Um Ano Inesquecível: Inverno (2023) - full transcript

Instead of joining the graduation trip with her friends, Mabel is forced to travel with her parents to a ski station in Chile. She didn't expect this freezing retreat could introduce her to a secret group of friends and a potentia...


An Unforgettable Year Winter

- Follow the pattern.
- Because we put all these…

I'd do it differently.
But since you want it to be the same…

If you start from here…

Don't you know Mabel?
Everything must be organized.

- What do you think?
- Let me see.

I like it! But this could bother me
when I go dancing.

No, it'll look cute when you dance.
Wait, just one detail.

How come you're taking a book
to Porto Seguro?

I'm taking a book to Porto Seguro because

I'm dying to read a little, get a tan…
It'll be so good!

You're the only one
in the history of graduation trips

- to take a book.
- Instead of kissing.

I know.

I don't wanna kiss anyone on this trip.

I wanted us to enjoy this trip together.
Not worrying about it.

- You know what the problem is?
- That "it."

- The ex-boyfriend.
- It's Igor. I know.

This has nothing to do with Igor.
Even if it did…

I guess I'm entitled to some grief.

- No.
- No. I knew it. I never liked that guy.

It wasn't a breakup.

- It was a deliverance.
- I agree.

Sorry I mentioned Igor.

- What is it, Mabel?
- It's not Igor, girls. It's just…

What is it?

I don't know, it's like you... I mean...

Have you realized
this is our last year in school?

We're gonna graduate and next year
things are gonna change a lot.

Each one of us is going separate ways.

I know, but we're not gonna walk away,
just change for the better.

- We're going to college.
- We're together.

- Many situations could've split us up…
- Remember,

fourth grade, different classrooms
and nothing changed.

- How about the DTR at Karen's party? Jeez!
- Jeez, that one…

The worst thing was that trophy
you stole at the School Games.

- You won't admit it!
- You stole it!

Because you were both my competition
and couldn't win.

It was not fair!

Even after this slander,
we still love you and remain your friends.

What is this?


Magê, Malu and Mabel.
It's not for nothing.

- Come on, girl.
- For us!

- All right.
- That's it!

Nothing and no one
in the world will split us up.

- Yes!
- That's right!

Porto Seguro, get ready!
The M-M-Ms are coming!

Okay, Mabel! Enough, sweetheart.

- Put a coat on!
- I don't understand why this bothers you.

- I'm cold for you.
- I said I'd spend my vacation like this.

You ruined my trip, and now you want
to decide what I'm gonna wear? Gosh!

- Come on, baby!
- Let's go.

Please, sweetheart.

Not the slightest bit of guilt? Really?

For having been involved
in all this grubbiness?

- Oh, Lord.
- Okay.

- Let's go!
- That's tough, right?

Relax. Let's check in!

Let's see if these frozen neurons
will work.

This is not a "Dear Diary" moment.
It's actually a rescue request.

I've been dragged to hell by my parents.

Has anyone noticed

that winter and hell are totally related?

Hell is…




Come on!

Sorry, is everything okay?

Everything's fine!

All I needed now was a jerk throwing
a snowball at me. Gracias!

It was just to help you chill out.

- First time here?
- Maybe!

- Thrilled to go skiing?
- No, I hate snow.

You hate snow and came
to a winter resort full of snow?

Yes. Is there a problem with that?

Not at all.

Well, have a good vacation. Enjoy it.

I take the "wow" back.

Excuse me, aren't you Flavia Fontes,
the TV news anchor?

- That's me.
- Is it your first time here?

Yes, we came to celebrate our anniversary

with the whole family.

You'll love it. It's our third time here.
Julia loves it.

My daughter…

Same age as ours, cool!

- Maybe they can become friends.
- It'd be great for Mabel to blend in.

Sweetheart, room upgrade!

I had to put an end to the dress protest.

If I wanna see my friends again,
I can't freeze to death here.

- Look at that one, buddy! See?
- I don't.

- Will you do it?
- I will.

Get ready, then.
Let's grab our skis right away. We'll…

Careful, both of you.
Cover his ears, honey.

Chill out.

Should we take a trial lesson together?

I dunno. I don't feel like falling down
and freezing trying not to lose balance.

- I'm going for a walk.
- Okay, go.

- Sorry!
- Pardon me.

Rosa, I don't know.

- Here?
- I'm not sure. A little more to the left.

- Here?
- Up.

