When I Find the Ocean (2006) - full transcript

Twelve-year-old Lily Strickland has lost her father, a sailor, to the sea. She and her mother go to live with her grandparents. Lily and her family have little closure on the death of her father since he was never found, thus Lily sets out alone on a trek to the ocean to find the closure that she needs to heal her loss. Set in 1965 Alabama, during the Civil Rights marches.

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(distant male voice)

Where are you, Lily?


Where are you?

[bell rings]



Where are you, Lily?



I'm coming,

Come on, Joey.

I've been callin' and callin'.

Ooh, look at you!

You are filthy!
And no shoes?

Where's your brains?

Your Granddad killed
a four-foot rattler

down there only last week.


Yeah. Watch your feet
on these thorns here.

And you know, there's water
moccasins down there, too.

You gotta listen
to me Lily...

You do.

You could at least wear shoes.

Hey, Grandpa.

What'd ya get me today?

Hey, Sunshine.

Where's Grandpa's hug?

Is it M & M's?

I didn't get you nothin'.

Grandpa, what did you get?

Please tell me?

- Edna.
- Hey.

Not until after
you've cleaned up.

Now, hurry, the food's ready.

Oh, Grandpa,
you're kidding with me.

I know you got me something.

Come on.


Lily, not until after supper.
You hear me?

I want you to wash up so you
can help Grandma set the table.

Thomas, not till
after you clean up.

You got to set an example.

All right, all right.
I'm goin'.

* It's cold tonight
down by the river *

* The wind is whistlin'
thru the pines *

* We walked here
so many times together *

* I can almost feel
your hand in mine *

Guess what I built today?

What did you do?

I built a carpet room
made of moss.

You did?

Mmm hmm.

And it felt so good
under my feet.

Then, I fell asleep...

And I had that dream again,
you know,

the one about the ocean?

Mmm hmm.

I always wake up
before I see it.

- You do?
- Mmm hmm.

Then I hear that voice
calling my name.

Do you think it was
Daddy's voice?

Well, what do you think?

I know it was him -
it had to be.

Tell me about the ocean?

Lily, Grandma tells you
this story every single day.

Don't you ever get tired of it?

I know, but I want
to hear it again.

All right, well...
When your daddy was--


Hi, sweetie.

How's my little girl?


Did you have any good
adventures today?


Not before dinner.

Edna...Thomas is spoiling her.

No, he isn't.

It's just a 'weeee'
little bit of candy.

Hello, everybody.

Big day!
Big, big day!

Mmmm, I'm starvin'.

Smells good.

It is good.

Lily, why don't you
come over here

and give your soon-to-be
Daddy a big kiss?

You're not my Daddy yet.

He will be, Lily.

Don't be ugly.


Dean just wants to be
a good Daddy to ya.

That's all.

Now you go apologize.

I'm sorry.

Well, now,
that's okay, Pumpkin.

You'll get used to me,

then we'll all be just
one big happy family.

Yeah, I hope so.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Oh, the blessing thing.

Dear Lord,

Bless this food
we are about to receive.

Thank you for the blessings that
you have bestowed upon us.



Ah, ah, Lily.

Just take what you're
gonna eat, Pumpkin.

Did y'all hear
about Copeland Franks?

He spotted that panther,
over there near his cabin.

That stupid Indian.

Why don't he just
kill the damn thing?

That's just like an Indian.

Dean, they'll be no cursin'
at my dinner table.

Sorry, Thomas.
I just can't stand Indians.

And as for Copeland Franks -

he's one of the best
trackers I've ever seen.

He is also one of my closest
and dearest friends.

Okay, but--

Grandpa, guess what I built.

Well, let me guess.

Umm, I bet you built a boat.

We need a new boat.

No, Grandpa.

I didn't build a boat.
I made a carpet room.

I put moss all over the ground.

It took me all day,
and I did it down by the creek.

Down by the creek!

Lily, how many times
do you have to be told?

There are snakes down there -
and not to mention that panther.

I haven't seen a snake yet!

And Joey, he won't let
that old panther get me.

Will you, Joey?

Edna, why do you let her go down
to that creek all by herself?

I can't be watching her
every minute.

And you know she
knows those woods,

and she swims like a fish.

And Joey isn't going to let
anything happen to her.

I know.
I'm sorry, Edna.

It's just...

I could not stand it
if something happened to her.

Momma, I'm OK.

Hey, is Donna coming tomorrow?

She and Betty

are gonna come
and get some good canning goods.

She's gonna get some
peaches, okra.

She and Donna
gonna be here

first thing in the morning,
bright and early.

I cannot believe I have
to work tomorrow.

You can sell a lot
of cars on the weekend.

I know, but I am supposed to be
planning the wedding reception.

