Výbuch bude v pet (1984) - full transcript

Ludvik is a budding scientist who seems that all his experiments has gone awry, Ludvik's parents wish he would go into music. But he insists he must continue, while a friend tips off the physics teacher about Ludvik's disastrous p...

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Robert Nešpor

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*We're moving!*

*Yohoho, not far away!*

*From the big city!*

*To a tiny place!*

*We will have our own
house, oh yes, world!*

*Ratata Ratata boom, ratata boom,
ratata boom boom boom!*


Have you noticed the
way they're numbered?

Look! First floor, sixth pen!

Second floor, seventh pen.

Third floor, fifth pen!

It's as though these are their
apartments! Like an 'Interhotel'!

What's that?
What's happening there?

-Someone is moving there.

How come I don't know?
What is this?

-Kastorex breed. -What?
-They multiply quickly!

-Are they foreigners?
- I'm talking about the rabbits!

Oh, yeah. What else would
you be talking about, of course?

Clever boys.

Josefe, the new family
happen to be very decent people.

The husband is a musician, the wife
is a teacher, the grandfather is retired.

And daughter Bozena is
studying at the Station.

-Why at the station?
-At the Station School, man.

They must have got it for next to
nothing. It's been empty for years.

Yeah - they also have a boy.

A kind of...
A kind of bespectacled nothing.

*Heřmánkov, Heřmánkov,
little Hařmánkov town!*

*I'm on my arse
I've soiled my trousers!*

*Hooray, hooray-ay! Hooray, hooray-ay!*

Hooray! Hello people!

Zdeněk John

Josef Pinkava

What's going on?...

What are you doing, Matej?

Jesus... You're here.
Well, did you see that?

His grandfather is a
highly respected person.

His mother too. She's a teacher.

And his dad teaches the violin at the
People's School of Art at Heřmanově...

...as well as playing the viola.

And now he'll lead your choir.

-What about Mr. Švabík?
-He's retiring.

I hope you'll give your new
friend a warm welcome tomorrow.

He's older than you.

He had a serious injury, so he
started school an hour late.

A year late! His name is Ludvík [Louis]
Ludvík Čtrnáctý [Fourteenth].

-But he's a king!
-Yes, he'll be gilded all over!

-The Sun King!
-Children calm down! Quiet!

Long live Ludvík the Fourteenth!

What bad luck...
But broken shards mean good luck!

If this is good luck,
then I'm the Virgin of Orleans!

That will make your mum happy!

-Josefe! -Yeah?
-You haven't seen this yet.

A miracle of nature!

One eye red and one green.

-Where's his head?

-I don't see any eyes.
-So, he's taking a nap.

-Look. They're here.

Jesus Mary! Nicholas!

Josefe, come here! Hold him!

Little Nicholas, Little Nicholas.
Come here!

Little Nicholas... Here's your clover!

They're actually both the same.

Don't be afraid!
Have some of this! Come here to me!

Don't take so much at once.

-So you don't overburden yourself!

Give me the pictures.


The one with the big rabbit lives here.
He's Mr. Buchtele.

-Good day. -And the man with the little
one is probably the school janitor.

- Hello. -Good day. -Good day.

-Aerodynamic force?
-Yeah. The diagonal of rectangle F.

It's a rhombus - but otherwise
you're pretty good, bro.

And do you know, Bíbo, the formula
for calculating the speed B?

By heart. You just guessed it! If
you think that instead of shifting...

...you can lie down and mess with figures,
then you've definitely miscalculated!

Get moving! Or mum will
do the maths for you!

So, free fall is what?

Free fall is... Pipko, bon appetit!

Free fall is such a movement of the body...

Are you hungry? If so, he can
give you a bite during the break.

Free fall is the
movement of a body...

...that is due solely
to the Earth's gravity.

To put it simply...

...the velocity V is equal to...

...the square root...

...of 2gs .

"Despicable Villain"

"Where is Countess Hilda?

"Speak or I'll put a bullet
through your head. Ha, speak up!”

