Two Thousand Women (1944) - full transcript

In the darkest hours of World War II, France falls to the Germans and all English women in the country are rounded-up and forced into internment camps. Fearful of being deported to the Gestapo's brothels, over two thousand English women bide their time in an aging chateau, which serves as their prison. Females of all walks of life and classes are thrown together and forced to live a humiliating existence where they must beg for even the most basic privileges. Freda Thompson (Phyllis Calvert) is a journalist who had lived a posh existence writing human interest stories for the dailies. She spars with sultry and free-loving Bridie Johnson (Jean Kent), who is willing to trade her affections for black market goods. New prisoner Rosemary Brown (Patricia Roc) finds herself leading the underground after two Royal Air Force pilots crash behind enemy lines and seek aid in getting back to England.

"You have been listening
to dance music by Coriano

and his Pampas Serenaders.
Here is Coriano."

"Good night, everybody. Me and the
boys'll be with you again Saturday."

"This is the BBC Home and
Forces Programme. Here

is the news and this is
John Snagge reading it."

"The latest news about
the fighting in France was given..."

Est-ce que Paris est tombe?

Pas encore, ils sont a 20km.

"To the west, new German forces
have attacked south of Rouen."

"Motorised armoured columns
have begun to pour over

the bridgeheads of Louviers,
Andelys and Vernon...

...towards Poissy and Evreux."

Encore une?

Nous I'avons prise en train de
faire des signaux a un avion ennemi.

"The communique went on to say..."

Alors, qu'avez-vous a dire?

Excusez-moi. Mon Francais
n'est pas tres bon - I'm English.

English? Vous entendez?
Elle dit qu'elle est anglaise.

Why do so many of you dress as nuns?

So many? I'm a novice from
the Convent of St Antoine at Montard.

That's 100km away.

We're evacuating south on a train
it's been held up.

Where is this train?

In the forest, about 6km away.
They're repairing the track.

What were you doing
at the top of St Clous hill?

The children were hungry.
Some of us went to find food.

Show me your papers.

Mother Superior has all our papers.

I have heard 20 such stories
in the past few days.

I'm telling you the truth.

What part of England are you from?



Donnez-moi cette lampe!

If you don't believe me,
send someone to the railway.

If there was anything wrong
it would be reported here.

You were signalling to the enemy.

I was trying to find out where I was.

A German plane was passing
overhead and there

happens to be an ammunition
dump 100 metres away!

But you wouldn't know that!
This torch was made in Austria.

If I can find you a priest,
I will do so.




Comme vous voulez, Mon capitaine,

Wer ist das Madchen?
Warum ist sie hier?

Goodbye, Fraulein.




You for the internment camp?


Pass right down the car, then.

Plenty of room here.

Did they arrest you
during a musical comedy?!

No, they're from a French army stores;
my clothes are being cleaned.

My name's Freda Thompson,
what's yours?

Rosemary Brown.

We haven't met before, have we?

No, I don't think so.

Your face strikes a chord.

Do I exist?

Unfortunately! Bridie Johnson -
known to males in Paris as Bubbles.

Married, divorced, married
and divorced again. Did I miss one?

I'd like to strangle you.

Ignore us. We shared,
for six months, a bug-ridden dump.

I would have gladly poisoned her!

Imagine having to listen to the
uncensored version of her love life.

For six months I've listened to her
talk like the muck she wrote.

Her smack at my career.

Subsister on a rag - some career!

I place that above a twice-nightly
stripper in a third-rate music hall.

Forget her. What did you do?

Me? Nothing, really.

You must have done something.

If she doesn't want to tell us,
it's her affair.

We're ready now, my man.
Come along, chaps.

Surely this is not the conveyance?

I'm afraid it is, Muriel.

Oh! I shall write to
the Red Cross about this.

Remember, Celeste,
the key goes to Monsieur Leclerc.

0ui, madame.

No tears, Celeste.

I cannot help it, madame.

Nonsense. Goodbye, Celeste.

Well, goodbye, Celeste. Thank you
for all you've done for us.

Merci, Dubois. Je suis desolee
que nous devions nous quitter ainsi.

Look after her, Celeste.

Clare, please.

Oh, good afternoon.
Are you going to Marneville, too?

Yes. You'd better sit down
before we turn a corner.

Thank you. Sit here, Clare.

Have you got the rugs?


Muriel Manningford, Clare Meredith.

Freda Thompson, Bridie Johnson
and Rosemary Brown.

We're all British, I take it?

Mrs Johnson has a British passport.

Amounts to the same thing.

It gets her to the same place.

It's a comfort to be with countryfolk.
We were confined indoors.

If only we'd taken my brother's...

Don't chatter so, Clare!

We were in a delightful little cell,
10ft under the ground.


There was life there.
I think we brought some with us!

You poor things, but Marneville
is quite a pleasant little spa.

We went there to take the waters.

You'll get bread with them this time

"Tickets for Red Cross parcels
for internees in blocks C and D...

...will be issued in the office
at four o'clock today."

Hello there! Welcome to Holloway.

What's it like? Sheets?






Enough! Leave your luggage
and follow me.

See you later.

"Internees can obtain blue cards
on Wednesday between 10 and 11."

Ansicht, bitte.

Heil Hitler!

Heil Hitler.

mit funf Internierten zur Stelle!

Na endlich
ich warte schon 'Ne Ewigkeit.

You will be accommodated in block C.