Baby, it can't happen
soon enough for me.

I say we run off
and get married tonight.

What do we need all
this other stuff for?

Because I want to have a church
weddin' with all the trimmin's -

and I want Lily to be there.

I can't wait to see Donna.

I haven't had anyone
to play with in so long.

Grandpa, do you believe that
the creek flows to the ocean?

Yeah, it could.

Take the creek a few
miles down to the river.

I reckon it'd take about a week.

I want to go there so bad.

If I close my eyes I can hear
the sounds of the waves,

and the seagulls.

I can almost smell it.

Does it smell fishy?

Joey, what do you think
it's like at the ocean?

Do you think that Daddy
will know I'm there?

We'll go there someday.

Just you, me and Andrew.

Momma can go too, if she can
get some time off work.

And I don't want her
to bring you-know-who.

Hi, baby.

Hey, Momma.

Here, let me wash your back.

No. I can do it myself.


Gettin' too old for your
Momma to baby you, huh?

Honey, it scares me how
fast you are growing up.


I'll be grown up
before you know it.

Yeah, but you're always
gonna be my baby girl.

Now why don't you get out
before you turn into a prune.



[humming "My Bonnie
Lies Over the Ocean"]

Guess what, Andrew?

We're going to
the ocean someday.

Won't that be fun?

And I can be
closer to Daddy.

Good night, Andrew.

Hey, Joey, we can show
Donna the carpet room.

Do you think I'm stupid?


Do ya?

No, sir.

I know one thing.

You lied to me
about that dog.

What did I say was gonna
happen if you lied to me?

What did I say?

I was gonna get a whippin'.

You were gonna
get a whoopin'.

Now, let me ask you.
Did you lie to me?

- Did ya?
- Yes.

You did?


then we're gonna have
to give you that whoopin'.

I hate to have
to do this, Lily.

It's for your own good.

These are critical years
in a young lady's life.

Now...I saw you feed
that dog under the table.

And if I ever see that again,

the dog is gone.

Do you hear me?

That dog is dead!

You hear me now?

- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?

Did you hear what I said?

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?




Yes, what?

Yes, Daddy.

Yes, Daddy.

That's better.


Get down.

Get down.

[belt cracking]

And if you mention
this to anybody,


Daddy loves you, Pumpkin.


Now, what kind
of tree is that?


Lily, are you listenin'?

Sorry, Grandpa.

That's an oak.

That's good, that's good.

How 'bout
that one over there?


All right, smarty pants.

What kind of bird is that
circlin' up there?


Boy, you're gettin'
faster and faster.

Pretty soon you're gonna
be quicker than me.

I won't have anything
left to teach you.

What's the news
on that panther?

I heard her this morning.
She sounded real close.

Yeah, she is.

Them poachers been trappin'
out her food supply.

She'll be going after the
livestock pretty soon -

or even worse.

Hey, lookie there.
Ya'll made fire.

Hey, Lily, what do
ya say we ask

Copeland to give us
our new lesson for the day.

We were about to learn how
to tell time from the sun.

Will you be
our teacher today?

I'd be proud to.

Now you lower your arm,

until it's just level
with the horizon.

Now, what time is it?

Six a.m.

- I believe you've got it.
- Grandpa, I got it.

Hey, I knew you
could do that.

Lily, I want to give
you something.

I've had it since
I was your age.

My Grandpa gave it to me.

It's a compass.

You can find your way
no matter where you are.

Of course, you know what to do
if you're lost and you lose it?

I do.

The moss grows on the
north side of the tree.

The sun rises in the east,

and it sets in the west.

And I can always locate
the North Star at night.

I'll never lose it.

Now, come on -
let's see if we

remember what y'all
just learned.

Hands to the center
of the sky.

Now lower your arm...

level with the horizon.

Ooh, look at you!

I haven't seen you in weeks.

And look how big
you've gotten!

I've grown a lot, Grandma.
Where's Lily?

Well, now she's
off with Grandpa

on their Saturday adventure.

Probably down there in the
woods, which you know

is no place for a little girl.

But you know how
much she loves it.

She can't wait to see you.

I'm gonna call her.




I brought those
jars for canning.


I got some more
goodies for ya.

And I got a nice cold
pitcher of sweet tea

waiting for you,
and a hot apple pie

right out of the oven
for you, missy.

Oh, there goes my helper.

Hi, Lily.
How are you?

Hey, Thomas, look who's here.


Good to see ya, girl.

You're just in time
for planting.

Oh, he's puttin' me
to work already.

Oh, Thomas, behave
yourself now, honey.

She just got here.

Ms. McClain said
tell y'all both hi.

Oh, Ms. McClain, she has
a crush on your Daddy.

Oh, no...

Do you know what
Grandpa told me?

No. What?

