Warriors: The Black Panther (1993) - full transcript

Black Cougar is a mercenary who is being paid a huge sum of money by an unknown person to recover a top secret file. Realising the enormity and complexity of the task, he enlists the help of a dummy-sucking computer hacker, a sex-maniacal weapons specialist, and a charismatic 'God of Gamblers' to help him out. When he gets double-crossed by the unknown person. He sets out to seek and destroy him, with the help of his friends. He is in for a shock when he finds out what is in the file, and who the unknown person is.

Looking for me, Bloody wolf?

Sit down please

What are you want me
to do this time?

I want you to steal a box
in police department

When will I do it?

I want you to have someone
to help you this time


You have some information
on the desk

Black Cougar

Do you know him?

I have fight him before


A new gamble place

What about it?
Any leakage?

No problem, no leak at all

Mr Black Cougar
is my special guest

To test our security system

Check it out, any mistakes

The result is satisfy

That is reasonable

That person is really difficult,
and love money a lot

I got money, no matter what,

I will find him this time

That's something

Black Cougar is really Black Cougar

Stop those bullshit

Good, I want you to do
something for me

I am going to go to
France for six month

Come back six months later

I want you to steal a file

in the police department for me

I just did a job, enough for me
to play for 5 years

This job can let you
play for 50 years

Sound good

I want you to steal
a silver box for me

Before 12 o'clock tomorrow,
you will have my down payment

Fax into my Swiss bank account

Don't you want to know

why I want you to do it?

I don't want to know
anything except money

Don't you think that
something happen to me

I can't afford that much money
to let you work for me

It's just that police department

design a security system

Want you to test its weakness

Can't image that I am a pro now

But this thing need
absolute confidential

Wait until I have my money

Don't worry,
it will do tomorrow morning

That is great

I will give you a hint

We have talk so long

You didn't ask me how much
will cost you

You didn't ask me too

One trillion

That is quite enough

Flower falling down with river,
spring is gone...

What is the hack?

Black Cougar is looking for you

Got it

I got it too

Is Black Cougar looking for you?

That cougar, every time he look for me,
I were losing money

Tonight is a beautiful night

Can't image that

I can have money
and sex altogether

Have a sip

Champagne, white roses,
is really my style

Keep your hand off,
don't move

Don't be so nervous,
it's just open the bottle

Little girl,
I tell you don't play with that gun

You can't be as quick as I am


Go ahead and take
your money and sex

Excuse me, I don't have time tonight,
maybe next time

Can't image that such
beautiful thing in the world

Lady, let me do this dirty job

You think you can do it,
and I can't do it

Who is that bad?

Where is the fire?

It's really cool

How rude

Do you think that we don't know
what are you guys was doing?

You are play patience,
I will play with you

See how long can you stand

My make-up is almost fade

Why didn't they move?

It's not easy to let eyes glorify

You two were communicate secretly

You think that I don't know

I can't stand it, so hot

Don't you feel the heat?
I can't stand it

I heard that we have
an AC back there

Didn't pay the bill?

So hot

I go turn the A

Let me do it


Please, be gentle next time

I didn't ask... I didn't ask...

Don't say "please"
and "taught" two words

Your name is Liu Chi



I will never change my name

I am not Liu Chi,
only if I were your Brother

You won't bullshit anymore,
woman with big breast,

be sure is your mother

My nick name is Mo Po

Also known as Black Jack Lover

Twenty-one points,
my name is Chen Ren

You can call me brother Ren,

or brother Chen

I didn't ask...

My name is Madam Rose,
nick name one thousands needles

Sting on the heart

It's hurt

Sorry, keep you waiting

Speak in Mandarin

Great... I like that...

Good! I like that...

Who do you think you are?


I didn't know that you are so tricky

No class, take whatever you got

Auntie, show me your ID

Auntie, show me your ID

ID means nothing,

the thing is invitation card

It's so cool, I really like it

Auntie, where is yours?

Devoted automatically

Invitation card...

Don't push me

Invitation card

You get open space
if you were yield one step

Invitation card

I think he is a gangster

You old bitch,
don't you speak no more

What is this?

I tell you, this is bra,

kid call it bridge

We call it cups, when in mahjong game,
we call it two pies

You call it invitation card


Liar for sure,
can tell it from the invitation card

You thousand needles,
sting on my heart each one of it

What are you think you want to do?

I don't care you call me liar

But... you can't say that
to my little princess

It's just right to say that
she is old and ugly

It's a perfect match

Today is not for the argument contest

I believed that Black Cougar
not come for tricky

We are somebody

Nice talk

That's right, everybody is right

This is a right size

Small dumpling, miss

Where is Black Cougar?

