Unternehmen Geigenkasten (1985) - full transcript

Ten years old Ole often gets in trouble for his crazy ideas. Just released from hospital after an attempt to fly with home-made wings, he becomes witness of a traffic accident. He observes that one of the men has a false beard, which makes him suspicious. Together with his best friend Andreas he will investigate the case in the manner of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

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Such snow, in spring with the kite.

In the fall, Ole came up with it and
at first they had to build it.

I will fly now.

- Can't.
- Not possible.

The little dragon is actually not tall.

Marie, you count how long
Ole stays in the air.

- I don't have a stopwatch.
- With the second hand.

When it's on the 12, you give
the starting signal.

I need yours.

For Ole's cranks, mine is far too precious.


Are you ready?

Ready to go!

Marie, exactly at 12.

On your mark, get set, go.

Andreas, faster, I'm flying!

Andreas, pull, come on!

- Ahh!!!
- 18,5.

No visitors under age 14 allowed.

- What are you doing here?
- I thought I was going to...

You should put something on.

Back to the room.

Is that you?


So strong yet so stupid!

Man, Ole, you don't do that again.

Do you lay here too?

Just disguising so I can get in here.


Sit down.

Just don't take too long in here.

Jens at home is really showing off.

He'll look around.

Once I'm out, we'll do something big again.



Get lost!

Why? I still have time.

My parents!


My poor boy.

You're not going to eat him?

Hi, my son.


Not up here. That's forbidden here.

But the others are sitting too.

Yes, if he is in pain, then any
involuntary movement is disruptive.

Ration it, kid.

He doesn't learn after all.

If you were a little smarter, think
a little more before you act.

But flying is beautiful.

But you can't just fly head
over heels like that.

This requires theoretical considerations,
sketches, models.

You should follow your friend's example.

He is calm, understanding, thoughtful.

He thinks before he does anything.

Even now, cannot lie still.

I wonder who he got that from?

Your father isn't that temperamental.

Anyway, your friend wanted to visit you
here but he is not allowed to come in.

What's wrong with your legs?
I think that should hang quietly.

It always twitches when I get so excited.

Why is he excited?

Well, when you're sick,
every visit is exciting.

It is understandable.

What's wrong with the child?

Maybe because he doesn't have visitors.

Or it's pain.

You can bugger off right away.


It's all right.

What is this?

He must have devoured it.

His stomach is probably the
only healthy thing about him.

Well, luckily he has to be
here for a few more weeks.

At least we don't have to worry about
his next idea until then, right?

Did you notice anything suspicious?
Of course not.

When they direct the sleeping car
conductors behind the press.

- But explain to me...
- You see, there's no time to explain.

These gentlemen, these gentlemen!

They're fine, the conductor knows.

Don't you have anything better
to do in the morning?

Scottish cap, ship whistle,
plaid coat and violin case.

Violin case?

Violin case.

- You don't know who that is?
- No.

Have you ever read anything about this?


- It's him.
- It's not him!

My name is Flynn, Mouse Flynn.

Nor do I wish anyone to know whether
I am or am not. Understand?

- Understood, Mr Holmes.
- Flynn!

Well, I suppose I may ask
for the passports now.

You're the last one today.

Are there criminals involved?

There may be some everywhere.

But where I show up,
there is one.

Close the door.

Anything suspicious, doctor?

Yes, may I ask you to leave me alone
with the master for a moment?

Well, whatever.
Television is the best sedative.

A strong will overcomes any pain.


Very well, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.



Right, did she look at me?

- Yes.
- So?

- You please her.
- Nonsense.

You haven't ridden the elevator enough in
your life, my boy. You don't know women.

A fine lady never looks a strange man
in the face in the elevator...

- ...unless there is a special reason. So?
- She recognized you.

- Correct. Who does she think I am?
- Sherlock Holmes.

- Are you sure?
- Dead certain.

- What are you doing?
- Hey!

I have to observe.

What do you want to serve here anyway?
Everything will just break!

Man, observe. Watch, like an inspector or
detective, if someone is stealing.

Oh, I see. And?

Nothing, everyone too honest.

Or you're too stupid.

Small payback for the hospital.

Well, you did good. You are still sick.

Need to do homework. Bye.

Wait, I'll go with you. I'm coming
back to school tomorrow.


It's about time you finally came back.