He says that if I
follow the creek

that I can
get to the ocean.

Do you believe that?

That's hard to believe.

How long would it take
you to get there?

I don't know for sure.
Maybe a week or so.

But I know I'm going.

Oh, Lily, what happened?!

I fell.

How did you fall?
That looks awful.

Does it hurt?

It's okay, really.

Please don't tell Momma.
I wouldn't want her to worry.

And besides, she wouldn't let
me come to the creek anymore.

Why don't you tell my Momma?

She could help make them better.
You need medicine.


Okay, I promise.

Grandpa, about the ocean -
have you ever seen it?

I have.

Is it beautiful
and peaceful there?

It's beautiful.
It's probably one of

the prettiest places
I've ever seen.

Maybe we'll take
you there someday.

About Daddy...

Do you think
he'll ever come back?

I mean...he got lost
at sea, right?

And I know he was one of

the best sailors
in the United States Navy.

Lily, your Daddy -
he loved the ocean.

He knew all his life
what he wanted to do.

He was happy being a sailor.

I wish we can go today.

I'd never feel hurt...

or afraid of anything.


What you doin', baby?

He was really handsome.


You remind me
so much of him.

He loved the outdoors, too.

He couldn't kill a thing.

Never was a hunter...

but he was
a sailor though.

He would be
so proud of you.

Do you still miss him?


And I will always miss him.

I loved him more than
anyone ever knew.

He could make me laugh

at the smallest,
silliest things.

But...I have Dean now.

Honey, he just wants to
be a good Daddy to you.

That's my Daddy.

That's my only Daddy ever.

Come here, sit up.


Dean is not trying
to replace William.


No one can replace William.

No one can replace him
in my heart either.

Just don't make me
call him Daddy.

Tom and Edna,
good night.

Now you drive careful,
you hear?

I will.

Mr. Strickland,
good night.

Good night, Dean.

Jenny, you hurry back in.

Thomas, I'm not a little girl.
I know what I am doing.

I know.

But you'll always be
like a daughter to me.

I just want you
to be careful.

Come on, Dad.



Oh, what happened?

When I look
into your eyes...

Never mind.

Mmm, that's mine.

I have to go.

I have to go, too.

Not much longer.

I can't wait much longer.

Where are you, Lily?

* Is she lonesome now? *

* Is she all alone? *

* I wonder where
that good gal's gone *

* Hear the whistle blow *

* Hear the tracks moan *

* I hear that train
comin' home *

* Lonesome is the name *

* Of the northbound train *

* The hills are green
where she's gone *

* She made up her mind *

* To leave sorrow behind *

* On her way back home *

* There is a place *

* Where her shining face
still smiles *

* Does she sing
a glad song *

* Or is she sad I'm gone? *

* I hear her voice
laugh in a dream *

* How near she seemed *

* When she whispered
her sad farewell *

You know, Joey, it's not far
'til we make it to the river.

We'll be there in no time.

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

My Bonnie lies over the sea

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

Bring my Bonnie back to me

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

My Bonnie lies over the sea

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

So bring back
my Bonnie to me

To me, to me...

Did I hear some sweet bird
singin' in the mornin' light?

Oh, he's a charmer.

Always smells good
in this kitchen.

Sure does.

How did you
sleep last night?

That's all I get is
one little peck on the cheek?

I sure did miss
my baby last night.

I missed you, too.

I missed you bad.



Y'all sit down now.

Yes, ma'am.

We got orange juice,
or you can have tomato juice.

Uh, orange, please.


- Orange?
- Yes.

Well, you're already back?
I thought you just left.

Thomas, where's Lily?

Uh, I didn't see
her this morning.

I figured she was
sleepin' in.


Get down here this instant!

She is probably down there
by that creek again.

I'll go get her.

I'll go get her.

I got some uh, eggs -
cheese in 'em for you.

Thank you.

I do not know what
it is gonna take.

She just won't
mind me anymore.

I'm tellin' ya.
You gotta be stern with her.

All she needs is some good
old-fashioned discipline.

That's the way
my dad handled it.

We all knew better.

God, he used to
beat us silly.

And if we kept at it, things
started disappearing...

our toys, our pets.

My dog, one morning - gone.

What do you mean,

I mean that was
the last time I saw 'em.

He just disappeared.

Oh, you know, we knew
he shot 'em--


I do not want
to hear any more.


How cruel, Dean.

And you call that discipline?

What did I say?

* Some day I will drift away *

* Down the rivers
and the streams *

* And when I find the ocean *

* I'll be home *

[panther roars in distance]

Did you hear that, boy?

We have nothin'
to worry about.

She can't get us over here.

Cats are afraid of water.


I can feed you
anytime I want...

and nobody
would care.

Dear Momma...

I don't want you to worry.

