Two Merry Adventurers (1937) - full transcript

Hans Albers and Heinz R├╝hmann play two confidence tricksters. They manage to stop a night train for nefarious purposes, and impersonate Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Romantic involvement with two young British female travelers ensues, but the plot deepens into the disappearance of rare Mauritius postage stamps which they undertake to recover, in their role as Holmes and Watson.





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When is the train coming?

Hey you?

1 1 :42.
ln four minutes.

And you really want to do it?

Think it over again, Morris.
Maybe you haven't thought about it enough.

This stuff really can't burn in this
damn beastly weather!

Maybe this isn't the right place for it?
Maybe it's not even the right train?

And what if there's police men in there?

l probably would have dreamed about it going wrong,
if you had let me sleep tonight.


Oome down!

Stop the express immediately!

They save money again and again,
but always in the wrong corner.
This one here has been leaky for a year already.

Believe me...

You! Don't you understand me?
You have to stop the train!

Would you give me the reason,
why l should stop the train?
-There is no time for that anymore.

Well, but this is very important. l mean,
stopping trains in the middle of nowhere...

Keep calm!

Let the people sleep, the train can keep on going.

You search the train! -Yes sir.
-l'll see if anyone leaves the train.

You're the conductor? Did you notice
something suspicious? Of course not!

Wake up the sleeper cabin porters.
l want to examine their passes.

But listen...
-Do it. We don't have time for explanations.

Never heard of it. Never heard of it.
-lt's all right. Thank you. The porter knows about it.

l'll take care of all that.
-Thank you.

What's the matter Billy?
-Do you know why the train stopped?

-So that ''He'' could get in.

-Who, who, who!

A man. Piercing gaze. Deerstalker cap.
Pipe. Oheckered coat. And...

Violin case!

Violin case?

Violin case?



Oheckered traveling coat!

And you don't know who this is?

That's very like you.

Did you ever read about him? -No.
''Sherlock Holmes - The Man Of A Thousand Masks''

''A Detective Story By Arthur Oonan Doyle''
-lts him? -No, it's not him.

My name is Flint. Morris Flint.

And l don't want anyone to know
whether it's me or not. Understood?

Of course, Mr. Holmes.

And know that l may ask for the passes?

Are there criminals on the train?

There could be some anywhere.

But wherever l show up...

...there probably is one.
Shut the door.

Something suspicious, Doctor?

May l ask you to leave the master and l
alone for a moment?

-Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Neither a seat nor a bed is empty.
The whole train is crowded. What a shame!

But why? And if we stay here in the
train staff compartment. lt's nice too.

The pass-examination will simply take a very long time.

You're right. lt's him.
And Dr. Watson is with him.

Well, come on! Let's leave!

Oome look, Macky.
Pretty, don't you think.

Take your fingers off the tickets.

l just thought because of the inspection or later
at the border... lt's always good to have tickets.

Allow me.

Sisters. From Middletown.
-That's right. Small town. 1 4,000 inhabitants.

They're traveling for the first time.

Here, you can see it, because it's a new pass.

Both orphans. Very veracious.

Also very reclusive. Quite precocious.
And very modest and humble.

Nothing can be kept secret from him.

His power of deduction is almost supernatural.

He's the world's greatest criminalist,
every villain's nightmare.

Let's go!

What station?

Why not?
-The middle of nowhere.

Why is that?
-Because of us.

Why is that?
-The dream is over.

That's right. Oome on out!
Now you take the violin case.


Wrong conclusion, they're running over there.

Mr. Holmes! Mr. Holmes, they're running there.
They got away from you.

l know that already. Just what l'm saying.

Let them run. Oome inside!
The train should keep on going.


Mr. Holmes...
-Gentlemen, stay calm.

Show me those two men's cabin,
l'll examine it.

How can you shout out the name ''Holmes'' like that?!
You know exactly that the master doesn't want that.

Yes, but these two criminals...
Now they're gone.

You have to remember one thing: You've got
to catch the big ones and let the small ones run.

What's the next station called?

And the closest town to where we just stopped right then?
-That must have been Wallsie.


A telegram to the gendarmerie in Wallsie, with the
facts of the case and the description of the escapees!

Yes, master.

Hands off!

Leave it there.
l'll examine everything thoroughly later...

-Of course.

Which one?
-Well, the right one.

Gentlemen, this is a chance of a lifetime:
just put your names on the telegram.

You could have the honor of
having caught a criminal with us.

And we'll simply stay here, won't we?
-Yes, we will.

These two beds are empty...
Or do you have two single cabins in first class?

Unfortunately not.
-Well, then we will have to be satisfied with this.

lt'll be fine for this one night.
-lt's enough.

Wake us up, if something happens.
-Yes, sir.

Otherwise only tomorrow morning for breakfast.
-Yes, Mr. Holmes!

That's upsetting, gentlemen!

By the way,
we've been quite satisfied with you and we won't go
to sleep without having thanked you. -Thank you!

And good night!
-Good night.

Doctor, behave!
-Yes, sir.

And unpack!

''Martell, three stars''.
That will be all right.

Well then, Macky!
-Well then, Morris.

And, are we on the train?
-We are!

Do we have two beds?
-We do.

We'll be there in six hours...
-No, we won't be!

Why not?
-Because we won't get across the border.

l wanted to take two tickets for us,
but you...

But l did take them!
And in the right moment. Here they are.

Yes but... But if they catch us... For what we did
in the last ten minutes we'd get at least two years.

At least! But without risk, no success.

Well and...

What do we have to risk anyway?

Nothing, my boy!

lt couldn't go on like that.
Something needed to happen.

And the rooms in the ''Palace Hotel'' are reserved.
Finally we'll live like decent people again.

Rooms with bathes and all the amenities. Dress coats
and top hats. lnvitations into the highest circles.

Warm meals and pretty women, Macky.
-Warm meals?

Twice a day.
-Until they catch our lie.

But, no. Macky!

Oheer up!

Did they think l was Sherlock Holmes?

Did anyone doubt that you're Mr. Watson?
-Of course not.

See, you can rely on me.
l thought it through thoroughly.

Nothing can happen to us.
The cheese is rolling, and nothing can stop it now.



Are you already sleeping?

Gosh, say something!

No, we're quite awake.

Accomplices, accomplices.

Seems like you forgot what you promised us.
-But no. How could we?

Did you go nuts? You can't simply knock at these
gentlemen's door in the middle of the night.

Why not?

Pass it to me through the door.
But don't look in.

You're behaving childishly...
What will the gentlemen think of us.

Grabbing and arresting immediately.


Thank you.

Ladies, please be so kind as to dress.
But quickly!

We urgently have to talk to you.
-But you aren't the right ones.

Oh yes, we are right.
Dead right.

Do as l told you!

What should we do?

Well, Middletown.
-Yes, the orphans.

Very modest and reclusive.
But actually they're in cahoots with these rapscallions.

We'll teach them!

What do they want from us? Where did the two lords go?
What are these strangers doing in their cabin?


These are criminals, train thieves.
Where do you have the money?

We'll give it to them right away.
Then maybe they won't harm us. -Madness!

l put it away.
l'll get the conductor. -Yes.

And, ladies?
-Yeah, another moment please.

Not here,
over there.

Please sit down.

We don't want to tell a lot of stories.

Well, give it to us!

The purse.

We'll give you all we have.

But don't harm us, please.

And we won't tell anyone.

What? That's all? -Yes, 28.60 Francs.
That must be right. You can count it.

And where are the ''60''?

And what is this over there?
-Our traveling bag.


Hands off!
-You can't talk to me like that!

That's how one has to talk to you people!
-Jane, be quiet!

What quiet!
You think l'm scared of these scoundrels?

These white-slavers, these train thieves,
these criminals, these rippers?

lf you think you can do anything with us,
you're mistaken. You'll see what will happen to you.

Oome in!

These two men broke in here.
Arrest them!

What should we do?
-Arrest these two men and hand them over to the police.

You would like that, wouldn't you?
-What are you laughing about?
There is nothing to laugh about.

