Two Queens and One Consort (1981) - full transcript

At the deathbed of his used-to-be militant mother an older man looks back at his childhood, when he was in love with his sensual aunt Coleta.


Kitty Courbois Linda van Dyck

and Eric Clercs

in film


on the works "My Aunt Colet" and
Two Ladies and Jack of Herta van Oorshot

Jan Dekler

Rake de Goyer

Helmert Woodenberg

Max Croixette

Music by Luca Diecker

Frans Bromet

Sound Operator
René van den Berg

Production Designer
Yap Verburg

Gert van Oorshot

The pulse is weak, but calm.
Breathing is normal.

No coughing up phlegm.

The gesture by which the nurse
she ran her hand over her nose,

I saw even earlier:
so it was with my father.

I already knew that the process of
dying began.

Script writer and director
Otto Jongerius

Hotel Britannia
in the city of Middelburg

At home, we called it
the enemy fortress,

because they stopped here
only the rich tourists.


Prices here jumped 3-fold
since the death of my father.

And before that the tariff was 36 gulden.

And plus 4 guilders
for a room with a view of the sea.

And you know that even then
there were striking

on the dock where my father worked,
a weekly wage of 36 guilders?

For her and my father went to strike.

As a boy, I remember listening to
your father's speech at rallies.

Yes. And your mother ...

Now I have to lift
my mother from bed, dress her,

and tell her that
I come to take her home.

Now the tariff is already 150 gulden.


Everything around becomes more expensive,
but the quality does not get better.

Everything is dilapidated in the city.
And in exchange for what?

I should have told her,
that she can die with us.

But I know that I will not go for it,
I cannot....... I'm ashamed.

What happened to your mother this morning?

Something serious?

By the way, let's buy also
something similar.

Let's go everywhere
in a nice residential van.

Are you serious?

And why not in a serious way?

Do you think the street and the neighbors are much better?

There are also new trousers for you!

Earned by the organization

Paper I exchanged.
So more money.

These can be spent immediately.

Our charming cable car
dancer Princess Ledina.

Dear diamond ring,
Blazing on her little finger, is

a gift from the Duke of Wellington himself.

But Princess Ledina was not deceived
its untold riches.

She told me,
that in her heart there is

a place only nice
guys from Zealand.

Maybe there is a place for you?
We are glad to see you. Come!

And now focus.

Yes Yes. Come to us.

on our performance!

Come and sit down.

Come here, please,
on the presentation.

Thank you, you go there.

Money for an eel.
Thank you.

Well? Shall we go home and try it?
I do not want to leave yet.

And I do not want to.



How are you, Levin?

In this cry of my aunt Colettes,
wife of my uncle Pete,

I first felt,
that is not indifferent to it.

And it gave me a feeling
bliss and uncertainty.

I see love for you.

Great love.

And I see a gloomy woman.

Two gloomy women,
giving you love.

For me it was obvious,
that it was a question of Aunt Colette.

Although he could not imagine that
my mother is the second gloomy woman.

I still have to choose
between Koleta and her mother,

which I can not do.

I have to go back.

I must say goodbye.

And tomorrow it is impossible?

Those people for the night
they will not disappear, will they?

Leave your taunts.

In my opinion, my father was right.

Mother had to go home with us.

After all, the father is specially for her
bought an expensive eel.

Rise into the house. Quickly, lively!

But he should not have been thrown at them.

Now, this is Italy. This is the place,
where we always stayed.

And here, near the big waterfall.
And here, on the river bank.

There is always wonderful weather,
always sunny, pleasant and warm.

And here we also visited, in the north,

In the mountains, where the snow never melts.

You never wanted
to stay somewhere for good?


And here you would not like to live?

He would never have done it.

Why is that?

Because to be free and
being happy is not the same thing.

In time, you will understand this.

That's great, son.

Your mother still says goodbye.

Should we go and look for it?

I'm sure she's hanging out with Mark.
Will return from day to day.