What do you think Jens is bragging about
in class? Even Marie falls for him.

You Ole, you have to help me there.

You and your women.
You never grow up?

All right, I'll help you with Marie.
But I want to tell you one thing.

Hold this.

- This is my address.
- Yes, thanks.

All right, I'll be there.

- Get lost, brat, I'll do it myself.
- But I only ment well.

- Do you want me to get your legs
started first? - I already have legs.

Then get moving and get out.

We'll have to take a closer look at them.

- How come?
- He's got a clipped-on beard.

And I need to know where he's going.

But you're still sick.

He'll outrun us with his bike.

It simply takes will.

You know Sherlock Holmes?
He never gave up either.

I saw a film about this the other day.

How exciting do you think it was?

There he goes! Come on!

Did Sherlock run so much too?

Nah, that one I deducted.

All with my head.

He's got a plaid cap like that.

And his friend Dr. Watson
with a violin case.

And they solved every case!

Do we have to wait for
him to come back out?

Ah, nonsense! In the meantime,
the best things are happening inside.

No, we have to stay on it.

Go ahead, distract the guard.
I sneak past him.

- How am I supposed to do that?
- Come up with something.

Help! Help! He wants to bite me! Help!

Oh, my doggie, here's a nice
little lantern for you.

Dogs notice when someone is afraid,
then they feel like biting.

But if you look at him in a friendly way,
he won't hurt you.

But he didn't look at me
in a friendly way either.


Can't you read?

Access is forbidden to non-employees.

Come! Come!

- What did you find out?
- Didn't you see how quickly he left?

And I'm putting my life on the line.

Who wanted to kill you?

The cattle there!

Man, that's it!

- Are you crazy? He can smell it!
- Let him!

And when his master comes out?

Look, I'll deduct now.

The dog sits in front of the
hat store for a long time.

So there won't be his master in there,
but a mistress.

And by the time she decides on a hat,
I'll be back three times.

You are not allowed in here. Keep coming.

Tell me, is that your dog?

Nah, belongs to a friend.
I'm just taking him for a walk.

Well, watch out that he doesn't run
away from you again.

After all, there are people
who are afraid of dogs.

Tell me, what were you looking
for in the yard earlier?

I wanted to see if his
master was still there.

But he had already left
in the delivery truck.

You mean his master is Hotte?

He never spoke to me about that.

He only ever asked about my Gustav.
He has a cold.

But why was Hotte in
such a hurry earlier?

He's ignored me completely.

Maybe he's in a bad mood because
his passenger stood him up.

Well, we no longer rely on anyone.

Well, we have to get back.
Goodbye, Mr. Guard.


Still inside.

Well, what did I say, women.

Dr. Watson, I am deducting.

Do you think a rocking chair
will make a Holmes out of you?

You're right.

Great, like the real thing!

So, I deduct.

There is a man with a glued-on beard
driving through the city.

But I also have to, I mean...
I can't think like Dr. Watson.

What does he look like?

Ah... well,...

...stiff hat, violin case.

I could look for a hat,
but doesn't anyone play the violin?

Who does?

Hold on, I'll be right back.


Good afternoon, Ms. Blümel

You had offered me earlier,
if I wanted to learn to play the violin.

Yes, Ole Holm, isn't it?

Come in.

Do you already have a violin?

You told me...

Of course I will provide you with one.

I discussed this with your
parents at the time.

You like it?

Hold this, please.

Thank you very much,
Ms. Blümel, and goodbye.

Now, Dr. Watson.

What do you say about
the events this afternoon?

There is a man with a glued-on
beard riding through the city.

Even though carnival is long over.

Maybe he didn't realize it.


The guard wonders why
the man is in such a hurry...

...and drives off without a tensioner.

Deduction: the man has something to hide.

Ole, what's a tensioner?

Probably some kind of technical device.

We now know that the man's name is Hotte.

Always asking the guard about Gustav,
who has the sniffles.

This is the delivery truck,
it has the license plate DL19-99.

With the hat, everyone will laugh at you.

- Hey!
- Find better.

Dear Dr. Watson.

I hereby open our criminal
investigation operation.

Let's christen it with the name....

"Action Marie"

You and your women.

No, let's call it "Operation Violin Case".

Now let's start the investigation.

Write down.

What did Dr. Watson do?

He asks questions so that
Sherlock Holmes can deduct.

Doesn't he need to write?