What do you imagine,
Vosecký, is meant by "free fall"?

Speak or I'll put a bullet
through your head!

I imagine a free fall...
From a horse, for example.

And how do you think the
animal should be positioned...

...for you to be able
to free fall from it?

Well, what if he rears?

But the steed would have to
be rearing at a flying saucer.

Despicable villain!

Breather! Breather!
Libuška, will you make us coffee, okay?

It's in the bag on the piano,
the sugar's in the bathroom.

The stove, dammit...

The stove will be in the room, with the
shoes. It will be in those boxes somewhere.

Left... Right!

But, Matej, I'll cook something properly
when I get everything together here.

Then we'll have nothing! The stove
is lined with literature. Detective books.

-Libuška? -Yes! -Libuška, where
should I put the instruments?

Ferdinande, go sit on your hands.
But be careful not to hurt yourself.

What's happening, mum?

-Well, come on. No, no, no.
-But... -Well, go on then.

The three of us will
clean up a bit. So...

-Matthew, have mercy!
-None of that!

I'll start the painting tomorrow.

Give it here, we have to make
a note of your late arrival!

-What's your name, little boy?
-Vendelín Švidrnoha, little girl!

Didn't he say yesterday
that his name was Alois Jirásek?

"Švidrnoha" [Screechy-leg] is better!

Sit here.

Did boys and girls sit
separately at your school?

-So who did you sit with?


Well, there were 33 of us in the class...

...and since they sat together in
pairs, I was the remainder!

What is it?
I hope I'm not bothering you.

Are you looking for something, Ferdinande?

The piano.

It'll be in the bedroom.

-Where is the bedroom today?
-Today? In the kitchen.

But not on the right, Ferdinand.

There's a second bathroom, or so it will
be. You have to go left, that way! Well?

Bloody hell!

Damn, he's slipped on the floor.

-Who put this here?... Who?...

Good day. Sir, do you happen
to know where the station is?

We happen to know that, sir.
See that building with the green tower?

-No. -It doesn't matter because
it's not there anyway.

But you can see that building at the
end of the alley that can't be seen, right?

Yes, I see it.

-You know him?
- I've never seen him in my life.

-And a big one.

An electric charge of one
coulomb acts on an equal charge...

...one metre away with a
force of 9 billion newtons.

An electric charge of one
coulomb acts on an equal charge...

-What is it?
-Coulomb's law.

An electric charge of one
coulomb acts on an equal charge...

-The electrical charge of one...
-What is this "charge"? Does it make a spark?

No, it is created, for example, by
rubbing a fox's tail with an ebonite rod.

I mean, by rubbing the
ebonite rod with the fox's tail.

-It's just a charge.
-What does it do?

Give it a try and leave me alone!

I have a test on electricity
tomorrow and you don't care at all.

And where should I
get an ebonite rod?

A piece of Plexiglas is sufficient.

And a fox tail?

You can use any fur.

When you rub them together,
it creates a charge.

Maybe tiny pieces of
paper will jump up to it.

An electric charge of one
coulomb acts on an equal charge...

Mind those.

And don't forget to buy
me that bag in Heřmanov.

A proper shopping bag, you know?

I'll buy it! The one you want!

So bye... goodbye!

-What are you doing, you jerk?!

-I didn't know, I was looking...

-Jesus Christ, is that you?
-Mrs. Vosecká!

I was going... I was going...
Did I hurt you?

No, it's alright.
Only my head, which is fine.

What are you doing there?!

Are you crazy or what?

-Yes, Mr. Coulomb.
-I'm asking you, what are you doing?

Negative charge... No, actually I
wanted to make a shade for the rabbits.

If the sun were shining,
they'd get hot.

You'll get it now!

Won't he, Nicholas?

The hen lays the egg.

-Is this good enough, mum?

Yes, excellent.
When every hen lays an egg...

Jesus and Mary!

So there we have it…

Each week...

...from each egg...

...three hens...

...four hens...

...eight eggs...

For God's sake, Matej.

Knock that boy's
bow out of his hand.

