Vento del Sud (1960) - full transcript

Antonio Spagara, a young Sicilian worker, has been assigned by the Mafia to murder a nobleman, Marquis Macri. But at the last minute Antonio reneges on his commitment and instead of killing the father, he flees to Palermo with Grazia, his daughter. Life is not a bed of roses in the Sicilian capital, as the young man must impose himself face to his father and his despotic sister Dorotea. To make matters worse, the Mafia is not going to tolerate Antonio's desertion...

And as such, after conducting
an investigation...

listening to eyewitness accounts,
interviewing the victim's relatives...

and finding that the death
of Nunziante Calogero...

occurred by accidental causes...

it is ordered that the case be closed.



Then with your permission, I'll go
and talk to the gentleman. - Okay.

But our friend wants to close the deal,
and now. The envelope is for that.

Of course, Mr. Manfredi, a fire won't burn without fuel!

Regards to your friend, I'm always
at your disposal. Have a good trip!

I shall leave for the island
to reason with the good folk.

But you, find someone right away
and have them ready in the morning.

Have him waiting there.
- He'll be waiting.

Whatever it takes, it'll be
done by tomorrow night.

Didn't our friends from Palermo
give you the usual envelope for me?

Always difficult getting money
out of your pockets. Open? - Open.

The man must wait for my signal.
- Don't you worry, Cavaliere.

On my signal, understand?

Tonight, I'll give you his name.
Get yourself some sleep.

Good day to you! - Good day.
What'll it be, Don Luigino? - The usual.


Good morning.
- Morning, Miss.

Not only does he eat my food,
but even takes up my tables.

He's just got back from the army, let him
catch his breath. - Keep protecting him.

For me, your brother-in-law
wasn't made to work in a caf?.

Tell him that! I don't know
what I'm doing in this place.

The kid's right.
He can aim higher.

I'd go to the city, but how can
I get a job without a suit?

Maria, a coffee for me, too.
- A coffee as well?

Take it easy, I'll pay for it.
Antonio is a friend of mine.

Good, like a true friend.

Good day to all.
- Good day.

By the way, I'd like a word.
Drink up, take your time.

I'm coming!

Flat broke, are you?
- Thanks for the coffee.

The money I lent you when you got fired?
- Afraid you've seen the last of it?

If I gave you a little job to do,
could you help me out?

Sure, then I could pay you back.

Is it true you're good with motors?
- Motors?

When I was a soldier,
you'd always find me under the bed.

The generator over at Marquis Nicastro's
salt farm is going to break.

What, how do you know?
- I know.

I also know that you'll go and fix it.

And just for that...
- 100,000 lire.


When you get there, you'll have a rifle.

A rifle?

The money's yours, put it in your pocket.

That Marquis was rude to important
people that protected your father.

My father is dead.
- You're in debt to these people.

When the accident happened, it was
to them that your mother turned.

You grew up on their bread.
You're in debt.

Yes, but my father was killed to
cover them. - Accidents can happen.

I'm giving you a man's job, see?
Where will you find a chance like this?

Why did you pick me?
- Clean record! No one will suspect you.

And you might not have to use the rifle,
but the money's still yours.

You're mistaken coming to me,
I don't want to end up like my father.

I've never been mistaken and you know it!
- You are this time.

Where are you going?

You shouldn't have listened to the offer,
now you can't back out.

Then pretend I didn't hear it.
- No, you heard it.

Now you know my intentions
and those of our friends.

It wouldn't help anyone to leave
you alive, with what you know.

I'm not the type that talks!

Take it, I don't want it!


Well, are we agreed?

What did I tell you?
A good kid, he'll go far.

But don't pull dirty tricks on me,
you're now a marked man.

And anyone you tell about this
will be marked, too. Anyone.

As soon as you get to the island,
fix the generator...

and stay there until someone
calls you by your full name.

That's your signal. When you're done,
one of these guys will come and get you.

Every night the Marquis takes
a walk along the beach.

Make sure this is his last.

There shouldn't be any risk, the Marquis
is old and lives alone with his daughters.

You know who's coming for a visit? - Who?
- The famous Cavaliere, remember him?

He'll come tomorrow morning.
- Tomorrow?

My letter must have made an impression
on those gentlemen from Palermo.

