Warrior Pride (2018) - full transcript

Life imitates game time when it comes to the basketball court and as the head coach of the Michigan Warriors AAU basketball team, Dylan Baxter, finds himself at a perpetual cross-roads as ...


(dramatic music)

(gentle music)

- [Dylan] Please make him
come back Mommy, please.

- Remember how I showed you?

Use you body to protect the ball.

- Okay Dad, ill try it again.

- Okay, let's do it right this time.

- Okay Dad.

- Alright, okay.

There you go, good job.

That's what I'm talking about, good shot.


- Hush now.

Everything's gonna be okay.

You'll see.

- Ah.

I hate you, you hear me?

I hate you!

Why would you do this to me?

I'm your son!


(upbeat music)

- On this team you will work.


On this team you will always give 110%.

You will leave every ounce
of all you got on that floor.

On this team you will work hard,

and you will get better, no exception.

(record needle scratches)

Is that understood?

- [All] Yes Coach.

(whistle blows)

- Alright, bring it in,

come on, come on, come on fellas.


(gentle music)

Hey, welcome to the Warriors fellas.

How ya feeling?

- [All] Good Coach.

- Alright, well before we get out there,

I want you all to line up,
give me 50 free throws,

and we all done, alright?

Let's go, Warriors on three.

One, two, three.

- [All] Warriors.

- Good job, great job.


Great first practice.

- [Randy] Hey D, what's up?

- Hey, what's up man?

- Man, them boys is
looking good out there.

- Yeah man.

- You know we only got three months

until national championships, right?

- Oh yeah, but hey, we
got some games lined up

before then, so it will be alright.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- So, what's up?

- Well look, I don't want you

to get all upset and everything.

I seen Stoney talking
to Tywan the other day.

- What?

- Yeah, he gave him his
card and everything.

- So, sniffing around my players again?

- It looks that way.

- Alright, well don't worry
about it, I'll talk to him.

- Okay, well make sure you do,

'cause we can't afford
to lose any of our guys.

- I know man, look, I'ma
talk to him, alright Randy.

- Alright.

- Hey baby.

- [Dylan] Hey.

- How was your day?

It was good til about an hour ago.

- What happened?

- Stoney is sniffing round my boys again.

- Again?

- Yep.

Randy said he saw him talking to Tywan.

- Dylan, don't worry about that.

Look, Tywan and the rest of those boys,

they know who has their back,

and who has their best interest at heart.

Honey, I see the way you always ripping

and running around trying to make sure

they have everything they need.

And you stay on the phone
with the college coaches

and scouts trying to get them recognition.

But most of all you are there

for them whenever they need you.

So if they don't see that and
if they don't appreciate it,

then I say let 'em go.

- Yeah, you're right.

- Dylan, please don't stress about this.

- I'm not stressing.

It's just that every year,
I get these boys together

and start working on their game.

And when I get them tapping
into their full potential,

here comes Stoney, flashing
them sweet gym shoes

and trying to sell 'em pipe dreams,

and making these false promises.

- Dylan, you can't worry about that stuff.

All you can do is what you can do,

and let God do the rest.

Honey, what He has for you is for you

and nobody can take that away
from you, no matter what.

Not even Stoney.

- Yeah, I guess you're right.

- Aren't I always?


- Yeah and how's my baby
boy doing in there today?

- He's doing great.

You know, he's moving around a lot.

I don't know what I ate,

but whatever it was, he didn't like it.

- Hey little man, you stop giving

your Mama problems in there.

Now there's a lesson you know.

You working on that spin move.

I love you baby.

- I love you too.

- I can't believe I'm about to be a daddy.

- I know, right.

You are going to be such a great daddy.

The best.

(lips smack)

- I can't wait.


(gentle music)

(hip hop music)

- Hey Ma.

- Uh-huh.

What are you doing?

- Nothing.

- That's what I thought.

Now come on up over here and
run up to that store for me.

- Why Ma?

You already been drinking
and I got homework.

- Boy, don't you talk back to me.

I'm the grown up.

And I pay all the bills up in here, okay?

So if you wanna continue enjoying

the comforts of my home,

then do what I tell you to do.

I don't know why you talking
about no homework any way,

because you're dumb as hell.

It ain't like you're going
to college or nothing.

Get yo stupid butt up, and go
to the store and get my stuff.


(gentle music)

(basketball bouncing)

- See you been working on
your form like I showed you.

- Yeah Dad.

- Good, the Coach said
there's a few scouts

that wanna offer you off for visits,

so I'm gonna take some time
off so we can go together.

- Okay Dad.

- How's practice?

- It was good.

- Good.

- Tournament's coming up this weekend,

we gotta make sure you put
up some impressive numbers,

so those scouts will take notice.

- Yes, sir.

- Don't stay out too late.

- Alright, come on Red,
move your feet, come on.

Alright back up top, back up top.

Red, will you stop reaching
man with your feet.

Come on man.

Set it up, set it up.

- [Player] Go, go, go.

Hey, hey, wait, wait.

- Alright, alright, come on, come on.

Set it back up, set it back up.

Hey, switch it 2-3, 2-3.

No man, no man, 2-3, come on.

(whistle blows)

Hey, you two get over here, get over here.

Tywan, Mike, get over here now.

What seems to be the problem with you two?

Did y'all forget you're on the same team?

- You ball hogging, Coach.

Give me the ball, I'm wide open.

- Maybe if you would catch the ball

once in a while when I do pass it to you,

you would get it more often.

- Hey, hey, hey, knock it off, let's go.

(whistle blows)

On the line, on the
line, let's go, come on.

On the line, let's go fellas, now.

- That's what I'm talking about man.

- Fellas, we are a team here.

And it appears to me that some

of you guys don't understand that concept.

We got a scrimmage tomorrow,

and I am not gonna be
embarrassed, you understand?

- [All] Yes Coach.

- Huh?

- [All] Yes Coach.

- So until you guys get
in your thick skulls

what it means to be a team, we will run.

You will not touch a ball,

and you will run until I get tired.

Is that understood?

- [All] Yes Coach.

- Thanks a lot girls.

- What was that?

- Nothing Coach.

- Let's go.

(whistle blows)


- Something funny?

- Yeah, man.

Nice shoes, what did you do,

kick rocks all the way over here?

- Oh, one more time.

- Hey, hey, hey.

(shouting over each other)

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, back off!

- Get off me man.

- Chill out bro.

- You two wait right here.

Everybody else get outta here, now!

Let's go.

(lockers slamming)

Now you two been playing with
me for over two years now.

And you know I'm not gonna tolerate

this type of behavior on
this team, understood?

- [Both] Yes Coach.

- We're a family here fellas.

And we treat each other with respect.

This is a team.

So if your brother don't
shine, you don't shine.

We all got a role here to play.

So we all can shine together.

All this on and off the court
beef you two got going on.

It stops right here, right now.

Is that understood?

- [Mike] Yeah.

- Is that understood?

- Yeah whatever.

- Look, I'm sorry Coach.

- Look Mike, don't say it
if you don't mean it man.

- He just can't stand the
fact that I'm better than him.

- So what makes you think
you're better than him Mike?

Listen, don't think I don't
see what's going on out there.

Yes, you are the leader
when you're out there.

But you also gotta remember
you are part of a team.

You can't win these
games by yourself Mike.

And I you keep trying to be a
glory hog, you're gonna fail.

You know that pride comes
before the fall, man.

You will get to where
you're trying to get to,

I have not doubt about it.

But don't try to get there by stepping

on the backs of your teammates.

- Look, I just wanna be the best.

- Mike.

Sometimes being the best,
means doing what's best man.

(gentle music)

- T, hold up man, let me
talk to you for a minute.

What's going on with you man?

- Nothing, I'm just tired of him

running his mouth all the time.

He always got something smart to say.

- Man, don't let him bother you like that.

You're better than that man.

Look, what's really going on with you?

I ain't never seen you
pop off like that before.

- Nothing Coach, I'm good.

- Randy said he saw you talking
to Stoney the other day.

What's that all about?

You thinking about making a move?

- No.

- Would you tell me if you were?

Look, T.

I just want you to be
able to come and talk

to me about anything, not
just basketball, anything.

I mean if it's your grades, if it's girls,

whatever, I just want you to
be able to come talk to me,

man to man, friend to friend.

Look man, I know how Stoney operates man,

and I just want you to know man,

the grass ain't always
greener on the other side.

But if you ever feel like
this ain't the team for you,

I just ask that you come let me know.

That's all, alright?

- Alright Coach.

- Okay, I ain't gonna
hold you up any longer.

You need a ride home?

- No, my Mom's coming.

- Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.

- Yeah okay.


(phone ringing)

- [Voicemail] Please leave your message.

- Know what we're gonna do today?

(commentator chattering)

- I think.


- I think we should do.


Hey, how was practice?

- It was good.

Hey Ma.

- [Renee] Hey.

- I'll be coming to
your scrimmage tomorrow.

I wanna see how things are coming along.

- Okay Dad.

- Honey, you hungry?

- No, I'm alright.

I think I'ma just go upstairs,

take a shower and go to sleep.

I'm pretty tired.

- What?

Aren't you forgetting something?

- Can't I just do it in the morning?

- You think I got to be
an all-state champion

with a division one scholarship
to play college ball,

'cause I put things off until the morning?

No I didn't.

Now shoot those free throws
and then you can go to bed.

- David, let the boy go to bed.

- No, no Renee, he needs to understand,

if he wants to go the distance
he has to put in the work.

You wanna play college ball, right?


That's my boy.

