Venus fra Vestø (1962) - full transcript

Vestø island's isolated community's prize cow is in danger of being abducted by German WWII occupation forces.

That's Vetoe. We dock in ten minutes.
Vogel, you know your orders.

Yes, sir. The fuhrer orders that the
we treat them with respect.

The populace...not the conquered.
We are not at war with Denmark.

The inhabitants will be suspicious,
but it is our duty to win them over.

And not by force,
but with patience. Understand!

- Grandfather, then the Germans are here.
- Here I come.

- What do they want here on our peaceful island?
- Yes, they're just stubborn.

The Press radio news. Today,
July 10, 1940, the German...

- Muller, let the men enter.
- Enter and wear the cap.

Who is the top here on Vestoe?

Ole Klausen.
I am parish council chairman.

- Do you speak German?
- No, but I understand it.

Good. Vesto is from today controlled
by the German Wehrmacht.

The German commander in
Copenhagen declares:

- Muller, read the main points in Danish.
- Yes sir, Hoffman.

Vestoe's residents have to
stay indoors from 9 pm to 6 am.

No ships are allowed to leave the
harbor or any other places on the island.

All firearms must be surrendered,
all liquor will be impounded, -

- and all alcoholic
beverages are prohibited.

Besides the people are not to
eavesdrop on English radio.

All the rest of the crew sets in
and is quartered on Egedlund.

At Egedlund? Impossible.

Dear Mr. Klausen. I am not
dictating with you or anyone else.

But I expect
everyone to follow, -

- so the relationship with the German
armed forces goes smoothly.

The war is not a joke. The fuhrer wants a
good relationship with the beaten countries.

Only when England is
defeated is the war over, -

- and your Fuhrer have
not conquered England yet.

It's only a matter of time.

And now, please
show us the way to Egedlund.

- Does anyone live here?
- No.

- Who does it belong to?
- The Eged Schack family.

I need two rooms.
A bedroom and a working room.

I'll make sure a few rooms
are prepared upstairs.

What's down here?

The dining room.

The passage over
to the servants' wing.

- And in here?
- It's the library.

May I see it?

An excellent working environment.

The captain please find
another place to work.

These were dead private rooms.
The landowner meant a lot to us all.

- Ms. Nicola won't like it, either.
- Who?

Ms. Nicola is the daughter.

- Is it perhaps Miss Nicola?
- Yes.

Adorable...very adorable.

Does she live alone
at the parent estate?

No, Ms. Nicola
still lives in England.

- Oh? With the enemy.
- On the contrary, Mr. Captain.

She believed that she benefited the
country better from abroad than at home.

Is there no one left
of the other family?

No, yes, a cousin of Ms.
Nichola's. He has a cottage nearby.

Why didn't he follow
his cousin's example -

- about performing stupid
feats in foreign countries?

Mr. Ditlev doesn't have
the same idea as ​​her.

This Mr. Ditlev must
be a reasonable man.

I want to talk to him.
Ask him to come.

I don't think he is home.
At this time, he is at the lighthouse.

He paints.
He is an art painter.

Painter? So one
might not want to disturb him at work?

Anyway, tell him I'll be
waiting for him here at 3 o'clock.

It is not certain he wishes to come.

Do not want? Then I
usually send my NCO Vogel.

You take him along.

Should I arrange the
workspace in the library?

Set up the dining room as my office.
The library will remain untouched.

Yes sir, Herr Hauptmann.

That was a wise move, Captain.

So do I.
There are a few things we must talk about.


- Are you Ditlev Eged-Schack?
- Yes it is me.

Didn't Mr. Klausen inform
you to come at 3 o'clock?

- Yes, he said that.
- It's over 4.

Listen here. Your commander stays here
at least for a few days.

I don't know his plans.

Say hello to the commander and tell
him I'll be with him in an hour and a half.

In Poland, you were
shot for this.

Murder, whether in Poland
or here, fixes no problem.

Murder is a mental and intellectual
declaration of bankruptcy, if only...

- (there is a knock on the door)
- Yes.

Herr Hauptmann.
Ditlev Eged-Schack.

- Welcome.
- Excuse me, I'll come so late. Rude of me.

Just talk danish. I speak it
badly, but I understand it pretty well.

Thanks, that makes it a bit easier for me.

- Have you fallen?
- I tripped.

While I waited for you, I
looked through your blue book.

It was very interesting.

They were born in 1910 to the only
son of Major General Eged-Schack, -

- commander of the 1st degree
and medal of merit in gold.

At 17, you became a
student with distinction.

Then they spent 5
years in Copenhagen -

- and in Oxford in England.

And I'm the black sheep of the family.
I gather you didn't get that.

And what were you studying?

Human rights from ancient
times to the present day.

- Are you a communist?
- No... Are you?

No... A cigarette?

No thanks.

And your hobby is painting.
Do you have other interests?

Music, good books, football.

What does a man with so
fine versatile interests -

- do at Vestoe?

- Firstly; I have a little house over here.
- And secondly?

Since you ask. I don't like uniforms.
Nor yours... Sorry.

- And there are no other reasons?
- No.

As the son of a high-ranking officer,
your innocence is questionable.

I will guess at a third reason.

There is talk of a starting
underground movement in Denmark.

What do you say to that idea?