She did not return for 9 days.

We were all happy.
And, as far as I remember,

never discussed what,
where it disappeared.

All our money was spent
during the fair.

At that time, money
there was no matter what,

especially to pay
rent housing Sivat.

Otherwise, if you do not pay,
I will move you out of the house.

It's been seven weeks now.

Can you get up?

They said that the love of money
just read in his eyes.

Dirty beast!

Return to the house, children.

He was taken out into the street.

Go look.

And there is no need to cry here.

Go open the door.

What happened here, mephrau?

Sivata collided from the stairs.
And I hope that he will die after that.

You must give evidence.

No evidence. And then you will fly.
I'll report myself to the police station.

Waiting for you for half an hour.

He deserved it.
Apparently, completely lost his conscience.

Come here. Help wipe the dishes.

It serves him right.

And you should never be afraid.

Go play on the street.
I do not want to risk it.

Just push away those at the door.

Hello, granny.

How are you, kid?
Come to play with my grandfather?

Hello, granddad.
Hello, baby.

Well, put the chips for your grandfather.

This is for you.

Eat for health.


Who else is there!


Oh, the mouse!

Hello mother.
Hello children.

Good afternoon.
Come in.

Pete, please take a chair for yourself.

My God! Are you here?
Did he run away from home?

Hello, Father.
Hello, daughter.

That's great, Father.
Hey, Pete.

You have not heard yet?

Mother Levin pushed
from the stairs of the homeowner.

He was taken to the hospital from there.

And she's right.

And where is his mother now?
In the police station.

She's going to be put in prison.
Yes, she would surely be imprisoned.

Are we forbidden to see her?

Allowed, but she does not want it.


You do not know why?
No, I do not know that.

So we will live in a slum?

Well, I will not say that this is a slum.

We just do not have electricity,
water supply,

and that toilet at the top,
that stank even in winter.

So the mother because of that stink
so did she? Yes.

It's in her manner.

But unless in a toilet to us it is not put
was the water for flushing?

Homeowners are all like Sivat.

Your mother would not have had a day,
To get them all down the stairs.

Why do not they do it right?
They are only interested in income.

I'll explain later. Okay?
She'll be home in a week.


I missed you so much!


Take it. Carry upstairs.

Hello, Mom.

My buffalo.

Be careful: sharp thorns.

The newspaper was published
a note about Sivat.

She pinned her to the wall, as if
supposed to fight with him again.

That's the essence of the matter.
When respected Herr Sivat,

owner of many lucrative houses,
appeared in one of them

to collect payment for housing,

he was refused.

The rebellious tenant went further,

when an unhappy man
warned her ".

There was one here with such a mug.

And one more was
with such oblique eyes.

For all my life I
I did not meet such a cross-eyed.

That's screaming!

I remember exactly that I was proud.

But also I remember that my mother
For the first time I compared with Koleta.

Although I was very much waiting for her return,

but the thought of my aunt is neither
for a moment they did not leave me.

How are you, Levin?

Get up. Dress and bring
canister with kerosene.

She ought to have pierced him with pitchforks.

You could not just be silent.

Well nothing! Only do not go into this.

No sound!

P. Sivat
Trade in vegetables. "

Come on, my sweet horse.
Come on, sweet horse.

She spoke so gently and so gently,

that I did not even recognize her voice
and I've never heard such a thing since.

What a bastard is your master,

She told me to take the horse away.
in the dam area,

to the wall
soldiers' barracks.

It was her way.
struggle against injustice.

She always remained an anarchist.
And she did everything alone.

My father is a reasonable person

a few years later came to the conclusion,
that while remaining anarchists,

the workers will not achieve anything.
And he joined the Social Democrats.

Mother always considered such a step
betrayal of the old ideal,

and he never forgave him that.

Yet she voted for him
at the elections to the magistrate.

She voted
not for the party, but for it.

Conditions there are more than nasty.