I love you so much.

I am very sorry that I have
been a burden lately.

I want to see the ocean.

I want to see
what Daddy saw.

I just want to be close
to my Daddy now,

and I'm for sure that
nothing can hurt me there.

Hurt me there?

I am glad
to see you so happy,

but I think
it's better this way.

I will send you...

a postcard soon.


I love you.


She's gone.

We know.
The boat's missin'.

I mean...she's gone.

She's...she's run away.

You don't really think
that she would try

to get to the ocean, do you?

I mean, can she do that?

What does she mean,

'no one will hurt her there?'

Hurt her?

I would never hurt her...

and I would never let
anybody else hurt her.

Edna, call the sheriff.

I will.
Let's go.

Let's go call him, honey.

I'll call him, I'll call him.

Oh, hurry,
please, Henry.

Thank you.

What's with the gun?

It's only precautionary.
Are you comin'?


Everything's gonna
be fine, Jenny.

I called Copeland.

He's gonna meet me
at the creek with his boat.


C'mon, Sooner.

How long does it take
to set a trap?

How long?

Till I get done.

We are going south.

That's the right direction.

I wonder what time it is?

It's about eight o'clock.

I can do it, Joey.

I can tell time
by the sun.

We better go get some
more water before we go.

Hey, McGee!
There's a snake.

Where? Where?

This'n right here.

Damn it, Adams,
don't you start with me.

This is serious.
A little girl's missing.

I know.

Gosh, why you gotta be
so hard-nosed all the time?

Just messin' with ya.

Wait up, Joey!


Go get the stick.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You hear that panther
growlin' this mornin'?

Yep, sure did.

You know, we gettin'
closer every day.

I hope we git him soon.

His hide would bring
a purdy penny.

It sure would.

But after tonight
we're gonna have to lay off

this trappin' for a while.

I got a bad feelin' that this
sheriff is close to our scent.

Yeah, he probably is.

[panther roars]

Did you hear that?

Sure did.

Sounds like
she's gettin' close.


This is where she went in.

She probably didn't use
the motor at first.

It's pretty shallow up here.

Yeah, she doesn't have
a lot of gasoline.

I figure she'll wait
'til she hits the river

to use the motor.

When do you think
she hit the river?

Knowing Lily, I'd say
early this mornin'.

She's quick and she knows
her way around the water.

She got a big jump on us.

Just tell me what you
want me to do, Thomas.

That little girl is
special to all of us.

Thanks, Reverend.

We're gonna need
everyone on this -

especially the good Lord.

Would you do me a favor
and keep an eye on Edna?

I don't want her here
worrying by herself.

All right, but you call us
as soon as you find her.

Now, before we set out
on this important mission,

could we all say a prayer?

Bow your heads, please.

Thank you, Lord,
for being with Lily today.

Thank you for being with us.

Bless the Strickland family
for the safe return

of their grandchild.

Cradle her in your safe arms

so Jenny can cradle
her again in hers.

Guide us swiftly and directly.

In Jesus' Name.


All right, Adams,
take some of these men,

get a couple dogs,
cover that side of the creek.

McGee, you get some men,
you scout this side.

I'm going up to the
house to check on Edna.

Jenny, she'll be all right.
Have faith.

Thank you, Reverend.

Sheriff, Copeland!
You better come quick!

What you got, Tim?

Oh, Lord.

These tracks are fresh -
about a half a day old.

Big one, too.

And she's headed downstream.

I can't lose her, too.

I just can't.

She is everything to me.

Oh, baby...

It's okay.
We'll find her.

Well, lookie there what we
done caught in the trap, son!

I guess I done
won that bet.

I guess you did.

Look at that pretty
golden hair.

Look at her leg, Emmit.

She's hurt bad.

What we gonna do with her?

She'll get us in some
real trouble for sure.

You shut up!

Well, now, little girl...

looks like we got ourselves
a real problem here.

Help me.

No, no.
Now listen up.

I mean, we could let you go,

but then you'd be in
on our little secret.

Now, if you stay with us,
probably come in kinda handy.

And we could learn
you somethin'.

This your rabbit, little girl?

He sure is fat.

Make a good stew, he will.

No, please...he's a pet.

He's not a wild one.
Don't hurt him.

I promise
I won't say anything.

Is that your dog?

Hey, boy.

Aagh, he tried nippin' at me.

Sooner, kill that dog.

- All right.
- Kill 'em!

I guess we're gonna have to
teach you some manners.


[gun fires]

Put the gun down.

You too.

Don't even think about
that knife in your boot.

Now you guys
get out of here.

My rabbit!

Let the rabbit go.

Hey, we just found her here.

We was just tryin'
to help.

Ain't that right, Sooner?

Yeah, sure.