- Here?
- Yes, perfect! I like it.

I love it.

- Perfect. Thanks, Rosa.
- You're welcome, Glau.


That's you!

Come here.

Look how beautiful! The Snow Queen.

Yes, very beautiful.

"I'd rather be dead than plain," right?

Do you understand?

Yeah… Sorry, no!

- Are you Brazilian?
- Yes.

Me too, silly.

- Really?
- Yes.

Anyway, my Spanish is lousy.
Not even mixing languages saves me.

The most important thing is to try,
you know?

Moreover, we'd rather be dead than basic,
right? Go for it!


Excuse me! What is this?

It's a culture,
literature and theater festival.

Will Irina Petrov be there?

- Yes. Do you like Irina?
- I like her a lot.

You can submit a piece of writing
and take her course.

Piece of writing…

- You mean I have to write a story?
- Yes.

But my Spanish is not good.

No, you can write it in Portuguese.

- It's a Latin American festival.
- Yes.


Send it to this email address.

I'll be able to meet Irina! It's a dream.

- The deadline is next week.
- Sure! Thanks!

Good luck. Bye!

Great! Now I just need to find a story.

Lucia and Juan seem
to live in peaceful love.

They're looking forward to the tour
with their friends lago and Martina.

But behind a dream of a perfect life,

they hide a secret…

The delicious pleasure of infidelity.

Erotic fan fiction, Mabel?

You're kidding if you think
you're gonna meet Irina Petrov that way!

Strangely heavy, the suitcase was passed
from person to person,

without anyone suspecting what was inside.

He swears he's not responsible
for that body!

It's a trap! It was the concierge!

Who do I think I am? Agatha Christie?

Forget it, Mabel. You'll end up
with a crime book in a news stand.

Think, Mabel. Is it really that difficult
to find an interesting story to tell?

- I'm nervous. I don't think I can do it.
- Of course you can!

Everyone will judge me.
No one will understand.

One girl is afraid of being body shamed.

The other, because of her sexuality.

They want to live a love of their own.

There are many obstacles. "Is this passion
really worth fighting for?"

Young adult romance?
No way. They'll hardly take it seriously.

Watch out! Hey!

Are you hurt?

You again?

Crossing the ski slope like that is crazy.

I did it on purpose.
I was dying to get hit.

Where's my leaflet?

Careful. Snow burns the skin.

- What?
- The snow burned it.

- Thanks for mansplaining.
- Let me help you.

- No need!
- You're so hard-headed!

Watch out!

Stay here and wait!

Hold it.

Congrats, Mabel! Bumping
into assholes is now your specialty.

- Come!
- Ouch!

If you want to learn to ski,
the beginner slope is down there.

I refuse to learn to ski as a protest.

- Yeah? Against what?
- Against…

It's a secret.


Can you tell me your name,
or is that part of the protest too?

It's part of the protest.

Then I'm gonna call you "Slope Clueless."

"Snow Activist."

"Insolent Girl." How about it?

- Are you always annoying like this?
- Yes.

See you around?

Will you be careful?

- It was really good!
- It was!

There you go! I managed
to book our anniversary dinner.

Flavia Fontes!

- Hello!
- How are you?

- I love your work!
- Thanks.

- Can we take a picture?
- Of course.

- Will you take it for us?
- Sure.

Take a bunch, please.
Then, I'll choose one.

- Excellent!
- Thanks!

We've ordered.

- I love it.
- Good?

- Thanks! Good night!
- No problem!

Sit down, baby.

Look who's there!

Why are you waving to that unbearable boy?


- He's cool.
- He's your brother's ski instructor.

He's lovely.

Amazing. It's gonna be amazing.

Look! Renata!

- What's she doing?
-Such a shame.

How disrespectful!

Check out the chubby girl!

Isn't she ashamed of her body?

- Perfect!
- Beautiful!

- Perfect!
- What's happening?

Beautiful! Powerful!

She enters the restaurant. Ready to shake
the structures up with her naked body

and the forbidden fruit.

Can I really do it?

Maybe I'm not a good writer.
Another disappointment for my collection.

The time has come
to immortalize your name.

In the midst of snow,
on the top of the mountain,

a group of young people conducts
a secret ceremony.

Flames light up the solitary stone cave.

The fire that rises
from the snow distorts their features,

like melting ice.


I found my story.

What pact would they have made
in this macabre ritual?

Wake up, sleepyhead.

How about enjoying the day? Let's do it.