There are hundreds of houses in which
you can not just live,

but even contain animals.


any society that is reconciled
with similar conditions,

will be deemed to be based
only on selfishness and personal greed.

In the house of the Father of my abodes there is much, -
says the Bible.

This is what representatives of Christian
parties quote from the Bible.

If they really are Christians,
they will do everything in the name of the Father,

to immediately recognize such houses
unsuitable for living.

These slums need to be leveled with the ground.

They should be replaced by
beautiful and spacious houses.

It could sound rhetorical
and pompously,

but, as my father used to say,
and I always remember that, it's all true

in its pure form.

My whole body is just
flamed so I was proud.

I was all crowded with this
an amazing sense of pride.

I was at the mercy of this feeling,
when my aunt Colet

stopped me near
her home and asked to drop by.

Well, if you were
came to visit us.

I myself for weeks every day
passed by their house, but imperceptibly.

Well! Come on, sit down
in the chair of your uncle Pete.

I'll make coffee, if you want. "
Or hot chocolate.

No, I like coffee.

I always go home barefoot.

I paint them so they do not look
too dim.

You can touch them.
They will not get hurt.

Very ticklish.

Do you think I'm beautiful?


This is your Uncle Pete.

Hello, how cute it is!

You are the first of the whole family
came to visit us.

Is not it nice?

How are your dad and mom?


Your mom is something!

You know, Coleta is sure that
She set fire to the stable of Sivat.

Do not be an idiot.

I'm sure it's great!

Colet is beautiful, yes?

Can you say "yes",
you're not small anymore.

Come on.

You should go home.

Yes. Good-bye, Uncle Pete.

Bye, my boy.

Come to us whenever you like.

In that my first visit
I was completely fascinated by aunts.

I only wished
one to serve and obey her.

I would not allow anyone to
stand between me and Koleta.

For her I was even ready
do not pay attention to the mother.

But when my mother came to pick up
me from my favorite place in the dunes

and immediately noticed that I was crying,

then I told her that to me
found fault at school,

because I did not have a white
sweaters for the lesson of physical education.

And that was true.

But I was crying mostly
because of his love for Colette.

I walked next to my mom
and was tormented by the question: how can I be,

if she guessed
about my secret passion for Colet?

Mom asked me not to cry,
saying that we will buy a sweater.

I need a white sweater for my son.
My store is already closed.

Show me white sweaters.

You would have come in the middle of the night!

What size do you need?

This one will do.

Include in the bill.

I did not dare say that it should
be a woolen sweater with a collar.

Hey, they're wearing this here!

I noticed his panties.
Under your pants?

Step forward, deputy son!

You know that it is prescribed
woolen sweater with a collar?


If you do not answer, sit on the bench.

Who let you get up?

Go to the director.

without a sweater is not.

We continue the lesson.

Please, be more energetic.

Please close the door.

How I regretted later,
that he told her about the teacher,

believing that she was tired of fighting
and finally leave me alone.

I can not see anything.

If you allow me, I'll give you glasses. "

I want to drink coffee.

A cup of coffee with a liqueur.

Hello mother.

Good afternoon, mefrau Bosch.

Hello mother.

Good afternoon, mefrau Bosch.

Are not you glad,
that the Buffalo is also here?

He's your favorite, is not he?

Stop. She does not remember anything.

Not true. Sometimes it's all right
remembers and recognizes everyone.

Look, it's your Buffalo.

I'm not deaf.

You see, she can hear everything
and he knows everything.

Beautiful flowers. About you
Do not forget, Mom, right?

I brought it.

Who are you?

I'm just human.


And where did she go?

Will be back soon.

As last time,
when she disappeared for a week?

Shut up!
From what? Maybe she will not return.

I want to see Mummy.
I'm scared.

She'll be back soon. Believe me.

Believe me.

Just for the younger sister who was looking for
At me protection, I kept a brave appearance.

I do not remember what I felt
then to their sisters.

Believe me.

