White Fang (2018) - full transcript

Based on the timeless novel by Jack London. A loyal wolfdog's curiosity leads him on the adventure of a lifetime while serving a series of three distinctly different masters.

[sweeping instrumental music plays]

- [barking]
- [faint voices]

- [barking continues]
- [indistinct overlapping conversation]

[male voice, softly] Hey, there.


It's a new one. Not gonna matter.

[growling and barking]

[man] Easy.

[barking continues]

You sure about this?
White Fang don't look himself.

He's fine.

- But you put him up against two dogs.
- Which means twice the money, right?

Time for our main event!

Jocko and Scratch,
champions in their own right,

will face the monster,

the wolf dog legend of the Klondike,

the terror of Fort Yukon,

White Fang!

- [shouting]
- [barking]

[heavy scraping]

- Hear that?
- [growls]

You know what comes next, don't you?

Now, get in there and make me some money.


Come on!

Come on!

[furious barking and snarling]

[chanting] White Fang! White Fang!

[man] Come here!

[chanting fades out]


- [cheering]
- [angry barking]


Get out of my way!
Let me through. What...

Oh, no.

[dogs bark]

[men shout]

- [gunshot]
- [crowd falls silent]

US Marshal Weedon Scott.

Every lawman in the territory heard
that shot, so you better get moving.

[panicked chatter]

[panicked whimpering]

- [man] Let's go!
- [man 2] Come on!

[man] Keep moving!

Not you. You stay put.

[Weedon] What is this?

Two against one?

Ain't it enough you make these dogs fight?

You make me sick.

It was Smith's idea, I swear it.

Me? I'm the aggrieved party here.

- That's my dog got tore up.
- Save it!

I'm going to make sure
you do time for this.

[male voice] Weedon!

I'm in here, Hank!

- [dull thud]
- [grunts]

- What did you do?
- Forget it. Help me get my dog.

[man] This way!

Where is he?

This ain't over, lawman.


- Are you all right?
- Is he still breathing?

[soft breathing]

[pants, sniffs]

[puppy whines]


[woodpecker drums]

- [sniffs]
- [bird caws]


[hawk screeches]

[screeching continues]

[weasel chitters]

[yelps, growls]


- [hawk screeches]
- [yelps]

[yelping continues]

[whines softly]

[water splashes]

[panicked yelping]



[high-pitched squeaking]





[clucking and gobbling]

[excited yelp]

[panicked clucking]

[low growling]

[pants excitedly]

[frightened yelp]

- [lynx roars]
- [birds caw]

- [growling]
- [barking]


[lynx hisses]

[angry screeching]

- [roaring]
- [growling]

- [howls]
- [whimpers]




- [snarls]
- [roars]




[lynx roars]

- [roars]
- [angry barking]


[whimpering continues]

[pants breathlessly]





[yelps excitedly]

[crow caws]



- [man shouts in distance]
- [distant barking]

Come on!



Hurry up, Weedon!
They're getting closer.

[gun cocks]


[laughs gruffly]

Come on!

- Hya!
- [snarling and barking]

Let's go!

[wolves yelp]


[shouting continues in distance]



[yelps softly]

[wolves grunt, growl softly]

Them wolves ain't giving up.

They're smart.
They'll keep clear of the fire.

And the rifles.

You should've shot them
when you had the chance.

It's been a rough winter.

I'm not going to kill wolves
just for being hungry.

That's your problem, Marshal.
You ain't no killer.


Look where killing got you.

[laughs loudly]

I'll bust these chains long before
they put a rope around my neck.

Then I'm gonna kill you
before I go anywhere.

I'll bear that in mind.

I'm gonna see to the dogs.

[excited barking]

Easy! Easy!

Calm down.

[dogs whine]

Hey, Weedon, how many dogs we got?

Since the wolves got Bunk and Jimmy,
we got six.

Well, we got seven now.


Come on.

Grab the picket line, will you?