Go take a shower.

How about you, lady?

Did you spend the night on the computer?

What are you writing?


What did you do when…

you had to write
an article for the newspaper

and needed to collect information?

Once I pretended to be a customer

in an investigation for drug fraud.

It was pretty stressful.


I'd like to change the instructor.
I made a mistake.

I want Benjamin, okay?

Benjamin. I'd like
to take lessons with him.

I'm afraid Benjamin has
already scheduled lessons with this lady.

Hi. I'm Flavia.

- Are you Brazilian?
- Yes!

Hi. That's my mother's name. I'm Mabel.
Let me explain. I have a little brother.

And I want to get closer to him.

He's taking lessons with Benjamin.
So I thought I should too…

- I really wanted to…
- I don't know.

- I've heard Benjamin is great.
-Yes, excellent!

I've also heard he is good-looking.

- It's a matter of taste, right?
- Really?

To each their… I wouldn't say… Anyway…

You can give my instructor to her.

Trust me. Really!

- Hey, what's up?
- The hard-headed girl decided to show up!

I've decided to give it a chance.

Here's my voucher.

- What an honor!
- You may add it to your resumé.

Such a snowy day, right? I thought
it'd be a waste of snow not to learn.

May I know your name now?

Yes. Just read the voucher.

- Isn't that…
- Nice to meet you, Mabel.

Isn't that your friend?

Lovely day for skiing, right?


Glide on one ski.

This place is huge, right?

You guys have a lot of hidden trails.

Do you know all of them?

Most of them.

Click into the ski.

Harder. That's it.


let's form a triangle.

There's a cool trail
behind the hotel, right?

Kind of creepy, like…

Do you know where it goes?

Do you want to ski or go hiking?

I don't know. Both.

Okay. I can introduce you
to a great trail instructor.

Now form the triangle.

Do it while you come down.



Form the triangle.

- I'm doing it.
- Do it!

- I'm doing it.
- Form the triangle!

I'm starting to think it's personal.

Hey, are you joking?

Hey, son! You look gorgeous, sweetheart.

Sweetie! Did you go skiing?

In this blizzard?

You have a diligent daughter,
Mr. Fernando.

Now that the weather is better,

I'd like to go skiing with your dad.

Can you look after Dudu?

- Sure.
- Let's go, honey.

- We'll be right back, okay?
- Bye, sweetie. Thanks!





Excuse me, have you seen my brother?
He's wearing a blue jacket.

No? Okay, thanks.






- What's happening?
- I can't find Dudu.

- He was with me five minutes ago!
- Easy, we'll find him.

I can't, Benjamin.
He's a child and might be alone.

- I lost him!
- Hey, listen to me.

We'll find him. I know how.

Okay? Trust me?


- Gonzalo.
- Yes?

- We need to announce a missing child.
- Of course. What's the name?

Eduardo Fontes,
but everyone calls him Dudu.

Okay… Attention, guards.

There's a little boy missing
on the slopes.

His nickname is Dudu
and he's eight years old.


- Let's have a hot chocolate.
- I don't need one.

Where were you, Mabel?

- I asked you to watch your brother.
- Are you okay?

- I'm great!
- I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

When I'm breathless…

it's the water that welcomes me.

The water quiets my thoughts

and, this way,

makes me whole.

Was your brother okay?

Yeah, fine. We all just got scared.


Dudu is very cool.

Do you have a brother?

Only child?

Perfect! Now I understand
why you're such a know-it-all.

Sorry! I overreacted, right?

We're gonna have
a slightly more advanced class.

Practicing skiing in parallel,
more precise curves.

Braking sideways.

Are you excited?

You know…

you've had a lot of students, right?

I was wondering…
You must've had many crazy students.

You are the craziest.

I'm saying that because…

Once, for example,
I met a guy who was part of a cult.

Isn't that crazy?

How crazy!


How about you?

Have you ever joined one?

Have you…

I don't know, would you join one?

- A cult?
- Yeah, I don't know…

Cults, death rituals.

I'm asking because some people like it.

- To each their own.
- Right?

- Do you have anything against it?
- No.

- No!
- Okay.

It's because I saw you and your friends
wearing weird clothes in the forest.

I'd like to know what I'm getting into.
I'm a great student. You should tell me.

Get over here, great student.

- Switch the ski.
- Triangle. Look!

Hey, very easy!

Okay. Let's make a deal?

