything.

All that money, those apartments,
all that furniture...

I find it all quite ridiculous.

Cluttered and ridiculous.

Excuse me, I have to make
a phone call.

45 minutes, at Rue des Panoyaux.


Yes, there's nobody around there.

It'll go all right.
She thinks I'm Jesus Christ.

I've seen you before.

I look like lots of people.

No, I'm sure. Two years ago,

Three years...

We'll have another bottle.

Henri-Mondor Hospital.
I'd had a nervous breakdown.

It was there.

I have worked there.
You're right.

You were a patient, too.

Let me think...
I was assisting the professor.

There's nothing shameful
about being in depression.

Denying it doesn't help at all.

You get sick... you get cared for.

Listen... stop it!

I treat myself.
I'm making progress.

I gave treatment. I'm a nurse.

You had short hair.

- People used to say...
- Excuse me...

I called the hospital.

Our accident victim will be fine.

He's very grateful to you.

Oh! I'm sorry...

Please excuse me. I'm mixed up.

I've been ridiculous.
What's happening to me?

Why am I like this?

I'm so sorry...
Excuse me once again.

I'll fetch a bottle.
I'm not doing well.

It's not serious.
Take a small Lysanxia 50.

Under your tongue...
That'll do the trick.

What was that all about?

It's OK.

Everything's OK...

Thanks to you.

Do your parents live in Paris?

That depends.

I guess they travel a lot.

I really don't want
to talk about them.

I sometimes give them some news.

I live my life.

You're very brave.

Not at all.

It's a family that's hard
to put up with.

But if I ever needed them,
they'd be there.

Which is reassuring...
They're quite nice.

Leave him alone!

That's enough!

- Let me go!
- No! Don't touch her!

No! Leave her alone!

She's got nothing for you,
for Christ's sake!

Stop it, you piece of shit!

You listen to me now!

You've got 5 days to get
53,000 for Graziani!

- OK?
- Yeah!

- My hand!
- You OK?

- I'm OK.
- You OK?

Yes, OK.
Oh, my God, Antoine!

I thought I could save
the printing works.

I sold all the furniture.

The banks wouldn't help
any more.

I borrowed from some low-lifes.

But I'll get out of it.

I always manage.

Don't you worry, Jeanne.

Don't you see they'll stop
at nothing?

Don't you have any wounds?

It's more internal.

They know how to hit.

Is there nobody who can lend you
some money?

No, worst luck.

I don't have any rich parents.

I said that just to hurt you.

I know what you're thinking.

Jeanne, I won't accept any help
from you.

But I...

Don't insist.
I'll manage alone.

I'll find the 53,000.
Eventually... I hope.

Will I stop?


I have to go.

I'll take you home.

No, I'd like to take a walk.

Hey! You leaving?

I didn't come to spend the night
with you.

Stay for a while.

No, but thank you.
You've been a big help.


Jeanne? Darling... come on.

Your sister doesn't want
anything to do with you.

You've argued so much.

She's scared because of
her in-laws.

They come from a more upper-class background

She's afraid you might embarrass her
in front of her husband.

He's waited so long for this.

Forgive us, Jeanne.

No problem.
I wouldn't want to.

I almost got married
to a doctor.

No! Really?

A doctor...
That'd be wonderful!

What a pity...
Like a champagne?

No. I've something else
to ask you.

I need money.

I've met the most wonderful guy.

He had to borrow
from some heavies.

The other night
they beat him up...

And if he doesn't come up
with 53,000 francs...

Calm down, Jeanne. Calm down.

You've never asked us for money.

A lot of things have happened
to you...

...but you've never asked
for anything.

Do you understand?

You're a good, honest girl.

That's what we've been
led to believe...

And we just don't have
the money.

What, with your sister's marriage...

It's very serious, Dad.
They're dangerous.

Jeanne, shouldn't you get back
with Dandrieux?

We're out of champagne.

- Jean, There are 2 cases in the cellar.
- I'll come with you.

- Have you seen François?
- No, darling.

- I saw him with your sister.
- Oh no!

Excuse me.

Jeanne and François
have disappeared.

What could they be doing?
What is she up to?

Come on... help me find them.

