Two Monks (1934) - full transcript

In a Gothic-styled monastery, a monk named Javier sees the face of another monk, Juan, and suddenly attempts to bludgeon him to death with a heavy crucifix. Both men then relate their own versions of a story of romantic rivalry between them. Javier, a consumptive musician, fell in love with and was betrothed to Anita. When his old friend Juan appeared, he was ecstatic. But soon, it seemed that Juan was making a play for Anita. When Javier found them in an apparently compromising position, a tussle ensued, and Anita was accidentally shot and killed. The two versions of the story differ significantly in Juan's motivations and in the details of Anita's death. Both men later became monks, leading to their latest encounter. As Juan begins to recover from the blow, Javier is subjected to horrific hallucinations.

Two Monks

May the Devil get out from the House of God

May the Devil get out

from the House of God

May the Devil get out

from the House of God

May the Devil get out

from the House of God

May the Devil get out

from the House of God

May the Devil

get out

from the House

of God

from the House of God

from the House of God

from the House of God

May the Devil get out from the House of God


Our poor Brother possessed by Satan

has returned to his senses.

He has stopped blaspheming

and has asked for his Prayer Book.

Let's thank God He has torn Friar Javier
from the hands of the Devil

Now is the time to try and recover
his soul. Make the new Brother come.

He is the only one who can try.

Go, then, to Friar Javier's cell,
Brother Servando.

For many hours he has been raving,
possessed by Satan.

Make use of the irresistible eloquence
which your ardent faith gives you

In your hands we place that stray soul.

He's calm now.

He has cried a lot, and read his prayers.

Brother Javier.

Damn you!

Let me know, Brother,
when he is calm again.

Who's that man?

Who's that man we've never seen among us?

It's Friar Servando.

He arrived from a community dissolved
because of the devastation of their mansion

All the Brothers spread
into different convents.

Friar Servando belongs already to our Order.

Where are you going, Brother?



It's almost impossible
to recognize me, isn't it?


It's the Devil!

It's the Devil!

It's the Devil!

Friar Javier!

Friar Javier..

My Son.

Forgive me Father, give me absolution.

I feel sick.

What is it that has
disturbed your soul thus?

I want to confess.



I may disserve your forgiveness, Father.

Because when I saw that man before me...
in my own cell...

After having searched for him for
so long, to no avail...

Madness took me.

I thought God Himself had sent him to me
to make him pay...

...before dying.

Take notice, my Son, that you've
not only hurt him in a sacrilegious act,

but that you still have enough
pride in yourself to start accusing him.

We're talking about Friar Servando,
the most pious and fervent son of God.

It may be that the Evil One
made you see an enemy in him.

No, Father, no!

I have recognized him, and he,
in his turn, has recognized me.

I had for my best friend in the world,
this man you now call Friar Servando.

After loving him like a brother,
I discovered his treacherous soul.

But it was too late...

...when his crime was already consummated.

My Son!

Yes, Father! His Crime!

Listen to my story,

and perhaps you may be able to understand the
condemnable madness that drove me to hurt him.

I'm listening.

My confession begins when I ardently
dedicated my self to music

in my small native town.

Like a gift from Heaven, love of mine,

which in the fair-haired morning,
Fate brought to my cold heart.

You're like the daybreak,
which looms in my soul.

Flower from a sublime dream,
with a subtle scent

which adorns my window.

As always, I find you watching for our little
neighbour's every move, isn't it Javier?.

It's not like that mother.

What happens is that the indignant manner
those old coots treat her really infuriates me.

Don't try to hide it from me, Javier

You don't know how much I thank Anita

for giving you a new interest in life,
pulling you out from your despair.

Anita? That's her name?

Pretty name, isn't it?


Where would you
have me go at this late hour?

Wherever you can!

But leave! Did you think we were
going to support you in vain for life?

Go! Go with your consumptive musician!

Let's see if he doesn't demand
anything from you for supporting you!

Meet my mother, Anita. From this day on
she will be like a mother to you as well.

Yes, my daughter,
in this house you'll find a true home.

Your hands have filled
this house with happiness, Anita.

Let's see if you have taken advantage of
my lessons and you can do as well with music.

Would you like to?

I have studied well in order
to please your every wish,

and to be able to play
your beautiful romanzas, Javier.

Let's see! Let's see!

"The moons of May, if you ask them,
will tell you they saw our shadows together."

That poem appeals to me, Javier.