You will share rooms with others.
This is limited to two per room.

Manningford, Muriel. Answer, please!

If we must sleep two in a room
I'll share with Miss Meredith.

The location of rooms is my business.

I am not used to being spoken to so.

Arrange that we share a room
or I shall tell the Commandant...

...that a man your age and physique
is better suited to the battlefield.

Not sitting in an office making
insulting remarks to women and... >


Room 72, second floor.

Miss Manningford and Miss Meredith.

Thank you.

Brown, Rosemary.


Thompson, Freda.


You will share room 68, floor two.

I was afraid I'd get landed with
Little Love Hungry.

Johnson, Bridie!

Could I have a room to myself?

Internees may only occupy rooms
on their own in exceptional cases.

My case is exceptional -
I talk in my sleep. I can't help it.

Lots of people talk in their sleep.

I'm thinking of
the girl I'd have to share with.

If I were alone...

The rat's about to enter the trap
after the oldest cheese in the world

Well, is it really as bad as that?

Of course, in some cases it might be.

Oh, that's odd! It so happens
that room 66 on floor two is vacant.

That has a single bed, it's true...

Thank you, Sergeant.

That's the way the world goes round.

Frau Holweg!

Fuhren Sie sie in ihre Quartiere!

Jawohl, Herr Wachtmeister.

Follow me, please.

Was starren Sie mich denn an?
Haben Sie nichts anderes zu tun?

Welcome, ladies, to the only
British colony not inhabited by man.

Come on.

Miss King.

Yes, Frau Holweg?

These women are to be with you.

Miss King is group leader of the
women on floor two. Come with us.

I'm Eleanor Hadfield. I live on your
floor. You must be dying for tea.

Have you got any?

I exchanged a pair of corsets
for a quarter.

We can't rob you like that!

Oh, but we shall be neighbours.

I will leave you
in your group leader's hands.

Any complaints should be made to me.

She's a beast. I've told her about
calling me group leader!

It's so German. I'm sector warden.

We've one per floor,
elected by the women.

Freda Thompson, Rosemary Brown,
this is your room.

I'll be back for a chinwag.

To think I had a crush
on a girl like that at school.

Has your room got two beds in it?


So's mine.

Something's odd about you.

In what way?

A girl imprisoned for six months
passes a mirror without a glance.

I daren't.


Hot water?

No water.

Still, we can't expect everything.

Pity! It's a nice bathroom.

Like having a car with no petrol.

Hello, the bill of charges is still
here - The Grand, 200 francs a day.

Shall we ring for our baggage?

Needn't bother. Hello.

I yelled to you out the window.
Maud Wright, room 69.

Freda Thompson, Rosemary Brown.

Mind if I sit?
Think you'll like it here?

We might.

That's what they all say at first.
Here, have a fag end.

Come on, Nellie, what're you doing?


What's that in aid of?

Getting you a bath.

Mrs Burtshaw kept a tearoom.
Nellie was a children's nurse.

We have to leg it up from
the kitchen - four flights. No joke.

It's very good of you.

Don't mention it.

Lucy Wilson, straight from finishing
school. Damn shame, stuck here!

Good afternoon, I'm Mrs Cornelia
Hope Latimer from room 76.

Lady's maid to a countess.
You'd think she's a countess.

Trouble is we're not all out of the
same drawer. I kept a girls' hostel.

Before that I was at the
Casino de Paris, one of the

Six English Rosebuds -
until the bloom wore off.

The people one has to put up with!

Things would be better
for a little social distinction.

What about her cousin, the general?!

Annette married an Englishman in
the wine trade who drank his stock.

Misses the men, being French,
but, oh, her clothes!

Tearing me to pieces, Maud?

No. This is Freda and Rosemary.

Do you want some clothes?

No, thanks, mine will be here soon.

I can lend you some.

You can't stick in this!

Oh, let me fetch some.

Oh, I wish you wouldn't!

You don't seem to care a cuss what
you look like or what happens to you

Come on, before it gets cold.

We bath tandem here.

Two at once?

It's cold for those who come last.

The animals go in two by two?

Twenty to one bath sometimes.

I won't bother just now.

Don't be shy. You've got to muck in.

Hot water's like caviar. We pinch it
from the Commandant's boiler.

What's bothering you?
Never undressed in front of others?

No... I'd rather bath on my own.

Wouldn't we all? You'll offend them
if you back out now.

Strip and become a popular figure.

Somebody talking about me?

Pleacher's gift to art!
My next "innocence".

She talks like she writes - cheap.
I hear there's a bath.

In the queue.

Whoever's first.

Oh, no,
we're not competing with pros.

Everything's organised. A bath!

It's wonderful what can be done
when we pull together.

We've been told there's tea going.

It's the team spirit...

We've been told there's tea going.

We had one before we left.

If everyone applies themselves.

We've done miracles
in the time we've been here -

...we've started a gymnasium class,
folk dancing, dressmaking.

Spout it again, Towser!

We have French, Spanish, Russian,
German classes. We have a choir.

Tea's up, but no sugar.

No milk, either.

Tea's all they ever think about.

And men.

I've almost forgotten them.

They wear trousers, I remember that.

Imagine a very large harem with the
sultan away on holiday - that's us.

From one week's end to...

From one week's end to the next,
not counting that rat...

...not a single man is allowed in.

That'll give you an idea of our
state of mind and the conversation!