No, there is really nothing to laugh about.
For you! Now you're caught!

l'd advise you to be quiet and
not to act up in front of these gentlemen.
Better you tell them the truth right away.

Yes, always the best.

Did you notice something suspicious?

Yes, sir.
-What's that?

During the whole ride they've been
hanging out with those two.

That's enough.
You may leave now.

Listen, you can'tjust leave us here.
-You must protect us.

See ladies, your protest and tricks don't work on us.
-But we're entirely innocent, we didn't do anything.

Of course not.
-Then what do you want from us?

To know what's in this bag.

-What's on them?

Oheese. -We took them from home,
but the two lords invited us for dinner.

Well then you're not hungry anymore, are you?

So these two gentlemen said they were lords?
And you believed them? -Yes!

How long have you known these two lords?
-Not long at all. We met them here on the train.

And who did you tell them you were?

Spit it out!
Salve your conscience and we will forget about it.

She said she is a countess.

l see. And what did you say?

l? The same, l'm her sister.

And they believed you?
-Of course.

And so the countesses and the lords
ate dinner together?


Nice company!

l didn't want to.
But Jane said...

l said? l didn't say anything. -Uh yes.
''From now on we'll be real ladies'', is what you said.

You said that! And you were the one that let herself
be accosted. You were flirting with them in the hallway.

You did accept a cigarette and even smoked it!
-And you invited them to our castle,
even though you weren't allowed to.

You couldn't keep your mouth shut.
-Quiet, ladies.

Enough of the pretences.

These two lords are as much
lords as you're countesses.

Prisons the only thing that will teach them.
And what could have happened to two mayflowers
like you, you couldn't even imagine.

Here, with these 28.60 Francs
they wouldn't have been satisfied.

These rippers, white-slavers.

Thank you.
Then it's our good luck that you came.

Of course it's your good luck.
And when you're traveling again, remember one thing:

You don't let strangers approach you.
You look at your fellow passengers.

And especially: You don't ever
pretend to be something you're not.

That never ends well.

Keep that in mind from now on.
-Exactly, Mary Berry!

And Jane Berry!
From Middletown.

Have a safe journey,
and a good arrival.

And good night.

Well, the case is done. You'll treat the ladies with
attentiveness, anticipate their every wish...

...and you'll help them with getting off the train
tomorrow morning. Good night.

He knew who we were!?

He seems to know everything about us.
How? Why?

A nice guy.
-Nice? Hideous!

l wish to never see that gentlemen again.

Tomorrow, after we've arrived, we'll take care
of those two girls. As usual.

No. -Why not?
We can'tjust leave these biddies by themselves.

What do we know about what could happen to them.
Something could happen. lt's our duty, Morris.

Our first duty is to serve justice.

Yes, of course but...
Maybe as a second duty we could do it, right?

Don't you think they're pretty?

Uh yes.



Both of them.
-Well then.

Did you ever read anywhere about Sherlock Holmes
having something with a woman?

-Well, see.

Yes, but Dr. Watson probably...
He did from time to time... lf l'm not mistaken...

You are mistaken, Watson.
He followed the master's example in every regard.

Too bad. lf l would have known that earlier, then l...
-What would be then?

Oalm down. There's also another reason:
The girls get off an hour earlier,
they only have tickets till Yvelles.

So we won't ever see them again?


That's too bad.

Not in there.
Wouldn't we rather go to a simpler hotel?

Take care of the coach!
-Yes, sir.

Gosh, pull yourself together!
Now it's important. This is where we belong.

This is where the richest people
and the biggest villains live,
we can't miss this, Macky!

No, we can't.
-Well, then come!

Flint, l reserved a room by telegraph.

Yes, Mr. Flint.
But unfortunately...

What's unfortunate?

Unfortunately we can't give you
the desired apartment with five rooms.

Why not?
-We're cram-full.

But the showroom...
-How many rooms will l have then?

Three, Mr. Flint. -That's not much,
don't you think Doctor? Only three rooms?

Well, what else should we do?

Here is the luggage receipt.
Get someone to bring it from the train.
-Yes, Mr. Flint.

-Not yet, Mr. Flint.

l know him...

l've seen him somewhere before.

He's brooding about who we are.
He'll know in a minute.

Uh, Please send the Hotel's detective to
my room immediatley. lt's very important

Of course, Mr...

Yes, it's him.

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Really? Did she look at me?

-She liked you.

Nonsense. You haven't ridden on enough
elevators in your life, you don't know that woman.

A lady never looks into a strangers face in the
elevator. Only if there's a specific reason. So?!

She recognized you.
-Exactly. Who does she think l am?

Sherlock Holmes. -Are you certain?
-Dead certain!

-They did not arrive.

What?! Why not?

They absconded on the way.

Sherlock Holmes.

-He came out of the train instead of Fred and Billy.

l've just been on the train platform.
-And what's with the suitcases?

Well they're on the train, we won't get them
without the luggage receipt.

And where is Sherlock Holmes?

One floor down.

You can keep laying there,
l've got the feeling something is wrong with him.

Where do you want to go?
-To the train.

We need to have the suitcases.
l'll get them. Even without the luggage receipt.

Please, a hair dresser. A pedicure, a manicure.
Newspapers, local ones, from Paris, from London.

Telegram forms, phone book, train schedule,
address book and a map of the city, thank you.

Please two cold bathes.

-Please a hot one for me.

Goulash, three portions for the two of us.
Two extra portions of dumplings.

And to drink?

Pilsner, two.


Wonderful! Wonderful, Morris!
Only, may l criticize...

You made one small mistake.
-The food?!


Lobster, salmon and caviar with sparkling wine,
are things con-men and villains order.

A real man of the world with money orders,
especially in the finest hotels,
''goulash with dumplings, a double portion''.

That works. That impresses more then
''Or?me de sottea la mon dieux'' and
frogs' legs in mayonnaise ''Lametta''.

Which isn't to be scoffed at either.

Yes? What's the matter?
-We have your luggage.

Oome in!

What luggage.
-Well, our luggage.

You don't travel without luggage.


ls that all?
-Well if there is no more.

See, that's how lords are traveling.

The suitcases are here. -Where?
-One floor down.

With Sherlock Holmes.

Put the watch away!

What are we doing?
-Waiting till they go somewhere.
Then we'll search them.

And if the two down there find
everything before that?

-Yes, l know. l'm coming.


Aren't you missing something?
-No, l have everything.

Really. Then think about it.

l'm perfectly happy.
lt couldn't be any better.

Then it's good.

What's the matter?

Sorrows are gone.
There are none for us anymore.

lf you say it out loud, it'll come to pass,
so they say,...

...a cold shower comes.

He who sits at home,
and lets the grass grow under his feet.

He saves his energy indeed.

But he will never achieve anything.

But the one not asking lots of questions.
-He will leave, undismayed.

For him there's no question mark, or things like that.
-Till he get's it.

Yes, gentlemen!
-This is how we like it.

Because from this day on, we own the world.

Yes, gentlemen!
The sorrows are gone.

We do whatever we want.

And whoever interferes with us,
will get what's coming to him before he knows it.

Yes, gentlemen!

You can swear on it.

Yes! Yes! Yes!


lf l may criticize one last time?
-No, it's prohibited!

Well, then maybe a frank word:
l admire your power of deduction all the time.

l'm impressed, again and again, by your
knowledge of psychology and human nature.

With all due respect to your daringness and
bravado, enticing the hotel's detective into the
lion's den is playing with fire.

A mistake in your tactics that l don't understand.

Oondolences! Elementary. Who is the only person
in the hotel that can foil our plan?

The hotel's detective.
-That's right!

What should one do in such a case?
-Avoid him!

Quite the contrary:
you tempt his power of deduction... count on his intelligence,
as far as he has any, and he'll notice
right away whom he's actually dealing with.

Bravo, Bravo! Wonderful!
And again a humdinger.
Worthy of Sherlock Holmes!

Thank you, thank you, Dr. Watson!

Yes, gentlemen!
This is how we like it.

Because from this day on, we own the world.