Things between Hélène and me
go back a long way.

So I wasn't invited.

I'm happy to forget about it.

What happened?

It's ancient history.

Maybe she'll tell you.

I guess.

Or maybe not.
She keeps things to herself.

Jeanne... I'd really like to know.

Do me that favor...

On my wedding day...

It's not so easy.

It's about my wife.


From 18 to 22, she was a drug addict.


Our parents knew
nothing about it.

She borrowed a lot of money
off me.

I was forced to stop my studies.

I worked to pay for
her treatment.

That was the last straw.

When she was released,
she wouldn't speak to me.

She avoided me.

I moved away. I gave up.

Was it because
she owed you money?

No I don't think so.

I was bound up in all that pain
and humiliation of hers.

Tonight it's forgotten.

What about the money?

Well, it was like this...

She said to me:
"I'll pay you back."

She'd worked out the total.

Which was...?

I think it came to 53,000.

This is incredible...

I knew things weren't right
between you...

...but I never imagined this.

I shouldn't have told you.

Hélène... a drug-addict...

It can happen to anyone...

From loneliness...

But you'd love her all the same?

Of course...
but it isn't fair to you.

It's forgotten.

I have a job working
in a toll booth...

and I have to hang on to it.



Come with me?

Where to?

Come on.

There are 2 shops like this.


The family's.

Come on... it's through here.

Now a piece of history
is laid to rest.

You're a good person, Jeanne.

You are too.

It's easier when you have money.

Oh... it's you...
I'm still a bit scared.

Oh no!

I can't accept it.

You have to. You have to take it.

No! Thank you... but no!

Yes! You're going to take it!

Oh... I'm sorry...
I'm sorry!

You upset me.

This is nothing to my parents
and they're happy to help me.

- It's nothing.
- No, but really...

Take it. Please take it, Antoine...

Take it.

I gotta go.

Can't you stay a little while?

The grocer's closing...

and I have to buy...

some chicory...

...apples, parsley,

and strawberries.

Sorry, Antoine.
Have a nice evening.

Return that money right away!

I no longer have it.

What do you mean?

I no longer have it.
I've given it away.

You didn't believe me!
It's all your fault!

Her husband's humiliated.
I need that money.

I gave to that guy.

I've saved his life...
Don't you understand, Dad?

I don't have any money!

I just can't get through to you!

You're sick... You've got to
do something about it.

Go back to Dandrieux!

I tell you I gave it to him!

I gave it to him!

- Stolen money?
- You're wasting your time.

- Shut up!
- Go ahead and search!

You won't even believe
your own daughter!

What? Shut up!

You're nothing but
bad luck and trouble!

Don't say that, Jean.

You're not sick.
I've never believed that.

You're amoral... dishonest...

You don't care about
anybody else!

Calm down, Jean.

What are you all about?

You're a nobody!... You're a nobody!

Go away.

Let me alone, Dad.

I never want to see you again.


-You OK
-No, I'm not OK.

I got mugged.

What? That can't be possible.
What did they want?

Are you alright?

Not really.

Want a cup of tea, a brandy?

Yes, a brandy.

Did they touch you?
Did they hurt you?

Just shaken.

They wanted money.
They almost got it.

Don't say that!

That's better.

How many were there?

Three. Plus the boss... an old guy.

Just to assault
a girl on her own!

The thought of them hurting you
really pisses me off!

Calm down!

I can't!

I can picture it!...
I'm going down there.

It's not that serious.
Please realise that.

- You want a drink?
- Yes.

- That better now?
- No.

- A bit...
- Come on...

That's better, eh?

I'm tired.
Do you mind if I sleep here?

Not at all.
I'll sleep on the couch.

Do you want to sleep with me.

Of course I do.

Especially as it's better
than the couch.

We get on well when we're drunk.

Do you always sleep
with your clothes on?


You have your hand
on my left breast.


Left buttock.

So sorry.

Turn over...
I'm going to sleep behind you.

No, I don't want to.

Aren't I any good?

I've slept with guys
who weren't any good.

So wasn't I good enough?

I don't know.
It's the way things are. Sorry.

But I do want you.
It's normal.

You're so handsome with those eyes
and those arms that rescued me.