How come you're being so brash
all of a sudden? - Why?

I want them to remember me.

And as you see, they're sending their
ambassador to stop me,

But they won't, not this time,
not him or anyone else.

It won't be easy to convince me.

Not in the slightest.

Grazia, why are you so quiet?

Yes, what's wrong?

Nothing. - You could at least say
something when we're together.

I don't know what you're taking about.
- As usual, she loves to feel excluded.

What would she complain about otherwise?
- Yes, Dad, what would I complain about?

Complain? Will you tell us what
you're daydreaming about?

What's gotten into you?

You act like you're a stranger,
even with your sister.

What's up with that generator?

Close the window, go on.
It's making a racket tonight.

At your age you should be
coming to your senses...

to know how to appreciate
those who love you.

This means nothing to her,
we're her jailers. - Jailers?

All of this is juvenile!

Are you going out now, Dad?
- I don't want to be late to bed.

Wake me up at 7 in the morning.

That gentleman will be here early.
- Okay.

I'm going to bed. When you're done,
remember to turn off the lights.


Grazia, is that you?

I'm almost afraid to look
deep into his eyes...

Afraid to glimpse nothing but hate.

My father accuses me
of behaving like a stranger,

when it's them who push me away...

with their mistrust and suspicions.

The worst thing is not having
someone to talk to, to confide in...

Ever since Mum left us,
no one smiles at me.

Hey, you! The generator's over there,
by the house. You here to fix it?

And who are you? - The watchman.
The Marquis is busy with someone.

Go ahead and fix the generator.

Then wait. You have to wait.
Go on, then.

Hey kid, what have you got in the jar?

- Give us a drink.

And hurry up with that generator!

We've been without light since yesterday.

I haven't forgotten that body, Cavaliere.
- But Calogero Nunziante was one of theirs.

Massacred in that barbaric way, a friend
of mine! - His insult was too great.

And insult to you, too, remember?
People must pay for such insults.

Besides, his death was an accident,
ask anyone... - Always an accident!

How interested would the law be
to know who these accidents favour?

They've favoured you, too.
- No, it's never helped me.

It's always the others, your friends.

I can show it, I have the proof.
And I should be quiet, why? Tell me why!

And in exchange for what?
These are favours that are repaid.

I've always kept quiet, but have
they ever thanked me properly?

I don't believe our friends
are ungrateful.

You've enjoyed their protection
for years, and this is an advantage.

Too little, for the sacrifice
of my conscience.

So I've decided! I'm going to the Attorney
General in Palermo, he'll protect me.

My respects, Miss Deodata.
- Good morning, Cavaliere.

You've always been so attentive, Miss.

You realise this island is a true paradise?
- You really think so?

Please, serve the Marquis first! - Him,
coffee? He hasn't had any in months.

He's so tense, poor Dad.
He needs a distraction, a break.

It think it's too hot for a break.
- Yes, yes...

Can you leave us alone, please?
- Yes, Dad.

Dear Cavaliere, that's quite enough.
Your words no longer charm me.

Your friends have done their business.

Now I shall do mine,
whatever the consequences.

I'm sorry Marquis, but please
don't shoot the messenger.

If our friends sent me here...

it's to invite you to consider
the consequences of your actions.

The case is closed, what would
you gain from having it reopened?

As I say, it's my business.

And if, heaven forbid, there's someone
out there bothered by your willfulness...

do you think you could push
this all the way to Palermo?

The prosecutor's office
can always receive my report.

The state postal system still works.

Am I bothering you?
- No.

Hot isn't it, young man?
- Yeah.

Will it take much longer?
- I don't know.

But the Marquis must have light by
this evening. - Don't worry, Cavaliere.

He will, he will.
He will, won't he?

What's he here for otherwise?
- Then I can head back to the mainland.

Goodbye. - At your service, Cavaliere.
- Goodbye and good luck, Antonio Spadara.

Can I talk to you a moment?
- Can't you see that I'm busy?

I'll wait until your finished,
I won't bother you.

There's no light and I'm afraid
to be alone in the dark.

Go and tell the workman to hurry up.

Why not go and see your sister
if you're afraid? Talk to her.

Go on, I can't waste time
talking to you.

You can't read that, it's my diary!
- Why shouldn't I read it?

