Un homme heureux (2023) - full transcript

As Jean, a conservative, campaigns to be reelected mayor of a small town in northern France, Edith, his spouse of 40 years, tells him a secret he can no longer repress: in his heart, he is - and always has been - a man. At first J...

1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2.

Hello, ma'am. Hello, miss.

Hello, gentlemen.


Can you tell the difference?

Yes, slightly. Not you?

Yes, but I thought
it'd be more obvious.

You're all impatient.

Stop talking for a minute.

130/80, good.

Did you speak to your husband?

Not yet.

I can't find the right time.

There is no right time.

I know.

After his term ends.

Speak of the devil...

All good, honey?

I may be a little late.

Don't worry,
I'm still in Boulogne on an errand.

We're waiting for the bride as usual.

- See you, love you.
- See you.

You're right. This can't go on.

I must tell him the truth.

Of course.

It'll be a relief.


The help group I told you about.

Thank you.

To think I knew you both this small.

So Sabrina, I hear

you met Kevin
at the Dunkirk carnival.

This carnival is
the region's best matchmaking service.

For those who remember
the morning after.

Kidding aside,

you've decided to plant your love
in the garden of marriage,

and watch it blossom.

The greatest commitment
man and woman can make.

I now ask you to rise.



you are man and wife!


That Kevin really moves me.

I knew him yea high.

- Got your housing?
- Yes, thanks.

Paris is furious you won't run
under the party banner.

They may expel you.

So let them, I'd love it.

Too much disconnect with Paris.

- Hello, Mayor.
- Yes, hello.

They almost made me lose
with their gay marriage nonsense.

Now it's medically-assisted procreation.

So trust me,

we're better running as independents
to defend our values.

What are you up to now?

Lunch with Édith.

Tell her you're running again.
Get it over with.

Sure thing.

- See you, Jean.
- See you.

- Bye, Mayor.
- Have a nice day!

How's everything, Édith?

- Champagne while waiting?
- No thank you.

- Actually, I'll have whisky.
- Sure.

- Hello.
- Hello, Mayor.

Hello, bon appétit.

Hello, honey.

Perfect timing.

Mr. Dufour...

That new speed bump
in front of my home...

It makes such a terrible racket.
We can't sleep.

The neighborhood requested it
for safety reasons.

It's a choice: safety or quiet.

I've chosen to sledgehammer.

Keep your sledgehammer.

I'll come by, we'll talk.

Bon appétit.

Jeez, what a day...

You can't begin to imagine.

How are you?

I officiated at Kevin's wedding.

Remember Kevin?
The week before,

it was Mia, the Dubois girl.

The week before, Timéo.


Exotic names.
Does being French embarrass them?

Choosing what to order
won't cause debates.

Hello, Jean.

- All good?
- Yes thanks.

Drinking whisky now?

Let her relax.
Mayor's wife isn't easy.

Fortunately that's almost over,
right, Jean?

- I'll have a whisky too.
- Sure.

To think Vasseur's son wants my job!

What for, I ask?

To make us use electric scooters.

It's unbearable, I swear.

Am I boring you?

I must tell you something.

Something very important.

Wait, I'll shut this off.

There. So go on.

Here I go.

When we met, we were young.

Then we had Marie, then Pierre, Luc.

I was very much in love, but...

to be honest,
I was searching for myself.

I didn't know who I was.

And during this time,

I played both mother and wife
as best I could.

I know all this.
You're wonderful, you know.

That's not what I meant.

It's just that I've forgotten
who I really am.

Worse, I've negated myself.

Negated? It's that a bit strong?

No, Jean.

It's time I own my desires.

You met someone?

When a woman tells her husband
she wants to own her desires,

there's usually a man involved.

A man?
I guess you could put it that way.

Who is it?

He's sitting in front of you.



So who?

Me, Jean.

I'm a man.

And I've always been one.

This is a joke.


I'm very serious.

You scare me.

If it helps, I still love you.

This won't change my feelings.

How kind.


Ever since I was a kid,
I've fought against this.

I pretended.
I repressed my true nature.

But it bubbles within.
There's no fighting. It's in my flesh.

In my veins.

I'm a man.

Come on, I'd have noticed.

You're a woman!

What makes you say I'm a woman?

What? Everything!

Your name, your breasts,
I don't know...

Maybe the fact that you had kids.

You never go deeper than the surface.

Having female genitals doesn't mean

I'm not a man.

- Speak softly.
- Bon appétit.

Scared what your constituents think?

That's why
I wanted to tell you in public.

So you'll listen, without shouting.

What you're saying is madness.
It goes against nature.

There are lots of examples in nature.

There are fish

that change genders several times.

A grouper, for example,
can start life as a male

and end it as a female.

Not to mention snails, which are both.

You're a grouper now?

The world is changing.

I've heard enough.

Go take a shower, have a Valium

and cut the crap.

Or I'll have you locked up, okay?

A grouper...

All well, Édith?

Very well.
I'll have another whisky.

- Hello, enjoy your lunch?
- Thanks, Sylvie.

Can I bother you?

Come in, Francis.


This is Thomas Gervais,
whom I've already mentioned.