If your class today is perfect,

I'll tell you what you want.

Get it?

Got it!

Let's practice. Take my hand.

It was very good.

Go forward.


Again! Make the curve.

Go. Again!

Let's take a break.
I need to rest! I'm so tired.

Damn! I'll take revenge!

- Ouch!
- Oh, yeah?

The landscape is worth your…

boring class!

So, will you tell me?

8:00 p.m. at the pub?

- Guys!
- What's up?

This is my best skiing student, Mabel.

These are the worst people
you'll meet in Chile.

Glau, Adriano, Renata and Julia.

I saw your performance.

- It was pretty cool!
- Pretty cool?

Mabel, this bonnet is pretty cool!

Her performance was epic!

Count on me for anything.

I do remember you from the bookstore.
Are you following us, Mabel?

She wants to know about the stone.
She's bold.

The stone, Mabel...

It's a solid and hard formation,
not to be confused with a rock.

- A composition of one or more minerals.
- It's not that.

What you're interested in knowing
isn't so easy to know.

We're playing "I've never." Renata's turn.

I've never been a spy.

- You drink when you have.
- I know.

Then why didn't you drink?

I've never thought those I'm drinking with
were members of a satanic cult.

- I have.
- I've thought it a lot.

- I've never cheated.
- Jeez!

With an Argentine accent,
to make it better.

You can bring the bottle!

You haven't seen anything yet.

Please, enough! Stop! Get down.

- Let's go!
- We're coming.

Get out! Get out of here!


A straight boy's house.


My darlings, get ready! It's cold outside,
but it's gonna get hot in here.

- Alexa! Play "Chile 40ºC" playlist.
- I love this one!

Okay. Playing "Chile 40ºC" playlist.


Come on, Mabel!

- First test.
- Okay.

"Things have a life of their own.

"It's simply a matter
of waking up their souls."

- Whose quote is this?
- She doesn't know, Adriano.

García Márquez's
One Hundred Years of Solitude.

- Take that!
- Beginner's luck.

Let me think…

"Blindness is also this, to live
in a world where all hope is gone."

But this one is too easy, Glau!
Blindness by José Saramago.

Glau! You said the name of the book
in the quote!

Guys, it's not my fault
I'm a "Good Person" of Szechwan.

Okay. Will you tell me?

Why would we tell you?

You didn't tell us anything.

Tell us something.
An embarrassing or intimate story.

An intimate story?

I don't know! Maybe a fear or wish…

You just have to be honest.


I think sometimes…

Sometimes I have a little trouble...

to kind of deal with my feelings,
you know?

For example, yesterday

I couldn't find my brother.

I was watching him and all of a sudden,

I got distracted and when I realized it,
he was missing.

And I remember I felt fear.

A very strong fear.

It wasn't normal fear.

It wasn't normal. The feeling I had

made me think that I would be
forever trapped in that feeling.

You know?
As if that fear would never go away.

And that's the point.

What if there comes a time…

when it really…

doesn't go away?

I think we need some time
to talk about it.

Talk about it?


Who do you think you are, guys?

You asked me to open up and I did.
I just did what you asked.

You guys think you're so smart,
intellectuals who read a lot,

but you know what?

You judge a book by its cover!

- Mabel!
- Mabel!

Girls, why don't you answer my calls?

Please, I really need to talk to you.
You're enjoying that place so much

that you forgot about me, right?


Are you writing a book, dear?


- Why are you going through my things?
- Easy, I'm sorry!

You've been so distant and I was worried.

If you want, I can help you
and give you some tips

- to improve the plot.
- I don't need it!

It's my thing, okay?

All right.

I found the story super interesting, okay?

I loved the secret sect motif,
the names written on the stone.

Maybe you should work
on each character in more detail.

Please! Stop trying to give your opinion
about everything I do, okay?

- Stop trying to do everything your way.
- Look, Mabel.

I know you're talking
to me like that because you're sad.

You're upset because you didn't go
to your graduation party.

I love Magê and Malu. I just think…

- Now they're the problem?
- I didn't say that.

- So, what is it?
- What I was trying to tell you…

When you start college,
a whole new universe will open up to you.

- It's important to be prepared. Confident.
- You don't think I am?

- You think I'm weak.
- Of course not.

Why don't you ask me what I want

instead of saying how I should feel,
what I should do and think?

Ask me what I want.

- Because I don't want a new life. Got it?
- Okay.

I want things to go on
the way they've always been.