Not that it bothers me - I've seen
enough of men to last me a lifetime.

Who the devil was that?

Monsieur Boper, hotel proprietor.

Nasty little quisling.

He has permission to wander
to see we don't make a mess.

Into the bath before it gets cold.
0thers are waiting.


Here you are, take this.

I bring thee towels and precious
soap for the ablutions of the flesh.

I begs next!

I'll fetch your tea in.

I'll be glad when there's none left.

More time is wasted drinking it,
making it and talking about it
than on anything else.

Wasting time is an occupation here.

I consider that
a demoralising attitude.

They're bathing
practically in public!

I hope they won't ask us to do so.

I should most certainly refuse.
If we can't bath alone, what's left?


Compare this with your last camp -
4, 000 in a barracks meant for 100...

...nowhere to exercise, nowhere to
wash, packed together like sardines.

Here, at least we have
a little space and privacy.

You did say "privacy"?

Mmm. Come on, next customer, please.

It's a different proposition here.

There's no reason why we shouldn't
become the happiest little community

What's that?!

I don't know,
but I have a vague suspicion.

That happens every day.

The lady on top is the Honourable
Mrs Primrose Ogilvy of Leicester.

The one underneath ain't
so 'igh class - Mrs Woodbury,
widow of a wholesale butcher.

They're up! Woodbury's attacking!

Mrs Ogilvy's off her guard!
They're down.

What are they fighting about?

Something in the dustbin.
They're up again!

Stop it at once!

There you have it, life as
the cannibals live it - Marneville.

Have you finished?
You can't have washed it properly!

I've done all
that was expected of me.

She's right there, two spits and
a dab - that's her day's work done.

Here it comes.

Keep it low, whatever you do.

"The Russians are still
resisting the German

onslaught with tenacity and skill.
It's true..."

Golly, this is news!

I thought something had happened
when they stopped the Russian class.

I had a Russian friend in Biarritz...

Oh, shut your trap. Someone sends us
a radio and all you do is cackle.

" have made much progress."

You will all come with me
to the Kommandant's office at once!

Some dirty skunk spilled the beans.

What happened?

We didn't give much away.

We don't know who left it.

I'd love to know who's Poison Ivy.

Me, too.

You realise that "Poison Ivy"
must be one of a dozen people.

How do you mean?

Only 12 of us knew about it.

You make it sound like a crime novel
did the butler do it, did...

Well, somebody did it.

You send shivers down my spine.

Maud... Come here.

Can you and Freda come up to
Mrs Latimer's room for a minute?

What for?

I don't want to talk here.
Just you and Freda.



Yes? What is it?

I want you upstairs for a minute.

What's all the hoo-ha?

Somebody stole the tea?

Mrs Burtshaw and I thought
you might be interested

to know who informed on
you about the radio set.

You know who did it?

We think so.

Nellie will tell you.

Must I?

There's nothing to be afraid of.

Out with it, lass!

Well, I was scrubbing out the office
and I saw the filing cabinet open.

With our records in.

I thought I'd look to see mine.

I came across
Rosemary Brown's record.

Nellie speaks German.

Where's all this leading to?

It said she was arrested
as a fifth columnist.

Dressed as a nun.


Give her a club foot and glasses!

Those are the facts.

Facts! I never heard anything
so plain stinking in all my life!

Come on, Maud.

If one word of that yarn gets out,
I'll wipe the floor with you!

Well, of all the ingratitudes!

I suppose there's nothing in it.

You, too, Brutus?

Just like you English pigs!
You receive my hospitality!

I'll pay for them after the war.

You will pay me now! Taking my...

Here. You're in this.



We've heard something
you ought to know about.

They say you were
arrested as a fifth columnist.

Who told you this?

The Skinner girl
says she saw it in the records.

It's true.

I was arrested by French soldiers
when we were evacuated.

I was finding food for children.

Were you dressed as a nun?

I am a novice.


Couldn't you have told us?

I was waiting for my clothes to come

The Germans never sent them.
Then I thought it'd embarrass you.

I didn't want
you behaving differently.

I wouldn't behave differently
if you were Joan of Arc.

It's a pity it's turned out this way

They're saying you're the informer.

You don't believe that?

Don't be a fool!

What about Maud?

Of course not. Tell her.

Come here, both of you.

What do you make of that?

Why the devil didn't I guess?

Bridie might just be
making an appointment to meet him.

Mata Hari worked at night.

We shouldn't condemn her
on evidence like that.

We should give her
the benefit of the doubt.

I'd like to kick her in the teeth.

Miss Meredith, your wool.

Oh, thank you so much, dear.

My trick, I think.


Then he put his arms around me
and whispered, "I love you."

What did you say?

I asked when we'd get married.

Practical, if dampening.

He was married and offered
alternatives - three months later
went back to his wife.


I fought for my honour
outside a bungalow at Harpenden.

Lake Como to Harpenden!

I've heard enough sordid stories.

Nothing sordid about it - I won.

What's the point?

He was good-looking, I was innocent.

I've never been in company
where the conversation was so low.

Surely there's some other subject.

Anybody got the exact time?

Three minutes to ten.

I've got a headache.

Can I have the kitchen keys
to get aspirins from the cupboard?

Put them back in my room.
I'm going to bed soon.

There's a key to the back door.

Is there?

The grounds are dark at ten when
the torchlight crews change over.

Verdammte Schweinerei!

An die Geschutze!