They think I'm a saboteur
or a 5th column man?

I don't know what to believe.

You know what you should. Go home with me
and see my collection of fake beard and bombs.

Don't make fun of me.

Neither do I. I hate war.

I came here to have peace,
I had that until 1/2 hour ago.

Mr. Eged-Schack, maybe
I'm naive. But I believe you.

However, not that you have
accidentally damaged your mouth.

That is nothing.
I could have been more careful.

It was a pleasure to meet you, -

- and I hope that you will continue
to concentrate only on painting.


Herr Hauptmann.

Come here.

What happened to mr.
Eged-Chack? Did they hit him?

- Herr Hauptmann...
- Yes, or no?

- Yes, Herr Hauptmann.
- And why?

He became fresh,
and then I smacked him one.

Rather I would strike you, too.

Stupidity and brutality weaken
the Wahrmacht.

If it repeats itself, I'll send
you off to forced labour, understand?

- Yes, Herr Hauptmann.
- Out.

For His Majesty the king,
his house and Vestoe, cheers.

Yes, the German captain told
us, we have to turn in our guns.

We get over that easily,
because we don't have anyone.

He asked me to say that you must
roll down the curtains in the evening.

And that you must do.
I have promised that.

Then we cannot listen to English radio.
What does that do?

The German's don't like we hear the
matter from the other side.

Turn it down when
you take London.

Otherwise we must conform us, as well
as we can, everyone... It probably won't last long.

And the thing with liqour?

There I turn to you, Pive-Ras.
As your old freind, you are a good man.

You know how you are, when
the thirst catches you, don't you?

Preferrably, there shouldn't occur
something bad on the island, right?

Let it be the tea you
drink until the war is over -

- and Ms. Nicola has
returned to us again.

Give me your hand on that.
... Thank you, Ras.

Is there anything you want to know?

How is he, the German captain?

I think he is honest.
If he didn't wear that uniform, -

- yes, then I think he could
have become our friend.

(the clock strikes 9)

- Good morning, Cathy.
- Good morning, Uncle George.

- Sorry... After you, sir.
- Go on, Radnor,

Good morning, Tom.

Good morning, Cathy.
Have you been true to me?

I didn't even look at another man.

- The ordinary?
- Yes, please.

Good morning, mr. Carruther.

- Can I talk to you, sir?
- Oh, Radner!

Cant you see, In the middle of my
lunch. Everything in time.

The time is now. The place is a small island
of the coast of by Denmark; Vestoe.

- Which one?
- A little danish island called Vestoe.

Can't you see you're
interrupting me in my lunch?

- It is very important...
- I don't know that place.

What if another small
spot in Europe is occupied?

It's due to Venus.
They remember Venus right?

Venus is the love goddess.

It is important and it's urgent.

Possibly, but we
can't discuss it here.

Goodbye, Tom.

Who was that officer?

- Uncle George, Sir.
- Your uncle?

No, we call him that, he works in
the Ministry of War.

We're going to the ministry.

There we can talk privately.


I'm just getting the file, Sir.

Come in.

Well, now... Would you
perhaps explain it to me?

Here she is in her own high glory.
Isn't she beautiful?

After all, it's a cow.

A magnificent
example of a Jersey brred.

She visited England
nine months ago.

I hope she enjoyed herself.

She had a meeting
with Mars of Ippworth.

Our distinguished premium.

After the ceremony,
Venus was returned to Vestoe.

- And Vestoe is on German hands...
- Precisely, Sir.

Venus and her unborn
calf are Hitler's prisoners.

An unpleasant thought.
Single... and expectant mother.

And the calf?

The calf, which has to carry
on the story, is irrepressible.

You couldn't persuade
our old friend Mars to...

I mean there must be other cows?

- Yes, but there was only one Mars.
- Was?

On the same day, if the
ceremony with Venus took place, -

- stepped Mars on a land mine.

He is no longer among us.

Who wrote: Death is
the end of any love affair.

- Radnor, what are we talking about?
- About the calf, Sir.

Or rather about Venus from Vetoe.

She belongs to the free world.
She gives birth to a calf in England.

- What do you want to do?
- If I were you, I would do everything.

I would even go to the king.

Radnor? May I remind you of
some of our problems right now?

We have just rescued the remnants
of our army home from the continent.

We are expecting an attack
to land, or sea, or from the air.

London can be
bombed all the time.

Yes, but what? I ask you to be
the agent from another point of view?

- Yes.
- How do I call it...

But in these uncertain times -

- Venus and her unborn calf
stand for stability and continuity.

She is the guarantee
that we in Britain -

- can breed cattle of the
world with noble burden.

I urge you to save them both.

If Venus doesn't give birth
to a calf, the lineage dies.

She's going to give
birth to a bull calf, right?

That's right, sir.
And Venus is going to have a bull calf.

- You know that too?
- I want to bet everything I own.

Are you asking me to go to the
highest authorities over a cow?

It's not just a cow.

It's history.

Give me 10 Downing Street.
The Prime Minister.

Now coms Kritoffer. He can
better answer your questions.

How old is the cow?

Venus is 3 years, 11 months and 10 days.

A magnificent specimen. The
beautiful chest and the straight legs.

In Germany I'm a farmer.
You understand cows.