Good, it's Chin Chin for sure

How was it?

Speak Mandarin

Can we start the meeting?

No problem

From the outlook of this building

It's just an ordinary building

I know, there must be
dangerous inside

Lots of difficulties...

That "Star of Africa"

must be inside

That "Star of Africa"

Don't listen to him
One of this floor is

Police department

You won't let us go steal things
in police department, will you?

That is right, we have to steal a file

from the file room inside

We don't have to all go, do we?

We have to go, everyone of us

How much per shares if we all go?

Good enough for the rest of your life

I need a lot nowadays

Please, don't argue again, will you?

Please stop

I have

a very serious question to ask


When do we eat?

Speak something real please

You speak a lots of nonsense,

are you really?

You must be joking

Who can be me, Mo Po?

Cut it out

Don't think that you are still...

I dare to touch you

Shut up

Speak Mandarin again

Any more questions now?

If no question, take a break now

We leave first thing in the morning

Don't move, who are you?

Why are you jumping
around like this alone

in the middle of night?

It's you

Why are you jumping
around like this alone

in the middle of night?


Pretty girl like you

Walking around in the
middle of night alone,

it's dangerous

I tell you what
Let me be your company

You're annoying

Don't speak Mandarin

I don't believe that

I can't beat you

What am I doing here?

So hot, I want to take a bath

Want to be cool?
That is man's staff

If you can't let go this feelings

Why don't you ask more?

Ask what? Ask who?

Black Cougar of course

Are you finish?
I like to sleep

I think Black Cougar, he...

I just work here

I don't like to know that much
concerning Black Cougar

I have nothing to do with him

I don't have to worry then

You know I am in love
with him by myself

No, I should say that I love him

Sorry, my skirt

Excuse me

I do step on your skirt

Can't sleep?

I used to sleep late

I thought you used to sleep
when the day is dawn

How about you?
Can't sleep without women?

Should I say couldn't sleep without Yin Yin

I have a demand


I don't want money,
when the thing is done

But you have to tell me,
who killed Yin Yin

This is fate
This time can't avoid...

What's wrong?

We are talking and she is listening

I was just passing through

Speak nonces

That carpet was almost burn

And you just say that
you are passing through

She is still a kid

She is not a kid,

she is almost as pretty as I am

Isn't she?

Believe me,
I really didn't listen to you guys

Okay, forget it,

need to work tomorrow, rest now

I really didn't hear what they said

Smart ass

These words I know ten years ago

Chin Chin

I will wait for you on the
other side of the garden

I think it over

He want you, nothing,
I sleep first

How was it?

I thought you will not come

Speak what in you mind

Sorry to bother you that late

The word sorry

You are saying to me
several years ago

How long you think you
gonna to take this burden?

Brother first, and then Master

Then me, now is that knife

You intend to carry this
guilt all your life?


Master used to say,
outstanding people spiritually knife

Knife give man ruthless,
man gibe knife spirits

Evil man turn knife to evillest

If feelingless one get it,
it will be feelingless knife

It's 3.3 feet and weight 33 kg

Cougar is his head,
brass is his body

Sharp like a razor

I don't really know you men

Kill each other just for a knife

Is this hero?

I would rather you
became a normal people

Do anything for money

You are not only torture
yourself but torture everybody

When will you stop all this?


It's a perfect match

It's really wonderful

Black Cougar,
you ask Chin Chin to come here

Are you necking with her?

Or you want to cut it out?

Rose, don't be always
bugging with Chin Chin

She is here for working

I thought you want me to replace her


You are both my girl friend actually

I know, but I am here for money

Are you think that I am here for your roses?

I am telling you,
who do you think I am?

Lots of men chasing me

Boy, play your knife slowly

We split in three,
and move individually

Get together one hour later

Today we do only data search

Don't come out,
let things go smoothly

Action begin

Good, come... gone

Where to? This way

Black Cougar,
are we together?

Everything is on schedule,
you stay here

I am all alone here again?

Call me if things happen

I hate it

I am the one always do that

This crazy guy,

instead of elevator he use stairs

There is door...
Come, quickly

Can't do nothing,
what should we do?

I have told you before

We don't have police ID,
we can't go through

Okay, say no more

I am telling,
you better pay back my money

Or else, I will beat you

What are you doing?
I am a cop

He don't give my money back

Follow me

Can get in?
Great, go on, get in



I never say that I will not give back

Are you two finish?

This is not your house

We can solve it ourselves

Hurry up

See you, bye...

In that case,
are we here for nothing?