He'll help with communications.

He knows all the new tools.

And he's a whiz with...

- Social media.
- Yes.

Here, nothing beats human contact.

Shaking hands
and having cocktails with constituents.

It's not mutually exclusive.

I've studied
the region's sociological makeup,

and I think I know
how you should position yourself.

Young man, this is my 3rd term.

I know my constituents best.

So enough of your "2.0" methods...

Jean, we need some fresh blood.

This year's race will be tough.

Every race is, and I always win.

Your voting base is aging big time.

A lot of them are dead.
Sorry to say so.

To get reelected,
you need the youth vote.

And for that,
you need to change your software.

The world is changing.

You get on my nerves
with your changing world!


Édith isn't happy you're running?

I knew it...

Never promise women anything.

I didn't tell her yet.

- The time wasn't right.
- Hurry.

She mustn't hear about it in the press.

What do I do with the kid?

Hire him, if you want to.

But I'll speak the way I speak.

No doublespeak!

Yes, Jean. I know you.

- See you.
- See you.


Who's there?

Hello, Jean.

Fuck, you scared me.

I know it's very unsettling for you.

I'm sorry, but...

you better get used to it.

I'm a man.

Who put this idea in your head?

Who the fuck did this?

Your stupid golf partner again?

I need no one
to tell me who I am.

Enjoy ruining my campaign?


Your term's over.

I wanted to bring it up at lunch.

I've decided to run again.

Bad time to go full psycho.

And exploring France in a camping car?

Do you think I'd go camping
with a drag queen?

You're pathetic.

You promised me. Disgusting!

I don't know who's the most disgusting.

Where you going?

To mull this over!

I forbid you to go out
dressed like that!

I've gone out like this before.


It's gotten me through till now.

A breath of fresh air.

Strangers staring at me,
men, women,

seeing me as I truly am.

- A man!
- I'll have you locked up.

Once you even bumped into me
and said "Sorry, sir".

I'll have you locked up!

- Let go of me!
- You hear?

I forbid you!

Let go!

You punched me.

I beg of you, please!

Please, Édith!

Édith! Come back now!

Good evening.

- All well, Mayor?
- I was just...

Why are you here? Did we have plans?

I told Jean.


Sorry, but...

I didn't think you had the balls.

Let's celebrate.

I don't feel like celebrating, Gérald.

Jean reacted very, very badly.

I'll bet.

I wish I'd seen his face.

I heard a noise
and thought it was a robber.

I run an anti-crime campaign!

I was terrified, anxious...
and what do I see?

Édith dressed as a man.

Guy with a moustache. Everything.

A madwoman.

I said: "What the hell?"

Find it funny?

Yes, no, but...

Admit that it's amusing.

- You find it amusing?
- Yes.

For me, it's a drama.

Everything I built is ruined, Francis.

My marriage, my next term, my life!

Don't overdramatize.

It's probably just a phase.
I know Édith.

She must be having housewife burn-out.

I read an article.


Now with the kids grown, all she does

is charity work
and play golf with her fag friend.

Don't tell me it's burn-out!

Or else it's menopause.

It can be tough on women.

Lots go haywire.

Like that lawyer Pouillard, his wife.

She left town
to tend to giraffes in Botswana.

You know that.

Pouillard is lucky.

If I could choose,
I'd rather be left for a giraffe.

You realize the absurd situation I'm in?

Everyone will make fun.

Wait... it's not too late.

No one knows.

40 years together
and I didn't see it coming.

True, she did like tripe.

That could've tipped you off.

Mommy is turning Marie into a mermaid.

Put down the camera, join us.

Sorry, you're too pretty.

Don't talk nonsense.

Come on, come and play!

Looking for a clue
you may have missed?

La Baule.

Yes. La Baule.

Back when I thought
we were a real family

and that you were a fulfilled woman.

We're still a family.


I can't imagine living without you.

I love you.

And I know you love me.

I'm sure we can go
on this adventure together.

Let's make a deal.

What deal?

I'm willing to push off
becoming the man inside me

until after your campaign.

But beware.

Once the election's over,

I won't stay hidden.

I'll go on transitioning.

You can get used to it.


How could you imagine for a second

that I'd get used to this?


Have you seen yourself
sitting there in disguise?

You don't understand.

As a woman, I feel in disguise.

- God made me flawed.
- What a flaw!

It's time for me...

to fix things.

Leave God out of this, please.

I'll never accept it!

There. Never!

Thought about the children?

What will you tell them?

A new Dad will replace Mom?

They'll understand.

You'll see.

I've had enough.

Listen, I'll say it once...


Hello, madam.

Hello, Brigitte.
Start with the room.

Jean fell asleep on the couch.

Yes, ma'am.

Brigitte, please...

Stop calling me "madam".
It bothers me.

What should I call you?

- Édith?
- Not that either.

What then?

I'll think it over.

Hello, Francis.

Hello, Édith. All good?

I'm feeling great!

Do you still need a dress for Carnival?

Mine didn't survive last year's ball.

Stop by whenever.

- I have tons for you.
- Thanks.

- Come...
- Have a nice day.

She's out of her mind.

I've had enough.