Get that into your head, okay?

Now you have three group lessons in a row

and then one lesson with Guilherme.

- Super! Thanks.
- You're welcome.



Malu, Magê,

where are you? Whenever you can,
I really need to talk to you, okay?

Answer me.

-Hey, Mabel!

-How are you?
-How are you, girl?

-We miss you!
- I miss you, guys.

-We have so much to tell you.
-So much!

Sorry we didn't answer you. That's on us.

No problem. We're talking now.

-I'll tell her first.

My father has been transferred,
and I found out he's going to Spain!

- What?
-Hola, muchacha!

I got waitlisted
for the University of Ouro Preto!

When are you coming back?
We need to celebrate!

So many reasons to be grateful.

Come back soon!
We love you and miss you very much.

-Bye, girl.
-Bye! Take care!

Is anyone there?







Mabel, wake up!

There you go. Hey.

Look at me. Mabel, look.

You passed out. It could be hypothermia.

Mabel, you're freezing.
We need to leave now.

How are we gonna go downhill?

- I brought skis for us…
- I can't, Benjamin.

- I can't ski downhill.
- Mabel, look at me!

- I can't, Benjamin!
- Look at me!

Look at me!

You can do this.

You can ski.

Just breathe.

You're doing it! Yes!

Come on!

Stop! Look!


I was very nervous.

I didn't think I could ski down here.

- I was so nervous.
- You're very crazy.

- Sweetie!
- Mabel!


- Thank God! Thank you, man!
- I'm glad you're okay!

- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!

- Sorry.
- Thank God!

- Crazy girl!
- I'm glad everything's fine.


"The tracks of my tears

"and the bitterness on my face
won't wipe the smile off."

It's in Spanish.

I think you'll like it.


It's a gift.

- How did it go?
- No.

It's no use, my mom won't listen to me.

She knows about us,
but just won't accept it.

I keep trying to tell her.
Will she keep running away forever?


What if she can't run away?

- Hello, what's up?
- Hi! How can I help you?

- You're from IT?
- Yes.

Good! As you must've already seen
somewhere on your screen,

the Wi-Fi is down.

- It can't be.
- No, I'm positive.

I have no connection in my room.

I go live on social media in 15 minutes.

You must come with me.
We'll go downstairs and upstairs, right?

- Right?
- Yes.

- We must go downstairs. It's urgent.
- Okay.

- Are you a member of a political party?
- Of course.

Good. We'll have a lot to talk about
while we fix the Wi-Fi connection.

I don't know how to turn it on. Do you?

- It must be somewhere here.
- Look!

Isn't it on the computer?

- Could be the mixer.
- Gotta turn on the light.

Come on!

It must be somewhere here.

- You scared me!
- Oh, my God!

- You left him alone?
- He has a lot on his plate.

Okay! Here.

- This one?
- Yes!


It's working.

Sorry to interrupt your lunch. I'm here…

to talk to a person
who knows what this is about, so…


I tried to tell you so many times,

but you always ran away.

So, out of respect for you,
I'm speaking in Japanese.

I like…


I like Renata.

I'm proud of this.

I wish you were too.


at least, could understand.

Because I love you, Mom.

This winter is getting warm.

Heaters and fireplaces don't save us
from the cold.

Friends do.

Open me

Thank you.

For the stone.

But what is the stone?

- What is the stone?
- The stone?

Does the stone squeeze?

Does the stone weigh?

- The stone?
- Does it glide?

- What is the stone?
- The stone is?

- What is it?
- Does it punish?

It's transformation.

- What is the stone?
- Has it been?

- The stone is strength.
- It's art.

- What is it?
- It's a challenge.

Is the stone me? Is the stone someone?

The stone is us.

Sartre tells us,

"What's important is not
what happens to us


"how we respond to what happens to us."


You tackled a great challenge.

You had the courage to show your true self

to the most important person in your life.

And you, Renata…

You broke the hate

of those who don't accept
to see you happy with your own body.

You accepted yourself,
beautiful as you are.


it's granted to you

the right

to sign your names on the stone.

- Mabel!
- Mabel!

You overcame a great fear.


Skied down the highest mountain,

overcame shortness of breath, palpitation,

the fear of the unknown.


it's granted to you

the right to sign your name on the stone.

Sorry, guys.

I don't think I'm ready to sign my name.

But you did something amazing!

- But if Benjamin didn't find me there…
- Mabel.

