Vabank (1981) - full transcript

Set in Warsaw in 1930's. After six years in jail, framed for bank robbery by an accomplice, the legendary Kwinto has only revenge on his mind. He is a safecracker in the old style, a thief with a sense of pride and loyalty. Upon leaving the jail he learns that his friend with whom he played in the jazz band has been murdered by the same guy - now a bank president - who sent him to prison. Kramer hopes to keep Kwinto's mouth shut by paying him off, but at the same time he hires a paid gun to kill him. Meanwhile, some young, petty crooks hearing that Kwinto is free want to join forces with him for a job. Kwinto, employing a retired professional and two young admirers, pulls his last job to get even with Kramer...

Is it possible to block it?

Each one can be blocked, only you
have to do it the first time....

And even if I succeed in breaking this
system the first time,

in order to block it
I have to get inside.

And all entrances are under cover of

So called squaring of the circle.

I've got it! We get in barefacedly
in broad daylight, take out our guns,

aim at the tellers and grab the money.
Nuta would be standing near the door.

Kwinto, Kwinto! Who is it?

Ignore them.

I've almost forgotten the two watchmen
who take turns

four times a day
every twenty four hours.

So we have at least six hours!

Bravo! Bravo! You are right,
but there is no chance to get in.

No chances?

Hardly any.


There is one. Otherwise I wouldn't wag
my tongue.

Have a good look at this plan...

What can you see?

Which way?

This way...

Holy cow!

Excuse me, could you call up my dad,
please. My car has broken down.

Of course I can. But there's no need to
bother your dad.

I can help you too.

Fine... I don't have the slightest idea
how to repair it.

Have you got necessary tools?


So let me set to work.

Is it anything serious?

I don't know yet.

What's your name?


You're spoiled your face.

... Higher up, on your little nose, OK.

Switch off that wretched staff! Damn it!
What are you waiting for?

Switch off that shit!

... damn it. It's really Swiss.

Polish invention.

Everything is clear or shall I repeat

Everything is clear.

Let's set to work and tomorrows don't le
Kramer out of your sight.

Yap, we keep an eye on him for the whole
week. You don't need worry.

See you tomorrow.

So long.

I didn't want to talk in the presence of
your shop lifters,

but can't Kramer guess that we scheme
against him?

I gave him to understand it.
To be more painful.

But for whom? I don't say you are a unlucky
chap but you've been out of luck lately.

That's why I've asked you because
I don't know any luckiest man.

The second one was my brother, but
he got drowned when he was three...

Just in case, move from your hotel.
Too many people know you live there.

If they want to find me they will.
There's no help for it.

In case something happens
you can use it. Not bad.

But take this one as well.

When we come off victorious
I think I'll get drunk.

And now our last partner...

it blocks Zeigler's Swiss installation.

This wretched plate?

Ziegler und Sohn would be furious
if they could hear it.

Play without me.

I'm sorry I've asked you to come here.

I always liked to come here,
you know it.

You've resumed your work?

Thanks for coming.
Will you have something to drink?

No, thank you.

Cocktail and the usual.

I happen to know the public prosecutor
well and few police officers.

They promised to take Tadeusz's
case in hand.

If it proves necessary they will
renew the investigation.

If it turns out that somebody has helped
Tadeusz in this suicide,

you'll get compensation.

Tadeusz had life insurance,

I know that money won't bring him back
but you deserve them.

Why do you do it, Kwinto?

I don't believe in Tadeusz's suicide.

I'm grateful to you.

What for? You know...

Thank you.


If somebody ask about me
on Saturday tell him

I was playing with you
on Friday evening.


Roses please... all...

Thank you.

He calls it a day three hours earlier.

Small blame to him.

You're indecently punctual.

This is in a way the attribute of my

Champagne! What occasion is it?

Already a week, time for celebration,

I'm sorry, I've kept you waiting.
I had to change.

How'd you like it here?

Horribly, this is the right word.

This is my dad's flat. I move here
when he is out on business.

Oh, I see!

Setzen Sie bitte!

... Pardon?

Setzen Sie bitte. Do you remember our

You were to help me with my German.