- What's Martinaud's son's name?
- Arnaud.

Let's go.

You talked sense into Édith?

Yes, yes, it's all good.

She'll push her madness off
until after the race.

We can breathe.

- And after the election?
- After the election?

Divorce, of course.

This is labelling fraud.

You're against divorce.

But this is a force majeure, Francis.

For better and for worse

doesn't include this "worse".

Religion has evolved.

Well, I haven't!
Do you even imagine?

Maybe she'll want to get a hotdog
sewn between her thighs.

- You kidding?
- No!

You should see a shrink.

She's the crazy one, not me.

This is out of the ordinary.

Maybe worth discussing.

To get the whole town talking?

There's patient-doctor privilege!

There's no doctor-patient privilege
after a few drinks.

- True.
- What's the name?

Arnaud. Arnaud Martinaud.


My condolences.

My condolences.

Can we have a word, afterwards?
It's about my building permit.

Count on me, Arnaud.

- I will.
- My condolences.

Take care of yourself.

- Mayor?
- Yes?

So, will you run again?

Depends on what my constituents
want from me.

I mustn't overstay my welcome.

Anyway, I'll vote for you.

We know what we lose,
not what we win.

Go home and rest up.

And use a mask. Stay safe.

She can't croak until elections.

- Let's grab a drink.
- I'd love one.

What's next?

You didn't cut your hair.

I made a deal with Jean.

I'll transition after the election.

Chickening out?

I'm still motivated, but just...

not right before his campaign.

You still put him first.

If I don't, I'll lose him for good.

Three more months is no big deal.

I've waited 50 years.

You didn't up the dose
of your treatment?


We'll start from the beginning.

We'll start accounts on Facebook,

Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Don't count on me for that crap,
I hate all that.

You do nothing. I manage the accounts.

Jean, we discussed this.

Let's get up to speed.

I thought we'd launch your campaign
with a video.

We'll post it online.

It'll be great if it goes viral.



To make it intimate,
we'll shoot at your place.

You'll whip up a nice meal,
whatever you eat.

That'll be nice.

We forget the politician.

Just a man at home
in his natural setting.

It'd be great if your wife participated.

My wife likes to keep a low profile.

Sorry, but that's a pity.

Because people really like

the image of a united couple.

Gossip is a plus with the female base.

Brigitte Macron was involved
in the campaign.

All right, I'll speak to her.

I can't promise anything.

I studied your opponents.

The greatest danger for us
is Cédric Vasseur.

Because he represents youth,
change, progress...

And lack of experience.


- Yes.
- Too.

Zero in on inexperience.

Maybe Vasseur has other flaws
if we look hard enough.

You don't find him a bit precious?

- How so?
- Maybe he bats for the other team.

Friend of Dorothy's. Homo.

- I got it.
- Yeah.

- Yes.
- So?

That's a flaw.

Worth exploiting.


Sorry, that's no longer a flaw.

Not for ages.

Not where you're from,
but here...

Gay Pride hasn't made it here yet.

This is Pas-de-Calais!

Come now.

This isn't Paris.

Sorry, I'm not used to speaking
in public.

No one will judge you here.
We've all been through it.

Here I go.

If I'm here,

it's because, after years of hesitation,

I decided to cross the Rubicon
and become what I always was:

a man.

- What's a Rubicon?
- I'll explain.


Lose the glasses and hat.

You're among friends.

No taboos here.

I ask myself questions.

For example,

I've always felt like a man, deep down.

But oddly enough,

I was never attracted to women.

Is that normal?

There's no normal or abnormal.

Don't confuse gender
and sexual orientation.

There are transgender
straights, gays, bi, pan.

All colors of the rainbow.

Not to mention asexuals and aromantics.

Non-binary transsexuals too.

Fluids, bi-genders,
tri-genders, poly-genders.

Jade, we know.

Half-genders, a-genders.

Let's keep it simple for him.

So, what am I?

You're a man who likes men,

so we could say you're gay, for example.

Yes, gay.

I'm a silly girl.

I mean a stupid boy.

What a cute baby trans.

So my name is Carole.

Did you come out to family and friends?

I told one friend, who supports me.


And my husband...

He took it very badly.

No surprise.

Cisgender men...

It takes them a while.

What are "cisgender men"?

People whose identity and gender
correspond with their birth sex.


A man born with a penis
who feels like a man.

Like your husband.
He's cisgender.

I see. I'm learning tons of things.

This is great.

Will you take hormones?

I started.

I started, but the problem is,
I'd like to have a man's body,

but also...

to stay with my husband.

And to keep on...

having sex with him.

Weird, isn't it?

Not at all. Everything is possible.

All colors of the rainbow.

Be at peace with yourself.

It's your body, your choice.

If you want to speak, Serge...

Yes, hello. So, I want to have a child

and to give birth to it.

That was important.

So I kept my uterus and ovaries,

I stopped the hormones

and I got pregnant.

As a man,
I still enjoyed my pregnancy.

It was cool.

A word of advice.

To feel like a man,
start by acting manly.

Spread your legs when you sit,

go to bars, spit, swear.

What clichés!
There are effeminate men.