Kritoffer, get me the
cow lineage board -

- and the milk production
with fat content and quantity.

- What a year, right?
- Yeah...

It can only be of
interest to us here on the island.

It will also interest in Germany.

Captain. Do you understand that
the cow here is loved by everyone?

Its calf can have meaning for us.
Can you ask...

Not ask.
As a farmer, I understand you, -

- but as a German officer, I can't.
Let's look at the other cows.

He wants to take you to Germany.
But he won't be allowed to.

(air alarm)


- (there is a knock on the door)
- Come in.

Good morning, Sir.

- A lively night, huh?
- It was rather noisy.

They really got it in the Eat End.
We haven't had you for long.

- Have you been on leave of absence?
- Three weeks in the sun.

It sounds good.
Good morning, Sir.

(the phone is ringing)

Major John Morland?
It is the Ministry of War.

Uncle George wants to talk to you.

- Hello, John.
- Good morning, Uncle George.

- When did you come back?
- Last night... just in time for the fireworks.

- Is everything OK?
- Yes, everything is fine.

- I have a new job for you.
- Another?

- Yes, one more.
- Anything like the last one?

Not at all, but one that will
appeal to your Scandinavian sense of humor.

- Come up here at 11. Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Uncle George.

- (knocking)
- Come in.

- Good morning, Uncle George.
- Good morning. Nice to see you.

Take a seat.
I have a something urgent.

But in the meanwhile
read this nonsense.

Welcome home from Lisbon.
Did you liquidate our little friend?

A hated the job
from beginning to end.

A disgusting job...

Well, well... a walk in London, in the East
End, through smoke, rubble and ruins.

Then are you done feeling
for a little Getapo ticker.

- What do you think about that?
- It appeals to me a lot.

A bit of sanity in the
European crazy population.

That paper means I have to
launch a military operation -

- to save a cursed
cow from a little Danish island.

- Do you want the job?
- With the greatest of pleasure.

Good. You know why I chose you right?

Probably because of my
Danish mother or my bad English?

A bit of everything.
Do you speak Danish now?

- I hope so.
- Say something in Danish now.

- You stupid swine.
- What does it mean?

- I love you.
- You see... you love me?

It was neat, mind you.
Good, what help do you want?

Brought and promoted a
skilled radio telegraphist.

We have him: Henriken, private
in the Black Watch in Edinburgh.

And of course
all I can get of information about Vetoe.

The intelligence service
has turned up a woman, -

- who is born and
raised on the island.

- When will you introduce me?
- She works in ATS in North Wales.

You can meet her this afternoon.

- Well, an old heron.
- Yes, she's not.

- Do you want money?
- No, for what?

You could buy a milking
chair and a straw to suck on.

And I had a real
men's job for you.

Matilda... call the
commander of the ATS in Wales.

- The secret phone, please.
- Excuse me.

Nicola Eged-Schack? I didn't know
you had those good connections.

I have just spoken to
the War Department.

They must stop immediately.
They call with a plane in 20 minutes.

They can contact
you at room 057.

... and in conclusion ...

... Dear servants.

- (there is a knock on the door)
- Come in... Good day, John.

- Is it going well with the marine?
- Both yes and no.

I asked them to find someone
who knows the waters around Vestoe.

A Danish seaman lives here, who
stayed here when Denmark was occupied.

- Lucky.
- Yes, if I could find him.

He is not been seen for several days.
He paints the town red...

Can't he leave it to Hitler?
What is your friend called?

They call him Trawler-Jack.

He weighs 100 kg
and has a full black beard.

The beard can be useful.

Matilda, grab Scotland Yard.
Search him. Describe the man -

- and tell them to trace
him with immediate urgency.

If he survived yesterday's
airstrike, they will find him.

- (there is a knock on the door)
- Come in.

Hello. May I ask who you are?

Nicola Eged-Schack.
I'm reporting in from Wales.

- Of course. They are the girl from Vestoe.
- Yes, sir.

- Have you been assigned a car?
- Yes, sir.

Major Morland... you
need to drive him until further notice.

- Wait at the main entrance in five minutes.
- Yes, sir.

Don't call me Sir.
My name is Uncle George here.

- Excellent... Uncle George.
- Thank you for coming.

My goodness, and we
called her an old heron.

Was she pretty?

They are all look alike
in the ugly uniform.

My dear chap...
If I thought you believed that, -

- would I be nervous
for the human race.

- See you sometime, Uncle George.
- Yes... Goodbye, John.

- Is the major Danish?
- No, my mother is Danish.

- Have you been to Denmark?
- Yes, several times.

- They are from Vetoe.
- Yes, do you know it?

- No, I would like to hear about it.
- There is not much to tell.

It is small, from the sea it looks uninhabited.

- They know it inside and out?
- Yes, I know it by heart.

My cousin and I sailed in a small
boat to see the end of the island.

They are very tall.

Can you come ashore
without using the port?

Yes, on the north side. The fishermen pulled
their boats up there in the old days.

Now we shall turn left
here for the first time.

- (knocking)
- Yes.

Good afternoon, Sir.
My name is John Morland.

Yes, Uncle George
told me about you.

We have all the
information you want.

Will you leave for a moment?

Suan... do we have to
learn our little master piece.

This is Vestoe in Denmark.

Goodness, I say. You have
done well. This is splendid.