Ah, ja naturlich, ich habe vergessen.
I'm sorry I've forgotten.

Kafe, Tee...

Kafe, Tee, Nein, danke... champagne.

Wer ist das?

Das ist mein papa.

The firm Agricultural Machines
Bielecki and Holzwebris your dad's?

Bielecki only, Holzweber is my uncle...
when really say something...

I have a sense of humor, haven't I?

I think this necklace doesn't suit me.

Why, it's very beautiful.

Could you please help me to unbuckle.

Certainly, it will be a real pleasure!

I can't manage it.

You have to press hard.

Oh, you are right.

Ja langasam, langsam ober Siecher.

Oh, I didn't recognize you.

Never mind. I'll be rich.

Now let's go and fetch Kwinto...

You are in a hurry, aren't you? It seems
you'll be late after all.

Police. We have orders to take you
to the police station.

Why me?

Mr. Kwinto, you can be taken merely
for your name...

I think you don't have the right.

Sure, we have.
For 48 hours everybody....

Unless you are a Member of Parliament,
you know.

Wake up!

What the deuce!

Kwinto is missing.

How so? I've already forget the holes.

What shall we do?

What? Let's wait. Aren't all right here?

But what have you put on,
you shop lifter,

it's a raid not a market.

Good evening Mr. Kwinto.
I'm sorry I kept you waiting...

Sit down please.

You know I've looked through
every drawer,

but the dough was only in one of them.

But you're probably wondering why we've
called you in here.

Last night there was a break
in Walenty's desk,

and to tell you the truth,

you sir are still number one.

Do you recognize this man?

Is it Mr. Walenta's lawyer?

Are you joking...

it's Adam Szpulski, called Spool.

He sells cars.

I don't know him.

Ok, and this one?

No I don't know him.

No. This is Bernard Malkiewicz,
better known by the name of "Spiety".

I don't know him.

Hard lines! Anyway you are lucky.
They've settled Walenta's hash not you.

They caught them carrying traps at the
time when you were being driven here.

You've been fortunate this time.

I would rather say you were not fortunate.
But you've spoiled my evening.

That's what comes of your famous past.

But perhaps I could make good
before we meet again.

Six o'clock and what now?

We should have begun half an hour ago in
order to manage it.

Let's go down.

Damn it! Those holes. They can
guess something was going on here.

What a pity, hell! What a pity!

Ok let's go. We won't sit here
or else we can a lupus.


Have they come to fetch us?
What shall we do? Scoot off?

Stay, stay.

Kwinto! Kwinto!

I knew he would come.

We were scared stiff.

What has come over you?

I've overslept.

I withdraw... here...

.. hmm...

Do you hear that?

Have I heard what?

Who can be here? And I...

And I... God helps them
who help themselves.

Olek, drop it! They are playing
downstairs, in the restaurant.


Oh... sorry... a... a...

Olek, we're playing now.

Can I?

Yes, you can.

How have you done it?

You'd better pay attention.

Let's load it up!

What card is it, Natalia?

The king of spades.

Bravo! And now?

The ace of diamonds.

And now?

How intelligent you are. I set the highest
value on the intelligence of women.

Be a gentleman, Gustaw.

I will be, I will be.

Did you take along everything?

You needn't worry.

We'll learn about it in the newspaper

What is it?


There are no fingerprints, officers.

Check it!

What's your judgment, engineer?

It's a very complicated system.
The current runs here.

Cutting off the circulation
switches on the alarm.

In order to avoid it one ought
to block the sensing device...

it should've been a circuit breaker
of this shape.

Excuse me, officer, we've found a
fingerprint on this plate.

I've just taken off the marks
and now I'm going to the office.

Just a minute! Take the fingerprints
of all the bank employees first.

Somebody else can rummage the files.

Yes, officer.

Could this circuit breaker
look like this?


Yes, take it easy. Relax.

Yes, take it easy. Relax.

Don't help. We'll manage.

I don't help.

You see! Your friend wasn't afraid.

Officer, the owner Mr. Werner, has come.


Officer Przygoda
from the criminal Police.

Przygoda. It's a relief to know that
it's you who makes an investigation.

Were these two blockheads on duty?