I didn't save you.

You did it by yourself.

It's not just that.

I feel like this is a very special place
for you, you know? It's very…

What you do here is very genuine.

I want it to be genuine for me too.

I don't think I've accomplished
something important.

All right.

You'll know when the time comes.

"What's the meaning of life?

"A simple question

"to which our ears are closed."

"I don't want anyone but me

-"to help this woman break free."
-"Maybe I already knew.

-"I've heard it already."
-"The great revelation never came."

"The rush of life wraps everything up."

"Life is like this,
it warms up, it cools down."

"Even if there were...

"daily miracles.

-"Tighten and loosen."

"The supreme happiness of life is knowing

"that we are loved for ourselves,

"in spite of ourselves."

" it,

"like in love.

"Only those who forget themselves

"and surrender blindly are loved."


MMM Group

Remember this, sweetie?

Dad, I do remember,
but I pretend it never happened.

Come on! You loved dancing to this song.

I mean it!

- I don't know. Maybe it's over, right?
- Adolescence!

- No, it wasn't like that.
- Come.

We used to do that move…

Yes! Here!

- Dad, we're better at this.
- We're dancers!

Come now! Your turn.

- Are you ready?
- Come!

Jesus Christ!

Oh, my God!

We have to change this choreography.
You've grown too much. You're heavy.

I disagree, Dad. I was watching,

and I think you're at the height
of your dancing skills.

I miss when we used to dance like that.
Flash mobs. Is it still called that?

No. But I think it's okay. You're
from another era. No one's gonna complain.

From the era when my daughter liked
to dance with her father.

But then came a new era.

And I lost my dance partner.

Now your mom misses you.

But she doesn't have the right
to go through my things.

- Let alone control everything I do.
- No, of course not.


Just tonight at dinner…

Give her a break.


I have to meet the guys,
but I'll be back before dinner.

Tonight, I'm gonna be
the best daughter ever.

You already are.


- Hey, Dad.
- What?


Bye, sweetie.

What are you doing?

I have footage of this place empty,
so we can fool security.

Careful. People have been arrested
because of that.

- Careful because I'm really dangerous.
- Okay.


It's clear!

Not this one.

Not this one either.

Theater clothes are so small.

No way I'll be able
to find a costume my size here.

- I'll help you look.
- No, there's no need.

I'm gonna use some creativity.

I think you're very brave, you know?

- I admire you a lot for that.
- Don't you think you're brave?

Not very.

Do you know what terrified me
for a long time?

The mirror.

Every time I looked at myself,
I said horrible things.

I believed what others said
and I repeated it, you know?

One day I realized

the voice that echoed in my head
was someone else's, not mine.

Then, I started repeating
to myself how beautiful I was,

strong, powerful.

I started to listen to my own voice.

And now I believe in it.

- Do they let you take these clothes?
- They don't, right?

- But…
- Look at her.

Shall we?


Where are you? We're at the restaurant.

Are you all right?

No. It's my mom.

Welcome to the club.

And what about your mom?

She'll be fine.

I knew she wouldn't accept it right away.

But I think it's a matter of time.

I don't agree with my mom.

Even though she thinks
like someone from 1910,

I didn't want to let her down.

I get it.

Yeah, and…

sometimes we feel responsible
for other people's happiness, right?

And forget about ours. Isn't it crazy?

You're absolutely right.

We also just want to be happy.

- Let's go skating.
- Let's do this.

"What fools these mortals be!"

- "Their sense thus weak."
- Jeez, you're bold!

- Balancing on these skates will be bold.
- First time?

- First.
- I love first times.


- I don't like them much.
- Why?

I don't know. Maybe if I could,
I'd erase all the first times in my life.

- You're crazy.
- I mean it.

Living without first times is living

without butterflies in your stomach.

"I'd rather be dead than plain," right?

Right, girl!

I'm now able to make
this side of mine shine.

- Do you mean Glow has just surfaced?
- Yes and no.

Glow and Glau were bonded in the womb.

You were born to shine.

Everyone was born to shine.

You were born to shine!

You wanna shine?

I do.

That was the answer I was waiting for.

The arm was not good…

Just kidding. I loved it!

R + J

Man, I took good pictures.
I took great pictures!

You guys totally nailed it.
No one can say otherwise.

You look beautiful wearing makeup.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Yes.

Why isn't your name written on the stone?

Come with me.

I want to show you a place.

Remember you asked me if I had a brother?


