Werewolf (2016) - full transcript

Blaise and Nessa are outcast methadone users in their small town. Each day they push a rusty lawnmower door-to-door begging to cut grass. Nessa plots an escape, while Blaise lingers closer to collapse. Tethered to one another, their getaway dreams are kept on a suffocatingly short leash.

My hands are a bit cold, so...

It doesn't matter.

All right, great.

I'm just gonna go right here.

'Doing great.

Have you experienced
any withdrawal symptoms?

Yeah, right now.

And how's your mood been,
on a scale of 1 to 10,

rating a 10 as-



And are you experiencing
any suicidal ideation,

any thoughts of harming
or killing yourself?


Do you have the means to do that?



'You wanna tell me
what that plan is?

No, I forget just
get my methadone soon,

it wouldn't be a problem.

It seems to be a really
important thing.

Yeah, I'm just waiting into to get,
and I really want it.

- Yeah.
- I need it right now.

OK, we'll get through this,

and we'll get
the doctor in to see you.

OK, let's go quick.

Any relationship stressors, conflict,
which would include custody, environment,

finances or housing?


- Do you-
- 'Can't see my daughter.

That must be hard.

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.


It's off.

Hi, can I help you?

Um, we wanted to apply for no-income hous-
low-income housing.

Low-income housing.

OK. Uh, is it just
for the two of you?



There we go.

Uh, do you have
any children?


- No, we don't.
- No.

OK, subsidized housing is, basically,
for families and seniors,

although, recently, we did open
a unit for single people.

Currently, it's full
right now, though.

When you like even
tell us about it if it's full?

Oh, to let you know
that one is available

and that we can put you
on a waiting list and-

How long is the list, and
how long we have to wait?

How many names do you
have on it right now?

It varies.

Uh, it's been a dozen on the list.

It varies in the time.

- Some are short stay.
- Such what, 2-3 years you have to wait?

No, it would be more a short stay.

Some have a faster turnover and are able
to get out and open up an availability.

Well, that's no good because
we don't have anywhere to go right now.

We don't have a year or two
to wait around to find somewhere to live.

You know, we'll just,
like, sleep outside.

That's what we do,
sleep outside.

We'll sleep in a car.

It's really unfortunate that
I'm not able to help you more

- than to give you those directions.
- She's only 19 years old.

There's nothing more that
the housing can do, though.

I'm really sorry
at this point.

The only options that we have,
like I said,

we just recently opened
a unit for single people.

I knew that she was gonna say all that
stuff, so we're kind of wasting our time.

We should actually probably go find
some' better to do,

try 'find
somewhere to stay.

I knew that that
was gonna happen.

I didn't have any faith
in coming here whatsoever.

It's actually just disappointing
when you come to places like this

and 'tell you
things like that.

We're gonna leave?


Do you wanna get
your lawn mowed today?

I'll have to check
with my husband. Dave!


Do you want
the lawn mowed?

Do me a favour.
Leave here before you-

I wanna do you a favour. That's
why we're here. We wanna mow your lawn.

Do me a favour. Take your
girlfriend, take your mower and leave.

I'm trying 'do you a favour.

I'm telling you right now.
I'm not gonna say it again.

- Listen, I think we got off on the wrong foot.
- Yes.

We did when you put
your foot inside my house.

We do the whole thing 15, that's better.

No, it's just...

That's like as low
as we can go.

I don't really
know you and...

You know what?

I'd rather give you $5,

and then I wouldn't be
worried about other things.

Yeah, we're pretty worried
about that too ourselves, actually.

Pretty worried
about what?

Peace of mind, security.


I guess the best I can
do, not knowing you,

is if I'm willing, give you 5 bucks
and send you on your way.

You can take it
if you want it.

I'm not putting it
in my pocket.

No, but I bet you'll darn
well use it when she takes it.


Could you ask one of them
if they live here?

Um, do any guys lives here?


Do any kids
live here in this house?


Is your mother home?


- Can you get her?
- Go get her.

I'll be right back, guys!

Aw, she can't hear me.

Could you go in
and get your mother?

I can't because
she can't hear me.

Knock there very hard.

Can 'mow your lawn?

In this heat
you're mowing lawns?

It's fine.

Well, I don't
have much money.

What do you need it for?
'You back on drugs?

I'm on the
methadone program now.

I see.

I don't own a mower.

We got that.

Who's we?

Me and Blaise.

So, are you pushing the
mower in this heat or him?

Does your girlfriend
want a drink of water?

Do you want
a drink of water?

If you got one, yeah.

- Yeah
- Yeah, sure.