It is made for the
little lady... Your cow.

She lives here... at Egedlund.

Your signature, Herr Hauptmann.

They have sent for me.

Yes... Come closer.

- How is it going with the painting?
- Dirty.

Not good?

To do something right
you have to feel freedom. It's a little tricky here.

Are you not satisfied with me?
We are here to protect Denmark.

- Not to bother people.
- That's very nice of you.

Be sure and take a seat.

It will perhaps surprise you to
hear that I have let you follow.


Why... Because I didn't
completely believe you.

But now I know you
are who you say you are.

That's why I commissioned
this pass note for you.

So you are free to paint where you want.
No one will stop you.

It's nice of you, but
it has no interest.

- Why not?
- Yes, if you gave everyone one like that.

I don't want any advantages
over anyone else on the island.

I'm sorry, Weiss, but it
can't be any other way.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Sorry it took a while. I need
to go back to the Ministry of War.


Stop. It's the War
Department, not a cowshed.

I almost feel like I
was born at Vestoe.

And I think there is more
than one Venus on Vestoe.

Private Nicola
knows Vestoe inside out.

- Not surprised. Any idea who she is?
- Not in the sleightest.

You move in the
highest circles.

Nicola is the youngest
member of an old noble family, -

- who has been lords of the island for 300 years.

- Maybe she knows Venus, too.
- She owns her.

- Quite a family business, huh?
- Yes, where is she now?

At the hotel changing.
We're going to eat together tonight.

Yeah? Then they don't all look the same
in the ugly uniform.

Tell her the whole story tonight
... in the candle light.

- News about my radio telegraph?
- Henriksen? Not yet.

Matilda, what did Edinburgh say?

When I called, his entire
company was out marching.

They should be back at 5.

- Matilda... the time IS 5.
- Oh sorry.

The Scottish command, please.

- Corporal Henriken is here.
- Excellent. Send him in.

Corporal Henriken, fast march.

- Corporal Henriken...
- Excuse me, Sir.

An unusual order summons you
to the Ministry of War, room 057.

- Do you know what it is?
- Not at all, Sir.

I hate to send a good man to
London to lick stamps.

- That was all. Good luck.
- Thank you, Sir.

Continue, Mr. Sergeant.

Sorry, I'm a bit late.

- I call that a transformation.
- Battle dress number 2. What do you think?

They look like what
they are: the Princess of Vestoe.

- You could have told me that.
- They didn't ask.

Do you know a fisher from
Vestoe, Jacoben... Trawler-Jack.

- Yes, I do.
- Tell me a little about him.

He is a jovial guy and
the lovability itself.

He has incredible
knowledge of our waters.

If I ask why you are
interested in him, -

- then you are changing the subject?

- Mr. Major, there is a telephone.
- Thanks. Excuse me.

John? ... Uncle George here.

- We have found Jacoben.
- Well.

It turns out that if he
came to London for booze, -

- Scotland Yard combed
London to find him.

So pick him up at Bow
Street Police Court tomorrow.

Alright, I'll be there.

How is it with
our little friend?

- Do you show your charm?
- I'll do my best.

Get on with it.
See you tomorrow.

So there was no more tonight.
You may go.

- Good night, Uncle George.
- Good night, Matilda.

- Don't talk to strange gentlemen.
- Uncle George...

This is London.
BBC broadcasts to Denmark.

Hitler has hailed troops
for the victory over France -

- and threatened Churchill
to exterminate England.

German bombers have
attacked a town in Scotland and...

(there's a knock on the door)

Come in.

- Are your husband at home?
- Yes, go ahead.

- Good evening, Mr. Klausen.
- Good evening.

- Something new?
- Well...

We don't know anything new
other than what you tell us.

I have a favor for you.

A platoon of special troops
comes here to practice landing.

In that time, unfortunately,
we are extending the curfew.

So people must stay inside
from dawn until morning.

I will announce
it all over the island.

Any trespassers will be punished.

I have to go. Have a good night.

I have today
received notice of, -

- that Venus from Vestoe
ends up in Germany.

They get paid in
Reichmarks, -

- into Miss
Eged-Schack's account.

She doesn't need German Mark.
She won't like Venus going to Germany.

But, Mr. Klausen,
the matter is settled.

In that case, you should prepare
for there to be unrest here.

The population will not agree that
you are stealing Venus.

Which? Did you say 'steal?'

Sorry, but that was the
first word that came to mind.

But I repeat if they send Venus away
from here, the island will fight back.

Will the little Vestoe repel?

The little flea against the elephant.

We have an old
saying that says:

Have patience, fleas.
The night is long.


- A lovely evening.
- Yes.

(airplanes are heard)

Our air force is on its way to London.
Sad, the English are so stubborn.

I believe you, Mr. Captain.

I also think it will hurt
you even more later.

Yes, here is the sweetheart...
Vera Lynn.

Wish m luck as you wave me goodbye

cherio, here I go on my way

(the sound of airplanes)

wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

with a cheer, not a tear,
make it gay

give me a smile I
can keep all the while

in my heart while I'm away

till we meet once again you and I

wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

although I'm going on my way

don't be so sad of heart

keep this lovely moment

as a memory apart

and before I go

please whisper soft and low

just once for me to hear the words

I love you, dear

wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

chario, here I go on my way

wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

with a cheer, not a tear
make it gay

give me a smile I
can keep all the while

in my heart while I'm away

till we meet once again you and I

wish me luck as
you wave me goodbye.