This is bad sign that we do nothing
on our first strike

But Black Cougar told us
to stay out of trouble

Okay, trust me

What about it?

You get away that cop,
and leave everything to me

What are you trying to do?

Believe me

I will give you a surprised

What for?

Why don't you get in?

If I had known it, I will get in

But I know it now, come

Black Cougar
any achievement?

Take a look first,
this is the map for the building

I have it here,
I have some gifts


You just a kid,
don't ask too much questions

Dear wife, I miss you so much

You are something

Make me up and down try to kill me

That's yours

Just finish doing things,
sweat all over,

go back and take a shower

I am leaving

How are you going back?

We can bath together

Why are you leaving too?

You carry a stupid bag like this

Who dare to walk with you?

What should I do then?

Take a bow, where is Kuan master?

Where is it?

How about it?
Any progress?

I am not here for reporting

This box is for you

The security system there is nice

But the Heavy squad is worse,

I think about one week later

we can get that silver box


Remember get money ready

No problem

Is there anybody
can tell me who this kid is?

I am asking him to come back

Something wrong here,
ask him back?

Want to share our money,
isn't he?

We need a computer genius

to help us get a computer card


It can't be

We need a genius not an idiot

That is right

Are you telling me that he is the genius?

If he were a genius,
I will have to die

Step aside, will you?

Be careful

I am Robert Parkinson

Please give me more advise

I know it, he is not a idiot,
he is sexually detour

Wrong, he is sometimes normal

What did she say?

You tell me the truth,

is he normal now?

The medicine is in my hand,

you telling me whether
he is normal or not?

I don't believe it

One out of one hundred
sixty thousand second

Come, try it again

Is it mine is too small
that you don't like it?

Try mine...

Mine is bigger

You guys are sting, brother

He is just pretending

Chin, what can I do for you?

One out of one hundred
sixty thousand second

mean nothing

Half million byte data

transfer through optics fiber

to two thousand meter away

need only a flash of second

If we can faster that them,

we can interrupt the data

We were rich then

Okay, don't think about it,
think about nuclear plane

All those responses,

is there anyway to release energy?

Are you scare us?

You are just pretending

Keep on talking

You listen,

two object hit each other,
produce energy

change molecules into tiny neutron

Neutron produce new power

That is the new power to
change the whole world

The thing is...

A car runs without gasoline

What about our password card?


So this is

That is right

Little computer,
this is not a ordinary thing

I have no mood to joking

Do you know who are we?

Take a good look,
we are hit man

I am telling you this is a gun,
talk or else...

I will brow you head off

What's it? Are you scared?

Poor! You have to be a killer
because you're less educated

Only this small computer

can break the code of the
police dept. Huge computer?

Foolish, I am not intend
to say bad to you

But the function of the computer
is not just by their size

Can you show something to me?

Your nipples are black,
I don't like black nipples

Here come Black Cougar

Don't ask me,
I am a computer idiot

If you were keep on pretending

Watch out I brow your head off

Don't shout, just keep aside

She is speaking in Mandarin again

How was meeting?

Okay, let us go on

Simply to say

I will hook this computer
through a modem

by telephone line

Then use the program

to test all the combinations

As soon as we hook the line
on the one in Police department

That is the time

I can break his password

When we get the code,

we can download

their files or data

We can then check on the data sheet

Get it?

Everybody understand?


You guys get it although
I am nonsense

You idiots

Where is here?

Tsim Sha Tsui
How come I come so far away?

You sanba, next time I hear Mandarin

I won't turn

What are you looking at?

Take a good look at it

That girl seems kinky

She is always wearing a glove

How can we take her finger print

without take off her glove?

Leave it to me

This body,
not just taking off her glove

I am good at it,
I can even make her stripe

You liar

This girl is wearing glove 24 hours

Is she wearing that glove
while she sleep?

If so then...
that is great sacrifice for me

I have never seen a man

look so blue

No women can get away
from my eyes

Look at him that innocent look

I don't really understand

Both of us,
will beaten by him?

If I can't tear you
two apart today

I am not Mo Po
What is that thing?

Great, what a breast

Look at her,
will she have a chest?

I am not pointing at her,
is one behind her

It's really big

I can't breath...

What a huge bust

No woman can escape
from my tears

He is actually crying
How deep is his feeling

What a disgust thing

He use that trick to a girl

Wipe out your tears

It's no good crying in public

I am on you this time

You think that I can't hear you?

Sister, don't ever trust him,
he is a bad guy

Do you think he really like you?

