Village (2023) - full transcript

Yu Katayama is a young man who lives in the remote but beautiful village Kamonmura. He has lived there since he was a child and is unable to leave due to an incident in his past. To pay off his mother's debt, Yu works in a garbage...

Dreams are fleeting.
Despite knowing this, humans still dream.

Waking up after 50 glorious years,
it was all merely a dream.

Truly, everything is but an empty dream.
- Kantan, a Noh play


Hey, Yuu, you're getting your ass kicked.

Come on.

Come on!

What? Did you land one?

Come on, man. The face is out of bounds.

All right.

They're here.

Hello, everyone!

- Hey.
- Hey.

Careful, Mr. Sakashita.

This is quite a sight, Mayor Ohashi.

All the garbage in this area
is gathered here.


We separate the reusable waste here.

I see.

It's our job to reduce the waste
that goes to the landfill.

Of course.

If we are awarded next year's subsidy,

we plan to expand the site
to other nearby mountains.

- All those mountains?
- Yes.


Should we go and see the mayor soon?



Is it always like that for you?


that's basically bullying.

I only just got here,
so I don't really know.

But I wouldn't accept
getting smacked around.

I don't accept it either.

Yeah, I guess not.

It's gonna be hell
until I pay off my debts.

I haven't seen Kokichi
perform Noh for a year.

I wish he would make up
with the mayor already.

How long is he going to stay here?

I bet there'll be
another incident someday.

Why does the mayor even let him live here?

No idea.

Welcome home.

By the way,

can I get next month's money early?

Huh? I gave you money last week.

No, you don't understand.

Everything was going great at first.

Then this weird old lady sat beside me,
and I lost everything.

I'll pay you back next week.

What's with that look?


Don't treat your mother like this!
I said I'd pay you back!


You lot aren't done.

Come on. Hurry up.

It's gonna be morning soon.


- What's up?
- Hey.

Another big haul today, huh?


- Aren't you a little short?
- Nope.


So, did you borrow money from Maruoka too?

It wasn't me who borrowed it.

The mayor, everyone...

They all know about this, right?


This village is the pits.

Look at that face.

Hey, look this way.

Why are you being difficult?

- Hey.
- Okay.

Good work.


- Thank you.
- Good job.

Hey, Yuu.

How's your mom?

- Fine.
- Good.

Tell her to take it easy
with the gambling.

You want out of this village too, right?

- Thank you.
- All right.

Nice work.



What's up?

It's just

this noise.


I don't hear anything.


You're freaking me out.

- ...over the mountain next year.
- Wow, really?

- Yep.
- That's so much.

- Really?
- Right?


Is that Yuu?

It is you. It's been a while.

Don't you remember Misaki?

She's back after ten years.

She's gonna be working here.

PR, right? Publicity and stuff.

Good to see you.

All right, let's have a welcome party
at Yosuke's place.

- Great.
- Good idea.

How about you?

Nah, I don't...

Why not join in for a change?

You two used to get along.

You should come.

- Let's go, Misaki.
- Sure.


You look great these days, Misaki!

Am I right?

- Not at all.
- Honestly.

I always had my eye on you, Misaki.

Sure. You had a girlfriend though.

Well, that wasn't serious.

Did you find a guy?

Not telling.

Come on. Don't be like that.

Yosuke, you must be happy
to have your daughter back.

Yes. I owe it to you.

You too, Keiichi.

So, Keiichi.

What are you gonna do after high school?


Speak up. Be a man!

- Don't tease him.
- Sorry.

I'd get out of this village if I were you.

What are you saying?
Nobody would take you.

What's so funny?

Anyway, I was amazed.

I didn't think the facility
would be so big.

What do people think?

Well, of course, they understand.

There were problems at first,
but it's fine now.

I see.

That's good.

Come on.
Why are you sipping on your juice?

This isn't a funeral.

Toru, you shouldn't force him to drink.

As if that's a problem here.


Don't worry. That one's on me.


You faced problems too.

But you're happy to have work now.

Aren't you?


Drink up.

Are you okay?

He made you drink a lot.

It's fine.

Yuu, something about you has changed.

I was surprised.

How have you been?


All right.

Why did you return?


There's nothing here.