An die Posten!
Was stehen Sie herum, Feldwebel?

I wonder if they're our planes.

Wouldn't crack at their own planes!

Our boys going to Italy.

I wish them luck. I'm going to bed.

Me, too.

We will join you. Good night.

Good night.

Just think, seven or eight RAF boys
a few miles away up there.

And here are we.

Such a life! Good night, everybody.

Good night.

The poor boys.

The guns must have hit them.

It sounds as if
they were going round and round,
trying to find a place to settle.

It's so dark they don't realise
how close to the ground they are.

It'd be very simple
to let them know that, Clare.

Very simple indeed.

What are you going to do?

Undo the blackout.

We shall get into terrible trouble,

They're British aviators!

I know...!

It's the least we can do.

Licht ausloschen! Sofort!

Sehen Sie,
dass das Licht verschwindet.

Who is responsible for this?

I am.

And I. It was deliberate.

This will be reported.
What are your names?

You'll find them
on the door outside.

Where did you put the spare?

In my sponge bag
in the left-hand drawer.

Oh, yes.


You know, Muriel, I feel we've
struck a blow for England tonight.

In our own small way.

♪ "Beside the Seaside"

What wouldn't I do for a glass
of foaming beer - pre-war stuff.

I'll join you, Sergeant.

An elementary sense of humour!
How did you find me?

How could I miss you?
Whistling a taxi?!

Was I whistling?

Bloodhounds are out.

After our blood. Come on!

Hah, barbed wire.

Where are we?

How should I know?! The question is,
are we inside or outside this lot?

Even-money chance, ain't it?

Funny, hearing the all-clear
for your own air raid.

The others all baled out.

No chance of picking 'em up?

No. I only got on to you
because you were whistling.

Where'd that light come from?

Here, look at this.

Looks like a spa of some kind.

Blimey! Join the RAF
and fly on your stomach!


What does that look like to you?

Hotel, chateau, workhouse...?

A brewery?!

That's not funny!

We'd best hide there while
those searchlights are on the job.

Where does the next lap take us to?

Takes me up that fire escape
and leaves you here.

I'm not subject to discipline now -
I'm a hunted animal.

Then go to earth for a bit,
till I get back.

Come on, lend a hand here.

If it is a brewery, I'll tap out
"B" for Bass on the ironwork.


Pardonnez-moi, mademoiselle... Er...

Je suis un homme Du RAF.

Voulez-vous donner moi I'abri,
s'il vous plait?

You're all right, aren't you?


Not wounded or anything?

No, this is just
one of those moments I...

Let me get my bearings.

I baled out, you know.

It's a bit shattering, this...
all at once.

I mean... a girl like you
sitting up in bed...

...calmly, talking English
perfect English

...acting as if RAF men dropped in
from the skies every night.

How did you expect me to act?

I don't know.
Do you mind if I sit?

You might have screamed.


Well, it isn't what a girl expects
when she switches on the light.

The searchlights are scouring for us.


There's a sergeant down below.

I know it's a deuce of a thing
to ask, but I suppose we couldn't...

Of course you can.

We can? We'll be gone
at the crack of dawn, and...

I'm not very good at thanking people.

Please don't try.

What will your husband
have to say to this?

I haven't a husband.

I haven't a husband. Hm?

That's my friend's bed.

I see. Lucky you speak English.
My French is terrible.

So is mine.


I'm English, too.

This is France?


Occupied France?


You're English?

Aren't you interned?

I am.

Good evening.

You did get our signal, then.
I'm so glad.


We knew you were in trouble
and opened the blackout.
Miss Manningford and Miss Meredith.

How did you manage
to come straight here?

Where are the others?

It's only me and Pilot 0fficer Moore

How foolish of the others
not to follow.

Where am I?

Marneville Internment Camp
for British women.

Come on now, nark it!

I do not tell lies, young man!

I suppose it is surprising.
This is a women's internment camp.

No men?

Of course not.

Well... good night, ladies.

Where are you going?

I can't stay - I'm married!

It's an enclosed camp -
none of us can get away.

They're strict about that.

That's not likely... What did you do
with your parachute?

I buried it.
Suppose that dog sniffs it out?

I know that nice doggie quite well
he wouldn't sniff anything out.

Your friend will have to take care
of himself. But you'll be safe here.

You're not suggesting
we have a man here all night!

My dear Clare, it's our duty.

The young man shall sleep
in your bed. You shall share mine.

What will my wife say?!
She'll say I baled out on purpose!

We certainly shan't tell.

Let's see. If we turn
out the lights we can

undress in the dark
everything will be proper.

I do hope we're doing the right thing.

Young man, if you have matches,
kindly place them on the mantel shelf.

We often talk about where we'd most
like to land if we had to bale out.

I always imagined a room rather like
this... with a girl rather like you.

Good night, Maud.

Good night.

Shut the door!

It's real!

Maud Wright and Freda Thompson.
Pilot Officer James Moore -
he's baled out.

I thought he dropped in for darts!

Miss Brown explained a few things.

Explain a few to us.

He baled out.

I climbed up the fire escape.

Just happened to pick this room?

By luck.

There's a wireless operator, too.



Shouldn't we fetch him?

Yes... perhaps it might.

I don't know how to thank you girls.

We'll have the address later!

Watch out for the searchlights.

Where can they spend the night?
Or where can't they?

I'm glad you're all here.

What do you want?