He just love your body

Before I married to him

My body is better than yours

After then, my body change shape

Here I am now

Who are you?
I don't even know you

He say that he don't know me
at this moment

I raise your daughter till now

When did I have a daughter?

Robert Maria,
come over here


He is papa


Call Papa, will get living expense

Papa, Papa, give me living expense

No, I don't even know you

Mama, sister

I am old and useless,
you can deny me

Good things that
I brought granny with me

I want to know what you'll do
if I find granny

Robert Maria

Have a mercy,
I have ate

I am asking you to bring granny over

Sister, it's my misery fate

Wait a moment

Are you look everywhere?

Where are we look for granny?

You go looking for her

I go

You just wait, I will go

Don't do anything foolish

Granny, he is denying us

Great, you are here

You are denying your own wife

Ah Chian, Ah Pon


Bring Mister and
Mister-in-law over

What a tragedy

We talk further

Sorry, I want to clean the room

Great, go ahead

What are you here for?

Didn't you know that I work here?

Go to the closet first,
hurry up

You can't be that selfish


I am so hot now,
I like to change


Wait for me

So hot

I hate you,
I don't think my dress is here

Not here, where then?

The clothes that I want to
change are all in the closet

Step aside, I want my cloth


What for?

Sit down first

I can't stand, Anna

I am not Anna, I am Enna

I am not calling you Anna

So you are gay

Come on, am I gay?

Sister, I like you to kiss me

Is this homosexual?

What are you people?

We are from earth

She knows, go,
take her fingerprint

Wearing what? Hurry

So pretty

Take her print, hurry

Here I come

Let's go. The fringerprints
are on his face

Stink, leaving...

I want milk...

Good, give him some...

Hold, all of you

Sister, you are treating me good

How do you know
that I like guns?

I just like tearing apart, go home

We are leaving,
Sister, bye-bye

I don't want his milk,
his milk is no good

Really, good, take mine then...

Look at that big finger print

I think he is a labor worker

All the girls in great look,
you will criticize her

Why didn't you speak
about yourself?

Now we short is that
fat man's weight

I think this time is my turn
to show off my beauty

What? I didn't promise that

Brother Chen, give me a break,
will you?

So this time then


I hear that this is a trick

Which one is the most prettiest?

Of course is me

Hurry up, get down, you too

Can I come in for a while?


I am just joking

I don't like it

I knew you were joking

Sister, how much do you want?


Can I come in for a while?

No way, I am just joking

Thanks, I know that
you are joking, thanks

Ah Chang, don't come in, look out

Sister, how much do you want?

Would you like to come in?


Please hurry up,
let us down

Beauty trick

How come you are always win?

I have her acupuncture,

he can move after half an hour

Go quickly, only half an hour left


This finger print will
disappear in two hours


So in another word,

you have two hours to steal

Here is your lead belt

This is the computer card

Everything is set, go then


No need, I can go by myself

What? What is going on?

Is he go alone at last?

Just wait for my good news,
speak no more

Can't image that you can think


I am thinking about
how to undress you

No use pretending

I know that you are try
to cover yourself

by acting like a clown

You were a man without
a sense of security,

weren't you?

Shut up

Mo Po


If there anything happen at night

Try to remember to
watch over yourself

What will happen at night?
Don't be silly

What are you thinking of?

I don't feel well,
everything seems smooth

After all these years,
you are always like that

When things happen
you will so much involved

After things have done,
get money and split

Can't see a trace of you

Maybe you should
find someone to marry


I think he is the
happiest man in the world

Computer is my first life

I must hold on it
if I want to improve

Well, well, well
Maybe after tomorrow

We don't have chance to see each other anymor

What are you doing for?

Am I wrong?

I knew you must want to
make Chin Chin angry

You knew that you are not
the good one for Black Cougar

but Chin Chin is

You are doing this for
the sake of Black Cougar

You still are the one
who know me best

It's great

Where can you find such
big breast in the world?

Thanks. Wo kan
I'm leaving now. Bye

See you

Black Cougar
Give me the box

Is this the box?

Don't let him get away

Get lost. Move your feet up

Ah Chen. Are you OK?

Playing the vacuum cleaner
at the midnight

OK. Let me teach you
a fresh new game

What do you want to play?

Don't block my work

I'll teach you to play the most
fun game at night time

What are you doing?
You playing the gun all day

Can you shoot right on the target?

You look down upon me

Let me tell you,
no matter what type of the gun

as long as it's a gun

lt'll shoot right on the target

Believe it or not

I can let a bullet make a circle
and get back here

Can you really do that?

