Two Gods (2020) - full transcript

The story of Hanif, a Muslim casket maker and ritual body washer in Newark who take two young men-Naz and Furquan-under his wing to teach them how to live better lives.

- Yo.
- Salam alaikum, bruh.

Did Sr. Khadija call
you, Lil Sis just call you?

No she didn't
call me, why what's up?

She gonna call you
'cause somebody just died,

just now in the emergency room and
they want them in a box like right now

whoever it is, they want
them in a box right now.

They want 'em in a box right now?

Yeah, she just died
in the emergency room.

Where she at?

She had to go to the funeral home.

She said drive her up,

bring her to the funeral home.

So you come to me real fast, help
me put this shipper on. We got the truck.


That's right, man I wasn't
totally sure, what's going on.

This is amazing to me,

this is something, like a love right here.

It's what I'm supposed to be doing.
And I always keep it focused on the work.

You know what I mean?

You may not understand
but I put dedication

and pride to what I do, I really do.

And I take life serious,

'cause this ain't no
damn game by no means.

♪ Girlfriend yes I had your girlfriend ♪

You don't know nothing about that.

♪ That was your love 'cause
she was a last life ♪

♪ Girlfriend, girlfriend
yes I had your girlfriend ♪

Yeah, yeah.

I used to go with Rashad
to deliver caskets.

So one day, Rashad said to me,

'Now I can be paying you,
you can do this here,

it ain't that hard.'

And ever since then,

I've been building these caskets.

No I'm not worried about that.

Yeah I need to know where
to cut the other one.

Don't worry about one just do one,

you can do the other one tomorrow.

I'm 12. More responsibilities in life now.
I turn a little bit older.

Come on, you gonna sing happy birthday?

Happy birthday dear Furquan,

Happy birthday to you.

Alright now,

that's too much cake though,

this cake not going nowhere.

Whatcha got, double layers?

This is my bathroom.

I got a pull in shower, pull out shower.

This my room.

Me and my brother share a room,

my mom and her boyfriend share a room.

This is my mom's, Trouble go sit down.

I just want a good birthday, that's all.

Go man, about to get you.

So hot out here, they sweating.

Let's go Hanif.

Be good lil bruh, you heard me?

Hey! Hanif!

Grab this, pour the
bottle as you're walking

round the back, man!

He all right.

He think he's my only uncle but he not.

There's two more, He's the baby, boy.

I used to work nights,

and he used to babysit my kids.

I get in the house, every light is on.

I'm calling and calling and
my kids answer the phone,

I'm like where's Uncle Hanif?

He right here on the couch.

What do you mean? Sleep.

Uncle Hanif, the kids up they
supposed to be in bed for school.

Do not ever let him babysit for you.

No babysitting and that is on record.

Don't babysit.

I had to come here,
then she fussed at me.

I'm the niece.

Yeah, I let them see

I'm not the mamma, I'm the niece, okay?

You listen to me.

When he was younger he was,
still on the wrong path.

You know what I mean?

Through Uncle Hanif's
experiences, his bad stuff,

his rough time, I let him
be an example to my kids

because you could come out
of that, if you choose to.

But what Uncle Hanif,
even though I fuss at him

like he my son, and God or Allah,

whatever his caller is High Above,

has helped him really
recognize what he has,

what he lost, and what he can do.

I will, I must stop the violence.

Beloved brothers and sisters,

you know it's gotta be bad
when a mortician come out,

and tell you to stop killing.

We tired of patching up bullet wounds,

we tired up putting your
skull back together.

I'm on my way.


I did four also. I'll
be there in a minute.

We have an obligation, as Muslims,

to change things with our hands.

We have a condition here
and now of our people,

Waiting to exhale.

To exhale from what?

From burying our children,
because of the streets.

I played the streets man, getting high

playing with the gun
just trying to survive.

So as years went by, I
started going to prison.

I caught myself up, I'm not
gonna never blame nobody,

for the shit that I did.

That's when I realized
it was time for a change.

I met Hanif through,
he taught me how to build

caskets that they bury Muslims in.

He taught me a lot of stuff.

I wanna experience it.