Ladies and gentlemen.
We have to go down the shelter.

Excuse me, but this
is my first airstrike.

Look, Nicola... It's okay if I
call you by your first name?

- Of course not.
- John.

Now I want to tell you
a story. A true story.

Or rather... it becomes true.

We call that operation Venus...

Good morning, my lord.

Your early morning tea.

What is it?

Aspirin. It helps the head.

And here, you
better clean yourself up a bit.

They must go to court before
His Highness at 10... My lord.

You can be yourself.

Silence in court.

Your name is Morten Jacoben.
Are you Danish?

- Yes, sir.
- Your job?

For now nothing, but usually fisher.

They are accused of disorderly
conduct and violence on an officer.

Do you plead guilty?

You have been charged for pub disorder and
violence against an officer. Are you guilty?

- Yes, sir.
- How old are you?

- How old are they?
- 37, Your high honerly.

Accused claims he
is 37 but he is 61.

A mitigating circumstance.
Fined 10 shillings.

Thousands thank you,
your high honrary.

Next case.

- Trawler...
- Ms. Nichola.

- Well, You recognize me.
- Of course, I can.

I pulled out a fishing hook from
your ass. You were only 6 years old.

- Don't you need a beer?
- Yes, prefferably two.

Then come with us. There is something
we want to talk to you about.

Well, now have you got the
whole history... I think.

John, here are your orders. Read
them, memorize them and burn them.

Any questions?

Should I pilot the boat
through the minefield?

You will find out from the navy.

- What's my calling signal?
- You'll get it from the telegram.

We'll get there in a sub and
come back in a torpedo boat.

- We?
- They don't go to Vestoe without me.

- Yeah.
- Then it cannot be carried out.

You don't know the island,
and it doesn't know you.

You want Venus with you,
They must have help from the population.

- We are not much for strangers.
- But that is out of the question.

- What are you talking about?
- Nicola wants to go to Vestoe.

I have done nothing
but cook and scrub.

Now I can accomplish
something real.

- It's against the rules.
- Forget it. I make my own.

And that has always
been my opinion.

- Good, an order is an order.
- So let's look at the model.

- Do you want to explain, John?
- Yes.

We board the submarine
at 1800 tomorrow evening.

We arrive at Red Rock
at 0030 the following night.

24 hours later we
pick up from a MTB.

It will again at
high tide at 0016.

It's correct, isn't it?
At high tide at 0016.

At about 0016. Now don't
come too late, for heaven's sake.

- Other questions?
- No.

All that remains; I wish you luck and
keep your feet dry.

Thanks. It is now me
who should salute you.

Well, hare we are. Pericope down.

Take her up.

Ready to surface.

- Nervous?
- That's not the word.

Excuse me. What is the next point?

They'll show the way to Egedlund.
But walk quietly, there may be watchposts.

- And when that happens?
- Bob and I will arrange that.

(a dog barks)

- Where now?
- The country road is over there.

- Are there any other options?
- Past Serinsen's farm. They sleep.

There is Egedlund.

There is a guard.

- Where is the stables?
- Just over there to the right.

Come on!

(the door creaks)

Stop... Who there?

Good night... Heil Hitler!

Hail Hitler!

The embittered hook.
I should have remembered it.

There she is.

Good day again, Venus.
We have come to get you.

(horn sounds)

- Good morning. Slept well?
- Yes please. What are they doing?

- Getting ready to end up in London.
- A sandwich?

- It is there.
- To Uncle George from John.

Have contacted Venus
... whom is in progress.

(a door creaks)

It's just Kritoffer.
I go down and talk to him.

- Good morning, Kritoffer.
- Miss Nicola.

Someone is coming!

- Good morning, Kritoffer.
- Good morning, Captain Weiss.

How are you, my little cat?

You look radiant.
Healthy and free.

When will the little calf come?
It will undoubtedly be a bull.

Are you staring? Crush on
me? Do I have pigtails?

No, Captain, I
have seen none. Nothing.

- Drunk too much last night?
- Yes.

Put Venus out so I can see
her from my window.

Are you going to give birth soon?

I have a cramp in my foot.

- Is there anybody?
- No.

It was close.

Are they there?
So we continue.

Just heard about the prima
donna's silly abduction for Da Reich.

Must do what we
can to prevent it. Stop.

Please send £5
to local cat shelter.

We must get further in the text.

Get over to the chairman
of the parish council.

- How long will it last?
- 3 quarters.

Well. In exactly 60
minutes, you will be here.

With what info you gathered, then we
draw up the plan in every detail.

If one gets in trouble,
the other two continue.

Nicola, You won't get
into trouble. It is an order.

Sweet girl. I would like to
be with her in more pleasant circumstances.

I would too
Under all circumstances.

Yes, thanks. Goodbye.

Miss Nicola!

Miss Nicola... Come, come in.

- What is it?
- 7 minutes past.

They arrive 7 minutes too late.
Did you get anything out of it?

Yes, we can safely count on the
whole island. We have 300 allies.

And the Germans... where do we
have to pay attention? Take the map.