He's just practicing. At least you can be
sure he's not up to something naughty again.

Fine, Ludvík, fine.
And now once more.

340 metres per second in air...

So what's happening?
No slacking off!

Do you see the cigarettes?

I'll note him down on the
list of smokers as well.

Won't he beat us up?

What's your name? Do you hear?

-What's your name?

First or second name?

I advise you to raise your knees!

Don't slacken off! Up! Up!

Ah, Mr. Vosecký has
honoured us with a visit.

-Good day.
-We welcome you here.

And he lives on the square.
Ten seconds from school.

I wonder what time His Highness
would come to school...

...if he had to commute
by train as I do!

So what's up?
Start galloping or I'll jump on you!

-Three times seven? -What?
-Three times seven? -Twenty-one.

-And four times eight?
-Thirty two.


What was your accident that meant
you went to school a year late?

-I almost bled to death.
-What did you do?

-I was measuring the relative humidity
of the air. -What?

I fell through the greenhouse.


-It's nothing.

I mean, I hope you're not hurt.

-Hello. He roughed you up nicely!

-And what don't you like about it?
-That sound travels so slowly.

-340 metres per second not enough for you?
-No. It's not enough.

Look, I'll show you in black and white.

-Hell! -What is it?
-This isn't my bag. -Really?

Why would I have a barbell?!

What's all this?

Does anyone live in that
belfry on the hill?

How can you live in a belfry?!

-Isn't there a guard there?
-How can a belfry be stolen?

What are you hitting her for?

-Nothing. I was just asking about the bell.
-What do you care about our bell?

- I was wondering if it rings.
-You can try it.

Yeah? When?

Maybe today. What do you say?

At five o'clock in the belfry.

...94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100.

So you made up the horse.

Someone's probably here, right?

Here? No one's set foot here
for half a year. Come on!


It'll be five in one minute.
We're getting ahead of ourselves.

But we'll forgive him, right?

-What do you want to do?
-Climb up there.

Easy. But who will time us?

-Who do you want to time?
-Whoever get's there first.

-And who'll ring the bell.
-I have a stopwatch.

Good. So let's start.

On your marks... Get ready... Go!

-Hurrah! I'm first!
-You got there in 14.5.


Boys, I found a ladder!

Come help me with it.
I have a ladder!

Someone's coming!
Boys, hurry down, you hear?

They're coming for us!

Leave that alone!

Who gave you permission
to do that, you rascals!

I'll show you. Just wait!

Move it!

You're a rascal from 5th grade, aren't you?

-Why did you climb there? -We wanted
to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Enjoy? I see!
So they wanted to enjoy themselves!

Look over there... look over there
- and a girl was with them.

Just wait, four-eyes!

Well then, dude!

A lump like a watermelon.

The janitor met my dad yesterday...

...and told him everything.

Since you were the one who had the
stupid idea to climb the belfry...

...you could have whistled
when you saw those people.

What people?
I didn't know those people.

Take off your glasses, Fourteenth!

What if he didn't actually see anyone?
He couldn't recognize the janitor!

-Don't get involved.
-My word of honour!

So why did you jump off the belfry?


-You're a common traitor!
-It's not true! Let me go -Let's go.

Justice will be done!

- I am... Sound is a wave...
- What?

-Speed ​​depends on temperature and medium.
-Do you want a slap? -No.

So spit it out why you disappeared!

-Because I wanted to check the speed.
-Whose speed? -No, of the sound!

-What are you croaking about?
-It's true.

I was interested in the time difference
between auditory and visual perception.

Take this, time difference freak!

What happened?

Did you do that to him?
Yes or no?

No, I just got a nosebleed.

-Are you faint?

-Go wash up back there, there's...
-The toilet, I'll take him there. Don't worry.

I put it in 'lost and found' at the station.
Complete with the barbell and sweatpants.

-And he returned mine there...
-I've got it!

You really checked the speed
of sound from the bell?

-What about it? -You're crazy.
- But I did time it.

Throw this over there!

How did the speed of
sound come out for you?