Trans men prefer Brad Pitt
to Harry Styles.

What a hick.

- That's homophobic.
- Are we men?

- Stop.
- Adam...

I don't find Brad Pitt manly.

We're straying.

We want to give advice.

For your breasts, wear a binder

to flatten your chest.

And if I may,

you should have a man's name.

- That's a good first step.
- True.

For our group, some people say
In a Trance has negative connotations.

Maybe we could change to Air Trans?

Great idea.

Why not Trans Info, Trans Culture?

I was thinking Trans Mission.

Sounds like a car.

The transmission of information
is our aim.

A heritage.

Thanks, Karine.

And so... welcome.




- Got a car?
- Yes.

You going by Gravelines?

- I can make a detour.
- Great, thanks.

So long!

Don't worry about your transition.

It can be a joyful, fun moment.

For me it was a second birth.


Watch out.

Did your loved ones accept it?

Yeah, except for my husband,
who took it badly.

He's so damn binary!

- Are you still together?
- No.

But it's fine, we're friends now.

Do you work?

Maintenance agent
at the nuclear power plant.

Do your coworkers know you're a trans?

Yeah, they knew me before.

They took it well?

For a while,
I had my share of lewd jokes.

The ambiance at the plant
is like military barracks.

But now it's fine.
I'm pretty well accepted.

Some of them even hit on me!


People are more open than you think.

How are you doing, Mayor?


very well.

The race looks good?

Very good.

The lights are green,

but the choice voters make
is beyond our control.

We must accept
that things can escape us.


In fact,
I'd like to talk to you about...

a friend...

Can we step away?

Of course.

Father, I have a friend...

who's in total disarray over his wife.

I'd like to help him, but...

I can't. Maybe you can guide me?

Speak, my son.

It's not very kosher.

Don't worry.

Okay... so, how can I put it?

My friend's wife

claims that God put her into a body
that doesn't correspond

to her sexual identity.

She's decided to change sexes...

and become a man.

I'd warned you.

With her madness...

with her madness,
and the word is weak,

my friend is plunged
into an atrocious dilemma.

I'd suggest a divorce. What about you?


That's no solution.
You don't cure evil with evil.

As for the woman...

she is a stray lamb.

We are made in God's image.
He decides on our form.

It's the only path forward.

Unless of course,
this woman is possessed.

Then you'll need an exorcist.

You can drop me off here.

This is great. Here is perfect.

Thanks a lot.

You live at the plant?

No, I work nights.

Sorry, I didn't understand.

You have my number. Don't hesitate.

Any question, day or night, call.

We have to support each other.

All right.

See you soon, handsome.

Better and better! How classy!

Weren't you supposed to put
the man inside you on hold?

Let's be clear, Jean.

I promised not to hold up your campaign.

At home, I do as I please.

From now on, my name is Eddy.

Eddy? We've hit rock bottom.

Maybe you've hit rock bottom,

but this is the first time
I'm not drowning.

I won't be part of your madness!

What's that?

Édith's tomb.

I just buried her.

Okay, everything's fine.

It's all okay, all normal.

What's for dinner?

You know what they call us?

You know what she said?

You and I are cisgender.


What's that?

Men and women
who are happy as they are.

A guy who's happy to be a guy.

- A woman happy to be a woman.
- News to me.

We needed a name for that?

I said that too.

Just don't antagonize her.

We need her.

You don't live with her craziness!

She's totally lost it.

Completely off her rocker!

Know what?

Do like her.

Do your transition.

Put yourself in the body of a guy...

who's open, cool, well-meaning.

Forget it. Too much work.

Hello, today we have a new video

about how to use a binder.

So what's a binder for?

Morning, Édith. Any coffee left?

...that makes you look flat-chested.

There are several kinds of binders...

I said: "Morning, Édith."

I don't see any Édiths here.

Sorry, excuse me.

This is new for me.
Try to be a little indulgent.



You know what?

You're busting my balls.

How's that for a deal?

If you want me involved,
you have to make an effort.

It's give and take.

Expecting someone?

Yes, my coach.

I'm getting back into shape.

Shall I open, ma'am, um...

Shall I...

Shall I open?

What's her problem now?

"To the fore like before!"
What do you think?


"To the fore like before."

"To the fore" implies...

It implies willpower, modernity, change.

And "like before"

implies continuity, tradi...

Just a second.


I'm trying to work here!

Excuse me.

- Play French music!
- You there?

What's going on?

She's doing cardio-training
or something.

She's with a guy, hanging onto...

I have no idea what she's up to.

- My daughter's calling.
- See you.

- Hello?
- Hey Dad, what's up?

Hello, Marie. How are you?

Any idea what to buy Mom
for Mother's Day?

You're catching me by surprise.

I'm not sure
she wants to celebrate this year.

- Why?
- She's tired.

Yes, she's very tired.

I have my campaign to run.

So? We always celebrate Mother's Day.

Yes but the world is changing, Marie.


We have to get used to it.

The world...

is changing.


Our daughter called
to ask about Mother's Day.

What's that smirk?


I almost told her no more mother,
just fathers.

I forbid you from telling them!

Only I can.

Only me. Okay?