(upbeat music)

(distant shouting)

- Yeah, good job T, baby.

Good job boy, yeah that's right,

now get back, get back.

Oh good shot, dang.

Alright, come on, come on, come on.

Run the play Mike, run it Mike, come on.

Mike, set it up, set it up.

Come on Mike, set it up.

Alright Mike, alright,
set it up Mike, set it up.


Come on fellas, come on.


Alright, come on.

Alright, alright, run White
this time Mike, come on baby.

Set it up, set it up.

Mike, I just told you,
no forced shots man!


Do it again, run it again,
run it again, run it again.

You had Dewey right open in the corner!

Come on, use your team man.

Mike, run the play, run the play.


(distant shouting)

(whistle blows)

Run the play, come on now.

Time out, time out, time out.

Time out, time out, time out!

Get over here.

(whistle blows)

Warriors on three fellas, one, two, three.

- [All] Warriors!

- Good job, good job boys.

- What happened out there?

- I don't know man, he
took me out, I was on.

- That's what I saw, I'll
handle it, don't worry.

Coach, yo man, good game.

- Hey.

- I couldn't help but notice
that you took Mike out

after that pivotal three.

What was up with that?

- Well, he was told to run a certain play,

and he chose to do what he wanted to do.

So I put someone in who I
felt would get the job done.

- I see, but--

- David, listen.

Now, you know I respect your opinion.

And I welcome your feedback,

but right after a game is not a good time

to talk to me about
your son's playing time.

Look, I'll be more than happy to talk

to you tomorrow after practice, okay?

- Tomorrow then.

- Thank you.

- No, thank you.

See ya.

- Players don't worry about shoes.


The name's Infinity Squad.

We take care of our players,

we got money to move around
and make things happen,

you're a great player,
good game out there.`

- Hey, hey, hey, go ahead,
go ahead to the car fellas.

- [Stoney] We all need
to see that, real life.

I just wanna let you know


we make sure we take care of our players.

Hey Coach, just telling my man, T-Money,

what a great game he
had, ain't that right, T?

- Yeah, Coach can we go now.

- Yeah T, go ahead to the
car, I'll be right behind you.

(distant chattering)

So you sniffing around my players, huh?

- Hey, no need for the hostility man,

I'm just telling the boy what

a good game he had, that's all.

- You stay away from my players Stoney.


- You did real good today.

- Thanks.

- I'm gonna talk to your
Coach about your playing time.

- Dad, you don't have to do that.

- No, he needs to understand
that if he wants to win,

he needs his best player on the court.

He's not allowing you the flexibility

that you need to play your game.

- Okay.

- This your last year at AAU,
you gotta make sure you shine.

- Good game today man.

- [Tywan] Thanks Coach.

- Hey, don't forget to remind

your Mom about the
parent meeting tomorrow.

It's very important that she comes.

- Okay.

- So, how's summer school coming along?

- It's going pretty good.

I got all of my assignments turned in,

so as long as I do good on
my tests I should be alright.

- Okay, well you know
I'm gonna be checking

in with your teachers, right?


- Alright.

- Alright, well hey, you're
going into senior year man,

so if you finish summer school strong,

then you get your GPA back
on track with college,

You know I been pulling a lot of strings

with these college
coaches coming to see you

with your grades the way they've been?

- Mm-hmm.

- But, if you keep working
hard, and get a good ACT,

you've got a lot of
schools to choose from.

They're really calling about you man.

- Really?

- Yeah, so stay focused
and keep working, alright?

- Alright.

- Hey, tell your Mom
about the parent meeting.

- Alright, I will Coach.

- See you tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow.

(gentle music)

(crickets chirping)

- Hey Coach.


Yeah, Tywan had a really
good game tonight.

Yeah, I'm glad you were there to see it.

Okay Coach, alright I'll talk to you soon.

Okay, bye-bye.

- Hey.

- Hey baby.

(lips smacking)

What you reading?

- Beautiful Rage, the break
of dawn, by Janaya Black.

- Mm.

- It's really crazy so don't ask.


So how did the scrimmage go?

- Oh, that Tywan, he had
a great game tonight.

- Really?

- Those coaches were on
the phone, from state.

He was there to see another player,

called me about Tywan.

- Really?

That's great you know, I think
Tywan is really a nice kid.

- Oh yeah, no he is.

He's just has it a little rough right now.

You know, his Mom's
raising him by herself,

and from the looks of it, she seems to be

a little too pre-occupied
with other things.

And it's really starting
to make him suffer.

- What do you mean by pre-occupied.

- Well, it's like every time I seem her,

she's either drunk or high.

- Oh wow.

- And she never has any money for him.

I mean we got a scholarship and all,

but I mean, like today, I seen him,

his shoes are just falling apart.

I mean, I ask him all the
time, "Do you need anything?"

He always tells me, "No."

- Well he's probably
ashamed to tell you that.

- Yeah, you're probably right about that.

Tomorrow I'm gonna go get him some shoes.

I mean, I can't have
him out there in shoes

that's falling apart and
turn his ankle or anything.

And then I overheard Mike
clowning him the other day.

- Are you serious?

- Yeah.


I don't know what I'm
gonna do with that boy.

I mean he's a good ball player.

He's actually really good.

But, you know, his dad's got him thinking

he's a one man show.

He had the nerve to come to me after

the game today, asked
me why I pulled his son.


- So you let him have it right?

- No, I just told him he
can come talk to me after

the parent meeting right
after the practice tomorrow.

And baby, sometimes these parents

make me just wanna lose it.

- Oh Dylan.

Honey, you're not gonna lose it.

And do you know why?

- 'Cause I don't wanna
go to jail, that's why.

- No, because you're doing God's work.

Dylan for the past eight
years, I have watched you Coach

and mentor different groups of boys,

and so many of them have
gone on to do great things.


Because you took the time to care.

You've been a father to some
and a friend to all of them.

It takes a special man to do that.

- So I'm special, huh?

- Yes you are.

- Special enough to get that--

- Not a chance, oh no.

- Come on.
- I'm not cooking tonight.

- What, come on, are you serious?

- Very.

- Oh my, mm-hmm.

- Good evening, parents.

How you doing tonight?

This is Coach Randy, and
what he's passing out

is the schedule for this summer.

I know it's a little aggressive,

but with this being their last AAU season,

we want to get them as
much exposure as possible.

What you will also find in
there is the payment schedule.

Now, those of you played with us before,

and I can't express this enough,

it's very important that you
get your payments paid on time.

These tournaments have to
be paid for in advance,

so if you don't make that payment on time,

it creates a lot of problems, okay?

Now, if you can't make
that payment on time,

just please come and
talk to me, let me know.

Do you have any questions?

- Are there gonna be any
more fundraisers this year?

- Yes, we are.

And Coach Randy will getting
with you to let you know.

- What about playing time?

I don't wanna drive four hours,

just to see my son play for five minutes.

- Now, that's a good question.

- Listen...

This is competitive
basketball, not reg ball, okay?

We're here to teach your kids

how to play the game of basketball,

and help prepare them for college.

Our motto here is, work hard, get better.

Those who work the hardest
and play the smartest,

will be rewarded with playing
time, it's that simple.

Is there any other questions?

Okay, I appreciate you
guys coming out tonight.

And we'll see you guys
at the game next weekend.

Alright, thank you.

- [David] Coach, Coach Dylan?

- Yes?

- I wanted to follow up
with that conversation

that we had yesterday.

- Yes, what's on your mind?

- Erm, I'm feeling like Mike

is being held back from playing his game.

- How so, David?

- Okay, let's say for instance yesterday.

He hit a three at a
crucial point in the game,

and you took him out, I
didn't understand that.

- Yes, he did hit a three in
a crucial part of the game.

But, he also was being
a ball hog and showboat,

when I asked him to run a specific play.


- A ball hog?

I really don't think
that's a fair assessment

of what my son's been doing,

he's been taking control of the game.

- David, the boy was being
guarded by two defenders,

he had a man wide open and
he chose to just keep trying

to score, because he was
trying to impress you.

I saw him looking the stands at you.

- So are you saying my son is not allowed

to showcase his skills?

- What am I saying is,
he's a part of the team,

and I'm the Coach, if I
ask him to do something,

that's what I expect him to do.

Look David, your son is a leader

when he's out there on the floor.

I need him to be able
to follow directions.

- Hmm.

- Look David, I know what
you want for your son man.

I want that for him and all
these other boys out there too.

But they gotta go about
doing it the right way,

or else we all lose.

Look, look, I'm sorry man.

I gotta get ready for
practice, but if you wanna--

- No, no, no, we're fine.

I hear you loud and clear.

- Marie, Marie?

Hey, thanks for coming tonight.

I just wanna know how Tywan's
doing in summer school?

- Alright, I guess, why?

Well, if he maintains a 2.5,

then he'll be back on track for college.

A lot of colleges--

- Oh, ah, ah, ah.

That boy ain't going to no college, okay?

So I'ma need for you to stop filling

his head with all this foolishness.

He lucky I let him play basketball.

I only do that so his dumb
butt stay out of trouble.

- Look, now wait a minute, Marie.

Tywan is not dumb and he has a good chance

of getting a full-ride scholarship.


- Whatever, you just stick to coaching,

let me worry about Tywan's schooling.



(gentle music)

(whistle blows)

- Alright fellas, line it up.

(whistle blows)

Bring it in, bring it in, bring it in.

Alright, have a seat.

Do you guys understand what chemistry is?

Yes Alex.

- [Alex] Isn't it like, what
Coach Randy had with Moe's Mom?

