Two Irenes (2017) - full transcript

Irene, 13, is part of a traditional family. One day she discovers that her father has a second family and another daughter of the same age, also called Irene. The two become friends and Irene repeats the double life of her father in a game of secrets and lies.


It's okay. Thank you.

- And the bacon?
- Where you bought it?

It was rotten!

- What do you say, Mirinha?
- What thing?

Dad, Aunt Doroti is going
to bring my dress.

- And mine?
- As well.

She said that my
dress is cute.

Now let's pray for
that another debutante does not appear

with an equal dress.
Right, Solange?

I doubt it.

But I'm already
getting nervous.

And the name of Yolanda that
Did the invitation go wrong?

His name is with Y,
but they wrote it with I.

If it was me, I sent him
to change.

Oh! My roof!

I'm going to ask Madalena
that put poison

to end those cats.

Irene! Oh my God!
So rascal!

Scratching his head
in the table!

You just need to be with lice

So you will have to
shave your head, daughter.

Eat, daughter.

- It's good?
- Very good.


We will also receive
to Giovana Martins!

Applause for Giovana!

Our next competitor:
Cristiane on the catwalk!

Simone! To the catwalk!
Applause for her!

Our next candidate:

Irene! On the catwalk!

Applause for Irene!



Come, daughter.

Dad, you came.
I did not know!

I was pretty, so pretty.
The prettiest.

Already, now! I will remove
the boots ... Ready!

I'm going to throw them out
to the trash!

Only the boots.

I'm just asking you to take off
the boots before entering.

- Now! I'm going to take them off.
- Madalena is tired, Tonico.

You have to take care of the house,
clean the floor ...

Help Madalena, too.

- Why did not you bring the poison?
- But what poison?

I'm not going to put poison
in here inside the house ...

You have to kill them!

Enough, Mirinha!

Enter through the back door
then with those boots!

Enough! Enough! Enough!

I take care of Madalena ...

What happened?

What happened? What?

Can you lend me money?

Take from there!

Help me, Irene.

I will tell mom

and this house is
come down!


It will not happen or
the dance of Solange.

Stop stories,

Everything is coming down!

Stop stories,

I just want to see!

The fabric of that dress,
Doroti ...

It was worth having it
brought from outside, right?

- It's something else ...
- You will be the most beautiful

from the party.

The most beautiful debutante,

Solange is so similar
with you, Mirinha.

It's true.

And how much
Are you cocky?

Looks like mom,
Do you remember?

Oh! I have a surprise!

You guys!

Come and try
what is yours!

Here! Come here,
Cora! Come here!

Look how cute!

Come here,
turn around!

I adored, mom!

Thank your father that
He was the one who bought it.

I want the box.

She will give it to you.

And you, mom?

Have you already chosen yours?

- My dress?
- Yes

- Ah! I'm going to wait a bit.
- Why?

I prefer to be the last.

Not to repeat the color.

Put on the dress, Irene!

Its not my size.

Doroti, do you remember
of my dance?

Do you remember that
when I entered,

I put the club
head down?

That there was not even
a single boy

that he did not want
dance with me?

You have a little face
half known.

Is your family here close?

I never saw you before.

What is your name?


And you?


Who was it that indicated me?

Do you live here alone?

I? God free me

Hello daughter.

Hi Mom.

This is my flower. Irene

And you?

She is Madalena.

How are you?

All right?

Are you going to take a long time,

No my love.
I'm almost done.

Sit here and help me.

Come here, sit here.


Waist: 69

A lot is missing?

No my love.
I'm almost done.

Mamita, you know
where will I go tomorrow?

To the movies.

Are you going to see it again
that movie?

Yes, everyone will go.

I'm going to call dad.

And you, Madalena, will you go?

I dont know.

Arm: 24

Well, it's ready, did you see?



Do you give me a popcorn
of sweet corn?

- Thanks!
- You're welcome!

Look who is here!

Three, to marry.