Do you wanna
take a break?

Take a break.

Aw, my legs are fucked!

Here you go.


What's your name?

I'm Nessa.

'Did a good job.


Well 'go in.
Just let me know when you guys are done.

- OK.
- Yeah.

Can't wait to get
the fuck out of here!

How far 'you
think we'd go?

How far do
you wanna go?


Then we'll go far.

Unfortunately, you can't start
a methadone program elsewhere

while you still have
a balance with us.

How much is it?

Let me just
bring it up here.

Uh, looks like
your tab is $150.


OK, thanks,
just give me a moment.

I'll have to fucking suck
somebody's dick or something!

That's supposed
to be funny.

You could get
2 weeks out of it.

You could get 3 weeks out
of it.

That's about it. You know, like,

I'm can't say about rings. Once they go,
that's it. She's not gonna run no more.

I figured you'd
say something like that.

A lawnmower, it's like a motor
of a car, it only lasts so long.

Show me
what you just did.

Look, it's not
gonna run very long.


- how much-
- She's not gonna last long.

What would you charge
to get it fixed?

I would have to replace the whole motor,
about $60.


How long
would it take?

Well, only if I can find the right motor
around here and get it up and running,

probably 3-4 days.

I don't know man, um...

See, we couldn't even get it going,
and now it's smoking,

and you're saying it's
gonna be $60 to fix it?


Do I even look
like I have $60?

- Does she look like she has $60?
- Do I look like I fix 'em for nothing?

No, but I
don't know, man!

It's awfully weird that you start it up,
and all that smoke's coming out of it.

That's 'cause
I know what I'm doing.

Well, I think we know what we're doing too.
We did everything we were supposed to do.

Well, then, if you know what
you're doing, you don't need me.

We'll go to somebody else.

Go right ahead, then.
That's fine with me, 'cause...

I do not fix 'em for nothing.

You think... That's not a very good way
to get customers and have a business.

Just do something

Well, I just got the thing running for you!
It wasn't running for you at all!

Come on.

I know, but you're saying it's gonna be,
like, 60 bucks!

I don't think so.
I feel like you're lying to me.

I do. I don't think you're
telling me the truth, man!

I think you're just trying
to get more money out of us

than it would actually
cost to fix the thing.

Well, there's a guy
out in Sydney River

- if you wanna take it to him, is...
- Yeah, I know!

- Well, that's just fine with me!
- All right, well...

Yeah! Good luck with it!

- Oh, that's what it is!
- All right! That's the way she is!

We'll get it
fixed somewhere else.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Fuck, fuck... fuck!

Fucked up!

I'm fucked up all!


Come in!

We'd only be staying a couple weeks.

You're going to write a list of goals.
And you're going to sign off on that list

between you and me about how you're gonna
prepare for this path.

I can see right now in your eyes that
you're just looking down on me.

And you actually don't care.
Once I walk out of that office,

you just go on with the next person,
and you just put me out of your head.

You don't consider
my situation.

You don't care about me as a person. You
don't understand what I'm going through.

And if you did, if you really did,
you would be a little bit more sympathetic with me,

and you wouldn't be bringing up
all this rules-and-regulation shit

that you hide behind.
You're using that as a shield, man.

And that's not fucking fair!

- Sir-
- You don't understand how a person like me lives.

You have no idea.

And if you knew, you wouldn't do it, either.
You couldn't live one day in my life.

The last time you asked for take-home doses,
you didn't have a permanent residence.

I... I got a place. It's, um...

It's 1362 Victoria Road.

OK, I'll just read
over the contract,

and you'll have to agree this conditions
before sign.

"Methadone is
a long-acting narcotic

which can be very dangerous
and must be kept out of the hands of children

and non-tolerant or
non-opiate dependent persons.

A single dose taken by someone
not used to taking narcotics

can be fatal, especially
if taken by a child.

For this reason,
I agree to store take-home doses in a locked box

in a location where they
are unlikely to be stolen

or accidentally taken
by another person.

I will transport my carries to and from the pharmacy
in a locked storage box.

I will not share, administer to others
or sell my methadone dose.

This will result in immediate
discharge from the program.

I will notify the police immediately
if any of my methadone is lost or stolen.

I do not report this, I may be required to return
for daily witnessed ingestion."

Do you agree to these terms?

Push down and twist it.

Turn a bit.

Make sure that's tight.
Your hair is back. OK.

Come here.

When you're taking it down, you gotta
pull it forward and then tilt it down,

and make sure your other hand's
there or you'll hit yourself in the face.

And then you put it
in the bucket.

You think, can you do that one by 'self?