Yes, gentlemen!
The sorrows are gone.

We do whatever we want.

And whoever interferes with us,
will get what's coming to him, before he knows it.

Yes, gentlemen!

You can swear on it.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Have you been waiting here for a while?

l... didn't mean to interrupt.
-You're the hotel's detective?

Yes... Mr. Holmes.
-You're quite proficient colleague.

Uh, that wasn't difficult.

Oount on me as a colleague.

Rely on my intelligence,
it definitely exists.

Expect my discretion.

How can l be of service to you?
-By calling me Flint. Only Flint.

And my friend not Dr. Watson, but...
-Mack McPherson.

Because it's very important that
no one knows who we really are.

Because, between you and l
we didn't come here without a reason.

ln case the word of who we are has
already spread, you'll deny it.

Repudiate. -Gainsay by hook or by crook.
There are only a Mr...

Morris Flint.
-And a Mr. Mack McPherson here.

No Sherlock Holmes and no Dr. Watson.
-Yes, Mr. Holmes. Uh, Flint! Mr. Flint.

And if we need you...
-l'll be there.

We thank you.

Locked! lt's locked.
-Yes. Here.

Thank you.

ls it him?
-Obviously it is... not!

l knew it right away.
At the first glance l recognized him.

lt's not him?!
-Don't ask any questions.

Prepare a particularly pretty arrangement.
And send it up to his room.

Amaryllis and carnations.
-Why amaryllis and carnations?

His favorite flowers.

l saw him. He has such a look in his face!
-And such muscles!

What's the matter here today?

You don't know it yet?

Sherlock Holmes?
-Yes, sir.

The real Sherlock Holmes?
-Yes, sir.

And Dr. Watson is with him as well.

Yes, gentlemen!
This is how we like seeing ourselves.

Well, l don't really know. l can't help it,
l can't find anything that fits.

This other guy must have a really peculiar figure.

Oome, turn around.

But you look great.
-But look, this guy's arms...

The arms, he must have...
-Well, and the legs?

Oome in!

From the hotel management.

Bravo, my boy.

Wait a sec!

-Thank you, Mr. Holmes.

See Macky, the word spread!
Oome and get ready to leave, otherwise they'll
beat a path to our door with requests.

-Yes, wait!

One thousand Francs.

Bank robbers!

That's interesting.


Secret code.

Your specialty.

lt's me!
-The hotel's detective! Where should l put these?

One moment, colleague.


There are three gentlemen waiting down the hall,
they urgently want to talk to you.

l think, they might need your help, Mr. Holmes.

Uh, no!

How is that possible?

How do these gentlemen know we're here?
Did you tell them anything?

No! Of course not, Mr. Holmes.
These gentlemen knew already.

Well, that's too bad, colleague. Don't you think, Doctor?
-Yes, very embarrassing, master.

Well, what are we going to do?
-What will we do?

Well, if those people need our help. l mean...
Let's go down there.

You think so? Alright.
Tell them, we'll come down in a sec. -Yes!

Thank you very much, Mr. Holmes.

Our first case. There it is! Doctor, to work now.

Shorthand pad and magnifying glass.

And the money we just leave here?
-Just leave it there. Oome on!

And colleague, where are the gentlemen?
-Over there.

That's him.

Yes please?
-Mr. Holmes.

No, my name is Flint.
-We know everything, you don't have to pretend.

Oriminal investigation department.

Please come with us.
We're ordered to bring you to the police immediately...

Shh, not that loud!

l knew you'd come someday,
but we weren't prepared for it to be so soon.

But let's go.
Only one request:

As inconspicuously as possible.
-Of course.

Right the first case is a flop.

Here you go.

One moment please, Mr. Holmes!
-Attention. Please. Now!

Thank you, Mr. Holmes.
-Thank you very much.


Tell me:... are the conditions in the prisons here?
-Excellent. Two really new buildings.

Much too comfortable for this riffraff.

But they're people too, right?


Uh, yes!



This guy is not Sherlock Holmes.

Now l understand everything.

How it could happen.
lt's my fault.


You are quite right as Sherlock Holmes. But trying
to make people believe l was Dr. Watson,...

...was obviously a mistake.
-You think so?

For sure. l'm the mistake.
-That's right.

Well, you asked me to.
-Unfortunately, l could slap myself.

No, no. Don't do that.

lt's best, if we appear all quiet and humble,
and are nice and polite to the people.

We'll confess everything right away,
and promise never to do it again.

That's the right tactic.
-Too late!

lt's unbelievable!

This lie is the biggest effrontery
l have experienced in my term of office!

What does it look like?! Gentlemen, you must have
been aware that all the riffraff would meet here!

All the rapscallions! Pickpockets! Villains and con-men!
But you were asleep at the wheel!

l call that a snafu!

None of you did...
-One moment please!

A total stranger had to come by
and open the police's eyes!

lt's a shame!
A world scandal!

They'll be peeing in their pants
by the time l'm through with them!

Mr. Holmes. Mr. Holmes!

l got it all.
The whole lie.

My name is Wutzke, Erwin Wutzke, from Berlin.

l came here on foot, and l got it all!

They're all fake. All four.
The red ones and the blue ones.

Big deal, isn't it! The ones in there are
out of steam, but you will do it. Only you.

l know that. l read everything about you, Mr. Holmes.
Oome on, they're waiting for you.

Mr. Holmes, how can l thank you for coming.
-Not at all. Your wish is our command.

May l?
-Doctor, you're coming with me?

This is Vince Vangon, the general manager
of the world exhibition.

Please, sit down.

Well, all four are fake.

But by the way, it's a bit thick.
Gentlemen, how could that happen?

Yes, isn't it horrible.
Oan you put yourself in my shoes, Mr. Holmes?

l'm ruined!

And all that because of you!
-How can you say it was my fault.
l did everything possible.

But they didn't follow my orders!

You are an annoyance!

But you are in trouble as well, gentlemen.
You as well!

l did...
-Keep silent! And you too!

Afterwards it's always a piece of cake!

But it shouldn't keep on going like this!
lt can't keep on going like this! Not like this!

Exactly! And for that reason l ask for the
facts of the case. One after the other.

And uh...
Not that loud please, we're still a little nervous.

-Please, help me Mr. Holmes.

You're the only one who can help me.
-But Excellency, now we're here.

This morning at 10:30, this boy entered the
premises of the world exhibition...

...from the side of the amusement parks,
by pulling out a post in the fence,...

...because he didn't have a ticket.

He went into the pavilion of curiosities and rarities in order
to inspect four of the most valuable stamps in the world.

This boy claims to have walked
from Berlin to here for that reason.

Yes, l did!

This boy inspected these four stamps,
it's about the famous ''Mauritius stamps'',
about four of the last existing examples.

And said all of a sudden loudly and indignantly
in the pavilion of rarities:

''They are fake.''
-They're fake. All four.

l collect myself.
l know the score.

Keep silent, you rascal!

An immediate examination by an expert
confirmed the boy's statements.

Because it's known that the originals were available
for the opening of the exhibition,...

...there is no doubt that these wrong stamps were put
there to cover up the theft of the originals.

Until now it could not be determined when and how
this exchange happened.

And also the perpetrators are still entirely unknown.

The originals are loans from different public characters
and public institutes.

They represent all together a value of 600,000 Francs.
-Oatalogue value. The real value is much higher!

Bring this rascal outside for me.

Erwin, come here!

l see, you're not a shy boy.
-No, l'm not.

But from now on you will be, understood?

Uh, yes!
You don't tell anyone anything about the wrong stamps.

The nice exhibition director will invite you.
You can get food, whatever you want.
And some new boots, too.

The exhibition will pay for all of it for you.
But you have to keep your mouth shut.

Yes, everything he wants.
Only keep the mouth shut.

Oh, now l understand.
Because of the scandal and the disgrace.

Well, l wouldn't have said anything anyway, l mean...

l was pleased to meet you Mr. Holmes.
-Goodbye Erwin.

Goodbye, Dr. Watson.
-Goodbye Erwin.

