Transition (2017) - full transcript

A drama centred on three people: Sarah is a barista who finds the love of her life in Mark. Her mother Barbara depends on Mark to keep her in Sarah's life while resenting her daughter's deep love for him. When severely traumatised by the sudden death of Mark Sarah's relationship with her mother finally cracks. Now faced with losing her struggle to cope Sarah feels Mark's presence return. Based on true events Transition is the story of a love that transcends this realm and the strength of human character in survival.

Well you could have done worse
couldn't you?

Oh thank you.

I do try.



Love you.


You didn't do too bad.


Get off.



Oh Sarah!

Welcome to the family!

Thank you.

I used to lose what time of day
it was.

Sometimes I would wake up and it
would be early evening.

With no memory of where I'd

That was a typical day for me.

One time I woke up...

...and it was later than usual.

Normally I would wake up to my
daughter poking my face but...

...this day was different.

It was quiet.

I remember...

...the first thing I thought
of was...

...where's my drink?

Why I thought of that. Over
everything else. I don't know.

Took me a good twenty minutes
to realise...

...there was no one home.

I lost my family, in a single day,
because I couldn't put that bottle down.

My name is Derek...

...and I lost my family because
of my own desire to drink.

Hey you.
Hey yourself!

Whatcha' doin'?

I am... sending off this
job application.


...looking at wedding venues.

You're getting married?
I had no idea!


I suppose I better let my other
girlfriendsdown gently...

...there could be an uproar
you know?

Yea only between you and your

Ah yea, I thought it was
"too warm" to wear a scarf now?

Well I am one of the cool kids
now... so...

Sarah? Have you submitted
that job application yet?

Done and done, mother dearest.

Did you make the amendments to your
personal statement like I told you to?

I didn't need to, it was
good enough as it was.

Sarah... you need this job!

You know I've pushed you through
your education and your work so far.

You wouldn't be where you are
now without me, remember that.


Serious question.

Can I start bugging you for
pocket money?

Wake up.

You still not dressed?

It's my day, and besides I'm
up early. What does it matter?

First impressions are important. You need
to look the part for people to notice you.

"Dressed to impress" like you?

Dressing to impress is what you do at
interviews. Intimidation is the game.

Good morning, love of my life.

And Sarah.

Morning Barbs.

And I thought we got all of
our spare keys back? Yea me too.

Your attitude does not help
the situation Mark.

This for me?

Sarah is on the verge of
applying herself.

Keep jokes to when there's
something to joke about, ay?

All in good time. I'm applying for jobs,
I'm just waiting to hear back from them.

Sarah's right, there's not much she
can do until she hears back from places.

Well she could be chasing up applications,
you know? Be ahead of the others.

She's more than capable of
bettering herself.

Sarah is here, you know?

Yes I know, exactly.

But you should be where you want to
be, work wise. You're twenty six now.

I can't keep looking after you.

You don't have to, I'm looking
after myself.

Relying on your future husband
to support you is...

...not looking after yourself.
Whoa whoa whoa!

Come on!
Now that's not fair!

That's not what I mean.
You know what I mean.

Sarah doesn't rely on me
for anything.

And she will get this job.

Well she better because you
can't support the both of you...

...and run this house.


Ah just, just try your best

Hey have a good day.

I know it's easier said than
done but...

...try not to take what your
mother said to heart.

I know.

She loves you.

I love you.

And guess what?

Your new employers?

They're gonna love ya!


Oh. Wow. Yep. You can be
the cool kid for the day!

Careful you're going to pass
all your powers to me...

...the damage I can do Godly!

You have been warned!

Well, just relax.

Today is your day off.

And I, will see you, later.

See you later.

Is your family fully aware of the
offence that you have committed?

Yes. They are aware.

Is there anyone at the house
currently dealing with law enforcement?

No. It's just me.

The disappointing son.

Will your returning home have any affect
on any children living at the address?



The information you have
provided will be used...

...while we conduct a home
visit within the next seven days.


...will need to remain at home
until at that point.

Do you understand?


Have you been in those things
all day?

I didn't need to go anywhere
today... I worked on more
job applications.