Yes, Mr. President.


How much was there in the safe?

585 Thousand in cash, and securities.

But how did they manage to get in? It's

The alarm installation is never failing
switched off and supervised by the police.

They've broken through the ventilation shaft
from the restaurant which is below the bank.

Shaft... who would have thought
about it? Damn it!

But how is it possible to disconnect
such an installation, officer?

With the help of this plate!

In that case Ziegler
will pay me damages!

Get in touch with Krepicz at once.

I've tried Mr. President,
but without result.

It's been two weeks now
that he has vanished.


Could you open the safe?

Open? But it is broken open.

But could you?


How much space did this
half million take up?

The bottom shelves - securities
and two top shelves banknotes in packets.

I see...

Mr. Sawicki, a cigarette...

Open the other section.

You know,

this rip makes possible to take
money from the middle shelf,

the top one is safe.

The hole doesn't reach it.

So where is the money?

I suppose the safe
had been opened normally

and only then it was broker to open to

That's nonsense. What for should anybody
take such great pains...

To simulate a burglary for instance.

Simulate... Officer! You suggest that
somebody working in the bank has done it?

I told for example.

Anyway we have to take the fingerprints
of all the members of your staff,

starting with the watchman and ending
with you, Mr. President.

With me!

Well! Well! Maybe it was I who did it...

Maybe Mr. Sawicki stole my money.

How fortunate that you make an
investigation, officer.

I'm lucky. I'm glad.

Are the elders in?


Mrs. Marta Rychlinska?

Yes, what is it?

I have money for you, madam.
Will you let me in?

Yes... but... come here
my little darling.

Good morning Madam.

Good morning... do come in.

Here is 20 thousand zloty for you Madam.
Will you please count them over.

That's a mistake.

I didn't understand where
is all this money coming from?

Why yes, it's surely for you.

No, no. Justysia, go and play
in the room. It's impossible, sir.

The president of the bank in which your
husband deposited money

turned out to be a crook.

Fortunately, we took it in hand and

as you can see we give the money
back to all suffering a loss.

Here you are.

Are you from the police?

Rather administration of justice. Please
acknowledge the receipt of this sum.

That's impossible sir.
I can't believe it.


Yes, yes.

Do you act in consultation
with Mr. Kwinto?



Hm... Kwinto. I'm sorry...

Did he send you along here?

I'm sorry but I've never heard this name

maybe he working
in a different department...

Thank you.

Good bye. Oh it's very important.

Good bye.

Thank you.

Everybody gets twenty thousand after
deducting the prime costs.

Yes, it's not so much...

I've already taken my share.

He! Ha! In my whole life I never
took part in such an idiotic raid.

Have we met all our obligations?

No, we've paid off everything
to the letter.

If I had got this money a month ago

I would have gone to Rome to see the
football championships.

You will go when the Polish team
will play.

So I'd have had to live
at least forty years more.

A hundred years...

Did you take your share for sure?

Who makes an investigation?

Officer Przygoda.

Very well, very well. Pedant.


He should already be there.

Your reason for hindering me
must have been extremely important.

Are you on a trail at least?

That's why I've come here.

That's why I've come here.

Fine, sit down please.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

We are, so to say, on duty.

It's a pity. I'll drink alone.

Do you remember this plate?

Well... you've already shown it to me.

I think it clocked
the alarm installation, didn't it?

That's right. We've found
fingerprints on it and

we even succeeded in identifying them.

I must, say you act very quickly.

Thank you very much. Unfortunately,

Mr. Karmer, they are your fingerprints.

Congratulations... what?
Do you take me for a fool?

I've never in my life seen that damned
plate, let alone touching it.

Maybe these fingerprints
are similar to mine.

Mr. Kramer, dactyloscopy excludes beyond
a doubt two identical fingerprints.

That's why it's so important in fighting

You are over-freeing. What do you
mix me up in? You just wait!

I'll accuse you of slander.

There is something else
I would like to tell you...

While we were waiting for you here,
our men searched your flat a little.

What right did you have to do that?

You should have had a search warrant,
signed by a public persecutor.

Who is your supervisor?

You assume I don't know the
legal procedure...