And if you ever need me again,
l'll always be there for you.

An anonymous letter, Excellency.
-May l, Excellency?

lf you want to get the real ''Mauritius stamps'' back,
insert an advertisement in the journal ''Mauritius Yes''.

Then you'll receive further notice about
price and modality for the return from us.

lf you don't advertise, we'll take it to mean
our offer was denied and will announce in
the same journal that the displayed stamps are fake.

We leave it to you to envision the scandal further...

They're in quite a hurry.

What should we do now?


But Excellency, cheer up!

That's no reason to despair!

Are these the forgeries?

Good work. One has to come by foot from Germany
to notice that these stamps are fake.

Who are the owners of the originals?

That's exactly it!
How would l look, if the British Museum asks me:

''Where are our two blue 'Mauritius'?''

How should l respond to his majesty
the crown prince Sigot from Sweden,...

...when he asks:
''What did you do with my two red 'Mauritius'?''

And then my friend,
Professor Berry.

You must know, Professor Berry gave me the idea to
show these rare stamps together for the first time.

They'll all claim damages!

Six times 100,000 Francs!

That'll be a scandal like never before on a
world exhibition. -Yes, it is wonderful.

What are you saying?
-Exactly the type of case l've always dreamed of.

Doctor, did you note it all down?
-Yes! British Museum; Swedish crown prince;...

...four ''Mauritius''; two red, two blue;
catalogue value: 600,000 Francs.

May l accompany the gentlemen
to the scene of the crime?
-That's not necessary, thank you.


lt should be known to you, that Sherlock Holmes
never took a case he didn't solve. -Yes, sir!



We will take this case.
-Yes, sir.

Thank you.
lt won't be to your disadvantage.

But Excellency, l beg you, don't talk about that.
But we'll expect your support.

Oommand us!

To work, Doctor.
-Yes, sir.



l thank you.

You'll see us again, with the stamps!

Or never...

Learn a lesson from this man!
-l believe in him.

Did anyone doubt, that l'm Dr. Watson? No one.
Not even the Ohief of Police.

Him at the very least.

Didn't it happen like l...
Uh you, rather we expected it to?

Yes, it happened just like that!
Do we have the big case? We have it!

And will we solve it? We will!

Um, Morris. Say, will we solve it?

What was the name of the station,
where the two girls got off?

What do you want with the two girls now?
You can't think about those girls right now!

The station, Macky?

Where were their tickets for?
-Well, Yvelles. But...

You can't go to the girls now!
-Uh, yes. lt isn't far.

Right now, when we have our big case?
-Right now. What are the girls' names?

Well, Mary Berry and Jane Berry.
But Morris, l beg you: leave these orphans from Middletown.

What was the name of the man who made the suggestion
to display all four stamps at once?

What's his name. Question mark!


And we will examine this man thoroughly.

You'll wait here!
-Yes, Mr. Holmes.

Attention! They're coming.

Pack it all real quickly.
We'll take it all. Oome on!

Please excuse the fact that l broke in here,
but l need your advice, Mr. Holmes.

What is it about...

About a mysterious case really only you can solve.

Mr. Holmes.
-Please sit down.

Take notes, Doctor.

This morning two acquaintances of mine
were supposed to arrive with the North Express.
They announced they're coming by telegram.

They even got on the train, but did not arrive.
-Well, then they probably got off the train on the way.

For sure.
lt's just inexplicable to me, why.

That's why l'm asking you.
-There are different reasons.

But if l'm to tell you something specific,
you'd have to give me some facts.

Aboutjob, character,
purpose of your acquaintance's journey.

Maybe you tell me something about their past.

Unfortunately l can't.
l know these gentlemen only cursorily.

Me too?

You came in the same train.

But we did arrive!

And with my acquaintance's suitcases.

You can imagine, how surprised l was.
-Of course.

lf l thought the whole thing through,
l might almost get the idea...

...that those two only left the train because you got on.
-Of course.

Your two acquaintances maybe felt remorse?

That is possible.

But it's not nearly enough of a reason
to run way from you.

You shouldn't think that everyone believes every lie.

Even if it's thoroughly thought through.

You are not Sherlock Holmes.
-Not Sherlock Holmes.

And you're not Dr. Watson.
-And not Dr. Wa...

No that is... Wrong... that...

We're hearing that for the first time, Madam.

But it is true.
Or... Oan you prove, that you are?

Oan you prove that we aren't?


The real Sherlock Holmes always had a
violin in the case. -Bravo.

Be more careful with it in the future, Doctor.

Thank you.

What do you expect in exchange?
-Fair play.

That you give back the suitcases of my acquaintances
and everything that was in it.

That is only just and equitable.

The things are obviously at your disposal.
We didn't touch anything. Everything is still there.

Unfortunately not everything.
-Why is that?

The things from the secret compartments...
aren't anymore!

Secret compartments? Doctor,
do you know anything about secret compartments?

Yes, l did know about them.
l even saw them, up in the suitcase's lining.

They were nicely made.
-Why didn't you tell me anything about them?

God, why should l have said something.
These compartments were empty anyway.

Uh, empty!
Well, then that's entirely different.

Those compartments were not empty!

You cleared them out!

Where did you put the money and the plans?
-lf you talk to us like that, you'll never get anything back.

We're definitely getting everything back.
We have dirt on you!

We do on you, as well.

lt'll be hard for you to prove anything about us.
But the fact that you're rapscallions...

We have proof for that in cold print.


A receipt.

''Delivered for Mr. Morris Flint:
a deerstalker cap; a travel coat, checkered;--

a pipe; a violin case, used.
All together 9 Pounds 1 7 Shilling.

Oommission of four Pounds.
Date and illegible signature.''

You could even pay entirely for the
equipment for your trick.

See Macky, that's how it works: the big things
work and you stumble over the small things.

And break your neck with them.

How unpleasant it would be for you if the police got
this receipt. -And you call this fair play?

Oh, you'll get the receipt back. Tonight at 1 1 :00 pm.
We'll eat together tonight.

Before then you'll get the money and the plans
in order to give them back to us.


You found a checkered coat that fits,
you'll find a tailcoat that fits.

Till tonight.

Don't think you can play any tricks on us.

We'll find you. No matter where you are.
Faster and more certain then the police.

And we take more drastic measures then them.

Do you want to give it back to them?
-You seem to be out of your mind! Empty the violin case!

But if they press charges against us?
The receipt... What will we do then?

First we go to Yvelles. Visit Professor Berry.

Well, l'll stay in Yvelles,
but tomorrow morning l have to go into the city.

We'll deal with formalities for the transfer
of your uncle's bequest later.

Oan l help you in any other way?
-Thank you, Doctor.

Oouldn't you take us with you?
-Why? Don't you like it here?

Uh yes, but... -You know Doctor, we don't have
anything else with us but what we're wearing.

And anyway, what we have here with us
is everything we have, and we thought it
was necessary to try to fit in a little more.

With dresses...
-lt doesn't need to be the most expensive thing, Doctor.

He probably wouldn't have minded.

No, he certainly wouldn't have.

But l would be very grateful to you
if you waited for this for a little while.

Don't think l'm trying to dictate to you, but...
-The guest room is prepared.

You can come up here, Doctor.
-l have to get up early. Excuse me please.

Good night, ladies.
-Good night.

Do you think he took it amiss?
-No! We're the heiresses.

200,000 Francs!

Mary, when you have that much money,
no one takes anything amiss from you anymore.


While you were in the park with the ladies,
l searched through everything one more time.

l didn't find anything.
-Well, then l have to tell the police.

Police are always unpleasant.
But what else can l do, Jean?

What should l tell the girls,
l can't muck them about any longer.

The late master never wanted
to be involved with the police.

l don't have any other ideas, Oharles.
The ladies think they're rich.

They want to go shopping.
Dresses, clothes. l can understand that.

But actually there isn't even money for food.

The advocate goes to bed now, with all his sorrows.

Hopefully he'll stay there and sleep deeply.
-Yes, l hope so too.

l don't like hitting old people.
-By the way, who are these two girls that came?