Ya'll just get on
away from here...

before I lose my temper.

Go on!


You're hurt pretty bad.

I'm gonna take it off.
It's gonna hurt you.

Hold on.


I want you to
stand up for me.

Can you try that?

Come on.
You're a big girl.

You can do it.
Stand up.

Good girl, good girl.

Let's try to walk.

What's your doggie's name?

- Joey.
- C'mon Joey.

We got to get us
some shotgun shells.

And we need us a couple
new guns, too - remember?

Of course I remember, you idiot.

Have you heard anything else
about Lily Strickland?

No, not this afternoon.

All the town men are
out looking for her.

You know the panther was heard
over by their house last night.

Oh, Lord.
What's gonna happen to her?

I can't imagine a little
girl lost in those woods.

I just don't know what else
that family can handle.

They lost a son
a few years ago.

He was a fine boy.
He was in the Navy.

It just took forever
for Jenny to get over that.

What she must
be going through.

You know, those poachers been
settin' up traps everywhere.

That's why that cat
is so close in.

What if she gets
in the trap first?

Well, the panther really
will get to her.

Lordy mercy.
What's this world comin' to?

Well, I've been prayin'
for Jenny and her daughter.

They've had
such a hard life.

I better be goin'.

If y'all hear anything
will you let me know?

Sure thing.

- Howdy.
- How are you boys?

Did I hear you say that
somebody was missin'?

Thomas Strickland's

- No!
- Yeah.

Well, who all they
got lookin' for her?

The sheriff got
a search party together.

They're meetin' up
down at the mouth

of the river, I think.
You boys wanna help?

Well, sure we do.

- Don't we, Sooner?
- Sure.

I'd hate for anything
to happen to that little girl.

Of course, we're gonna
need a couple of rifles...

Uh, that shotgun and that
one with the scope on it.

Seein's how both our guns
were stolen just today.

- Stolen?!
- Yes, ma'am.

What in the world?

Well, I tell you -

things just aren't safe
anywhere anymore.

That first rifle,

and that shotgun
next to it.

Sure thing.

Thank ya.

What else for you boys?

How 'bout two boxes
of .00 buck for this,

and a 30.06 for that one.


Oh, yeah.

I'm sorry, ma'am,
where did you say

that sheriff was meetin' up
with that search party?

I think they'll be meetin' up
at the mouth of the river.

We'll see what we can do.

Yeah, we'll see what we can do.

All right, boys,
we're camping here.


We have to keep going.
What if she's hurt?

Lily wouldn't do
anything to jeopardize

that dog or the rabbit.

She knows how to
survive off the land.

She knows how
to stay out of sight.

We ain't gonna find
her tonight, honey.

Do you think she's all right?
I mean, what if she's scared?

Jenny, she's a brave
little girl -

just like you were.

The way her father was.

Come on.
Let's get some rest.

We're camping here?

All night?

[panther roars]

Here we are, right here.

I feel that Lily is no
farther than here.

Hopefully, she rested
in this radius right here.

If we spread out, there's no way
we're gonna miss her.

Yeah, but if I know Lily,
she left before sunrise.

She wouldn't let
night cover stop her.

She knows where
she is by the stars.

I'm afraid she got more of
a lead on us than you think.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

But we've got
men and dogs

on both sides
of the creek.

We got ten boats
in the water.

We've radioed the ports...

and it's on the news.

I don't think
there's any way

that we won't find
her sometime today.

Maybe we can put
a stop to all this

crazy behavior
once and for all.

I am about an inch away from--

I don't know what it
is that you think

you're gonna
teach her, Dean.

Well, how about
not to run off?

Maybe she
ran away from you.

You got something
to say about that?

Look, I don't know
what you're saying--

Thomas, he's just
trying to help.

Dean would
never hurt Lily,

and you know that.
You're just tired.

Hey, Sheriff, could I talk
to you a minute?

It's okay.

Y'all excuse me
for a minute.


Well, that's when
we seen her.

That little blond girl
was puttin' up a fuss -

kickin' trying to git
away from that man.

And we went to shoot at him

and that colored
done shot at us first.

What do you mean
he shot first?

He shot at us, told us
not to come no closer.

Then he told us
to put our guns down.

We didn't wanna do that,

and then he shot at us again.

What did he do with Lily?

Mr. Strickland,
we don't know.

He made us run off...
and he kept our guns.

You should've heard that
little girl screamin' -

I mean, all the way
up the hill.

Who was he?
Do you know him?

He's that tugboat captain,
Amos Jackson.

Amos Jackson?

I know Amos Jackson.
He wouldn't hurt nobody.

Ya'll sure you got
the right man?

Yes, sir.

What would Amos Jackson
want with my granddaughter?

You know what they say, sir.

What do they say?