- Hey, shut up!

- Alex, get on the line and
give me five wind sprints.

- [Alex] Are you a sad--

- Now!


Does anybody else have
anything else smart to say?

- [All] No Coach.

- Now as I was saying.

Chemistry is the interaction

of one personality with another.

It's a sympathetic understanding.

Chemistry is what makes a good team great.

Now, I think you guys
have a great opportunity

of doing something really big this year.

You guys got all the talent in the world,

but if you don't come together

and start playing as one unit,
your talent means nothing.

I got you guys signed up to play

in some of the best
tournaments in the country,

with some of the best teams in the nation.

And I honestly feel like you guys

have what it takes to go the distance.

But if you don't stop
goofing off with each other,

and fighting amongst each other,

you're going to lose.

Fellas, look around you, look.

The men you see around you,

they're your team, your family.

We don't just bring you
guys here just to run you.

We bring you guys here because we care,

and we wanna see you
do big things in life.

Like go to college,

do something productive with yourself.

And stop fighting amongst each other.

But you gotta want it and you
got be able to work for it.

And stop fighting amongst each other.

You understand?

- [All] Yes Coach.

- Now we got a tournament next weekend,

and I promise you that
if you miss any practices

from now until then, you won't play.

It's that simple.

You got me?

- [All] Yes Coach.

- Alright, bring it in, come on.


Warriors on three, one, two, three.

- [All] Warriors!

- T, you got a ride?

- [Tywan] Yeah, Moe's dropping me off.

- Okay.


- Well, I think everything
went pretty well.

The parents all seem to be on board.

What you think Coach?

- Man, I though it was cool.

- Yeah.

- So, what's up with you and Candy?

- What?

What you talking about?

- Candy, Moe's Mom.

Come on Randy, don't
play me like that man.

I saw you over there talking to her.

Man, please tell me

you're not messing around with that woman.

- No Coach, I ain't messing with her.

We was just talking.

- Randy, you know I know
you better than that right?

You know, dealing with
these kids is hard enough.

And then dealing with their
parents make it even harder.

I can't have you complicating things man,

by messing around with these kids mamas.

Look man, don't crap where you eat.

This world way too big
for you to be trolling

around these player's mama pool for women.

- Okay.

I hear you.

- I mean it Randy.

- Okay.

- How's it going?

- It's going.

- Okay, what do you mean by that?

- I don't know how we're
going to make it to nationals.

- Ah, you say that every year,

and every year, God provides a way.

- Yeah, you right.

- And since we're on the
subject of blessings,

one of my co-workers is
looking for a team for her son.

You remember Dana Hart?

Yeah, he's 17.

He's a guard, he used to
play with the Dragons.

- Well, if he's so good,

why isn't he still
playing with the Dragons?

- Well, he kinda got into it

with his Coach and got
kicked off the team.

And he...

- And what?


- He's had some run-ins with the law.


Dylan, don't laugh.

This is a single mother
we're talking about.

She's at her wits end with her son.

She says he's really
not a bad kid at heart,

he just has some pent up frustration

and he doesn't know how to
deal with it the right way.

And on top of that he hangs
around the wrong crowd.

Dylan, she really believes he has

the potential to do something great,

if he just gets put in
the right situation.

And I think that situation
could be with the Warriors.

- What are you trying to do to me woman?

I already got 10 and that's pushing it.

- Come on Dylan.

I'm not asking you to say yes right away,

just think about it.

Honey, look, you really
have a way with those boys

and I tell you, when she
started talking to me,

I knew right then, that God sent her

to talk to me for a reason.

Come on, think about it.

- I'll think about it, but
I'm not making any promises.

So don't get your hopes up.

- Okay, that's all I can ask.

Thank you baby.

And don't forget about the
doctor's appointment tomorrow.

- Yeah I know, 3 o'clock sharp.

- Uh-huh.

- I got it.

- Attaboy.

(distant shouting)

(upbeat music)

- Be patient, you ain't
gotta force nothing.

Come on.

Alright, alright Mike, good job boy.

Now get back, get back,
let's go, let's go.

- Move it Mike.

- Come on Dewey, let's go baby.


Great job, great work, great work.

Good job boys, good job.

Man, way to go get it.

Alright, line up, line
up, line up, line up.

Come on, come on.

Great job fellas.


Great job, yeah.

Good job, boy.

- [Randy] Work it, work it, work it.

- Bring it in, bring it in.

Hey fellas, great game man, great game.


Hey, what I saw out there
today was team basketball.

I mean, we had a few weak moments,

but you guys recovered quickly.

And overall, I'm very
proud of you guys man.

Hey, moved the ball
around and we executed.

Great job fellas.

- [Randy] Oh yes.

- Hey, you know what?

And to celebrate, I'm taking
you all out for some pizza.


- Let's go, let's go.

Let's go.

- Up top, up top baby.

- Hey, hey.

- Hey, good game today man.

- You too man.

Hey, you might be on my level yet.

- Oh yeah, whatever.

(distant chattering)

- Hey Dad, what's up?

- What was that?

- What you talking about?

We won.

- But you only scored, like 10 points.

You shoulda at least scored
20 by my calculations.

It's like every time you grab the ball,

you just looking to pass.

- But Dad, we won, everybody played good.

- I didn't come here to
see everybody play good.

I came here to see my son play good.

Now let's go.

- But Dad, Coach is taking
everybody out to celebrate.

- Celebrate that lackluster performance?

No, you need to go home
and work on your game.

- Come on, Dad.

- Do you wanna play college ball?

- You know I wanna play college--

- Well, you gotta do whatever
it takes to make that happen.

And that means sacrifice.

- But Dad, I just wanna
celebrate with my team.

- Celebrate with your team
or perfect your craft?

- Hey Mike, we waiting on you, you coming?

- Nah man, I got work to do.

("Jesus on my Mind" by Da Church)

(distant chattering)

- [Scotty] Hey Coach, you gonna have

to get Red a booster seat,

you know he can't see over the table?


Little fella.

- Ha, ha, but I was tall enough to reach

the door knob to let
your mama out last night.

- Hey.

- Hey man, I told you man.

You don't talk about my mama, yo.

- Hey fellas, listen up.

Y'all gotta quit with them mama jokes.

It's disrespectful.

Now, we're here to celebrate
a great game today.

So, just be quiet and
enjoy your food, alright?


- Hey Coach, I'm sorry, my bad.

- Yeah Coach, he's sorry.

- Red.

- Okay Coach, I've been
meaning to tell you.

I'm happy for you and your wife,

you know, about the baby and all.

But I've been praying that
this baby don't come out

with your head, 'cause you
got a big watermelon head.

- Hey, yo dawg, this
dude disrespectful man.

Yo, what's wrong with your manners?

- He can't even hold
it above his shoulders,

he be like this, ah, help me up.


- That's really funny.

I bet you the memory of that joke

will keep you company when you sitting

on the bench during the next game.

- [All] Ooo.

- Oh, oh, no need to get personal Coach.

Look at his face Coach, look
at his hair Coach, come on.

- Knock it off, knock it off boy.

You, you just be talking
a little too much.

- Hey, seriously Coach,
what's up with Mike?

- What do you mean?

- I mean, his Dad won't ever
let him hang out with us.

What's up with that?

- Yeah.

- I don't know.

Something you'd have to ask Mike about.

- I'm saying though, he act
like he's so much better

than the rest of the team or something.

- Yeah.

- Look here fellas.

We're here to celebrate
a great game today.

Those who can make it are here.

Those who couldn't, or
chose not to, are not.

And if you wanna know why
Mike ain't here tonight,

that's something you'd have to ask him.

'Cause only he can answer
that question for you.

You feel me?

- Yes Coach.

- [All] Yes Coach.

- Hey, you guys looked really
good out there today man.

Seriously, keep playing like that

and we're not gonna mess about

and win us a championship trophy.


(shouting over each other)

What are we?

- [All] Warriors!

- [Dylan] What are we?
- [All] Warriors!

- [Dylan] What do we do?
- [All] Work hard, get better!

- [Dylan] What do we do?
- [All] Work hard, get better!


- Alright Coach, thanks
for the pizza and the ride.

- No problem, T.

- Alright

- T, wait up.


- What's this for?

- Swimming.

Man, what do you think they're for?

Go ahead and open them.

See if they're the right size.

Well, are they the right size?

- I can't take these.

- Why not?

You need new shoes.

You been working hard
out there on the court.

And I also had a long
talk with your teacher

and she tell me you've really
been applying yourself.

Hey, you deserve it, man, go ahead.

- I can't.

- T, you need new shoes man.

I can't have you out there playing

in shoes that are falling apart

and not giving you the proper support.

Look man, it's okay.

We all need help sometimes.

It's cool man.

Take 'em man, they're yours.

- Thanks Coach.

- Hey, I told you man, I'm here for you.

All I wanna see you is succeed in life.

That's all.

- Thanks Coach.

- See you tomorrow man.

- See you tomorrow Coach.

Thank you.

(gentle music)

- 34 points that man
scored in that last game.

- Oh.

- That's exceptional, exceptional.

He should be doing big things.

- Yes, he should do.


Well if that's what it takes.

- Well, well, well.

If it ain't the man of the hour.


We were just talking about you.

- Sure was.

Hey baby.

Listen, Mr. Stoney here
was just telling me

how much of a great player you are.

- That's right.

But, I told him he wasn't telling me

nothing I didn't already know.

Come on baby, sit on down.

- Nah, I'm good.

I'm actually really tired,
I'm gonna go lay down.

- Ah, boy, get over here.