You don't want a job.
You need a career.

You need to be out there
meeting people face to face...

...noone's going to hire you
looking like that.

Well obviously I'm not going
to job interviews in my pajamas.

This is not the life I
envisioned for you.

Sitting around all day.

And what kind of life had you
envisioned for me mother?

And what kind of job had you
envisioned for me?

You're a smart girl Sarah.

But exactly how many jobs have
you applied for today?



Really in the whole day?

Job applications aren't what they
used to be like back in the day Mum.

Oh ho, please.

I'm serious!

I have spent all day working on

...just for them to be thrown
out in the trash or rejected.

That does not happen, you're

Look at the job sites Mum!

They're asking for experience
stacking shelves!

You better not be applying for
jobs stacking shelves...

...I thought you wanted to
move up, not down!

But that's what I'm trying
to tell you.

The competition is fierce

For any job.

And I have told you... don't want a job.

You need a career.

And what I want to do is things my
own way like anyone my age should.

Well at least you accepted Mark's
proposal. Two wages are better than one.

I'm sorry?

Wanting to marry someone is not
about a gain of wealth.

I'm marrying him because
I love him.

You barely know yourself, what
do you know what true love is?


Oh Sarah, just...

Hold on! Two sugars in mine.

Hi, can I help you?

Good evening Miss, are you
Sarah Wilson?

Yea that's me, what's...
What's up?

Are you the partner of
Mark Matherson?

Yes, is something wrong?

May we come in for a moment

Please, I... I'd really
appreciate it if you told me now.

I think it would be better if...

I'm so sorry Miss Wilson.


No, no, no, no, Mum!

I'm so sorry. So sorry.
Mum! Mum!

He's gone!

Try and get some sleep.

You need to look after yourself.

It's getting late.
Would you like me to stay?


I'll come by and check on you



Good afternoon Miss, what can
I get for you today?

Excuse me? Miss?

Miss and Mrs Wilson.

I understand how difficult this
is for both of you.

But I want to assure you that we are
doing all that we can to support you.

There is a person of interest...

...who we are keen to interview in
line with some other minor incidents.

I'd hardly call this a minor
incident, would you officer?

No ma'am, you're right.

Which is why we are keen to interview
this individual as soon as possible.

You can call our control centre at
any time, if you have any questions.

And we will keep you updated
with any developments that happen.

Thank you officers.


Well that's something I guess.

Sarah, you've been invited to
a job interview!

Oh, this is great news.

The interview is tomorrow.

Right... Okay...

I'll go and find all your smart

And I'll iron them for you.

Things are looking up!

Ahhh there she is!
Welcome back!

Hi Yasmin.

I have customers waiting, and
gossip up to my eye balls.

I'll see you in there!

Well what?

Aren't you going to ask me
what the major gossip is?!

What's the major gossip?

Remember that guy Ben
I was seeing?

I thought you were dating Phil?

Phil? No, no, that was ages ago!

No Ben, the one who came in
and asked for my number.


Popped in last week.

Asked me to go to Paris
with him!

Wow, that's nice.

I know! It's going to be
soooo romantic!

Dinner by the Eifel Tower!
Wine, all... night... long!

And of course his wife will never
find out; she never comes in here!

Excuse me...

You okay?

I'm fine.

I heard about what happened...

Is that why you haven't been
in for ages?

Oh I didn't mean it like that!

You can talk to me, y'know?

If you want?

Like a friend?

Oh my god, you missed it
didn't you?

Missed what?

We had this, "talk to the dead"
guy come in last week.

He was telling everyone
their fortunes!

A fortune teller? Here?

Well I don't know whether if he
was a fortune teller...

...he got messages from "beyond"
for everyone.

He told me, that I would meet
this really rich guy...

... who'd take me away and sweep
me off my feet!

And how did he know this?

My dead Gran told him.
Oh yea?

And he was really good with
stuff like that.

He was really good, y'know?

This... messages from beyond

It's a real thing.

Hey you.

Hey yourself.

Watcha' doin'?


Oh yea, women can do that.

What are you multi-tasking?

My "would have been" life.

