Victims and Murderers (2000) - full transcript

Two half-siblings Jana and Miroslav are ineffectually trying to escape their mutual attraction and break free from their fatal relationship. Two time levels, presence and 1970s, inter-mesh in the film.

present a film
by Andrea Sedlackova



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I don't know when I figured out
that this story had no end.

I don't know when I realized
that we led immoral lives.

I don't know when I noticed that
I couldn't go on without her.

I don't remember when I first
forgave my sister,

when I started to admire her
or started to fear her.

It surely didn't start when...

Repeat what you said!

I'm old enough
to do what I want.

And how old are you?

You know how old I am.

You've turned seventeen so
you think

you can play dirty
games with your brother...

You should be ashamed!

He's not my full brother.
Let go of me!

You're too young to be showing
yourself to anybody.

Too young, too old,
you should make up your mind...

Let go of me!

I'll show you!
I won't let this happen!

- Let go of me.
- Leave her alone.

- You shut up!
- Stop it!

So you won't leave her alone?

That's enough!

- Leave him alone!
- You stay out of it!

I'll beat that shit
out of their minds.

Stop it!

Mirek, Jana,
come back here right now!

This can't be true.

- This can't be true.
- What are you talking about?

This can't be true.
We obviously killed him.

It was your idea
to take off the rung.

I did it for you.
He beat you more than me.

Swear that you'll never tell
anyone how it happened.

- He's dead...
- Swear...

Much happiness to you two
may it last long and true

since that's the hardest to do.

It's the hardest to do...

Thank you once again
for coming tonight.

I have a favor to ask.
Don't say anything to my brother.

You know how sensitive he is.

I'll explain
everything to him later.

- Good evening.
- Hi.

We worried you wouldn't show up.
You really took your time.

I always wonder what you do
in that tower so late at night.

Could you get another chair,

In case you haven't met, let me
introduce my brother Miroslav.

This is Lucie, my new colleague
at the hairdresser's.

And this is my best friend Olga.

She's been here for eight
years but you've never met.

That's because you never go out.
You're always so grumpy.

This is Mr. Josef Dubina.

- He's a new doctor in town.
- Nice to meet you.

Long live our lady of honor...

All the best to you, Jana.

How dare you kiss her like that?

But that's normal.
It's your sister's birthday.

- Who's this guy, this doctor?
- He moved here about a year ago.

- Supposedly he's very nice.
- I think he's vermin.

You mean like a fox or a skunk?

I judge people as either
verminous or harmless...

I have it easy.
I divide them into good and bad.

- That's so boring.
- Eat something, Miroslav.

He immediately offends people
he's interested in

so he doesn't lose face.

You asked me to come so I did,
and now I'm leaving.

you wanted to meet my friends.

Is it really possible to call
all these people your friends?

Yes, it is possible.

- Let's drink to your health.
- Let's not.

Will you dance with me?

Take your coat off.

- My sister's new victim.
- What do you mean?

We are all somebody's victim.

We love to sacrifice ourselves.

Don't you?

- No, not anymore.
- That's what you think.

We always sacrifice more
than we intend to.

You are my soul,
you are my heart

You are my pleasure,
a dream so sweet

You are my world
that gives me life

I long for you, my paradise

You are the hollow where

I forever bury my sorrow.

I am home, kids!
It's time to divvy up.

Let's take out the envelopes
and empty out all the money...

Close your eyes!

Okay, Miroslav, look how much
money we have today.

I'd love to have some pork.

- How about potatoes with cheese?
- Hurray.

That's what we ate
everyday last week.

Check Thursday.
There's more money there.

Mom, I think
we should sell the piano.

No way! We still have
father's accordion.

What's up? Wait, I'm playing...

Where is your husband?

I sacrificed him
to another woman.


you must be locked up
very well somewhere.

- I've never run into you in town.
- You have many times

but you stared at the ground
and never answered my hellos.

I see you every day. I work at
the cafe across from the church.

I don't go to cafes.

You were great. I had no idea
you could act so well.

- I'm not acting at all.
- Can I get your coat?

May I walk you home?

This is for you.

- I can give you my hat.
- That's okay.

Your head will get wet
and you'll catch cold.

Wow, you look pretty bad.

This is where I live.
Can I invite you in for coffee?

Have a seat.

Thank you.

- Do you believe in chance?
- What do you mean?

Do you believe in chance
or in destiny?

They are the same, aren't they?

Do you think that everything
is predestined?