About them coloreds...

the way they like them
little white girls.

Stop it!

Stop it now!

Watch your
temper, Grandpa,

before you get hurt!

You watch your mouth, boy!

I don't know
what's going on here,

but it's the only lead we got.

Now we're gonna
find Amos Jackson.

We're gonna get some answers.

I'm sure there's an
explanation for all of this.

Yeah, I'm sure there is.


Not now, Thomas.
We're wastin' time.

Thomas, come on.

Now you boys need to go on
and get out of here.

There's been a lot of poachin'
goin' on around here.

Sure would hate to think you
boys knew anything about that.

How 'bout you, Sooner?

I don't know nuthin' about
no poachin', Sheriff.

We just tryin'
to help is all.

We just heard about that
little girl missin'

up at Bertie's Store.

She told us we might could
find y'all down here.

Y'all just go on,
get on out of here.

We'll take it from here.

Diggin' for ginseng -

I don't believe that
for one minute.

How long?

Yesterday afternoon, maybe.

Three, maybe four o'clock.

Wow, is this it?
Is this your boat?


That's the Anna Marie.

Take your time.

Your ankle hurt?

Come on down,
watch your step.

Robert, Henry!
This is Lily.

Hi, Lily.

Come on, boy!

Joey, what's the matter?

What do you see, boy?

Joey, come on.

Joey, c'mon now.

Lily, don't move.
Be still.

Now, boy!

Henry, cut us loose!


Man, y'all should've
been there.

I mean we tried to stop him,

but he dang near
killed both of us!

Yeah, but he missed.

No joke he missed, numb nut.

That's why we sittin' here
talkin' 'bout it today.

Yeah, but he really was mad.

Oh, yeah.

You know, he took
that little girl's

big ole black rabbit
and her yellow dog.

What did he want
with that little girl, anyway?

Ain't quite for sure
on that one.

Dadburn it, Emmit.

What'd you think a big black man
want with a little white girl?

Do I have to
spell it out for you?

Aw, no.

Well, we're gonna do
somethin' about this boys.

I think the Sheriff...

he didn't even believe us,

'cause he and Amos,
they've been friends, anyhow.

We probably gone have to
have some kind of proof.


We'll show him proof!

Proof nothin'.

Boys, we got a job to do.


Whoo, ha!

Hell, yeah.

We gonna teach
that colored

not to mess
with us Johnson boys.

That little girl
is big trouble.

But now...

we gonna take care of both
'em at the same dang time.

Yeah, we'll show 'em.

We'll show 'em.

What are we gonna do, Emmit?

Well, nothin' just yet.

You just sit back
and relax, son.

You'll see.

Hey, Sheriff...
I found this.

Oh, man.

Those are Lily's pants.

There's blood on them!

Now, Jenny, Jenny.
Don't lose control.

There was blood
in the trap, too.

Maybe there's another
explanation for all of this.

I just don't know what
to think anymore.

I just...

I just want her back.

Oh, my.

What do you make
of that, Copeland?

The panther was here
a couple hours ago.

It looks like Lily's dog,
Joey, was here, too.

The cat tracks come
out right over here,

and the rest of 'em
go down on the dock.

Probably on Amos'
tugboat right now.

The next stop down river
would be Peabody Docks.

I'm gonna stay behind y'all.
That cat's close.

It's probably watching
us right now.

I'll catch up to y'all later.

Do you want some
men to go with you?

I reckon I could
use some help.

All right, McGee, Adam...
Come on, go with Copeland.

We'll catch up with you
down at Peabody Docks.

All right, men, we're gonna
get goin' in just a minute.

We gotta head down river.

Everything was so good.

I'm so glad y'all
enjoyed everything.

Here you go.

Now would you like
a piece of pie?

Would you like
peach or apple?

I would like peach, please.

All right, sweetie.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- See ya later, Gina.
- Y'all come back.

Amos, why is
everybody staring?

Hi, Amos.
How are you?

Hi, Gina.
How are you?

I'm doing fine.

And who is this
we have with us?

This is our new
tugboat captain.

Well, y'all let me know
if you need anything.

I appreciate it.

Amos, you didn't
answer my question...

Why's everybody staring?

Lily, it's just
the way things are.

What do you mean?

People are scared.

Scared of what?

Themselves, uh...change.

They're scared of change.

Well, Jesse?

Well, you're all
set to go, Amos.

Next stop, Selma.

Next stop, Selma.

Somethin' on your mind, Jesse?

Can I speak to you
in private for a minute?

About what?

Lily, I want to talk to Jesse
for a moment in private,

if you don't mind.
And when I get through

we gonna head on
down to Selma.

Aye Aye, Captain.

Thanks for the biscuits, Jesse.

They're the best in Alabama.