And there was nothing in Tokyo.


How about you?

Why are you still here?

What do you mean?

You could've left.

You had options, right?

There are no options.

Not for me.




Damn it!

What the hell is this?

Hey! Something isn't right here!

Someone must be messing with the machine.

Shut up.

What a racket.

- What are you looking at?
- I'm not looking.

This is annoying.

What a pain in the ass.

Hey, what are you looking at?

I dropped them. Damn it!

- What are you looking at?
- Hey, help!

Excuse me.

Yuu, it's been a while.

You should get Kimie to stop drinking.

She doesn't look well these days.

She's your only family.

She needs your support.

Easy for you to say. You left.

Here we go.

By the way,

Misaki's back, right?

You used to be close.

Let's hang out. It's been ages.



It's as if it's been there forever.

It's right above the shrine!

Even the people
who opposed the plans to build it

say nothing now that it's here.

What do they think when they see this?

It's weird.


- It's been a while.
- How have you been?

I've been good.

Thanks for coming.

All right, let's get started.

I wonder if I can do it.

I'm totally rusty now.

That's not true at all.

Yuu, want to get into Noh again?

Not really.

Do you still teach?

Young people in the village
don't do Noh anymore.

It makes me sad,

but it's like that these days.

By the way, are you two
coming to the festival?

I want to. Let's go together.

I'll pass.

You should come.

It'll make you want to try Noh again.

I'm home.


It's been a while, Mom.

How's Mom doing?

You saw her.

She's riddled with cancer,
but she still has her wits.

I see.

How are finances?

Good question.

It's tight every year.

But we should be okay

with next year's subsidy
for the waste facility.


Is a thing like that really necessary?

There's more to the world
than just what's necessary.


When I was little,

it scared me to see this.

Everyone with the same face,

walking in the same direction.


It's unnatural

as if it's not of this world.

You haven't seen Noh in a long time, huh?


I'd rather not sit here.

- Got some nerve.
- What is this?

It's okay.

Sleep if you're tired.

Noh, you see,

makes you face your inner self.

Rather than try to understand,
you should respond in your own way.

That interpretation is never wrong.


Kimie Katayama.


I know you're there.

There you are.

Hey, Yuu.

Thanks again.

Don't mind me.



You didn't want Yuu to know.

Your son works at a dump
day in and day out.

How will you deal with this loan?

You couldn't repay this in a lifetime.

I'll work to repay it.


I sympathize with you.

It's your useless mother's debt.
You did nothing wrong.

But you know,
I'm trying to make a living too.

You understand?

- Let's go.
- All right.

- That's good.
- Thank you.

Oh, Yuu.

Can I ask you something?

Look at this.

To improve familiarity with this facility,
we're discussing having a children's tour.


I was thinking.

I'd like to ask you to be the guide.

- Me?
- Yeah.

You used to like public speaking.

Nah, that's not like Yuu at all.

I can do it.

You're the supervisor, Toru.
Just be big and strong.

And you look so tough.
Won't the kids be scared?

That's for sure.

Come on.

There are plenty of reasons
it can't be Yuu.

Am I right?

Well? Are you interested?

- I haven't done this before, so...
- Hey.

Come on now.

You know he's a criminal's son, right?


It's true, isn't it?

It'll be a problem if that gets out later.

- The past isn't important.
- You must know too, Misaki.

We had a hard time
because of his situation.



What's with that look?

- You got something to say?
- Stop, Toru.

Away he goes.

He ran away.

Yuu is the wrong choice for this.


Hey, Yuu.

Can I have a ride?

The rain is so bad.

Toru hasn't changed at all
since the old days.

He shouldn't talk like that.

Hey, don't get the wrong idea.

Sorry, but I don't need your pity.

It's nothing like that.

Hey, do you have time after this?


I want to give you something.


I'm home.

Welcome back.



Come in.



You haven't been here in a long time.

It was nice back then.

Everything was green.
The vegetables were great.

We would all practice Noh on our days off.

But everything changed.


What is it?

A mask.


I told you I don't do Noh.

You know, masks have the power
to soothe the heart.

Put this on
when you think you might explode.


what shall we do?


It shouldn't be me.

It's just like they said.

You know about my dad, right?