Just watch the grill, OK?

Tilt it down.

There you go.
Watch your head.

Now tilt it up.

Now go put that one
in the bucket too.

And I'll take down this one because...

you gotta be tall or you're burn
on that grill and it hurts like a bitch!

I'll see my little pumpkin,
gonna get a little drunkie-poo...

just enjoy life.

We have to go to the makeup
stores or I swear to God!


That's bullshit, Mark!
- I'm too close. Fuck!

That's fucked up!

Oh, I almost had him too!
Fucking asshole!

Imagine this with PMD?

- Nope.
- Nope!

I'd be in the fucking TV!

Oh yeah?

A lot of people die from that shit.
Fuck there's.

- Fuck!
- Stick with my weed.

Snort the odd pill.

This is
your last one.

- Who? His? Blaise's?
- Red. Whoever.

- This is the last time.
- That's mine.

How long have you been
living in this neighbourhood?

Five years.

- It's not too bad. A lot of kids.
- I used to live right there.

Kids are good.


Probably some
drama, though, eh?

- Always.
- Cop car every couple days.

It's like a soap opera.
I like to watch.

Kids come blowing in and out, right now.

Oh fuck!

I think I should go.

What do you mean?

Leave Diane's, like, now.

Don't be
talking crazy.

It's not crazy.

Diane only took me in
because I come with you.

We're leaving soon anyway.

Would you just fucking
stop talking about that?

You said we're
leaving soon.

And you're still
talking about it.


We're supposed to be leaving soon.

Don't you just fucking talk
about something else?

Jesus fucking
Christ, Vanessa!

Your napkin should not be like that,
'cause if someone goes to grab it,

they're gonna grab this instead
of the cone and it's gonna fall.

So just fold it in half and
then put your cone in it.

But you're always gonna
get your napkin first,

'cause people watch you,
and it's not sanitary.

Don't put any in the cone.

Go along the rim.


Remember to go slow.

Don't make as wide circles.

It's gonna end up
dropping on her.

I know.
I'm gonna roar.

my cigarette go?

I just had a cigarette.

You look fucked up.

Just tired.

Well, I don't wanna do a urine
drug screening for the clinic!

Don't be giving me this shit!
And don't be bringing this guy in to talk to me either.

You can get your
methadone at Island Recovery.

I can't get
to Island Recovery.

I can't get on a half-hour bus ride
to go anywhere right now to get anything.

I'm sick.
I need my medicine!

This is protocol. Anyone caught stealing
is automatically debarred from the store.

We're no longer obliged
to supply your methadone.

Guess what?
You got me hooked on this shit!

And now, when I need it, you won't give it to me.
You got lots of methadone back there.

- You have my dose. Give it to me now.
- I'm sorry.

You need to show up at Island Recovery

- or you'll be reported.
- Give me my fucking dose!

I'm sorry, sir,
you will have to leave.

Well, what if I don't leave?
What if I just stand here?

- A customer's waiting. Good day, sir.
- What if I do that?

You're all going ape shit
over a fucking $5 bottle of cough syrup,

because I needed
a little bit of codeine!

Because you don't mix the fucking doses strong enough
so I can get better on them!

- If I go sick...
- What the fuck are you doing?

Stop shoving me around.

What the fuck
is your problem?

Nessa, fucking stop it!

What the fuck
are you doing?

Fucking better than
everybody else around dog.

Bam, bam, bam, bam!



Bam, bam, bam!

Bam, bam!


Whoa, this is so cool!

I wish I had one.

I took it
from Nessa.

Well, you gotta
take it back home.

I don't think I can
bring it back, Donald.


I just gotta
move this chair...

right here.

Don't drink that.
Don't do that.


You're even sickier.

You're even sick.

You're even sickier.

If someone has a piece of hair in their food,
they're gonna give you shit.

So next time you come to work,
make sure you're clean, OK?

- OK.
- OK.

You guys still going out West?

Uh, I don't know anymore.

She even know
where you're at?

She's probably looking for you.



What's that you got?
It's juice, is it?

You didn't take it yet today?

You seem pretty sleepy.

I'm just tired.

Aw, fuck it, man!

You wanna fall asleep
there, go ahead.

Don't matter to me.

You're welcome here anytime.

Come in only a few people
at my house, but you guys are cool.

Yeah, thanks, Mark.

Yeah, no problem.

This fucking game is
fucking addictive!

You want a shot?

A shot?

At the game!

It pisses me off,
but I can't put it down.

- You get stoned off it?
- Holy shit!

You still get
a buzz on from it?

Oh yeah!

Lola, get!

Fucking dog!