With my "what is going to be"

This was always going to be
your life.

But I never wanted it to be
without you.

Who said it wouldn't be with me?

I miss you.

I miss you too.

Since I gave the last talk...

I see it only to fitting to ask,
who else would like to share with us?

We're all here for the same

And to feel safe in anything...

...anything we discuss.

I won't point anyone out but...

...if anyone would like to talk,

...feel free.

When I was a child I used to
watch my father drinking heavily.

Saying, and doing horrible
things to my mother.

When I was younger I, I never
married... I...

...don't suppose I found the
right person.

I remember one day at my
brothers' house.

He turned around and said
to me.

"Are you not tired of
living alone?"

And I...

It just hit me very hard.
My own brother.

So I went home, and poured
myself a drink.

And when I woke up, three
days later.

I'd drunk all the alcohol
in the house.

And now I just...

...can't stop drinking.

That's all I have to share with
you for now.

Sarah, can I come in?

Door's open.

Have you been getting my texts?

How did it go?
What did they say?

It went fine.

What did they ask you?

Did they say when you would
know by?

Did you shake their hands like I
told you to?

Yes, I shook their hand.

They said they would let
me know by the end of today.

It's good.

This is good.

This is a great opportunity
for you Sarah.

And after everything that's
happened lately...'s important to take

And Mark would want that.

Mark would want that?

How do you know what Mark
would have wanted?

Mark would want you to be able to support
yourself, be your own person and not rely on others.

And by others I suppose you
mean Mark?

Mark, me, anyone!

Oh you have to...
Be my own self, yea I got it.

Don't you think it's time that
you lost this attitude?

What attitude?

This "everything has stopped"

Life does not stop because
of how you're feeling.

Mark is gone.

And I can't pretend that I'm
okay with that.

But you need to look after
yourself now.

The future won't wait.
For what?

A job?

Do you really think that's the
most important thing right now?

A job. Yes.

But getting yourself back out
there and meeting someone new.

Someone with a little more
career prospects maybe.

Career prospects? How dare you!

Huh, what kind of twisted
notion is that?

Do you really think I'm going to able
to turn my life around in an instant...

...and forget everything
I had planned?

Dwelling on the past is not
healthy Sarah.

Oh and burying it is?

Ugh, that's not what I'm saying.

That is exactly what you just
said Mother.

Now look Sarah.

Nothing is going to change the fact of
the situation we're facing right now... need to be grown up about
this, and stop moping around.

It's been one week.

What kind of person is going
to be alright in a week?

Well I am not going to sit
around, idly...

...and watch my only daughter
throw away her future.

My future? Let...


Yes this is she.


Okay, thank you, yes you too.



I didn't get it.

Oh Sarah.

You're back to square one.

I'll look around for you.

There might be something coming up in
the probation office you could go for?

No you won't.

Get out.

Excuse me?

Please leave. Now.

Sarah you can't speak to me
like that.

Get out!

Sarah, please pick up.

Hello? Is this thing on?

"Don't tap the microphone" said
the sound guy, ah huh.

My friends, welcome.

Before we begin this evening I just want to ask,
has anyone been to a reading like this before?

No? Okay. Excellent.

I do this for one reason.

And one reason only.

And that is to offer comfort.

To those who have lost someone
dear to them.

You my dear.

What is your name?

Erm, Joyce.
My name's Joyce.


You've lost someone recently,
haven't you?

Now this person.

I'm guessing it was a man.

I sense... I sense he was
in a lot of pain.

But he was a foodie.
He liked his food.

Yes he was.

He has a message for you.

He wants you to know that,
he is happy.

He is well fed.

And he misses your cooking.

Not really.

I'm getting something from
this side of the room now.

David? Dave?

My cousin was called David.

Ah excellent. He has a message
for you.

Highly recommended by our

A caramel Latte, with a
sprinkling of cocoa...

...and some fresh cherry slices.

Between me and you...'s a mediocre coffee,
and a day old piece of cake.


Let me know if there is
anything else I can do for you.


Ah good, you're home.

That spare key was for
emergencies only.

I haven't come here for a fight.
Sit down.