At least now I knew what kind
of poison there is inside you.

I haven't written anything bad.
- Hypocrite!

You've always played the misunderstood
victim to enchant others...

because you wanted to appear
more interesting than me.

At school, at home, with friends...

You did it with Mum to get attention
and also with the boys who courted me.

Why are you so mean?
- Here's what you wrote about your father.

"He accuses me of behaving like a
stranger, that I don't love him..."

"But has he ever loved someone?"
You spend your time writing this?

You hate me, you hate me!
You'd be happy to see me dead.

Now I know why Dad and I
bother you so much.

This is what you're looking for.

"January 28th: some news, finally."
- You enjoy tormenting me.

"Cousin Guido came from Palermo..."
- Enough" - "He has business with Dad."

"I noticed he was looking at me and today
he suddenly asked if I'd marry him."

"I didn't answer him.
Could Guido be the man for me?"

Here, take it.

Finally, I understand you,
but you won't torment me anymore.

So, this generator?

Nearly done.


If you look under here,
there's something for you.

It's a gift from our friends.
They send you their regards.

It's so hot.

Don't you feel it?
- No.

After all, it's the season for it.

What's wrong?

- I don't like how you behave.

Have respect for others and
come to the table on time.

Dad, listen to me, please.

I want to leave.


To go where?

Evidently, your sister and father
count for less than nothing.

That's quite enough of these fads.

Today, you've discovered freedom.

But now you have to rely on yourself.
And what can you do?


It's true, I can't do anything.

Your head is full of fantasies,
just like your mother.

She was also sad because
she felt alone in this house.

Your mother, if she'd had more faith in me,
wouldn't have felt so unhappy.

She wouldn't have despaired
to the point of...

She would never listen to me.
- Dad, I beg you, here I...

That's enough!
This is ridiculous.

Finally! Close the window
before the mosquitoes come in.

It's like your not my daughter.

Take your sister as an example,
she has more judgement than you.

You should listen to her.

I'm going out for a bit, goodnight.

You heard what Dad said.

If one of us is mistaken, it's not me.

Your excellency.

Our respects, Sir.

Enjoy your walk, Marquis.

Good evening.

Leave that boat alone.
Want to end up at the bottom?

Where can I find another boat?
I must get back to the mainland.

With that one you wouldn't get far.

You're here for the lights, right?
- Yes.

Who are you?
- I'm Marquis Nicastro's daughter.

Been here long? - I come here every night.
It's the only place I don't feel alone.

The rest of this salt farm is just sad.

Very sad...

The people, too.

You're lucky you get to leave.

Lucky me?

I wish I were already gone.

What's that?

It's the wind, don't you feel it?

It gets here at the same time every night.
It's a wind from Africa, from the South.

I should be getting home, it's late.

I'm Grazia.
- Antonio.

Listen, there's another boat down there.
Take it, no one ever uses it.

But you won't be able to leave
before dawn because of the tide.

- Goodnight.

Hold on.

Where have you been?
- What do you want?

What were you doing with that guy?
- Let go of me.

Now you're out at night chasing the
first guy that comes along. I saw you.

What are you saying?
- Don't lie, I know you.

You've no modesty left, anyway.
Wasn't Guido enough for you?

- I know you were with him, I know it!

Yet you knew I could have married him.
You pushed him away!

That's not true, I swear!
That's not true!

Liar! Liar! Liar!

Hold on, Antonio!

I'm leaving too.
Can you take me? I'm in a hurry.

Come on.


I ran all the way here.
I was afraid you might have left.

I had to decide on an impulse and
there are no boats early in the morning.

You did well. - I must get to Palermo
today, a friend is waiting for me.

What time does the first bus leave?
- At 10 o'clock.

But we won't make it with this boat.
The next bus leaves this evening.

Hey, the rope!

That was lucky, I'd lost hope.

If it weren't for that boat,
we'd still be at sea...

and I wouldn't have made it
in time to take the bus.

It was a real mess.
- Sorry to run off, but I have to go.

Thank you, then.
- Goodbye.

Antonio, where were you last night?


Good morning all!

Good day, Mrs. Maria.
- Good morning.

The usual.
Make it good, eh?

Good morning, Don Luigino.

Your excellency.

Any news?

I have to talk to you.
- Then talk.