Where'd she come from?

Must be a stray.

Bet she ran off when some miner
dumped his outfit.

Well, she's smart, that's for sure.

- Think we could use her for the team?
- Nah. She's got a game leg.

Decent thing would be to put her down.

[barks, growls]


If that ain't the littlest wolf
I've ever seen.

Come on, Marshal.
Put a bullet in that one.

- That .30-30 should take care of him.
- I'd shoot you first.

Give me a strip of that salmon.

Pup or not, that's a wolf.

This guy is as much dog as he is wolf.
And he's got grit.


Come on.

It's okay.

Come on, buddy.

[clicks tongue]
It's okay.

Ain't you the soft touch.

Who knows?

Maybe one day he'll return the favor.

See you around, kid.


[low growling]




[growling continues]

- [loud snarl]
- [whimpering]

[weak whine]


[indistinct voices]

- Three Eagles! Give me a hand.
- What?


Here you go.





That's Kiche.
She used to be my fastest sled dog.

A dog that runs off does not come back.

They do if they're hungry.


Tuk, tuk.

Look at her leg.
She'll never pull a sled.

And I think she will.

[growls angrily]

Ha! Kiche will pull a sled,
but you will never tame that monster.

He's got more teeth than brains.

You must see the opportunity.


Kiche has brought us a pup with spirit.

We will call you White Fang.

You'll be the greatest sled dog ever.


[whines softly]

[indistinct chatter]

[White Fang yelps]

Well done, Kiche.


[clicks tongue]

White Fang.

[growls, yelps]



[indistinct conversation]


Whoa! Whoa, now!

Hold there.

- Grandfather.
- What is it, Vichi?

A man has arrived at the village.
He's waiting for you.

Do not worry.

Hold this for me, please.

Marshal Todd.

Grey Beaver.

Good to see you again.

What brings you here,
so far away from the city?

I'm afraid I got bad news.

With the recent gold strike,
the territory has plans to sell this land.

Sell this land?

We have been here
since before my grandfather's time.

We cannot move further up north.

- There's nothing for us there.
- I'm sorry.


How much does the territory
hope to get for the land?

A concern in Whitehorse has offered $450.


You like those mittens?

Better than anything in Fort Yukon,
that's for sure.

- Would you buy them for a dollar?
- Sure. I'd even buy 'em for two.

So, as I was saying they...
- We will buy the land.

We'll pay $500 dollars.

Now? I mean,
do you have that kind of money?

We will have the money.

Then I guess we have a deal.

I'll inform them
that we have come to an agreement.

I'll see you at the end of December.

Now, if you will excuse me.

And for the mittens?

Please, keep them as a gift.

What do we do now?

I will go north, across the river.

You and the other men
spread out to the south.

Every man with traps goes out.

The women have enough pelts
to start sewing.

We will not stop until we have
the mittens we need.

I will sell them in Fort Yukon,
and we will buy back our land.

You can count on us.


- Tuk, tuk!
- [barking]

Listen up, everyone. We have work to do.

Hya! Hya!

Huh! Huh!

You must run harder.

If you are not ready, we cannot wait.


I was wrong. You are ready.


[low growl]

[barking, growling]

[growling continues]



I thought we'd agreed
you'd stay south of the river.

We did. But my people need pelts.

[William] We all need pelts.


Let's talk.

You have done well.
You will go with William now.

[whines softly]

[William] Good hunting.

[White Fang whines softly]

[Kiche growls and barks]



[whines softly]

[White Fang whines loudly]

This is where William traps.

But now, because of Kiche,
we can trap these streams.

The time for mothers is over.

This is how it feels to be grown.

[ice cracks]


[growling and barking]

[growling and barking continue]

They resent that you are first dog.

You must lead this team,

but they will not follow you
until they respect you.

They are not like you.
They only know food and fear.

I cannot do this for you.

You will have to make them see.