Men come on to me...

and then it's over.

I've never had time.

Time that lasts...

Be patient with me.

You need to be calm and patient,

Like you were sure of yourself.

Patience is seductive.

I'll go and get some bread...

and some croissants... patiently!


- Hi, Antoine.
- Hi.

You got the dough?

This is it!
Everything OK?

Yeah. When do we get
to the next step?

Takes time. Need to get
the parents' address.

What for?

Somewhere to send the ransom to.

- How much?
- 1 million.

400 grand for you, 600 for me.

That takes time?


Let's be patient, like we know
what we're doing.

Patience is seductive.

We been thinking. It'd be best...

...to get rid of her
at the finish.

Why would you do that?

That way we don't have to
go into hiding.

You could make an effort.

- Barnaby can handle it.
- Yeah, sure.

That's stupid! We had a deal!
It's that or nothing.

I'm going.
She's waiting for me.

I doubt it.

What the fuck's she up to?!



- What are you doing?
- I'm going away.


I'm going away.

Will I see you again?


You can just leave
without saying anything!?

That should be obvious.

What've I done?

It has nothing to do with you.

What a cheek! This is incredible.

You told me things.

What did I tell you?

That you felt good
being with me.

I don't remember that.

That you felt as though you were
sheltering under a huge tree.

With no feeling of shame!

You said that!

It won't happen again!
I was drunk.

That tree idea goes with those
crappy flowers and bread rolls!

It meant nothing.
It was the booze.

I felt that things were different
with me.

Every man thinks that.
That's the way it is.

Don't just dump me in the street
like I was a jerk!

Just let me leave.

Where are you going?

To see a friend in Pakistan.

What about?

It can't be true!

She's dumped that arsehole.

You think so?...


He didn't have a clue
how to handle it.

Maybe she thinks
she's fallen for him...

...and that scares her.

Quick... she's clearing off!
She won't be back!

- Why?
- 'Why' what?

Why's she leaving!

I've no idea!

We gotta go after her!

Grab her now?

Yes! She'll be taking the subway.
She's going to Pakistan.

You take that way.

I'll hold her back.

Hey! The car!

- Slow down! Stop!
- Why? What?

Dammit, we need stockings!

Shut ya face, dickhead!

Back up... there's a shop.

We need to be careful!

Oh, fuck it!

I got some pantyhose.
That'll do.

I'll drive.

Look at this!
You got fancy ones.

- You got...
- What about it?

- We'll look stupid!
- Put them on!

Just do what I tell you!...

That's enough!

You can see fuck all!
You can see fuck all with this!

Jeanne! Jeanne!

I caught you.

So it seems.

Tell me you don't love me.

I don't love you.

I never will.

You're a bad liar.

- Please leave me alone.
- No.

Good. It's OK.

Excuse me.

I understand.

Fucking hell! I can't see a thing
with this shit on!

It's not the right one!

It's not her!

You moron!
It's the wrong one!

Take it easy!


Let her go!

Oh, shit!

Fuck it!...Sorry!

You can't judge distance
with this thing.

Antoine! Antoine!

Damn! You're so stupid!
I'm really sorry!


- Where is she?
- In the boot.

The slag!

Stay cool... stay cool!

Great. How much
are we asking?

2 million.

Why not more?

It's not possible.


We agreed on 1 million.


We can't change in mid-stream.

Why not?

That's the way it is.

That's no reason.

She's waking up.

Okay then, how much?

I don't know!


Why not 10?

10's a good number.

That's not on!

We're asking 2.

She's moving.

Decide!...or we'll look stupid.

Two and a half.

2 is it.

We want the name and address
of your parents.

Excuse me?

Where am I?

Your parents' name and address.

Why would you want that?

So we can send a ransom note
to your family.

A "ransom"?

Yes. For 2 million.

And a half.

The sooner you cooperate...

...the sooner this will all be over.

My parents wouldn't have
one tenth of that.

My parents are poor.

Everyone knows your parents
are loaded.


I'll get the pliers!

Oh fuck!

Don't show your face!

Ah, yes.

Thanks....that's better.
Now for the fingers.

What? Speak slowly!
I can't hear anything through this hood.