Specially, when you read it.

Very good, Anita!

Now I can really trust you.

I like it very much when I see you
work and have fun together, my children.

You make a lovely couple!

Perhaps our bedchamber would fit
just fine in that corner of the study.

Wouldn't you like it there, Anita?

I was forgetting this cough already, Anita.

It had been so long since I had the last one,

since you arrived with
your joy and your youth...

You can't heal overnight.

You'll see how I'll
end up healing you completely.

Yes, Anita!

Your love is my health and my happiness.


When we're married, I'll live again.


You work too much, my son,
you'll finish that tomorrow.

The editor can wait.

Do you know who I was dreaming about?

I've seen Juan.

I've seen him real and tangible.

I've felt his presence right next to me.

You never forget your friend Juan.

And when one dreams about someone who is
far away it's a sign they're coming back.

But in my dream
he appeared in strange form...

As if his return
would be something disastrous...

In spite of my strong desire for his return...

It's the exhaustion. Come on!
Go and have some sleep!

You've worked enough for today.

Just a little more, mother.

I'm about to finish, and
I don't want to leave this incomplete.

Come on. Let me finish.

O.K. But only one more hour.



My dear Javier!

I was dreaming about you. And when
I saw you, I thought I was still dreaming.

I've but arrived and
I've already come looking for you.

I wanted to come and
hug you, before anyone else.

After these two long years of absence...

I even stopped your mother
from telling you about my presence

in order to make this surprise complete.

Here's Juan again, mother

This adventurous and selfish friend,
who forgot to write us and appears now,

suddenly like the Devil.

... and that's all, Javier.

I come exhausted from strange climates,
from wanderings, from adventures.

I've triumphed in all my enterprises,
and now I'm tired.

The only thing I want right now
is the peace of my villa...

... your friendship...

....and all the peace of mind
my money can bring me.

And you?

You find yourself before
the same Javier you left...

The same dreams...

The same failures...

The same poverty.

My health, a little more undermined.

But full of hope.

One of my greatest desires
now I've come back,

is to help you develop
your great musical talents.

I've come back wealthier than I left, Javier.

From now on I'd like you to put all your efforts
exclusively into the creation of your music.

To fulfil your dreams, and fulfil yourself.

Thank you, Juan.

Now I really need your help,
and I accept it.

Because it can bring me
happiness before the time I expected.

What? Let's see. Explain yourself.

Because in that happiness you talk about
I can see something else than music.

I'm about to marry, Juan!

And tomorrow morning
I'd like you to meet my future wife.



Your vehemence is plenty justified, Javier

I want you to be always mine.

It's a beautiful romanza, Javier.
Fit for Ana.

I'll come back tonight to listen to it.

Until later, Juan...
...because I've heard you'll come tonight.

Don't forget to come, Juan. You know
our evening isn't fun without you.

I already feel the proximity of Winter, Anita.

Once again I feel tired and start coughing.

You've improved quite fast,
you must not complain.

You couldn't heal
in just one day, Javier. Be strong!

I'm so afraid of Winter, Ana

I'm afraid it won't let me reach spring...

... reach the day of our wedding.

A spring... A single spring of your love...
and then Death may come when she wants.

Come on, come on, Javier!
Don't be like that!

Don't be a fool! You will have
in my love an eternal spring.

It's nothing, man!

A mild fever attack provoked by
working in excess, which will go soon.

Specially, being in such good hands.

Don't you think, doctor, that we should
send Javier into some other climate,

so he gets completely cured.

No, Juan, I don't think it's necessary.

We'll see, when spring comes.

Will I live to see the spring, doctor?

How come? For spring?
For many springs, boy, for many.

Enough to get to see
your children's happiness.



What's the matter, my son?
Why are you yelling so?

Isn't Juan coming, mother?

I suppose he'll arrive soon, it's been
a while since I sent him your message.

You should let me go out now,
I feel good and strong.

And I must see Juan.

Why would Juan have
changed in such a way, mother?

I don't know why he doesn't
come as frequently as before...

Why it is so hard to
make him come these days?

He has some family worries, my son.

No, it's not that.

I ask him, and he avoids the issue.

He has something to hide from me.

I would like to talk
to you about that, Javier.

I'd planned to do it for some time now.

About what?

About that close intimacy which
used to exist between Ana, Juan and you.

Don't try to resume it. I think it's
good that it's broken to some extent.


Oh by no special reason.