- Later I don't have time.

As you wish. I couldn't do
that favour for you...

Whoever asked you a favour?

Here you go.


Never mind then, it's like nothing
happened. - What are you on about?


You dirty lowlife!
Now you're alone, say something!

Take it back!
- Me?

He's lost it. - Antonio!
- You gave it to me, and you know why!

And you know it, too!
I want to talk!

He gave it to me, him!
And I'll tell you all why!

Where are you going?
Where are you going? Stop!

You're not leaving.
- Out of my way!

It must be the heat making him crazy.

These things happen.

Good day, everyone.

Cool yourself off,
too much sun can kill you.

Antonio, take my advice:
get out of here.

Go to your mother's house.
Leave right away.

I'd like to send a telegram, please.

When will we get there?
- In around an hour.

Young man!

Hey, where are you headed?

To Saracena.
- 400 lire.

Quick, it's leaving!

Once back to Torrisi, would you give this
to someone from the salt farm? - Okay.

How come you're here?
- I was born around here.

See? I didn't miss the bus but
I missed the train. - A real mess.

The next one isn't until tomorrow.

Well, come with me,
we'll sort you out., if you trust me.

Let's go.
- My mother's house isn't far from here.


Please, have a seat.

- My son, you're home!

My son...

I'm not alone, there's a girl
downstairs who missed the last train.

She's coming from Torrisi with me.
Can she stay here? - Okay.

Miss, this is my mother.

Nice to meet you. - Sorry for
intruding, Ma'am. - Of course not.

You must be tired, come and cool off.
- Thank you.

You can even sleep, if you like.
That's Antonio's bed.

I keep it made in the hope he'll come
and see me. I'm always on my own.

This is a poor folk's house,
you'll have to put up with it.

I'd love to have a house with
a mother like you. - Thank you.

Antonio, don't go anywhere.
I'll make you something to eat.

See? I just got here and she's
afraid I'm running off. I'm not, no.

Has it been long since
you last saw your son?

First he was a soldier,
then he was looking for work...

I never see him anymore.

I'll leave you to get some rest.

I was expecting you.

Uncle Salvatore came by this morning.
- Well?

He told me that if you came,
you shouldn't show up, even with him.

Did he tell you why?


Is it about that girl?

No, it's not about her.

Then what happened, my son?

Those people that were friends
with my father...

wanted me to pay off the debt.

But I couldn't do it.

You did the right thing.

It's all my fault, I shouldn't
have accepted their charity.

Nothing is ever free with those people.
- What could you do?

It was him who messed up,
falling in with that lot.

And I almost made the same mistake.

Mum, it's nothing.

When it gets dark I'll take the train.

I'll go to Palermo, to my godfather.

He helped me get christened,
he can also help me live, no?

I'll catch the train at Palmiti.
That way nobody will notice.

I'll come with you.
- No, I'll take care of this myself.

This is a man's thing. - The women
shouldn't know anything in this place.


I love you.


What's wrong?

Nothing, I'm sorry.
It's just a moment of melancholy.

Sometimes I get these thoughts,
and I just can't stand them.

You're right, until 2 days ago
I didn't worry about anything...

and now I feel 10 years older.

But you're not alone! I saw how
much your mother loves you.

Perhaps that's why I'm crying.

I barely remember my mother.

She killed herself when I was little,
at the mill..

where we met.

I'm coming.

Grazia, I have to leave right away,
I'll catch the train at the next station.

You can stay here, if you prefer.

No, I'm coming with you.

As you wish.

I made you something to eat.
Remember to write, okay?

Don't worry, it'll be fine.
- Antonio, take this as well. - I'm okay.

I want to buy a new suit in Palermo
to visit my godfather.

How come you have so much?

It's money that will cost me.

Well, how about those farewells?

Be safe, my son.
- Yes, Mum.

I want to thank you.

Come on, let's go.

God bless you.
- Goodbye, Mum. - Goodbye.



Excuse me, excuse me!

Antonio, I have to tell you something.
- Go and sit down, there's space.

Excuse me...

Could you give me a hand, please?
- Sure.


Aren't you coming to sit down?
- No.

You got some sleep.

And I had a dream.
Just now, right before I woke up.

But I can't remember it.

If you don't remember it,
it must have been a bad dream.