That's why I chose you.

You did nothing wrong.

So, why are you treated like that?


You're the same as I was.

You've always been fighting alone.

I understand how you feel.

Everyone bullies you.

Nobody comes to help you.

You suffered in silence all alone, right?

In that place.

It's okay.

I'm here for you now.

So, here at
the Kamon Village Environmental Center,

we want to recycle
everyone's household waste

to help the whole village
address environmental issues as one.

In the waste facility's first year,

2,000 tons of garbage
went into the landfill.

Thanks to everyone's efforts,

we can gradually lessen that amount.

We call this giant trash can "the pit."

We churn the garbage so it burns easily,
then move it to the incinerator.

The incinerator burns garbage
throughout the night while you're asleep.


I'll drop off the pass.

Hey, what's up?


You're getting the hang of it, huh?


Maybe it's your expression or something,
but you seem more masculine.

Shut up.

What's that?


I guess it's my turn now.

What a loser you are.

Acting cool in front of little kids.

Nobody will have cared if that's all
it took to wipe the slate clean.

See you tonight.

"The man taught me a lot about garbage."

"Sometimes my dad doesn't separate
the garbage. Next time, I'll tell him."

This is great. You're so popular.

Stop it.

Now Mayor Ohashi is talking

about having a TV special made.

He sees it as a big chance
to teach people about the village.


Maybe you'll become a celebrity.

I'll pass.

Upon the pillow of Kantan

Where I laid my head

I had this dream
And now I have awoken!



The mask I gave you is from that play.


What's it about?

There's a young man

who stays at an inn.

He sleeps on the "pillow of Kantan"

and wakes up as an emperor.

Fifty years pass,

and he spends every day reveling
and enjoying life as the emperor.

But then he woke up

and was in the inn all along.

Then he realizes

that life itself
is nothing more than a dream.

A dream?


I feel alive right now.


In Tokyo...

I tried so hard to keep up with everyone.

But nothing went right.

People just said I was good
at making them angry.

Every day, I wondered why I was alive.

But now...

I feel like I'm being told
I deserve to be alive.



I need to go.


The first elementary school tour
last month was a great success.

Next month's schedule
is already filling up.

Furthermore, there are plans

to produce a TV special next weekend.

Our employee Yuu Katayama
is expected to be featured.

Thank you.

Any questions?


Should we be worried
about water pollution from the garbage?

No need for concern.

We are taking precautionary measures,
following safety guidelines.

Anyone else?

Go ahead.

I think Katayama is unacceptable.

Someone with a criminal family member
shouldn't represent us and the facility.


Definitely not on TV.

Misaki would be much nicer,
being a girl and all.

She's pretty.

Yeah, Misaki's better.

Yuu is not responsible

for his family's crimes.

He's working hard for our company now.

You all must know this.

Of course I understand
that there are concerns.

we specifically chose Yuu Katayama.

We provide a place for people
who have had a hard time in society.

That's how we want to promote our village.

Nice work.

Thank you.


Want to get a drink?

Sorry. I have to write the proposal.


You know, you're defending him a lot.

How come?

Yuu is really trying to change.
You should support him too.

Don't be ridiculous.

He's always the same, no matter what.
He isn't gonna change.

That's your opinion.

It's confirmed.

They'll be producing
the TV special next week.

They'll be paying us a visit soon.
You show them around.

- Me?
- You.

People from all over Japan will watch.

It could be a hit.

Oh, also...

quit the night job.


I'll tell Maruoka.

It'll cause trouble for us
if that comes out later.



Now is the time to change your life.

Prove yourself to those
who look down on you.

I'll take on the task.

Makes you feel alive, huh?

This is our guide, Yuu Katayama.

- It's a pleasure.
- The pleasure is all mine.

This way.


Oh, hello there!

What's this?

This is where we separate
the reusable waste

not just from Kamon Village
but from other nearby communities too.


- Nothing to see here.
- Now, now.

I'm terribly sorry.

Some employees have special circumstances.

But our company's strength
is in employing them on an equal basis.

We'll go that way next.


This isn't a zoo!


Hey, Yuu.

You're one of us.

- Come on, Mr. Ono.
- You too!


- That's right.
- It's nicely done.