You know this behavour has just got to
stop before it becomes a real problem.


What's this?

You have an appointment

With a friend of mine, he's
called Peter.

He's a counsellor specialising
in grief counselling.

Why are you doing this?

Doing what?

Organsing things behind my back
when I clearly don't want you to.

It's not about what you want Sarah,
it's about what you need and...

...and this is what you need.

How do you know what I need?

Tomorrow. Don't be late!

Your mother's quite a
tenacious woman isn't she?

She arranged these sessions without
you knowing about them I understand?

Is that right?

Yes. She did.

I'm sorry about that.

Can I reassure after what's
happened that...

...what we might talk about is entirely
confidential. It's just between us.

But the way it normally works
is that someone...

...has some idea of what they
think they might get from sessions.

And then ground rules are set
about how to proceed.

But, is there anything you would
like to ask me?


Well excuse my ignorance, but... you really think this
can help?

Well I've been doing this for
some time now... experience has been that people have
found help from sessions that go ahead...

...with these sort of
talking therapies.

And do you think that
you're the right person?

Well I can only help you if... let me.

What I suggest we do is have a
talk about how it works a bit more.

Perhaps take a week or so to
think about it.

And get back in touch if you
feel it might be of use.

Okay. Yea. Why not?

Hey you.

Hey yourself.

Careful with that, you don't
want to break it and cut yourself.

You can't be here.

I'm always here for you.

I made you a promise.

That's a promise I intend
to keep.

Is this a dream?


Look at me.

Do I look like a dream?

I can't keep feeling like this.

I hate feeling alone.

I'm scared, I'm going crazy.

Don't be scared.

I'm here.

I love you.

And I would never let anything
bad, ever happen to you.

This has to be done Peter.

What you are suggesting is
unethical Barbara.

There's no way I'm perscribing medication
for Sarah, she does not need medication.

I'm not asking you to force
her to take medication...

...just simply mention it to
her when you see her next.

Go home, listen, and keep quiet
when you feel the need to talk.

And that way you will get a lot
further with her.

She makes me feel like I'm
a ten year old.

I can't do anything for myself.

I'm sure some people would love to
have a mother so "supportive" but...'s just destructive and I.

Yes I... she makes me question
my own instincts.

Well instincts are important,
they help us survive.

Exactly! And, it's having the
reverse effect and I just...'s just too much.

I'm sorry, I didn't even say
hello. How are you?

Oh I'm fine thanks.

How have things been for you
since the last session?

Well I'm going to work tomorrow. It'll
be good to get out of the house I suppose.

Well they say productivity is good for
the mind. Has anything else changed?

I went to a spiritualist

Really? And how was that?

Okay I guess, I mean...

...not what I expected.

Well you know people deal with
grief in many different ways.

Some through anger, some through
a sense of hope.

I could refer you to a group
therapy session if you like?

That might be of more use
to you?

Would you like me to give
you details on that?


There's a name coming through
to me now.

I want to say a Matt...
Or a Mark?

Lady with the scarf, is it a
Matt or a Mark?


Of course it is, it's always
easy to get those names mixed up.

Now. This Mark. You guys
were close.


You had plans together.

Tell me my dear, have you ever thought
about opening up your own business?


Well do it, it'll be the best
think you've ever done.

Now this Mark, he was a younger

...he was very successful in his line of work.
He bought you nice things like that scarf.

Now he was a very serious man as well.
Serious about his family and his work.

But he has a message for you.

He wants you to know that, he's
glad that you like it.

And he's in a much better

Another reading, over here.

Hope's a strong emotion.

More so even than fear.
Excuse me?

Hope. It's a good motivator
but that's all it is right?

Just a little hope.

Hope can be a painful thing

Spoken like a true pessimist.

But you're not a pessimist,
are you?

And I suppose you would know
about that would you?

I have my inclinations.

Oh and would those inclinations kindly
incline you to step away from my car?

Mother's words.

Excuse me?

Well you have your own
thoughts and your own voice... why not use them instead of
listening to what everyone else tell you... can and can't do.

You're being very rude. Yea,
and you're being very niave.