It puts me in a bad mood when
I can't remember my dreams.

They're important to me.

What do you dream about?
- About becoming rich, very rich!

But I know it's just a dream.

Will you be at your friend's
in Palermo for long?

I don't know.
When are you going home?

I don't know if I'm going home.

I have to speak to someone in
Palermo about important things.

Perhaps he can help me out.

He's my godfather, he's well off.

But who knows, I've not seen him
in so long, he might have changed.

And what if he's changed?

I'll leave Sicily.
I'll get on a boat, tonight.

Where will you go? - Well, first to
Turin where I was with the army.

It's easier to find work there,
whatever I come across.

The world is full of Sicilians
who had to leave their country.

You talk like someone who has
to leave at all costs.

I couldn't stay with my father, either.

That's why I left home.

Antonio, before I tried
to tell you something.

What is it?

What I said was a lie: I'm not
going to see friend in Palermo.

I'm going to see a relative of mine,
a cousin. A very rich man.

He once asked me to marry him,
but I refused.

Now I've decided to go and see him.

I'm not in love with him,
but for me it's the only option.

Why are you telling me these things?

Because you've been good to me
and I'm sorry I lied to you.

We're almost there.

Antonio, wait!

Listen, please don't judge me.

How can I judge you?
To each their own.

Look, perhaps that's mine.

We can't leave each other like this!

Why not?


Which way are you going?
- I don't know.

Let's go.

Are you happy?
- Yes.

I have to scrub up for my godfather so I'll
buy a suit. Will you help me choose?- Yes.

But you should buy a tie, too.
- Never, I don't like to feel strangled.

But you must! Especially if
you're visiting. - Here's the bus.

You must be tired.
- No, and you?

Me neither.

Thank you.

I'll stay with you all day,
if you like.

And afterwards?

Don't ask me anything...

Come on.

We're almost there.

The shop is on the first side street.

Excuse me.

Thanks, Antonio.

Come on, let's go buy this suit.
- You go.

But, why?
- I'd prefer to see it on you.

At least tell me what colour to choose.
- Blue, single-breasted.


Where shall we meet?

At the caf?, the one opposite.

Wait there, I'll be right back.

It looks great. - I'll take it. - You keep
it on? - Yes. - I'll wrap the trousers.

Miss, I'll close up.
The gentleman is paying 27,000.

If you don't mind, there's the service exit.
It will lead you behind the building.

I see, thanks. - Just a moment!
- We're closed! - What, closed?

There's a young man in there,
I want a word with him.

Quiet! - Come on, open up!
- Be quiet! - Open up!

He's going out, you'll find him outside.

Who is it?

What do you want?

There's no one here, get lost!

I'll inform the Baron and Baroness
right away. Please, come through.

My dear Cousin!

You made us wait.

But it was worth it.

Take it upstairs. - Cousin, I...
- You must call me Guido.



You were always pretty down
on the salt farm, but now...

I had everything prepared,
you must be tired...

My sister is in her room resting,
but she can't wait to see you.

She said she's glad to have you here.

As to me, I'm very happy indeed.

Isabella has people coming today
and I must be here, too.

I couldn't get out of it, but I've
reserved the whole evening for us.

Thank you, Cousin.

No need to thank me,
you know I love to be with you.

You're very kind. - Allow me to
say again how beautiful you are.

See, now you're here and
my room is just next door.

Now sleep, get some rest.

Yes, but first I must tell you why I came.
- I'm happy as long as you're next to me.

Now rest.

Who are you looking for? - Mr. Paladino.
- In the other building, but he's leaving.

Hello, Godfather.

What do you want?

Out, I have to leave.

I came from Saracena to speak
about something important.

I know it.
You've done very wrong coming here.

Someone like you should
keep out of everyone's way.

A nice lowlife they picked
for my christening.

What are the chances they followed
you here? - None, they lost me.

Mind you, I'm almost 50 years old,
I have a position, and a family...

If there's just one chance they
saw you come here... - They lost me.


You called me a lowlife...

It's easy to lose my head,
given the mess I'm in.

You're my only chance,
someone with power...

You've insulted someone
with more power than me.

I can't help you. In Torrisi you said
you wanted to report everything.

But I said it in a moment of anger.
- So you said.

Couldn't they get someone
else to kill him?