It's none of your business

You stay with your rich guy

I make my girlfriend
it's my business

Besides, you won't be my girlfriend

Don't pay attention to her

If you don't believe
I would do it for you

Don't be so childish

How dare you to say we are childish
while you still eating the pacifier

I can beat you even when
I'm eating the pacifier

Use what?

Po Kufu

Po Kufu?

Yen bullet

Yen bullet?

Dragon swallow the world


Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean?

Dragon slay 18 ways

Dragon slay 18 ways?

Mo Po 165 degree to your left

Is it too fast?
Can you clearly see that?

It calls hero love hero

Don't be foolish
What do you mean hero loves hero

You are really a hero now

Look what you done to make him
such an idiot look

I want to drink milk...

You little son of bitch
Come, drink it

I don't want to drink
the milk with hair

I don't know what to do with you

Where are you going?

I have to let this idiot become
normal no matter what

I go buy him a pacifier

I want to drink milk
I want to drink milk

Open your mouth

What am I doing here?
I'm going to use the computer

Don't... sit down...

Now. Let me introduce you

a game which fun to play at night

It's fun. After I eat,
can I get to play the breast?

Come. Get ready and leave

Fine. Fine. Don't argue
Don't fight

Let's try it first

Try your head first

Now I'm going to report
you a special news

Before one hour ago

A insurrection happen
in the city jail

Three prisoners run away

According to the police,
this three rapist...

Might be in the Tai Po area

In another word...

He will be right beside you anytime

We are have a report
with you in the field

We ask Mao to say somethings

Give it to me

How are you, I am Mao

I want to say something
to you guys out there

were in the Tai Po

Please pay close attention

Tai Po?


the single girl

Don't fight back

Because they will torture

and rape you

And they will make you
tire of living

Just remember, they are ruthless

Now we are interviewed

This time the young victims

she has confusing now

It's cool to be raped


Cool Let's go

She is my sister. She is unconscious

We were raped

That was my first time
When you're raped,

you shouldn't resist
and open your knees wide

And you'll remain conscious

Better to use condom

Sorry, audiences

They were over scared

If you keep quiet will be all right

Now the news is over,
thanks for listening

Here comes the rapist

No, no

Are you try to resist?


Make a pose for me to rape

I will

Is this one okay?


No okay

Show me a lustily pose

This is a good one

I don't want to play...

Why are you so mean to my husband?

They were the three rapist

You were all playing around,
Black Cougar might be caught

We might be in trap, get ready

What can we do?

Bring this idiot with us, hurry

My business fails

Po Kufu

Yen bullet

Don't move

Mind your own business

So you are the spy

to do all these

Speak Mandarin again

You come back,
your intonation is not right

Don't ever speak Mandarin to me again

I am telling you,
I am better than you

Please let me go

Okay, give me a good reason

If we can't get that silver box back

Not only Black Cougar
have dangerous,

but also we have dangerous

Dangerous is here now
Get in quick

don't stand there, leave

You go first, I can hold

Don't move

Here is not safe,
you leave first

After tomorrow's change your look,
come back here again

Okay, get going

What are you looking at?

Okay, I leave

Nobody will

recognize me

I am like a child,
nobody will know me too

Seems like no one
will know me as well

Only fool can't recognize you

I got a question


Why didn't he change his look?

What a question?

That is a good question

Why are we dress like this

and you don't have to?

We are a family, you are Mama
and you are daughter

I am the father of course

That is right, do what you say

Follow me

Do you think I am sexy?

How come your bust so small?

Papa, money

Good boy, give me the money

Is there anyone here,
we are looking for housing

Hold, something is wrong

Why this house is still okay?

Look out

I think this is a bad decoration

But that spacing are suit us


We need a spy

to get some information

Good, let's go

Come back

Young man, what did you see?

Three wax status

Which three?

Chin Chin, Jaja
and Chen Chen

why are they still here?

I know, it must be
someone act like them

Look out for the trick

Yes, I am thinking too

I want to go

I know what are you going to say,
look out

You were talking so much

Can I say a words

What are you trying to say?

Fuck your mama

Go take a look

Is there any house for rent?

They were motionless,
might be a bomb

Your imagination are too strong

I count to three

Wait after three count
what are you try to do


You didn't say what are you
trying to do after count

What are expecting me
to answer you?


Is that you?

Is that you?

Ask you

Must be you

What is me?

If I admit

will you let me go?


That is it

So you are the double agent

Double agent

How can it be?

You admit yourself

Why are you betrayed me?

Why should I?

Because you are the double agent

When were I say that I was?

You just said it

It's mistake,
you were say if I were give up

You will not

playing with me

The people like you so afraid of dying

If somebody force you,
you will betray us for sure

Right, she is right

What, even you believe that
I am a double agent?