I did.

We used to spend the day here.

How old were you?

I was seven.

He was 12.

I don't know,

this was our place, you know?

And after everything that happened,

I promised I'd come back here every year.

To honor his memory.

That's very beautiful, Ben.

I've never brought anyone here before.

But you're, I don't know…


You know, I...

I just wanna be with someone who makes me
wanna talk for hours, you know?

Who makes time stand still.

Who makes me laugh.


may even be a little hard-headed.


she's amazing.

Even with a twig stuck in her hair.

Did I already say I love you?

Not today.

I love you.

A lot! Don't forget it.

Won't you say anything?

How many times have I told you
about our dinner?

I'm very disappointed
in your attitude, Mabel.

You could've at least sent a message.

- What do you have a phone for?
- Yes.

I'm sorry.

- Is that all you have to say? "Sorry"?
- You wanted me to come. I'm here.

Now that I'm happy and doing my thing,
you don't like it.

- Can you speak lower? People are eating.
- What?

Are you afraid I'll ruin your reputation?
Are you ashamed of me?

Afraid they'll find out
your daughter isn't perfect.

Enough, Mabel!


- We don't deserve to be treated like that.
- You don't understand!

Did you know Magê and Malu
are gone forever?

Did you know that I'll be alone?

- You'll never be alone, sweetie!
- I will! I'll be alone.

I will. I don't have control
over anything anymore.

I'm not like you, Mom.

I'm not the kind of person who knows
what they want, who everyone loves.

I really want to be, but I'm not.

I don't even have proper control
of my breathing!


I must really be a disappointment.





I got your text.

Is everything okay?

Kind of.

- I'm wet.
- I don't care.

What happened?

Today you showed me your special place.

Now I want to show you mine.

Every time I feel confused, stressed
or upset, or when something happens,

I like to find a pool

and swim.

I feel

it helps me stop thinking a little.
You know? It calms me down.

Swim with me?

Not now.

I promise it's warm. It won't hurt.

We'll do it together.

- It's gonna be a lot of fun.
- I don't want to!

She was listening to the wrong voices.

In her mind,
the echoed voices belonged to others.

They whispered, screamed and judged her.

She had to listen to her own voice.

The body is the scar itself.

Undressing fear was her great act.

- Mabel? Are you there?
- Give her a break… Come on.

She wanted to be happy.

It seemed impossible

when you're responsible
for someone else's happiness.

She lived with the fear
of getting disappointed,

but she was proud
of the woman she had become

and the love she nurtured.

He saw no meaning in the world
without the thrill of first times.

He shined in the womb

but had to face a world
which judged his glow.

Like the stone that emerges
in the dark night,

he has his own secrets too.

The stone protects from pain,

but that deep look in his eyes is
the window to his story.

Over the cold lake, he promised himself

he'd return to honor his brother's memory.


and forever.


What happened?

It's very cold, and your feet are wet.

- We should go back to the hotel.
- I will.

I just want to show you something, okay?


It's my first book.

It's a short story,
actually, not a book, but…

Anyway, I was only able
to write it because of you guys.

Are you using our stories?

I used them for a tribute.

Everything we shared.
Everything we told you.

Are you using it to write a book?

Calm down.

- You don't get it.
- I trusted you.

I wanted to do this
so I could record what you do

- because I think it's beautiful.
- But it's ours!

On top of that,
you're using my brother's story.

- I didn't use your brother's story.
- What?

Who are you to tell my story?
To tell anyone else's story?

Why don't you write your own?

It would've been more honest.

Guys, I think I need help.

- What's up?
- I…

Calm down, what happened?

I was talking to Ben and then he…

He left and I wanted to go after him,
but he didn't want me to.

Easy! Where did he go?

He was very angry
because of the book I wrote, and he…

He walked away and went up the mountain.

- Which mountain?
- By the lake.

- Wait, were you at the lake?
- Yes, but he was

- almost in the lake, and I got scared.
- Wait.

She wrote about us.

- What?
- What do you mean?

Guys, I wrote it as a tribute.

Did anyone ask you to do this?

I'm sorry!

I didn't think you'd feel this way.
I just wanted to…

- She wrote about the lake.
- What about it?

- Oh, my God!
- It's just…

That's where Ben's brother died.

- Drowned.
- Should we go after him?

I will call the rescue.

What do you mean? Rescue?

Is it really necessary?



- Benjamin!
- Benjamin!