No. If I believed that

everything that happened
in my life was predestined,

I'd rather have been born

I also wish I was born
to somebody else.


I'd have liked to have had
the same father as my sister

so I'd have her personality.

I don't believe in heredity.
We are what we do.

- You sure believe in yourself.
- More than in others.

Do you think

we met by chance
or was it destiny?

Or was it something
completely different?

No, I don't think anything.

Do you take sugar?

I don't drink coffee, ever...

We don't bring guests
into the kitchen.

Josef isn't a guest.
He'll be living with us.

Excuse me?

We got married yesterday. He has
already moved his things in.

Come on...

- How could you do that?
- Just tell him you love me.

- You keep out of this!
- But...

You'd have done the same.

The first available woman
picked you up,

so you didn't even come home,

- What do you mean "picked up"?
- I mean picked up.

Do you think
Olga gave in to your charm?

That'd be quite exceptional.
I asked her to do me a favor.

Is anybody here?

I can't go on without you.

You shouldn't come here so often.
It looks suspicious.

But I came to get my hair cut.

You'll be bald soon.
Let me at least give you a shave.

How are you doing, Jana?

Do you need money?

I heard that your mother...

that your mother is sick.

I'm going to write you
a check in the back.

No, don't be silly...

Okay, but be careful.

Where are you going? Wait!

Miroslav, wait for me! Wait!

Neither my sister nor I were
predestined to be successful.

We were constantly obstructed
by our own painful inability.

We accepted the fact that
we'd never achieve anything big

but we wanted to forget
what we did when we were kids.

In our desperate search for love
we kept running into each other

despite the fact
we tried to run away to others.

Thank your sister. She bought
it with her first bonus.

Come on,
you can't be making that much.

I threw in some savings, too.

- Aren't you happy?
- Yeah...

Well, play something!

And Mr. Doubrava
helped you out, huh?

Why would Mr. Doubrava do that?

He's talking nonsense.
Don't listen to him.

If you don't like it
then don't play it.

Can't you understand that
I'm actually in love?

That I don't want to be alone
when I'm old?

I'm always here for you.

Let's show those hypocrites
that we're worth something.

- You know what they think of us.
- I never really cared.

But you broke your promise
that we'd always be together.

We were kids back then.
Let's forget about it.

- You can get together with Olga.
- No.

I'm not going out with anyone
you set me up with.

You won't get rid of me
that easily.

Nobody tried to understand her.

She was a whore sleeping with
half the town at the age of 17.

No one noticed she was
desperately looking for love.

She gave up to desire
called lust.

By scarring her finest body
part she tried to get rid of it.

If she had died,
I'd have killed myself.

In 1889, Ferdinand Martinu
was appointed a tower keeper

of St. Jacob Church.

A year later the music composer
Bohuslav Martinu was born

and spent his childhood here
up in the tower.

Before that his father worked
as a shoemaker...


Martinu never forgot
the Policka tower. That's all.

Good bye.

I'm sorry.
I should have told you

your sister asked me
to entertain you...

Entertain you say?

Well, you gave
a very professional performance.

I see that one can rely on you.

My sister really has
a very self-sacrificing friend.

I wanted to tell you at my house
but I didn't have the courage.

We began with great words
and ended with a harsh reality.

Let's cut to the truth.

You acted like a whore and
I was just a customer.

If you want we can go on
just like that.

Are you going to tell me
why you dragged me up here?

Today it's exactly one year
after our dad fell.

I thought you'd forget
about it by now.

I think about it all the time.

This is the only place
I feel good.

I watch people and things
from here and orchestrate them.

- What do you do?
- I conduct people.

I see them as notes.

- I don't understand you at all.
- You really have to concentrate.

Do you see that water wagon?

It's a piano.

And the kids over there are
a flute, an oboe and a horn.

And those bicyclists
are pizzicato.

Where did you get that,
you pizzicato?

- Can't you hear it?
- What am I supposed to hear?

Katerina Holomkova told me that
you ran away like a coward.

- She made me mad.
- How?

- She was wearing pantyhose.
- What?

- She didn't wear garters.
- Who cares?

- I do!
- You're nuts.

When you see Katerina
do you feel warm?


Sometimes I get so hot
that I can't stand it.

It drives me crazy

and I want to make love
with somebody.

I've already told you -
not with you.

Mom, he has somebody in there.

- You'll wake mom up.
- Who's in there with you?

- Katerina?
- I didn't ask you yesterday.

You're too young to ask me.

You have plenty of time
to bring girls over.