It's not as easy as it look,

but he want me to wash
the bodies with him.

I'm a little scared of dead people,

I don't really like that stuff.

I'm still like a big ol' kid.

This for you right here
Naz, this for you right here.

When I first met Hanif,
it was like an older, older brother

that I don't have
'cause I'm the only child.

And you know you can call me anytime,

like I'm flipping running but,

I just don't want you,

to get caught up in that extra shit man.

I just don't want you to
get caught up in that.

He took me to plenty masjids,
meet new people.

I think it was the second day of Ramadan.

So if it wasn't for him,

I probably wouldn't know
as many Muslim brothers,

that I know now.

He started off from where I started from,

and it feel good
'cause no matter what I go through,

I know that if I call
Hanif, I know he gonna come,

I know he always there for me.

- Salam Alaikum.
- Walaikum asalams.

You put your your
thumbs in here, like this,

and the other one, and
then you put your gloves,

so that the water and everything.
But you should tape your sweater.

Hanif, you already cleaned him off?


While your washing,
all you doing is raise him, here,

so you just use your
left hand in those areas.

So we gonna hold him out like this here,

and then we'll wash correct.

Second time I did a washing,

it was a friend of mine.

It was an honour and
opportunity being able to,

help the ones that got called home,

and knowing my time was coming.

Rashad pretty much put me under his wing.

What's important
is, you give them their right,

which is wash them, properly.

And while you're taking pride,

into doing what you're doing,

because they're no longer
able to do it for themselves,

you're receiving the benefit

and the mercy from your Creator.

The benefit and the
blessing that comes from it,

Who doesn't need 40 major sins removed?

Who doesn't need, all your sins removed?

What you learned today is what happens,

to a Muslim after they die.

In case I was to get killed,

or I was to die of natural causes,

what you supposed to do to me?

Wash my right side, wash my left side,

clean me up, shroud me, right? Right?


Take me on this doggone
bike, they ain't gonna see me.

Ain't gonna see what?

Don't go that way yo.

Bruh bruh, I'm trying to turn around.

Yeah but still don't go that way.

See, he told me to turn, he did.

Woo baby baby! I got this thing here.

Don't go that way.

Come on, today's my day off.

Okay, let me see what you working with.

Today's my day off, bruh.

Today my day off I'm all by myself.

You is?
My mom...

You ain't by yourself then,

You with us.

My mom, stepfather and my brother
went to a party.

Oh for real?
Yeah and I didn't wanna go.

And you didn't
wanna go. Why is that?

It was a kiddie party.

I'm not about to go to no kiddie party.

You a kid.

I ain't a kid.

I'm a grown man.

So you wouldn't help me
if I needed your help?


I need your help.

You gonna need brakes to
do a wheelie on this one.

Jump right at it, be careful.

You gotta make sure
that it's lined up right.

This not a gun that you
use to hurt people with, okay?

So just be careful on how you doing it.

Hold that don't shoot it.

You want to make sure
it's even just like this,

now shoot. Push it out, take it out,

take it off the board now put
it back down and shoot it,

make sure it's even.

You can hold this board.

Now look over there and see
if anything come out.

No, like this all right?

Yeah, take that off.

You tell your
friends on what you do?


Or what you help doing.

You think that would be a good
experience for them to learn?

Yeah, maybe.

What friends
are you hanging around?

I really hang around
basically my cousins.

Girls. You be around girls?

That's not a good answer.

So when I saw you, who you was with?


At the park.

Oh. A girl.

So you be around girls?


Wanna try this?

Right there?

Right there,

push your weight use
your back arm and push.

Don't let it lean up off you.

Push, push, push, push, push good job.

Let me see how you get up there.

Hold this for me Furquan,
give me this concrete.

What this?

Furquan actually
is a very strong kid.

But when you live in that neighbourhood

and you grow up in that neighbourhood,

he's like a speck in a
mountain full of snow.

You know what I'm saying?

He sticks out like a sore thumb.

And him not having a father image,

somebody to take him to
play ball or to go fishing.

He's never had anybody.

You got lucky, you just
owe me a slice of pizza.

You got money?