Yes, the notebook is in the violin case.


So, item one:

Who is Hotte?

Item two:

Why was he so strange?

Item three:

Where was his passenger?

Item four:

Where is the delivery truck?

- Item five:
- Who is Gustav?


- Do you know who it is?
- No.

So he has to be part of the plan.

Well, that's fine with me.
But let's start with Hotte.

Phone book.

But Hotte isn't a real name!

Maybe he doesn't have a phone!

Hotte is an abbreviation for Horst.

So all we have to do is look under Horst.

What is his next name?

Oh, I see.

No, we'll do it differently.

- Handkerchief.
- Huh?


The Guard, please.

Hello, this is Emil Horschart.

I would like to speak to Hotte.

Yes, the driver of the truck.

Yes, precisely.

Horst Franke.

Oh what a pity, it is so urgent.

Could you maybe give me the phone....

Well, then you can't.

But the address?


This is very, very important.

Ah, you are kind.

Berlin Street 119.

Thank you, goodbye.

Let's go see Mr. Franke.

Hey, you two.

Nice of you, Andreas,
to carry the schoolwork.

But you can't do that.

What's the rocking chair
doing in your room?

I've told you a thousand times
not to go through my things.

The same goes for my pipes.

Anyway, looking at you....

What kind of ideas are these? Put all the
things back in its old place immediately.

And you go off to yourself,
I think it's better.

Everyone does their own schoolwork
otherwise it would never be finished.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, son.

Since when does he play a violin?

- Can you still go down?
- Buying blood sausage.

Don't remind me about that cattle.

- Tell me...
- Look at you guys.

Want to go to the carnival?

What do you have in there?

This is Felix. We come from the vet.

- Hamster or cat?
- Guinea pig.

What about you?

Well, if you can't figure
it out for yourself.

Well, you look like the ones on TV.

Dr. Holmes and Mr. Watson.

Yes, that's right.
But a little the other way around.

Ole's new idea.
Do you want to play along?

You can't do that! Girl as a detective?

Girls are always the victims.

But... Felix can be our dog just for fun!

I'd much prefer that too!

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have no dog!

Fine too.

Will you come with me for a bit?

We have a case to solve.

Let him speak for himself.

We have a case to solve.

You guys are stupid.

You said in the film they also had girls.

They were involved.

We can involve her too.

In the case.

Come, Dr. Watson. To Mr. Franke.

Good day.

- You are Mr. Franke, right?
- Yes.

Your guard sent us. We have
an important message for you.

What's wrong? I don't have a guard.

Yes, the man. At the gate of your factory.

Grandpa Tönnchen?

Yes, precisely!

He thinks you forgot something
during your fast departure today.

Are you trying to antagonize me?

I haven't been out of the house all day.

Go away, leave me alone.

Well, scram!

Why did Erwin think
I was in the yard today?

Well, you're still here.

Come on in, I can't stand that long.
I am just so sick.

Sick? For a long time?

Since last night.

Close the door!

But from the looks of you,
it's going to be a pretty long illness.


Tomorrow I will be well again.

Between us men, I've already
looked deep into the glass.

- Oh!
- A beer helps with my father there.

In the kitchen.

So, what did I forget?

You didn't go to work today?

Lying in bed all day?

Yes, I have been lying in bed all day.

And left behind my tensioner.

But what could I do?

I'm in a bloody mess.

What about the tensioner, Mr. Franke?

Well, my passenger, what else?

He helps me unload when
we're on a delivery route.

Oh, and your passenger is ... the ...

Kalle Neuman.

Yes, precisely!

And he has given an enormous
one last night.

Say, where's your friend?

In the kitchen. He's looking for beer.

What kind of nonsense is that?

You can't drink beer in my house!
Get him out of there! Here!


In a moment!

So your beard is real?

You ask a lot of weird questions, though.

I've had this on my face for three years.
Then I guess it should be real.


Well, sorry to bother you then.

- It's ok.
- There was no more beer.

Maybe a schnapps will help?

Goodbye and get well soon.

What did they even want?

Deduct: Franke's beard is real.

So he has a double.

A good spirit, so to speak,
who makes up for his absence.

Why are you suspicious in the first place?

It's good when a colleague
fills in for his sick friend.

And he needs to glue on a beard for that?

So that even Grandpa Tönnchen
thinks it's the real Mr. Franke?