Them? They're the heiresses.

Are you crazy?
What if someone looks out the window?!

Don't be that loud, Poll.

Hopefully these thingies are still there.
-Of course.

Well, maybe someone found them already.
-lmpossible. The Professor hid them much too well for that.

When may l wake the ladies?

The late master used to get up at six every day.
So then at six.

The uncle had oatmeal with toast.

Nothing else? -Nothing else.
May l accompany the ladies to their bedroom?

Oome on!
Now we get going!

Good night. And dream well, ladies.
Whatever you dream here tonight will come true.

The high life has begun!

The castle owner goes to sleep with the chickens,
gets woken up in the middle of the night,...

...and has oatmeal with toast for breakfast,
long before sunrise.

l can't change everything around on the very first day.
But you just wait, let me take care of these things.

We'll be having a nice life here.

The finest people will visit frequently.
We'll have parties.

Musical evenings, balls...
Famous men will be our guests.

lt has to be here somewhere.

Look around.
l'll search for the key.

What is that?

l don't know, Doctor.

Leave that, Poll!

Where would be a room where l could lock you
up securely? -Maybe in the washhouse.

Oome on, come on!
Down with you!

Oome on, come on! Quickly!

Open up!

Woe betide you, if you open!

Open up immediately!

The police are here!

Why don't you want to let the nice police in?

You can open up the door.
We can't all come through the window.

Well, what is worth looking for in here?!

Oommissar, l think l know what those two
were looking for. -Thank you!

l think l do, too...


Of course!


What's the matter?
-l thought you fell out of your bed.

Me? Why is that?
-Didn't you here anything?

Something fell down.

Leave me alone.
You're crazy.

l see. They're probably somewhere else.
These thingies!

Yes, they hid them too well,
these thingies.

l know about it.

So, where can we put these gentlemen for tonight?
-ln the washroom. Oome on, come on!

Let's go!
-Oome on!

So, come on, rapscallion.

Who is that?
-Sherlock Holmes.

Foolish girl.
l just started dreaming.

And it probably would have been a nice dream.

Who knows whether l can keep on dreaming now.

Mr. Holmes. What a lucky coincidence you came.
-l never come by coincidence.

Tomorrow l wanted to notify the police.

l wanted to report all these strange circumstances here.

Well, now that's not necessary anymore.
Now l am here to solve the case. -Yes!

Professor Berry?

When did it happen?
-Ten days ago, all of a sudden.

And Mary Berry and Jane Berry
from Middletown are the heiresses?

That's right, but...
-Well then, keep on talking.

Yes, sir. You'll understand my distress immediately.

According to the testament l'm supposed
to hand out the bequest to the girls.

200,000 Francs.
But the money can't be found anywhere.

ls the location of the money stated in the testament?
-Not exactly.

But according to the account books
the money has to be here in the castle.

We searched through everything
and found nothing.

You won't find anything either!
-But why?

Because the Professor spent all his money.

Such an amount?
200,000 Francs!?

There are things for 200,000 Francs that are so small,
that it takes the greatest detective to find them again.

How long have you been working for Professor Berry?
-For twelve years.

The Professor was a collector, wasn't he?

What? He wasn't into precious objects of art,
rarities, curiosities or anything?

l don't know.

Listen, when you've been here for twelve years,
you have to know your boss. That's ridiculous.

The late master never spoke to me about it.
He worked a lot, but only at night.

Then he locked himself in here.
And l wasn't allowed to interrupt.

There were never visitors?

But the Professor often drove into town, didn't he?

Hardly ever.

Were you around, when he died?
-No, l came later when he was already dead.

Tell me!

The Professor got a letter that day.
lts content excited him.

And so he ordered me to pack the suitcases,
he wanted to make a journey immediately.

But when the suitcases were packed
and the car was ready, the Professor
sat in his office chair and didn't move again.

Over there.

And uh...

Like this...
is how he sat.

The doctor later diagnosed a heart attack.

Was this glass lying here as well then?

l think... Yes!

May l perform elementary deductions?
-Go ahead.

lt's all very clear: content of the exciting letter,
the red one, the blue one.
The Professor gave all his funds... the two villains who had stolen the stamps for him.

The Professors excitement about
the stamps was so great.
Heart attack. The two villains plan: steal the stamps back and to use
them for blackmail, so the letter to the
exhibition management was already written.

Exactly. But they didn't count on
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson,...

...who will find the stamps that are hidden here,
and take them away first. -Exactly.

So, this was how the Professor was sitting here?

And what did you do then?
-l uh... opened the window.

And then you ran away to get a doctor?
-No, l got cold water and ''Eau de Oologne''.

Well then, go and get cold water and
''Eau de Oologne'' again!

Oome on!

lt's over.
They burned away.


When was the last time there was a fire in here?

Hard to say.
Easy to say.

Why is that?
-There has never been a fire in this fireplace.

This is a mockup without a hood.
-That's right!

Put it where it was standing.
What else was on the desk?

The same things as now.
-Nothing that you noticed?

Oh yes!

A book.

-No, closed.

Well nothing really fits here.

What book?

l don't know anymore.
-You put it back in the library?

Yes, l did.
-Up high or down low?

l don't know.
-Did you use a ladder for it?

lt must have been over there.

lt was a thick book.


Look through these books.

What was the Professor wearing?
-The same suit as in the picture, his Sunday suit.

What was in his pockets?
You emptied them, right?

Of course.
-Well then!

A tissue, his watch, a bunch of keys,
two pencils and a wallet.

What was in the wallet?
-450 Francs.

We sent it to the two ladies for the journey.
-l see.

And nothing else?
-Uh yes.

-Uh, some stamps.

Bravo, my dear.

Give me these stamps right away!
-l sent them out.


Where to, you bearer of misfortune?!

l put them on the obituaries, that l sent out
on behalf of the attorney.

l see, so they were...
They were new stamps, right?

Yes, about ten.

Well then, get me the Professor's Sunday suit.

That um... That is... That's not possible.

Why not?!

we buried him in it.

Where does this door go to?

There is no door.

There certainly is a door!

l didn't know anything about that.
Really not.

Bring a candlestick here.

Let me go by myself.


...that you didn't know about this corridor.
Very strange.

l've never seen it.
l was never allowed to touch the books either.

Now l understand how l couldn't find the late master
anywhere, although he hadn't left the castle.

Sometimes he would be on the phone with me,
and l couldn't understand which room he was in.

And you didn't think anything of it?


Very strange.

You always have to think about the
implications of all the things that you notice.

But even more for those things you don't notice.

There is usually something behind those.

Give me that!

''Pawnshop ''Lombard'',
Rue de Brea, Ooncerns M4''

''Dear Professor Berry,
Thank you very much for your immediate delivery.

We don't acknowledge the cancellation of
your continued processing.

We expect you to fulfill your obligations as we do.

Otherwise, we'll take steps that
won't be in your interest.''

No signature.



What kind of strange correspondence is that?

Oould this be the letter that excited
the Professor so much? -Yes, that's it!



Oome down here!

What's the matter down there?

Hopefully nothing will happen to those two.

What is this?

And this?

And this?!

And this here?!

Don't you understand?
You'll understand in a sec. Oome here!


Decal picture.
Sheet of pictures. Macky?

Do you still not understand?
-This is collosal.

Professor Berry was...
-What? What?

A counterfeiter!?
-Oounterfeiter? The king of all counterfeiters.


Rubles, Dollars, Drachmas, Pesos, Pounds.
Tax strips, passes, lottery tickets, checks.

Whatever you want.
Paper money from half of the world.



Rare stamps.

The ''Mauritius stamps'' were counterfeited here.

Listen, whom are they railing against?

Go down there and look.

l'll wait here, so that no one can shut the door.
-Yeah, yeah... Yes, l'll go.

Morris, now we're made men!

Macky, made men isn't the right word.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are dilettantes
compared to us, l tell you! Real amateurs.

Moscow, three years ago:
fake Rubles?

Done better than the originals in
the state's print office.
-Exactly. Professor Berry made them.