105 metres per second.

What?!! You timed it nicely!

Watch out - Matej!...
*The seamstress Madlenka sings*

- *a tearful song*...
- Have you seen Ludvík?

I need help with the
pathway to the rockery.

-Well? -I haven't seen him.
- 'Haven't seen him'. Where is that boy?

Hey, Viky, did anyone see you?
On that belfry?

Don't worry, he's gone.

No one to worry about.


You probably sang it faster
with Mr. Švabík, didn't you?

-No, no... -No? Is something
not clear to you? Jiřičná?

I, I... we, we...

I wanted to ask if your son
will be joining the choir.

Ludvík? Somehow, him and music!
You really won't miss him here!!

Calm down, kids.



Archimedes' law?

You got it!

-And how does it work out for you?
-Exactly right. 37.5 litres.

I checked. And I weigh
exactly that many kilos.

Fine. But get a move on. Dad'll be
in soon and he'll want to take a bath.

-I'm writing my results down now.

I'm going to drown you!

Do you hear that, Bedřichu?

What is it supposed to be?

Violin. He did something naughty again.

Go! And the next! Now you!

Put your hands out! Good!

Now you! Come on!

Hop! And the next! Well don't worry!

Do it properly. Good.

What's up gentlemen?
We leave the gym in an organised manner.

Line up and count down!

-First! -Second!
-First! -Second!

-First! -Second!
-First! -First!

-I mean... Second!
-Well? -Fourteenth!

-We just moved in.

Everyone listen now!

I have a sensational idea.
Be quiet! Quiet!

I solemnly announce
that I invite you all...

-...to a watermelon feast.
-And why?

Because I want to.

-And those watermelons will be eaten
on the roof. -And why on the roof?

So that I can show
Ludvík, from that height...

...that Heřmánkov is no dump.

-But I never said anything like that.
-I wouldn't advise you to, either.

-Can I invite the girls too?
-Of course.

So whoever's interested, today
at five o'clock on the dot.

An egg or a watermelon,
it makes no difference...

-Good day.
-Good day.

-Good... goodbye.

-Good day.
-Good day. Good day.

Good day, teacher, I will let you go first.
One watermelon won't kill anyone.

Thank you, Mrs. Brabcová, I'll wait.
I need two, to keep my balance.

-Did he really give you a hundred?
-My uncle from Prague is a big guy.

-And you can do whatever you
want with them? -Of course!

And right next door is the 'open air cinema'.
But it's actually more like a theatre.

Over there in that greenery. All the
way back there, you can see it, can't you?

We're going there sometime,
when it's not raining, to perform.

-The choir, you understand?

And that big yellow one in front of us...

...that's our school, where
they pour brains into our heads...

...so no one can make fools of us.
But don't worry...

...no one's there now. The janitor
is shopping at the moment.

Boys, this should be
enough for today, right?

I'm going for it.

-So, Ludvík!

-I don't like them.

You're a right nutcase.

-Thank you.



I will trouble you, Mrs. Kociánková.

But what wouldn't I
do for you, Mr. Hnízdo?

We have one pint of milk. 2.90.

-Ludvík! Another!
-Aren't you full yet?

In one fell swoop!

-Weight makes no difference. -What are you
talking about, dude? Did you throw it down?

It just fell over.

Did you see that? Did you see that?

-Someone threw it at me!
- That was a wallop.

-What happened, Mr. Hnízdo?
-An assassination attempt!

It was nearly all over for me!

Scarper! Quick, get down!
Come on!

Ludvík, what's up? Come on!

That will cost you, assassin!

Come on!

-Okay, kids, we're done.
-[Children:] Not yet.

Examination over. Collect the papers...


And one other thing.

It probably doesn't concern you, but
we agreed with our comrade janitor...

...to circulate this throughout the school.

I can't leave you out.

Owner wanted.

Doesn't it belong to anyone?

Why are you so scared, Vojtěch?

-Have you ever seen this dagger?

The dagger is mine.


Yes, it's mine.