This nice man came all the
way over here to talk to you.

The least you can do is
hear what he has to say.

Hmm, go ahead Mr. Stoney.

- Look son, I know it's been a long day,

I understand, so I'ma cut
straight to the chase.

I've been watching you play

for a minute now and I
like how you get down.

You know I run the Infinity Squad

and I want you to come play for me.

Look, I know you play for the Warriors,

I know you like playing for the Warriors,

but at this point in
your high school career,

it's time for you to start
thinking about your future.

You know, college, NBA.

- Like you said, I'm happy where I'm at.


- Son, the Warriors are good.

They good, they alright, yeah.

But the Infinity Squad
is the best, the elite.

We got sponsors to pay
for all our equipment,

uniforms, shoes, even travel.

And all you have to do
is show up and play.

- Whey, I like the sound of that.

Huh, because I'm tired of them calling me

to do all them fundraisers.

Now you did say pay for everything?

- Oh yeah, everything.

And all you have to do
is show up and play.

Give it some thought Tywan.

Come to one of our, matter of fact

you can come to our next practice.

- Look, I'm sorry Mr. Stoney,

but I'm not interested in
playing for you or anyone else.

But thanks for stopping by.

- Alright.


- What the.

Excuse him, I will talk to him.

- It's okay, I'm sure he'll come around.

All my information is on there.

Give it to him, whenever he
ready, we'll be ready for him.

- Oh, okay, well thanks for stopping by.

- Thank you, thank you
for your time, take care.

- [Marie] You have a good day.

- [Stoney] You too.


- What is your problem?

- Nothing, I'm fine where I'm at.

- I don't think you
know who you talking to.

But I make all the decisions around here.

- Mama, I don't wanna play for them.

I don't even know them.

The Warriors is my team and
that's where I wanna be.

- This ain't about loyalty.

Wake up Tywan!

This about doing what you gotta do.

This about going as far as you can go,

and getting what you can get out of it.

Now they talking about
paying for everything.

What are the Warriors doing for you, huh?

- The Warriors got me where I'm at.

Coach Dylan's the one who
helped me work on my game,

and I encouraged me to
do better at school,

so I can go to college.

- College?

Boy you better get your
head out the clouds!

The only way you're going to college

is with a basketball tied
around your stupid neck.

You ain't book smart, Tywan.

And if this man can pay for everything

in order for you to play basketball

and possibly get people looking at you,

then that's what needs
to happen, end of story.

Besides, he said he was gonna pay extra

on the rent next month, okay?

And he has the hook up
in making sure you pass

that ACT test to qualify you for college.

Now, I don't see the Warriors

doing any of that around here, do you?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Now, you're going to that practice.

And if they'll have you, you
gonna play for that team.

And I don't wanna hear
nothing else about it.

You understand?

- Yeah Mama.



(gentle music)

- Lora?

Where are you?


Hey, honey, where are you?

What's wrong baby?

- Oh, Dylan.

- What's wrong.

- It hurts so bad, please.

Just call the doctor.

- Okay, okay.

(breathing heavily)

Breathe baby.

Ah, shoot.

Look, we need to get you to the car.

Do you want me to carry you?


- No, no, I can walk.

- Okay, come on, take
your time, take your time.

- Oh, it hurts.

- Come on baby, it's gonna be okay.

- Mr. Baxter?

- Hey doc, how's she doing?

Is the baby okay?

- Yes Mr. Baxter, your wife is doing fine,

and your baby is doing
fine as well, for now.

- What do you mean for now?

- She's suffering from a condition

called placental abruption,
which means that the placenta

is separating from the uterine lining.

It's caused by abnormalities
inside here uterus.

Now, right now, there is
only a partial separation,

but if it gets any worse, it will result

in us having to take the baby early.

Which wouldn't be good because she's only

in her 29th week, and that
would not be good for the baby.

- Well, what does that mean?

What can we do about it?

- For the time being, I'm
placing her on strict bed rest.

She should stay off her
feet as much as possible

so that we can try to minimize the chances

of any further separation.

- Okay, well, I mean, can I go see her?

- Of course.

(monitor beeping)

- How you feeling?

- Like a couple of horses
kicked me in the stomach

and then trampled it a few times.

- That bad, huh?

- Yeah.

So I guess this means no more
fun for me for a while, huh?

(gentle music)

- Well, look at the bright side.

You get to be waited on hand and foot now,

until you deliver.

- Yippee, cue the band.

- Look, I talked to your mom

and she said she will be here in a day.

She'll stay as long as we need her to.

- I'm so scared Dylan.

- Me too.

But no matter what, we gotta trust

that God will see us through this.

- But what if God sees
fit to take our child?

I don't know if I can handle that.

- Baby, don't think like that.

All we can do is pray and
take each day as it comes.



- Okay.


- Come on, hey, stretch.

Slow it down.

Oh well, well.

Now ain't you a sight for sore eyes.

I'm glad to see you made the choice

to come to the winner's circle.

- Thank you, Mr. Stoney.

We appreciate the opportunity.

- No, no, no, it's us who appreciates you.

Look son, we got your gear

and your uniform over
here all set up for you.

Ms. Thomas--

- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Call me Marie.

- Okay, Marie.

Well Marie, if you go over
here and see my man John,

he got all the necessary paperwork

and forms we need for you to sign.

So we can get the ball rolling.


- My name's Tywan.

- My bad.

T-Money, if you wanna jump
in the drills and warm-ups,

we figure how we can
get you into rotation.

- He's just nervous.

He don't take well to change.

Go, now.

Go now Tywan, go.

- Ms. Thomas, Marie?

- Mm-hmm?

- If...

Maybe we can get up a little bit,

if Mama wasn't over here angry with him.

So have you got some errands to run,

or something you might have to do,

I could drop him off after practice.

- Oh, is that right?

And you don't mind?

- Not at all, not at all.

- Well, if you're sure.

Then I guess I'll see you
later on this evening.

- No worries, everything
gonna be fine, trust me.

- Alright now.


- Oh man, you dirty--

- [Randy] Hey fellas.

Hustle up, come on, bring it in.

Well, looks like Coach Dylan's

gonna be off for a little bit.

So y'all stuck with me.

- Great.

- What was that?

Is there a problem?

- Nah man.

- So where's Coach?

- Well Coach got some personal
business to take care of,

and if he wanna tell us
about it when he gets back,

then that's what he'll do.

But until then, it's business as usual.

Hey, where's T?

- I don't know.

I called him to see if he needed a ride

and he didn't answer.

He never called me back.

- Alright, well y'all already know,

one monkey don't stop no show.

But we got a game this weekend,

and we can't have no L's
for Coach to come back to.

- Now that's right.

- Alright, so let's get it.

Warriors on three.

One, two, three.

- [All] Warriors.

- [Randy] Let's go.

(whistle blows)


Come on.

- Our little baby boy alright?

- Uh-huh.

He's gonna be doing jumping Jacks.

He's doing good.

- How's my baby feeling?

- Oh, I'm fine Ma.

- Good, good.

Oh, Dylan, run in the kitchen
and grab here drink for me,

it's on the counter.

- Yes, Ma'am, I'll be right back.

- Alright.

There you go.

I made you some good old,
homemade chicken noodle soup.

And your favorite biscuits and honey.

That ought to get Grandma's baby

acting right in there, right?

- Hmm, mm, mm, mm.

Not bad.

(phone vibrating)

- Hey, what's going on D?

How's it going?

- Much better man, Wifey's doing better.

Mother's here now,

so she's practically taken over the house.

- [Diane] I heard that.

- Man, she got ears like a bat.

- Man, tell me about it.

So how did the practice go today?

- Well everything is cool.

Except for T didn't show up.

The other guys said they
haven't heard from him either.

- Mm...

That's not like him.

But okay, I'll give him a call.

- But yeah, other than than,
we're ready for the weekend.

- Yeah, I'm gonna do my best to make it.

But I'll have to keep you posted on that.

But hey, in the meantime,

I might have us another new player.

- A project player?

- That's what I'm told.

- What position does he play?


- Another guard.

- Yippee, look, whatever you decide.

You know I'm down.

You know how we do it man.

Rack 'em up, raise 'em right.

- That's right.

Alright bro, well, I'm gonna
give Tywan a call real quick,

so I'll let you know how that goes, okay?

- Alright, bye.

(phone vibrating)


(phone alert rings)


- Ah, man.


- Oh man, yo what's up Coach?

- Yo man, what's up, how's it going?

- It's good to see you man.

- It's good to see you bro.

- Hey, how's Wifey?

- I think she's doing a lot better.

- Yeah.

- Mom's been a big help for us man.

- That's good.

- They practically kicked me out.

- Oh, no way.

- Diane, tell me I'm all in her way.


So there you go.

But hey, I'm here.

- You are.

- So what's going on?

- Well, you know, since T's
gone, it puts Eric in his spot.

I been chasing after Mike's tail.

He be after showboating again.

- Dad been in his ear?

- It looks that way.

He was doing good at first.

But then all of sudden
Mr. Run-and-gun show up.

- Hey, don't worry about it, we'll see.

- Hey, any word from Tywan?

- No man, I'm not
worried about him either.

- Okay.

- [Player] Hey Coach, how you doing?


- Alright fellas, listen up.

We're gonna start the game

with Red, Mike, Alex,
Dewey and Eric, okay?

- Yo Coach, what happened to T?

- I don't know and now's not
the time to worry about it.

Hey listen up, this team is undefeated.

So we're gonna start right out the gate

and play full-court, man to man.