- I grew up a long time ago.
- You still act like a little boy.

And don't forget to shave
tomorrow. You're scruffy.

Tomorrow's envelope's
pretty thick!

I can't believe you enjoy
living from day to day.

It's not about how much
we spend.

It's not about money.
It's about the surprise.

Wow, it's so much money! How can
we spend it all tomorrow?

I guess
I have to buy myself a dress!

You don't need to spend it all.

You spend what's in the envelope.
Nothing more, nothing less.

I'm gonna have a beer.

- Does anyone else want one?
- I'd like a mineral water.

We're having beef tonight.

- Will you join us?
- No, I have sausages.

Damn it. What's up with this?

Someday that ladder will kill
someone. We should get a new one.

This place was one of Martinu's
greatest impressions

and played a great role in his
approach to composing music.

You paid so you were entitled
to the tour. So I did my job.

Now leave. I have to close up.

What are you doing here?

He refuses to talk to me.
I keep coming here every day.

So forget him. You look tired.

Stop by my work someday and
I'll get you back in shape.

I'm going to Prague.
Do you want to come with me?

- You said you quit.
- And I did. Bye.


I came to ask you a favor.

Tell Josef that I had to go
to Prague to visit our sick aunt.

You know I don't talk to him.

Then write it
on a piece of paper.

Why don't you tell him?

I decided to go
at the last minute

and I don't want to go home
in case I run into him.

I have to go.

Come meet me at the train
station tomorrow, okay?


You're always going somewhere.

I promise I won't go anymore.

You're too young to get married.

We've discussed this
a hundred times.

I like her.
I gave her my word.

You gave me your word.

You'll regret it
until the day you die.

If you don't go to the wedding,
you'll avoid the divorce later.

You can't really be in love
with someone that ugly.

She's not ugly.

They're waiting for me.
I have to go.

You don't have to do it.
It won't lead to anything.

Don't tell me that you want
to spend your life with her.

Without me.

If you marry her,
then I'll disappear

and you'll never see me again.
You know I mean it, right?

We'll go to the train station
and get on the first train.

Have one for the road and
let's get out of here.

Man, this will be a mess.

Let's go!

Where did you learn
to dance so well?

That's my secret.

You're covered in secrets.

It's up to you
to slowly reveal them.

- Where are you from?
- From a small dead town.

What do you do there?

- I work with people's heads.
- How?

I give them a new look,

sometimes for better,
sometimes for worse.

I wish I could be in your hands.

No, you don't.
I kill them all in the end.

- Your parents let you do that?
- I killed them, too.

That's a good one!

Excuse me.

Why can't you tell me
who this relative is?

I've never heard of any aunt.

That's it.

Why are you so hostile?

I'm trying to befriend you.
I have nothing against you.

Where is the salt?

Your sister means a lot to me.

And you mean a lot to her,
so you also mean a lot to me.

Where did you put the salt?

Don't cut it too short.

Don't worry.

Do you know that we met exactly
one year ago today?

- Time flies.
- It depends.

I get very lonely in Policka.

I don't want to talk about
marriage and kids again today.

I work until midnight all month,
then you come for the weekend.

I haven't had enough sleep and
I don't feel like arguing.

If you loved me
you wouldn't get upset at all.

It does upset me. I've told
you I can't live with anyone.

I have to stay single.

If you don't like it,
then go find someone else.

What do you mean someone else?

You would really end it
just like that?


Okay then.

I'm sick and tired
of these discussions.

- Sick and tired, huh?
- Yeah.

- In that case I'm leaving.
- Don't make a scene.

Where would you go
this late at night?

You dumb girl...

You just care about yourself,
you coward!

You selfish old bachelor!

...and he says, "There is
a thief among you, Comrades.

How much meat was there?"

One kilo, Comrades,
actually four kilos sixty...

Wait! Let me ring the buzzer.

You're cold, huh?

- Good evening.
- Hello, deputy director.

I'm going to show this lady
something up in my office.

We're too tired to walk up.

Could you turn
the elevator on?

For the tenth time,
where is the salt?

I try to like you even though
everyone in town says that

you've ruined your sister's life.

She sacrificed herself for you.

It's not quite clear who has
sacrificed what for whom.

She did her best to replace
your mother.

You weren't even capable
of getting married.

- Will you give me the salt?
- She makes sacrifices for you.

It's because of you she refuses
to move into a new house.

She'd rather stay here with you
in this shabby place

because you supposedly don't
adjust well to new conditions.