I do believe

I am finish

Go ahead

None of my business

A girl don't play with a gun

Don't kill each other,

I don't want to play

I don't wanna play

We are not playing

Chin said that one of us
is a double agent

It's not necessary us

How come?

Why is it got to be us?

Why not?

Say something, Chin Chin

If not you three,

try us then

You tell us the truth

Why are you suspect us
is double agent?

Black Cougar haven't had any news,

if not because of him

Six of us will be one double agent

That is right, we were six

Why you said that we
three have a double agent?

You are the double agent, I said

Be careful

Why? I have a prove

What prove?

I will show you


Be more seriously

I am serious all the time

Mandarin, Mandarin again

What are you try to do,
old witch?

No, I want to buy fish

Old fool, are you choke?

You were not a girl,
I will kill you

Master, Lady, I am back

Do you have something to do?

I am not out for side food

I brought some rice

What is the situation now?

Who is the double agent?

We are make our decision now,
get Black Cougar back first

You better think it over

Perhaps he betrayed us already

Take off with that money

He is not that kind of person

He is not your boy friend

Don't be so nervous

Mind your own business

Could you just mind
your own business?

I suggest that

we make our pairs

Get married together,

and have some fun

Why are you still here?

I am not here for nothing

Just promise me not to
speak Mandarin from now on

I go cook

Chin, what are we
going to do now?

Only if we could find
Black Cougar, we could know the result

Black Cougar is the topless

I thought you need to spend
a week to find the silver box

It surprised me that you
only spend three days

Let Bloody talk to me

Cut the rubbish

Where is the stuff in the silver box?

Bloody wolf
Get the hell out here

Do you think this strong enough
to lock Black Cougar?

You stay outside

I have something
to discuss with him

It's hard to imagine that
we didn't see each for 15 years

What a surprise
that we meet here

Don't you forget our master

always say that

It's hard to predict
the things in the future

That thing is very important to me

Why did you disappear for 15 years?

Why did you pretend to die?

Give me the silver box
and I'll explain all that to you

What's inside the box?

Give me the silver box

You should know me better

If you don't tell me the truth,
I won't give it to you

It has been 15 years
You still don't change a bit

Still don't respect me

I'm your brother but
you always better than me

That's right

I was fault death
because I hated you

and finally I got a chance

I want you to feel guilty
for the rest of your life

If not for the silver box,

I won't show up again

I want you to feel guilty

You won't be with
Chin Chin forever

I respect you all my life

You want me to feel guilty
all my life for this?

You couldn't blame me

but yourself

You collude with the police

The silver box must
have big secret inside

I don't want to know anything

just give me the box

You did so many bad things

How could you face the master?

Why didn't you fight back?

I don't owe you anything

after this

I wasted your Kung Fu

Chin Chin

How come is you?

You knew it all a long?

I cheat on Bloody wolf

on purpose because
he didn't see Chin for a long time

That's why we can make it

Since they can't lock you

Why didn't you run away?

Because Black Cougar
is the biggest fool

Chin Chin

She is Bloody wolf's girl

It's impossible

You thought it's impossible
but it's the truth

You don't believe
Bloody wolf jealous you

You don't believe he would fault death
to make you feel guilty

You don't believe
he would use you

And what did you got?

No matter what,
you shouldn't hurt her

She is still a little girl
and just saved my life

She is not the only one
who want to save you

It's useless to save you

This is more important
than your life

I knew Bloody wolf
use the wrong person

How can you help him
for someone so young like you

You are not a good guy neither

Bloody wolf asked you to get
the silver box, and you did it

You don't even know
what's inside the box

You son of bitch
You failed on your mission

How do you want to die?

I failed, you failed too

I die, you die too

Bloody wolf likes me

Ad long as I got Kung Fu,

I still value to him

And you, just for the money

If you dead,

Bloody wolf would thank me
to save him a big money

I will see how good you are then

It's very easy to kill you

I can kill you by a finger and a bullet

Play the gun in front of
an expert marksman

It's pity that you don't have gun


Let her go

It depends how fast your bullet goes
or my hand goes

Why don't you chase after him?

You're my target. He is not

You injure him

He will definitely take revenge

We'll see

Let me ask you
Why did you betray Black Panther?

Don't tell me you need money

And don't tell me
your mother is in hospital

How do you know that? Bullshit

It's true. Doesn't your mom feel sick?

You're right
My mom also feels sick sometimes

Let's forget it

But Black Panther has got many money

But Bloody Wolf said that
if I don't help him

he will kill my mother

It's bullshit

Who taught to say that?