You're welcome, Lily.
You come back and see me.

I've known you
a long time, Jesse.

Is that correct?

I know that look.
What is it?

Look, there ain't nothin'
wrong right now, but listen.

Everybody 'round
here is talkin'

about that little
white girl you got with you.

What do you mean with me?

You mean a black man?

Or should I say a nigger?

Oh, come on now, Amos.
You know me better than that.

I ain't like that.

But what is she
doing with you?

Why you talk
like that to me?

Does she look
scared to you?

Do you think I'd hurt her?

Jesse, I found her
in the woods -

hurt, by herself.

She was caught in a poacher's
trap on her ankle.

She couldn't walk.

And them two idiots
messin' around with her -

I had to run 'em off.

So I took her home with me.

She's gotta have some relatives
around here somewhere.

Well, I reckon so.
What kind of family is that?

Somebody been
beatin' on her.

I'm tellin' ya,
somethin's wrong.

All right, I understand.

But not everybody around here
thinks like you and me.

How is that?

I just don't want to see
you lose everything

you've worked
your whole life for.


All right, Jesse.
I appreciate that.

I thank ya, sir.
I'll just watch my back.



Hi, honey.

Have you heard
anything yet?

I...I'm just worried sick.

I don't know what
would cause her

to do something like this.

I think I know.


If you know something,
you need to tell us.


* People get ready *

* There's a train a-comin' *

* You dont need
no baggage *

* You just get on board *

* All you need is faith *

* Hear the diesels
hummin' *

* Don't need no ticket *

* You just thank the Lord *

* People get ready *

* There's a train to Jordan *

* Pickin' up passengers *

* From coast to coast *

* Faith is the key *

* To open the doors
and board them *

* There's hope for all *

* Among those
who love the most *

* So people get ready *

* There's a train a-comin *

* You dont need no baggage *

* You just get on board *

* Dont need no ticket *

* You just thank the Lord *

Amos, where is your family?

Don't you have one?

Well, yeah.
I did have a family.

Did you have kids?

Yes, I did.

Where are they now?

They're in heaven.

How'd they die?

Well, Anna was about your age.

And I was working
at the docks.

Marie was home with Anna
and somethin' happened.



No, no, no!

Did they make it out?


Did you think the color
would rub off?

Grandma says,

we're all the same
on the inside.

God just took
a big paintbrush

and painted us all
different on the outside.

I just thought it would
have been watercolors.

C'mon, Emmit.
It's gettin' dark.

I don't know what
it is, but somethin'--

somethin' just
don't feel right.

You just got the jitters 'cause
of that little Strickland girl.

We ain't gonna
git caught, son.

Once the clan catches up
with that dang tugboat,

that little girl'll be too
scared to tell nobody 'bout us.

Did you hear that?

There's somethin' out there.

Sooner, you're hearin' things.

Now stop it.

And don't go shootin' off
that gun neither.

You'll have the whole
search party on us,

quicker 'an bees
on a hive.

[panther growling]

Don't move a muscle, boys.

She's right there
in front of ya.

Drop the guns, boys.

It's all over.
We heard everything.

We didn't mean
to hurt nobody.

Would you shut up, idiot?


Yeah, but you did.

And now you've got
a whole county

after an innocent man.

Let's go.

You're lucky we were here.

Y'all would have ended up
as her dinner tonight.

God's paintbrush.


Be still, Lily.

Look after Lily.

Amos Jackson.
Stop the boat!

What do y'all want?

We know you've got that
little Strickland girl on there.

Now pull aside!

I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

Stop that boat, Amos,

or we're gonna
count you guilty.

Guilty of what?

Look, I gotta make a delivery.

You want to talk to me,
I'll be in Selma first light.

We gave you fair warnin'.

Next time it ain't
gonna be so easy.

Y'all better find some
business of your own.

Now the river gets
narrow up ahead.

You want to talk to me,
like I said -

I'll be in Selma.

Now get on outta here.

You ain't seen the last
of us, Amos Jackson!

Are you all right, Lily?

Yeah. Are you?

Who were those men?

Those men won't bother
us anymore tonight.

Those small boats
can't stay in our wake,

so it's not a problem.

Why don't you
get some sleep?

When do you sleep?

I'll sleep tomorrow.

Nathan, get some shut eye, okay?

- You sure, boss?
- I'm sure.

Good night, Amos.

I love you.

I love you too, Lily.

Jesse, I know Amos is
a good friend of yours,

but I just gotta find
my granddaughter.

I don't know if I should
tell you anything.

I don't know that you
have a choice, Jesse.

You see that
woman over there?

She's terrified.

She doesn't know
Amos Jackson like we do.

She doesn't know
what he wants

with her little girl, either.

Look, Sheriff, I don't want
no trouble here.