I also make sacrifices for you.

You poor thing.

I am not a poor thing. The poor
thing is someone else here.

- A poor thing and a blockhead.
- You'd better apologize for that.

Will you give me the salt?

Here you go!

You idiot.

This is ridiculous.

- Either I go or you go.
- You'll go.

We'll see about that.

You'll leave once you find out
that you married a nymphomaniac!

You better explain
what you mean by that.

Nothing. Ask your wife
who she goes to visit.

What the names
of all those aunts are.

Today it's exactly 3 months
and 12 days since you left.

You've never been away
for so long before.

I'm exhausted from work.

It was hard not to break that
absurd promise not to visit you.

You have more and more
gray hair

and less and less hair.

That's because of you. When
will you make up your mind?

You know very well that I won't
move here without my brother.

I've been thinking about it

and I'm willing to meet him.

So I'll bring him
along some day.

Stop moving around so much.

Have a drink with me. Please.

Try to understand me.

I've been divorced twice now.
They were two-timing me.

And now it's happening again.

Is that right?
She has a lover in Prague.

Or did I misunderstand you?

Please, tell me the truth.

I'm begging you.

You have to give me some proof.

Tell me right now...

Tell me...

You gotta tell me.

She sees someone here.

- Are you sure?
- I saw her.

I saw her with a man here
after midnight. Let's go.

Be quiet.

Here you are!

Jesus, what are you doing here,
you dumb ass!

- She talked me into it.
- No way.

It was your idea.

Surely somebody's going
to believe you.

You should be
in a detention house.

You're a disgrace.

The dead must be turning over
in their graves.

We'll have the cemetery
re-consecrated. Let's go home.

In the name of Father,
Son and the Holy Spirit,

Jesus Christ's mercy,
our resurrection and life

- be always with you.
- And always with you.

God bless this place
and our belief in Him.

He is life winning over death.


Mommy, what's wrong?

Jesus, it's a heart attack!

I'm going to call an ambulance.

Hi, I need an ambulance to come
to the square in Policka.

My mother collapsed and I have
no idea what happened to her.

This is all that whore's fault.

Her own mother died of shame.

I'm going to tell her
what I think of her.

I'm going to tell her right now!

You're having fun and your
mother died because of you!

We don't want you living here.
Pack your stuff and get out!

God, what's wrong with you?
Leave me alone!

You should be ashamed!

You slut...

We'll sell the house and
move to Prague.

You'll find work easily, and
hopefully I will, too.

Nothing is keeping us
here anymore.

- I'm not moving anywhere.
- Haven't you had enough yet?

Can't you see how you look?

Prague is not gonna work.
We'd never find a place there.

With all that we have we can
only move to another small town

where we'd find the same
attitude and mentality.

And I'm not ashamed of anything.

- Why don't you say something?
- What should I say?

That you'll never leave me.

You'll stay with me

and won't leave me
for another woman.

Promise me that.

Will you make the same promise?

Sure I will.

Then swear that you'll never
leave me for another man.

I swear I will never leave you
for another man.

Then I swear that I'll never
leave you for another woman.

We'll give a huge funeral party

and I bet you all those local
hypocrites will come.

I'd invite you up for a coffee
but you don't drink it.

Tonight I'd make an exception.

Come on in. Take your coat off.

I left a little underdressed.

I'm not dressed for going out.

Do you often walk around
like this at night?

Is this intentional
or do you sleepwalk?

I'll take my coat off
but don't laugh at me, okay?

What's so funny?

I met him when I was sixteen.

He was ten years older and
worked at a hotel reception desk.

We married when I was 18 and
spent two great years together.

Expensive vacations, expensive
restaurants, champagne etc.

Then he was arrested for fraud.
He got 15 years. So I waited.

They let him go
after eight years.

You mean you waited
eight years for him?

I loved him so much.

But he came back
a different person.

Soon after that he divorced me
for another woman.

Then I inherited this house and
moved here to forget it all.

And why didn't you ever
get married?

Good morning.

I brought some breakfast
for the groom.

I'll stay in case he wants to
change his mind again, right?

Once is okay, he's young.

Twice would be a scandal, right?

Could you make some coffee for
me? The groom isn't up yet?

My daughter has been up now
for an hour.

She's impatient, isn't she?

Your future mother-in-law
came to warm you up

for that amazing wedding
she prepared for you, right?

Good morning.

This is our last chance
to disappear.

Get dressed.

Take the bike and
wait for me at the square.