Whisper in my ear.

Leave me alone!
I haven't done anything!


That's incredible!
How come you're here?

I was parked close by.

I wanted to follow them
before calling the police.

I was checking out the house.

The big guy jumped me.

This is incredible!
It's a nightmare!

What do they want?

A ransom.
A "ransom"?

But who could have told them?

I don't know... Madeleine!

Madeleine's a prison-visitor.

She must have talked too much!

I'm sorry!
Antoine, I'm so sorry!

It's not serious.

I like having you with me best.

You're always there when
something bad happens to me.

No! No! Antoine!

- The address!
- For heaven's sake, stop!

For God's sake!

- Please stop!
- No!

Look here!



I know.


5 Rue Beaujon. Near the Place de l'Étoile.
A beautiful building.

Speak to Martin.

You've been misinformed.

I only have a retarded son
who is planted in front of TV.

Don't call again
or I'll ring the police.

What did she say?


Calm down.

Listen to me...
This will all be sorted.

Don't worry.
It'll all work out for the best.

Come now... it's okay.

Don't you worry.

What if it's not okay?

I was just trying
to calm you down.

We gotta get out of here.

How can you possibly eat?!

I make myself.

Stop walking around!

Aren't you scared?

Of course I'm scared!

I just try to hold myself

I'm sorry, Antoine.

I'd die if they did anything
bad to you.

I'd die.

I don't like the sound of that.

- It'll be OK!
- No!

It's not going to be okay...
and I'm sorry it's all my fault.

I really did think you were like
a huge tree...

And I'm really really sorry

we haven't slept together.

What are you doing?!

Let him go. I'll explain.

After we've gotten rid him,
we'll sort you out.

She can't get away with that.

She gave us a phoney address.

lmpossible! She loves me.

What are you laughing at?
You know anything about love?

There's no way anyone
could love a guy like you.

But she loves me.

- How do you know?
- I can see it.

Just what do you see?

She looks at me like
she expects to lose me.

It's only because
she doesn't feel safe.

You'd say anything.

Maybe she was abandoned
as a child.

Are you two finished?

If she loves you so much,

we don't have to cut off a finger.

What are you talking about?

We'll do it our way.


Wait... take it easy
for a minute.

She's delicate and
half dead with fear.

If we torture her she'll just fall apart
and we won't get anything out of her.

Let me go down.
I'll talk to her.

What about?

That you only beat me up
to make her feel guilty.

- What do you mean?
- She feels guilty.

Do you need the pliers?

I need to look bashed up...

- Otherwise what?
- Nothing.

You got 5 minutes.

How could you have done that?

How could you have lied to them?

They almost killed me there!


those 2 guys...
those 3 guys!...

...they're losing it,
but I've calmed them down.

Now you've got to give them the
right address for your parents.

They'll have to be called from here.
They'll have to get the dough.

It's impossible.

- Why?
- It's impossible.

I'm asking you why?!

My parents can never pay.

They're poor.
They don't have money.

I've been lying.

What are you saying?...

That it's not true, Jeanne?


And the 53,000
that you brought me last night?

I stole Madeleine's jewellery.

I knew where she hid
the real stuff.

I walked into the living room.

Behind the sideboard
there's a plate with a hole.

Inside there's an iron box.

I took some and pawned them.

Why you talk so well about love?

It interests me.

Why did you tell me
you were rich?

It was at Madeleine's
that I told the story

about being a rich girl.


So that she'd trust me.

I simply had to work
at her place.

But why?


Jeremy's mother isn't dead.

I'm Jeremy's mother.

At the time, I was living
in the provinces.

I'd had drug problems.

I had to do stuff...
then I met his father.

I got pregnant.

When he found out about me,
he left me.

I was deprived of
my parental rights.

Then he went off with my Jeremy.

Jeanne... this is going
to go badly.

She doesn't have any money.

I beg you...


Get up there!

Antoine! Antoine! Antoine!




This is Jeanne.

It's 4am!

Dad, I absolutely must...

I start work at 6.
I don't want to be fired.

I don't want to see you
or listen to you.

Don't call again.

That doesn't say he wasn't rich.

He started work at 6.

Are you crazy?! Stop it!