You got the money.
I have no money.


I like him, he could be a good kid.

He just need guidance.

He don't need the quality
time on the street.

If I die what would you do?
What would you do if I died?

I'd bury you.

I appreciate that.

And then I take your business over,

then I'll be building caskets.

And take over all of this.


I didn't know he look like me,
everyone say he look like me.

Does he look like me?

Y'all tell him put
the gloves on. Yeah, yeah.

If I hurt my son, man.

Put the gloves on.

You really think you can
handle your dad though?

That's crazy my dude.

You really think you can handle that?

I'll get 'em if you think you can handle.

Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Get the gloves, go on.

When I was
locked up I left my son.

You know, did I think about him?

Maybe yeah, maybe no.

At that time I
was just thinking 'Well,

he gone and I don't know
when he coming home.'

I just wanted him home.

But as I grew older, I
was just disappointed.

So now, I just told him,
'Just stay out the way.

If you've just got some good going on,

just stick to what you got
going on and that's it.'

If you just settle down.

If you just settle down.

Imma settle down.

Settle down and box,

and I'll let you get a punch off.

I can't, I can't.

That's it man.


I just want to hit him hard one time.

Something to rub in his face.

I've been watching
this little scene that um,

Naz wanted me to look at
something, so Imma take a peek at it.

♪ These niggas don't own shit ♪

♪ These bitches be on dick ♪

♪ I'm just trying to get money
and stack it and stay focused ♪

♪ I've been on my own shit, out
the glock let it pop and reload it ♪

♪ These niggas don't own shit ♪

♪ These bitches be on dick ♪

♪ I'm just trying to get money
and stack it and stay focused ♪

I was disturbed, I was
fucked up on that video.

And the reason why I was
fucked up on that video,

I see you doing something,

that I wouldn't approve of or celebrate

and that's slinging that motherfuckin gun

and singing that rap shit,

I'm not pleased with it,
I'm not approving that shit,

I don't like that shit.

Me personally, I didn't see Naz.

I didn't see my little bruh,

But I need to know who the
fuck that was slinging that shit

and I know it wasn't my little bruh Naz.

That's what I got to say right there.

That wasn't you bruh.

Today is one of his friend's
birthday and he's not here, right?


Yeah one of they friend's
birthday but he's not here.

He got ki...

That's the one that the cop's killed?

Lot of young Black sons though.

That's sick, talking about 18.

Eighteen, I can't believe that,

that's why I'm happy to see my son, 18.

♪ Happy Birthday Dear Nazir
Happy Birthday to you ♪

They didn't put it
in a freezer or no?

We just gonna scoop it up.

Yeah, my son 18, they say you look nice,
then I'm like thank you.

Naz is cool like his mother.

My mom always tell me that,

society is waiting for a slip up.

For me, it's just outside usually

I find myself hanging
with the wrong people.

Like last year when I got locked up,

and that's how it is,
they waiting for a slip up,

so they can send me right back in there.

That had to be in 2000 'cause
he probably was like five months.

I'm strong, nothing
really can bother me,

'caus this is Ramadan
and I can go to jummah on Fridays

and usually it made me just
feel like a cleansed person.

Like I just cleaned myself.

Usually it's Jummah to clear my mind.

Stop you know I'm fat you
can't give me rib shots.

Now give your mother a hug.



45-year-old Kofi Owens was shot

and killed around 1:00 a.m.
on South 16th street

in East orange.

Owen's wife exclusively
tells us her husband,

her high school sweetheart and
father of their two children,

was sitting in a car
with his 25-year-old son,

and a former student when Owens
and his son were both shot.

Kofi, we honour you.

We thank you for the life,
you share with the world.

We speak your name, rest well.

And now I'd like to bring up,

Mr. Owens's mother Gloria Owens.

I just want to
say that, he was a blessing.

I was thinking we could march
on Washington, we can march,

in the streets.

But we need to march for our children.

What is the plan?

It takes a village to
raise a child, children.

Who are you raising today?

Who are you mentoring today?

So I'm asking, that you rise
up, and raise this village.

You gotta live not die.

It's not hard to die.

But they make it to
where it's hard to live.