I'm sorry, I didn't get
your name?

Yours is Sarah, right?

Where you in there?

Yea! Ha, total waste of time!

Well then why did you come?

Same reason as you I guess?


Like I said, it's a great

Hope's a lot more than just
motivation for someone to do something.

Ooo, there we go!
That was the real you!

Have you lost someone too?

Lost? Well that implies that
you had something first, right?

Everyone has something.

Yea I guess.

But that can't be found in a
hotel room with some...

...generic furniture and a
bunch of strangers.

Well then where can I
find it?

Somewhere only you can go.

Some bonds are deeper than love.

They're found in experiences
and memories.

That means more than a few
meaningless words told by some liar.

What do you want from me?

Me? Ha, nothing.

It's what you want.

What you need.
Look I went to see these guys.

They helped me out and
blah blah blah.

Hope's a strong motivator but
then that's all it is.

Hope, my dear.


Is this a joke?

They're not your words again.

Look, you must have felt the
need to be here, right?

I don't know what I need.

Maybe you need to stop listening to all
those voices running though your head?

And that scarf was not a gift.

I like it.

Like it?
You hate it!

Look, why don't you come in?
Take a seat?

Oh, my manners! Tea?

So why were you at the hotel?

Hmm, keep my finger on the

Lets me know I'm doing a
good job.

And what is it you do?

I'm sure you've figured
that out by now?


No thank you.

I love, tea!

Did Mark like tea?


I was there.

You volunteered your information
to that crazy man.

Silly really.

Well if you think that's silly
you must think I'm coocoo.

I don't know why I'm here.

That's one thing you do know. And
you shouldn't be ashmend of it.

I lost someone.

Someone I was very close to.

And I want to be me, again.

Well you will be.

Once you stop listening to all
the other voices in your head.

I have trouble sleeping at

I'm dreaming of all these

But then when I wake up, the memories aren't
there. It's like they were never there.

I don't know how I'm feeling.
It's just...

It's almost like...

I can hear his voice as clear
as day.

I can feel his hand on mine.

But I can't see him.

I can't see him.

How do you feel?


I don't know a better word
for it.

Do you want my advice?

Go on.

Roll with it.

See what happens.

And then come back to me.

When what happens?

I don't know but...

When it does?

You'll know.

Drink up.

It's good tea.

Hey you.

Hey yourself.

I always loved this thing.

Well you can't have it now.
It's mine.

You always hated it.

Why did you go?

Wasn't my choice, Sarah.

Do you think I wanted to?

Your choice or not, I'm
alone now.

And everything is falling

I told you.

I will always be there for you.

Do you remember when we planned
our trip around the world?

With that map and some little
drawing pins?

Yea I remember.

We decided to choose places at

And the first place you

...was Blackpool.

I wanted to see the lights.

You can still go.

I met someone. She wants
to help.

She said I should just "see
what happens" and roll with it.

And is she helping?

Yea she is.

She's making it easier.

And what about Barbara?

I don't want to talk about her.

I feel like I'm trapped.

I need to do something.

Do what you need to do.

Mother this isn't the best time.


Take a seat.

So, tell me about your

I've been twice.

There isn't much to tell.

Twice? I know, what else?

What do you mean?

I know how these things work Sarah,
I've seen it plenty of times before.

The group sessions?

Yes, the group sessions.

...what happened?

They're not working. They're
not for me.

But you have been going to
the group sessions? Yes! Twice!

Ah right now I know you're lying,
because there's a session on right now... we speak.
Err and you're not there.

I've told you they're not

"Simon" or whatever his name
is, is an absolute bogus.

Simon? Yes the medium
or whatever he does.

And just what group sessions
have you been going to?

Er, what?

So, instead of getting real
help...'ve been attending sessions
with spell casting idiots?

Spell casting idiots?
They're not witches!

It's the same difference.

And what would Mark think?

You hanging around with a
bunch of disillusioned...

Mark supports me, whatever
descisions I make.

Oh Sarah.

Where are you?

This isn't you.

All I want from you, all I
need from you is support.


...I can't support this. And I
won't support this.