- Who thinks that?
- Man...

Oh, the guard.

And the investigation plan?

So item one: who is Hotte?
We can check off.

Item two: why was he so strange?

Well, that'll come later.

But here thirdly, we have to
go to Kalle Neumann.

Who's that again?

The passenger?

Wow! Right, like Sherlock Holmes.

Ole, did you pack your bag?

Andreas, don't you have to be home by now?

Ole must go to bed now.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

You already went home two hours ago.

You didn't even notice, look over there.

There's nothing wrong with it.

That women can never shut up!

I salute the greatest
detective in the world.

Where does the master
have his cap and whistle?

And on which leg did you
get up this morning?

- I deduct: with the left.
- Note: ...

...if you have a hole in your left
stocking, you can't hear very well.

I'm good at hearing badly,
but I'm bad at seeing well.

Well, how do you like the welcome?

You probably think
you have more to say here.

In the class, sure.

In the class?

When was the last time you thought of
something the teacher didn't tell you?

Your own ideas are important.

And if I already know in advance
that such ideas are nonsense,...

...if I can calculate that
exactly beforehand?

Then, out of sheer caution, you never get
around to doing something really serious.

As soon as Ole is back, there's a fight.

I'll show you what I can do.

You're going to be that small.

With a cap and pipe.

Oh, you wouldn't even exist anymore.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Comrade Lieutenant, here's another ad.

VEB Transistor Radio has
been missing a truck...

...with goods worth 50,000 marks
since yesterday,

Cassette recorders and stereo equipment.

Why are they only reporting today?

They only learned today from the Schwerin
district that the delivery has not arrived.

- Accident report?
- Already checked, none.

So APB on the car.

In a business, you will need to
keep track of the driver...

...when he leaves the yard in
the middle of the afternoon.

Make inquiries and then inform me

Good day, Grandpa Tönnchen.

Oh, it's you.

How's Gustav doing?

Is the cold any better?

Well, it's going to be okay.

And you?

- Are you taking the Great Dane for a walk?
- Why?

With the leash.


Well, have to.

Hotte doesn't have time.

Well, no time is good.

He won't see his dog again for
a long time once he's convicted.


Well, such a quiet, fine man loves dogs
and steals delivery trucks.

The vehicle is gone?

Well, why do you think Hotte had to go to
the police department before his shift?

Well, then I'd best take the dog
to his passenger afterwards.

Yes, I can't take him with
me because of Gustav.

Uh, Kalle, he doesn't live far?

Well, up to Heuberger Street.
It is a long way.

But for this it is the very first house.

Yes, then I will take him there right away.

That's nonsense, Kalle is still working.

What? He's here?

Today, yes, after all, he has to do
something for his money.

It's over in plant section 2,
in the new development area.

- Well, thanks.
- You're welcome.

I think I need glasses after all.

If the criminal police are already
investigating him, we'd better stop.

Are you crazy? It's real right now.

In a race with the police,
Sherlock Holmes always wins.

You bring the bags up
and I'll get the bikes.

Save your friend, Dr. Watson.




There's something else here.

You have one hour.

Meet at 4 p.m. in front of Marie's house.


Who else?

Move out!

Come on!

Where are you going?

Where else?

To plant 2!

Are you crazy? We have to find Marie.

She'll be sitting at Jens' house.

Then we'll go and check it out.

But Franke's passenger!

But Marie!

You promised to help me with her.

You screwed up last night.

What if Jens does something there?

What is he supposed to do there?

Then you can forget about your Dr. Watson!


Let's go to Marie.

But after that,
you only think about our case.

Do you promise?

What if he locked Marie in?



Then she could still jump out the window.

It's just the ground floor.

What's the matter with you?

What are you waiting for when no one
is there? Why don't you leave?

We're looking for a girl.

Someone from our class.

Schröders have only boys.
There's no girl for you.


Well, speed it up a little.

She's probably home by now.

Hey you! Do you know Marie Meisner?

- Have you seen her?
- Yes, she left with a boy an hour ago.

Probably her new guy, huh?

Was he tall with dark hair?

He was tall and had hair too.


You come!
Let's go and see Jens.

The old lady can't flock
around the house forever.


What was it?

I felt like she was coming back.



The attic.

What's going on here?

It's going to be sticky.

Have you never seen wet laundry before?