Now, it's really important
that we work the ball around

and take good shots, okay?

- [Player] Yes Coach.

- Alright?

- [Player] Let's go.

- Now look, this team is very disciplined.

So we gotta go out there,
we gotta play smart,

and create some opportunities, okay?

Alright, let's bring
it in, come on fellas.


Warriors on three, one, two, three.

- [All] Warriors!



(upbeat music)

(distant shouting)

- Alright Mike, Mike, nice one.

Now get back, get back,
come on baby, come on.

Mike, what are you doing man?

Use your team, Alex was wide open.

What's wrong with you?

Come on man.

- See Coach, that's
what I'm talking about.

Man, he already fooling.

- Mike, where you going, where you going?

Time out, time out, time out.

Get in here, come on.

What did I say at the
beginning of the game?


I said run the play and
work the ball around.

I didn't say play tiddlywinks
with the basketball,

and get caught up with three defenders.

Mike, you're out.

- But Coach, I just made
both my free throws.

- That's not the point.

You're not following directions.

If you can't follow directions,

I put someone in to get the job done.

Scotty, check in.


Listen up.

- That was a good game, yo.


He's up in his thing, like this.

(distant chattering)

- Why would you even come
to a game looking like that.

- Yo, give me something
to eat, go get that pizza.

- Hey, get your butt home boy.

(distant chattering)

- I came through on the clutch though,

that's how I do.

That's it, you know it.


- Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.

- [Randy] Well, ain't this some bull.

- Hey Coach, I see you got
yourself another victory

out there, keep up the good work.

- Come on Coach, let me get him Coach.

- Red, it ain't worth it, let's go.

- He ain't talking like that Coach.

- Let's go, let's go.

Go, it ain't worth it.

Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.

Come on.

T, T, what's going on
man, why you with them?

- Not now, Moe.

- What do you mean, not now?

You walk in here with another squad

and don't say nothing to nobody

and you wanna tell me, not now?

- Like I said, not now, Moe.

- [Player] Like he said, not now, Moe.

- Oh really?

- Hey son, good game alright.

Don't sweat it.

That Coach has no idea what he's doing

and I'm tired of him holding you back.

But it's good to see you
unafraid to go hard out there.

See, he doesn't understand that

a high-profile player
like yourself has to do

what he has to do to get noticed.

But don't worry about it.

I've taken care of everything.

Let's go.

(gentle music)

- What's wrong with you now?

- Told you I didn't
wanna play for that team.

- Well what happened?

What happened Tywan?



(phone vibrating)

- Hello?

- You ready to talk now?

- Talk about what?

I decided to play for a
different team, end of story.

- T, who you trying to fool?

You know I know you better than that.

We go way too far back
for you to try to play me.

- Yeah, whatever.

- Oh, so you mean to
tell me you just woke up,

decided to go play for the Infinity Squad

without letting Coach,
the team, or me know?

After all Coach has done for you man.

Are you just gonna leave him hanging

like that without a word?

- It's not even like that.

I found a better situation for me,

and I don't want no drama, that's all.

- No drama?

Is that what you call walking
into a game-day situation,

when you never officially
quit your old team.

That's not dramatic to you?

I don't know what kind
of BS that Stoney dude

been feeding you, but you
need to check yourself.

- It's not like that.

Moe, on a real bro, you need to think

about come rolling with us.

I mean we got sponsors
so everything's paid for.

And they got college coaches
looking at all their players.

It would be a good look for you.

Hey, I could talk to Stoney for you?

- I ain't trying to hear that, T!

If you wanna turn your back on your boys

and the people who've been
in your corner pulling

for you since day one, then do you,

but I don't get down like that.

And never in a million
years would I have thought

you did either if hadn't
seen it with my own eyes.

It would have been different
if you stepped to Coach

like a man and told him what was going on,

but you didn't, you went
behind everybody's back

sneaking around like a little punk.

- Man, I ain't no punk.

- Yeah, whatever dude,
enjoy your new team.



- Come in.

- Hello, Coach Dylan?

- Yes.

Justin, right?

- Yes sir.

- Sir, huh?


Okay, come on in and sit down.

So your mom tells me you're looking

for a new team to play with this year.

What's that all about?

- I mean, with my last
coach, we kinda got into it.

- Kinda got into it.

Like how?


- Well, he started going
in on me at practice

and then he put his hands
on me and I just lost it.

- So, put his hands on
you like how, to hurt you?

- No, like he grabbed my shoulder,

because he was yelling at
me and I was walking away.

- I see.

So your mom also tells me that you been

in trouble with the law.



- I mean, I got arrested once
for trying to sell some weed.

Our electricity got shut
off and I tried to get a job

to help my mom out, but
nobody would hire me.

So I tried to get the money that way.

- I see.

You got anger issues?

- Sometimes.

- You still selling drugs?

- No sir.

- So, what makes you think

I should let you play for this team?

- I'm a good ball player,
I'm willing to work hard

and just become a better person.

I'm not saying that you should
let me play for your team.

I know I made some bad decisions,

but all I'm asking for is a chance.


- Okay.

I'm going to give you one
shot, on a trial basis.

You mess up, you backtalk,
you put your hands on anybody,

or you even get caught out there

doing anything against the
law again, you're done.

Is that understood?

- Yes Coach.

- Alright well, we start
practice in 30 minutes,

so go in the locker room and get dressed,

and I'll meet you out on the court,

and introduce you to the team,
then we'll go from there.

- Ah man, thank you Coach.

Thank you.


- [Randy] Come on let's go.

There we go.



Good job.

Yo, come on, round it up.


- What's up fellas?

- [All] What's up Coach?

- How you all doing today?

- [All] Yeah, good.

- Where's Moe at?

- [All] Haven't seen him.

- You seen Moe?

- No Coach, I ain't seen him either.

Well okay, I wanna introduce
you guys to Justin.

He's a guard and he's
gonna be playing with us.

- [Randy] Okay.

- [Dylan] Hey, introduce yourself to him

and make him feel welcome fellas.

- Why'd you do it?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Hey, chill man, what's wrong with you?

- Why'd you do it?

- Okay, chill, chill.

- Moe, man you don't understand.

- You don't understand what?

- Yeah, why don't you
tell him Coach Randy?

Why don't you tell everybody

how you got my mama pregnant, you dirty--

- Hey, get him outta here,

get him outta here fellas.

Get him outta here, get him chilled out.

- [Alex] Come on, come on,
chill, chill, chill, come on.

- Look Coach, I didn't mean
for it to happen like this.

- Man, get out.

- Come on Coach, here me out.

- Now's not the time or the place.

Get out now.

(somber music)

Alright fellas, shows over, let's work.

Come on, let's go.

(whistle blows)

(gentle music)

- Hey Mike, did you forget something?

- Nah Coach, I just wanted
to talk to you for a minute.

- Yeah, sure, come on over.

Is everything okay?

What's on your mind?

- Erm, I wanna let you
know that today will be

my last day of practice with the Warriors.

My Dad's moved me to another team.

- Okay, I see.

Is that what you want?

Well, is it?

- I mean, I wanna shine.

I just wanna go to school and play ball.

And it's my last year at AAU.

I need to do whatever I
gotta do to get D1 attention.

My Dad...

No, I don't think I can do that here.

- I see.

Well in that case Mike,
I wish you the best man.

You know, it took a lot of guts for you

to come over here and
talk to me like a man,

and tell me about the decision you made.

You know Mike, sometimes you
gotta make decisions in life,

that's either gonna help you or hurt you.

But at the end of the day,
the decisions you make,

only you have to deal with them.

- I don't like it, but
I respect it, and you.

I hope you find what
you're looking for Mike.

- Thanks Coach.

- Hey, and just 'cause you're leaving

it don't change a thing.

I'm here if you need me.

All I wanna see is you succeed in life.

(crickets chirping)

- Come on D, hear me out.

- For what?

So you can lie some more?

Man, I told you not to mess
around with that woman.

And the situation we got
right now is exactly why.

- I know man, but you don't understand.

- What I understand is,
not only did you lie

and go behind my back, you
also went behind Moe back

and mess around with his Mama.

And you got her pregnant.

Man, how do you think that make him feel

and look in front of his team?

How do you think that make
us look as an organization?

And we're supposed to be role
models for these young men.

- I'm sorry D.

But it's not like that, I love her.

We been seeing each other for a while now.

We tried to keep it a secret,

but things just start happening so fast.

- Man, Mike quit the team today.

- Straight up?


- He said he had to do what he had

to do to attract D1 attention.

Look Randy, I know what you're saying

is probably true and all,
but I can't except that type

of behavior from a coach
in this organization.

And we're supposed to be setting examples

for these young men.

You know what?

I'ma have to let you go man.

(gentle music)

- [Lora] Dylan, what's wrong?

- How's my baby?

How's my baby doing?


- He's doing good.

How's his daddy doing?

Dylan you look like you
just lost your best friend.

- Dylan, do you want me to
make you something to eat?

- No thanks Mama D, I'm
not hungry right now.

- Dylan, what's wrong?

- Where do I start?

Well the good news is, Dana's
son started with us today.

On a trial basis.

So we'll see how that all shapes out.

- Well that is good news.

I'm sure Dana will be happy to hear that.

- And just as I'm introducing
Justin to the team.

Moe comes running in and jumps on Randy,

for messing with his mother.

- What?

- What?

- Oh, it gets worse.

He got her pregnant.

- [Both] What?

- Oh.


There's more to it.

Mike comes to me after practice

and tells me he's going
to play for another team

so he can get his shine on.