Madalena, is not it?


Do you want popcorn?

Do not.

Do not you like popcorn?

Not the smell!

How old are you?

Thirteen. And you?

As well.

Your dad was not coming?

He could not.

Pretty you are.

You could participate
at the parade

What's near
from my neighborhood.

Why not?

My parents...

What's wrong with it?
Your father does not leave you?

I dont know.


OK, bye.

Hi, guys.

How are you?

Hello, Murilo.


Thank you.

She is alone?

Hey! Sit here,
by my side!

Do not go.


- Let him sit here.
- Do not.

Madalena, sit here.


Why do you stay
glaring at me?

It is you who looks at me.

- Yes it is.
- Do not.


Hit hit!

Beat, beat!

Finger, finger!


Butterfly, butterfly!

Battle, battle, battle!

Once your mom
had lice.

It was filled with lice.

Your grandmother did not have
the minimum patience.

He cut his hair
well short.

Your mom cried,

I did not go out on the street.

It was sad.

Like she was?

Equal, but different.


Have you already had a boyfriend?


Now I'm old to
that, is not it, dear?

Did you get married?


Have you already kissed?

I do...

You, Irene?


Who? Tell me!


At the cinema.

Little girl!





Stop wearing
my name.

Do not.

Let's go!

Will you give me your hat?

Did you like it here?

I had already come
with my father.

Oh yeah?

How are you?
All good?

And Murilo?
What do you think about the?

I dont know!


Look here!

What a heavy boy!

He is going to get out
the swimsuit.

Do not look.


With what color
Do you want to paint yourself?

That one!

That's the color of old, Irene


Fix yourself with this one,

Well, it's prettier.

You did not know?

The problem is that
after you paint yourself once

you will love
paint always.

Irene, you will not paint
no nail.

You're too young to

Solange paints.

She is older!

Solange, remove the enamel
from his hand, go!

Leave, dad.

Do not! And it is over!
Enough of discussion!

What's wrong with it?



What happens? Are you going to put
brave me, skinny?

I'm doing that for your sake,
Is it clear?


Father! No no!

Everyone to take a bath!

Grab yourself too.
Throw it in me.

Epa! What a surprise!

I opened, eh ?! Great!

You needed it, right?

You are a teacher in
lose hats!

Elegantly Tonico.

What is that? Cats?

Are they yours, Mirinha?

No, of course not, Doroti.
I already asked Madalena for poison.

They are going to destroy me
the roof.

Did you like it, dad?

Yes, I liked it, daughter.

It's a little hot,
but I liked it.

Take him there.
Save it to me

Guess what we have
for dessert?



The ambrosia da Mirinha is famous.

Corita, there is ambrosia!


Bring the dishes and the
cheese, Madalena.

Can you help me with the cheese,

But what about the cake?

It's the ambrosia, Doroti.

Happy birthday! tea
we wish you ...

Go, Irene!
Go sing your father!

Come on, Irene!


Pendular: boy

- It's you, son!
- I know.

Could it be that there is another?

Oh I do not know! He ordered?

Maybe a little brother ...

- I would like, let's see ...
- A girl, Doroti.

Circular movement.

I would like, to see ...

- Do not.
- Unemployment.


One is enough.
Right, son?

Imagine me,
I have three!

Do it with me, daughter.

I! It's me.

And now the next one.

Now it will be Irene.

This is not yet what
they defined very well.

Stop that, son!

This was Irene.

And now? Who is it now?


Do one more, make one more.

Maybe I'll give them
a little brother to you?

What do you say!
Epa! I play wood!

No, at that height ...

Wow, is not that magic
Solange works?

It's not magic, aunt.

Now with Tonico.

Tonico ... Now he gave
for calling me Tonico.

No need, daughter.

If your mother did it,
will give the same

Do it, Tonico. Who knows
Is not there another one out there?

Daughter, do it with your uncle.

Elpidio will not want to do ...