Margaret's in a state -
a man peeped through her curtains.

We were having a private talk.

You know how some of the guards are.
I told her to report it to Frau Holweg.


Where is she?


You've got to do something for us.

Head Margaret off.
Hold them up as long as you can!

I don't see why...

You will.

Buzz along, old girl.

I can't see
that fool sergeant anywhere.

Maybe your sergeant
peeped into Margaret's room.


A local amenity. Did you see her?


Must have been him.

Sort of thing he would do!

We must stop this spreading.

This place could give the African
drum system a ten-minute start!

The stairs, Maud -
if you see Holweg, whistle.

We'll take a room apiece.
If their hair's down and

their teeth are in -
there's a man in the room!

Good Lord! ...What the butler saw!


First time a coconut.

He's here.

Put that light out!

I won't keep you. Your pal's with us

Oh, is he?

This thing must be kept quiet.

We'll sort it out in the morning.
Holweg's on the prowl, so lie doggo!

Oh, dear, what a calamity.
After 53 years - this!

She's coming up.

We found him.
I'll tell you in the morning.

Fasten the room, dear.

Dead to the world.

Not surprised!

He's good-looking, or isn't he?
Maybe it's from being cooped up
for a year.

He has got a nice forehead.

Hmm... Well, maybe we better
leave him there and get to bed.

Would undoing his collar
help him breathe easier?

Shouldn't think so,
but you can try if you like.

Has he got hair on his chest?

Oh, for goodness' sake, Freda!

Where are you sleeping?

I'll share your bed, it'll look better.
Stop mucking about and get into bed.

Let's go straight to sleep
and get up early to work this out.

All right.

We shall only jaw if we don't.

I suppose so.

You don't think that bed's too short
for him? He must be at least six feet.

Good night, Rosemary.

Good night, Freda.

Good night, girls.
Five feet eleven and three quarters.

Coming to the gym class, Freda?

I'm going to Rosemary's Latin class.

Has she started a Latin class?

First lesson this morning.

Physical jerks would do you more good
than a dead language.

Hurry, Maud, time for gym class.

I'm going to Rosemary's Latin class.

You? Latin?

Yeah, me, Latin!

All clear.


Tell me again about the camp boundaries.
There must be a weak spot.

The orchard walls are high.
There's barbed wire on

top - electrified. Then
there's the outer perimeter.

I have a plan of escape
that I was keeping to myself.

I'll divulge it if it's of any use.

What is it?

You know the Commandant's offices?

my plan was to sneak up at night...

...plunge a knife in the
sentry's back, make my

way to the front door,
slit the guard's throat...

...creep to the private gate -
there's a guard there...

And cut out his entrails?!

It involves spilling a little blood.

Anybody else got suggestions?

I hesitate to mention it, but you
came down in that apparatus...

...couldn't you
inflate it again and, er...

Our best chance is on Saturday
we've got a concert then
and the guard is always relaxed.

Has anybody got a map of the place?

I have.
I'll bet!

It's home-made.

Go and fetch it, Ruddy Mary!

I don't think that was called for!

She doesn't mean it.

I'll keep an eye on the door.

Who the hell's this?

Monsieur Boper - the proprietor.
He's with the Germans.

Shall I take care of him?

Good morning.

I did not expect you here,
although I presumed
one of you was in the camp.


A flying glove was found outside
the wall of the inner perimeter...

...marked with the initials DLK.

He's trying to bluff his way out!

DLK are the initials
of one of our chaps.

Why tell us this?

If nobody else will start on him,
I will!

The Germans are organising parties
to search the entire camp.

I think you would do better
to listen to me instead.

If you're trying to intimidate us,
I remind you that we are British!

And I, madame, am French.

If I could be certain
that not a word of this
goes beyond this room... is possible
that something might be done.

You're not proposing to help us?

It's a trick!

It's not a question of whether you
can trust me, but if I can trust you

I must be certain of that.

What have we got to lose?


She's right - what have we to lose?

If you help us, you can rely on us
not to say a word.

Very well, I will trust you.

If they can get
to the thermal baths... is a risk, of course...

...there is an attic there where
I do not think they will be found.

I will draw a plan for you.

I work for my country, but this is
the biggest sacrifice I have made.

It is the place
where I have stored my wines.


Yes, but you must promise
on your oath not to touch
a single bottle of it.

Only on that condition
do I tell you.

We promise.

Take them by the kitchen staircase.

By the covered way - the hall
of the baths. You follow the rest?

I think so.

Here is the key. You must hurry now.

Thank you.

Il n'y a pas de quoi, Monsieur.

Just a minute!

If this thing works out,
we shan't forget you.

But if you're double-crossing us...

Mademoiselle, several women
have escaped from here.
Someone must have helped.

Someone also left you a radio.
Think it over.

Well, I'll be damned!

Which way is the emergency exit?

Follow me.

Teresa has the kitchen keys.

We can't go any other way.

Towser didn't take her handbag
to gym class.

Her keys must be in her room.

I'll watch the hall.

I'll come with you.

My heart's going jump, jump, jump!

Got it?

It's probably in this locked drawer.

She can't have taken the key.

Try this.

That's it.

Here we are.

What's this?

What does it matter?

Can you read German? Look.

What is it?

It's a Nazi Party card.

It says Teresa Resinger
is a member of the Nazi Party.

" Attention! Internees
in blocks A, B, C, D and E...

...will proceed at once
to the main lounge."