Believe me.

That's what I'll get the eye out for that bastard.

Do something again?

What's up?

So far, nothing good.

I can meet with this figure
and ask for an explanation.

Ask for an explanation?
The discussion will not help.

He is from the Cavaliers,
but they hate us.

I do not know why you gave it to him.
in this lousy school.

I'll take him from there.

Do not dare! I want him to
lived better than us.

Even accidentally, I could not
throw the ball into the basket.

I just braked. And even
having the ball in their hands,

I was not able to do
with him something worthwhile.

It's nice that you came
to meet me from work.

Mother wanted good, after all?

Okay, let's go home.

I was sorry for him.
But, it is a shame to say, it became easier for me.

Now that the mother is back in jail,
I became free to meet with Koleta.

My father never noticed anything.

What happened to you?


What happened to you?

Are you because of Mom?

You're already a man!

What did she mean?
And why did I cry?

I thought that my mother was in prison,
but I'm changing it with Koleta.

Although in part I did this for

so that she consoled me and
to be with her very close.

Why are you suddenly burst into tears?

I do not know.

Do not explain.
I really do not know.

I'm sure I know the reason.

This is because you are too
waited a long time for our meeting.

How old are you exactly?

Almost 16.

And to Pete for 40.

This summer he did not allow me to swim.
He said that married people are at home,

but only girls bathe.

We almost quarreled then.

Well, and then I
began to do what I want.

And often, when he is in the evening
came home,

he showed by his own way that he knew,
that I did everything my own way.

But he did not ask anything.

And then the whole evening we
did not talk to each other.

I do not want to sleep with him anymore.

God, how disappointed I am
in this man!

Sometimes I just hate
this Pete, your dear uncle.

I thought that from the whole family
even if he is kind to me.

Of course, I did not mean you,
speaking of the family. You're good.

In fact, Pete is also kind,
as a husband he is good,

but such a bore!

And during our meetings with him

he lied to me and said,
that just loves to swim.

Do you go swimming?

Oh sure.

So let's go together.

Pete does not know anything.

And your parents will not know.

We will do it together and secretly.

It's time for you to go.
Pete will be here soon.

We secretly
take a swim.

Tomorrow after school.
Where is the red buoy.

From this moment the main thing for me was
the question is, will she bathe naked,

about what they knew in our family,
or will she be in a swimsuit?

I could not understand,
that for me it would be better.

So, how much per week?

Five gulden.

Not too much, huh?

Well, and these cowards.

The fact that I'm a coward for swimming
added to our account, I think,

was my most desperate
and a bold act in life.

Tell your mother that
the debt on the account is too great.

Look at me.

We were going to swim.

Do not want to swim?

Of course I want.

Then undress.

Did your mother say all this?

In this heap of rags
you can not swim well.

Now unbutton my buttons.

Take off your trousers.

Now, look at me close to me.

Come here.

You must know the whole woman.

Here, start with my hair.

Now stroke your face.

She clearly said what to do.
I did not need to be active.

I relaxed and just
learned what to do.

Pull the ear. Even stronger.

Are you cold?

Pull the hair in your armpit.

Push your thumb
on a dimple on the neck.

Stronger, even stronger,
so that it becomes difficult to breathe.

Here you see?

You're not sick? Soon
your mother is at home.

Something happened?


Do you miss her so much?

My grandfather said that you called
to Uncle Pete.

You yourself were afraid to say?

It is visible, because your mum
always spoke ill of Colet.

Do not take
it is so literally.

She just wants her buffalo
kept away from his aunt.

Yato does not mind that you went there.
Only not this Saturday,

because on this day yours
mother returns home.

On Saturday?

Fortunately, Koleta appointed a meeting
even before Saturday and at the same place.

If the water is cold,
we will find how to keep warm ",

she said, not hesitating.

Of course, she did not come.
Apparently she did not want me anymore.

Or thought that in
the second time it will already be childish,

once I
did not show activity.