I won't steal that pleasure from you.

Remember tomorrow's video.

I expect you to be
a tiny bit feminine, Édith!

Yeah, don't worry.

So what must I do?

Show the ingredients to the camera.

Yeah, tilted forward so we can see.

I'm neither Raymond Oliver
nor Julia Child.

Just be fast.

Here I am!

How's this?

Feminine enough?

Yes, it sure is.

You're gorgeous,
but maybe a bit much for cooking.

Yeah, I was thinking something
more subdued.

Well, I don't know.
Give her an apron!

A small apron.

Come next to me, please.

Your glasses, please.

Then take a potato and start peeling.

Come on, let's not spend all day!
Shall we start?

Just a sec, let me adjust this.


She has some peach fuzz.

Yeah. Jean?

A tiny problem.

What is it now?
This is unbelievable.

A little mustache.

See it?

What's wrong?

Yes, it's hard to miss.

Hard to miss. Let me tell her.

Édith, come with me for a second.

Your peach fuzz...
can you bleach it or wax it?

Are you kidding?

I'm not taking testosterone
to shave the few hairs I grow!

What, you're completely nuts!

You shoot up crap
that'll ruin your health!

Not at all.

I see an endocrinologist.
There's no risk.

Fucking pain.

I'm sick of this.

She refuses categorically.

So what do we do?

Thomas, can we touch up the video?

Anything's possible today.

It's image by image.

Costs a ton.

Film her however you want,
back to camera or in the dark.

This was your idea, not mine.

Okay, let's go.




Yeah, rolling.



On Sundays, Édith and I...

spend the Lord's Day
making mussels and fries.

It's an important moment
of intimacy for us.

Yes, we communicate.

And I bring home news of the locals

I meet in the street, at the café,

or at the market.

I'm his eyes and ears.

We're an unbeatable team.

What's more, it's Édith who...

who gave me the idea to run again.

Okay, cut.

It was fine.

Listen, it's just PR.

Let's do it over.
Maybe a little more...



How about a beer? To...

Good idea.


Good job, Francis.

Let's show our determination.

- To the fore like...
- Before!

- To the fore like...
- Before!


Hello, Madam Bruno.

Hello, Mayor.

- All well?
- Yes, you?

And this is...

- Gabriel.
- And the small one?

- Timothé.
- Hello, how are you?

When you shave,

you use an electric razor or by hand?

By hand is closer,
but you're not there yet.


It's growing!

The butcher!

Hello, Mayor.

Taste my andouille?

How can I say no?


That's why I fight. For your art.

So our specialties won't die.

You voting?

Honestly, I don't know.

It's not you.
Your party isn't conservative enough.

Your opponent!

Cédric Vasseur.
"For a better world".

I hear he's from Planet Homo.

He married the Mortreux girl.

She's a cover.

He could blow the town's entire budget
on Gay Pride.

All of it.

Not here!

I'm a giver, not a taker.

Exactly, have a nice day.

So long.

Take notes.

How are you?

It smells strong. It stings.

Now rinse.

Look at me.

Do it nice and gentle.

Start at the nostril.

And go down.

No, the other way.


You're amazing.

Édith, can I ask you something?

I don't know any Édith.

I'm sorry.
"Eddy", I'll get used to it.

If you're a man,

our children have no mom.

Don't act stupid.

They still have a mother.

But their mother's a man.

It's as simple as that.

I don't think
our kids will take it so well.

You'll soon see.

You don't intend to tell them today?

No, not now...

After the election we said.

The deal didn't include the kids.

They must know. I can't keep lying.

Not now.

They'll be so shocked, they'll blab.

Not to mention
our insufferable son-in-law.


I forbid you to tell them.

- It's us.
- Édith obeyed.

But Eddy likes to play.


Happy Mother's Day!


Cheers, Dad.


- Happy day.
- Thank you.

Happy day, Mother.


For you.

Still wear Shalimar? Dad didn't know.

I haven't changed.

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.

From us.

A weekend
at the Abbaye des Chantelles hotel.

Dad said you needed some rest.

Dad always overdoes it.

For one person.

Just for me?

It's a convent. No men allowed.

Sorry, Dad.

No men allowed?

I don't think that's a problem.

I think there's something left.

I have an idea.

Wonderful, Luc.


Thank you.

Thanks, it's...

I was inspired by Botticelli's Venus.

Yes, I see.

- Talented Luc.
- Look closely.

Yes, it's me.

Your shrink must adore you.

Mom is a goddess, right?



You've all spoiled me.

I'm spoilt.

Come on, Mom,

don't cry.

Don't get worked up.

Sorry, forgive me, but I...

This is a strange year for me.



Come everyone, let's eat.

He's right. Let's go eat.

- You okay?
- Everything's fine.

- Lunch.
- It's all fine.

Plans for the summer, Luc?

Hiking the Stevenson trail.

Nice. Your dad and I loved it.

And you, Pierre?

Scuba diving in Ajaccio
with classmates.

Even better than Guadeloupe.

- Are there groupers?
- Tons.

There's an area
called "Grouper Town".

Grouper Town?

Sounds lovely, doesn't it, Édith?

And you?