"I will repeat that."

Too late. The place is surrounded.

Quiet, please!

Will everybody seat themselves
as quickly as possible, please.

"Blocks A, B, C, D and E
will remain vacant until

further word is received
from this office."

"That is all."

What are you doing here?

We have orders to search the place.

Why are you not in the lounge?

I sprained my ankle last night
on the kitchen stairs.

Who are you looking for?

The crew of a British bomber
baled out over here last night.

You don't think
I'd conceal a British airman here?

I am not accusing you.

I was called out on duty last night
I had no chance to explain.

Yes, yes, but surely
it isn't necessary to search here...

Entschuldigung, Herr Feldwebel.
Ich wusste nicht, dass Sie hier sind

Well, I hope you find him, Sergeant.

Good morning.

Machen Sie, dass Sie weiterkommen!

Zu Befehl.

Lock that door.

Who was that?

Just a German soldier.

You have a way with German sergeants.
What did

he mean, he was called
out on duty last night?

He was bringing me tea.
You don't imagine I'd have anything
to do with a German, do you?

Then why accept tea from him?

I like tea, and he happens
to be in charge of the stores.

You have been assembled here...

...because it is believed
that some British airmen...

...may have concealed themselves
in this camp.

You will remain here
until the search is over.

Do you understand? Nobody is
to leave until the order is given!

These precautions
are for your own protection.

What is it?


There's two of the airmen there.

They've rumbled.

What are we going to do?

Two of the airmen are at the back.

We must stop this reaching Teresa.
Tell them she's a Nazi agent.

Stop the story - Teresa's an agent

Who is?


Teresa's a Nazi.

Stop that story - Teresa's a Nazi.

Teresa's a Nazi spy!
Stop the story!

Teresa is a German agent - mustn't
let her know about the airmen.

What's happened?

Someone's fainted.

"Attention, please! All
internees from blocks

A, B, C, D and E may now
leave the lounges."

Inside, quickly, we'll hang about
outside and keep the mob at bay.

I could be happy here.

You'll be safe here.

For how long? Women can't keep
their mouths shut.

You may be surprised.

I'll be back tonight with food.

Will you be coming from the back?

Along the covered walk -
to dodge the searchlights.

Will you be passing
that little summerhouse?


Er, confidentially,
I shall be waiting for you.

You're staying here!

Quarter to ten?

You'll be caught in the lights!

I'll dodge them.

I'll be back with the food.

Quarter to, in the summerhouse.
Make it ham sandwiches!

That girl's face gets on my nerves.

I've seen her before somewhere.
Everything about

her - her eyes, her face,
her neck, her shape...

Must you?

I'm concentrating on the parts
I'm likely to remember.

Well, don't!

What if somebody talks?

We must warn everybody to shut up!

The boys don't think we can do it.

We can have a damn good try.

Passion Fruit,
wanting to know where the men are?

There's another.

Another what?

I've got one, too.

For the love of Mike!


In my room.

Why didn't you tell us?

How'd he manage to land with you?

Radio location!

We can't leave him opposite Teresa.

We should get him to the others.

When Rosemary takes the food.

I'll meet him at the fire escape.

All right.

Why has Rosemary got all the luck?

Three live men in the camp and all
I get is a reflection in a mirror!

Just fancy, if I was home
I'd be on the sofa with my feet up.

Your wife allows that?

With my feet down, smoking, working
through the News of the World.

If it isn't Sunday?

The middle page lasts me the week.
"0ld Man, 90, Elopes With Girl 17."

"Solicitor Strangles Showgirl."

"Solicitor Strangles...


Mary Maugham, singer and dancer,
London Hippodrome, 1938!

What are you drivelling about?!

Your girlfriend - Mary Maugham!

Don't be an idiot!

I'm not kidding!

She got mixed up with a married man
who tried to poison his wife.

The missus and I had words
she said the girl knew
he was married, I said she didn't.

I went for a glass of bitter
and missed me Sunday dinner!

Chamberlain flew to Munich
to knock it off the front page.

It can't be her.

The fella did seven years,
she went into a convent.

That sinks it. She isn't a nun.
No, no, you're wrong, Alec.

Photographs in the papers
always look the same.

I saw her on the stage!

I remember her song. How did it go?

♪ You're delightful,
you're delicious, you're divine

♪ You're exotic, you're exciting,
you're like wine

♪ La-di, da-da, la-didah,
di-Dada d-a-a-a!

It sounds awful.

Eh? ...Oh.

It's time I pushed off.

You ask her.

Yes? And if it isn't true,
I get a sock on the jaw.

If it is true
you get a sock on the jaw!

You're mad.

Am I?

There's another of your men here.

Dave! Where on earth's he been?

One of the girls hid him.
I'll bring him later.

Well, I'll be damned! Old Dave!

Well, things certainly happen
around here!

Not always pleasantly.

They brought me closer to you.
You're lovely.

Don't talk like that.

You're delightful. You're exotic,
you're exciting, you're divine.

Know the rest?

So it's true, then?

What's true?

That song - Alec told me.

I don't know what you mean.

The convent part fooled me.
How long were you there?

I haven't told you anything!

Have you taken the vows?

No. Anything else?

You still love him?


Will you go back to the convent?



0ne day you'll meet somebody
and regret it.

I shouldn't meet anyone else.

I could almost climb the convent wall

The searchlights
will be off in a second.

It's time we moved.