Mark would be so disappointed.

There is no information you
can give me?

Barbara I've explained to you
on numerous occassions...

...any discussion I have with a
client is confidential.

No, I'm not saying anything to
you that does involve Sarah.

Do you have kids, Mr Miller?

You know I have Barbara.

Then you understand how important it is
for me to know what is going on with Sarah.

Have I got things to tell you!

Can't it wait?

No, not this!

Remember last time I was telling you
about that "talk to the dead" guy?


Well, he told me I'd meet a
really rich man.

Anyway, this guy comes
up to the bar...

...tells me I've got
an amazing smile...

...and that he wants to take
me on a business trip with him!

How cool is that?

That. Is. Great.
I know!

He got it "spot on" that man
you know?

I think his name was Simon.

Maybe you should speak to him?

He might have a message for you about a
wealthy man ready to sweep you off your feet.

Not interested.

Oh come on, you could do
with it.

Especially since Mark
had very little money...

...and couldn't even afford to
buy you a decent ring.

Don't talk about Mark that way.

Oh he's dead, why would
he care?

Yes, thank you for reminding

Oh I'm just saying...
No Jasmin!

You have no clue of the world.
Or people.

You and your hollow head.

Whoa whoa whoa!

What's the matter?

I feel like I'm losing my mind!

Okay, just, tell me what

I'm questioning everything.

This isn't like me, why am
I being so hostile?

Maybe it's because you're

Look I was angry this morning.

See that?

I banged that on the dresser.

And I swore like a sailer who'd
lost their rum.


Pirates drink rum.

Pirates, cowboys, indians,
astronaughts, they're all the same.

Thanks Elise.

I'm sorry for barging in.

Don't apologise.

But I've guessed you've not come
around to look at my foot...

...or taste some of my tea.
So, why are you here?


Tell me what you want.

I want to...

...reach out.

I want to reach out.
Are you sure?

Look, erm, let me just break it
down for you because...

If you're going to do this... has to be something
that you really want.

I can tell you about... experiences.

But it's about you.

So, the spiritual world.


People believe in that.

There might be heaven, hell...

...ghosts, aliens, my singing

People have to believe in

Whatever it is and...

One thing that ties us all
together is that...

We all have souls, whether
they're old, or new.

They have to be taken forward.



Into the next life.

Have you never heard,
some people say...

...that your eyes are
the window to your soul.

There's one thing about you

When I saw you in that
car park?

I said that you were susceptible
to things.

Because you can see
things that....

...other people, don't see.

Because, you've got...




An undeniable, unbreakable

And deep down.

You know exactly what to do.

You don't need anyone's

One mocha, with one sugar, and
a chocolate muffin.

Don't worry, I'll pay for them
this time.

Do you mind?



...I know this might sound a
little bit weird.

And even a little bit

But you have a little bit of
a nickname around here.

Oh! Ahmen!

Not sure how I feel about that.

Oh don't worry, it's nothing...
It's nothing bad!

But do you know when someone
is called a "cat lady"?

Don't have any cats.


Well "the lady with the scarf".
That's what your nickname is.

I'm sorry.

I just wanted to talk to you
and I didn't really have...

...anything to go on other than
your scarf.

Whoever did give you that scarf
though.... a wonderful and
lucky person.

I'm sorry for bothering you.

On the house... save any dignity that I

He was released a couple of
weeks ago...

...and he came to see me.

And he asked me for money.

Which I refused.

And then, he went and stole
my car.

And the next day when I saw

...he was in a right state, he
was shaking, and sweating and...

He told me that he had...

...veered off the road somewhere
on this motorway and...

...collided with a motorist.

Okay so what do you expect me to
do with these kind of complaints?

I'm sorry David.

Staff and customers alike.

It was a bad day, I, will, it will
be fine. These are on seperate days.

Sarah I'm sorry.

No come on, David please!
My hands are tied.

Get your things.

Hi, it's me.

Are you able to come round, I
want to ask you a favour?

It's regarding what you shared
at the meeting the other day?

It has great signifisence to me
and I need to speak to you about it.

I do have a door bell you know?