There's a lookout post there,
and one here and over there.

It's a miracle, no one was
at Red Rock yesterday.

There is a garrison at 40 men
under the command of Captain Weiss.

So are there special troops
ashore, about to train in landing.

- Landing? Where?
- Let them remain in the faith!

In the harbor is a German
gunboat called 'Lubeck.'

It is very fast and
armed to the teeth.

- It wasn't so good.
- No. It was pretty bad.

We forget about the ship
and wonder if it didn't exist.

You cut the telephone
lines to headquarters.

I go to Mermaid Bay
and arrange the fireworks.

Exactly at 1 we meet here again.

How will you spend the morning?

Klausen and I figured something out.

So that we can get Venus
away from upper meadow.

I told about my cousin Ditlev.
He can help if he wants.


Hands up.

I saw you last night.
You went through our farm, I didn't sleep.

- Shame, should've been more cautious. I take my hands down?
- Yes, but no numbers.

No, no. What's your name?

Why should I tell?
What are they called?

- Why should I tell?
- Because I have the gun.

My name is John Morland.

- Shall I tell you something?
- Yes, thanks.

You friends up in the blackberry
thicket are smarter than you are.

The Germans don't go up there.
They do here.

- I can't see anyone.
- They go down there to bathe.

- Then I better get off.
- Yes, you'd better hurry.

They are coming now!

- Can I get away another way?
- Drop the clothes and go into the water!

- What about the backpack?
- I'll fix it.

Swim behind that thing over there.
I'll wait for you there.

You know you can't stay at the
beach. What are you doing here?

- I'm waiting for the english.
- (the German laughs)

- Who is that man down there?
- Oh, him!

- It's just an English spy.
- You are a smart ass.

It sounds absolutely insane.
You have come to collect a cow.

It is all planned
in every detail.

But Weiss has been so happy for
Venus that it is under always watch.

This is where you come into the picture.
You must help us.

I'm sorry, but I don't want to get involved in
anything with war, not even you can get me to.

You won't! The only thing you need to do is
to paint a cow so it looks like Venus.

An outstanding job
for a visual artist.

I know when the captain eats lunch.
I'll switch the cows then.

Then we hide the real
Venus here till darkness.

Tonight we will be picked up
by a motor torpedo boat at 0016.

Are you happy to be home again?

Very. No matter what happens.

And I am... very
happy to be you again.

Let me see, what have I got?
Ochre, ivory white, burnt iena...

- You want to do it?
- Yes.

For your sake and
for old England's sake.

- You swim really well.
- Happy you think so. Can I have my clothes.

- This is going to be between us, right?
- Yes, you think I'm an idiot?

No, but the Germans could
find out that you helped me.

- They don't get a word out of me.
- You don't know them.

- Perhaps you want to come to England.
- Wow, can I!?

Nichola will talk to your parents. If you're going,
you will meet us tonight at 12 at Red Rock.

If something happens, you run
home and leave nothing behind.

May I bring my gun?

Yes, if you promise
not to kill with it.

John Morland...
God save the King.

... in Congratulations, in Congratulations

there Gemutlichkeit.

Eins, zwi, dri... Cheers!

I come later with
the red trouts.

You look tired.
Come and get a glass.

No thanks. I'm not thirsty.

Come over here.
I want to talk with you.

I invite you to a glass. You
can't say no to a German soldier.

- Bring a glass.
- You forget what you promised.

Bring a glass.

I would like to drink a glass of
lemonade with the German gentleman.

Thanks for the gift.
That was kind of you.

(everyone laughs)

- Have you spoken to your cousin?
- It's alright.

What I thought, Mr. Ditlev will not fail us.
He is one of us.

See... that's the one I meant.

- It's Hyasint, isn't it?
- Yes, she is a fine cow.

- Is Mrs. Larsen at home?
- She's out in the kitchen.

Keep her stalled with chat,
then I'll attempt as a cattle thief.

Then we meet later as agreed.


Come with the bottle, dammit, but hurry!

Nah, not that crap! That!


What is it? Come and get one
instead of standing there ogling!

Pour! Pour to the
whole lot! It's me who buys!

Because do you know what kind of day it is?
It is a lovely day.

Raise your glass, you german dogs,
and drink a cheers for Ms Nicola, -

- who came back home.
Do you get what I'm saying?

She has come home from England.
I saw her myself!

The war is over.
We can drink again.

- Goodbye, Mrs. Larsen.
- Goodbye.


Whiny-Ras is blasted, he stands
and toasts that the war is over, -

- and that Ms. Nicola
has come home and he saw her.

- Is there anyone else in there?
- Germans. Some understand Danish.

(all sings along)

- No, we have...
- I want to talk to you.

- Have you heard the big news?
- No, you're wrong.

- No, now you have to listen...
- Come outside.

Dammit! It's bloody true.
I saw her fully sprinkling alive.

- You saw nothing, nothing at all.
- She had Hyasint with her.

- Come in here.
- It's true what I'm saying...

In 5 seconds.

- Then he is there
- To Uncle George from John.

All good with all four.
Repeater: All four.

Have to inform speeding, heavily
armed German canon boat, -

- located in the harbor. Stop.

Also prima donna's
condition disturbing. Stop.

Suggests that man with black
bag receives us at the gangway.