-Scandal in the Monte Oarlo Oasino!

Thousands of chips, and they got more back
then the tellers handed out... -Yes.

Here is where the forms for the
fake chips were made!

Exactly! And the pawnshop ''Lombard'' passed them.

-The ''Lombard'' pawnshop.

Why is that?
-Here, read. l found it upstairs.

Give me the letter to the exhibition management.
-You have it.

Written with the same typewriter, you're right.

The pawnshop ''Lombard'' is the headquarters.

The Professor worked for those guys.
And he was paid well.


200,000 Francs is what he earned with it.
Real Francs.

And a castle, with a horse and coach
and a park and servants.

Macky, they have been looking for this man
and this gang for years, and couldn't find them.

We will blow their cover.
Oount on it! You and me.

Macky Mack McPherson and Morris Flint.
A wonderful case.

My boy, it's a case of proportions
you can't even imagine.

But Mary Berry and Jane Berry would have been
better off if they had stayed in Middletown.


The dream of the castle was a short one.

Obviously the girls won't inherit anything now.

No money, no castle.


Gosh! Man alive! Yes!

You... l didn't think of that.

The inheritance is down the drain!

And of course we have to tell them.
-Of course we have to tell them.

See Macky, this is how things work:

One person's gain... another person's loss.

All of a sudden the whole thing
doesn't make me happy anymore.

You think it makes me happy?

Oome on.

You heard everything?

Well um... can't change it.

you won't tell anyone a word. Understood?

Not the ladies either.

At least for the time being.

Oome on!

Eight o'clock.
Looks like they won't come for dinner anymore.

But maybe now you want to wait
for breakfast with these two.

And all because of you, you idiots!

Running away from a man with a violin case!

Abandoning money and plans!

A whole months worth of work is gone.

Nothing like this ever happened to me before.

l have the feeling we better squabble somewhere else.

Where the police won't find us.
-The police?!

Of course.
What should keep these two from going after us?

Quite the contrary, they could really easily do something.
lf they haven't already.

-Mr. Holmes.

The morning edition, with a picture of you.

Give it to me!

l gave it to him.


The world's most famous detective
with his friend Dr. Watson.

Our picture shows them on their way
to the police headquarters...

...following an invitation from the Marshal.

Gentlemen, what is meaning of this?!

l'm asking you what this means!

l didn't invite him.
Who did invite him?!

l did, Marshall.
-This person was really here? Here in this house?

Yes sir, in this room.
-Why is that?

l asked him to help us with the case
of the vanished ''Mauritius stamps''.

So?! You asked him?!
You sent for him?

Yes, by special request from Excellency Vangon.

You officially commissioned him to get the stolen
stamps back, here in the police headquarters? -Yes, sir!

So you are absolutely convinced,
that this man is Sherlock Holmes?

l don't doubt that for a second.

l'm very sorry for you, gentlemen.
l will tell you, who this person is:

A swindler, a liar, a con-man!
Both of them.

Rogues, thugs, rapscallions!

With unbelievable effrontery!

And you believed them!

All of you!

The Police Ohief negotiates with them
in the police headquarters!

Asks them for help!
Asks a villain for help!

They made us look ridiculous!
Made us look obnoxious!

But Marshall...
-Keep quiet!

Afterwards it's always a piece of cake!

l'm not here for one day and look what happens!

But Marshall, he is cert...
-Oertainly not!

Where are these guys?
Arrest them immediately!

Detain them!
Put out a wanted poster!


They finally woke up.

They'll be down here soon.
-But you didn't tell them about us.

Not a word.

Do you believe that what you dream the first night
you sleep in a new house will come true?

Of course!

lf l tell you now what l dreamed,
you'll go ballistic and burst from jealousy.

Oh no. l know what you dreamed already.

You were very unhappy in your dream.
You were sighing all the time.

l really pitied you, Mary.

That isn't true.
l dreamed very nicely.

But you...

You must have been dreaming terrible things.
l was thinking about waking you up.

Me? Why?
-Because you were talking in your sleep.

What did l say?
-l'd rather not say.

Oome on, tell me!

''Kiss me, dear train robber.'', is what you said.

l said that?

And apparently he didn't do it and so
you said it the whole night through.

All the time. ''Kiss me, dear train robber.''

l really pitied you, Jane.

Where have you been for so long?
-Well, in the post office. That's where you sent me.

But you smell like you're coming out of the tavern.

Well, they're in the same house.
On the left is the post office and on the
right is the ''Tavern by the Post''

Did you post the money?
-Of course. Too bad you weren't there, Morris.

lt made a big impression, when l opened the violin case
and put the 32,000 Francs on the table.

The clerk almost fell off his chair.
And when l posted the 20,000 Gulden,...

...the other clerks came over too.
And they gazed at me!

But then when they saw the Pounds as well,
you know the 16,000, it was all over.

You can't even imagine the jubilation. And then the
people from the tavern came over too. lt was so nice!

And then the clerks invited me to a glass
of wine and l didn't dare to say no,
because l didn't want to raise suspicion,...

...because the gendarme was there as well!
And he paid for a glass, too. Well, it was amusing.

Too bad you weren't there. The people were nice!
The people were...

You're very jolly.
-Yes! Very.


Uh, l see.

You didn't tell them yet?
-Of course not.

And what's with the deciphered photocopies?

l registered them and sent them express.

l have it here.
Receipt there.

Oome on Mary.
Our oatmeal is waiting for us.

You are here?

lt's very nice, that you're visiting us.
You're the first guests to our castle.


How did you find us?
How did you know that we were here?

We know everything.

You left yesterday so very quietly from
our train, without a goodbye.

My friend here was hoping
to spend some nice hours with you,
but unfortunately his hope didn't come to pass.

l think that's charming. And now you
have to spend these nice hours here with us.

You should tell them.

Yes, l will tell them.

So, you were very happy?
-Oh yes. Very.

l can imagine.
-No, you can't imagine it.

You must know, we're very simple girls.

Ten days ago we were still sitting at
''Armstrong and Oompany'' at our
sewing machines with hundreds of other people.

And a couple days ago we
got a letter from Dr. Balderin,...

...saying that we should come here immediately and
that we're Professor Berry's only heiresses.

We couldn't believe it at first, but the Director of the
factory and all the other girls congratulated us.

And in the newspaper of Middletown it said:
''Lucky over night''.

l have to tell you something, Mary Berry and Jane Berry.

The two of us didn't come here for no reason.

We wanted to...

Yes, we also wanted to give you these back as well.
My friend only kept it by mistake.

We didn't even notice.
-Me neither.

But that's not it.

Right, you didn't know your uncle, did you?

No. Our father never talked about him.

See. Your father had a good reason for that.

Your uncle was a great artist.

And he earned a lot of money with his art.

Here, this pretty castle and everything you inherited.

But unfortunately your uncle also was a man
who used his art in order to...

ln order to...

Oome on girls, l'll show you everything.

Oome on, girls.

You really don't have to be afraid.
We won't harm you.

Where are we now?
-Here is where your uncle was working.

What was our uncle's profession?
-A lithograph, with unique talent.

When he was twenty years old, he won a contest for
the prettiest design for a new 50 Franc-bill.

lt still exists.

And the state paid the young artist
1 ,000 Francs for his work.

He was only twenty years old?

And this bill became defining of his whole life.

Until his death he kept on making lots of bills.

But not for contests,
and no new designs either.

He stayed with the design of already existing bills
and imitated them exactly.

Often better then the originals.

Did two men break in here last night, who pretended
to be Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson?

Where are the two?

A while ago.

They drove back into town?

Uh... Yes sir!
-With the ladies?

Yes. Yeah.

You know that l can arrest you,
if you don't tell me the truth.

Yes, Police Ohief.

So you are certain that the two aren't here in the
house anymore? -Absolutely certain.

And how do you explain that these things are still here?

l don't understand it.

Maybe the gentlemen only went for a walk.
-Or they're still in this house.

Search everything.
You stay here.

l would have rather told you something nicer,
you can believe me.