I was not able to satisfy her

and was unable to give
her what she wanted.

Although I was planning to try
something different this time,

but, apparently, the moment has already been missed.

The desperation that gripped me gave me
determination to go straight to her house.

This would prove to her that I can be
man and I will not be frightened even by Pete.

ABOUT! Levinus!
Not a fire, I hope?

Come in, my boy.
Your aunt went shopping.

I just say hello.
And can not be delayed? Come on in. "

I'm glad you're dropping by.

Please, sit down.
We can chat a little.

Is everything good in school?


Do they still cling to you?

All the way.

I really ought to go home.

Well, sit at least a little bit.

The aunt will not be pleased to hear,
that you went in, but did not wait for it.

She'll be angry if I let you go.

Or on a date
with the girl-friend so you hurry up?

I do not have a girlfriend.

So, I was wrong.

We love you very much, Colet and I.

You are the only one in the family
treat us kindly.

Okay, come on, kid.
The girlfriend is important.

I do not have a girlfriend.

God, are you here?

Let me hang it. Colette always
throwing clothes wherever he can.

I left the house temporarily.
Pete and I quarreled.

Yes, we quarreled.
Koleta decided to go swimming,

and I was sure that she
should stay at home.

It's very cold in such a
season! On the nose is October.

When the sparrows from the heat are dead
fall from the roof, you also mind.

This is not true! And you know it.

You do not know how to swim
and you do not give to others.

Enough to talk.
Prepare coffee for your nephew.

He's your nephew,
you and prepare coffee.

See how sensible
Is the coletus behaving?

Again this intelligence.

If to me and in the winter prispichit
bathe, what do you want?

Have you bathed these days?

another thing. Here and I do not mind.

If you want so much
swim, go tomorrow.

Shall we go together?

Then I'll go.
Let's have a picnic.

Tomorrow I will not go.

Come and visit us whenever you want.

Worse than ever.

I had to come
to visit her at 3 pm

on that Saturday, when
my mother returned home.

She stressed twice
day and time,

and instead of the signature below put "K".

Hello mother.

How are you, daughter?
And what's that? I like!

Hey, how about me?


Hello, Mom.

How lovely!

Did you do this?
Yes I.

But with Mintier, right?

Yes, I did.


I would drink something.
I'd like a beer.

Yes. And me too.

Oh, it's delicious!

I washed clean mugs a second time,

so as not to be in front of the mother.

Only when she is outside her field of vision,
I could think of something.

Oh, it's good to sit like that.

Tell me how it was.
Yes, tell me.

Draw someone again
of those who were in prison.

Is the squint still there?

There are only four.

There, take a glass.

We should celebrate
and have a drink today.

What happened to you?


You look bad.

Not sick, by accident?

Fortunately, there is no heat.
You're even cold.

If I were you, I would stay at home
and went to bed early.

Do not you have to go after something?

If you still decided to take a walk,
then then blame yourself.

Strange what: pay them forward!
What are they only thinking about?

There is no clipping about speech.
You owe us too much.

But I can offer a holovin.
Two pounds of holovyny suit?

So, all the debt is repaid.

Here is a bouquet of dahlias. For your mom.
Thank you.

It took a year to
pay off the flower seller

and that dahlias can be
was again to buy.

I have not yet managed to come up with,
how can I ask for leave.

I knew that I could not
deceive your mother.

But maybe when he sees his favorite flowers,
she will not call me.

Then I can leave.

I've done everything.
I'll go ride on a bike.

Shall we go to bed?

I do not dare.

If you are afraid, then leave.

I'm not to that I'm afraid, but Pete
can come. You were given this Pete.

And if Pete finds us?

Even so. He will not expel
me from home, you know.

Only say: "How are you
could do that? "

But he will not even be angry.

I would be furious if my
the girl was with someone else.

You're right.
And Pete is not a very jealous husband.

So sometimes I hate it.
I'm unlikely to live with him for the rest of my life.