Bloody wolf is Black Cougar's brother

Therefore Black Cougar
knew he won't beat him

Wow. It's getting more
and more complicate

About the master,

brothers and sisters...

Stop it

You better find a way to help Black Cougar

You mean that

we can't win the bad guys?


On the other hand
We should go home

Take me with you
Take me go back

We find a way to save
Black Cougar together

I beg you. Take me with you

I am not use you

Actually I'm not as bad as
you think

If Black Cougar lose this time

Don't you know many people will die

I don't know

The only thing I know is
I don't have girlfriend now

If you can be my girlfriend,

I would take you back with me, OK?

Chin Chin

Stop it

I really don't understand
the things between the men

He took good care
of me all along

So what?
You call that a code of brotherhood?

Black Cougar
You knew he just used you to steal

He will kill you after that

I already told you

Why do you still stand for him?

I have nothing to say
no matter how he treat me

Black Cougar

You can be an ancient man
if you only change your hair

You are not even live in
a modern world



The reason why
I ask you to come

is there has a very important thing
I need you to do

What is so important?

I knew someone want to kill me

Who is that son of bitch

I go kill him

I can handle this

My cougar head's knife is missing

Cougar head's knife is missing?

This knife is my life

It's even more important than my life

I want you three here

is to ask you to find that knife

Master. Don't worry

I will find the knife back

Chin Chin
I can take care of this with junior

You stay with Master

But Master's knife is missing,

I should help to find it

Talk to her

Chin Chin
Don't go

Nobody can talk Chin Chin out of this

Chin Chin. Be a good girl
Stay with me

You go ahead

Yes. Master

See you at the old place

Chin Chin. You leave too
From the back door

I am not leaving

Master, I want to stay with you

Go. Listen to me. Go


Hurry up

Little brother, come in

Let's go

I told you not to play


Junior, you get in first

Brother. What's matter you

Leave me alone, leave

Is that Chin Chin?

Beside me, who will come
to see you at this moment

You are still the same

Bloody wolf's death seems
nothing to do with you

He saved me
I am sure about that

Never mind, I don't want to
discuss this with you

You like to feel guilty

You can feel guilty
for the rest of your life

I have an important thing
to tell you today

Master is dead

What? Master is dead?

How come

He was shot at a close distance

Master told me one thing
before he died

I felt this is something
to do with Senior

Can't be?

Chin Chin,
if something happen to me

You have to run away with Junior

If something happen to master,

I won't let him live without it

No, you can't revenge for me

And also the cougar head knife

can't let Senior get it

I didn't know who lost it

But from now on,

I got to find the killer

If you like to feel guilty,
you can keep it up

Chin Chin

This cougar head knife
is your favorite

I get it specially for you

It's useless to kneel

Do you have any explanation?

I have nothing to explain

You sold us out and
not a word to explain?

Tell me if you are for the money?

Whatever, just pretend
I sold you out

What do you mean pretend?

Do you think sold out friend
is as easy as eat meat?

You even eat out the bones?

Let me tell you. Black Cougar,
I have seen a lot of proud people

But I have never seen
as proud as you

You admit it if don't say anything

Everything is clear now

Black Cougar is the one
who betray us

Do you still want to help him?

Black Cougar,
I can't help you this time

You deserve this

I hate people who betray friends

You despicable,
shameless man

How can you do that?

Sooner or later,
I will get even with you

OK, everybody is gone now

You can tell the truth


Say it

The truth is I betray you for money

You son of bitch

OK. Don't pretend

Don't hold on you face

If we believe you betray us

We won't stay

We trust you

Even though I don't know you
as long as they do

But I already input your information
into the computer

And result is

you are an upright foolish cougar

Even though we don't know
what are you doing,

we still decide to stay
and help you

We all decide this

It's useless to explain anymore

And also

I already say something good
about you to Chin Chin

You know

We might be the same with you


Don't make us to leave

Don't worry, we will help you

Come, let's shake hands

Wait. The best show is coming

The actress please comes out
Come, come

You still don't dare to show up?

Listen to her story

Why do you always help her?

Listen to her first

She won't run away


We give you a chance to explain

Sorry, Black Cougar

I am sorry to all of you
I betray you

I came here is not beg you
to forgive me

I just want to make things clear

Then, you can say
whatever you want

Son of bitch
I'll beat you up

Can I continue with this?

Of course, we are listening

Bloody wolf forced me
to keep an eye on you

He used Mr Chu to ask you
to steal that silver box

Because there is a lighten paper
inside the box

Lighten paper? Is this one?