- [growls]
- [distant barking]

[barking draws nearer]

[growling and barking]

[barking continues in distance]


[barking, fearful yelping]

[panicked yelping continues]

[dogs whine]

[growls, snorts]


I will be back soon, and you
will be in charge during my absence.

Do not worry. You will find this village
in the same way you left it.

I will take care of everything.

I know you will.
Make sure you tell them not to worry.

This is for you, Grandfather.

Thank you, child.

Besides, I have a beautiful pouch
made for me by my granddaughter.

[White Fang barks]

And a friend to keep me company.

[geese honk]

[rushing water]


[soft bumping]

[White Fang growls]

Before men came for the gold...

- [distant indistinct voices]
- ...it was not like this.

But we will be fine.

We will sell the mittens we've made
and get away from this place.

[ship's horn hoots]

Let's find a place to spend the night.

- [man] Prepare to shore!
- [man 2] Stand by!

[indistinct shouting]

[man] Yeah, you don't want to have that
before the snow comes.

[man 2] I ain't ate in two days.

[man 3] I think they will,
as far as the territory.

[man 4] Uh-huh. Get a piece out.

[White Fang whines]

[dog growls]

- [man] What's the matter? Go on, now!
- [barks]

Go on, now! Get!

- Go on! Get!
- [barking and growling continue]

You're upsetting my dog.

[Grey Beaver] We are bothering no one.
Move on, and your dog will be fine.

[man] I don't take orders from Indians.

Anybody moves, it's gonna be you.

We want no trouble.

That's right. You don't.

Where'd that Indian get off acting
like he's so much better than you are?

- Don't worry. I got a surprise for him.
- [growls]

[barks, snarls]

[Grey Beaver] No!



- [dog howls]
- [men shout]

- [White Fang growls]
- White Fang! A-tcha!

That dog is a killer.


You all right, boy?

[dog whimpers]

[man] Come on, let's go.

[male voice] Hey, you.


That dog's a born fighter, brother. Train
him right, and there'd be no stopping him.

He is a sled dog.

So, what do you say?

- What do I say about what?
- Come on, name your price.

- How much for the dog?
- He's not for sale.

Good evening.

Hey, brother, wait a sec.

Hey, don't get me wrong.
I was trying to help.

So, tell me,
what brings you around here?

- Buying stuff for your people?
- No.

I'm selling mittens for my village.

Mittens? Oh, you ain't gonna sell
these mittens.

Fella ain't allowed up here
unless he's fully outfitted.

I will sell them. I must.

You got money trouble.

I need $500 dollars for my village.

You see now, that's where it's good
to have a friend in me.

I'd pay 500 for that mutt of yours.
Right here, right now.

I will sell you mittens.

I'm only doing this because we're pals.

Every last soul in Fort Yukon's
got food for a year,

and oilskin, and gum boots,
and gloves.

Anyone who thinks these are good enough
has never spent a winter up north.

These will not keep you warm.
Not when they are wet.

I made you a fair offer,
and you walk away?

I want that dog!

[snarls and growls]

White Fang! A-tcha!

- [growls]
- White Fang, come.

This ain't over yet!

[indistinct continuous chatter]

[jaunty piano music, laughter]

White Fang. Come.

[indistinct conversation]


Come on in.

We will wait until it gets cold.

The mittens will sell better at night.

In the meantime, we rest.

[door opens]

[indistinct conversation]

[customer] There. Two dollars.

- [man] Wow!
- Thank you.

That's a heck of a deal, huh?
Let me see what you got.

[customer] I'll see.

Sell me one for one dollar?
I only got the one dollar.

Do you want me to take care of him?

No need for that. I got a plan.

[customer] There you go.

Thanks for the bargain.


Don't worry, brother,
I know when I'm beat.

I just want to buy me a pair
of those wonderful mittens.

See how these fit.

I'm sure they're fine.

But look here. All I got is a ten.

A man of means like myself.