No, no, Mirinha.
I do not believe in those things.

Come on, Elpidio!
Are you afraid?

He does not like these games,
Right, Doroti?

Do you know
that there is another Irene?

- What nonsense is that, daughter?
- Yes

Another Irene.

She lives in the
Other side of the world.

In Japan.

Then it is far!

But she is equal to me.

What I do, she does.

I like to think like that,

because only one
Irene is little.

I think the sister
you are crazy.

The boys have
each one, right?

Do not you think?

Solange, do you have to do
with your own hair?

Hey, Tonico?

Nonsense, daughter!

You do not feel like
to have another daughter?

Stop, Irene!
What an annoyance!

Another Mirinha I know that does not exist.

Ah, sister-in-law! I like you very well,
but luckily ...

Go figure!
You were going to love two Mirinhas?

How time passes!
Right, Marluce?

The other day Ivana was born
and he's already getting married.

Marriage is a lot of work!

The party, the dress,
the groom's family ...

It seems so beautiful,
so pretty

the bride to marry the same
dress of the mother.

Is romantic!

It's to see if I'm lucky.

It's cute!

It's true, Madalena.

That's how you'll find a boyfriend

Do you like a boy?

Do not.

No? I bet yes!

Marluce, I'll leave it
a little loose

in the waist,
because sure

until the wedding is going to grow,

It smells good, Neuza.

My husband's birthday

You have to prepare
a better meal!

- I do not know him yet.
- True...

He travels a lot,
poor thing.

But he warned that it will arrive
on time

to spend his birthday at home.

What are you preparing?

This time I'm going all.

Pork ribs and bacon.

Can I try?

Are you hungry, honey?

Do not.

I want to try.


But you will have to
wait a little,

because it must still be raw.

Will you give me the towel, please?

It was very nice



How cute!

Am I "beautiful"?

I adored!

And then, Madalena.
Did you like the rib?

Eat with your hand, bobita.


And the pork rind?
Did you try it?

Try it too,
It's delicious.

The rib is good
eat it with your hand.

My love!

Doña Neuza,

How did they choose
the name of Irene?

That was his father's thing.

Right, my love?

I made a delicious ambrosia,

Do you want to try it?
- Do not.

You do not like?

I do not want.

And why, Madalena?

You ate the rib,

Now you have to taste the ambrosia.

I do not want.

Why? Here it is like this:

ate rib,

eat ambrosia too.
It's delicious.

I do not want.

Hey, here at home,
who eats the one,

eat the other too.
Did you hear?

It is very good

I'll bring you a little.

I already said no!

Everything was dark
and the walls were not visible.

I walked and walked

and I could not find the exit.

It was when I saw a drawer

and I approached.
Closer and closer.

Are you listening, Cora?

There was an old woman inside.

Who is she?

It could only be the grandmother.


When did grandma die?

What nonsense, Irene!

A bat!

Grandma was in the drawer.

But instead of flowers,
There was food inside.

How disgusting!





There was up flan.

And me,


and Cora we were there.

In front of her.

She was wearing a black dress.

His skin was wrinkled like that.

- And the big eyes ...
- Irene!

And you, Solange,

you started eating
everything that was inside.

Enough! Enough!

Now it is OK!

Come here, daughter.
Dad came, let's eat.

Hello! Goodnight!

- Hello, my daughter.
- Hello.

You delayed!

I fell behind a bit, Mírinha.

Hey, I'm not going to eat anything.

I ate something in the afternoon and now
I'm not hungry.

Hello daughter.

Hello, dad.

Oh! These boots!

- I'm not going to eat either.
- Oh, yes, ma'am!

Will you force me?

You did not eat
You have to eat, Irene!

I already ate.

Leave her, Mirinha.

Did you understand that we were
waiting for dinner

and that she still did not eat?
- It's okay! She eats later!


Can I not eat too, mom?

Come on, Cora, come on!

Come on, daughter, come on.
One, only. Anda

Eat, my love.
It's mom's sopita that you like.