You know best.

Somebody in the grounds.

A guard?

I couldn't tell.

I see. In England you'll tell
your friends about this.
You'll make me a nun.

Do you prefer London or the country?

It'll go down well in the mess.

I prefer the country.

A success at parties!

I know just the spot in Dorset.

You can tell your wife.

What would be the point?
She knows it already.

Don't you take anything seriously?

Sergeant Hentzner.

Who's he?

One of the guards.

Good Lord! He's friendly
with the girl hiding David.

Like that, is it?

Which room?

First room past mine.

Quick! Let me in.


Dave? Dave, where are you?

Where the hell's that switch?

Is he all right?

He's dead.

He's dead.

Shut up!
There's no need to go into a spin.

It's our job, we're paid for it,
however inadequately.

I'd have chosen a better spot, Dave!

He nearly got me!

He can't be found here.

He won't.

Answer yes, as if you'd been asleep

Yes, I'm all right.
What do you want?

We heard a row going on.

Perhaps it was on the next floor.

No, it sounded nearer than that.

What will you do?

He'll be safe with us. Switch
the lights out. Look slippy, Dave.

Dave, I know what you're thinking...

I guess I've been dumb.

I'd only spoken to him. I swear!

Oh, yeah.

Can't stand here arguing.

I must see you again...

You can't go like this!

Shut up!

I don't care who he is, I don't!

Better try and quieten her down.


Two extra lodgers.
0ne alive and one dead.

What have you been up to?

Dave was hiding in the camp.
Got in an argument
with Marmaduke here.

Why have that swine here?!

Can't leave him lying about
in the grounds.

Can't you bury him?

Under the searchlights?

The boy's looking pale.

How long do we keep him?

We make a break for it on Saturday.

He won't last that long.

My aunt died in Aberdeen.
She wanted to be buried

in West Bromwich but missed
the train connection.

I'm not staying here till then!

Sit down. You'll stay and like it!

We're not messing up our escape
because of a dead Jerry.

Life's tough, ain't it, mate?

Hm, a regular dummy hand this time!

Reminds me of a dream I had.

I was playing bridge with
Crippen, Henry VIII and Lady Godiva.

Every time I said "pass", Henry VIII
bit Lady Godiva in the ear!

Count me out!

Shall I take your hand, too?
"I'd be obliged if you would."

Ooh, better count him out
the next round. He's cheating.

Don't let this get under your skin,
Dave. He's only a stiff.

Oh, drunk as well, eh?

Where did you get this?

It's an old dress.
I'm making something for the concert

I have a message for the others.

Listen, and do not interrupt.

That's a one-minute blackout
to get the boys away.

What worries me is cutting
the outside loudspeakers

to make it sound as if
the concert's over.

We need an act to keep the Commandant
in his seat for the next 20 minutes.

What about Lucy?

She only knows two songs.

I've just seen Monsieur Boper.
The Germans are in a stew!

Sergeant Hentzner has disappeared,
the Gestapo's been called in.

Should we put the escape off?

We can't.

Will the Commandant turn up?

Monsieur Boper says yes.

He says if the boys do get away
he'll meet them at the crossroads.

It's up to us.

All we need is an act.

It's got to be sensational.
The officers must stay to the end.

I don't know if this is proper,
but we could persuade Bridie... divest herself of her clothes,
as she did on the Paris stage.

Mrs Hadfield!

Well, I don't know!

Striptease! No man
leaves before the last veil drops.

I refuse to be a party to it!

It is for patriotic reasons.

You're in the minority, dear.
Where is Bridie?

I haven't seen her.

Probably in her room.
I'll handle her.

The whole thing's revolting!


What do you want?

The escape - we need an act that'll
keep the Nazis glued in their seats.

Your take-off will do nicely.

I won't do it.

Don't be silly.

I don't care if he doesn't escape.

You need a kick in the pants!
What can that fellow mean to you?

How can you know?

I've a rough idea - hectic night,
six aspirins and here's to the next!

I'll go mad if I don't see him again

I've heard that before.

Here, if you promise to trot out
the old torso tonight...

...I'll take you to your boyfriend.

What do you say?

I don't know.

You will.
I'll come back for you tonight.

A disgrace!
Taking advantage of us!

They always
pick on the innocent ones.

What happened?

They're taking Miss Manningford
and Miss Meredith away.

They're taking Miss Manningford.

To a camp in Germany.
For signalling to a British plane.

Come along!

Goodbye, everybody.


♪ For they are jolly good fellows

♪ For they are jolly good fellows
For they are jolly good fellows

♪ And so say all of us ♪

Is the Commandant here?

No, he always makes a late entrance.

Everything okay, Maud?

Yeah, okay.

Only open the door to three knocks.

Must you go now?



You can't stop me.

It's hell talking to you
in front of other fellas.

When this is over, come back with me.


A cottage in Dorset?

Must I answer?



I thought about it last night - you'll
escape and I'll be left rotting here.

War may go on for years.

Does it matter how long?


Anything can happen. And we've
only known each other a few days.

You're mad now.

Maybe. I didn't want you to ask me
all these questions. You insisted.

I'll get you some food.

You couldn't have thought about it
without being a little in love.

I couldn't have thought about it
without being a lot in love.

I'll see you before you go.
Don't forget to lock the door.

You made a proper muck of that.