Did you tell the teacher that the
watermelon fell there by accident?

I didn't. Jiříčná did.

Jiříčná, hm. She probably saw...

...that you dropped the
watermelon on purpose. -Yes.

So she likes you, Viky.

It doesn't matter.

Why then did you get a class
reprimand for the watermelon?

-The janitor thinks it was an
assassination attempt. -Assassination?!

Be calm.

Hello, mum.


Do you know how they
look at me at school now?

Throwing onto the janitor from the roof...
well... watermelons.

Are you even right in the head?

You've been here for 14 days,
you don't know anyone...

...you don't say hello to anyone, but
you'll get into trouble. And how!

You climb on rooftops, carrying
daggers, and threatening human lives!

Like some delinquent!
But this ends now! Now!

Starting today, there'll
be a different regime.

-What do you have for school tomorrow?
-Nothing. Just an excursion to Milotice castle.

Milánkové, when you get round to it,
take these things upstairs for me, okay?

On an impulse, I'm going to make a studio.


-I have plenty of time.
-Shh! Shh!

We are in the reception hall, which catches the
eye at first glance with its yellow wallpaper.

This alcove, with its flowery style...

...was characteristic
of baroque interiors...

under French King Louis XIV.


What are you doing?
Who let you sit there?

I would appreciate it if you
would leave the castle immediately.

Excuse me, Mr. Fourteen,
Ludvík's name is Warden.

[Warden:] Calm down.
We will continue.

The lifestyle of Louis XIV was imitated
by the aristocracy all over Europe.

And that is why we also
meet him in our castle...

Left, left, left...

Left, left, left...

*Cheers, have a good trip...*

*Cheers, cheers, have a good trip, trip, trip!*

*We did not get wet,
we're already here!*

*Mother praises us, praises us, praises us,
Mother praises us - that we're like gypsies!*

*Daddy tells us off, tells us off, tells us off,
Daddy tells us off, throw us out the door!*

*And we're very hungry,
very hungry, very hungry...*


[Teacher:] Everyone out of
the water! Get out quickly!

We're not in physical exercise!
This is a local history excursion!

Get out, hurry!

5, 6, 7, 8... come on!

Quickly! 17, 18...
Start the count again!

I've got one too many!

What do you think about this?

He taught them well.

And here?

That is beautiful.
Technically flawless.

[Libuse:] Don't be sad about it.

Olinka. The main thing...

Most importantly, no one was hurt.

And I'm sorry I wasn't there.


-Hold on, I'll be back... I'll leave these.
-Alright, bye.

Well, Olinka, you are no soldier.

Because if you had military training,
you would know that before a bridge...

...the command is always
given to "cancel step!" Look...

If you walk the footbridge alone,
you rock her quite safely.

However, when it is shaken
by many legs marching...

...the wood simply can't withstand it.
Do you understand?

-I know. Wood.
-Olinka, in layman's terms...

...where the deflection Y reaches
the value G squared by omega...

...then F multiplied by S will exceed
the value of sigma E. Do you get it now?

That's good, my dear.

And since the warping liquidion
has wobbled the bramble knife...

...the said aquabacus
is nothing else...

...except a knee-deep
underwater carambola...

...of incredible pindas!

In short, when you go to the
forest again, take me with you.

As an expert - in physics.

-Where's my notebook? -How would I know?
-You've hidden it from me.

Oh, Viky, please!

I'm a little busy.

So where is it?

This sucks.

As far as I know, you hid
it under the mattress.

[Bíba:] Not that side, that's
where you put it the previous time.

Phew! Couldn't you have
told me straight away?

[Bíba:] Do you suppose I've got nothing to
think about except your secret notebooks?

-Lend me your calculator, please.
-Take it.

What is that?

-I mean this, what will it be?

A train station, in order
to practice rail transport.

How "practice"?

If one of us were a station master,
making sure that the trains don't collide.

-Are you going to be a station master?
-Take the calculator and get out, okay?

Of course! I'm an idiot,
it's actually quite simple.

Viky, I've got it!
What did you need the calculator for?