We're not going anywhere
because we have some news for you.

Alexandre and I...

are having a baby.

Don't look so excited.

You're not happy?

Don't you want
to be a grandmother?

I didn't expect this.

Why are you laughing?

- I'm not.
- You are.

It'll just be weird
for Mom to be called Grandma.

Right, Édith? Grandma?

Grandma Édith.

So what?

I also have some news for you all.

Not easy to say.

But you,

the young generation,

I think you can perhaps understand,

unlike your father.


I am...

I don't feel well.

I'm fainting.

- What?
- I'm fainting.

Is it serious?

A fainting spell. I'll be fine.

I hope it's not my news.

Don't worry, it's not you.

Your father's a bit agitated.

Low blood pressure.
All's well otherwise.

He just needs some rest.

Tickle, tickle.

Eddy Leroy. Eddy Le...

Can I ask you something?

You scared me.

Were you faking it during sex?

If there's one thing I never faked,
that would be it.

Then I don't understand.

If you're a man,

how can you want to be with me?

Because I'm gay.

Of course, I hadn't...

I know it's difficult for you, honey.

I understand.


we'll get through it.

Hey, Eddy.

I'm glad I insisted.

You're hot as fuck as a guy.

But lose the jacket.
You look like a waiter.

Is it your husband's?

Look, you didn't notice?

A binder?

It's not too tight?

I mustn't sneeze.

I have a gift for you.

- What should I do with it?
- Guess.

- I'll think about it.
- Don't be so uptight.

Let's get a drink.

It's not under the mayor's purview,

but I'm against assisted reproduction

and against surrogacy.

We can even add
that you respect gay marriage

only because you respect the law.

Excellent, Francis.

Go on, give me a minute.

Yes, Jean?

- Bad timing?
- A little.

I'm stuck. I have a flat tire.

Change it.

I don't know how.

- You don't know?
- No.

You're unbelievable!

You go on and on
that you're a man.

A man knows how to change a tire.

- It's the basics.
- I'm scared, please.

Call a tow truck.

He can't come.
He's stuck in traffic.

Please, just come.

And I'm a little tipsy.

- Where are you?
- At the power plant.

The straight road nearby.

Okay, I'm on my way.

Fuck... there she is.

What the hell are you doing
dressed like that?

I went shopping with a friend.

Shopping for uranium?

Radioactive overalls?

This is getting worse and worse!

I'll park.

What the hell did I do?

Why are they there?

Zoom in on 6.

What's that?


It's Leroy.

- Who's he?
- The mayor of Montreuil.

You sure?

100 percent.

The speed bump is his fault.

What's that idiot up to?

I have no idea.

He's helping a friend.

There, done.


Thanks, you're a sweetheart.

A sweetheart!

What's going on?

- Stop!
- You deserve a little kiss!


A fag?

No fucking way!

Hello, Michel.

Hello, everyone.

Hi, Paulo.

Can I have a coffee?

It's chilly out today.

Right, left...

Back to your chin, good.

My daughter again.

We're working out.

- May be urgent.
- Your pecs are.

Think about the beach.

- Hello, Sylvie.
- Hello, sir.

Come on, guys!

To the fore like before.

In 20 days,
Vasseur will be back in the sandbox!

Why so glum?

Is there a problem?

See the video?

What video?

The video.

The video of you...

Me what?

The one where...

Just watch it.

Hot hairy nights for the mayor

Can we erase this?

No, it's too late.

What do people say?

A bit of everything. Not all bad.

Some people laugh, others don't care.

Obviously, there are "faggots",


We get a lot of "fag".

Top tweet.

- Vasseur?
- Silence radio.

Sure, we just gifted him the election.

If you were with a woman...

It wouldn't have changed much.

Are you crazy? I'm no fag.
That's Édith kissing me.

Come on, did you really think
I was kissing a man?

Come on, Francis!

Come on, you know her fantasy!

Now I get it, of course.

Sorry, I don't get it at all.

That's your wife in the video?


Disguised as a man?

She's not disguised.
Well, yes how can I explain?

- Tell him.
- She decided to change sexes.

She's transitioning.


No way.

Yes way.

Find it funny?


No, of course not.

Excuse me.

Come to think of it now...

Keep it to yourself.

All right.

No big deal.

We'll just have to tweak our speeches.

What speech? I'm dead.

Either I admit my wife's a trans,

or I pretend to cheat
with a guy with a mustache.

- Who'll vote for me?
- Sir?

Lambert from La Voix du Nord
insists on seeing you.

I don't feel well.

There's nothing dramatic,
we'll manage.

No one speak to press.

All right.

She'll blab.

It's all there?

Yes, all there.

We'll check.

Yes, thank you!

Excuse me, sorry.

This is urgent.

You called, honey?

Say it's not true. It's vile!

- How did you find out?
- Everyone did!

The video's gone viral.

What video? What's this about?

The video.

With Dad kissing Mr. Mustache.

Mr. Mustache?

I'll call you back.

She didn't see it.


Jacques Lambert, La Voix du Nord.
Is the Mayor in?

He's not in.

- Is his wife there?
- Neither.

When can I come by to...