You gave them your word.
- I didn't have the courage.

I didn't even know him.

You chose our friends yourself,
and knew what they were like.

You know what it means breaking the pacts.
After, there's no forgiving.

I wouldn't be forgiven either, if I were
in your place. - So what should I do?

Go to the police? Get myself arrested?
- Your mother and sister would pay.

I could leave Sicily!
- I don't want to know.

Is there no one who can help me?

I see.

My mother sends her regards, Godfather.

Guido, why isn't our cousin here?

You know I have a weakness
for our country relatives.

I couldn't convince her,
the poor girl...

she needed some rest so
decided to have a nap instead.

Between your sheets?
Should I be jealous?

How could you be jealous of
such a frightened little lamb?

Baron, Sir, you're wanted on the phone.
- Who is it? - Circolo della Spada.

Excuse me.


Ah, my dear Manfredi, it's me.

Of course you're not bothering me.



But do you know her?

Ah, I see.


She arrived today.


What has the boy done?

"And the sense of everything
that is happening"

"to me these days, still eludes me."

"Again despair and sadness."

Who is it?
- It's me, Isabella.

Grazia, my darling!
- Hello. - Are you well?

Sorry I didn't come sooner,
I have a house full of people.

Did you rest? - Yes. - To think, we're
relatives and barely know each other.

Let me look at you, you're beautiful.

I thought my brother was exaggerating,
you know how he is, but you're beautiful.

And your dad, your sister, are they well?
- Yes.

What are you doing here in Palermo? Sit!
- Yes, I wanted to...

No, I don't want to know.
Tell Guido, you know him better.

You sent the telegram to him, no?
Your telegram gave us such a worry!

We sent the driver to the station 3 times!
- I missed the train.

These secondary lines are awful!
Inland traveling is simply frightful!

That's why I've always refused
to travel inland.

You could say I barely know Sicily.

Poor girl, stuck in a peasant
house for a whole night.

How did you know that?
- How does one know things in Sicily?

It's the wind that carries news.

Wasn't there a hotel, an inn,

less compromising?

I didn't ask. It seemed only
natural to accept such kindness.

But that young man.. who was he?

I don't know, I met him while traveling.
He's a worker. - A worker? - Yes.

That's all you know about him?
- Yes.

And he came all the way to Palermo
just to be with you? - No.

For his own business.

And perhaps tonight he's boarding
a ship for the continent.

Tonight he's boarding
a ship for the continent.

Hello? Circolo della Spada here.

I'll call him right away.

Mr. Manfredi?

Hello, this is Manfredi.

Tonight he's boarding
a ship for the continent.

But it's not certain.

The girl knows nothing.

Certainly, thank you, I'll inform him.
He'll be very grateful, I'm sure.

My respects, Baron.

What is it? - Lo Guzzo called.
- Did you find out? - Everything.

Good, take care of it.


What time is it?
- 9 o'clock.

Could you hurry up, please?



I came to bring you this.
It's a tie.

This morning I waited for such a long time,
I didn't know what to think.

You didn't want to see me again, did you?

Hurry, it's leaving.

So it's not true that you didn't
want to see me again.

Perhaps it was better
if we didn't meet again.

Why did you come?
At least this way it was all over.

It seemed impossible not to see you again.

What can I give you?
I have nothing, understand? I am nothing.

I don't even know if I'll have
enough air to breath.

That's why you were leaving?

We can't leave each other again, Antonio.

We can help each other, I'm sure of it.

I only feel good when I'm with you.
I found that out when you left me.

I went to see my cousin...

but I felt empty inside,
like all hope was lost.

But there's hope for us, if you want.

You must love me.

Antonio, I'm not afraid anymore.

I only feel happy when I'm with you,
as though I'm alive for the first time.

You won't leave me, will you?
- Grazia, listen... - Quiet!

I'm the only thing that counts.

You know what to say to me every day?

"Grazia is the only thing
I love in the world."

This is like a dream for me.

I'd never have believed that a
girl like you even existed.

Now I'm the one who's afraid.

I don't want to think about the future,
and not even the past.

I've been too sad.

But you don't even know me.

You're close to me...
Tthat's enough.

I don't want to know anything else.

- Yes?


Who is it?

They want you on the phone. Hurry up!