Eat, love.
Look at the plane, just one.

Cora, come out!


But Silmara should know
to the daughter who has, right?

What will you study outside?

And you do not know the worst!
Do you know what Silmara answered?

What they thought
very unpleasant

the comments
Regarding the daughter,

that she is under
the guardianship of the sister

and that if the girl is doing
some wrong thing

it's because the sister herself
He is doing something wrong.

Can such a thing?

It's a cheek, is not it?
Wait a minute. What?

I'm going there to study.



No, it's nothing.
It was Irene who was here.

Do you believe that, girl?



Mom, I'm going out with Madalena,
all right?

Oh, Dona Neuza!

Where are you going, Madalena?

We go to the house of
a friend of hers, mom.

I'm waiting,
Do you know Irene?

Look what you are going to invent,

if you will not see them with me,
Did you hear?

Let's Dance

- Do not.
- Come!

Look at Murilo there.

He is cute, is not he?

Wait for me here, I go there.

So you know me?

Not one hundred percent.

Not one hundred percent?

Could I meet you?



"He turned off the engine
and turned off the lanterns.

We belong
one to the other.

And you can be mine
until the end,

without fearing the consequences
of our act ... "

- Hey!
- "Miguel lifted her from the bank

and he carried her in his arms
to the edge of the cliff.

It was in that place
that was sighted,

in all its extension,

the islands that formed
the archipelago of the Canaries.

Trudy still remembered
of what happened the first time,

when it was debated
to free himself from his arms.

Now his body was
serene, confident, calm,

ready to receive it
with open arms."

"It was that moment

that both wanted
It was a long time ago.

The moment of mutual abandonment

to the sublime ecstasy of love.

Slowly, as if
savor every gesture

that preceded the decisive moment,

Miguel shook her tenderly

and approached the lips
to his half-open mouth. "

"You are the woman
with whom I dreamed,

the most adorable creature
that exists in the world.

He murmured in his ear,
kissing her in the eyes,

the ears, the crimson mouth
and wet with desire.

"This time it was Trudy
who murmured

the soft words in Spanish.

That's what he really felt:

a great love for Miguel.


The feeling
that you will experience by Derick

It was superficial and frivolous.


I'm already here, daughter.

Come, Irene.

Come and meet my father,

Come, Madalena,
know my father.

Let's go!

Then I look for my bicycle.

Where are you going?


Let go!

It was delicious, was not it?

It was wonderful!
With those raisins ...

Oh, daughter, you delayed a lot!

You have to pay attention
at the time, Irene.

Look how beautiful.

And these feet, Irene?

Go bathe, go.

Today there is snack,
your father is not here

Do not!

Go bathe first.

I already told you.

Where is the?

He traveled. Today will not come.


Go, go, Irene!
Call your sisters.

Solange! Cora!

I did not tell you to scream.

What's the matter, girl?
Why do you look at me like that?

You are filthy.
Where were you?

Why do not you take care of your life?

What do you say?

I'm going to call them.

Did you think it over?

It's the age, Mrs. Mirinha.

Now give the little flight
to see your dress

Now look at my little flight!

- How are you? Did you like it too?
- Yes

Then say: How nice!


Look at this, come here, come here.

Hello, Mr. Mayor!

Wow, it's good to see you here.

Hello, Mr. Mayor! Caramba!

Do you think I did not see you using
low-cut clothing too?

And that?

And that?

Oh, how long!

Thank you.

Seriously, thank you very much!

Irene, that's not funny.

For me if.

For me if.

Your clothes too
They have a lot of grace, you know?

I know!

I know!

No, Cora!

Come here!

Take one more turn.

And another little walk

Irene, enough!

I asked you to stop with that!


One two three four.


in my dress too,
so you can help me

Hey! Hello!

Where are my princesses?

We are in the middle of the dance,

- Hello.
- Dad, dad, dad!

Hello, little girl.