As soon as someone comes in,
she's right in their fucking face!

You all right?

'You need to call
somebody near or something?

I don't have
anybody to call.

Do you wanna crash on
the couch or something, man?

It's all right here, but the dog is kind of...
- Move, Lola! Go!

Move! Go!

'You wanna crash? Blaise?

Blaise? Blaise?



Regional Hospital.

Hi, Regional Hospital.


Right, so now you gotta fold it up
and use that fork over there, OK?

All right, so, grab some
tartar sauce and coleslaw.

You think that's what
it said on the slip?

Oh, the tartar sauce is in here,
and the coleslaw there.

Just grab one each.

Make sure put
that in the bag.

And it also
grab a knife.

There's a knife
right over there, OK?

All right, thank you!

Make sure clean up your mess, OK?

Just put that there.

What you doing?

You OK?

You not feel good?


You need a break?

Yeah? All right.

And how are
you sleeping and resting?


Um, Blood-borne
pathogen status?

- Hep C.
- OK.

And relationship
stressors, conflict?

Custody, environment,
finances, housing?


Which ones?



Anything specifically?


Um, are you experiencing
any withdrawal symptoms?


That's good.

Any impairments to what you want to do
or what you need to do in your daily life?

- No.
- OK.

And your mood, on a
scale of 1 to 10,

10, of course, being the best,
happiest day of your life and everything's perfect

and 1 being the absolute worst,
where would you rate yourself today?


Three. OK.

And are you feeling any thoughts
of wanting to harm yourself or kill yourself?

OK. 'You get
take-home doses?


Here, Vanessa.

How you doing?



I have the 4 here,
from when I started my 4th year,

and then somebody
stuck the "ever" on it.

'Guess I'm gonna
be here for a while.

- Hey, we got another order.
- What is it?

Uh, we got small vanilla.

- Small vanilla?
- Yeah! Do you wanna make that?

He was in ICU not too long ago.

Yeah, I'm still here.


What does 1B mean?

Where's that?

Psych unit, where is it?

Yeah, I'm super sick. Are you sick?

Yeah, it's been awhile...

since this morning, so...

I heard he's got 12s and 4s,
so that shouldn't be too bad.

I'd like
you to ask yourself...

if it's functional
being a couple right now.

He broke into
your lockbox,

himself and you

at a time when you were
trying to take a step forward.

And you've expressed before that
this is a reoccurring pattern of his.

I said he's OD'd before.

He tried to take his own
life just a few months ago.

That's different.

He was in jail then.

We've discussed before

about how you can enable this
behaviour by always being there.

You're not the first person
to lose take-home doses.

That's not my
concern here.

I'm concerned about
your boundaries.

What's too much for you?

Don't know.

in my experience,

it's very difficult for...
couples to come clean together.

It can be very threatening
when one person changes.

Let me ask you...

do you think you may go
back to Transition House?

The women's shelter is non-punitive.
There's no shame going back.

I don't want that
kind of help.

Are you waiting for him?

I'm very concerned

that you're making the
same choices over and over

and expecting a
different result.

And that's a recipe
for insanity.

You've lost an awful lot,
and it's a lot to carry around.

But you have to know
it's not your responsibility to keep him alive.

I wanna pay my tab too.


How much you wanna pay?

All of it.

OK, we just gotta get a bag.

Thank you.

- Hi, how are you?
- Fine, thanks.


Oh, I forgot to tell you,
there was a young guy,

he came here yesterday,
he was looking for you.

OK, sure!

Tried to bum a smoke off,
but I didn't give him one.

You're here!

I just got out
of the hospital.

I have a shitload of energy
right now. It's amazing!

Are you sleeping?
Did I wake you up?

- You look like you were sleeping.
- Blaise.

Are you tired?

I have, like, so much
fucking energy right now!

Oh, holy shit!

It's like... "Gong, gong, gong..."

It sounds like blood is
pumping into my ears, like...

Boom, boom, boom...

And it's dripping
down my face like this...

I was crying blood.

It was like tears.

It was a real blood.

And I looked at myself in the reflection
of a spoon that I had,

and it was, like, horrible,
freaky kind of shit!

Yeah, fucked up!

I'm glad that you didn't see it,
'cause it would have fucked you up forever!

I can't...

I don't even wanna think
of looking at myself

blood coming out of my eyes.
I never looked like that before.

What happened?

I tried to
cut it off.

You gotta go to work
and make money...

so you can get
an apartment...

invite your friends over there.

You should look at
yourself in the window...

see what you
look like now.

Hey, how are you?

Hi, can I have... a large cone...

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