And, just before I walk in the house,

I had to let Randy go.

So yeah, today's been a
pretty messed up day for me.

Not to mention Nationals is
just a couple of weeks away.


Still gotta get that money for that.

It's just like everything is
falling apart on me right now.

- Well now, Dylan have you talked to God

to see what He has to
say about the situation?

- Mama D, I ain't had a
chance to talk to no one.

I mean, this all just happened.

- Come on, get up.

Let's join hands and we are going

to go to the Lord in prayer.

- [Lora] You alright there?

(gentle music)

- [Diane] Alright.

Dear Heavenly Father,

we come to you with humble hearts,

seeking your wisdom in our time of need.

Father, I ask that you
would bless Dylan and Lora,

and the child in her womb,

that he may come forth a
healthy and happy baby.

I ask that you would walk with Dylan

as he seeks Your will with
mentoring these young men.

Give them strength God.

Give them Your grace and Your mercy.

And help them to trust
you, Lord, in all things,

even those that they may not understand.

We ask these blessings in
Jesus mighty name, amen.

- [Both] Amen.

- [Diane] It's gonna be alright.

- [Dylan] Thank you.

- Put it on my schedule for
Tuesday and I'll close it.


No problem.


How did things go with your coach?

- He's pretty cool about it.

- Good, heard about Coach Randy.

Got a call from one of the
parents on my way over here.

- Yeah, Moe's pretty upset.

- Yeah, well it just confirms

that we're doing the right thing.

You need to be part of a team

that has scandals like
that surrounding it,

it just doesn't look good.

Talked to your new coach.

He's really excited about
you coming to the team.

It's more of a fit for you, alright?

They have a tournament
coming up this weekend,

so you can start practicing
with them next week.

But until then, I'll do your workouts.

- Yes sir.

- That's my boy.

Hey, I know it's tough on you right now,

but we're doing the right thing.

You'll see, alright?

(upbeat music)

- [Stoney] Hello.

Hustle, hustle, hustle.

Come on man.

Let's go, hustle Matthew, come on more.

(distant shouting)

Time out.

(whistle blows)

Hurry up and sit down!

Stop playing like some
little punks out there.

We should be blowing this team out.

- Man you tripping, if you
put somebody in the game

like that too, this big
dumb fool right here.

- Who the hell you talking to?

- I'm talking to you--

- Shut up, I'm talking!

You stupid little monkeys out there,

you all better start playing some ball.

You making me look bad
in front of my people.

Now, I don't care what you
do when you get out there,

you better not loose, do you hear me?

Get off my bench.

I see homeboy out there stalling you out.

Next time he do you up, you
pinch him inside his thigh

so the ref don't see it,

that way you can get around him.

- What?

- Did you, did I stutter?

- I don't get down like that.

- Oh, you don't get down like that?

Hey, hey, hey, Doug?

Or Stick, check in for
T-Money since he ain't

in the right frame of
mind to play this post.


I kick chairs too.

(gentle music)

- Alright fellas, listen up.

I wanted to bring you guys here tonight,

because there's been
a lot going on lately,

that we obviously need to talk about.

First, I just wanted to let you guys know

that Coach Randy is no longer
a part of this organization.

- [All] What?

- I know, just calm down, bear
with me and let me finish.

Second, Mike is no longer with the team.

- Come on.

- He came and told me after last practice.

And as we all know Tywan

is now running with the Infinity Squad.

So with that being said,

we obviously have some
major adjustments to make.

Bur as you all know, one
man don't make a team,

but by the same token, every man plays

an important role on any team.

Fortunately, God is in control

and He never makes mistakes.

We still got all the key players we need,

and I am very thankful for
each and every one of you guys.

But before I move any further,

I just want to know, does anyone
else have anything to say?


Anyone else wanna leave the team?

- I'm a Warrior for life Coach.

- For life.

- [All] For life.

- Hey Coach, I know I'm new,

but the way I see it,
you took a chance on me,

so that make me a Warrior too.


- Thank you guys.

Well, now that we gotten
that all out the way.

The national tournament's
only two weeks away.

- [All] Yeah.

- Hey, we still got a lot to work on.

- Yeah.

- Not to mention the money we still need

to raise for our travel expenses.

But I'm not worried.

As you all know, I'm a man of God

and I try very hard to
run this organization

in a manner that reflects that.

My biggest mistake has been
not involving him enough,

and relying on my own resources

and ability to make things happen,

when ultimately without
Him, we're nothing.

So going forward, I'm gonna
do everything in my power

to make sure God is a prominent
part in everything we do.

Because without Him, we're nothing.

In spite of everything
that we've been through,

He's seen fit to bring each

and every one of us
together, for a purpose.

And I'm very excited about that fellas.

So going forward, all we gotta
do is continue to work hard,

and prepare for what lies ahead,

and trust Him to make a way.

- Amen, Coach.

- Hey, let's bring it in fellas, come on.

Warriors on three, one, two, three.

- [All] Warriors!


("Identity (Skin)" by Kiara Maton)

♪ Expectations of me ♪


♪ Have somehow committed
themselves to my identity ♪

♪ Well aware of my creation ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Living in adopted reality ♪

♪ Expectations of me ♪

♪ Have somehow committed
themselves to my identity ♪

♪ Well aware of my creation ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Living in adopted reality ♪

(cheering and shouting)

♪ I'm tired of when we hide
behind entitlement paralyzed ♪

♪ I've seen the bigger picture ♪

♪ Freedom of speech ♪

♪ Freedom of belief ♪

♪ Divided unity ♪

♪ And when you think the answer
to a problem is a problem ♪

♪ Spewing hate believing that
it's really gonna solve 'em ♪

♪ Freedom of speech ♪

♪ Freedom of belief ♪

♪ Freedom of peace ♪

♪ Divided unity ♪

♪ I won't own the hate ♪

♪ I won't own the fear ♪

♪ And I'll choose my truth ♪

♪ Especially when it's nowhere ♪

- Ah.

♪ I believe what I'm seeing ♪


Man, who's man is that?

(shouting over each other)

(slapping hands)

♪ Who you want me to be
doesn't identify me ♪

- Yeah.

- [Junior] Three point drill?

- [Stoney] Yeah, three
point drill, please.

I need, put it on the board man.

No, I ain't, we ain't
talking about layers Junior.

- Stoney?

- [Stoney] Hey, hey.

- How you doing man?

- You alright?

- [David] This is that high profile player

I was telling you about.


This is Mike.

You ready to get that money?

- Yeah, he's ready to get his money,

that's exactly what we been talking about.

He's been held back a little bit,

if you know what I mean, but
he has a lot of potential man.

I'm really looking for a
team that can really shine.

And he's a great shooter,
he's a great defender,

so happy to be part of this team man.

- [Stoney] Let's get this money.

- Get this money, that's
what I wanna talk about.

- That's what I mean.

- Let's get this money,
that's what I'm interested in.


(distant chattering)

(soft music)

- What up, T?

- [Stoney] I don't like
to pinch 'em, but I will.

- Hey, the last team he was on

didn't even have shoes to play in man.

- [Stoney] They didn't
have a lot of money?

- [David] Embarrassing.

- Come on buddy, hustle.

- Hey T.

Hey T.

Hey T, hold up man.

- What do you want?

What are you even doing here?

- Man, I could ask you the same thing.

- Hey, you stopped me,
we ain't gotta talk.

- Look man, you really need

to learn how to loosen up, for real.

My Dad brought me over here.

He thinks that I can play better

if I'm out of my box
more with another team.

- Yeah?

Well everything that glitters ain't gold.

- What do you mean?

- You'll see.

It's a whole different world over here.

- I can see that, with all the
shoe sponsorships and stuff.

Plus the Infinity Squad
gets a lot of exposure.

- Like I said, everything
that glitters ain't gold.

- Look man, can we just call a truce?

I mean, I know I said some
messed up stuff to you

in the past, but I really
don't mean nothing by it.

I mean, why don't we
just bygones be bygones,

and make it do what it do.

We already got good court chemistry.

I mean you wanna win right?


- Hey Ma.

- Hey.

How was practice?

- I'm not going back.

(keyboard tapping)


- Come in.


- Hey D, what's going on?

- Hey, erm, nothing.

What's going on with you?

- I could be better, but I won't complain.

- Hmm.

Why don't ya come in and have a seat.

- Thank you.

(soft music)

- What's on your mind?

- I just...

I just wanted to come over here

and apologize to you for my behavior.

We've been coaching
together for five years.

Been friends longer than that.

I hate what I did, and I
love coaching those boys.

I want you to know that
what you did was right.

But I also need you to know that

that weren't just some
jump off type of situation.

Man, I love her.

And I wanna be with her.

- Look Randy, you ain't
gotta explain that--

- No listen, just let me finish.

Just let me finish.

I went over to Candy's
house to talk to her.

And I had a long conversation with Moe.

I told him that I apologize
for not being up front

with him about the situation.

I told him that I love his mother

and that I wanna be
there for her, and him.

He had a hard time taking it at first.

But he's started to come around

after his mother told him
that she felt the same way.

Look Coach, I'm not
telling you all of this

for you to take me back.

I really just wanna make
the situation right.

- I appreciate that man.


- I also wanted to give you this.

- What is this?

- It's a donation.

I know you and the guys
have been doing fundraisers

to raise money for the trip
and I just wanna do my part.

I know how it can be.

- Randy, this is $5000 man.

You about to have baby.

Man, I can't take this.

- You can and you will.

Look, I liquidated some of my 401k,

so it's not gonna hurt me.

Plus it's the least that I can do.