♪ Too many women
and not enough love to go round

♪ Too many women
and never a man to be found

♪ Oh, isn't it a shame to waste
all my days and nights... ♪

Da haben wir keine Ruhe!

♪ Too many sweethearts,
but never a husband for me...

Three of them?

The driver makes four.

♪ The day I'm past it, had my day,
when my technique is done

♪ Too many women,
not enough men to go round ♪

They've brought a Gestapo officer!

As if we haven't enough troubles!

Is the escape off?

No. I'll go and talk to the boys.

You wait here.

Hey, Dave.


Come here just a second.

What is it?

I know what you think of Bridie.
But I want you to see her again.

She was with that German - she isn't
fit to breathe the same air as you.

Is that so? You'll listen
and you'll believe me!

If 17 judges pronounced you
innocent, I wouldn't believe them.

Take it easy.

I wouldn't be seen
dead in hell with you.

You're rotten to the bottom
of your dirty little soul.

That's the right goodbye.

But the wrong moment! She is
filling the last act in the bill.

She's holding those Nazis
while you get away!

This was bound to happen with women!

I'll fetch her back.

No, write her a note.

Tell her you've just heard
what a sacrifice she's making.

She'll believe it?

A woman in love believes anything.

Tell her hate is akin to love - you've told her you hate her,
it means you very nearly love her!


Come on, Dave, I'll help you out.


We're on in five minutes, Teresa,
hurry up.

I've never written
such a pack of lies!

Blame it on me.

If it does the trick, that's
all that matters. Lock the door.

Snap out of it, sweetheart,
here's your fairy godmother.

I told him you were doing your act.
He asked me to give you this.

I hate him.

The same way that he hates you.

I thought you understood men.

You're due on in ten minutes,
better get changed. Want any help?

No! No, I'll be all right.
I'll be down.

Leave me alone.


What do you want?

I wrote that note.

What do you mean?

It's no use, I know what you are.

What are you doing?

You're not leaving here.

Have you gone mad?

You're not leaving
until the boys get away.

Have you a light, please?


Thank you so much. It's a lovely
night, don't you think?

Annette's working on the chauffeur.

We can't go on without Teresa.

What's gone wrong?

Towser hasn't turned up.

We'll be terrible without her.

You'll be terrible anyway!

I've got the boys' food.

We might not need it
Towser's disappeared!

Is she on to us?

If she is, she'll go to
the Commandant. I'll tell the girls.

This thing'll get me rattled soon.

Annette's coming.

I've warned them.

You'll see the stage. She's
beautiful, that striptease girl.

I must be back before it ends.

You'll have plenty of warning.

You will see everything from here.

I've delivered him.


Crumbs, I'm flat out!

How long are your songs?

Seven minutes.

Make them last ten.

Bridie should be here!

Yes, hurry her up...
You're on, Lucy.

What's happened, Teresa?



Stop her...

Stop her? Stop her from what?

Bridie! Bridie!

Mein Gott, was ist los, Teresa?

Die drei englischen Flieger
sind hier im Lager.

Das muss ich sofort
dem Herrn Kommandanten melden.

Teresa's disappeared.
She might be up to something.

Out of my way.

You can't go in, the show's on.

I must see the Kommandant!

Just a minute!

Take your hands off me!

You knocked her cold!

I ran a girls' hostel!

♪ 'Mid pleasures and palaces

Three minutes.
If that Bridie lets us down...!

She can't go on,
she and Teresa have been fighting.


Teresa was just in the corridor.

Maud will stop her.

You better warn them.

The boys'll be off in a few minutes.

Who's taking Bridie's place?

I am.


I'll manage.

Has everybody gone stark raving mad?

♪... Voice from the skies
seems to hello at them

♪ Which seek through the world

♪... it ne'er met with elsewhere

♪ Home

♪ Ho-me

♪ Sweet, sweet home

♪ There's no place like home

♪ There's n-o-o place like home...

How long before the blackout?

One minute!

Warn the boys.

All right.

Ready? I brought the food.


I'll take that cottage
on a seven-year lease.

Good luck, darling.


♪ There's no...

How long have we got?

25 seconds.

♪... Li-ke h-o-m-e ♪

Be sure you get the right wires -
not the loudspeakers in the hall!

I hope Alec won't be long.

Give him a chance.
This is a sticky job.

♪ 0ne song ever shall remain

♪ For without it
music is a lost refrain...

Here we come. I had a little
difficulty persuading him to dress.

Didn't cotton to the idea.
He was very stiff about it.

Have you got him?

He's all right.


Yeah, keep going.

Kick her right under the counter,
her behind's sticking out.

♪ Maybe, sooner than it seems

♪ We shall find our dream... ♪

Herr Kommandant! Die englischen
Flieger sind in lhrem Wagen!

Hallo? Jawohl, Herr Kommandant.

Ihr Wagen ist hier. Zu Befehl!

Keep your heads down!

Caught Marmaduke in the neck.

Gilding the bloomin' lily!

Was ist los?!

Wir haben sie nicht gekriegt.

Verdammt nochmal!

Good evening.

Monsieur Boper.

One passenger getting out,
one getting in.

Sergeant Hentzner?

Been dead the last two days.
Had to bring him.

I was getting fond of him.
Wasn't with us in spirit, though.

♪ There'll always be an England
where there's a country lane

Fraulein! Fraulein!
Stop this at once!

♪ There'll always be an England

♪ And England shall be free

♪ If England means as much to you...

♪... as England means to me ♪