Tell him to stop
for fuck's sake!

In 2 minutes we scram.

But why kill her?

I can't take the risk.
You're out of luck yourself.

You go and shut her up.

Don't do this!

You owe me 400 grand
and you'll cough up!

I know how to get it!
Just tell him not to do this!

Stop it! Stop him!

I'm listening.

Give me 24 hours...
for the girl.

Please!...24 hours!

24 hours...

Don't talk too much.
You're my country cousin.

Why from the country?

Because I've never mentioned you.

So what?

OK. Where do you live?

In the Antilles.

Nobody. We'll go round the back.

Where's this jewellery?

Don't crowd me like that!
I'm not leaving you!

- Well?
- There... behind that bit of furniture.

Stop it!
I'm trying to think!

She said it was the bureau...

The bureau, how stupid can I be!

She told you a load of bullshit.

Wait!... Let me take a look.

We'll wait for the old woman
and make her talk.

We can burn her feet...
or whatever you want.

Torture her...
Pull her nails out...

She'll soon tell us where
the jewellery's stashed!

Good morning.

I told you the doorbell rang.


I can't hear what you're saying.

Is she dead?

Fine. We'll be on our way.

Where are you going?
There's a buffet.

- Come on. Let's go!
- Wait!

Look! I told you.

I've found something.


I told you she wasn't lying!

Look... she loves me!

Come on... quick!

- He screwed us.
- We were in too much of a hurry.

You're right. That's the reason.
Give him his share.

You'll explain that to him, will you?
On your way... I'm off.

Jeanne! Jeanne...

Jeanne! Move it!

Where's Barnaby?

He went off... with his share.
Here's your 200,000.

He cleared off.
What could I do about it?

Amazing he didn't take it all.

- Where'd he go?
- To the Antilles.

Jeanne! Jeanne!

Wake up, Jeanne.
Are you OK?

Come on... let's go.

What happened?

I managed to untie myself.

I overpowered the big guy.

We fought...
and I killed him.

I'd managed to get his gun.

I shot the little guy.

- He's dead.
- Where are they?

And the third one?

- He's dead too?
- Did you kill him?

No. He fell out
with the others.

The big guy strangled him.

He was the scariest.

No. He was the most decent
of them.

No. He didn't say anything but
I could see his treacherous eyes.

No... I can assure you...

As he was dying
he begged forgiveness.

It was very moving. Horrible.

Are you going to report it
to the police?

I've killed two men.

You OK?

It's all my fault.

Don't say that.

I wasn't able to protect you.

Don't say that.


We'll try and get
Jeremy back... legally.

That'll be good for you.

No! Not Jeremy!

Not Jeremy, no!

Did I hurt you?

They bashed me.

I'm so sorry!

But it's... it's not really serious.

It's my fault.

No... it's nothing.

How could I ever hurt you?

Don't worry...
It's nothing.

It's like a bruise... it goes away.

How could I ever hurt you?


Antoine, come on. Let's...


- It's stuck.
- It's your chain.

- Pull your chain.
- Wait...

Shit... it won't move.

It's stuck.

Give me a hand.

Give me a hand.

Where are you going?
What are you doing?


What have I done?

What the fuck's up with her?!

What are you doing?

I've brought him.

- Did you kidnap him?
- Yes.

This just can't be happening!

- You don't know what you're doing!
- Yes I do.

I've done it for you.
Trust me.

We'll disappear to somewhere.
I can get false papers.

We can go to Spain or Portugal.

From there we can fly...

to America or Canada...

We'll go and live there.

Aren't you going to give
your kid a hug?

In any case,
without him, you're unhappy.

Look how much he's like you.
He's so cute.

He's happy to see his mummy.

They can remember everything
since they were born.

Your smell... your voice...
Even your breast... look.

Look at him.

I'm looking at him, yes.

We'll have to get away
very quickly, Antoine.

Being the mother,
they'll be looking for me first.

We have to go!

Wipe that stupid smile
off your face.

Good. You pack my backpack.

I have to hide.
I'll see you at your place.

Go and find your daddy.

He's here at grandma's.

I've come to see Jeanne.

She's left.

- But... isn't that her dress?
- Yes.