I just need to get out of here. We
to go some place just for a while.


You can buy the car snacks.

Oh! Shoes!

Oh. Very nice.

I must say I like your
fung-shui. It's very you.

Elise I just wanted to
say thank you... Sarah?

Mother what are you doing

Have you not been getting my messages?
I've been trying to reach for you days.

Who are you?

I'm... This is my
friend, she's helping me.

Mother please, I need to
tell you something. Sit down.

I'm just... gonna...

...go and find something
interesting outside.

Go on, I'm listening.

I don't need Peter's help

I know that's what I've been
saying... I've seen him Mother!

On more than one
occassion now...

I know it's crazy but
Elise is helping me.

You stupid, little, girl.

Chasing 'ghosts' with your
stupid so called 'friend'?

You're running around in a fantasy world
when there's real issues to be dealt with.

I'm dealing with my issues!

Yes. I know.

In your own way. But it's
make believe!

You're not the adult you
think you are.

Don't you even begin to think that
you know the first thing about me.

I know you'd rather forget about
the real world...

...but that's what needs your
attention the most!

Your father would be ashamed.

My 'father'?

He wanted nothing to do with either
of us and he abandoned us both.

Oh please.

That was just a story I made up
to a six year old girl.

What do you mean?

Your father died like Mark, in a
car accident...

...he left me, to raise you

...and you sit there in your
little bubble!

Don't you even think for
a minute...

...that I didn't know the pain
that you were going through.

Even as a child I could smell
the alcohol on your breath.

There was no bubble.

I watched you crumble, before
my eyes...

...and I was determined never to
anything break me like it broke you.

Your resentment isn't
welcome here anymore.

And I was stronger than you
ever were.

Sarah wait!

Sarah, where are you going?

Please, look after her.

Step away from the car Mother.

This is where you first spent
the night together.

And where you realised that
you loved him.

It's a peaceful place.

Filled with positive memories

...we'll spend the night here.

Forget about everything, other
than what happened here.

Thanks Elise.

Don't thank me yet. This may
or may not work!

But it's worth a try.

So Mother's ay? Who'd have them?

I can't believe she didn't tell
me after all these years.

She did and she didn't.

You knew there was something
wrong, but, you never asked.

Maybe out of some form of
respect for your Mother.

In some ways I did.

She's always been that way,
you know?

You were right about one
thing though.


Yea, what happened to her.
It broke her.

She's never been the same
since. Anyone can see that.

Yea but YOU saw it.

And she kept it hidden
from you.

But you knew something
was different.

That something had changed.

When I first met you, I said
you were susceptible.

All I want is for her to be

Yea and she will be.

Once you're taken care of.

Ah, what are you...

You know what I've realised?

A lot of time is wasted on

Now you're too...

You need to be quiet now.


I can't tell you what you need
to do, from now on.

What's that supposed to mean?

Whatever happens... it's
between you and Mark.

No one else.
Not me, not you're Mother.

Just you two.

What did you do?

Your Mother, by the way...

...who's been battling with her
own daemons for all of her life....

...well she never stopped to
see the bond you two share.

That you'll always share.

Do you reckon you'll be able
to help her like you helped me?

Hmm, we'll see.

This tea is much better than

Yea I know right! I'm going to
steal the whole box!


Hey, whoa, what is it?

You need to see this.

Elise what are you doing?



Elise, do you see this?

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Did you see what happened
last night?

Seven thirty?

How much of last night did you

I saw enough, but then... wasn't meant for me.

Well then how did you know it
was going to happen?

I didn't.

Or maybe I did.

I'm not sure really.

You said my mother and I shared
a bond.

Indeed I did.

Well then how can she be so... This is
a journey she has to be willing to take.

Your Mother just, needs to listen.


You can do this without me,
you know?


I think she'd sooner kick
my teeth in. Probably.

What's going on?

Just listen.

Your Mother knows me very

You could say that we're
good friends.

My son, killed your fiance,

And I'm truely sorry.

I just wanted to say that.

The police have him now.

I can only hope that it is
of some comfort to you.

Thank you.

No more secrets, yea?

I promise.


You just have to listen,