I don't suppose you could change that.

- You'll be very happy with these.
- I already am.

- [man] I'll take a pair over here.
- [man 2] I need another one.

You know what to do.

[Grey Beaver] Very warm. Even when wet.

- [man] I want two.
- Two dollars.

See? We have sold everything.

Now we can go home.

- [man] Come on, now!
- [man 2] Hey! How you doing, partner?

- Hello. No.
- How about a drink?

Come on. Beautiful night.

- Beautiful bottle.
- [growls]

- I'm feeling generous.
- No, thank you.

- You're not fun at all.
- I must go.

All right.

Sorry. Excuse me.







Where did it go?


[door opens]

The village.

No. Why... Where...


Why... Oh, no!

[anguished] No!

- [footsteps approach]
- [growls]

[growling intensifies]

[White Fang snarls]

What's the matter, huh?
Your luck take a turn?


- [growls]
- You know what happened.

You accuse me of something
you can't prove,

I can have you thrown in jail.
Is that what you want?

No. I want my money.

Well, that's a problem.

'Cause now you ain't got no more mittens.

But you do got that dog,
now, don't you?

I said I'd pay top dollar
for a dog like that one.

I think you would take my soul
if you could.

Devil can have your soul.
I just want your dog.

[whines softly]

[White Fang barks]

[barking continues]

[growls angrily]


[chuckles softly]

Come on, we got work to do.



- [banging]
- [growls]

[banging continues]

- [bark, thump]
- [gasps]


We could make a mint
fighting this dog.

But it won't work
unless he knows I'm the boss.

Give me your cane.

When I'm finished,
he'll mind whoever's holding this.


You hear that?

- [growls]
- This is what submission sounds like.

You'll remember this and obey.

- [dull thump]
- [whimpering]

- [thumping]
- [yelping]

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct conversation and laughter]

[man] Whoa, one at a time.
What do you got?

- One at a time.
- Ten.

Ten bucks there. Ten bucks there.

- Twenty.
- Ten, the guy in the middle.

- What you got?
- Thirty bucks.

- Thirty bucks for the short man!
- Twenty!

One at a time. Hold on a minute.

- All right, what you got?
- Twelve.

- Okay, gentlemen. Thank you.
- Right, fellas, that's it. No more bets.

- [indistinct shouting]
- [barking]

I promised you something special!
And now's the time!

You've all seen Laddie fight!

[angry barking]

And tonight he's up against a new dog!

White Fang!

[cheering and shouting]

- [Smith] There you go.
- [growls]

All right, boy. Go on, get him!


[low growl]



[commotion dies down]

[White Fang growls]


[chanting] White Fang! White Fang!

White Fang! White Fang!

- [chanting continues]
- [chuckles]

[growling and snarling]

[dog whimpers]

There's plenty of time
to get your bets. Take it easy.

[faded cheering]

[indistinct shouting]


[roaring, hissing]


[cackling continues]

[chanting] White Fang! White Fang!

[sound fades out]

[low growl]

[sound fades in]

[shouting and cheering]

[announcer] Time for our main event!

Jocko and Scratch,
champions in their own right...

- [scraping]
- Hear that?

You know what comes next, don't you?
Now, get in there and make me some money!

[announcer] The terror of Fort Yukon,

White Fang!

- [barking]
- [cheering]

[sound fades out]





[door creaks open]


[faint buzzing]




- [low growl]
- It's all right. Everything's all right.


We're not going to hurt you.





[Weedon groans]

Tell me again why we left California.

Don't joke.

Just take it easy.

I'm fine. I'm okay.

Oh, well, in that case,
I'm not talking to you.

- Then I guess I'd better be going.
- Whoa, whoa. You're not going anywhere.

You may be the law in Fort Yukon,

but around here, I give the orders.

You know...

a few days at home doesn't sound so bad.

It better not.

There was a dogfight.

Hmm. That explains the wolf.