But you would have found out about it at some point,
and then it wouldn't have been so easy to give it all up.

Give it all up?
-Of course!

Or don't you understand it yet?
-No, l understand everything perfectly.

But it is unfortunate anyway.
l envisioned it all so vividly.

l wanted to have the grand piano tuned.

And the terrace was all done in my head.

And tomorrow morning we wouldn't have had oatmeal,
but a real breakfast at nine o'clock.

The long Poll and the little Peter!

Familiar faces.

Now it gets interesting.
What was your reason for coming here?

Oome on. We'll pack our things and...

...go back to Middletown.

To Middletown?!
Not for the life of me!

What will the director say and the other girls.
What will they write in the paper?

No. Anywhere, but Middletown.

How do you want to get there anyway?
We only have 28.60 Franc left.

l don't care. We won't stay here another minute.

Bravo. We didn't expect anything else from you,
right Macky? -Exactly!

But what will happen to us?

Let's just stay together, that's the easiest, isn't it?
-Of course we'll stay together.

Did you think that we weren't considering what
would happen to you? -Oh yes, we were considering.

He was already thinking about it on the train.

Do you think we only came here to destroy your dream?

And then simply send you back to Middletown?

We'll stay together from now on. Us four.

That is...

...if you want to.

We would like that, wouldn't we?
-We would too. Right Mary?

-Well then!

That's all very good so far.

Now we'll go upstairs and we'll think about what
should happen next in peace and comfort.

So you don't want to say anything?!

Lead them off!
We will loosen your tongue!

We searched everything,
didn't find anything.

Then we'll wait here till the gentlemen
come back from their walk.

May l bring something for the gentlemen?
Wine? Oognac?

No, thank you.

Long waiting makes you thirsty. l'll get you something...
-You'll stay here!

You won't leave this room.

As you say.

Darn it!

The police!

Too early.
-Hopefully Jean keeps mum!

How will we get out of here?


Oome on!

Girls, l can't explain to you right now.
But if the police catch us now, it's all over.

You'll stay here and not move, all right?


Leave it!




Jean? ls that you?

Yes, it's me. Jean.

Everything is fine, Police Ohief.

Darn it, he recognized my voice.


Now he doesn't know what's up at all.
What will he be doing? Elementary?

He'll do elementary deductions.

What will he do?
-Oall the operator.


Operator of Yvelles.

Where did the last phone call come from?
-From the cellar.

From which cellar?
-From the town hall cellar.

So from the town?

Why didn't you say so right away?
-You're impudent!

That's the end!

Did they go away?
-They're running!

lt worked!

They're all gone!

So, you bring Mary and Jane into town to Dr. Balderin.

lf they don't arrive safely,
you won't be my friend anymore.

Afterwards you'll come to the Rue de Brea.

Why do you come into the Rue de Brea?
-ln order to meet you in front of ''Lombard''.

Exactly, because we'll have quite a lot of work there.

Well, that is something!

What's the matter?
-Our wanted poster is hanging here! With a picture!

That's great. We couldn't want a better legitimation.

Oome in here, Macky. Quick!
First door on the left. Oome on!

Macky, we're in precisely the right place.

The gang is sitting over there.
And our stamps are there too. l'll go over there now!

lf l'm not out in half an hour, you'll get
the police. Understood?

Hey Morris, l have the feeling this time it won't
work out. -You always have that feeling.

Yes, but this time...
-This time nothing can happen.

Because l'll come as a friend.


The police are after me!

Where is the boss?

l have to hide.


One moment!

He is here!

The fake Sherlock Holmes.

He is next door in the store.
He wants to talk to the boss.

He can do that!

Tell the boss!
To work!

Get him in here!


Hello boss!

You have to help me.

lt's you, isn't it?!

Good idea.
-Not as good as l thought it was.

Well, what should we do with you? -Doesn't matter.
l'll do whatever you want. And l'll start right away.

Well, only the boss can decide that.
-What, you're not the boss?

Where is the boss?
-Over there!

Get the second one!
He must be somewhere outside, close by.

Unpleasant surprise, isn't it?

Not for me!

l was always hoping that we
would see each other again.

And we had an appointment.
l beg your pardon, ma'am, for not coming.

Unfortunately, l couldn't find a tailcoat that fits.

Well, now l'm here.
-Don't be cheeky!

Where are the things?
-What things?

Uh, the money and the plans?!

Unfortunately, l don't have them on me.
l couldn't know l would meet you here.

You know ma'am, it's too dangerous for me
to carry that much money on me all the time.

Search him!

All sent back to the banks.

The Guldens to Amsterdam, the Pounds to London,
and the Francs to Oherbourg.

And the plans to the police!
-Deciphered. My own work!

So you're a snitch, boy!

Well, you'll pay for that!

Wait, there are other interesting things...

How did you get these two letters?!

Our letter to the exhibition management
about the ''Mauritius stamps''!

And our correspondence with old Berry in Yvelles!

Oome on in!
They're looking for you as well.

Now l understand a lot of things!

For instance why the normally fearful
exhibition manager didn't react to our letter at all!

How do you explain that?

He preferred to ask you to deal
with the case and ''Sherlock Holmes''
promised him to get the real stamps back.

lt was the smartest thing the poor guy could do.

The old fool!
-Tomorrow he'll have the biggest scandal.

l don't believe so.

Tomorrow he'll have his real stamps back.

But l have to say: ''Honor to whom honor is due.''

Maybe you have been in Yvelles?
-Yes, l have been there.

A very interesting laboratory.
-A good nose, like the real Sherlock Holmes.

lt's too bad you apply your skills to the wrong things.

The other one is outside.

Yes, you could've made something of yourself.
-One should support young talent.

But a little coincidence will break your neck now.

l'm that coincidence.
-Yes, you're my bad luck.

Exactly in the moment you're achieving your aim,
it's over.

Exactly now, when you have your nice big
case solved, you can't use this information anymore.

Now, that you found me...

...and my fugitive coworkers,
who've managed to evade the law for years,...

...our nice fake money...

...and the nice real stamps.

Now you're running out of steam. -You shouldn't
think you can still rely on your beloved police.

Now come on!


You damn...

Olose the doors!

Oome on, up there!
Block off his way!

Don't shoot!

Downstairs with them!

Macky, my boy.

You look terrible!

Are you all right?

Help me!

What are you doing? -Don't ask so many questions.
Oome help me! Or they'll come and get
us out of here again.

We're done with them.
-Open the doors again!

Keep on loading!

Lets get it against the door! -But why?
-You'll see in a sec.

Take the lower end, come on!

What's the matter?

The watch is gone!

Open up!

Doesn't work.


Open up!
-You would like that.

Open up!

Now do you know why?

He wants this back.

Open up!

The watch?
Why is that?

lt's the most expensive watch in the world, Macky.

600,000 Francs!

Everybody downstairs!

Oome on!

Hey you!
-What's the matter?

Look there!


What should we do?
-Oome on!

Where do you want to go?
-We have to warn them.

They can't come here now.
-Do you know where they are?

Pawnshop ''Lombard'', Rue de Brea, right?

We will find them.

Get ready!

Attention! Look out!



Go! Oome on!



Go! Oome on!


Oome on, Macky!








Jane, how will we get in here?

Maybe they left already.

Those were the two guys from the train!

What do they want in there?
-lf they get together...

Something must be wrong!
-Oome on!

What's the matter here?
-Why is it taking so long to bring the stuff?

You should help.
They're in there? -Who?


Oome on! Go!


What's the matter?

Sit down.

Those damn bastards!

Oome here.

Now we'll really get it.

You can believe me, Macky.

That this would happen...

l would have never thought.

You must be mad at me
about pulling you in with all this.

Leave it Morris.

Don't bother with me.

Look out!
lt's sliding.


l have something really great.

Here. ln my pocket.

Hands up!

Oome here, one after the other.
And go up there.

And it didn't go wrong!
-Of course not.

But your heart always sinks into your boots right away.

l'm sorry.

This is a great catch!

Lock this store and keep it under surveillance!
-Yes sir.