Listening at 15 after further
orders or goodbye. Finish.

- (knocking)
- Come in.

Thank you.

- Message from Major Morland?
- Yes, do you want to read it?

'Send further
orders or goodbye.'

What a pitty.
I'll call Portmouth for you.

Matilda, why do you
want to call Portmouth?

- So They can cancel the collection.
- How long have you worked here?

Long enough to know that you are
not sacrificing a fully staffed MTB -

- for two men, a
woman and a cow.

Correct. Have you read
Kipling's 'Stilk & Co.?'


'The kid calls the tiger.' Does
that mean something to you?


The cow's roaring is egging the canon boat.
Does this mean anything to you?

Did you know "Lubeck" was harbored over there?

Yes. She is the most modern
ship of the German navy.

Fast-moving, well-equipped
and ended up in Vestoe for testing.

With a little help, we'll give the
Germans something to wonder about.

- Take a block.
- Yes, Uncle George.

I will send out a signal
to John Morland.

Message begins;
To John from Uncle George.

Don't be such a great idiot.

Operation Venus continues
as planned. Finish.

- Send it in code as soon as possible.
- Yes, Uncle George.

'Or goodbye.' Who the
hell does he think I am?

Yes, Mr. Colonel.
But shouldn't we await better weather?

There is high tide Today.

Of course not, Mr. Obert.

Yes, Mr. Colonel.
The order is executed. Hail Hitler.

Berlin immediately
demands the remains of Venus.

Tell Kritoffer to pull the cow
to the harbor at 5:30 p.m.

She leaves at 6 p.m.

Herr Hauptmann, I
request a short speech.

- Something important?
- I think so, Herr Hauptmann.

- It is about a young girl.
- A girl?

- Saw her this morning.
- Why are you telling me that?

Because it can hang together
with something that happened in the inn.

We were there when an
elderly man came rushing in, -

got a lot to drink and yelled: "The war is over."

He was sure, because
he had seen a young girl, -

- who had come from England.
He called her Miss Nicola.

- Why am I hearing it now?
- The man was drunk.

- Will you be able to recognize the girl?
- Yes, she was very sweet.

Come with me.

- Is it her?
- Yes.

Where is the drunk? Grab him.

The parish council
chairman took him out.

Herr Hauptmann, the man has
been found. His name is Pive-Ras.

- He is in the valley behind the inn.
- Get him.

He can barely say something.
He got struck down.

Instantaneous alarm response.
All guards alert on the double.

Carry out a house inspection
when the curfew comes into force.

And Nicola Eged-Schack
must be found and brought here.

And then I would very much
like to speak to Mr. Klausen.

- What do you think?
- Good. I better get going.

- I don't like this.
- I'm not excited either.

- What if the captain sees you?
- I don't want to think about that.

Herr Hauptmann... Herr Klausen.

They have sent for me.

Yes, I have.

There are two things,
you have to explain to me.

And I expect an honest answer.

Who is the young lady you have
this morning and where is she?

I don't know who
you are talking about.

Then we'll proceed
to the second question.

Why was the drunk
man knocked down?

Why should he be silent?

I can't give you any
explanation on that.

I can! This young lady
is Nicola Eged-Schack.

She is secretly landed on Vestoe
and she may not be alone.

I have no knowledge of it.

- (it knocks)
- Yes!

Mrs. Larsen is on the phone.
It is important.


What? Has one of
your cows been stolen?

Why are you telling me that?
Don't you think I have other things to do?

Leave me alone!

So tell me why Miss
Eged-Schack has come.

If she came by herself and where she is.
You'll have ten seconds.

Sir. captain! If I
told what I knew, -

- would it not be a
betrayal of those I know?

Look, this watch. I got that from Ms.
Nichola's father. Isn't that cool?

Look at the market initials and the year.

Yes, but what does that mean?

Well, you're right,
that's not what it's about.

I should tell you
about Miss Nicola.

I have nothing to say.

- Vogel!
- Herr Hauptmann.

Put mr Klausen in the library.
He can't leave the house.

You are under arrest, Mr. Klausen.

- No one saw you?
- I hope not.

I don't think Venus
is doing very well.

- No one will look for it here.
- And if there is?

Then I would rather they find
it here than anywhere else.

Stop! Where to?

I have orders to tow Venus
to the port, it is bound for Germany.

- Who gave that order?
- It has Captain... Weiss.

Good... Go on.

Come on, Hyacinth.

No, more on that. ...
It is, after all, a cow.

There she comes. Thread on!

Stop! Let me.

Don't worry, I'll probably handle her.

Damn, man. We fear
that the cow breaks its leg.

My good Venus…

- Pull the cow away.
- But...

Do you think you can fool
me and the German Kingdom?

Obey or you'll get a bullet in the stomach.
That cow is not my Venus.

Muller, arrest the man.

God knows if you don't have to
play a little for it? Cows like music.

- What time is it?
- Quarter to 11.

(he plays)

John Morland...
What is he really like?

John? He is very attractive.

- Is he in love with you?
- Why do you ask about that?

- Is he?
- I do not know.

- Maybe he is.
- And you? What about you?

Yes, what about me?

In England I have
been invited out a lot.

The men I have been
with, I learned to appreciate.

But there has
always come a time, -

- where I suddenly discovered
that they are not you.