Just let me do this, please.

- Thank you man.

- Just don't tell 'em it's from me.

Okay, if that's what you want.

- It is.

Look man...

- Hey.

We both about to be daddy's.

- I know, and I'm scared to death.

- Don't be man.

You will be okay.

We both will.

- Thanks.


- [Dylan] Last shooter?

- Me Coach.

- Alright.

Alright, alright, bring it in fellas,

bring it in, bring it in.


Hey, great job out there fellas.

I must say, the way you
all been looking lately,

we might mess around and
win us a trophy this year.


Alright, alright, quiet down, listen up.

I got us some great news for y'all.

Due to the blessings of a generous donor,

we now have the full $5000
we need for Nationals!


- Woo, let's go Coach.

(talking over each other)

- Hello?

Back at the hospital?

Oh, no, no, here I come
now, okay, alright?

Hey Red, lock it up, lock it
up, I'll talk to you later.

- Oh god.



- Shh, it's okay, it's okay.

- I just want my baby.

- I know, I know, we are
gonna get you to the bed.

- Oh god.



- It's okay baby.

- Oh god.

- What can I do for you?

- Just leave me alone, oh god.

Oh god.

(slow dramatic music)

- I don't know what to do.

- Dylan.

- I don't know what to do.

I can't fix this Mama.

Why would God take our baby from us, huh?

Why would he do that to us?

- Dylan baby, nobody can
answer that question.

But we know that everything
works according to His will,

and I know, I know that it's
not always easy to accept.


- But what?

My wife is in there crying her eyes out.

Over the loss of our baby, who
we've waited so long to have.

And I'm supposed to just accept that?

- Dylan, I know that this is hard.

You have just to have
faith that everything

will work out for the good.

- I can't accept this, I just can't.

- Dylan, I...

(basketball bouncing)

(gentle music)


- Why?


Why did you take my son from me man?




- Coach.

- What you doing here?

- I went by your house
and your mother-in-law

said I probably could find you here.

I called some of the guys and...

Coach, I'm sorry to hear about your baby.


- Well, so am I.

Sorry you have to see me like this.

But, now's really not a good time, T.

- Yeah, I know.

But, I've learned the past
few years, from my coach...

That we all need help sometimes.

- Yeah, you right about that.

T, I don't know how you're gonna be

able to help me with this one man.

- Yeah, me neither.

But Coach, I'm willing to try.

I wanna play for you,

if you'll have me.

Look, I'm sorry how I left the team,

but my mom made me do it

and I couldn't face you or the guys.

But I quit the Infinity Squad.

I just wanna come back home Coach.


- Come back home man.

You can always come back home, T.

(sobbing heavily)

- [Red] Yo, if anybody ever found out

I was hugged up crying
with a bunch of dudes,

I swear on everything I love,
I'm lumping all of y'all up.

- [All] Shut up Red.


- Hey.

- Hey.

How you feeling?

- A little better.


- I don't know, I got a lot of things

going through my head right now.

- Yeah, me too.

Dylan, I'm sorry I sent you away.

- No, don't be--

- No, no.

We both lost our child,

so it wasn't fair for me
to push you away like that.

Like I was the only one
going through something.

I know you're hurting too.

- I'm gonna cancel the tournament.

- [Lora] No.

- I need to be here with you.

- No you can't do that.

The tournament is in three days.

You can't do that to those boys.

- How can I think about
basketball at a time like this?

- Dylan.

We both know that everything
happens for a reason.

And those boys need you.

You can't pull out on them now.

- What about us?

I need to be here with you?

- For what?

You being here is not
gonna bring the baby back.

We both just be staring at
each other and moping around,

no, I cannot let you do that.

We're going.

(soft music)

- We?

- You're going to coach your team,

and I'll be in the stands cheering you on.

Like a good wife is supposed to.


Oh, Dylan.

We may have lost our child,

but the Lord has seen
fit to give you 10 more.

- I guess it's settled then.

We're going to Nationals.

(lips smacking)

(upbeat music)

- Yo, what's up?

It's your man J-Styles,

and you know I'm always
where I need to be.

And today, I'm right
here where I need to be,

in the International Hyper Arena

right here in sunny Florida,

and I know what your thinking,

yo Jay, is that, is that Young Buck?

Yes it is man, the legendary Hip Hop icon,

Young Buck is in the house,

but today he's not coming
as the Hip Hop icon,

today he's here for the kids as a sponsor.

Yo, Young Buck, tell them
all about the tournament man.

- Ah man, I'ma lace y'all straight up.

Today's is one of the biggest tournaments

that we do for the youth in basketball.

Today is the fifth annual

Moneyball National Basketball Tournament.

It's big and I'm here in
search of the baddest 17

and under squad that's
out there on the court.

I'm basically coming
to sponsor these kids.

And when I mean sponsor I'm
talking about traveling,

uniforms, shoes, the whole nine.

- [Jay] The socks, everything.

- [Young Buck] Everything,
I wanna just, you know,

I know it's a lot of
teams that is out here

trying to make ends meet, but also dealing

with the financial hardship,

so I just wanna come in and kind of help

these kids think out the box.

I mean, outside of that, we got a lot

of big college scouts coming,

as well as NBA scouts that are out here.

So these kids can showcase
their talents in front of them

and possibly be able to take their talents

from this court to a college court.

- And then?

- To the NBA court, you know,

so that's the ultimate goal.


- Alright fellas, listen up.

No long speeches here today.

We're here to play basketball,
nothing more, nothing less.

Now, each game is a one game elimination

all the way to the end.

So y'all know what to do.

We gotta play hard and
take each game as it come.


Let's join hands and pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You Lord

for this blessed fulfilled day.

Lord, we ask that You walk with us Lord,

and let Your light to shine down on us

so that we may glorify Your
name in everything we do.

In Jesus name we pray, amen.

- [All] Amen.

(clapping and cheering)

- Come on, let's go.

- Alright, listen up fellas, listen up.

Hey, no matter what the outcome is today,

I just want you guys to know

that I love you and I'm very proud of you.

[All] Love you too Coach.

- I love you too Coach.

- So let's go out here

and let's play some Warrior basketball.


- Come on, come on, come on.

- Weigh us in, Alex, weigh us in baby.

- [Alex] Who are we?
- [All] Warriors.

- [Alex] Who are we?
- [All] Warriors.

- [Alex] What do we do?
- [All] Work hard, get better.

- [Alex] What do we do?
- [All] Work hard, get better.



(upbeat hip hop music)

(distant chattering)

- Hold up, hold up, wait.

Well, well, well, if it
ain't the long lost T-Money.

How you doing bro?

Nah for real, what's up bro?

Oh, it's like that?

Okay, that's what's up, we all know

you the choker that's on the team anyway.


But dig this though, we gonna
keep moms on speed dial.

(shouting over each other)

- Hey yo, hey yo, hey you.

chill out, chill out yo.

Hey, yo, don't even sweat it.

We'll get this one later,
after he get his teeth fixed.

Looking like he got hit in the
mouth with a bag of gravel.


- [Dante] That was lame, that was lame.

- What?

Y'all don't want none of this man.

- Check this out, y'all need to practice.

Go ahead, Warriors.

- Let's go man.

- Don't worry about them man.
- Hey bro, follow through.

Okay, follow through.

- [Justin] See you on the court bro.

- [Dante] Warriors, ha, ha.

- Hey yo, Mike?

Is this really what you want man?

(distant chattering)

(gentle music)


- I gotta admit, I didn't see that coming.

You know what D, I wanna thank you.

I got a lot of good
players from you this year.

Too bad your boy Tywan didn't work out.

I see how he came crawling back

to you after he couldn't handle

the pressure of playing
with an elite squad.

It's all good though, Mike's
working out much better.


- You know Stoney, you
have yourself a good game.


- Hmm.


(dramatic music)

- Alright fellas, this is it.

You guys fought hard to get here,

and now it's time to fight
even harder to take it home.

I want you guys to go out there

and leave everything
you got on that floor.


- [All] Yes Coach.

- No regrets.

'Cause right now it's either

go hard or go home empty handed.

And I don't know about you guys,

but we've all been through way too much

and have worked way too hard
to go home empty handed.

Am I right?

- [All] Yes Coach!

Huh, let's go.

Who are we?
- [All] Warriors!

- Who are we?
- [All] Warriors!

- Who are we?
- [All] Warriors!

- Who are we?
- [All] Warriors

- You hear that?

They really think they got
a chance at beating us.

That's not gonna happen, not here today.

We will not be losing to weaklings,

do y'all understand me?

- [All] Yes Coach.

- Okay, I got sponsors
here, I got scouts here.

We got to win.

Okay, let's do this.

Infinity Squad.

- [All] Oo!

- [Dylan] Bring it in fellas, bring it in.

- [All] Warriors!



(whistle blows)

(distant shouting)

- Ready, go, court up.

- [Player] Get back, get back.


(upbeat hip hop music)


- Ah yeah, fellas, good job, good job.

Now get back.

Alright fellas, that's
okay, come on, come on.

Come on Tywan, you gotta
make that shot man.

- Come on, come on Mike.


- Come on fellas, let's
go, let's go, pick it up.

- Is you serious?

- Time out, time out.

(whistle blows)


Alright fellas listen up,

now you guys already know
they're gonna play us

man to man the whole game, alright?

So we're gonna have to play smart

and create some more opportunities.

- I don't even know why
they only losing by three.

Y'all need to step it up out there.

- [Dylan] One, two, three.

- [All] Warriors!

- [Tywan] Come on, let's go.