'Cause you dying now
and you don't even know it.

I know how to nurse the body.

I know how to help the body.

I'm not afraid of the body.

I hold them in my arms,

to let them I guess to get a smell on me,

get a whiff at me, or just
they be right here.

Where's my Roman Candle?

Hurry up, hurry up Shamir light this.

Do mines too, at the same time.

We lit, ah, we lit.

I want juice.

You ain't getting no juice.

I want juice.

Tyree stop, get off.

Go get you a 50 cent juice, go, go, go

I can't go in there...

Go, go I'm telling you to go.

When I'm alone, I talk
to God, sometimes.

What do you guys talk about?

That's between me and God.

That's between me and God.

I can't tell my prayers.

I was walking, the cops, I was walking.

But they said they had my
description or whatever,

and then they grabbed me.

I got locked up on 12th Ave,
I'm like I live right here.

They didn't catch me in no car or nothing,

they just put me there.

They didn't find no key on me.

They didn't find me in the car.

I was blocks away from "the car".

That's how it is.

They know I've been locked
up for stolen cars so

why not?

I know he don't be out there
with drugs or guns

or anything like that,

but if he's out there he's affiliated.

I was doing good too.

Just when they see you doing
good, they smack you, boom.

I had a really, really good
mom, my mom was really good.

So she helped me a lot.

Just making sure that, Nazir
had the best of everything.

He was in the house a lot with my mother,

he was really close to my mom,

but she passed away in 2014.

He was the one who was there,
he had to call the ambulance,

He had to ride in the ambulance
he was the one who was with her.

As an adult when you grieve,

it's kind of hard for you. As a child,

I think it's actually harder.

He was grieving, but I've
had to start dealing with him

actually like getting into trouble.

I'm still grieving my mom,

but I still have to be a mom.

He never was in trouble
until my mom passed

so it's really, really
hard. It's really hard.

How may I help you?

Can you transfer me to the ER?

To the ER?

Sure. Hold on one second.

Hello, can you tell me Tom Masino's status?

I can't give you
anybody's status over the phone.


Okay, thanks.

Guess what?


Mommy had to get seven staples,

on top of her head.

What happened?
He pushed her down?

He pushed her into the radiator.

Oh my god.

She gotta go back on
the 8th to get stitches.

She got staples in her head now.

It's all blood all over
her hair and stuff.

I don't fucking believe
it. I just don't believe it.

Last night, I was
sleeping in my mom's room.

My mom went to sleep. He kept
making noise and stuff.

So I got up and went in my room.

He was all drunked up,
smoking, drinking stuff.

Then he kept saying stuff to
me so I was like, 'Suck my dick.'

He started hitting me when we
got on the porch, he hit me.

Has he hit you
before when he's drunk?

I don't wanna talk about that.

Because I should have never left.

Yeah assalam alaikum.

I'm at my sister's.

I thank Allah much for my
family, my sisters, my niece

and my mom.

Because of them, I have
somewhere to rest my head,

but sometimes I just
don't want to go nowhere,

stay in that damn car.

Let me share something with y'all.

I had an opportunity to sell
drugs just a couple days ago.

I had it in my hand.

I was so scared.

I had a shot at it, strong shot at it.

Did for a couple of hours, two hours.

Shittin' me. I hold on to that thing,
he straight convinced me.

Laid the money out to me
and how much money,

What it can be, what we can do.

So damn scared bruh, I gave it back,

because I can't live that life.

I'm struggling man to make
it to where I gotta make it,

to go to where I want to go.

How I'm gonna get there.

Is keeping my head up, keeping my focus.

How imma get there?

In trying to save a life.

Did he tell you what
happened a couple weeks ago?

What about her head?

Yeah, what happened
to Furquan as well.

No, he hasn't said it
to me yet, we'll talk.

But I really feel, she
has to sign over papers,

For me to get him in school down there.

But I know that if he is
in, a different environment,

he'll be a different kid.

Like I told you, you fall into a rut,

it's like a deep hole, And
no matter how much you dig

and scratch and scrape, you can't get out,

That's the way your mother is.

But that doesn't mean that
you have to go through that.