-For the broken footbridge.
-To calculate the amplitude? -Yes.

Bíbo, do you know what I
would like to do at the station?

The studio!

Oh damn!

-[Ludvík:] Does the train really begin to brake
a kilometre before the station? -At least!

- If you measured out intervals...
- Is ten metres sufficient?

That's not enough to time it.
You should at least allow...

-Well, at least thirty!
-Jesus and Mary! That much?

What do you think? If you mark off equal
intervals, you will see how it slows down.

[Matej:] What up? What's up?

No slacking! We paint, we paint!

It's the formula A
equals delta V times T?

Yes. Delta V is the difference
between the speeds of V1 and V2.

It's always between the difference
of two velocities. Do you understand?

Yeah. Like this, right?

You need to make the gaps wider.

Then if you transfer it to graph paper,
you will get an acceleration graph.

Only when braking it's
a deceleration graph.

-This is what is technically called...
-[Matej:] So what's up again?

Do I have to knock you down?

Hello, have you arrived at last?
That's excellent.

Good afternoon.

-Hello Dad.

Excellent, Ferdinande, go change
your clothes and help them.

I would too, but I'm inspired!
I've got it in me, you see.

This too is technically
called "acceleration".

[Jiřičná:] And why are we actually here?

I still think you like
Bachorová better.

[Ludvík:]...28, 29, 30.

1, 2, 3, 4...

-Am I supposed to sit here until evening?
-...7, 8...

Don't disturb me, just keep watch.
And if you see anyone, whistle!

-But I can't whistle.
-[Ludvík:] Then sing.

How stupid!

...29, 30.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

*My mother always told me
to stay away from bachelors.*

Ludvík, scarper!

*And, after all, I have
them in my heart.*

*Those bachelors
are always good boys.*

Look what happened. Look.

Be glad that it's only on your bum.
At least you weren't hurt.

-But mum won't let me go anywhere anymore.
-Show me, turn around. I'll deal with it.

Nobody will know anything!

Jesus and Mary! Will it wash out?

Latex? It holds as strong as thunder.
Especially when it rains.

-Mum, is Viky home?
-He's not. Have a look outside.

I'll tear him apart.
With these very hands.

-Where were you? What have you been up to?
-[Libuše:] Ludvík!

Don't you know when
it's time to come home?

-Just look at you!
-Get into the bathroom!

And get your arse ready!

-What's up now then?
-I marked it off. Every thirty.

-Marked what?
-Intervals on the tracks.

Oh that! And how did it work
out for you? Show me the graph.

How could I have gone ahead?
It was constantly raining.

-Since when is the weather a
problem for you? -Not for me.

But for these. They don't stay put
when it's wet. You didn't know that?

What are they?

Don't worry. They're just replacement
hammers for the alarm clock.

To provide the "deceleration".

- Please, madam, be careful.
- Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

[Passenger:] -Help me, please.
-Watch out, mind the step. Follow me.

-Hurry, quick. Or it'll explode!
-Jesus Christ, what happened? -Come on.

-I hope we didn't run someone over!
-Will you allow me?

Here it is! Guys, come here.
It probably didn't go off properly.

Madam Driver, it's sabotage!
A military cartridge case.

Nothing like this has happened since I've
been here on duty. Not in 28 years.

Don't touch anything, everything
must remain as it is until Security comes.

-This? It's just a bag?
-Put it down, it's evidence.

A poor kid loses his gym bag and
you make "evidence" out of it.

[Tannoy:] Passengers are advised that the
passenger train from Meziříčí and Heřmanov...

[Driver] Get in, please, get in, let's go!

Get in, let's go, get in!
All aboard!

[Driver:] Come on, get in!

I'll probably wall it up in the studio!

-Good day, comrade!
-Good day.

Girls, don't write me down!

I'll give you an 'A' in gym.

There's nothing for it,
Viky, I need this for today.

Well, what are you staring at?

You're still quite lucky -
so long as no one saw you there.

[Ludvík:] Hopefully I'll be lucky then.