Just a moment.

Are you sure they want me?
- They asked for Antonio Spadara.

Where's the telephone?
- In there.

Hello? Hello?!

- Antonio Spadara?

Who is this?
- Do you love the girl?

What do you want?
- If you love her, get out. Take my advice.



- I have to tell you something odd.

Yes, I'm listening.

My cousins Lo Guzzo,
knew all about our trip.

I don't understand how,
but they also knew about you.

What are you doing, getting dressed?
- Yes, I'm leaving.

- Yes, leaving!

So I should get dressed right away?
- No.

I'm leaving on my own.

What do you mean by that?
- That you were wrong.

I told you it was impossible
for us to be together.

What are you saying, are you crazy?
- Your questions are making me crazy!

So, it was all a lie.
Everything you told me, everything!

You were stupid to believe it.

My God...

My God...

My God...

I don't love you, so the sooner
you forget me the better!

I don't love you, I don't love you!

I don't believe it.

I don't believe it!

Grazia, if I stay with you...
- Go away!

Go away, go away!
I can't hear your voice!

Go away!

I won't be a minute.
- Go on.

My dear Mr. Manfredi...
- Baron...

My cousin. - A pleasure.
- Likewise. - She's here.

Mr. Manfredi is the one who helped us.
- Thank you. - It's our duty, Baron.

All of us have been insulted by
the actions of that thug.

Abducting a young girl of nobility
here in Sicily? It's unheard of!

Please, no scandals.
- Scandals? Don't worry, there won't be.

No, there's no need. I've already
told them, they'll open up.

Manfredi, you'll see,
the Marquis will be more than obliged.

My father will never forget this.

The Marquis has proved on occasion
that he hasn't the best memory.

It won't happen again, I assure you. - Of
course. - And you can assure... - Enough!

We're in agreement, aren't we? Go on.
- Goodbye, Baron.

My respects, Miss.

Go on.

Well, here I am.

They said they had nowhere to go,
they begged me.

Good God, who could... - Where is she?
- Up there, on the top floor.

You can't miss it,
at the end of the corridor.

I've heard her crying so much!

You go, darling, it's for the best.
- Yes, Guido.

Go on, go on.

Who'd have thought that she was
such an important young lady...

and that young man seemed
like such a good kid.

How should I know he was lying?

He left you already?

Poor thing.

You're a disgrace.

Get dressed.

Hurry up, Guido is downstairs.
We won't wait for you.

He left you his tie.

A nice token of your love.
Take it to the salt farm, it will keep you company.



Youth can play these kind of tricks.

It can make you sleep, too.

Listen up, out of respect
for your godfather,

certain important people have asked me
to tell you that they will let it go.

Out of respect for your godfather,

You're a lucky boy, you're alive,
aren't you? It's a gift!

But in our country, a gift like this
you must know how to treasure it.

One wrong step and it's over.

So be careful where you step.

No one will save you next time.

To avoid temptation,
these people offer you some advice:

It's a quarter to 8, the train
for the continent leaves in 2 hours.

You must take that train.

Weren't you boarding a ship last night?

What's keeping you here?
Nothing and no one.

No one.


Time passes, look out.


Do you need a ride?
- I have legs.

The station is that way.

Curse the day they brought
you into the world.

Come on.

What happened?
- I know nothing.

Agatina! Agatina!

What happened?
- A girl killed herself. Agatina!

A girl? Who? - A young girl, not
from around here, they took her away.

She threw herself down the stairwell.
- Did they say a name? - I don't know.

Agatina, what are you doing over there?
Let's go.

I'm here! She turned up last
night with a young man.

But... - Do you know what he did?
He left her.

Go on, nothing to see here!
Off you go!

Go on, off you go!

That's the end of that...

Did you see her?


Beautiful, her eyes! A real shame.

Well, to each their own.

What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Good day.

Old stuff! Old stuff!

I was right,
there's no one keeping you here.

The train leaves in 15 minutes.

Remember our agreement?


You're the ones who killed her!

And you, too!
I'll report all of you, you scum!

Calm down!

Yesterday, in a street in Palermo,
at the hands of an unknown gunman,

a one Antonio Spadara was shot dead,
a worker, 21 years of age.

The motive remains unknown.

Subs by JMS@KG
February 2014