But I like John very much.

If you didn't exist, I
would like him even more.

You know what I want
to right now? To kiss you.

- But I'm here.
- (knocks)

It's insane. Both grandfather
and Kritoffer have been taken.

The Germans are doing house searches.
You have to go.

Yes, I will.
But now be careful!

We must look to get off.

Ditlev, you must take with us.
I don't want you to stay here.

The two of us will have lunch
together in London tomorrow, won't we?

That sounds wonderful.

- (there is a knock on the door)
- House search!

- How long have you been there?
- Since the curfew.

You haven't been outside yet?

- Yes, I was out in the garden.
- No one else here?

- No, I'm not wasting time, like you.
- What do you mean?

- Aren't you looking for a lady?
- How do you know that?

- I know so much.
- Where can I find that lady?

Go down to the Mermaid Bay,
then you can find the miss...

... her that lady.
Don't know her name...

- Will you lead the way?
- Me? I'm going to bed now.


Interesting. Pack it up.

The patrol continues.
To Mermaid Bay.

Everyone... to the right.

There is a dangerous ruckus on the
whole island. They double the guard posts.

Clausen went into Egedlund
hours ago...

- When is Nicola coming?
- In a little while, I hope.

I have left too much to her.

There was nothing else to do.
It blows up.

There will be a push in the tide
when it needs to carry us out.

- Where is Venus?
- My cousin is bringing it, the Germans knows of me.

- Soren?
- There they are!

My cousin Ditlev.
It's John Morland and Bob.

We get another problem soon.

- Is there a place nearby?
- Yes, a cave at the beach.

It is about to calve.

All right, let's get
off the ground.

- How's it going?
- Nothing has happened yet.


I have sent Vogel to
the Mermaid Bay. Christ, how stupid he is!

- Is it your friend?
- Yes, his name is Bob.

I'm Soren... Hello, are
you coming to England too?

No! Mr. Eged-Schack
is not going to England.

None of you shall that.
Hands up!

Also? They... Quick!

Turn around!

How long do we have to stand
in this uncomfortable position?

Until the patrol is back
from Mermaid Bay.

If it comes... I've placed
explosive charges in the sand.

- If they step on them, then...
- I don't believe you.

That's what I say.
He's a stupid fool.

- Mooh...
- Oh, Venus, is it happening now?

- Stay! What's up with the cow?
- It is about to get its calf.

- Come back!
- No.

They are waiting for
the same as me, right?

I don't know what you are waiting for.

At the ship that will bring
Ms. Eged-Schack to England.

It can't be a big ship.
Only a small vessel can enter.

But they have no chance.

The English doesn't know our
fastest canon boat awaits them.

Is it your intent
to sink the little boat?

No, only if it is
absolutely necessary.

I don't end up killing
people for my pleasure.

You won't be offended when I
say you are a really bad soldier.

What does it all mean?

A woman lands and a
racing cow disappears.

And neither Ms. Nicola, Mr. Ditlev
or the right cow is to be found.

And then the english.
There is a connection!

Should the English have sent
miss. Nicola over to steal a cow?

Yes, I think so.

But your Luftwaffe are
giving London to the ground?

Don't you know the English?

Stop the engines.

- Stop!
- Cast anchor.

So, now it's over.

Venus has given birth to a son.

20 seconds.

- Put that calf away!
- Don't you want to eat it?

Put that calf away
from you... Or I shoot!

You don't dare shoot a small calf, do you?

Especially not the one here.
You want it for Berlin.


Now what does that mean?

Alert, Muller!
High alert!

They make a proper fist!

For a man of peace,
you hit with a proper fist!

Soren, check if there is a man with a
big beard. Tell him we are on our way.

- What about him there?
- We will take him to England, think they like to say hello.

Come on, Venus.

Psst! Excuse me,
do you have a big beard?

- You can believe that I have.
- Is that you, Trawler?

Yes, you can swear at
that! Where are you from?

From miss Nicola and the others.
They are coming. We'll be 7.

Yes, 5 adults and 2 children.
Just take this.

It was a fairly ordinary charge.

Guard post 12 has a
ship at Red Rock.

- Why do you first report now?
- The wire was cut.

Make a beck at Red Cliff and
point the measuring gun at the ship.

- Don't shoot until I come.
- Yes, Herr Hauptmann.

Now they come.

Come on, Venus. Come on.


You know they arrested Klausen.
They also took Kristoffer.

There will be a whole lot, who will be
uncomfortable when I leave the island.

'You?' You mean us.

I stay here.

All right.

Ready to haul them in.

Prepare the guns!

- Shall we shoot, Herr Hauptmann?
- No, 'Lubeck' has just moved there.

Non-commissioned officer
Vogel in his own high platform.

- All aboard?
- Yes, all aboard.

- Where is Ditlev?
- He's not coming.

I don't take off
without him1 Ditlev!


Where are they?

Give them an eleven aft.


Let us go.

Again. Fire!


Here comes 'Lubeck.'
What a luck.

It's a German.
Hard starboard.

Full power forward.

Hard starboard.
Full power forward.

Show them our colours!

(there are airplanes)

Full cover.

Air strike!

There they come!

Royal Air Force.

Air target ahead. Height 40.

(drops bombs)

--- Subtitles by Essery. ---