I'm her mother.
Is she coming back?

I have to know where she is.

It's essential I...

She borrowed money and...

Her father's filed a complaint
against her.

She took her son
to her sister's.

Her what?

Her... her son.

Could I see you for a moment?

Would you come with me?

Are you sure it can't be cured...
a little bit?

She's seen specialists
at the hospital...

...when she had
anxiety attacks.

Was that often?

No... 3 or 4 times.

Even so...!

What were the symptoms?

She wouldn't speak at all.

That's not so bad, is it?

You think so?

I'd convince myself...

That she seems like
a normal person.

A bit depressed, but normal.
You understand?


It is?!
You did well, darling.

That was my husband.
It's fixed up.

The complaint's been withdrawn.


I was reassured to know
that the money was for you.

I'll pay you back.

No, that's not it.

We were worried.
It wasn't like her.

I was sure she'd returned
the child.

She knows she's not
responsible enough.

[Mythomania - a systematic tendency
to embroider the truth]


Antoine, I've left Jeremy
at my sister's...

...but I have the police
on my tail.

I'm near your car.
Come and meet me.

Be careful.
Go out the back way.

There's no 'back way'.
There's only one exit.

OK... I'll wait for you.
Watch out. I'll wait.


Jeanne! Jeanne!

- No one around?
- No one. Come on.

I made a detour so
I wouldn't be followed.

My sister will join us
in Corsica...

...where we used to go
for holidays.

All right.
We'll head there... Let's go!

- Take the back roads.
- Yes... good idea.

- So you're Corsican?
- Yes. My mother's from a little village.

- So where's your village?
- Muna.

- "Muna"?
- "MOON-a"... You hardly say the "a".

- Muna...
- Yes.

Beautiful, eh?

Are you sure this is it?
It looks abandoned.

I think so.
I remember it very well.

There's nobody there.

Can't you hear a dog barking?

No, I can't.

Good morning.

I used to come on holidays here.

I'm looking for my uncle's house.

There's no one left
in the village now.

I know.

Who was your uncle?

Um... Dominique.


Doumé Belzanti?...Doumé Bernardini?...

or Doumé Giacobbi?
- Giacobbi!

He's been dead for a long time.

Now I remember you.

- You had a brother.
- A sister.

Oh? Maybe...

But sit down... sit down.

Jean! Jean!

Come out.
We have visitors.

Who is it?


This is poor old Dominique's niece.

- Which one?
- Giacobbi.

So... we're relatives!

Distant relatives,
but still relatives.

His house is up there,

on the left, before the path out,
near the big oak.

It's stuck.

- I told you I lived in Benin?
- Yes.

There's a friendly tribe there
called the Badilés.

Oh yeah?

The women there have
a special way of making love.

Do you know what it is?


I'm going to show you.

I once lived near you.
On Baleine Close.

Where's that?

Right....From your place...

...you go back up Rue Sorbier.

You get to Rue de Ménilmontant.

Then you go down... down... down...

At the Boulevard de Belleville,
you turn right.

Go back up, back up...

- And?
- And...

Boulevard de Belleville...

You reach Couronnes subway station.

Go on up...

Oh no...
Then you go down.

On down...

Down Rue Jean-Paul Timbaud.

- You're right.
- That's quicker.

- And then?
- Straight ahead.

- Straight ahead?
- Keep going straight ahead.

OK? Where did you get to?

I'm lost...
Place de la Concorde!

That spring is lovely.

My grandmother used to write
poems to her fiancé.

Do you remember any?

Every step I take with you

Will pay for a night of tears

Every night with you
Costs me a month of grief

For each and every embrace,
I'll have a year of sorrow."

That's very Corsican, though.

Antoine! The police are here.

I saw them coming up
to the village.

We have to get away.

Yeah, sure.

I called my sister.

We'll meet at a hotel in Bastia.

She'll have Jeremy with her.

How did they find us?

The car... they took the number
on the ferry. How stupid!

We should separate.
They'll be looking for a couple.


Which hotel will we meet in?


With your sister... Which hotel?

L'hôtel de la Place...


What are you doing here?
It's so out-of-the-way.

You wouldn't believe
what happened to me.

It's the most incredible story.

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