Is it a wolf?

How do you know?

- They brought it home with you.
- What?

Marshal Todd brought it home with you.
They had to, you wouldn't let it go.

- He's pretty badly hurt.
- Don't go near it!

Hurt or not, that thing is dangerous!


They said that about you once, too.

Now stay here, get some rest.

"White Fang.

The terror of the Yukon"?

Poor thing.

[chickens cluck]

Hey, you're up.

[affectionately] Mmm.

All better now.

- Hey, is that for me?
- Nope.

[low growl]

[growling continues]


I'm not so bad. I brought you more.

White Fang, right?

Okay, let's see. Carrots here,

beetroots, squash...

Hmm. You're right where
the squash is going to be.


Come on.




- [growls]
- [groans]

Stop, stop, stop. That's enough.

Thank you.

You did great.

Let it go.



We're not so bad, are we?


Maggie, you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

Careful with that dog!

[growling continues]

Now, that's enough of that.
It's time you two got along.

It's the cane. I think it scares him.
Can you walk without it?

I can try.

Weedon Scott, meet White Fang.
White Fang, meet Weedon Scott.

White Fang. It was on the flyer. But...

how do you know?

I found it in your coat.
From when they brought you home.

It turns out he's the terror of the Yukon,
aren't you, boy?

- I thought I was the terror of the Yukon.
- You are an angel.

You both are.

So, let's get a look at you.

Come on, it's okay.

Come on.
[clicks tongue]

It's okay.


I think he knows you.


I know him, too.

What do you know?

Look at you.

[stove crackles]

[hawk screeches]

[Weedon inhales, exhales deeply]

[White Fang whines softly]


Good night, White Fang.

[grunts softly]

[door opens]





I guess there's a hole
in the chicken coop.

I guess so.

And I think we forgot
we have a wolf living here.

- So, we can't keep chickens?
- He's gonna kill them.

That's what wolves do.

Not this one.
Not if I tell him not to.

White Fang. Come.

- [White Fang growls]
- [clucking]

First, we plug up this hole.

Shoo! Shoo, shoo, shoo.

And then we go inside.

[panicked clucking]

There's so much about this place
that needs to change.

And these men are the worst of it,
I know.

But in spite of the gold,
the greed, and the cruelty,

we're trying to build something good
and peaceful up here.

Now I know before the fighting
and Fort Yukon you had a life out there.

And I know that killing's a part of who
you are. But here you can't do that.

Please, please, please.

Don't kill chickens.

I'll be back in an hour.

[clucking continues]

You really think White Fang can learn
not to kill chickens?

He's going to have to.

We need to know he can be
just as gentle as a normal dog.

Especially if he's going
to be around a baby.

Is he going to be around a baby?

He is if he stays with us.

Oh! Maggie!

- Oh!
- [both laugh]

- Oh, sorry. I should be careful.
- You can hug your wife. I won't break.

You're strong again.

- You're better.
- I know.

They'll be glad to have you back.

They'll be fine without me.

What are you saying?

Let's go back to California.

My brother needs help with the ranch.

We'd have our own place.

She can grow up with more family
than just you and some old lawman.


I'm hoping she's just like her mother.

A boy wouldn't be so bad.

I wonder what White Fang's up to.

I left him in the chicken coop!

- Oh!
- Oh!

I can't believe it. He did it.

Aww! The poor guy.

[Maggie] Aww!

[Weedon] Good boy.

[whispers] Good boy.

[indistinct chatter and laughter]

It was him, I tell you.

I was taking a shortcut through
Crystal Creek. That's when I've seen him.

He's living with the marshal
and his wife. He is alive and strong.

That's music to my ears.

We're going to make that marshal pay
for what he did, then get my dog back.

He will regret he ever crossed
Beauty Smith.


Hold on a second.
I ain't tangling with that marshal.

Don't you worry, my friend.
We're not going there alone.

That fellow you mentioned,
late of the territorial prison?