I'd be happy to invite you over
when my mom washes up.

Man Andreas, we're on the right track.

Would your mother leave
the laundry here like this?

She doesn't need it, she has me.


When the woman wanted
to pick up the laundry,

something important must
have distracted her.

She left everything behind.

Got it?

Check this out.

Jen's nice watch.

Why is it here?

Otherwise he doesn't let it
out of his sight.

This is the second evidence.

Jens was up here.

But why is the neighbor scared of him?

She knows him.

Maybe he wasn't alone up here.

That's what we want him to explain.

- There.
- So what? A scarecrow.


Here. Fits.

So folks, now you can witness how
the great Sherlock Holmes fails.

Come on, the great Sherlock Holmes.

Who were you in the attic with?

Why were you up there?

And where's Marie?

You must know this.

At least you did something!


Well, it's a good thing you've already
set your sights on those two.

Locking the little girl in the attic.

If I hadn't come with the laundry...

Jens locked me up, you stupid jerks!

He lied to me and locked me up!

But now I don't understand
anything anymore.

Yes, you will already know
what is being played here.

We bury Sherlock Holmes.

Did Ole lose?

Does that still matter to you?

Jens was mean to Marie.
And it's Ole's fault.

You should finally stop
this eternal bickering.

For all I care, think what you want!

We have work to do.

Dr. Watson!

But I can't just leave Marie like this now.

Now listen to me carefully.

Marie is back.

And you promised me that from that moment
on, you would only think about our case.


Get lost!

You must be out of your mind,
locking girls up in the attic!

You've done it again.

Hello, is Neumann still there?

No, he left half an hour ago.

Thank you.

It is clear that he is no longer here.

After losing so much time.

Let's visit him at home.

Heuberger Street, first house.


Ms. Grabowski, we'd like to see Kalle.

Friendly visit, you know?
Because he was sick yesterday.

Sick? He was drunk, lying in bed all day.

Now he's not here either.

But it is no longer at work either.

Then he's on a drinking binge.

And I'm still waiting for my rent.

No, boys, find another friend.

Well, now?

Dr. Watson, violin case.

You're looking well, Dr. Watson.

We'll solve the case.


Franke did not drive the
delivery truck, he was sick.

And his passenger was sick too.

Drunk, says the landlady.

Well, you can't drive a car drunk either.

So it wasn't him either.

Watch out!

Gustav, come!

Item five.


Nice, good boy.

Deduction: It wasn't him either.

Dr. Watson.

That leaves only item four.

And the bearded man.

I would recognize him perfectly.

If we have the bearded man,
we also have the culprit.

Well, that's logical.

Open up.

So, you look in the neighborhood
and I'll look here...

...for the man with the glued-on beard.

What? The two of us alone?

My dear Dr. Watson, it is our case alone!

Do you have any witnesses, Mr. Neumann,
that you were, as you say, sick in bed?

Yes, my landlady.

She can confirm that.

And you, Mr. Franke?

No, I live alone.

But, wait, I had visitors.
Two boys were with me.

Can you give the names?

No, I don't know them.

Then why did the boys visit you
if you don't know them at all?

I don't know that either.

Well then, Mr. Neumann, you may go.

We have no further questions for now.

- Take care, goodbye.
- Goodbye.

We're still going to check his alibi.

Strangely, your only witnesses
are nowhere to be found.

But there is a witness who
has a name and address...

...and who saw you, yesterday at the plant.

Please come and see us.

Well, do you know this man?

Of course, that's Hotte.

I mean Horst Franke,
a driver in our firm.

- When did you last see him?
- Well, yesterday it was.

There he drove off the yard at full
speed and without a passenger!

But sir, I wasn't driving the car,
I was lying in bed, sick!

Oh, and the tensioner got sick.

You were both lying in bed
and the car drove by itself!

And I, I see badly...

So you saw Mr. Franke
during the time in question?

Of course, I can lodge a complaint.

Did you became crazy, Erwin?

You can go now, Mr. Tönnchen.
And best thanks.

I am not crazy.

And your Great Dane, I saw her too.

It's way too much for the apartment!
You can't keep it indoors!

And the boy can't give her
the exercise she needs!

Now there are already three boys
Mr. Franke should know.

I don't have a Great Dane
and I don't know the boys!

How do you explain it then?

That the delivery truck was found
two streets from your apartment?

I did not do it.