Sounds good.

I'll take some photos later.

Thank you.

- Cute!
- This is great.

Let's just use this.


What's going on?

I was in the neighborhood.

Let's chat.

Thank you.

- See you next time.
- See you then.

Sorry, Misaki. I'm done now.

Do you mind? We're busy.


This is a crime, you know.
What's so good about him?

Did you make him do this?

Come on. Don't pin the blame on me.

He came to me. He wanted this work.

I guess you see yourself in him.


You see...

I heard it from your dad.

He told me you left your job
because of mental illness.

No, it's okay.

It can happen to anyone.

Stop it.


You know,

I've always had feelings for you.

Be with me.

We'll leave the village.

I'll make you happy.

Stop it.

Don't worry.

I'm not gonna force you.


No! Stop!


What the hell are you doing?

I told her all about your bad sides.


What is it?

Wanna kill people who piss you off,
like your old man did?

He got mad after everyone left him
when he opposed the waste facility.

Isn't that stupid, Misaki?

Playing the victim.

You piss me off.

Toru, calm down.

Hey. Fight back.

I told you to fight back.

Come on!

Bring it!


Why did it have to be you?

Stop it!

Come on.

Come on.

Come on!

Fight back!

Please. Please stop.


Wake up!

Run! Get inside!

- No!
- Hurry, run!

Stop it! You'll kill him!


this village doesn't need you.

What the hell is he doing?


That stupid boy is hopeless.

I bet he got wasted again.

What happened to your face?


I fell.

- Can we cover this with makeup?
- Yes.

This all depends on you.

I'm relying on you.

Got it.

Yes? Oh, good to see you, Mr. Sakashita.

The time has come.

Well, I'm excited,
but there are some concerns as well.

- Don't worry.
- Thank you. I'm glad you came.

There's still time,
so please relax in the waiting room.

Oh, I see.

- Well, best of luck.
- Thank you.

Yuu Katayama is here.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.


- It's about to start.
- Oh?

The village of Kamon

carries the beauty of every season

and has a strong Noh tradition

spanning over 500 years.

Kamon Village is home

to this elegant, enigmatic
Japanese scenery and tradition,

and its continued protection is...

- Yes.
- Understood.

- Thank you for coming today.
- Thank you.

- Over here.
- Thank you.

Ten seconds to go.

We're live in four, three...


Oh. Hey, it has started.

Here we go.

Today's feature is on Kamon Village.

Even on a weekday,
the village is bustling.

Introducing the village to us today
is Kamon Village's young star,

Yuu Katayama.

Please, go ahead.

- Thank you.
- It's Yuu!

He's looking good.

He scrubbed up nicely.

- He's so cool.
- Nice one.

I'm pleased to say we now have
nearly one million visitors annually.

One million? That's amazing.

It's really one of the prefecture's
top destinations.

- Thank you.
- Yuu!

- Sorry, that's my mother.
- Your mother?

What a charming woman.
Thank you for coming!

Sorry. Hello!

- Yuu is working very hard.
- Thank you.

- Ready to begin?
- Yes.

- Please.
- Thank you.

Once every year, a
Noh festival continues...

There's a lot of hype.

Do you regret leaving?

Be quiet.


he's worked hard for this.

What has supported the village
through these times

is this waste management facility,
isn't that right?


Wow, it's big.

Kamon Village Environmental Center
is a savior for the entire prefecture.

So, how do they handle waste?

Please watch this summary.


It's me! Look!

He's glaring at the camera!

You can't make that face.

It's so grand and impressive.

Feels very reassuring.

Thank you very much.

I work at the center, where we take
30% of the prefecture's garbage and...

What about your brother's son?

Any news on the police search?

Yeah, well...

He's always causing problems,
so nothing would surprise me.

But I can't help worrying.

At any rate,
you explain it so well, Mr. Katayama.

Oh no, you're too kind.

We've reached the end. Now, Mr. Katayama,

could you look into the camera
and give us a brief parting message?

All right.

In Kamon Village, we respect diversity.
We will keep looking to the future.

This is a village where tradition
and the environment coexist.

We must work towards
building a greener society

and curbing climate change.

Everyone, please visit Kamon Village.