Ain't he got a beef with the marshal?
People been talking lately.

And I think I know where to find him.


[crow caws]

[male voice] So, you're the little fella
who hit the marshal

with your walking stick.

And now I know where he's hiding.

Thought you might like to finish the job.

[knuckles crack]

That I would.


That I would.

[approaching wheels]

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Telegram from my brother and his wife.

We're all set.

They've already got a spot cleared
for a house.

[Maggie laughs]

[Maggie] Oh!

Our house.

[Maggie] Mmm!

Say... where is White Fang?

Well, he was here before.

I think I know.

[Weedon] I thought you might be here.

You know, in California
it doesn't get cold like it does up here.

River never freezes where we live.

It's easier down there.

Better for a family.

The way things are,
it's where we belong, Maggie and me.

Come on.

[wolves grunt]

[inhales deeply]

[exhales slowly]


Afternoon, Marshal.

Did you really think that prison cell
would hold me for long?

[Weedon grunts]

Just like old times,
except I ain't wearing cuffs this time.

And you ain't gonna live.

[loud snarling]

- [crunching]
- [man yells out]

Let me go!

Get him off me, please!

Get him off me!


Go back to the house! Quick!



Beauty Smith.

So, I guess our friend
squandered his chance to take you down.

[yelps, growls]

Where's Maggie?

Where's my wife?

I'm just here for the dog, is all.

- There's no need to make this personal.
- That's enough.


- Maggie.
- Weedon.

You're going to jail.

I ain't going anywhere
except home with that dog.

- Let me go!
- Remember this?

I bet you do.

- [White Fang whimpers]
- That's right, I give the orders.

[Maggie] Leave him be.

- [Weedon grunts]
- [Maggie gasps]

I said I give the orders!

You shouldn't have done me
like you did, Marshal.

Taking a man's livelihood ain't right.

- [low growl]
- That dog is mine.


What the...



- [snarls]
- But...

[growling continues]

[Curtis gasps]

- Go after him. I'll take care of this one.
- Uh-huh.

[pants and whimpers]

[furious snarling]

[low growl]

- [pants and stammers]
- [growling grows louder]

[Maggie] White Fang!

Don't let him kill me, please!

- Don't.
- Please.



- Make sure those handcuffs are tight.
- [man] Yes, sir.

Wouldn't want Jim Hall
running off on us again.

Sorry all that had to happen.
Not much of a going-away present, huh?

That's one hell of a watchdog
you got yourself there.

It sure is, Hank.

He managed to put Jim Hall
out of commission all by himself.

Don't know what we would have done
without him.

He saved our lives.

Drop a line when you get to Frisco.

Let me know what you want done
with the cabin.

Well, it's all yours if you want it.

Yesterday, I would have said
it was too quiet for my taste.

We'll get it seen to.

Thank you, Hank.


[Weedon clicks tongue]

Whoa. Whoa.

What were we thinking?

We weren't.

[whines softly]

We're going home.

You should go home, too.

[Weedon] It's okay.

We'll be fine.

Thank you.

For everything.


[distant howl]

[Grey Beaver] Hmm.


[distant howl]

[howling continues]

♪ There have been times your wild mind ♪

♪ Didn't know what it should do ♪

♪ Life may not be for knowing ♪

♪ It may be just for passing through ♪

♪ And you will find a home ♪

♪ You will find a home ♪

♪ Arise therefore ♪

♪ And march your poor knave's heart ♪

♪ From those who would destroy you ♪

♪ Your mother's gone ♪

♪ And you live on ♪

♪ What is this marvelous road ♪

♪ You've come to see ♪

♪ It was made for thee ♪

♪ And now your heart explodes ♪

♪ 'Cause you have found a home ♪

♪ You have found a home ♪

♪ Yes, you have found a home ♪

♪ You have found a home ♪

♪ You have found a home ♪

♪ You have found a home ♪