Are you my Frank? Yes you are.

- I was going to call.
- I'm freaking out.

- I laughed so hard!
- I'm not laughing!

Jean suspected of being gay.

I'm in heaven.

No more City Hall.
He'll never forgive me.

Can I stop by?

Stop panicking and come over.

Love ya.

Why not say she was returning
from a disguise party?

- Yeah, great idea.
- Not bad.

What do you think?

A disguise party?

He's not against it.

Hi, Gérald, I'm Carole, Eddy's friend.

That way?

Gorgeous place! Your home?


Don't stand there.

Wow, fancy.

What's wrong?

You don't call me first
when you're sad?

Normal, I'm his best friend.

Pour me...

a little whisky.

Own it!

You're a man, dammit!

That's not the point.
I destroyed my husband's reputation.

There's one way to clear his name:
a public coming-out.

Are you crazy?

I promised him I'd wait.

Want him to kill me?

You must be kidding.

He'll thank you.

They won't say he's a fag.

Because kissing a fag
is worse than kissing a trans?

Listen, Gérald, don't be so prickly.

It's just that the "trans" is Eddy.

So, no infidelity.

What do you say, Gérald?

I've wanted this to happen
for 10 years.

Word will get out anyway.

How about you?

If you find the right words,

to explain the pain
of being born in the wrong body,

I'm sure people will be moved.

And it's good for the cause.

But not any which way.

So we say she had
a Carnival costume fitting.

That's good.

Even more credible.

We do that all year here.

Why at the power plant?

To get a sense of the movement...

in the space.

We'll have to sell that.

Plausible... I'll take note.

He's been in there a while.


Are you here?

Jean, I know you're here.
Answer me.

Beat it, get lost, you're all pains!

We're solving this.

Thomas and I have great ideas.

Stick them up your ass!

I won't come out,
you're pissing me off!

I'm speaking to you today...

He won't come out. I'm getting scared.

...on my husband's behalf.

Many of you have seen the video

in which my husband is kissing a man.

- I'll set the record straight.
- Édith?

Jean didn't cheat on me.


The man he's kissing in the video...

is me.

Yes, I know.

It's surprising.

But it's the truth.

I'm a man, and I've always been one.

I planned to say this
after the election,

to spare his campaign.

But that video
pushed up my coming-out.

From now on, my name is Eddy,

the man who was always inside me.

I hope you'll understand,

and won't take it out on Jean,

who has always been a great husband.

Jean, you hear me?

Get lost!

Jean, there's a twist.

Édith made a video that went viral.

Saying what?

She's a man and tutti quanti.

Cut the crap!

No, no reaction?

Wait, we're just logging in.


is the top tweet on Twitter.

You're a hit, hundreds of tweets!

They don't realize
I'm not a woman anymore.

Yeah, but in general they support you.

Your Facebook is filled
with positive comments.

"Bravo Eddy for your courage.

You're an example for everyone

living hidden from their real selves."

"Forced to deny his identity

to protect his husband's reputation.

Cruel proof of society's intolerance."

You're the new LGBT icon.

Leave me alone, dammit!

I want to die!

You're overdoing it, Jean.

It's not so bad.
We can still turn this around.

Really? How?

Social media is looking up.

People see her coming-out
as courageous.

I don't give a fuck!
They're not my voters!


But Thomas and I think
if you play the love/fidelity card,

you'll turn the tables.

What the hell are you saying?

We'll say you lied
to protect your family.

Now that it's out,
you accept that your wife is...

a trans.


- Listen.
- Never!

Say you were thrown for a loop at first,

it's against your convictions, but...

- Édith...
- Eddy.

Yes, Eddy.

You still love him

as a man or a woman.

Out of the question!

I won't accept public humiliation.

Then you can kiss City Hall goodbye.

- Think!
- I'm fed up!

You can sway some voters.

- Shut up!
- And steal some of Vasseur's.

And we can hurt Vasseur

because his campaign
leaked the video.

No way.

That little piece of shit.

Yeah, and we can destroy him.

He acts like Mr. Tolerant.

We'll show he's just a cynic
using sleaze to disqualify opponents.

We can go further
and call him a homophobe.

I'll crush him.

Hello, this is Eddy Leroy.

She must be
at her faggot friend's place.

Stop using homophobic slurs.
You're open and tolerant now.

Okay, I get it.

Don't go overboard.

- We're with you.
- Right...

To the fore like before.

Hello, Gérald.

Hello, Jean.

- All good?
- Yes.

Is Édith here?


Eddy, I mean.


Come in. He's in the yard.

No scenes or you're out.

All right.

Why are they here?

They're here, that's all.

Why are you here?

To support Mom.

To congratulate her
for being brave.

We wish she'd told us differently.

And Marie?

She took it badly.

She's afraid it's genetic.

She can be so old-fashioned.

It's terrifying.

I'll go now. Thanks for coming.

I'm Carole.

- Pleasure.
- Eddy's friend and coach.

It's a real pleasure.

May I have a little word with...

with Eddy?


Carole, let's make tea.

It's good
that the boys take it so well.

Don't worry, Marie will get used to it.

You're not angry?

About what?

Being yourself?