I believe this village can offer ideas
to improve your life.

Okay, cut!

All good.

- Ah, thank you so much.
- Thank you.

You're great.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

Good job.

I saw you, Yuu!

It was the best.

Wow, Shusaku.

You really are lucky

to have these young people
livening up the place.

No, Mr. Sakashita.
It's thanks to your help.

Looks like the next mayor has been chosen.

Right, Yuu?

Oh, no.

I'm sure Yuu could easily succeed Shusaku.

I'm so proud of my son!

Mom, you're drunk.

Of course, I had a successor of my own.

Where has that boy gone?

He was probably jealous of you, Yuu.

Still, it's just wonderful

that the village Fumi protected
lives on for future generations.

Isn't it?

She's happy inside.

Yes, right.

Yuu really gave it everything this year.

However, Misaki is an unsung hero.

Thanks to her unfailing guidance,
we have the Yuu of today.

I may even have them
join the Ohashi household.

How about it, Yosuke?

Please do!

- What?
- That was great.

- Is that okay?
- Please, go ahead.


- I don't feel good.
- Careful, Kimie!

All right.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Okay. We made it.




Thank you.

What are you saying?

You did the hard work.

Who'd have thought Garbage Town
would be such a sensation?

I was surprised.
He used it to his advantage.

Even the mayor is desperate
for Fumi's approval.

But Kokichi was always
her favorite son, right?

She ended up like that
because Kokichi left.

Messy, isn't it?

Good morning, everyone.

There are two tours today.

We'll do our best to stay out of your way.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Getting the hang of it, Keiichi?
- Yeah.

Yuu, when you appeared on TV,

this kid's eyes totally lit up.

You were cool.

- I didn't recognize you.
- Stop it.


Oh, just a second.

I have something to tell you.

I'm in the clear.

I'm leaving the job next month.

I might help with
my parents' work back home.

I see.

That's great.

You know, Yuu,

you shouldn't take on too much either.

I still prefer you now to before.

I get it.



You can go home after this.








What is this?

We exceeded the limits,
thanks to those doing the extra dumping.

This will be a nightmare if it gets out.

You're right.

Do something about it.


- Me?
- Yes, you.

I left this to you,
so you must be able to sort it out.

- Yeah, but...
- Yuu.

Everything that's piled up will disappear.




- Morning.
- Good morning.

- Oh, Kokichi.
- Huh?

One moment.

What's this?

Is that Keiichi?

What's wrong?

There's something I need to tell you.

Keeping busy, huh?

It's been a while.

What's with that hair?

I preferred your old lazy style.

Stop that.

- Is something up?
- Huh?

Nah, I'm just on patrol.

Toru is still missing, after all.

How about you?

Is something up with you?

No, not really.

Hey, Misaki.

- It's been a while.
- It sure has.

Is something wrong?

Oh, a few things.

Let's practice again one day.



Detain them!


I see. I'll be right there.

- The truth's out.
- Huh?


Did you know?


How would I know?


Keiichi made the report.

He did well.

I can't accept wrongdoings.

Good job, Keiichi.

Nice work.

Fix this.

Thank you for gathering here today.

This matter was exposed
thanks to this young man's brave actions.

We're very proud of him.

Mr. Nakai, could you give us a few words?

Well, this news came truly out of nowhere.

This site has become a hotbed for crime
after we lovingly built it up,

and we deeply regret this.

We will cooperate with the investigation...

There's bound to be a cover-up.

Yeah, for sure.

What do you mean?

Just like ten years ago.

After a brief outcry,
it'll be as if nothing happened.

- Ten years ago?
- Yeah.

Wait, when was it that you left?

There was an opposition movement
when this place was planned.

Those involved came up against
most of the village.

One ended up killing someone
who had been bullying him for it.

In the end, he burned the house down
with himself inside.

It all got wrapped up in a flash
without any investigation.

I couldn't do anything.

Yuu, you're my hero.

Thank you.

Mr. Sakashita.

Sorry to bother you.
I'll make the donation payment tomorrow.



Wait, please. Mr. Sakashita.

Mr. Sakashita!

What a situation.


Well, it's about your beloved missing son.

- We have a lead.
- Now isn't the time for that.