What a cute dress, daughter!

No no.

If you're not going to mess everything up.
Go to your room.

Thank you.


You called me dad again,

Is the rage over, eh?

Do you want me to warm your food?

No, daughter. Thanks, I already ate.


Do you like it here?
This house?

What question is that, daughter?
Of course.

I make you an orange juice.

Irene! Irene!

Stop stop Stop!
I do not like!


- How about?
- I liked.


Since when do you know?

- Of my father?
- Yes

A while ago.

But my mother
He does not know that I know.

Wow, what a hot shoe!

Could it be that my mother knows?

I do not know, ask her.

And that ring?

Who gave you?

My father.

- It does not fit on your finger.
- Of course.

Do you think we look alike?

More or less.

Because, more or less?


What do you think of all this?

Listen to my heart, Irene

Oh, Don Tonico.

A cat unless.


Help me here, Irene.

Poor thing!

Do this
the kitten.

Killing cat brings bad luck.

I'm in love, Irene.

Did you fall in love?

Do not.

I think not.

Is it Murilo?

Yes, he's cute, right?

More or less

Because, more or less?

I dont know.

I will tell you that we are boyfriends.

You have to be determined, right?

I went to my mother.

Come, let me do on you.

Did you talk about me to someone?

I'm not going to tell you.

I will send a letter to Murilo,

declaring me

How about?

I dont know.

Never give to know
what are you thinking.

I left my father.

Murilo kisses well?

Have you already kissed?

Do you want to do it?

Do you want me to teach you?


Your mom is calling you
to cut your hair.

I will not go.

I want to let it grow.

What is it? New blouse?

Did your mom give it to you?

It's half indecent, daughter.


Are you looking at me differently?

Different like?


No, for me you're still the same.

My little girl always.

But I do not want to.

You do not want what, girl?

Be your little girl

Come here, let me see you.
Come here.

Let me see.

You're pretty!

You're cutting a lot, mom

I'm leaving, mom.

What blouse is that, Irene?

It's new.

- You're not going out like that, huh?
- Can I go, Irene?

- I can go. Irene?
- No, Cora!

I'm not badly dressed.



Leave her, mom.
He is wearing simple clothes.

- In our family, no!
- Big family!

What are you saying?

Petulant girl!

You do not love me!

Do not spit!

How disgusting!

Imitate him.


Now in you



You drink, huh?

Look how much bird!

Do you think I'll kiss Murilo like that?

You're wonderful.

Soft and fine.

He's German.


Thank you.






Come here.


I did not get scared.

Come here.

Oh! Ba!

- That belt is horrible!
- Who's going to look at my belt, huh?

Use the other and put on your jacket.

I'm not going to put it on.
It is very hot, nobody goes with sack.

- Put on your sack, Tonico!
- I'm not going with sack!

That dress is not well put,

Is this, Mirinha?

It's that!


- How beautiful you are, daughter.
- Thanks Dad.

What a thing, my God!

Oh no, mom!
You will not cry, mom!

Let's go?

Come on, Cora.

Come! Come on, come on, woman!

- Chau, Bá.
- Bye.

- Chau, Madalena.
- Bye.

You're pretty, dear.


Let's go girls.

Come on, Cora.

Let's take a picture, Solange.

No, no, let's go inside.

A picture!

Hello, Bá!

Where were you, Irene?

Wash your hands to eat.

That girl's cue, Madalena ...

You had to see that
girl with heels.

Everyone is waiting for you.

Don Tonico comes to lunch?

Finally your sister arrived.

So, now let's eat.

Do I put salt on the potatoes?

Bring the rice.

I'm hungry.

I know my love. We're just
waiting for your sister.

Come, Irene!

Oh, daughter!
I can not stop thinking

in you entering that room!

Ow mom!

What is this? Who are you?


What is this joke?

I'm Irene!

Where is dad?



Come eat, daughter!


Irene! Come eat!

Your father is already here.