Owning yourself?

I'm angry at myself
for being dumb.

I was angry, I was in shock.

I needed time.

You're saying you accept me as I am?


And your election?

The election...

I don't give a fuck about it.

Win or lose, I'll be with you.

Your hair looks great.

Nice cut.

And now, local elections.

Jean Leroy, mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer,
just posted on his Facebook

a video that will get a lot of buzz.

I hope my constituents understand

I made the choice not only of love

but also of family.

With this new state of mind, I begin,

with Eddy,
the last homestretch of my race.

Damn, this takes the cake!

Could be pesticides!

Out-of-whack hormones.

Then I'll tell my wife to buy organic!

You idiots, it's a real proof of love.

Sausage party!

It changes nothing,
as long as he does his job.

Imagine the ambience.



Hello, everyone.

Here's Thomas.

- How's the café?
- Super!

- You hit the mark.
- Really?

Yes, really. Your statement...

went over pretty well.

Fucking degenerates!

I never said unanimous.

- For Jean Leroy.
- No thanks.

Come on.

Lights out. Tomorrow's the big day.



Can I ask you something?

When will we make love again?

Listen, Eddy, it's...

I don't know if... you know,

My head is...

The campaign, you get my...

Lights off for good. Bedtime!

Mr. Mayor...

Ready? Here it goes!


Eddy, your turn.


Message from Francis.

Voting center closed.
The count begins.

Cédric Vasseur.

Jean Leroy.

- How's it going?
- Lots for Vasseur.

- Really?
- Yes.

How's it coming along?

Everything's fine.

Perfectly fine.

Lots for Vasseur?

Sort of, yes.

Jean Leroy.

Jean Leroy!

It's Francis!

Hello? So?

- Did we win?
- No, we didn't win.

Not by a long shot.

We destroyed them.

We won!

We won!

We won!

Thanks a lot, thanks a ton.

Come on, a speech.


Eddy! Eddy!

Come here, honey.

Thank you, people of Montreuil-sur-Mer!

Your vote

is a sign of open-mindedness

and tolerance.

Thank you!

Music, please!

We won!

Come and dance.

Look who's here.

I'm so happy you're here.

I always wanted to be
the only girl in the family.

We won!

I'm hungry. Let's eat.

Let's go into the kitch...

I'm plastered.

We won!

I'm dead drunk.

Dead drunk.

My darling.

My darling.

- Not well?
- I don't know, I'm sick...

I have an awful hangover.

We haven't laughed like that in years.

Did we sleep together?

Don't remember?

You were in great shape.

I have to go to Home Depot.
Need anything?


My keys.

- How's the winner?
- Fair.

What's wrong?

I slept with Eddy.

So no more divorce?

I don't know anymore.

We thought you liked
kissing your bearded wife.

Anyway, we really pulled it off.

I'm telling you I slept with a man.


Eddy, no! You got it wrong!

Let me explain! Listen!

You got it wrong!

Move over or die!

Just listen to me!

- Beat it!
- Just listen!

Hello, Jean.

Can I take some stuff for Eddy?

Of course.

Give the maid
the rest of her clothes.

I think I have it all. Goodbye.

Oh yeah.

Silly me.

Eddy says:
"The bearded lady files for divorce".

Are you yawning?


Don't worry, watch out for the head.

This is very surprising.

Sorry, Dad. Eddy's on his way.

I thought maybe you could talk,
but he doesn't want to.

It's no big deal.

Watch out for the head.

Bye-bye, Grandpa.

Well... I'm off.

See you soon.

It's Eddy.

It's Dad!

Mr. Mayor, if I may...

Mr. Mayor?


yes... no.

No, no, no.
A radical opposition.

What's next?

Can I have another?

So my name is...

Jean... Leroy.


I'm 63.

I'm a man.

I mean, cisgender.

No one's perfect.

And I'm totally lost. Totally.

Not eating?

I'm not hungry.

If tête de veau doesn't get you hard,
what will?


If I open up, you won't judge?

No, why would I judge you?

You promise?

I miss Eddy.

Eat up!

Tomorrow is Carnival.

- Be strong!
- I won't go.

You kidding?

I won't go.

You'll never see me again.

I don't care.

At Carnival it's all allowed

It's all allowed

You can show your rollers


Let's go to the Ball.

My feet hurt.

Stop whining, all you do is complain.

Come on, keep on walking.

I think I saw Eddy.

At Carnival? Not his style.

I see him everywhere, Francis.

Am I going crazy?

No, let's go and dance.


I thought you hated Carnival.

I guess I've changed.

That's my dress.

I miss you.

You can't imagine how much.

I don't believe you anymore.

Let me explain.

I wanted to tell you...

that you're... very, very brave.

That I admire you.

You've really got balls.

And I can't live without you.

I can't live without you, Eddy!

I love you so much,
you can't imagine.

I'll give up everything, my job,
what more can I say?

I'll buy you the prettiest camping car

and we'll go on a wonderful trip.

That's all I want to say
because I love you.

I'm nothing without you.


You found each other!

Give each other a zot'che.

A zot'che!A zot'che!

I love you.


Subtitles: Andrew Litvack