But you have to promise that
you'll stop going to Prague.

I promise.

Come on! Hurry. Go.

- Are you telling the truth?
- I am!

- You'll stop going there.
- I will. Here, catch!

I'm allowed to get
some milk, right?

And you never wanted
to get married again?

I lost my faith.

I thought a person could love
only once in a lifetime.

Have you ever experienced
such an ultimate love?

Yes, but with the wrong person.

How could you stand living alone
all those years?

At least I have my sister.

In a way your sister
helped me a lot.

In what way?

She taught me to see
things differently.

I wouldn't have made it
without her.

I'm exhausted.
I'm turning out the light now.

- Are you going anywhere?
- I'm moving out.

- Because of yesterday?
- That, too.

I'm very sorry. I was drunk.

I'm not going to live
under these conditions.

Look, I'm not interested. Solve
your problems with my sister.

Her train arrives at 11:30 and
she'll be glad to see you.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm picking you up. Let's go.

How's your aunt?

She got sick
and sent a confusing telegram

asking me to come
because she felt lonely.

What's wrong with her?

- She has cancer.
- That's terrible.

- What kind?
- Knee cancer.

- Oh really, which knee?
- The right.

But it can spread.

- To the left knee?
- No, to the whole leg.

Knee cancer doesn't exist.

I'm a doctor, you know.
Next time make up a better lie.

Well, she is probably confused.
What's wrong with you?

I'm asking the questions.

How many times did you get laid?

Did you like it more than
with me? Did you feel guilty?

Probably not, huh?
Whores never feel guilty.

- What are you talking about?
- Why did you do it?

So soon after our wedding?
I'm not enough for you?

Calm down and tell me how you
came up with such a stupid idea?

- Your brother gave you away!
- And you believe him?

Are you trying to tell me
that it's not true?

My brother is jealous

and used the first opportunity
he had to get rid of you.

I don't understand.

If you loved me
you'd believe me.

I can't be with you
if you don't trust me.

- Come on...
- Let's end it.

Forgive me.
It's all that bastard's fault!

I don't ever want to see him
here again.

Don't say such things. You know
he can't live without me.

You're wrong.
He moved out this morning.

- Where to?
- I could care less.

Do you miss her?

Why don't you go and see her?
I don't mind.

You can't hide from her forever.

What are you scared of?
That you won't come back?

I'd send you there right now.

I have to marry you.

- You have to?
- I want to marry you.

Well, why don't you?

Because I'm afraid
I'd run away again.

I'll chain you to my wrist and
let go of you at the church.

He called for his servants
Miroslav and Katerina

to serve one another with love.

They will join in one

and prove their love to us all.

Miroslav and Katerina,
you are here to get married.

I ask you now
before the Church and God,

is your decision
true in your heart and soul?



I don't know why I decided
to write our story.

Maybe I looked for a way to get
rid of it and forget it all.

I wonder whether things would
be different

if our mother were alive.

Before her death everything was
normal. My love was infantile.

She kept refusing me.
We took revenge on each other.

But after our mother died we
were left completely on our own.

May your mother rest in peace.

I really respected her.

It's a great tragedy

but she had a weak heart
and it was hot...

We all go one day.

We won't keep you.
You still have to do the dishes.

What are we going to do?

Excuse me.

You know where to find us
in case you need something.

That's very nice of you.
Good night.

Good night.


How do you like it?

You look great.

You're the most beautiful bride
I've ever seen.

Who are you meeting?

- One of my girl friends.
- I see.

This bra looks stupid.
Can you help me unzip my dress?

What's your friend's name?

Which one of your
many friends is it?

That's none of your business.

I have a right to know.

Who gave you that right?

I can't stand it when you go out
with some strange man.

And am I supposed to put up with
your marriage attempts?

You act like a teenager.

- Like a teenager?
- Yeah.

You didn't treat me
like a teenager last night.

You dumb ass,
what have you done?

You stupid idiot!

What's so funny?
I'll shave your head off!

I will be with you through
fortune and pain forever.

So help me God. Amen.

So help me God. Amen.

I worried that my sister would
stop me from marrying again.

But at the same time I secretly
prayed that she'd be here

and experience
her downfall in full.

And I wasn't wrong...

I promise I will keep my love,
respect and devotion to you.

- I promise...
- that I will keep my love...

I promise that
I will keep my love,

- respect...
- respect and devotion to you...

- I will never leave you...
- I will never leave you...

and bear with you all good and
bad until death do us part.

and bear with you all good and
bad until death do us part.