Tell me, do you always keep money
in dirty clothes basket?

Yes, of curse... always, always,
and marmalade,

as well as tooth-powder, in my sock,
and you not... Ha! Ha!

We've found this at your place
in the dirty clothes basket.

Empty it!

So the loss has been found...

My God!

You rebellious cad, you scoundrel,

you old son of a bitch.

You just wait! I'll get a hold of you.

Did you call me, sir?

It's absurd. What for
should I have robbed my own bank.

There are a few reasons. First, the
insurance, secondly,

the robbery affects more your customers
than you.

When they will come to draw out their
money, you'll spread your arms and say

"Where shall I take the money from? I've
been robbed."

I can believe you but the prosecutor
and the documents say differently.

It's absurd. I'm rich enough.
I don't want to rob myself.

There is a saying that the one who has
half a million is richer

than the one who has
a quarter of a million.

Maybe somebody has plotted it all
in order to crush me.

Does the name Kwinto convey
anything to you?

Yes, you gave him away collaborating
with us six years ago.

Do you think he might take his revenge?


During my thirty year career
in the police I've never met a man

who would steal half a million

and then put it stealthily at the place
of somebody else in order to crush him...

Besides, I've checked up. Kwinto has an

Alibi? Alibi, that's it. Why didn't you
ask me about my alibi?

Do you have alibi?

I do! I can prove it.
Turn the car around!

Good morning, is Miss Natalia in?

No one under this name lives here.

How so!

You are mistaken.

That's out of the question. I'm not
mistaken at all. I was here yesterday.

Who are you and what are you doing with
these legs?

Is it a bailiff?

No, some fool.


That man says he spent the evening
with a lady in this flat yesterday.

Will you let us in?

Well, I cannot hinder you.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh, my! Incredible!

It's a horrible mystification.

In spite of all I recognize it.
This was the room.

I was here yesterday.

Interesting why we didn't meet

Maybe I was so absorbed in my work
that I haven't noticed you.

It's a thin disguise, officer.
You'd better arrest these people.

They are in collusion with the real
perpetrators. Put them under arrest.

Oh, no sooner did he come
than he wants to arrest.

Hush! It's a fool.

I was here yesterday, officer.

You have my word of honor for it.
Don't you believe me?

To tell you the truth,
you haven't convinced me.

Just a moment...

Now I remember. Just a moment...
a Negro... a Negro...

This is my alibi, officer.
Come on, let's go.

It will be the best alibi in the world. I
wouldn't like to be in your skin, officer.

What do you want?

Open the door.

What the deuce?

Is the man, in, the Negro?

What Negro?

The one who lives at your place.

God forbid! Under the same roof with an

Why you are lying? I saw a Negro with
a dog leaving your house yesterday.

With a dog?

Yes, with a dog!

Good Lord! What dog?
There aren't any dogs at all.

How so? No dogs? I've seen one...

Oh... and what...

... I saw him leaving your place.

This woman is in collusion
with them as well.

Put her under arrest, officer.
I beg you.

I swear I saw a dog and a Negro
going out of here yesterday, officer.

Upon my word. I beg you!

Mr. Kramer. That's enough. Let's go.

Ha! Ha! Your fianc?e is first class...
no wonder Kramer fell in love with her.

I was simply his type.

Had I known you would get me into
trouble I would never agree do it.

I hope that he was even more successful
with tailor that with you.

Our scheme panned out well by a miracle.

Do you know what I have to do?


Put an end to our decoy.

I have a very good idea. Do you know who
will be next?

There will be no next time.

How so? Are you a safe breaker or not?

You take me for somebody else, I'm a

Is a breaker a bad profession?

The same as other professions but also
requiring good qualifications.

Anyway, instead of stealing as a director,
manufacturer, secretary or president,

it's better to steal par excellence as a
thief. I think it's more honest.

Par excellence... it's a nicely said but
why have you robbed so many banks?

To be quite frank, the reason
was always the same.


Because that's where the money is.

Officer, a few words
for the press, please.

Officer, a few words for...

Mr. Kramer, how did you strike upon
the idea of robbing your own bank?

Mr. Kramer, do you feel like
being Polish Al Capone...