Do you know where I can
get some calcium carbide?

What do you want it for?

Well, it can be used as an
excellent fertilizer. CaCN2.

Matej can put it on the rockery.
He'll be happy.

-I would have to ask at the chemist.
-So you'll get it for me, right?

-Good day.
-Hello. Pay attention, be careful.

Excuse me, I've come
straight from the station.

Settle down, you're Pioneers after all!

To your places!

To your places! Sit down.

Before we sing,
once more for the record...

Kids, our first
public appearance...

...will be in the 'open air
cinema' on Friday...

...at five o'clock in the afternoon. So
take note! Friday at five o'clock. Yes?

And keep your fingers
crossed that it doesn't rain.

It would be an eternal shame not to
perform in such beautiful natural scenery.


[Tannoy:] Smoking will be
punished with a reprimand...

...from the Principal and a
reduced grade for behaviour.

To repeat. The school directorate
requests rule enforcers...

...not to forget to write down
the names of those students...

...in the late arrivals notebook...

...who are found with cigarettes.

The headmistress ordered you to note
down those caught smoking, right?


Then write me down.


Christopher Columbus.

-Where are you flying off to?
-Up. Down. To the gym.

[Gym teacher:] Properly!
Raise your knees! Up to the chin! Like so!

[Gym teacher:] Plichta, you
Sleeping Beauty, wake up!

[Gym teacher:] Pytlik, exercise properly!

[Gym teacher:] Lift your
knees, don't slack off!

[Josef:] Thanks.

What are you actually doing here?

I'm here on an errand for
the teacher Hrabět from Lumir.

-Well, for comrade teacher Kostecky.

I don't believe a word, you wretch!

So, the light beam, in short,
is refracted wide.

And when does that happen?

Chicken, cluck in breaktime.

This happens when the wave
passes into another medium.

What is this nonsense?

In such a case, the wave
changes its direction...

...and instead of being careful not to
be obvious, it spreads around itself..

...an unwanted wave front with its
undeniably interesting reading...

...which he will hand over to me so I
can be educated as well. Well, Vosecký!

Take it.

-Where did you get this, please?
-I found it in the hallway.

And who could have gone to the
locker room when you were exercising?

[Ludvík:] The janitor.
He stole my notebook.

-Why would he do that, Viky?
-He hates me because of the watermelon.

Why are your glasses crooked?

I was sick of them anyway.

I lost a screw and
now it won't hold.

Show me.

You're right. It was the janitor.

But I wasn't saying
that it was the janitor!

Please, how could he
understand your abbreviations?

-Everyone must know them!
-No one knows them.

I drew very clear diagrams
for that last experiment.

Which experiment?

Oh, an explosion.

With the carbide you brought me. I wanted
to check the speed of sound in water.

-You weren't planning to throw the
carbide in the water, were you? -Yes.

-I will kill you! Where?
-Bahňák, in the pond.

That's a nice "fertilizer"! And I,
idiot, got it for you!

Are you crazy?

Do you know how much acetylene
would be released from that amount?

Do you know what the hell that would be?
It won't do anything for you again!

Where's the carbide?

I don't have it. I already
prepared it there.

-But don't worry, it's dry there. -And you
wrote all this down in that notebook?

Yes. Even 'Friday at 5'.

And today's Thursday.

Pray that the thief doesn't figure
it out and give it to the teacher.

And put the janitor out of your mind.

-[Bíba:] Do you hear?

Go to the corridor and watch the janitor.
If he moves a step, let me know.

-Is something happening?
-I have to arrange something.

[Tannoy:] Message
for the Pioneer group.

We remind all Pioneers who
have "dried medicinal herbs"...

...to hand them over to Comrade
Dubová within the week...

...in the science office.

Herbs will be collected
during the main break.

Furthermore, we ask all
players for the football tournament...

...to come to the school field
on Friday at three o'clock...

...and bring their gym kit with them.
End of announcements.

-Where did he go? -Who?
-Fourteenth. - I don't know.

-So why are you watching here?
-What do you want?