That little girl's been abused.

What do you mean?

Amos found her in a trap
over in the forest.

He saved her life.

Why didn't he
bring her home?

Somebody beat her.

That little girl ain't
never had a spankin',

much less a beatin'!

Jenny, here's your coffee.

You all right, Thomas?

You son of a--

Thomas, don't!

Get up.
Get up and hit a man.

You good for nothin'--

A man?
You sucker-punched me.

What has gotten into you?

Ask him!

He knows what
I'm talkin' about.


How could you hurt her?
What did she ever do to you?

It was him.

He beat her, and she
never said a word!

What are you talkin'--

Dean, what is he
talkin' about?

He's a crazy old man.



No one
can hurt her.

Oh, my God...

What did you
do to her?


You bastard!

What did you
do to my child?!

I didn't hurt her!

I taught her
how to behave!

I did it for her,
for you, for us.

For us?

I loved you.

I loved you blind.

I love you, too.

What did she
ever do to you?!

No, no!
Listen to me!

She was just a little girl!

Just a little girl!

She was just a little girl...

- I love you, Jenny.
- Stay away from me.

Stay away from you?

I love you.

I didn't know all of this
was gonna happen.

I wanted the best for us.

I wanted to be right.

I wanted to go
drive in my car.

You gotta believe me.

Come on.

Oh, my God.


[police siren sounds]

Okey dokey.

What do you got here?

I don't see the jerky here.

You got
the beef jerky in here?

- Amos Jackson?
- Yeah.

You're under arrest
for kidnapping.



He didn't kidnap me!
He saved my life!

It's all right, Lily.

It's all right.

- What you lookin' at?
- Nothin'.


Well, you like
little white girls,

don't ya, boy?




- Nathan, look after Lily.
- Yes, sir.

- Let go!
- Amos.

Today marks a
turning point in history.

The governor has declared
a state of emergency.

The National Guard
has been called out.

Everyone is preparing
for the worst.

Thousands of men,
women and children

are here to
stand up for freedom.

I believe this one needs
some medical attention.

What happened to you?

She'll take care
of you, sweetie.

Are you that little girl
that's been missing?

He didn't kidnap me.

I ran away from home
and he saved my life.

I have to get out of here.

He's my friend.

He'll be all right.

Let's look at that ankle.

Oh, let's get this
cleaned up.

You stay right here, precious.

I'll be right back.

All available
officers are needed

at the corner of Water
and Broad - Immediately!


Amos, wake up!

Lily, what are you
doin' in here?

I came to save you
this time, Amos.

How you gonna do that -

all them policemen down there?
There's a bunch of 'em.

- I'll be right back.
- Lily?

* To everything -
turn, turn, turn *

* There is a season -
turn, turn, turn *

* And a time to every
purpose under heaven *

* A time to build up *

* A time to break down *

* A time to dance *

* A time to mourn *

* A time to cast
away stones *

* A time to gather
stones together *

* To everything -
turn, turn, turn *

* There is a season... *

Well, my goodness.

Watercolors, Amos.

Look at you.
What you doin'?

* A time to gain *

* A time to lose *

* A time to rend *

* A time to sow *

* A time for love *

* A time for hate *

* A time for peace *

* I swear it's not too late *

Now, Lily, you promised
me you'd call your Momma

and tell her where you was
and how you was doin'.

I'll keep my promise
if you keep your promise.



[phone rings]


Grandma, it's me, Lily.

Lily, honey!

Where are you?
Are you all right?

It's Lily.
She's all right.

You were very brave for tellin'
us the truth about Lily.

You saved so many
people's lives.

I'm just so proud of you.

Lily, I need to talk to you.

You don't have
to be afraid anymore.

Dean's gone.

He can't hurt you
anymore, Lily.

What do you mean
Dean's gone?

Where is he?

He's locked up where he can
never hurt anybody again.

Lily, I am so sorry.

Where's Momma?

Your Momma's
been everywhere.

She's in Selma right now.

Momma's in Selma?

I'll find her.

I love you, Grandma.

It's over...
it's finally over.

Are you all right?





I'm so sorry, baby.


Thank you, Mr. Jackson.

You're welcome.

She's a very good girl.

I want to thank you
for saving Lily's life.

No, Thomas.
This time...

she saved mine.

- God bless you.
- Thank you, sir.

Maybe we can get
some fishin' in.

I think it's a good idea.

Thank you.


Amos, sorry about
all the trouble.

Well, we'll work it out.

Sometimes we have problems.

I love you, Lily.

[seagulls in distance]


I want to thank you -

for all the things
you've done,

for all you've taught me.

You're the only one
who'd listen to me.

I'll never forget you, Amos.

Well...you take care now.
You hear me?

All right then.
Bye bye.