That's right

Bloody wolf knew that the police station
bought a new machine

This machine can make the things

on the lighten paper

all come back

You mean this lighten paper
can turn to a picture?

That's right

Even this black paper?

This is tear from the picture

The lighten paper has small dots

I can easily make this picture back

by using my computer

I knew that

You don't need to say it
Go on

That's all I know

What is on this paper?

Why is Bloody wolf so nervous?

This picture must has something
to do with Bloody wolf

I guess it might also do with us

Why do you guess?

We will know it by using my computer

It's your computer works?

Plus my perfect brain will do

Then hurry up

Are you finish or what?

I told you everything I know

Never mind

She was used by other

When did you become so generous

I think Bloody wolf
will come to find us

I know Bloody wolf

If he couldn't get what he want

he would destroy it

What do you look at me for?

Let me go first
I go get ready

You can keep talking
Don't be afraid

Not only Chin Chin
is very generous

I'm more generous than she is

OK. I guard the lobby

Then I become a watch dog?

You only need to get
this thing done

Then I have no chance to fight?

You can fight with your computer

Don't waste time

Everyone go get ready

Speak out

What's the situation out there?

It's calm
I don't even see a thing

Don't you worry
I'll notify you if anything happen

Everyone says it's good
to guard the first place

Nice view
I take a nap first

Is Bloody wolf coming or not?

He's coming for sure
I know him well

How long do you need?

About twenty minutes

But I still need to go through
few computer courses

to analyse the paper

If everything works out fine,
the result would come out soon

It's that so important to you

about this information?

What are you thinking about?

Bloody wolf is not a bad guy

Even till now
You still don't want to do it?

You still protect him

I didn't protect him
He might just did it for a reason

My intuition tells me
This picture is not so simple

Must has something
to do with us

Hurry up

I already have

Something in the woods

Seems a lot of people

How come there is only one?
Get closer

What this big occasion for?
Lucky I was ready

Comes out


Bloody wolf?

You use rocket launcher
I also use that

Machine Gun

How come you carry a small gun?

This is the information comes out
from the computer

You will understand
after you look at it

Take your time to think

I want to revenge for master

Out of bullets again

The 16 generation of Black Cougar

Chin Chin revenge for the Master

So many people still
The last shot

The knife is here

This knife was mine

You killed Master
for this knife?

He was old and useless
I am the senior brother

Why did he pass the knife to you?

For this reason?

A man besides women is the power

You got Chin Chin
and I want my power

You are too much

I am not

I finally got this knife

Master used to say to me

The one who use this knife

If is not upright,
would destroy oneself

I don't want to talk to you no more

What's wrong with you?

It seems I have to use
Dragon slay 18 ways

Then, use it

Guard me

The power of the sea

The two dragons spit the pearl

This one is real

Black Cougar
Consider we were brothers

Do me a favor
Send me out

Knife and sword cross together
The relation is gone

You done so many bad things
were only for this knife?

Black Cougar wipe out

the bad guy for Master

Bloody wolf ready to die

Do you still want to know
who killed Yen Yen?

It's not important who did it

The important thing
is you help me

May I go now?

Women don't cut in while men are talking

OK. My wife,
you can get on plane

You finally afraid of somebody

None of your business
Cut the shit

Let's go. Mo Po Whei

I told you not to call me
Mo Po Whei so loud

So, you are the one
who afraid of somebody

I am better than you

Wait for me

Black Cougar

Go. Hurry up

I'll come back after the honeymoon
What for?

Have you enough?

Have a nice trip

Let me tell you a truth
Chin Chin has been wait for you


Everybody has a mate

but me

You don't have to see it

Chin Chin asks me
to give you this letter

Honey. Hurry up
The plane is ready to take off

Honey. Wait for me

Black Cougar
Don't blame me talk too much

If you give birth thousands
year earlier

You might become
a fighter in olden time

It's pity. Too late

OK, I'm though. See you

No beauty, you can find a man


You are grown up

I have a present for you
on the plane

It's no fun to play
with Barbie Doll

I go with you

Fine. You go first

I need to take care of something

Where are you going?


Somebody got a big mouth

I can add one more

I stand by you

You will find Chin Chin. Bye

You are?

Good morning, Master

I am the present
from your brother

The air plane wet nurse

You can do whatever you want

I can enjoy anytime

Whatever you like

Thanks the present
from Cougar

I don't have to use
the pacifier anymore

"Too much milk
and you don't taste the chocolate"

"But if you add more chocolate"

"you'll lose the taste of milk"

It's not enough, buddy

It's free service