-Mister janitor. There's a burglar
in your office! -What?


You might as well go now.

"Tactics and Strategies in Love"

-What are you looking for?
-You. -Me?

-Didn't you see that I was
checking the lighting? -No.

How did you get in here?

I was shut in. When you didn't come,
I tried the doorknob and called.

-What did you call?
- Mr. Hnizdo!

What did you want from me? Speak up!

I wanted to say I feel
sorry about the watermelon.

And that I didn't actually
throw it at you on purpose.

You're looking at this, right?


-Did you make all these?
-Who else?

-Here you go.
-Thank you.

Better get going. It's about
to strike the hour. See?

[Teacher:] So, children, calm down!

Calm down, we have to write a
ten-minute essay. So let's not waste time.

Before I hand out the assignment,
I want to show you this notebook...

...to see if one of you is the owner.
-That's just an ordinary exercise book.

Oh no, it isn't!

The notebook was found in the hallway.

And one of the teachers has a very good
reason to want to identify its owner.

-Well, what is it? Is it yours?

He is a phenomenal physicist.
And I don't know who he is.

[Gym trainer:] I can't give him an
'A' because he can't somersault!

-He'll learn.
-With difficulty.

-So? Has anyone claimed it yet?
-One moment.

Unfortunately, the author didn't own up and
it has already gone around all three...

[Physicist:] Hooray!

-What day is it today?
-Friday. Why?

If you were thinking of taking the train
home today, put it out of your mind.

Because today you will have
the honour to meet in person...

...a second Einstein!

Libuška, that boy of yours will probably
never learn to multiply in his life.

[Gym teacher:] Ow! I didn't know a
mosquito could bite through trousers.

[Physicist:] Shh!

-[Physicist:] What time do you make it?

-Doesn't it all seem a bit absurd?
-Please understand, this is my last hope.


[Physicist:] That's not
possible, it can't be him.

Don't give up - let's do what you planned.


Don't be crazy! Don't throw it!
Ugly thieves! How dare you?

[Ludvík:] It mustn't get wet, man!
Let it go or it'll rip your buckles off!

This doesn't concern us.
It's just two scientists arguing.

Happy to meet you. Good day.

And goodbye!


Oh, comrade teacher. Good day.

Has anyone even turned up?

Oh man!

Libuška! Libuška!

-Good day.

Where is Ludvík? And Bíba?

I don't know why you're asking me.

Do I look after them?
Or do I command them?

Kids, get ready.
We begin in two minutes.

- Yeah! Twenty-two.

[Ludvík:] I already know - that the
shock wave would rip apart all the fish.

But the speed of sound in water
could be measured that way.

If you think so, sir.
Attention! To the ground!

How come nothing happened?

The explosion will be at five!

Quiet. Children, quiet! Quiet, quiet.

Good Lord! Ludvík!

It's not going to rain. Attention!

*Where did the little dove fly?*

*Oh, she flew*

Well, we went a little
overboard with that load.

But then I'm not a chemist
either, I'm a physicist.

-But it was quite a bang!
-And why was it a bang?

Because the sedum sparrow was
ponding the papinolite two-mouse...

...therefore, the said bubble whip
cannot be anything other than...

...crackling slurp of the fearsome
tumult of an incredible pinda.

*I flew over the mountains*

*Over the mountains*

*To my beloved*

*Beautiful one*

*In spite of everything*

*Oh, in spite of everything*

Aerodynamic force.

It is proportional to the air density rho, the area
of ​​the kite S and the square of the wind speed.

[Physicist:] How do we
denote the square of the speed?

-V squared.
-That's correct!

But from today, no more bits from alarm
clocks, no more falling footbridges...

...and an end to free-falling
watermelons on innocent janitors!

And if you do these things,
then only with me.

-Will you remember that?

Then you better write it down, sir.

Oh, lest I forget, you will
learn to multiply on Sunday.

Because a physicist who
thinks 8 times 6 is 92...

...has no place in my office.

-Alright, Ludwig?


Subtitles by diogenes