What's going on?

Hey, tell me!

Have you taken leave of your senses?

Well, I'll show you to harass
decent people!

I ask for silence!

Stop it!

It is an unfortunate misunderstanding...

...and we are deeply embarrassed.

Please excuse the inglorious
incident and release my friend.

Well, tell me, are you kidding?

But here, asks a nice,
really well-mannered boy.

And what does all this have
to do with my beard?

I don't want to see anyone else.

Not with a beard...

...and not without either.

When you're fit again,
we'll continue, okay?

Over my dead body!


But you can't abandon me now.

Once you have started something,
you have to finish it.

No matter what!

How will the two of us
find one among thousands?

For all I care, he can glue two beards
together if it gives him pleasure.

Alright then.

I'm going to Marie's.

You crash at my place for a bit.

If she's agrees, you're in, too, right?

Take your time.

You don't need to see me so broken.

What have you been doing here?



Glad you want to help us out.

Ole begged me very hard.

What are you doing here?

If you have something like this,
then we can put a line down to us.

Yes, we'll do that later.

But first Marie has to know
what it's all about.

Come with me.

So here's where it happened.

And the area here we have
already checked everything...

...without success.

But why do you still look
for someone with a beard?

If the beard was just glued on,
then he has long since taken it back off.

Then all the torture was for nothing!

You can never anticipate that.

Maybe he'll leave it on as a cover.

Oh, nonsense!

Marie is absolutely right.

You did a mighty thing there.

Why me? Why not you?

Are we one team, or not?

You're the boss, Ole.

I always did what you said.

That's over now.

Either we call for backup,
or I go home with Marie.


Sherlock Holmes...

...and Dr. Watson.

Should we bury them?

You can't catch a criminal
alone these days.

Why should we struggle like that
when the whole class would help us?

You can stay Sherlock Holmes...

...and organize everything.

Come on, Marie.
If Ole talks to us, we can go.

How is the guinea pig doing?

He is fine.

Does it eat more?

- Same as always
- Andreas!

Does it do stupid things?

Wait a minute!

I've thought about it.

We'll get the others.

We have to be faster than
the VP (People's Police).

But I'm the boss!

Today, 10:15 p.m. sharp. Meet over there.

How am I supposed to get
away from home so late?

It must be dark.

After all, it's secret level 4.

Come on, let's tell the others.


Oh, now, Miss Blümel.

I am delighted that Ole has
decided to learn the violin.

He was with me yesterday and let me know,
only maybe I confused him a little.

Anyway, he forgot the instrument.

I'm really happy to make
it available to him.


Cornelia, could you come here, please?

Oh, take me with you.

Maybe you need a scout or
someone to keep watch.

You have to keep watch here.

If Mom finds out I'm gone,
all hell will break loose!

You make sure that Mom doesn't
come into our room anymore.

- Understood?
- You can count on me.

But you have to promise me that you'll tell
me everything in detail when you get back.

- Sure, buddy.
- I'll let you out.

- Bye. Bye and hurry back.
- Yes.

He's sleeping.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Come on, normally you want to.

Is there anything else, Kerstin?

Bianca has to go down very badly.

She's already really stomping.
I'll take her quickly.

- But be right back up.
- Yes.

Come on.

- Are you going to be part of it?
- Let's hear it.

Then finally start it.
I've got to get back.

It's not quite 10:15 p.m. yet!

Dr. Watson, if you please.

You know we're hunting a criminal.

We'll just give you a picture of him,
and just in case, add a beard.

Could look like my grandfather.

- Could also be Aunt Liesbeth.
- Ach!

Don't act like you do at school.

So, we are in a socialist competition
with the criminal police.

What if we see this one?

Report to me immediately.

After all, Ole will recognize.

Sherlock Holmes.


So, off to bed.

Tomorrow will start briskly!

We need to catch the perpetrator
on his way to work.

What? That was it?
And that's what all the fuss is about?

Well, how else am I supposed to find out
if you're cut out for criminal activities?

The fact that you managed to
get here proves your skill.

- Are you coming?
- Yes, bye then.

And Jens?

He can stay where the pepper grows!

Man, he's right after all.
He's always interfering anyway.

Hopefully tomorrow it will be the same.

Dr. Watson?

We still have a problem.

We have to guard Neumann's house.

- Stakeout?
- Correct.

He has to come home sometime.