Maybe I want to be your wife.

Although you are too young.
And you love your mother too much.

Do not look at me so. I see you love
mother. She is also ideal for me.

I do not know why she did it then
started a conversation about my mother.

This completely embarrassed me.

Come on! Undress.

Climb faster. I'm cold.

Take it off. You're not a child.

What happened to you?

Do not you want to or are you afraid?

Do not be afraid.

Have you ever slept with one?


Then rub me,
as you did in the dunes.

Wait a minute. I will salivate your finger.

Stop patting me.

You are more suited
be my brother!

I'm going to get coffee.

I was very embarrassed
and discouraged by what happened,

as if he failed the exam, and everything collapsed.

Do not be sad.
For the first time, it does not matter.

Still you will learn.

I was sure that
she does not love me anymore,

since I could not do it.

Only I could think about that.

And about what I have to
explain at home, I already forgot.

Where did you bother?

None of your business.

Mother went to the butcher.
Return the ugly meat that you brought.

It's dark here, like hell.
Shine on me.

Yes, help!

What is it?


Do not you see?

Where did you get this?

Hackert? A butcher?

Who else has it?
I just took it off the hook.

Give me water.

Jesus, help!

Also did not try to stop, take away?
I did not even notice.

It is unlikely that they would.

You would be scared to death:
dirty man with a pig's head.

Let me help.

It's not worth it. I can handle.

Be careful with the lamp.



I watched my mother and could not believe it.
in the fact that she did not guess where I was.

She used to know everything.


What now?

We ourselves do not eat everything.
Part of the deal.

This is too much.

Do not you want to eat
all at once and himself?


We'll take a bigger piece.

And we'll give it away. Is free.

Later I noticed that
my father always had

after mother's abuses
secretly repair damages.

Well, where are you going?

It is necessary to go downstairs
and collect old newspapers.

Go down.

He always acted
as her guardian angel.

The cost of Hakkert pork was
just brought into our account.

From Hackert!

They are also slums.
Why did not you tell us?

Because it's not
Your business. These houses are mine.

Yes, but he must be aware.

Then we will continue.

What's up, baby? Will we play?
Help me put the chips.

Once. I need to go home right away.

Eat at least a sandwich.

I'll just let you know,
that we will come to coffee tomorrow.

Do you come on Sundays?

Yes, that's what I'm warning you.
Let's play.

You play? No, he needs
home. With you I will play.

I already did not feel like playing.

He really does
housing issues.

Do I really have to
with your children to explain?

Fortunately, half a carcase is not large.

More like a beet,
than on pork.

Is it small in your opinion?

How's the old man doing?

Uncle Pete said,
that the grandfather also has a slum.

Uncle Pete?
Yes, he was staying with his grandfather.

With Colet?

The tailgate is still one.

Back probably I twisted?
She did not turn the backside.

The colette was spoiled.
She hates the guys.

Oh, you talk, and you do not know what.

Colette is not so bad.

Maybe you're right.

You have a good family.

What are you talking about?

If he does not take down his slums,
Let it not come here.

Of course, the father is better
get rid of them.

That is, sell them?

I carefully examined the figure
mother, her hands, face and hair.

I compared it to Kolet.

And the people who live there?

From one slum owner to another.

The comparison was not in her favor.

He will sell Larnus.
Shut up, wife.

And what did you say in the magistrate?

What a slum must be torn down.
So tell this to your father.

Do you believe that he will listen to us?

Ah, you just do not want to solve the problem.
I want to solve the problem.

Let's all lie down together in an alcove.

The little one and Neschipayka sat in a boat.
Neschypayka fell overboard.

Who stayed in the boat?

A nickel.

Get up and get dressed.

Take the saw in the shed.

And what she sawed?

Before that, I had never asked myself,
why she always took me with her.

At that time, I began to doubt,
that all her actions are really so

are magnificent and necessary,
as it seemed to me before.