That's your mother.

That's not you.

You're a whole different person.

You got your whole life ahead of you.

Right when he comes back.

He's gonna realize
how much I care for him.

I'm not leaving, I'm
gonna stay down there.

Might be good for you,

Have you thought about that?

I'm gonna miss you.

That's all right man.

As long as I know you're alive,

I'll make it my business to get at you.

How about that?

Give Furquan a hug and a kiss.

Make sure you call when
you get down there, okay?

What's up nigga?

You gotta get a hair cut, dude.

When you gonna get a hair cut?

I don't know.

He gave me a curfew anyway.

What's the curfew?

Eight o'clock.

Me being in the house all day?

I can't do that.

I don't even know, I go
to probation on Mondays.

I got to text my probation
officer every night,

Tell him I'm in the house.

And I've only been on my
brace for prolly like two days.

It's like somebody's just tracking
me every day of my life.

I'm free now but it's kinda like I'm not.

It's like I'm outside but like I'm inside.

Because every time I
turn around, it's court,

court, probation officer
popping up to my house.

There is always something,
and the school I'm at now,

you miss one class it feels
like you missed a lot of stuff.

So one minute I'm in class learning it

and finally getting the way
things is in class.

And then the next minute,

I'm just lost because I gotta
go to court or something.

I thought it was gonna be
easy I guess, but it's not.

This thing prolly gonna get chopped off.

Young man, if he talks, I don't know.

He probably say I didn't mean to call you.

What's up black man?

Get out your nose you
gonna eat the boogers?

Come on man.

Get some tissue in that shit.

That shit don't look right bruh.

Let me finish what I'm doing.

I'm making caskets right
now I gotta finish up.

All right.
But Imma send you some pictures,

I want you to see that's what
I do just to let you know.

I love you Monkey.

I love you too champ.


Let's see.

Individual teachers will
provide a list of items needed

for their class at open house.

So of course, we didn't go to open house.

Because that was before
you was even down here.

Here's the erasers you need.

Says number 2 pencils,
that's what you got.

This is two packs of 20,
but I think that's to share.

I'm not sharing.

Yes you are, we do what we're
supposed to do here, okay?

That's for kids that come to school

that may not have a pencil.

Just like if you happen to go
to school and don't have a pencil.

That's why we do that.

That's how they do it here.

You don't want to go the first day

up and down and I need
this and I need that,

I want to make sure you're prepared.


You got to remember you're
in a whole new environment,

whole new rules.


Nazir! Keerah!

Yo, what the fuck man,

Your mom said you try to cut
that shit off.

It's cut.

What the fuck you cut it for?

You can't.

How did you
manage to cut the motherfucker off?

With a knife.

And it came off?


What made you do it man?

What the fuck happened
man, explain that man.

I need to know, what you got
to tell me man this is not you.

I'm on a brace, but my mother every time.

We get into an argument or
something is 'Oh I'll call a cop or

I should have told them to keep you.'

That's Keerah. That's your mother.

She's like that because
its her emotions man,

Because she knows she's fighting
that battle by herself.

You still going to the program?


Oh God.

Be careful man.

If I go to the program they
can come get me from there.

So now you on the move,
'cause you frustrated.

Fuck that man, I've
fucked up a lot of times,

but I'm not gonna do nothing to
jeopardize my life.

That ain't gonna happen bruh.

You know how many times Naz I
wanna fucking get high to numb myself,

to numb myself to try and
escape the reality of it.

That shit ain't happening man.

Yeah I don't know man.

That shit hurt me man.

That hurt me man.

Okay, I'm getting in. Stop.

Aaah! Stop.

Man forget this.

Aaah! Jesus, stop.



I made some bad decisions
down here in school.

So a kid just kept saying 'Jersey Boy,

Jersey Boy what you gonna do?'

So I choked him up, I yoked him up,

grabbed him by the neck and
threw him on the ground.

That's when the maths teacher,
came to me and said,

'You can't be doing that.'

But they're like all
red necks and stuff like that.

You know how they call us the N-word?

We call them red necks.

I've tried to remember
the situation he's in.