You take the first watch.

From now until two.

I'll relieve you then and tomorrow
morning Christian will continue.

All right, then.

You would make a fine detective if Neumann
had been here by now.

He wasn't. Didn't see him, after all.

And get ready for your beddy-bye,

Go ahead.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Chewing gum keeps you awake.


Wake up, Helmut.

- What is it?
- Someone is at the door.


What time is it?

It's half past two.

Who do you suppose will be at the door?

Well, tell me?

- Well, do something.
- Yeah, well.

Be careful Helmut.

Everything okay, buddy?

- Can't you make way?
- No!

- Yeah, no school today, huh?
- No!

What's going on here?

- Where are the others?
- No idea.

Excuse me.

I really don't think it's funny.

Now please tell the others to come in.

I don't know where they are!

I don't believe you.

What time is it?

Exactly eight o'clock and four minutes.

There you go, it's a set-up.

You tell me right now where the others are,
or you'll get a note to your parents.

Me? Why me? I am here!

Still nothing. Back down again.


Nothing but failures.

Man, let's stop.

When I think of Röder, I feel sick.

There is nothing in the ruin district.

At most, if you are interested
in a reddish-brown dacha.

- Ach!
- Can we break for breakfast?


Transistor radio factory entrance
no success.

All right.

Let's call the whole thing off.

Röder will be satisfied to have us
back by the second lesson.

Give the sign.

Hey, wake up. School is calling.

Then I'd better go back to sleep.

- What do we have?
- You have math, I'll go relieve Christian

What, math? I'll take over the watch!

All right, but don't fall
asleep again.

I'm doing something else.

Hopefully we'll get him soon,...

...one more night
and my parents will go wild.

An entire class can't oversleep together.

If you want me to understand you,
you have to tell me the truth.



We don't want to say anything
until Andreas and Ole are back.

What am I supposed to do with you now?

This close to report cards, I don't want to
spoil your behavior scores either.

So, there is no way without
a note to the parents.

Good morning, my name is Ole Neumann.

My mother sent me.

I bring my brother's breakfast
because he has forgotten it.

Or is he at plant 2?

No, he's here, but you can't get in there.

The breakfast break is already over anyway.

Would you please call him anyway?

Then he eats his bread for lunch.

My mother told me not to let anyone
turn me down no matter what.

All right, because it's you.


What are you doing here?

- I think they'll want to keep you.
- How you do not see?

So they'll keep looking?

I assume they want to talk to you again.

I have said everything.


For you.

- Who is it?
- The guard.


Here, Kalle, your brother is at the gate.
He'll bring your breakfast.

Your breakfast, are you hard of hearing?


Well, that's...

Tell him to get lost and stop
fooling around here, will you?

This toad of...

...pretends to be my brother.

Anyway, today... children everywhere.

Makes one all nervous.


I can only confirm that.

He has been lying in bed all day.

That's what I told the two boys
who asked about him.

Now there are already five boys.

So you were always at home?

Well, in the afternoon I went to
my neighbor's for a cup of coffee.

But when I left, he was in bed,
and when I came, he was too.

How long were you with your neighbor?

At least three hours.

Then we have to take on Neumann again.

Who drove off just now?

I checked them. Absolutely no
resemblance to our bearded men.

We can abort here anyway.
Neumann is on the job.

Thank goodness, the roof doesn't
last much longer.

Did you finally see?

No, we talked on the phone.

But at 4:30 p.m. he is going home.
We can be sure of that!

What do we have until then?

I deduct: school.

There, go, let's go!

I can't put my mother through that anymore.

Man, that's him!

Who, the bearded man or Neumann?

Deduction: both!

I've only seen one.


Come on!

I already have.


Gone! We can't keep letting him
slip through our fingers.

Earlier today, someone said something about
a reddish-brown dacha in ruin district.




- You wait here.
- Be quick.

Did you figure it out?

You stay here.

So,... my dear.

Give up, Neumann. The game is over.

I know everything about you.
This is the proof.

You're a smart one.

Then you know for sure that you can't
open your mouth with impunity.

Because it could be the other
is a little stronger than you think!

Help! What are you doing?


Mommy, it hurts!


Ouch! Not so hard!

I haven't done anything to you!

Ouch! Not like that!

This is Andreas Gebart.

I'm reporting a crime in ruin district.