(whistle blows)

(distant shouting)


- Defense Doug, defense Doug, for real.

- Come on fellas, we gotta rebound.

- Come on.


(whistle blows)


- Man, you guys gotta
rebound better out there.

You gotta box out,
that's what we teach you,

come on now fellas.

- How many times I gotta tell y'all,

do not let them shoot, okay?

When I say lock it down, I
mean lock everything down.

Don't let them get nothing
passed y'all, alright?

This a no flag zone, y'all making me

look bad out there, let's go.

- Alright fellas, on defense,

we'll got a box-in-one this time, alright?

- On hoods, y'all let another person

go passed three of y'all
for another easy layup

and everybody walking
home, I swear on my mama.

- Let's get it going, let's go.


Warriors on three, Warriors on three.

One, two, three.

- [All] Warriors!

- [Dylan] Let's go.

(cheering and clapping)

("Warrior" by JS the
Best and MaKinlee Black)

- Ha ha, let's go, what's up?

Yeah, I got you, I told you.

You go, I'll just let you.

Come on, you think I'm gonna
just let you go like that, huh?

Mike, ha.


- What the, get him outta there.

- Go, go.

(whistle blows)

- Come on Dewey, we need
these free throws baby.



- Come on baby, now take
your time, take your time.

That's okay fellas, look,
let's just pick it up, come on.

- That's my boy.


- Okay fellas, hey we're
right where we need to be.

Good job out there.

Way to move that ball around.

Hey, but now we're heading
down that final stretch.

- It is not gonna go down
like this, playtime is over.

Alright, now we need to play our way

and y'all know what that means, okay?

Now, any opportunity
you look for the stick,

you do that, okay?

They wanna play too close,
you make 'em feel it.

If they wanna post you
up, you make 'em feel it.

Alright, take this game, let's go.


- [Dante] Infinity Squad.

- [All] Oo!


(distant shouting)


- There ain't no way in
the world you my son.

Oh my goodness, for real?


(whistle blowing)

(jeering and shouting)

- [Dylan] Come on ref.

They're playing dirty out there.

That was intentional foul ref.

- Get back to your bench.

- [Dylan] That was intentional.

- [Ref] Back to your bench
before I issue a technical foul.

- Come on man, come on man,
you gotta make that call.

That's intentional, then
call the dog on foul.

- Well played, that's a top foul.

- [Tywan] I know, I know man.

- Hey, don't even worry about it man.

We got you, we got you Red.

If that's how they wanna
play then we will play.

Come on.

(dramatic music)

(whistle blows)

- Let's go!

Defense, defense!


- Let's go, T!

Let's go, go crazy!

Let's go T, go crazy!

- You know what?


- Yeah, that's the way
to go boys, let's go.

- Time out, time!

Time the, time out!

(whistle blows)


- Fellas look, they're getting
flustered out there now.

Alright, so they're about
to start playing dirty.

Look, I already know how Stoney gets down.

Y'all see the refs aren't
helping us out or nothing.

So we gotta go out there, play smart,

and let's just get the job done, okay?

- I don't know what the hell
wrong with you all today,

but y'all better get it together

and you better get it together fast.

Now I need my three point
shooters out there stepping up.

Run Red Robin and get the
ball out to the perimeter.

Let's go.


- [Dante] Infinity Squad.

- [All] Oo.

- Come here, I need
you on that number one,

that Justin kid, okay?

I need you whenever you can,
get a few shots in on the kid,

just try to make sure
the ref don't see it.

- Hang on, what?

- You head me boy, what
the hell did I say?

You get out there and do what I tell you,

you wanna be D1 don't you?

Okay, yeah, you do what I
tell, I hold your ticket.

So let's get it cracking.

(whistle blows)

- [Player] Come on guys, defense let's go.

- Hustle, hustle, hustle.


- Come on ref, they're
playing dirty out there.

Come on fellas.


Sit down on them, move your feet.

(distant shouting)



- Let's go, come om T!

- Yeah fellas, good job, good job.

("Champion" by Brandon
Fletcher and Kezia Russell)

Let's go fellas.


It's okay fellas, look, look,
just pick it up, come on.


- Time out, Jeez.

- Alright fellas, I see
what they doing out there,

but we're better than that,
we're better than that.

We're not gonna let these refs beat us,

and we show that we're not
gonna let them beat us.

This is real life.

You either go hard or
you go home empty handed.

So what's it gonna be, huh?

- We want it Coach, we want it bad.

- Well then go get it then.

- Come on!


- It's time to turn it up fellas.

This the last minute and a
half, so make 'em feel it.

Let's go!

Come here, what did I tell you to do?

- Man, Coach, I don't get down like that.

I wanna win, but not like that.

- Oh, you don't get down like that?

Okay, well I hope you enjoy
the view from the bench,

and watch your whole
dreams of playing D ball

go down the drain, park it.

- Jay, check in for Mikey boy here.

(whistle blows)

- Is he?

Stoney, I know he not.

You can't take him away now.


He cannot take him out right
now, he cannot take him out.



(distant shouting)

(whistle blows)

- Come on, Dewey, you
gotta move your feet man.

(distant shouting)


- Oh, check it out, check it out.

- Come on man.

(whistle blows)

- Come on boy.

It's called a rebound for a reason.

(whistle blows)

- You didn't see that, come on now.

- Come on, someone's gonna get hurt.

Take your time Moe, come on baby,

we can make these free throws, come on.


- Yeah, come on.

- Take your time, we need this right here.



- Come on man!

You can't be serious!



(distant chattering)

- Great job.




Wow, that was dope man.

- Oh man, really, really nice job.

Take my card, I'm really excited
about a few of your kids.

Give me a call in a week, I wanna talk

to you about a few of the boys.

- Alright, appreciate you coming out here.

- Yeah, thanks so much.

- Take care.

- Congratulations man,
that was awesome, awesome.

I want the point guy.

- Okay.

- He's mine

- Let's talk.

- Alright, hey nobody
deserves it more than you man.

- Appreciate it man.

Alright, take care.

- Congratulations Coach.

Hey, I know that everybody's on him,

but I really love 35, I'm gonna call you

in a couple of days about him.

- Okay.

- Alright.

- Appreciate you coming out.
- Good luck to you.


- Thank you.

(gentle music)


- Man.

Yo, that's how you do that boy.

Congratulations man.

- [Dylan] I couldn't have
done it without you bro.

- Man, never mind all that.

Look, it did my heart good seeing

the boys work hard like that, Coach.


- Thanks bro.

- Look, I ain't gonna
take up all your time.

You got some people waiting on you man.

- Oh, okay.

Right at you bro, take care.

Wow, I guess I better win
championships more often, huh?

- Congratulations baby.

I am so proud of you.

- It's nothing but God baby.

- Hey Coach, come on we gotta
take this picture, let's go.

- [Dylan] I'll see you in a bit.


- [Dylan] Hey, good job.

- Hey Coach.

- Hey Coach.

I just wanted to come

and tell you congratulations
and good game.

- Get your butt in here man.

I love you man.

- Oh, what the heck, give me some love.

- [All] Aww.

- Yeah, Mikey.

- Alright boys, take care man.

Let's go take our pictures boys.

(cheering and shouting)

("Identity (Skin)" by Kiara Maton)

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Living in adopted reality ♪

♪ When being injustified
is how we identify ♪

♪ I'm tired of when we hide
behind entitlement paralyzed ♪

♪ I've seen the bigger picture ♪

♪ Freedom of speech ♪

♪ Freedom of belief ♪

♪ Divided Unity ♪

♪ And when you think the answer
to a problem is a problem ♪

♪ Spewing hate believing that
it's really gonna solve 'em ♪

♪ Freedom of speech ♪

♪ Freedom of belief ♪

♪ Freedom of peace ♪

♪ Divided unity ♪

♪ I won't own the hate ♪

♪ I won't own the fear ♪

♪ And I'll choose my truth ♪

♪ Especially when it's nowhere yeah ♪

♪ I believe what I'm seeing ♪

♪ But I won't give them belief ♪

♪ 'Cause how I look ♪

♪ Who you think I am ♪

♪ Doesn't identify me ♪

♪ How I look ♪

♪ Who you want me to be ♪

♪ Doesn't identify me ♪

♪ Ooo ooo ♪

♪ Doesn't identify me ♪

♪ Expectations of me ♪

♪ Have somehow committed
themselves to my identity ♪

♪ Well aware of my creation ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Living in adopted reality ♪

♪ When being injustified
is how we identify ♪

♪ I'm tired of when we hid
behind entitlement paralyzed ♪

♪ I've seen the bigger picture ♪

♪ Freedom of speech ♪

♪ Freedom of belief ♪

♪ Divided unity ♪

♪ Ooo ♪

♪ And when you think the answer
to a problem is a problem ♪

♪ Spewing hate believing that
it's really gonna solve 'em ♪

♪ Freedom of speech ♪

♪ Freedom of belief ♪

♪ Freedom of peace ♪

♪ Divided unity ♪

♪ I won't own the hate ♪

♪ I won't own the fear ♪

♪ And I'll choose my truth ♪

♪ Especially when it's nowhere yeah ♪

♪ I believe what I'm seeing ♪

♪ But I won't give them belief ♪

♪ 'Cause how I look ♪

♪ Who you think I am ♪

♪ Doesn't identify me ♪

♪ How I look ♪

♪ Who you want me to be ♪

♪ Doesn't identify me ♪

♪ I won't own the hate ♪

♪ I won't own the fear ♪

♪ And I'll choose my truth ♪

♪ Especially when ♪