But I also tell him that
he can't use that as a

crutch no longer, because he's not there.

He's here.

The month of Ramadan is that in which,

the Quran was revealed.

Therefore, whoever of you
who is present in the month,

shall fast a right number of days.

Last Ramadan I was home.

So I still start my day
off how I want I want

and fast regular.

But now it's too hard.

Because I'm running in the streets,

I don't got a balanced
sahoor meal in the morning,

plus running the streets, its hard.

I don't know why you
think your comfortable

in this motherfuckin street, bruh,
'cause you're not.

Me personally I say get
rest, get normal rest,

shower, eat, change clothes,
go home and do that shit, bruh.

But they already know like
once I cut off the brace,

they have a warrant issued out for you.

So they know I'm on the run.

They tryin' to get me.

I know it's hard for you right now,
'cause you tryin' to fast.

Yeah, it's gonna be hard because you

worry about these pigs and
which way they gonna come.

I've been locked up a lot of times.

I've been put on probation,
I've been put on braces but,

to a certain amount
that you could take,

'till you're just like 'I'm done.'

Even though you don't want to be done,

you just like 'I'm done.'

I can't do it, I can't do it.

Amen, glory
hallelujah church say Amen.


Your lord and saviour Jesus
Christ, praise God hallelujah.

We couldn't be here this
morning, give him glory,

we give him honour and we give him praise.

Praise God hallelujah.

Come on down and give
up to Jesus, praise God.

If you ain't got positive
influences in your life,

you're subject to fall through the
street, the gangs, the drugs,

I know, because I lived it and
when I first got locked up,

I was facing the death penalty.

That's what I had but
by His grace and mercy,

I didn't get that.

It come to a point I realized
I had to make a change.

Take me off speaker real quick
I got to tell you something.

Make sure he can't hear me

because on what I'm
getting ready to tell you.

Yeah yeah yeah.

Naz got locked up.

Aww, man.

Yeah, Keerah's son.

When, this week?

Couple of days ago, police come

and say they charging him for murder.

Aww, man.


I'm gonna get in and
do a little more for him.

'Cause he not gonna get away,
I can't let him get away.

I can't let him get away, man.

Naz, you're not built like
that son, you're not Naz,

you're not son.

Please understand you're not Naz,

you're not bruh,
you're not built like that.

It ain't for you to go that route.

'Cause it's gonna come at you
at the end of the day,

It's gonna come at you.

Two, one, seven, eight.

Your Honour, has a p-number
associated with a warrant that should be

receiving stolen property
and resisting arrest for Mr. Powell.

That case was merged last
week into a homicide file,

which is currently pending.

When they call me like, 'Is
this the parent of Nazir?'

I always get like 'What
happened to my son?'

Please don't tell me that I
have to go identify a body.

I don't want my son
to spend his first adult years,

in jail, but in the streets, you might die

from being in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

Gonna be in stance,
right over left, left over right.

Stuff like that.

Calms me down, let's me
get my anger out when

I go out there on the mat.

'Cause all that stuff
that happened to me

when I was little and stuff like people

hitting me and stuff like that.

To come down here, that's
what I was praying for.

That's good, see God answers
your prayers, doesn't he?



It's your mama.

Yo man! I wanna come down
there and see you my dude!

Come down here then, you got $600?

To wrestle you?

Yeah anytime.

Yeah, we're gonna go to the gym

we will let people see us wrestle.

I want to let them see me pick you up

and drop you on your head.

I'm playing, bruh.

You be doing good though?

How is school coming along?

It's going good.

Keep doing what you're doing.

There's nothing out here.

Try to be out here to survive, that's it.


Alright, I'll talk to you later.

You want to run and go now,

make sure you take a bite of

pork chops for me.

Bye, I'll see you later.

All right, I love you be good man.

Keep doing what you're doing.

I'm proud of you.

I would like to give him a
hug for him to feel my energy.

But bruh, right now I'm kind of hurting.

And I'm trying to figure
out maybe the wrong things,

of what I'm doing.

What you mean by that?

That's my point, I don't
know what I mean by that.

I had a little incident,
happened to me over the week.