So help me God. Amen.

So help me God. Amen.

You came to testify your love,
respect and devotion.

I ask you before
the Church and God:

Do you commit to it
for your entire life?

I do.

I do.

I do.

Before the Church, God
and the entire assembly here

I declare your marriage

What God joined,
man can't break apart.

The wedding meant a new
beginning of our suffering.

For the first time in a while
I finally felt really happy.

I'm sure that
my sister felt the same.


I came to tell you
that I miss you.

What do you want from me?

- I want you to come back.
- I can't.

Why not?

I'm sure you've noticed
that I got married.

- But I need you.
- But I need Olga.

What if we tried living
like normal people?

You have your husband
and I have my wife.

We love our partners. In time
we'll start to visit each other.

I don't want
to share you with anybody.

You don't know how I've suffered
since you've been with her.

I've been hoping that
you'd get tired of it.

I can't go on like this anymore.

- I can't live without you.
- Don't touch me.

If you don't come back
I'll tell Olga everything.

- Everything about us.
- And I'll tell Josef.

- He won't believe you.
- I wouldn't be so sure.

I'll tell her that
you killed our father.

Excuse me.

I'm not going
to negotiate with you.

If you don't leave
my brother immediately,

I'll tell him every single
detail about our trips to Prague.

How much fun we had. Or has Mrs.
Vancurova already forgotten?

We promised each other that we
wouldn't tell anybody about it.

It seems that some people don't
keep their promises, huh?

If you don't let him go, I'll
show him the pictures we took.

- He'll be disgusted with you.
- But you're in them, too.

But he'll forgive me.

How much do you think one
person can forgive the other?

It depends on the circumstances.

I wonder if you could forgive me
for everything I've done?

I don't know.

For example,
would you forgive me

if I killed somebody?

And would you forgive me?

- I don't want to forgive anymore.
- Why not?

I couldn't stand
being get disappointed in you.

You're my angel.

You haven't answered
my question yet.

If you found out that
your husband was a murderer,

could you still love him?

Could you still live with him?


No, probably not.

Probably not or not at all?

Not at all.

- Definitely?
- Definitely.

I expected a different answer
from my wife.

I guess I was wrong.

I'm sorry.

Good bye.

He has his mother's nose, right?

- Hi. Are you done working?
- Hi. Hello.

We have roasted pork
for dinner and a surprise.

I'll just get some air.

- I'll be home by seven.
- Okay.

Josef and I decided to move
to a house in Pardubice.

You'll have a whole floor
for yourself there.

And the local museum
needs a guide.

Let's make a toast. Go down and
get a bottle of champagne.

I feel trapped in here.
We'll start a new life.

Where is the champagne?

On the right, by the potatoes.

Go get the door.

What are you saying?

You're blind as well as deaf.

It's on the right,
by the potatoes.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

You must be her brother.
Nice to meet you.

My name is Ludvik Kucera.
I came to see your sister.

Are you sure there
is some champagne here?

- What are you doing here?
- I came to...

- I told you it was over.
- I changed my mind.

I accept your terms. You and
your brother can move in with me.

What's going on? Let me out!

It's stuck.

The person down there is my
husband and if he sees you here,

he will kill me.
Miroslav, show him out, please.

- Are you married?
- Yes.

- Go away.
- What's going on?

- When did you get married?
- Leave, for god's sake.

What are you saying?


Come on,
I'll walk you to the train.

How do you feel?


I almost escaped and
kept the child.

You should have.

- It would have been retarded.
- Maybe not.

Anyway, it's over between us.

At least that part of it.
It can't go on.

It's impossible.

I've made way for other men my
entire life but it will change.

I'll show my sister how far
I'll go to have her for myself.

She's waited for some proof but
I couldn't give it to her.



Is anybody here?

Good evening.

I thought I was going
to work all night.

- Where is Jana?
- She hasn't come yet.

She's out partying again.
I'm going to bed. I'm exhausted.

Do you want
me to turn off the light?

Good night.

I came to apologize.

You didn't have to.

You look tired.

Do you want some coffee?

You know I don't drink coffee.

Good bye.

Mrs. Vancurova, has your
husband come to work yet?

- Why?
- They found his sister. Dead.

Your husband killed her and
hid her in the basement.

- What are you talking about?
- So you haven't seen him today?

- What happened?
- She was found in a closet.

- What?
- Vancura killed her.

We've already called the police.
They should be here any minute.