Guys, we have to widen the search radius.


Nothing over here.

- Ben!
- Benjamin!

-Come on! This way!
- Ben!

Let's go closer to the river.

- Ben!
- Benjamin!

- Ben!
- Here!


Did you already check there?


- Where, Drico?
- Here!

It was hypothermia.

He'll be fine.

In the search for myself, I got lost.

And now,

it's all emptiness.



Can we talk?

I want to apologize.

I ruined your celebration.

I ruined your graduation trip
by bringing you here.

You know, sweetie…

I'm not perfect.

It's quite the opposite.


It seems like I'm in control
of everything, but I...

control nothing!


Sorry for making you feel this way.

I had expectations
about what I think is good for you.

I wasn't able to see that you were

going through such difficult things.

I made some decisions

trying to protect you…

trying to get closer to you.

I'm sorry too, Mom.

I didn't walk away on purpose, but I was…

I guess I started
to notice how much my life

will change next year, right?

The worst thing is, everyone seems to be
so excited and doing so well, but I'm not!

I'm not! I'm…

I'm scared to death.

Sometimes all we wanna do
is stop time, right?

I wish...

you were...

that little girl…

who needed me for everything,

but you've grown.

And you're ready to live

a bunch of new stories.

"I knew who I was this morning,

"but I've changed a few times since then."


My Alice in Wonderland.

I love you! I love you very much.

I love you too, Mom.

Have you heard from Ben?

He's fine.

He's home,
but he doesn't wanna see anyone.

I made a mistake, Adriano.

I'm sorry about the book,
I didn't mean to…

You know, I didn't think it was…
I was trying…

I never told you how I signed the stone.

Come with me!

Have you ever felt out of place?


It hurts, right?

A lot.

That's exactly how I felt
when I came here.

I realized that if I stopped coming here,

this place would stay the same.

Completely white.

So, I did this.

I made my self-portrait, life-size,

and spread it all over the ski resort.

I did this because I exist.

I exist.

And there will be Adrianos

and Agathas,

João Pedros,

Emilies, Rebeccas.

There will be Black people here.

I have a gift for you.

This is Mabel

through my eyes.

That's how I see you.

How about you?

How do you see yourself?

Thank you very much.

"The rain stopped falling.

"The breeze airs the grassland wetness.

A short story by Mabel Fontes

"The tracks of my tears and the bitterness
on my face won't wipe the smile off,

"as if it were a burden of pain,

"roses let their dew drop.

"I tell the sky,

"'My burden could've been
the same as these flowers.'

"The god of winter with their artisan hand

"mourned the blue sky
and my own soul.

"The sky has stood only one day.

"My soul will carry this burden for life."


Mabel Book. pdf


We're going to capture the greatness
in each one of you.

Hey, guys!

Anyway, I'm leaving tomorrow.

I didn't want

to go home without apologizing.


Everything I experienced here was

very special.

I have no words

to thank you enough for showing me

how to look at myself,

like you all do.

I couldn't have disappointed you.


Come on, Mabel!

I read your book.

I feel like…

I know you better now.

I read the poem.

Is it about your brother?

It was my fault.

I went swimming in the lake.
My brother told me not to. It was cold.

I thought he was joking.
I ran and jumped in the lake.

I swam to the middle.

I had shortness of breath.

My brother jumped in the lake
and started swimming.

He started screaming.

I thought it was a joke.

I thought it was a joke.
I looked back and…

I couldn't find my brother.
He told me not to go.

If I hadn't gone…

If I hadn't gone swimming…

Ben, it wasn't your fault.

- My brother told me not to go.
- Look at me.

- It was my fault.
- Look at me.

- It was my fault!
- Benjamin!

If I hadn't gone…
I remember him screaming.

- If I hadn't gone…
- Benjamin, you were a child!

It wasn't your fault!

Look at me.

Look at me.

You were a child.

It wasn't your fault.

You have to forgive yourself.


It wasn't…

your fault.

As the snow fell,

I discovered that even a frozen tear

is still a tear.

It was only when
I found myself completely alone

that I was actually able to see myself.

As the snow fell,

I stopped living other people's lives.

I decided to write my own story.

I realized it doesn't matter if sometimes
I'm water or snow or even steam.

It's all part of the same element.



Will you come back?

I will!

BENJAMIN Thank you

Just like the white color of snow,
I know that I'm not just one.

I'm the mixture of all colors.

An Unforgettable Year Winter