It's just that he has been helping us
so much, specially since your sickness..

that intimacy with Anita,
could be wrongly interpreted as...


You've said too much to stop now, mother.

What do you dare insinuate?

You hurt me, Javier!

Don't act like that, my son.

I had no intention to imply anything,
I swear to you. You've gone too far.

Didn't he want to send me away on
the excuse of my sickness? Why, mother?

He was only worried
about your health, my son.

It may be so.

Hasn't Juan arrived yet?

Why so serious?

Is something wrong?

I need to talk to Anita, mother.

Would you please leave us alone?

Why won't you tell me, Anita?

You know the reason why Juan avoids me!

For God's sake, don't
torment me anymore, Javier!

I only know what your friend told me,
that he has very serious family problems.


At least you can tell me
something about yourself.

I am sure of your love like
I am sure of no other thing in this world.

I know... I feel you love me...

Or am I wrong?

What's with you today, Javier? How can
you doubt my fondness towards you?

You know I love you, Javier.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, Juan.

What's with Anita?

You called me.
Here I am.




... I was tired of travelling...

The tranquillity of my villa
really appealed to me...

And now, suddenly, these problems arise.

So, tomorrow, very early in the morning,
I depart for this new long journey.

One more, Javier.

This very morning?


I would have come to tell you,
even if you hadn't called for me.

Now I want to ask a favor from you.

Say it, Juan.

Don't ask me why...

It may be only foolishness...
but now I feel twice as obliged towards you.

I need that tonight you check with my
lawyer some documents I need to take with me.

I want you to promise me you won't
leave his office until you're finished.

Meanwhile, I must arrange a
certain very urgent business.

I'll do as you wish. I promise.

Then, my lawyer will be
waiting for you tonight at nine.

I'll be there.



I want to thank you
for all you've done for me.

For us.

Oh, Javier. Don't get sentimental.

I would like you to say goodbye to Ana,

because I dislike
farewells when they're for long.

No, Javier. Don't insist on
going alone, perhaps you may need me.

Go to sleep, Anita, don't wait
for us, this may take some time.







Javier, I'll check
the rest of these documents.

I promised Juan not
to leave until I've finished.

I'll do it, son.
Trust me, and go to sleep, Javier

Listen to your mother, young man.

In your condition, it's dangerous to go on.

I myself will take her home when we're done.

It's not necessary.
Thank you very much, sir.

Juan will come
in a few moments, he assured me.

Mother, he will walk you home.

I beg you to explain to him.


God! What are doing Javier!

I dare you, swine! I dare you!











I furiously looked for him, everywhere,

and never saw him again
until tonight in my own cell.

My mother, dead.

Without Anita.

I decided to try and forget my sorrows
shutting myself away in this monastery.

It is certainly hard to erase the
grudge you bear against that man, my son.

But I need your absolute forgiveness
towards him if I shall absolve your sins.

It's O.K., Father.

I forget Ana, and forgive Friar Servando.

I hope to have peace now.

You'll have it, my son. But your forgiveness
must come form the depths of your soul,

and sustained firmly, you must give
proof of it by forgiving him in person.


you leave without absolving me, Father?

I must also hear Friar Servando to know the
true extent of his guilt and absolve you both.

So you may forgive each other face to face.

Everything Friar Javier
has said in his confession... true, Father.

My sins are great.

And I don't do anything
but try to pay for them

in the dutiful service of God.

But Friar Javier's truth
is just a partial truth.

It's a truth seen through his eyes only.

That sinner Juan has his truth as well...

...the one he lived.

And, if it's not enough to justify him,

it does explain that which, for Javier,
was nothing else but a repugnant act.

Listen to my story as well,

even if it's already been heard,
and forgiven, by another saintly priest.

For in my fault I found the greatest
punishment you may be able to imagine.

Javier never knew the drama
existing between his friend Juan and Ana.

He ignored the two of them loved
each other deeply before Juan departed.

Before Javier met her.

It was like a bad dream for me, to recognize
in my friend's fianc?e, my beloved Anita.

And this is her, Juan... my fianc?e.

Isn't she lovely?

She really is, Javier.

Oh how I, how I've suffered!

Oh how I, how I've cried!

For this love, never fulfilled
but always longed for.

If I only could
approach to your mouth

And feel the chimera of my foolish mind.

I'll be your spring.

You who are the day,
the warmth in my soul.

come and give me the light,
I was dying to get you.