Where I got locked up.

At the end of the day
I can't blame nobody.

I can't.

And I'm hurt.

What the hell did I do?

Was all this worth it?

Someone in our
own circle, grown person

thought apparently the same
thing these kids thought.

Where did you find it
to be worth anything

if you end up in a
penitentiary or in a cemetery.

I don't care what kind of life you live.

When the washers
and other people come through,

I don't know who they know,
I don't know what they do.

But people are relying on me.

And the brother Hanif, you know,

I'll tell him, I still love you,

but you can't come in here.

Boom, they got
fireworks son, I want some.

I just want to visit my brother
and my Nana.

See how my grandma been doing.

She been in the hospital a few
times and stuff like that,

and I just want her to
feel like I care about her.

I'm gonna have to go
away for a little while.

Maybe get my strength
up but I'm just so sick.

Tyree you got to get away
because you're standing right in

front of that fan.

You all be good.

What do you need?


Yeah. Do you need anything?

I don't need anything, no.

All right, Nana let me borrow $50 please.

Yeah in another life.

When he came here,
he came here to see me.

I told Furquan I'm sick.

I know he loves me and
I know he loves Tyree.

But you know what I think too?

As long as he stays where
he's at with Aunt Barbara.

I think he's gonna do good.

See for me today, we
don't come to mourn her death.

But we're here to celebrate her life.

So next we're going to
have Furquan give us

the Old and New Testament.

Isaiah 41:10, "Fear though
not for I am with thee,

be not dismayed for I thy God,

I will strengthen thee,

I will help thee

I will uphold thee

with the right hand of righteousness...

Amen somebody?


Naz I don't think he did the murder,
but if he did,

he is done.

That's why a lot of times
is like I failed.

As I look at it now,
as I carry on with it, I didn't fail.

I could be there for him.

I could be there for him.

- Hanif!
- Yeah?

Hanif, right here right now, hold on.

What's up my dude?

What's up, as salam alaikum.

You sound like a big boy,
I heard you gaining weight.

Yeah a little something.

Your visits are on Saturdays, right?

If I don't come see you tomorrow,

I'll come see you Thursday inshallah.

If you need any thing else just
Let her know, she'll tell me.

My Nana was the best,

I just wish I could have her back.

I just wanna talk to her, one more time.

Just one more.

I'm at the age where I'm like 'Where
do I go after I die?

How did you get to
choose which one was yours?

Because I wanted this one.

He said because 'Mines bigger
and yours has pink on it.'

I said 'Okay, since it had pink on it.'

I just wanna know where my Nana's at?

Is there really a heaven
or is there really God?

I gotta go outside.

And there go my pin in
wrestling as a freshman,

My seven and eighth grade
years I didn't do so good.

But this year,
I'm slamming them full time.

I know there has to be a God,

'cause how could someone take me
from here to there.

God has been awesome to me, even
though I haven't been awesome to God,

sometimes, but...

I feel like all people go through that.

As salam alaikum.

Happy birthday to you!

Yo! I thought something was up.

You know at first, the anger was so deep

because of the disappointment.

I could never have fathomed
in a million years,

him of all people in that situation.

Once you break that little trust barrier,

its kind of difficult to say
'Come on back' with open arms.

But as I continue to toss with it.

Just recently, I see him,
I had a talk with him.

As I embrace him today,
I said to him 'I love you.

Do what's right, that's
all I am asking you to do.'

And his word back to me was,

'I got you big bruh, '
and that's all I need.

I know I'm ready, I think he know.

This is pretty much my life.

Yeah! The king! I'm here, I'm back!

Minor setback for a major comeback.

Oh she's going to wear the cap and gown?

The times I was in prison,
I used to watch leaves,

I used to watch squirrels.

How they was running around,
going up in that tree,

getting the little chestnuts
and dropping them.

I used to see shit dropping,
and then come back.

'Cause everything got life.
Everything got life.

So with my impact, I want to
have a strong dynamic impact.

If I deal with me, the
world will see how I live.

Place it right there,
push on it a little bit.

Right here?

Right there.

Push up on it first son, don't
worry about the trigger. Straight aim.