Olose it up!

Oome on, Macky! Oome on!
Otherwise they might forget us here!

Hello! Hello!

There are two more down here!

ln the name of the law:
you're under arrest!


What were you intending with this impersonation?
-We wanted to aid justice.

Refrain from joking!
-l'm completely serious.

But defendant, you don't expect us to
believe that you lied in order to serve justice.

Oh yes!
That's how it is.

May l have the floor?
l will explain the defendants real reasons.

Well, now l'm curious.
-Me too. Fire away!

Oourt ofjustice,...

...the two defendants had the following criminal plan:

Around the time of the world exhibition,
the richest people from all around the world meet here.

Many of them have small private
sorrows and big secrets.

What would be more obvious than to approach
the incidentally present Sherlock Holmes
and to confide these sorrows to him,... ask him for advice and action,
and to pay him fees and advancements.

Do you have a sense, court ofjustice, about the endless
possibilities you can get with such an impersonation?

How big are the deals a fake detective
can make with all this information?

You can blackmail, you can sell them to other people.

You can have a person remaining in your control
throughout their entire life! Or you can crush him!

Whichever you want.
lsn't that so, defendant?!


You heard the prosecutors explanation.

Respond to that.

l'd love to, court ofjustice.

So far we have heard theories. Unfortunately
l only have facts. May l present them here?

Please, go ahead.
-Now l'm curious. Go ahead!

Fire away!

lt's all true!

We stopped the ''Nord-Express'', stole two tickets,
used two beds without paying for them.

We examined the passes and didn't reject
the unhesitant support of the railway officials.

We apologize to the gentlemen from the train
and thank them at the same time in the name ofjustice.

''Palace Hotel''
-We used an apartment in the ''Palace Hotel''. lt's true.

At the end of the trial we'll be able to pay back
these couple Francs with our reward.

''Oouple Francs''? 564 Francs!
-Why is that?

Well, the rooms aren't canceled till this day!
-What Macky, you didn't cancel the rooms?

No, we'll still need them.

You can keep them in our name,
we'll come over there later.

Defendant, stay with the facts!
-Excuse me, court ofjustice. The facts!

We are accused of having pretended to
be Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

We didn't do that a single time!
Quite the contrary, we contradicted it, right Macky?

We denied and repudiated.
-Where ever we could!

That's exactly it! With denying it, you encouraged your
victims to believe that you were them.
That was exactly your trick!

But district attorney, should we have said that we were,
so that the poor victims believed that we were not?

But you didn't deny being Sherlock Holmes to the police.
-No one asked us there.

They asked us to investigate a case and we did!

And all the gentlemen were very, very, very happy
that we did! lsn't that so, Police Ohief?

You sneaked into our faith!
-Sneaked? Well, that goes a little far!

Macky, did we sneak into the police headquarters?
These three gentlemen picked us up with a car.

And we were welcomed very warmly.
''Welcome! Welcome!'', was what they said.

Yes, gentlemen!
These are the facts.

lt was a warm welcome!
We hit it off right away.

And we thought trust for trust, and we started working.
lmmediately and thoroughly. Day and night!

And with success!

As you can see here.

Allow me, court ofjustice: A couple weeks ago
there were three bank robberies one after another.

ln Amsterdam, Oherbourg and London.
We found the two bank robbers, in the train we stopped.

You see gentlemen, how necessary it was to stop the train!

We took the stolen goods, almost half a million, away from
them and sent them back to the bank. Up to the last penny!

As this post-receipt proves.
Please, court ofjustice.


The deciphered plans.

The Police Ohief had some deciphered plans for a bank
robbery sent to him a couple days ago. lsn't that so?

Yes, that's true. -With this information this robbery was
busted and the perpetrators were caught red-handed.

Yes, that's true.

These plans had thumbprints on them.
-That's true.

Did you check in the rogues' gallery to whom
these thumbprints belonged?

-But you didn't find anything.

No! -You couldn't anyway.
These were our thumbs. Please look at
these strange things. These are the thumbs!

Look and see!

Yes, the Police Ohief managed to
catch a counterfeiter-gang!

We, my friend Macky and l, found them
and played them right into the hands of the police!

But that isn't even all of it.
Go on!


Gentlemen, now to the main point:

Excellency Vangon and the police asked us
to help them in an exceptional case.

And we did help!

You have...
-Yes, Excellency, we have!

Oourt ofjustice, please open the pocket watch
that is lying in front of you.

Yes. And?
-What is in there?


Open the back cap.
-l didn't understand.

Back cap.
-Of course. Please open the back cap.

Excellency, do you want to go up to the court ofjustice?

Please, give the contents to his Excellency.
But carefully. lt represents a value
of over 600,000 Francs!

The stamps aren't here!


One moment.



Now we can start all over again.
-This mysterious magic trick doesn't seem to work.

lt's them! lt's them!
The real ''Mauritius''!

The red ones!
-The blue ones!
-District attorney!

See, the magic trick did work!
Here, Excellency.

Thank you so much!
-Yippee! Hooray!

Hooray! Hooray!

Bravo! Bravo!

-Thank you.

You did a greatjob again!
-And you thought again it wouldn't work out, didn't you?

l'm sorry. But that was the last time.

Thanks for taking me with you.
-You're welcome.

Oan l keep hanging around?
-Of course, Macky.

What would l do without you?

Go sit on the dock again.

Well, why didn't you say all these things in advance?

For that we have to beg the court's pardon.

lt was part of our plan to present it all in public.
-l especially ask the gentlemen from
the press to pay attention.

One rainy afternoon, my friend Macky and l, unhappily
sat up on the sixth floor of the Shaftsbury Avenue 31 1 ,... our detective agency ''Argus''. We only had
four pounds left. -And l had a toothache.

And we didn't have any cases. -After long and thorough
consideration we found the mistake of our business.

Our office. -Detective agency ''Argus''.
-Was too small and too high up.

And so my friend Morris had a brilliant idea.
-With our last money, we bought a different figurehead.

The deerstalker hat.
-A checkered traveling coat.

-And a violin case.

And from that moment on all of a sudden
our business boomed, as you can see.

As Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson we got cases,
Morris Flint and Macky Mack McPherson
never would have gotten!

And we could show what we are capable of!

That was our real reason!
-These are our dark motives!

That was what we intended!
-To aid justice!


May l have the floor?!

Facts convince more than theories.

l am convinced.

But there is one thing the
court is not authorized to forgive.

The abuse of the name and
persona of Sherlock Holmes.

l have to represent his interest here as the prosecutor.
-One moment. Why you, district attorney?

Why not Sherlock Holmes himself?
Where is he, the only aggrieved one?


l am the only aggrieved one.

Oome up here!

What do you want? -l ask the district attorney
to let me represent Sherlock Holmes' interests.

Why you?
-He is my child.

Sherlock Holmes never existed.
Sherlock Holmes never lived.

Sherlock Holmes is a child of my imagination.

My name is Oonan Doyle.

The author? Sir Arthur Oonan Doyle?


You gave my Sherlock Holmes a life and
a face for a short period of time.

That was great of you!

But l have to ask for a minor compensation anyway.

Go ahead!
-Ask whatever you want!

Let me write your story, lt should be called:
''The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes''.

Agreed! -Fifty-fifty?
-All right!

The court has decided to drop the charges for
Morris Flint and Macky Mack McPherson.

Thank you.
Thank you, judge.

District attorney, l thank you too.

Oome here, Mr. Flint!

l have a new case for you. -l'd love to, marshal!
But first l have to take care of another case.

Thank you!

As long as this one doesn't solve itself on it's own.
-Go to him. He's waiting for you!

For me?!

You go down there.
Maybe he's waiting for you?

Oan you maybe tell me now, on which one you decided?

Both of them?

Which one?
-You'll see in a sec!

Which of you had the idea to send
the police after us?! Who?!

We thought...

We meant well!
-l'm not interested. l want to know which of you did it.

lt was her!
-Mary. You?!


Oourt ofjustice?
Oould we exclude the public?

But of course!

The trial is over!