Come quickly!
My friend, he's not screaming anymore!

He was extremely nervous.

He saw children everywhere.

We already have five hanging in here.


- And where did he go?
- He didn't say.

Oh yes, he's here.

It's for you.

Lieutenant Vogel.


Reddish-brown dacha, license plate DP2436.

Is the APB out for the radio car?

Who found the hiding place?

Two boys?


All right. We come.

It was up there.


So you wanted to solve
the case yourselves?

You didn't even think about the danger
you are exposing yourselves to?

This man can be quite brutal!

But the road traffic regulations
only allow up to 80!

There'll be two stamps when
they get us if it's even enough.

Shut up!

Didn't you see the sign?

You drive like a beginner. It's just
as well that the police are nearby!

Now, enough already!

I've known for a long time
that it was you with the truck.

With a beard you look like Franke.

So all they had to do was
get him out of the way.

Deduction: with alcohol!

You were just pretending
to drink the night before.

And he was indeed drunk!

End of the line, sir.

Damn, he has disappeared off
the face of the earth.

Our boss will take us as breakfast.

Here Puma 284, come.

Poor performance from the comrades.

Then close the roads, he can only
be here in the woods, over.

So, tell me, that's him!

Go, after them!

Thank you, Comrade Senior Sergeant,
we'll be right there, over.

At the crossroads turn right.

- Now we have him.
- Good!


You can come out, it's all over.

Comrade Lieutenant, the suspect tried to evade
arrest by fleeing Senior Sergeant Ahrens.

- Where is the boy?
- What boy? The driver was alone.

Where is the boy?

Talk, your silence only makes things worse.
So where is he?

Somewhere in the woods.

Got cheeky, I kicked him out.

Show us the location.

And if anything happened to him,
I'll let you know.

- Where is it?
- Up ahead.

- Well where?
- Behind the tree.

This was the spot.

I swear.

Request a dog handler immediately.

You have your friend's hat, right?

- You don't want to play music now, do you?
- Ach.

There! There he is!

This way!



You're lucky to be alive.

Why do you come with VP
when I solved the case long ago?

But we had to find you!

I was already on my way back.

Well, everything all right?


I'll have you guys taken home in a minute.

And tonight...

...I'll come to your parents.

- What are you doing there?
- Nothing.

I don't know why you're
still sneaking around here.

The conversation will take
place without you anyway.

Well, if you say so,
then I'll just go to bed.



What do you think we should do?

So, I first gave Andreas five marks and put
them in his hand. It was worth it to me.

Real go-getters, those two.

Unfortunately, we have to look
at the whole matter more seriously.

Fun is one thing,
searching for adventure is another.

And not only that,
you can't just skip class.

As if the VP were instructed to do so,
they immediately suspected the perpetrator.

And it's your fault he was able
to evade arrest for so long.

That was pure nonsense!

They didn't know anything.

Ole caught him and
I gave the VP directions.


Take a seat.

Lieutenant Vogel has something to tell you.

Although it cannot be the rule that
children track down criminals,...

...it is important to keep
our eyes open and help...

...protect our socialist society
from violators.

Ole Holm and Andreas Gebhart have
done so, and we are honoring them for it.

Come to the front.

Ole Holm, thank you very much.

Andreas Gebhart, thank you very much.

I have to tell you one thing, though.

Next time, no solo pursuits.

You notify the People's Police
before it becomes dangerous.

So, before it gets dangerous we have
to start with the lessons.

Yes, yes, I'm already out.

Let's thank Comrade Lieutenant
and say goodbye with the pioneer salute.


- Be prepared!
- Always prepared!

Fine and good.

And now what?

Your eternal ideas... drive me mad.

One crazier than the next.

Apparently you can't take being given too
much freedom, but we can change that!

You will be without television from
today until further notice.

Starting today, every night at 7 p.m.,
you go to bed!

And until further notice grounded!

And practice the violin!

Let me dig in.

Is it waterproof?

Waterproof and shockproof.

If not, you can have mine.

Have you gone mad, my watch?

Come down, look there!

I will dive now.

Ole will get the watch out again.

- I believe in it.
- Hmm, sure.

He gets the air he needs
to breathe from the balloons.

Ole now walks along the bottom of the lake
and only needs to bend down for the watch.

Isn't it amazing?

If he shoudn't find it...



English subtitles by
rezapp, andrass and DreamScape