Get out.

Be careful and watch your fingers.

I will join you now.

The saw lasted a lifetime.

This sawing did not end
for the rest of my life.

I was no longer
her devoted companion.

You are welcome.

Times have changed.
Do you agree?

I never found out that Father
also paid Larnus

for the trees that we sawed.

About our affairs with you
should write in the newspaper.

Article "Vandalism".
In the garden of the venerable Herr Larnus,

respected and well-known
in this city, a member of the magistrate,

Last night some vandals
cut down 17 young fruit trees.

The head of the police commissariat,
Herr Stofman,

told us that
conducted investigation

could not install
the identity of criminals,

who committed such a senseless act.

Still there is a suspicion that this
there were political opponents,

who are afraid to openly speak
against Larnus in the meeting

and therefore confront him on the street. "

I willingly stand.
Sit down, mefrau.

No, Herr van der Wright.
Standing here, I can see and hear better.

Let me. Not
feel free to. Thank you.

Now the word of Herr Larnus.

The point of view of my party
and all Christians

for public
housing and assistance to the poor

is based on biblical instructions.

Something not to hear!

And the Bible first of all indicates,

that our Creator, the Lord God,
created us not to serve

insignificant, but special, narrow interests,
which are presented here

Herr Pöckens and his companions on
Social Democratic Party.

Does Herr Pöckens think,
that we do not want the same thing as he does,

and that we do not want a replacement
Bad houses for new ones?

As for the
human dignity,

then the view of our party
does not differ from that of your party.

Only you stash money, and we live.

I note that some houses,
Included in the list of Herr Peskens,

owns, renting them out
at high rates someone J. Peskens.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the father of a respected
a member of the magistrate with the same name.


To order! To order!

Exit. Exit. Heck! Get out!

The meeting is closed!
Clean the hall!

I saw the mother looking at her father.

And suddenly I realized that she
no longer needs me,

that our union fell apart forever.

Finally came.

Say hello to your aunt.

How are you, aunt?

Hello, Levin.

Come on. " It's time to go to bed.

Colette because of the mother
never came to us.

And I was seized by a feeling,
that she sold me to her.

And you because of this came?
Yes. They will try ...

I was sure that Coleta came to us
to visit, to open our secret.

But the next day she baked a cake,
to celebrate the victory over Larnus.

I just did not know,
as it is to be appreciated.

And his piece is bigger than mine.

He deserves it.

I want the same big piece.

Well, be silent! Got it all.

Okay, really.

I want you to accept the money.

People collected them,
because everyone loves you.

Are you starting again?

I will not accept them. And I'll leave you,
if you pay on the sly.

Payment of a fine for my mother's fight
meant her confession of guilt.

Therefore, she preferred
to stay in prison.

And his father's comrades did not want this
and collected money to pay a fine.

Later I heard that Coleta
was against their ideas.

And that night she came
to warn the mother about their plan.

Hello, Levin.

I just came to discuss something.

I did not ask her why she
came to see her mother.

Now I already understood,
that she sided with her mother.

Mother was happy
to such her deed.

And I could not do it any more
be between them.

Your mother will come to me in the evening.

At us with you all is terminated,
and she does not need to know.

Know that?

That you were pleased with me.

I felt
lonely and unhappy.

My mother left me,
but she betrayed Koleta.

Herr Pessens, your table is set.

Improvements and is not present?

Very sad. Please, sit down.

Bon Appetit.

We ask to phone Herr Peskens.


A moment, you will be
speak nurse.

Your mother escaped.

I paid a fine.

Why did you decide to do this?

Did you want that mother
was in prison?

I did not take a penny from anyone.

Paid from his own pocket.

I was sorry for him, for it was felt,
that he regretted in the end his payment.

I thought that her
flight is all because of me.

She will return from day to day.

She always came back. Yes?


The author of subtitles in Russian Taras Kotov.
Translated to English via Google Translate by PingPong5
Feb 2018.