I want you to be always mine.

It's a beautiful romanza, Javier.
Fit for Ana.

We'll wait for you, then.

Don't forget our evening
isn't fun without your company.

Don't you miss our meeting, Juan.

Do you want me to come?


In spite of how easily
you forgot your promise

of waiting for my return
no matter how long.

For God's sake, Juan.
This is not the time for explanations.

The time will come,
and then you'll recognize

there isn't any fault
in what you call forgetfulness.

Until tonight Ana.

What a mistake, Juan!
What are you thinking?

Ah well, Anita! Are you playing with me
or are you favoring the enemy?

Good afternoon, Ana.

You've scared me, Juan.

Where's Javier?

He's gone to his editor's house.
He won't take long.

Isn't the madam in either, Ana?

She's out too.


We can talk now.

No, Juan. Not now. Please.

It's necessary.

Even if we stop seeing each other forever...

We must not do it.
Without an explanation.

Wait, Ana!

Why don't you want to talk,
if we have so many things to say?

I have desired and feared it
so much at the same time...


I assure you, you have
nothing to forgive me for;

it wasn't me but life
which has gone this way.

You don't love Javier?

It's you whom I've always loved.

Even in your long absence and in that
long time we didn't even hear from you.

For him I feel a sister's love, gratitude,
anything but the love I feel for you.

Then, why don't we tell Javier about our
old love, about our long-standing promise.

He'll be able to understand.

No, Juan. You don't know. He's been
so kind. In his state it would kill him.

Yes, it would kill him.

You'd be killing my son.


I'm so afraid of Winter, Ana.

I'm afraid it won't let me
reach the day of our wedding.

A spring... A single spring of your love...
and then Death may come when she wants.

Come on, come one, Javier!
Don't be like that!

Don't be silly! You will have
in my love an eternal spring.

You'll live many springs yet, enough
to get to see your children in their youth.

I don't have the courage
to tell it to his mother,

but someone in this house has to know it.

He's seriously ill,
he may survive this crisis,

I don't know,
but his illness can't be cured.

Take care of him,
make him happy in his last days.

Try not to let him
receive any strong impressions.

Any violent emotion, any profound upset
would probably hasten his end.

Then, there's no hope at all?

From this crisis, he may survive.

But if he does, a few months, a year,
who knows? But the end must eventually come.

Be strong, my children.

The end must come.

Yes, Anita.
Javier is getting better every day.

Thank God. Maybe the doctor was wrong.

God knows how long he will still live.

Juan. Do you hear what you're saying?

Do you realize what
you've just thought, Juan?

Forgive me.

My restrained love makes me forget everything.

I think and say... horrible things.

I despise myself.

I understand you...

Because sometimes
I think terrible things myself.

We are two despicable beings.
Do you realize, Juan?

We must punish ourselves.
We must not see each other again!

I must be Javier's wife.

You're right, Ana.

We must punish ourselves.

As I know I don't have the courage to
renounce your love, having you so close to me

I'll go as far away as before...

...and I'll never come back.

I want to thank you all you've done for me.

For us.

Oh, Javier. Don't get sentimental.

I would like you to say goodbye to Ana,

because I dislike farewells
when they're for long.

Don't forget the favor I've asked of you.

My lawyer will be
waiting for you tonight at nine.

Ana, forgive me.

I've tried, but I haven't been able
to renounce you completely.

Because I wanted to hug you one last time.

This is not right, Juan.

You've ruined our purpose.
You've stained it.



My Juan!

Don't. No more, Juan.

If you don't leave in this instant
we may not be strong enough to part.

I want to take with me the memory
of one last kiss from you. Ana!

If you kiss me more,
I won't let you depart alone, Juan.


What are you doing, Javier?

I dare you, swine! I dare you!

The pain on his face,
the indignity of the offense,

and the blood in his eyes
were enough to blind him with anger.

He shot.

God may forgive him.

But Juan did not run away, Father.

He ran in search for the old doctor,
to help Anita.

But Javier claimed she was dead.

Juan wanted to surrender himself
to the justice of men,

but his friend the doctor made him flee.

He travelled. He tried
to forget. It was useless.

Only the hardships of the monastery,
and the discipline of the penance...

brought consolation to his heart.

The Devil is back inside
Friar Javier's, Brother.

He's raving like one possessed.
He asked for water and now has disappeared.

Forgive me, Javier.


Subs by Fredegis.