The illegal dumping.

Toru was involved, wasn't he?

What would I know about that?

Do you really think

you can continue
keeping a lid on this stench?


wouldn't understand how I feel.


Hey, Yuu.

What is it? I don't want you coming here.

It's not looking good.

It's a loss of income for me,
so it affects us both.

Why are you here?

It was never like this with Toru.

You didn't blab, right?

Why would I?

Anyway, smooth this over.

Sell me out, and I'll kill you.

Is that a threat?

Are you an idiot?

Did you forget you're famous now?

You're a criminal.

- Yuu, are you okay?
- I'm fine.

Get out.

- Yuu...
- Get out!


Forensics, here! Take photos!

Everyone, stop digging and stand by!

- Cordon it off.
- Roger!

I knew he'd show up.

Excuse me, Mr. Katayama.

You must be busy,
but may I ask a question?

What is it?

Well, your father
led the opposition movement

against the waste facility, correct?

As you promote the facility,
how do you feel about that?

What do you mean?

Yes, well,

what's your opinion
on your father's crimes?

What the hell do you know?

- Yuu!
- Let me go!

- It's insulting!
- Tell me how that feels...

Get out of my face!

- Get lost!
- Why?


I know...

that you saved my sister.



I want to ask you a favor.


I'll be there in 30 minutes.
I want to speak to the press.


Thank you.

All right.

Where are we going?

I want you to talk to the reporters.

Say you saw Toru Ohashi doing bad stuff,
and some scary guys came to take him away.

But I didn't see that...

I know you didn't!

This never would've happened
if you had kept quiet.

Keiichi, come on.

I'm your hero, aren't I?

But I don't like lying.


That guy is garbage.
He tried to assault your sister.

People like that shouldn't be alive.

Right, Keiichi?

You want to be a hero, don't you?

- I don't like this.
- What are you doing?

Look out!







I'm sorry, Keiichi!

I'm sorry...

The story of Kamon Village's illegal
waste dumping is developing rapidly.

Today, as police were digging
for evidence at the landfill site,

a body, believed to be male, was found.

The police say that due to decomposition,
the identity is unconfirmed.

This is being investigated
as a dead body dumping case.

Police are working to confirm the identity
and cause of death.

They are also investigating
the possible involvement

of facility employees and gang members

arrested for illegal dumping two days ago.

Police will hear
from workers at the incinerator,

which operates around the clock,
even outside of landfill hours,

and will review security camera footage
to look for suspicious individuals

who may have entered or left the facility.

Going forward,

the question of whether
the two cases may be connected...


is always talking about you at home.

Things like, "Yuu talked to me today."

"Yuu ate lunch with me."

Yuu this. Yuu that.

In the future...

keep being his hero, okay?

Where are you going?


I'll go too.

- You can't.
- Why not?


this village needs you.

You have to go on saving people.

What are you saying?

I'm the one

who was saved by you, Misaki.

At least a little...

even someone like me deserves to be alive.

You made me feel that way.

I'm sorry I couldn't...

make you happy.

What a bastard.

What the hell are you doing?

This village doesn't need you.


That hurts, you know.

Too late.

Mayor Ohashi.


I came to talk to you.

I have something to say too.

I heard from Kokichi earlier.

Apparently, Toru's phone

had a lot of videos and photos on it.

They include photos of you
carrying out illegal dumping.

I see.

There was also a video
of Toru assaulting Misaki.

You two did it.



That doesn't matter. It's what I expected.

I've had to hush up
his incidents so many times.

That burden is gone.

That's the only evidence.

I'll come up with some lie.

Position is what matters.

If you fall,
it's hard to get your place back.

You get it, right? Being the culprit.

Was it this easy with my dad?

What makes you say that?

Answer me.

Your old man.

Honestly, I forget.

Nah, I'm sorry.

But that's how much
I was thinking of the village.

The village needs sacrifices.

That's how it's survived.

I'm thankful for your dad.

So now,

shall we sacrifice Misaki
this time around?

She did it all by herself.

We leave it at that.

How about it? I'll sort out the rest.

You and I can rebuild
the village together.

Well, Yuu?

You're garbage.


This village deserves to disappear.



Subtitle translation by: Mari Murray